but his accent is extremely adorable


“yes y/n, i really love you.”

2% fluff surri


“y/n!” you jumped as you heard jackson’s loud high pitched scream from your bathroom.

“i’m back here!” you shouted back at him.

in less than a minute, jackson was standing in your doorway with the cheesiest grin on his face which made you smile. your smile grew even wider once you saw yugyeom.

it was something about his presence that made you feel like a kid in a candy store. you couldn’t deny it, you wanted him. the only problem was that he wasn’t good at english and your korean wasn’t that good. the most that you could say to eachother was ; “hey’s” “byes” “what are you doing’s” “i love you’s” “what do you want’s” etc. the simple list could go on but it still wasn’t enough. 

he thought that it was embarrassing that he couldn’t speak english as good as jackson and mark but you thought that it was adorable.

yugyeom wasn’t always adorable to you though. whenever you were feeling lustful, his room would be where you’d be…

“are you smiling all big because of me?” jackson sarcastically asked you as he walked over to you and hugged you.

“never.” you laughed and turned to yugyeom who was staring at you like it was all that he could do. “hey yugs.”

he dramatically shook his head and came back down to earth. “oh hey y/n!” he pulled you into his arms and attempted to squeeze the life out of you.

you took that time to inhale the smell of his clothes like you always did. something seemed a little different though, he smelled more seductive and sexy than sweet.

“you got some new colo-”

“yes, for you.” yugyeom accidentally spat out. you could hear jackson face palming himself in the background.

“he wanted to see if it smelled good to you. he didn’t actually buy it for you.” jackson attempted to clear up the awkward situation but you weren’t falling for it.

“what’s up? what’s going on?” you crossed your arms and walked out of the bathroom to the living area to sit down.

as expected, they followed behind you and down on each side of you, leaving you in the middle. “first off, i don’t wanna be in the middle.”

“yeah well you’re just gonna have to deal with it today. anyways yugyeom has something to tell you.” jackson said as he turned to yugyeom.

yugyeom’s eyes shot open wide. he’d be sweating bullets any moment now. “uhhh…i…uhhh.. jackson. translate.” he couldn’t get out what he wanted to say so he spoke in korean, but he still looked you in your eyes. all that you could understand was saranghaseyo [사랑하세요] (i love you) and jinjja [진짜] (really).

after yugyeom talked for a whole two minutes, jackson dramatically put his hand over his heart and shouted. “oh yugs yes, i love you too.” you guessed that he was pretending to be you since he called him ‘yugs’ which made you eager to know what was said.

“are you gonna tell me what he said?” you rushed jackson.

he sighed and clapped his hands together like he was about to start a meeting or something. “alright but promise me you won’t cry.”

“i don’t know why would i, thugs don’t cry.” you laid back in the chair and paid attention to jackson.

“look at yugyeom. look at yugyeom when i tell you what he said. look at yugyeom!” he literally got up and turned your head and body to face yugyeom. extra af.

“this is wei-”

“shit up i mean shut up y/n!” jackson cut you off. “ok so yugyeom said that he really really really really really loves you. he said that you’ve known each other for a long time and that he now he realizes that he likes you, that he’s in love with you. like he wants to date you, he wants to move on to the next step because it’s obvious that you two have chemistry. he said that he will learn english for you. then he said i love you in one of the highest form of respect that’s my boy!”

your eyes started to water as you unexpectedly threw yourself onto yugyeom and kissed him. “i love you too yugyeom, i love you so much..”

“we are… dating?” yugyeom stuttered as he spoke in english.

“yes! yes! yes!” you kissed him again.

“what the actual fuck are y'all kissing for?! and why are you on top of him?! you’re supposed to wait to have sex damn you just started dating!” jackson screamed.

you bursted out into lauhghter and yugyeom did the same although he didn’t understand but it was funny to see hyung act this way.

“we we’re friends with benefits, i’m sorry that we kept it secret.” you managed to get out. you sat up and wrapped your arm around yugyeom’s neck since you were basically sitting in his lap. he wrapped his arms around your waist and rested his head on your chest.

“tell me you’re lying..” jackson’s eyes got wide.

“i’m lying.” you laughed at his reaction. he placed his hand over his heart and let out the biggest and most dramatic sigh.

“but we’ve kissed a lot of times so you shouldn’t worry. ” you shrugged and exposed yourself like it was nothing.

“so y'all were…friends who kiss? when the hell did ya’ll have time to sneak away and kiss? is that what you were doing? i thought you were helping him with english when you two went to his room!”

“i guess so.” you replied with a sarcastic smile and turned your attention back onto yugyeom.

you ran your fingers through his hair and kissed his forehead which made him smile wide, from ear to ear.

“i love you y/n.” his english accent was adorable. cuteness overload.

“i love you too. and i’ll study korean harder okay?” you responded in korean which shook yugyeom.

“this is so cute i did good..” you heard jackson mumbling to himself. “but damn after all this time they were kissing buddies..”

you didn’t notice but yugyeom gave a thumbs up to jackson. he was excited for the future that he had with you and he was even more excited to brag about how he was the one to get you.

mark? hurt. jaebum? hurt. jinyoung? hurt. youngjae? extremely hurt. bams? hurt. jackson? lowkey hurt but happy that he could help.


so yeah, you and yugyeom were official. you studied korean with mark while yugyeom studied english with jackson. sometimes you guys switched. it felt good to be able to communicate with each other better. showing affection to each other in front of others was weird at first but you two quickly got used to the salty stares. qts.

NCT 127 reaction: you struggling to speak Korean

NCT 127 members reacting to you struggling to pronounce Korean words. (Requests are open)


Originally posted by 1995-

Taeil would probably just stand back and watch you struggle with pronunciation before actually helping you. He’d just look at you with a cute smile on his face. There’s just something about you being frustrated that he finds extremely adorable.


Originally posted by suhyoungho

Johnny would definitely tease you about it and he’d laugh at your awkward pronunciations. He would secretly love hearing you make cute mistakes. Just you attempting to learn Korean would make him smile.


Originally posted by rapgodty

He’d find your pronunciation and accent to be super cute that he probably wouldn’t help you until you actually asked him to. But if you didn’t ask whether or not you were saying something right, he’d just sit there and listen to you with a smile on his face.


Originally posted by moonyutae

Since Yuta had to go through the same struggles as you, he wouldn’t hesitate to help you improve your pronunciation skills. He would still enjoy hearing you make adorable mistakes and he would definitely tease you about it nonstop.


Originally posted by nctinfo

I feel like Doyoung would be the type to literally record your awkward pronunciations so he could tease you about it later and because he secretly finds it beyond cute. He would constantly tell you how grateful he is that you are trying your best to improve your Korean speaking skills.


Originally posted by visualjaehyun

Jaehyun, being the aegyo loving guy that he is, would be really weak to your cute mistakes. He’d sit back and hear you speak while covering his mouth with his hand because he finds it to be so adorable. He’s the type of guy to literally squeeze your cheeks because your cuteness is too much for him.


Originally posted by nct-china-line

Winwin probably wouldn’t notice your mistakes as he himself is still learning how to improve his Korean speaking skills. So, the both of you would probably study together. He, however, would probably tease you saying that he speaks Korean better than you.


Originally posted by nctmark

Mark would really like the idea of you wanting to be good at speaking Korean because of him. He would like seeing you struggle but pushing through because not only would he find your mistakes cute, but he’d like seeing the little fist pump you’d do every time you got something right.


Originally posted by donghyukslee

He would definitely laugh at you and tease you nonstop. He wouldn’t let you live it down whenever you butchered a word pretty badly, but it’s only because he secretly loves hearing you make errors. He would like it because he’s the first you go to for help on pronouncing something.

