but his 'father' failed him


Some lesser known Jeffrey Dahmer facts:

  • Jeff had air fresheners throughout his apartment when tenants in the Oxford Apartments complained about the smell (of the bodies), he blamed it on his freezer breaking and meat spoiling
  • He went to Ohio State, with his father paying for him to study in business but he failed to turn up to most of his classes and when he did, he was drunk, his roommates back in college described him as “weird” and told of a few times they were sure Jeff stole from them to supply booze for himself
  • As a teenager him and a friend of his, Jeff Six were cautioned for driving over somebody’s front lawn while high on marijuana 
  • When Jeff was in the army (where he later got discharged for alcohol problems) he frequently drank and got into trouble a few times, the worst of these times was when several men turned on Jeff and beat him up severely, he was bloody and his ear-drum was broken, causing
    him to suffer periodic attacks of ear-ache even ten years later
  • He worked at Sunshine Subs (a sandwich place) when he was in Miami, he also worked at a blood plasma center as a phlebotomist (where his job was basically taking blood from volunteers) in Wisconsin, he worked at a temp agency for a while and then moved onto his job as a mixer in a chocolate factory
  • Jeff didn’t like the taste of blood, when he worked at the blood plasma center he took a vial of blood up to the roof and drank it, he said he spat it out and didn’t like it
  • He once wrote “When my father came home I was happy.”
    “When my mother came home, I was watching TV.”
  • When asked if he loved his grandmother he strangely replied “Yes, she’s lived in that house a long time”
  • Jeff took up smoking in the army and when he returned he was smoking a pack a day
  • He once made a sexual advance on his brother David when he was 24 and his brother 18, when they were sharing a bed, Jeff said about the situation “He didn’t go for that at all, that’s for sure. He told me so
    in the morning”
    , Jeff said he made an apology to his brother, and that he felt embarrassed and disappointed
  • Jeff once said “It would have been better if I’d just stuck to the mannequins, much much better”

Not gonna lie, part of me can see VLD!Lotor having a redemption arc. [His DOTU (not his Go Lion one, they are two totally different characters) personality does present that chance since in that show he rebelled against his father, helped out the team once in awhile and was belittled constantly for his Altean half by his father. It seems very proto Zuko-ques, despite him failing at it in the end. If that’s the case, I’m excited to see it and hopes that is the case]
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I repeated my mother’s last words as she’d walked out this same door so many years ago. I said them as angrily as I could manage, and I threw the door open. My cruel words did their job Charlie stayed frozen on the doorstep, stunned, while I ran into the night.

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Hello as someone who has dealt with Timeline shenanigans from Homestuck I have some things to throw in as food for thought. Jack defeats Aku in the present and then returns to the past to defeat him then. However, Aku was not TRULY defeated, just like his father failed before him and is unleashed many years after Jack seals him in the past. Stable timeline from that, unless the creators said something different...

That could work, though it wouldn’t really create a happy ending as Jack would never truly succeed. Which… I can also see happening if Genndy felt particularly evil. 

I’d like Jack to prevail eventually and fulfil his goal, but personally I’m heavily against the concept of changing the past. So I’d actually like the ending where Jack stays in the future, defeats Aku and adjusts to living there. The only issue is now with the reveal that he can’t age due to being exposed to time travel. 

The Iron Trials by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

The Iron Trials is a fantasy Novel. The main character Callum is a magician who is a cripple. His father has told him his whole life that he should avoid magic. However, when Callum turned twelve he has to go to the iron trial to see if he is accepted into the Magisterium. His father has continually told him that he must fail this trial. So how could it be that he is the first to be excepted?

Eowy (8-1)

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Length: Chaptered

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Angst, Mystery

Rating: R

Warning/s: None so far, I guess? 

SummaryLife for Lee Taeyong is like a blur. Nothing really stands out to him. He has a hunch that his father hates him, and his eyes are also failing him. Things seem grey for Taeyong, until someone comes along and brings light into his life.

Notes: I know I call every fanfiction I rec ‘Interesting’, but this one is pretty decently written, and and the plot is intriguing. Please check it out!


one thing draco and hermione have in common is their fear of failure. hermione’s boggart was professor mcgonagall telling her she failed all her exams, while i