British MC

I wasn’t really sure how to tackle this, since very British can mean a lot of things, so I decided to take the funny route and take very British as stereotypical British. All hail British stereotypes. Hope you enjoy! :3


♬ one of the many things Zen loves about you is what a genuinely good girl you are, pure in a sense. It appealed to his manly instincts and made him want to protect you, regardless whether you actually needed said protection or not. It just felt good to feel needed.

♬ it was just that though, he also loved that because you were a good girl, you also kept him on track to some extend. Zen was a very disciplined man on his own, but when his heart took over he tended to get himself in sticky situations sometimes that you now saved him from

♬ that is until one day some of his colleagues asked him out for a drink after their final show and instead of saying no like he usually would have, he invited you along. He was a little worried, since he’d never seen you drink before, but you assured him that you could hold your drink

♬ at the hospital lying in bed with alcohol poisoning, Zen cursed his toxic masculinity, which he blamed the events that transpired on, because of course he took that as a challenge. You were tiny, how could you possibly outdrink him? Turns out, British people drink. A lot. You won that challenge.


★ being the youngest member in the group and basically still a baby in comparison might have a lot of downsides like the total lack of direction in his life or the fact that he never got the same respect from the other members like they had for one another, but it also had positive sides to it

★ Yoosung was much more in tune with the outside world, especially since he played LOLOL with people from all over the world. It gave him access to grade a jokes and all the memes the internet had to offer. Some of which, of course, were based on stereotypes

★ so when they found out that you were British, Yoosung thought he was prepared. He’d seen all the memes and jokes about your inability to handle sunlight and your obsession with tea. Plus, Asian’s loved tea so much themselves, equipped with sunscreen he was ready for you

★ sadly, Yoosung had underestimated just how obsessed Brit’s are with their tea. You didn’t just drink green tea once or twice a day. You had an entire cupboard filled with flavours he’d never even seen before and you drank it non-stop! If Yoosung had to drink one more cup…


♛ being a perfectionist and CEO of one of the biggest companies in Korea, if not the world, had taught Jumin to be insightful to the point he could anticipate almost any event life was about to throw at him to the point he was sure that nothing, absolutely nothing, could surprise him anymore

♛ as it turned out, Jumin was very much wrong in that assumption, because boy oh boy did it surprise him to see you jump from the sofa, wearing the ugliest sports uniform and matching face paint he’d even seen while shouting at the flat screen with an aggression he’d never witnessed before

♛ apparently you were a big fan of football – and no, not the shit American kind, the proper football that is actually played with feet hence football – and while you were polite and quiet on every other occasion you turned into a gremlin the second boys in shiny shorts started to run after the ball

♛ that’s how Jumin found himself sitting stiffly on the coach beside you, hands neatly folded in his lap, after you forced him to replace his expensive suit with a matching, ugly uniform and face paint so he could watch you continuously throw insults at the TV, admittedly a little scared of you


☽ since Saeyoung first met you over the messenger, he had no idea that you were British. You wrote in Korean with them, so logically he’s just assume you were Korean. Big was his surprise when he walked into the apartment to find big doe eyes, extremely fair skin and light, not noodle straight hair

☽ it was a lot to take in, but Saeyoung somehow managed not to show his surprise too much. Now that he’d established that you were Caucasoid, it still begged the question where exactly you were from. He got the answer the moment you introduced yourself with that adorable little accent

☽ you’ve been together for quite some time now, but Saeyoung’s reaction to your accent is still and will probably forever remain the same: teasing. How could he not? When you looked like a porcelain doll, sounded lie a posh princess and cursed like a sailor

☽ He would either coo at you until you turned bright red, making silly joked until you couldn’t help but smirk along or ask you to just speak English to which he would laugh not because he found you sounded strange, but because he couldn’t get over how much he loved that adorable sound


☼ when Jihyun found out that you were British he was delighted. Not because he has some sort of special affection for the country, but because he saw it as an opportunity to broaden his horizon and learn things from an entirely different culture than his own, draw inspiration from it

☼ lucky for him, you did live up to a lot of the ‘stereotypes’ that are assigned to British people; like your peculiar taste in food, your eagerness to enjoy every last drop of sun, your love for tea and an always slightly posh demeanour that reminded him so much of Jumin he couldn’t help but smile

☼ all those things were completely new to him, quickly making you into his muse. There was, however, another stereotype you lived up to that did cause a bit of a problem from time to time and that was the well known British politeness

☼ now there is nothing wrong with being polite, but the two of you together – two awkward dorks with the tendency to carry the weight of the world and apologize a hundred times a day – managed to drive all of your friends insane after a while to the point you didn’t get a swear-jar, but an apology-jar

10 reasons to watch How To Get Away With Murder

1. Without Viola Davis already making the entire show already, she gives us Annalise Keating who is a total BAMF who’s monologues will leave you taken back in awe at the total power she has and she loves and protects everyone even when they don’t always deserve it

2. Alfred Enoch has an English accent that will blow your freaking mind if you were a Harry Potter fan and his character Wes Gibbons is an immigrant, orphan and you see him progressively getting more problematic throughout the show but it’s great

3. Gay Relationship: Coliver, cute af, and for once there’s no stereotypes placed upon the two like in every other tv show or movie ever, EXTREMELY problematic yes but adorable nonetheless and you never seem to stop rooting for them 

4. Michaela freaking Pratt, played by the most ever gorgeous Aja Naomi King, has the most interesting background by far and just a total boss ass bitch that knows how to get the job done while just absolutely slaying 

4. Laurel Castillo played by Karla Souza is a bilingual underdog goddess who will rise when no one is watching 

5. Asher Millstone, played by Matt McGorry, is the best slow burn of your life how he goes from 0 to 100 with the most character development by far on the show and will always leave you laughing 

6. Connor Walsh, played by Jack Falahee, never shows it but cares deeply for people when they need it most but also gives no fucks about who disagrees with him, also a hoe but we love him (also my favorite character !!!!!! )

7. You have this character who is an absolute ray of sunshine Rebecca Sutter who looks like she could kill you with one look but is actually the biggest softie on the show and in real life played by Katie Findlay 

8. Season 2 you get the most gorgeous adopted siblings Caleb and Catherine Hapstall who’s storyline will NEVER leave you bored played by Kendrick Sampson and Amy Okuda 

9. Eve freaking Rothlow who is the cutest, hottest person ever who saves the day when no one else can and is just way too precious for us played by the gorgeous Famke Janssen 

10. The cast has the best friendship and their dynamic with each other is so great and they live tweet and like your tweets and are so down to earth its crazy  (and they’re also really gorgeous) 

So yes you should totally watch this show because it is so diverse and amazing and just all around yes :))

When Jesse brings the tea outside, Hanzo is crouched in the communal garden under the beating rays of the evening sun, scowling at the tomatoes.  He’s wearing one of his ridiculous tank tops cut down below the ribs and Hana’s bug-eyed pink sunglasses.  His neck and shoulders, too, are pink with sunburn.

“Sugar, you’re gonna burn if you don’t put some sunscreen on.”

As Hanzo turns from his contemplation of the plant in front of him, Jesse realizes the sunglasses are also mirrored, making Hanzo look like some sort of very handsome praying mantis.  He tilts one of the plants towards Jesse to reveal a very large, green caterpillar.  “Genji’s dragon has been eating our tomato plants,” Hanzo says, and then, adorably, laughs at his own joke.

Jesse can’t help but guffaw along with him, it’s so cute.  “Well, at least she’s eating a healthy meal, unlike her master.”

Pleased that his joke is well-received, Hanzo rises and looks at the glass in Jesse’s hand.  “You’re one to talk. What is that? Another one of of your ‘cokes’?”

Laying on his accent thick, Jesse drawls, “Honey, this is gen-u-ine Southern sweet tea. Come into the shade and I’ll let you try some.”

Hanzo looks extremely dubious, but he rises to follow Jesse under the shade of a nearby tree. “Cold tea?” he asks with a hint of scorn.

Grinning, Jesse hands him the glass.  “Don’t knock it til you try it, Hanzo. And I reckon a cool drink will do you good.”

After a look that says we’ll see, Hanzo takes a careful sip.  An expression of disgust bordering on awe flashes across his face as he splutters, “This is vile,” and then stares at Jesse in astonishment.  “How much sugar is in this? I can feel it in my teeth!”

Jesse grins even wider.  “Well, it’s not gen-u-ine sweet tea until you get that fine sugar sediment at the bottom of the pitcher.”

Incredulous still, Hanzo takes another sip. “It’s revolting.”  He seems to be transcending their current plain of existence, he is so amazed by how wretchedly sweet the tea is.

“Aw, Sugar.  Does that mean I can have my tea back, now?”  

Hanzo looks at him over the edge of the glass.  His guileless expression says whose tea?  He takes another sip.

Jesse smiles, thoroughly charmed.  “I guess I left mine in the kitchen.”  When he comes back, Jesse brings the pitcher.


[Request] Multiple anons said: Hey, I have no idea if you’re taking requests but if you are I was wondering if you could write where Y/N is dating Jack Maynard and lives with him, Conor and Josh. Thank you <3 ; Hey could you please do a super fluffy Jack Maynard imagine please if you’re taking requests. Thank you xx ; Hey! I love your writing and was wondering if I could get a Jack Maynard imagine where we are together but the fans don’t know (just our friends know) and we get outed in one of Joe’s vlogs at a creator party at vidcon?

[Summary] Basically the requests above.

[Pairing] Jack Maynard x Reader

[Universe/Fandom] Jack Maynard Fandom

[Warnings] Cursingggg, implies that the two have sex at some point. BUT YO FLUFF

[A/N] This is my first time combining this many requests, but I did have this story in mind which managed to be what all these people were asking for!! I hope you enjoy :) By the way, Vidcon is in LA in this imagine?? Not sure if that’s where it is actually held, but heY!

I slowly open my eyes when sunlight comes sneaking into mine and Jack’s shared bedroom. We had been in a happy relationship with each other for almost a year and last month he had asked me to move in with him, Conor, and Josh. Even though we had been dating for months, we still hadn’t put our relationship out in the world for our fans to know. Jack and I had been thinking about telling our viewers ever since we started dating, but we valued the privacy we had in our relationship. However, we still had to tell our viewers eventually. Today, Jack, Conor, Josh, and I are all going to Vidcon, where we may tell our viewers everything. I smile as I look to Jack’s side. He was still in a deep sleep.

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anonymous asked:

Could I request a headcanon of Merlin being married to an Australian? The language barrier is probably one of the funnier hurdles they’d have to face I’d imagine hahaha I love your writing btw!

I’m hoping that these are okay, considering I’m Australian…

  • Merlin hates Vegemite. Whenever you pull it out, he insists you put it away.
  • Much to his dismay, you also bring your kids up eating it. 
  • When you’re on long drives and you ask to stop at the servo, Merlin is confused.
  • Merlin prefers KFC, but you prefer Macca’s. 
  • You tried to get Merlin into liking sausage sandwiches, but he really wasn’t having it.
  • Merlin isn’t used to you referring to people as ‘mate’ even when you aren’t friends.
  • When Merlin complains about hot weather, you pretty much just glare.
  • Merlin actually wants to visit Australia one day to see where you were brought up.
  • He prefers scotch. You prefer beer.
  • When you say something extremely Australian that he doesn’t understand, he’ll stop and look at you, completely and utterly confused, until you explain what you said.
  • One Australian thing he loves are meat pies.
  • He thinks your accent is pretty adorable. 
  • You think the same about his, though he insists it is absolutely not adorable.

barbaesparza  asked:

17. meeting at a party whilst drunk au

Sort of. I kind of veered off….

Teen!Sonny, Gradstudent!Rafael, Barisi AU

Rafael didn’t know why he let Rita drag him to New York for the weekend. Her parents had invited her home during their fall break and she insisted Rafael go home and visit his mother and then party with her. 

Rita’s parents had rented out a club for her birthday. It was loud and dark. Many of the people there were her friends from her New York prep school and their friends. The club was filled with young elites. 

Ten minutes into his night with Rita she was off dancing and he was a hectic bar just trying to get a scotch. Unfortunately he wasn’t cute enough to get the bartender’s attention. There always seemed to be a new young thing asking for a fruity mixed drink that the bartender was eager to serve. 

Rafael had given up when a cute, blonde sat next to him. Rafael took a moment to admire the clearly under 21 young man. His clothes were extremely fitting and Rafael enjoyed looking at his lean body 

The bartender went right up to the cute blonde and asked for his order, without asking for id, Rafael noted. 

“What would you like, sweetheart?” 

Rafael rolled his eyes at the bartender’s obvious interest in the young man. 

“A beer and I’d like you to take his order, he’s been waiting for quite awhile.” the cutie stated with an adorable Staten Island accent. 

Rafael smirked at the shocked expression on the bartender’s face. 

He finally got to order his drink. 

“Thank you.” he smiled. 



When the drinks arrived Rafael quickly paid and motioned from Sonny to follow him to a sitting area nearby. He quickly learned that Sonny was 19 years old, enjoying some freedom away from his parents. His friends had heard about the party and decided to crash it. He had turned bright red when he learned Rafael was the best friend of the birthday girl. 

He was a bit young for Rafael but his smile was radiant. He talked using his hands and throughout the night moved closer to Rafael, claiming he had trouble hearing him. 

Drinks kept arriving at their booth. Rafael could have sworn he spied Rita at the bar keeping the orders going. 

The sweet college boy was almost in Rafael’s lap by his third drink. 

Rafael’s inhibitions were lowered by his fourth. 

Sonny tasted like strawberries. The rest was a haze. 

Rita giggled at him the next morning while he was vomiting in her toilet. Why he was friends with her he couldn’t say. She informed him that he had a very, very good time with his little Italian party crasher. 

Rafael wished he could remember more, but at least Sonny’s smile was something he wouldn’t forget. 

Hope you enjoy! 

I’m always late but here....

Some short (like incomplete) BBC Class stories/ ideas;

1) Class smashed into the attack the block world, where they all live in a council estate in Croydon, and Charlie and Quill land there. Following that, they also move into a block in the council estate and Charlie is bullied because of his accent, but he doesn’t care because this is the freest and happiest he’s been. Quill likes the neighbours because they all sympathise with her for being stuck with Charlie. Shenanigans ensue, like Charlie getting a job and being extremely over eager, to the annoyance of his work mates (except Matteusz, who finds his zeal for bagging groceries at Asda adorable), Ram and Tanya starting a not-so-secret anime appreciation club, which April joins in a bid to make friends and they all end up at a Kebab shop at 1am because they decided to marathon Full Metal Alchemist at 1pm and still aren’t done yet, but Ram is HANGRY, and will kill them unless he eats, so they go to the nearest food place- the kebab shop. Quill inevitably tries to kill the landlord and Tanya’s mom offers advice on how to get rid of a body (it’s a joke, Quill gets that, but she appreciates the information non the less). Basically working class class AU, featuring the five times Charlie almost gets stabbed resulting in Quill walking him around the estate, until he flips someone off a bridge (by accident) with one hand and everyone gets scared of him/respect him. Also Charlie joins the anime club because he wants to stay on top of all of the dank Anime memes (his side hustle is creating memes on 4chan, lol). Matteusz uses the club as an oppurtunity to get better at his English (even though he’s already hella proficient). Finally they host and anime movie marathon at Charlie and Quill’s apartment and Tanyas’ mum introduces Charlie, Quill, April and Matteusz to BOMB ASS Mangoes, as well as teaching them the proper way to eat different mangoes, because proper mango eating technique is important.

2) April and Ram going on a date and they end up watching a shitty (PERFECT) rom com and Ram quotes it at April for three weeks after they watch it. Every time he does, she smiles fondly and finished off the quote because she loves her idiot,adorably nerdy boyfriend. (She doesn’t know she loves him yet, though, so….)

3) Tanya playing a game on steam, but with every achievement she gets a message from the other members of the “Bunghole defense squad” (BDS). First it’s Ram asking her if she wants a special Blu-ray edition of the Revolutionary Girl Utena movie. Then it’s Matteusz asking her if she wants to come over the Quill-Charlie-Matteusz household to eat her weight in chocolate because Charlie bulk bought some and the second order arrived before Quill finished the first one. April asks if she wants to watch folk music live because her fave folk band are performing at the open air performance space for free and it WILL BE AWESOME!!!!, also FFFRRRREEEEE!!! Charlie then asks if she knows how to play chess and would she like to play with him. Finally Quill says she has a gym membership with a plus one and Tanyas’ free to join her while she punches a bag. Finally Ram asks her if she wants to come over to his place so that they can break in his NEW NINTENDO SWITCH!!! At which point her mother calls her for dinner, and she smiles because she loves her upid-stay friends. Her responses are; “Yes, always give me all the anime.”, “Can I come over tomorrow, since I’m eating dinner now?” to which Matteusz responds “Of course :D”, “I’ll come, because I want to get to know about folk music”, “No I can’t play chess, but I can bring another board game, have you ever played Cluedo, it’s fun, :)” (She wants to watch Charlie and Quill try to kill each other playing Cluedo) and Charlie responds with “Nope, sounds like fun, I can’t wait” (She decides then to make it a team game and force Charlie and Quill to be one team together so they can superficially work together), she tells Quill “Sounds awesome, tell me when and which gym and I’ll get there”, finally she tells Ram, “I’ll be there, just tell me when, also get ready to have your ass kicked into the ground”. She then goes to dinner.

There are more of these in my head, so I’ll probably make another post like this soon-ish.

Bonus round) That time Varun invites the BDS over for dinner and we meet Ram’s mother and we discover that Charlie legit just eats sweets making Varun concerned for his teeth (as a responsible dentist and parent). We discover that Charlie hates salt and it actively makes him feel like his mouth is being pickled and burned simultaneously. Matteusz gets so homesick while also resenting his parents because why can’t they love him as much as Rams’ parents love Ram. He leaves early because he’s about to breakdown and cry. Charlie follows him and holds him as he pseudo-cries. Quill leaves soon after because, stupid prince. Tanya thanks the Singhs and gives Ram a solid bro-hug. Finally April gives Ram a kiss goodnight before getting into the Uber Ram ordered to take her home.


Thursday Thoughts: I’ve started reading Frank Cottrell-Boyce’s book, Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth as well as listen to the audio by Peter Capaldi. So far I’m finding it incredibly adorable, extremely funny, and whimsical. Peter’s narration is perfect with a switch to amusing, witty, and endearing voices per dialogue of each character. His Scottish accent is a lot stronger here, too. It’s so sweet to hear him speak with such a gentle and appealing voice! 😊

The copy of the book I purchased is the US version because it has American words while Peter still uses his own vocabulary he’s used to, or how the UK version is written out. Like he says ‘flat’ instead of 'apartment’ for example.

Anyway, this is a highly recommended read. Even if you’re not a fan of Doctor Who or any of Peter’s work as an actor, it’s still very cute and something worth reading to yourself or especially to young children who love the fantasy/science fiction genre. Check it out! 📖

I got bit by the drabble bug.

Words, 1376

Rating, G

Minor adoribull, mostly feelings about Dorian and this one kid

Inquisitor Cadash was many things. She was a deadly fighter, competent leader and reluctant religious figure. She was cheerful, vulgar, and honest, and she loved nothing more than gallivanting about the hinterlands, killing wolves and hunting for the refugees and rescuing kittens from trees.

Currently, she was talking seriously with a farmer about the effect of the breach on weather patterns, and what that would mean for the good woman’s wheat harvest. That in turn, would effect how much she could expect to pay to grind her flour at her neighbor’s mill. Dorian had no idea what she expected Cadash to do to help, but here they were regardless. When Cadash mentioned druffalo, Dorian wandered off to find somewhere to sit.

There was a bench on the side of the farmer’s cottage, facing a small herb garden, and Dorian soaked up the weak Fereldan sunlight gratefully. The days were still scandalously short, but with spring firmly arrived they were slowly beginning to lengthen. He leaned against the wall and closed his eyes, listening to the soft sounds of the bees at hard at work among the flowers and Cadash’s voice floating through the window.

A shadow fell across him, and he cracked one eye open to see the Iron Bull. “You’re in my sun,” Dorian said. “If you don’t move I’ll probably freeze solid and never be warm again.” A breeze swept across the back of his neck as he was speaking, and he shivered.

Bull chuckled and lowered himself to the ground beside the bench, leaning his elbow on Dorian’s thigh. "It’s getting warmer.”

“Not fast enough. I don’t know how these flowers are blooming, there was frost on my tent this morning!” He felt Bull’s hand skim his knee. His arm was heavy and warm against Dorian’s leg. ‘Ice in my stew!”

“Poor little houthouse flower,” Bull’s voice was fond. “You just need someone to keep you warm at night.”

“I do not–” Dorian swallowed his witty and biting rejoinder, because he didn’t want to sully the ears of the child that was peeking around one of the garden hedges.

She was small and skinny, with a cloud of black hair and skin a shade darker than Dorian’s own. She regarded the two of them with solemn brown eyes, wide and bright.

“Hey there,” Bull held his hand out palm up, a welcoming gesture. He always seemed to attract children wherever they went, and had a posse of hangers-on in Skyhold, bloodthirsty little beasts who loved to try to lift his ax and listen to his battle stories. Dorian thought he carried candies in his pockets just in case he met a child who didn’t immediately love him.

The girl approached them slowly, but she looked at Dorian, rather than Bull. He looked back, uncertain what to do with the attention.

“If you’re really cold,” her Fereldan accent was strident and acutely adorable, “you can have my blanket. It’s probably too small for you, but Mama’s teaching me and Caleb how to make quilts this summer so we won’t need the old ones any more.”

Dorian blinked, and Bull struggled to cover his laughter with a protracted coughing fit.

“You could sew it to your coat,” she offered. “To fix that big hole on your shoulder.” Bull coughed harder.

“That’s extremely kind of you,” Dorian stammered. “But I couldn’t possibly–”

“Mother Elane says Andraste and the Maker want us to take care of each other. We have to share and keep each other safe, especially with the sky and the fighting,” she told him seriously. “And we should always help people who have less than us. I have a blanket, and you’re cold, so I should help you.”

“You are a very generous young lady,” Dorian said, “and I hope your mother’s very proud of you, but I don’t want to take things from you that you might need later.”

She frowned and opened her mouth to object.

“And I’m not really very cold,” he assured her. “I can use magic to keep myself warm.”

He wondered if that was the wrong thing to say. He didn’t want to scare her. She didn’t seem to mind, though, and just nodded thoughtfully. She turned to Bull. “Do you want my blanket? You don’t even have a shirt.”

“Nah, I’m alright, kid.” He smiled at her, something softer than Dorian was used to seeing on his face. “My name’s Bull. What’s yours?”

“Ada. After Lady Andraste. And my gran.”

“You’re a credit to both of them,” Dorian interjected. He wasn’t about to let Bull purloin the only Fereldan who actually preferred him. “I’m Dorian.” It was an awkward maneuver, but her giggle when he kissed the back of her hand was worth bending over Bull’s arm.

“Are you an Arl?” she asked. “That’s how the Arl said hello to the Queen. We went to Redcliffe when she came. She was beautiful and she had a really big horse.”

“No, we don’t have Arls where I’m from.”

“Do you have horses?”

“Yes.” Dorian couldn’t help but smile when her face lit up.

“Master Dennet down in the valley says I’m good with horses. He even asked Mama if she’d let me ‘prentice with him when I’m bigger.” Her smile faltered. “We haven’t gone to see him in weeks. I hope he didn’t get hurt in the fighting.”

“Master Dennet’s come to work with the Inquisition, just like us,” Bull said quickly. “He’s not hurt at all.”

“Can you tell him that me and Mama and Caleb are all alright? And I haven’t forgotten the things he was teaching me about horses. I had to stop my lessons with Mother Elane or I’d write a letter,” she said, a little apologetically.

“I have paper in my pack,” Dorian pulled out his notebook and the travel ink set Varric had lent him. “You tell me what to write and I’ll bring it with me.”

Ada’s eyes shone and she scrambled onto the bench next to him. She nearly buzzed with excitement, and Bull caught the little inkpot when she jostled it out of Dorian’s hand.

“I’ll hold onto this,” he said over her apologies, and unscrewed it carefully before propping himself back up on Dorian’s leg.

The letter itself was brief, but Ada kept veering into tangents about horses, and the fennec she’d seen in the garden that morning, and how she was better at fishing than her brother Caleb was, but he was better in the garden. 

It was quite possibly the longest Dorian had talked to someone not in Cadash’s inner circle in months. He felt just as disappointed as Ada looked when her mother finally concluded her business with Cadash and the Inquisitor’s party had to move on.

Dorian folded the letter carefully and tucked it between the pages of his notebook. The farmer eyed him skeptically, and Dorian suppressed a sigh. “Your daughter will be a remarkable horsewoman someday,” he told her. “You should be very proud of her.”

Ada looked up at him with a blinding smile, and to the surprise of nearly everyone, threw her arms around his waist. Dorian absolutely did not tear up slightly when he knelt to return the embrace.

“Don’t you dare laugh at me,” Dorian said to Bull as they rode away. Ada was still standing at the gate, and he waved a final time before settling frontward in his saddle. “I know that look on your face.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Bull said, his tone serious despite his smile. “It’s good to see you come out of your shell a little bit.”

“I don’t have a shell,” Dorian sputtered. “Do I have a shell?” he asked Cadash, who shrugged.

“You can seem a bit aloof,” was her diplomatic reply.

“Just takes the right sort of person to see through it,” Bull said, and Dorian caught the tail end of his sidelong glance. “Like Ada. Keep an eye out for that kid, Boss. If the Inquisition’s still around in seven years, she’d be the type you want.”

“I do not want to be running this circus in seven years,” Cadash muttered. “Let’s move. We’ve got a war to end, a sky to fix, and a missing druffalo to find.”

Internet Friends

Pairing: Eren / Mikasa
Rating: K+ (Light cursing)
Genre: Fluff
Length: 1199 words
Notes: Another birthday present wooo! It seems like thats all I write wow. Anyways, happy birthday thatguy8801! Also, thank you to mikasa-ackernam for giving me amazing ideas for this. Also, forgive me if the german isn’t right, and feel free to correct me! I hope you guys like it!

She had been wanting to ask for it for a little while now.

Mikasa had been talking to Eren for quite some time, and they were great friends, they talked almost every day.

There was one problem though: they had never met in person.

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Imagine#13- Brendan Gallagher *Requested*

Growing up in Boston whilst being a Habs fan was definitely interesting. My father was originally from Montreal, making him a Habs fan, so I was pretty much born into liking them. When I graduated I decided to move to Montreal since I still had family living there. That meant I wouldn’t have to pay for an apartment and I wouldn’t have to take out as much money for student loans. My first year in Montreal my parents had bought me tickets to a Habs vs Boston game. That’s where I met Brendan. After a couple months he finally asked me out, then we moved in together a year or so after that.

At the moment, Brendan and I are just laying on the couch. He nuzzles his face into my neck, placing a light kiss. “What are you doing, Bren?” I say with a laugh.

He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me down so I’m laying on the couch with him hovering over me. “You know you’re adorable right?” He giggles slightly, which makes me laugh even more.

“And you know you’re extremely sexy?” I joke.

He nods, “Yeah, I know.”

I roll my eyes, “Whatever, Gallagher.”

Suddenly he erupts into laughter, “Your… accent…” is all he manages to get out.

I fake a pout, “What do you mean by my accent?”

He grins, “It’s just so cute.”

I roll my eyes again. He kisses my nose lightly. “You’re such a dork,” I tease while leaning up to connect out lips. He pulls away right before we touch. I guess now it’s his turn to pout. “What?” I ask looking into his mesmerizing blue eyes.

“I’m not a dork,” he mumbles as he rolls off the couch and heads into the kitchen.

I get up and follow him but when I get to the kitchen he is nowhere to be found. Suddenly, I feel two strong arms wrap around my waist. I let out a slight squeal as Brendan turns me around and kisses my lips. We pull away with both of us smiling. “You didn’t let me finish what I was saying earlier. You’re a dork but you’re my dork, dork.” I ruffle his hair slightly.

He nods then pecks my lips once again, “You know I’m not sure you should be talking. You’re from Boston and you like the Habs. I don’t know if you’re quite right in the head.”

I laugh and try to walk away but he just pulls me right back into him. “I love you so much,” he whispers.

I smile, “I love you too, even though you’re a dork.”

He lifts me up so he is holding me in his arms, “You are my adorable little Boston girl.”

I try to get out of his grasp, “Ya know… I would not be talking about height if I were you…”

His jaw drops, “Oh, you are going to pay for that.”

I take off towards the bedroom with him right on my heels. He is much faster so he catches up pretty easily. He tackles me onto the bed and begins tickling my sides.

“No! Stop… Brendan… I’m going to….” I say in between the laughter. He shakes his head and contines. “What do I have to do to get you to go away?” I say which makes him stop almost immediately.

“You want me to go away?” He looks like a wounded animal.

I shake my head, “That’s not what I meant.”

He sighs and starts getting up. I rush to stand in front of him. His look now saying the complete opposite of what it did a second ago. He was holding in laughter.

“Oh my god, you should have seen your face!” He bursts into a fit of laughter.

“Jerk,” I mutter looking down. He tilts my chin up so I am looking into his eyes. His lips brush over mine, leaving a sweet feeling lingering.

“God, I love you so much,” He whispers wrapping his arms around me, “so much.”

anonymous asked:

soooooooo what about an australian mc... like reaction to her accent, pronunciation, traditions and typical 'australian things' like her fav animal is a koala and she eats vegemite toast every morning.. yanno?! you can add more things if you liek. love ur blog (also could it be RFA + Saeran, V and Vanderwood) *wink wink* ily


  • mildly surprised 
  • slightly intrigued 
  • will get MC to pronounce certain words 
  • he thinks the accent is adorable 
  • probably results in him trying to take this in 
  • tries vegemite 


  • he’s intrigued by this 
  • probably ends up studying up on Australia 
  • takes a bit of an interest in what this vegemite thing is 
  • overall confused as to why MC will insist on eating vegemite with toast every morning 
  • thinks it’s cute that MC’s favourite animal is a koala 


  • it takes him a moment to realize what is sitting on the kitchen counter every morning 
  • he thinks it’s kind of cute how MC has an accent 
  • probably enjoys listening to their voice more then not 
  • asks a ton of questions about MC’s traditions 
  • probably helps MC with their pronunciation 
  • tends to laugh a bit before correcting though 


  • tends to take his time questioning MC about Australia
  • is very glad her favourite animal isn’t one he’s allergic to 
  • thinks the accent is utterly adorable 
  • takes some time to stop mistaking the regular jars with the vegemite jars 
  • took one bite from MC’s toast and had to rush to the restroom 
  • finds MC’s traditions fascinating 


  • will end up taking a trip specifically to Australia 
  • to feel closer to MC 
  • the accent is extremely adorable 
  • probably debates whether to get a koala for MC 
  • then looks back at Elly and just “We’re good” 
  • the vegemite has to be specifically given to the chef so that MC can have their toast 
  • refuses to taste it however 


  • finds MC’s accent endearing 
  • aquires a vast knowledge of MC’s home country 
  • suggests they try to do a few of MC’s traditions at home together 
  • tries to make MC breakfast with toast and vegemite 
  • when they go to the zoo Jaehee points out the koalas and such 


  • an australian accent?
  • he’s in love 
  • would listen to MC just talk endlessly 
  • probably makes fun of MC for loving the vegemite so much 
  • he thinks MC looks adorable munching on the toast though 
  • koala’s are fluffy and cute too
  • probably gets MC a stuffed animal Koala 


  • he gets two stuffed animal koala’s as soon as he finds out it’s MC’s favourite animal 
  • that accent has him swooning 
  • he LOVES the vegemite 
  • it becomes more addicting to him then to MC 
  • he will eat the toast with MC 
  • while correcting them of the pronunciation 
Come here Cosmo... Part 1 Pietro X Reader
External image

(Credit for GIF goes to original owner)

Fandom: Marvel, Avengers

Characters: Pietro Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff

Word Count: 758

Warning: Occasional cursing.


“Come on Cosmo!” an overly excited voice shouted.
Out of the doors to the SHIELD HQ was a girl of small frame and (H/C) hair , she was wearing a rookie uniform, as it was her first few weeks working in the Avengers. She looked new to this type of work, as she spent her life working in the offices of the HQ, not on the battlefield. 

Zooming past in a blur, came up a dashingly handsome man, with hair of bright silver. His body was perfectly toned, his muscles drawing attention to all the right areas.This was Pietro Maximoff, also known as Quicksilver, he was fairly new to the Avengers too, but he was still your senior.
“I’ve told you not to call me zat anymore” his accent was very thick.
His face was bright scarlet, as Cosmo was the one name he hated being called. He could take ‘Sonic’ or ‘That speedy bastard’, but ‘Cosmo’ was too much for him. 

“Awww come on, Cosmo is such a cute name” (Y/N) insisted, trying to coy the silver haired stallion into letting her win, she was very good at getting her way with the other Avengers, but Pietro was the stubborn one.
She was determined to win.This game of back and forth had been going on since the day she joined.
“Vine, but only you can call me zat, ve clear?” his face was bright crimson with embarrassment.(Y/N) found it adorable, but was also extremely shocked that she had broken him, she must have been special.

An assault of a thick accented laugh burst through the doors.
“Oh Cosmo, Cosmo,Cosmo” and out came a woman coated in a red uniform.
This was Pietro’s twin sister, Wanda Maximoff, also known as Scarlet Witch, she was also incredibly attractive, (Y/N) figured it was in the genes. Whenever Wanda was in the area, (Y/N) felt rather self conscious, as Wanda, at least in your opinion was far more attractive than you, and she was stronger than you. “I thought I vould never zee the day zat my brother would be so submissive!” she was revelling in her brother’s pain.

“I’ll ztart calling you vitch if you carry on!” and a smug grin plastered Pietro’s face, knowing full well that his comment annoyed his sister.
Bouts of adorable accented laughter came from Pietro, finding his sister’s anguish hilarious too.(Y/N) found it incredibly awkward and decided to keep her distance from the arguing siblings, as both were her superior and friend, even though she did have a crush on Pietro. She also did not know if he called her ‘bitch’ or ‘witch’ due to his amazing accent.

 Wanda was not amused by her brother’s ‘jokes’ and at the flick of the wrist Pietro was enveloped in a scarlet mist, Wanda had hit him with one of her spells. Pietro collapsed to the ground.
“Wanda, that’s enough!” (Y/N) yelled, furious at the visual pain of her crush. “What did you do to him?” (Y/N) asked, hoping for a painful answer.”I’ve only brought out his zinnermost desires” and as she said that she strided away, back into HQ.

Everything was pitch black, but light slowly faded back, and Pietro could see the face in front of him. The face in front of him had not noticed his eyes open. Pietro pretended to not be fully aware, so he could admire the girl watching over him. He admired the way her hair flowed down her face, and he gazed into her (E/C) eyes. After at least a full minute of staring her realised that his eyes were wide open, and (Y/N) noticed this too.
“ If you really want to stare, I could get you a pic-” and by the time she could finish her sentence, Pietro flew towards her, landing a perfect kiss, sealing her joke.It happened so fast, (Y/N) didn’t even realise what had happened, neither did he.
 "Pietro", she said, her voice filled with surprise.
“It’s Cosmo, vemember?” and he leaned closer to whisper, “Only you get to call me zat”
The whisper sent shivers down (Y/N) spine, Cosmos’ breath was hot, and his smell was ecstasy and it lingered around after he moved back, she wanted more, but as she leaned closer…

A whirl went straight out of the room, sending papers flying up in the air around the hospital room.

 "Such a tease" 

#10 Newt: Infinitely

Requested: anon
Prompt: set in the scorch trials, WICKED takes control over Newt and makes him say horrible things to the reader.
Warnings: is set in the scorch trials so you may not understand some of the characters or references if your a movie watcher or just haven’t read the book yet. Also, group B haven’t been introduced yet :)
A/N: I gave this my best shot so I hope this lives up to your expectations anonions! :)


We have approximately five days left until we have to get to this so called ‘safe haven’ and the weather isn’t doing us any favours. We’re settling down for bed now and it’s probably been the hottest day so far in the scorch, and I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who thinks it. The gladers plus Brenda and Jorge are all finding this heat extortionate.

“Come on guys let’s settle down!” Minho shouts, clapping his hands efficiently. He’s really taking this whole leader thing seriously.

In response, the few of us that are left curl up under a random wooden shack that we found earlier. It’s barley standing and I’m pretty sure that it will come crashing down with any sign of wind, but it’s better than nothing.

“You okay, love?” Newt, my boyfriend of a year says, lying down next to me and wrapping his arms tightly around my waist.

“Mhm.” I murmur, entangling both out legs and our hands together. “Just a long day, you know?”

“Yeah, don’t worry ‘bout it.” He whispers and I can feel his smile in the crook of my neck tickling it, which makes me giggle quietly.

“What?” Newt chuckles, spinning me around to face his chest. His smile radiates off of his face in such a lovely manor that I’m tempted to kiss him senseless right here and now.

“That tickled.” Continuing to giggle, I peck Newt’s lips lightly, then his nose and then his neck.

“Well then…” He begins. As fixes his hands around my middle, I know what’s coming.

Before I have a chance to object, Newt’s hands have begun to attack my middle, making me squeal. We’re broth rolling around in the sand of the scorch, laughing. We’re actually laughing and honestly it feels amazing. The feeling is something I haven’t felt since back in the maze, when we were both, well, sort of happy.

The level of joy that I’m feeling is so overwhelming that I climb onto Newt’s lap, completely taking him off guard. He stares up at me, eyes wide but filled with lust. Before he can say anything, I lean down and press my lips into his, feeling the world melt away around us. Instantly, both our hands move into each other’s hair as our breathing quickens and we smile into the kiss. Newt’s lips taste like sand, but they’re still so soft. It feels so good to be able to feel him again, smell him, taste him.

“Hey guys!” I hear a faint voice in the background. Of course, I ignore it. There’s no way I’m wasting an opportunity to kiss Newt like this. But before I can begin to lie down, Newt is dragged off of me.


“Guys it’s all very well you both getting it on and all but for crying out loud could you GET A ROOM?!” Minho orders, practically gagging. As I look around, I see all the others watching us.

When I turn to Newt, he’s blushing furiously and I’ve got to admit it’s pretty adorable. He meets my eyes and smirks at me, followed by a wink. Then, he gestures for me to come and lie down next to him.

As we get comfortable with his arms back around my waist, I can finally feel myself dropping off. I hadn’t realised how tired I actually am until now. I feel Newt’s arms pull me into him so that my backs right up against his chest.

“I love you, you know. No matter what happens, remember that.” Newt whispers into my ear, kissing the skin on my neck gently.

“I won’t. I love you too.” I smile lightly, my eyes drooping heavily. Kissing his hand softly, I feel myself drifting off at last.

“Wake up.”

Before I can respond, a violent shove of my shoulder leading to me being pulled up off the ground my my elbow takes action. The force is so powerful that I almost fall right back over. On top of that, I recognise the menacing voice that has done this.

I look up to stare straight in the face of Newt. Of course I can’t deny that I am shocked, but also confused. For a start, this isn’t Newt. Well, it is. It’s just not MY Newt.

This Newt doesn’t have the same adorable accent. This accent is spiteful and has a hint of insanity within it. This Newt’s posture is shaking as if he’s caught an extreme fever. What is even more off than all of the above, is that his eyes aren’t the same. They’re darker than usual, a lot darker. But they’re not completely gone because I can still see flashes of longing and fear in them, all things that I’ve seen in them before.

Shuck, there’s even hints of love filling his beautiful, brown orbs. Even in the middle of the night, his eyes stand out clear as day.

“(y/n).” Newt hisses, pacing towards me. He looks furious. This isn’t him.

“Newt I-”

“SAVE IT!” He screeches. Now I’ve never heard Newt raise his voice this loudly before. He hasn’t even raised his voice like this at ME. Yeah we’ve had little bickers before, but nothing at this level. Before I can speak, Newt continues.

“YOU ARE SUCH A WASTE OF SPACE!” He hollers right in my face. This is no time to deny that I’m scared. I’m bloody terrified and it’s so foreign. By this point, all the others are awake and on their feet, looking just as horrified as I feel.

“Hey Newt-” Thomas begins but is interrupted by Newt once more.

“SHUT UP! Everyone just shut up!” He growls, placing a hand on my shoulder. Once again, Newts eyes scream emotions that do not match the situation. They weren’t clouded with any sort of madness. They were crystal clear, showing much more sanity than his actions were It’s as if he’s trying to commute to me through his eyes, as if they’re seeing a completely different story.

“Newt. You need to calm d-” Reaching out slowly, I attempted to settle him by touching his arm. Before I could even get there, Newt slapped my hand away viciously as if it was poisonous.

“NO! (y/n) you are VENOMOUS! I can’t stand the sight of you.” He shouts, pure rage knitted in his unfamiliar voice. The words that Newt say affect me in a way that I swore nothing would ever be able to. It feels as though my heart has ripped in two and the one thing that I care about the most is shattering before my eyes.

Taking a deep breath and sucking up my emotions, I’m about to try and question Newt on what has brought this on so suddenly. I’m about to question him on what I have done and why he’s going about solving it in this manor, and why in the middle of the night. I’m about to do all of the above, when Newt spits more foul insults at me, inches away from my face.

“Nobody ever liked you in the glade, you know? Anyone who was ever friends with you felt SORRY for you. And me? Ah well I’ve never loved you, you bloody slinthead. All them compliments and moments we shared were LIES. The time that I first told you I loved you over dinner? A LIE. I never cared for you and I never will! I don’t see how anyone could EVER love such a foul and disgusting excuse for a girl.”

My eyes are brimming with a waterfall of tears, one step away from being released. In my entire lifetime that I’ve known, never have I ever felt this sad. I want to scream and cry at the same time.

Newt finishes his speech with his lips twitching, as if he’s trying to fight it. His hands are balled up into fists and are trembling against one another. Again, his eyes are crying out for help. It’s like someone’s trapped inside them and pounding against the glass to be set free.

And that’s when I know something’s wrong. And that something is WICKED.

“You didn’t tell me you loved me over dinner in the glade, Newt.” I whisper, not meeting his eyes. “You told me in the deadheads at midnight.”

I can hear confused mutters passing around the others and I know that I have to remain calm if I want this to work. I can’t break down now, and neither can he.

“Newt, this isn’t you.” I say softly, placing my hand gently on his shoulder. He puts up a tremendous fight to shove it off, but I remain firm.

“Newt.” I continue to say his name to him in hopes that he will snap. Not snap in anger, but snap out of it.

“Newt. It’s me, remember? It’s (y/n).” I say as relaxed as I can, moving my other hand to his wrist. Finally, I look up at Newt and it looks like he’s in pain. His eyes are watering but his facial expression remains stern. His lips are twitching and it seems that they are begging to speak.

“Newt, come back to me. It’s okay. You can do it.”

He looks at me deeply, as if he’s trying to communicate with me through his eyes. WICKED may have control of his brain, but Newt’s big brown eyes have a mind of their own.

“Newt, you can do it. Be strong Newt.”

Newt’s lips try to speak but only produce a muffled sob. His eyebrows are furrowed intently and his entire body is shaking now, but his posture remains rigid. What I’m saying and doing is working, but it’s not powerful enough to break Newt from this power.

Minho and Thomas look as though they’re about to come and pull him away from me. I know they mean well, but if they break this connection then I have no chance of getting through to him. So before they can approach, I shake my head at them and try again with Newt.

“Newt, I care so much about you.” I say, meeting his eyes once more. “And I know you didn’t mean anything you just said.”

Another muffled sob escapes Newts lips as he trembles vigorously in my grasp. I’ve nearly cracked him.

“I understand Newt. This isn’t you. I know you didn’t mean anything you just said to me because you could never be that mean. Just like your neck says Newt, you’re the glue.”

If it’s even possible, I can feel Newt’s tremble go from vigorous to a violent tremor. His eyes continue to speak to me, as though he’s crying for help but apologising at the same time. One more thing, one thing that means something big to him should do the trick.

“Newt, I love you.”

And at that, Newt completely stops. Everything. It’s so unusual that I begin to fear that Newt has just died. Then suddenly, he collapses to the ground and sobs. Instantly, I engulf him I to a warm hug.

Minho is about to come over again, still confused as to what has just happened.

“Just give us a minute.” I ask him, practically pleasing. “Please.”

Minho nods his head and walks back to the others who had backed off slightly. I turn my attention straight back to the boy that I love, weeping in my arms. It is then that I realise that I too am sobbing.

“It’s okay Newt.” I whisper, bringing his chin up to me. We are both sitting cross legged on the sand, but our arms are wrapped around each other tighter than ever before.

Newt looks me directly in the eye. “Thank you for saving me.” He says, barley audible and his accent back to normal. “Thank you for loving me.”

Placing my head on his shoulder, I whisper back to him. “It’s okay. It’s fine.”

Newt brings my face back up to his and pulls me into his lap before kissing me again. His lips taste salty but sweet and the skin on his face is damp from the tears. We break away from the kiss together, but Newt continues to leave butterfly kisses all over my face and neck. This makes me smile lightly, which in unison makes him smile and seeing Newt smile is all I need to make me happy.

Bringing my hands up to his hair, I speak again. “It was WICKED. They were controlling you.”

“I know.” Newt sighs, placing his arms back around my waist as I play with his hair. “It felt so strange. It’s like I was trying to fight this battle in my head which I just couldn’t win and everything they fed to me just came out before I had the chance to process it. And it hurt. Not just physical pain though, mental pain. Mental pain occurred whenever I said something hurtful to you because I didn’t mean it. I wanted to take it back but before I could they were saying other things for me. Meaner and cruller things.”

“I know Newt. It’s okay though, because I’ve got you back and you’re safe with me now.” I hush him, hugging his head into my shoulder.

“Then you started calming me and it was like your voice alone was a cure. THE cure. It was as if our connection was the only thing more powerful than WICKED’s mind control. Once you spoke, it felt like a breath of fresh air, blasting away the voice pummelling through my eardrums. You cured me.” He finishes, looking up at me.

In response, I kiss his nose and stroke his cheeks. We’ve both stopped crying and it’s like we’re just using this time to admire each other. Before I can say anything, Newt beats me too it.

“Shucking hell, I love you (y/n).” He smiles and almost chuckles, pecking my lips once more.

“Not as much as I love you, you shank.” I grin, kissing him again. We both laugh and smile like fools into the kiss as I lace our fingers together.

Newt and I, we have this infinite bond that can’t be broken, but can seem to break other connections. It’s eternal and it’s real. Newt and I, our love is infinite.


A/N: I hope this wasn’t too cheesy for you all! Thanks to anyone who reads this! I really hoped you liked it haha! Feedback is always lovely and it means an awful lot to me! Feel free to request imagines, my ask is always open! Thank you again munchkins :)

You Wear An Item Of Their Clothing

Blurb/preference where you’re wearing an item of their clothing. Thank you whoever you are for anonymously Asking this! I love you!

Luke: Lets say you were walking outside with your boyfriend Luke and it was really cold outside and he notices you shivering and says
“Hey babe, you look kinda cold”
and you’d be like”Yeah, I kinda am” trying to pull your hair over your cold ears and he’d take off his beanie and playfully put it on your head messing up your hair and he’d laugh his adorable ass off and you’d find out fans took your picture and it was all over twitter with #(Your ship name)

Ashton: So you were really bored while Ashton was playing drums and you’d think it was funny to dress up as Ashton and surprise him. You’d grab his bandana and his glasses and walk around with a really fake Australian accent making him laugh that adorable laugh and he’d have to Keek it to show the fans and #AshtonsTwin would trend on twitter because you’d just repeat everything he would say when he’d try to talk.

Calum: So you’d be doing the laundry and when you went to put on your black skinny jeans and notice they were a little more baggy than when you last had them on and all of a sudden Calum would come out waddling with extremely tight jeans and say “I think our laundry got mixed up” and you’d laugh so hard you’d literally fall over crying tears of laughter but Calum just tried to use it as an attempt to “get you out of those jeans” ;)

Michael: Fave for last ;) So you’ wake up next to Michael after a “Heated” night and notice he was still fast asleep so you decided you get up and make breakfast. You’d grab a pair of really short yoga shorts and Michael’s shirt he left on the floor after last nights activities and try to quietly sneak downstairs to make pancakes.
After a while you’d jump after feeling a pair of hands wrap around your waist under the shirt to your bare skin and you’d hear MIchael’s groggy morning voice whisper into your ear saying “That’s a nice shirt” and he’d twist you around pulling you into his bare chest and whisper “Can I try it on” before pulling you into a kiss and lifting up your shirt throwing it on the floor SOMEONE TAKE THIS COMPUTER AWAY FROM ME

anonymous asked:

I've always wanted to ask.. *blushes* what are your nsfw headcanons for Butterfly Bog? Like from what I've seen in the fandom there's like Marianne's kink for Bog's voice to Bog's stamina (ehe) to all kinds of other stuff. So what's yours in general?

Oh, me oh my…okay, let’s see how far this goes! 

On the more innocent side of things, both Bog and Marianne love to have their ears and necks touched, kissed and nibbled and sucked and bit. Marianne’s ears are just the tiniest bit more sensitive than Bog’s, a fact that once he learns he does his damnedest to exploit. The neck thing is a vulnerable spot for both of them - they are literally baring their throats to the other, so that trust is a huge turn on for them as well.  

And since hands are such a big theme with them, they play a large role in their love life. Pressing kisses on their wrists, brushing lips across knuckles, twining their fingers together whilst making love, knowing that even if those hands are capable of great destruction and danger, it’s never against them…

They each have a thing about the others voice - both of them strike me as being naturally loud and passionate, so when they’re going at it, it gets pretty freaking noisy…

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Only You

For the beautiful anon who wanted a part two, sorry it’s so late! You can find part one here

/if you walk away/ I know I’ll fade/ because there is nobody else/ it’s gotta be you/

“I missed you, being away from my best girl killed me.” He pulled her close into his arms. 

Harry could tell that she changed in the six+ months he hadn’t seen her. Her hair was long, resting just on the small of her back, and her eyes. He thought he was going to faint when they matched his gaze. She was the only girl in fifth grade with his eye color, and god did they look better then his ever did.

My best girl. She loved the sound of that. He called her that once in a while, but she wanted it to be a constant nickname, along with his usual pet names. She was used to being called his missus, even by Harry himself. Secretly, she wished she was the missus. One can only dream so much.

“I missed you too Harry.” I love you, she silently added.

The boys had extreme let lag, but seeing Harry look at the girl he had been talking about for weeks had them gaping. She was so beautiful, in a way that wouldn’t catch the plain eye on first glance. Her fingernails had been painted a deep maroon-almost black color, and her skin, still fresh with a tan, had glowed under the otherwise crappy airport lights. 

She had been a little nervous during the drive to her flat, but the boys were floored by her. She had little quirks that they loved, things Harry noticed years ago. She crinkled her nose when she laughed, and drummed her fingers against the wheel to a certain beat that would never repeat. They had made it easy to create conversation, silences not awkward, but relaxed and content. 

The boys had fell in love with her, thinking that she would make the perfect missus for Harry. 

They couldn’t be more right.

“Mates, no goofing off, she spent months decorating the flat.” Harry leaned his weight along the doorframe. He gestured obnoxiously to the guest room that the boys were staying in

“Don’t even listen to grumpulstiltskin over here. Please feel at home, boys.” she poked in behind Harry. 

The boys grinned at her, admiring her decorating work. The walls were covered with  light yellow paint and had pictures of her sister laced in with Harry’s tour photos. Once in a while the boys saw pictures of her at graduation and the occasional Green Day concert, but it seemed to be all her sister. 

“Before you go, can you tell us about the pictures?” Liam asked curiously.

She shuffled into the room, clad in pajama shorts and a oversized Green Day concert t-shirt. The only thing her mother gave her before she left. Harry’s ‘missus’ had the most adorable expression of her face as she talked about her little sister (who just went into her freshman year of college) and the concerts she went to.

The boys were in awe of how she talked too. Her voice had a slight New York accent, and mixed with her native British tone, it harmonized together beautifully. Harry noticed how excited she got about her sister, and he frowned. 

He felt extremely guilty, because she was sharing such new information with his bandmates that she had not yet shared with him. He thought about all the times he would gush over places and she would just sit and smile at his boyish demeanor and start to say something, but get cut off consistently. How patient and gentle she was with him while he blabbed away at the silliest topics only Harry knew about. It had been that way for years, and it felt strange to him how he only noticed it now. 

He listened to her voice, filled with so much adoration about the boys. Harry could only picture how it filled the apartment during rainy or snowy days. She would pass the time by singing softly, something Harry had picked up about her long ago. She had insisted that each boy could have their own room-her apartment was that big, but the boys refused and stated that they would share.

Harry, however, wanted to catch up with his best friend. She had let him have a room to himself, but he promised that it was okay that he slept in her room, for old times sake. They used to have sleepovers when they were younger, even up till the weeks before harry auditioned for X Factor. 

Teenage Harry was so stupid and careless with her feelings. She was gentle and calm with him, so completely understanding to him. It gave him such a sense of pride, because she was just so right when the world was so wrong.

Her room would stay empty that night, for her and the boys that made up One Direction would play video games and share secrets into the wee hours of the morning. They played on the California king sized air mattress, all bundled up in blankets and pillows, just talking. Harry slipped his hand into hers, and for once, everything just felt right.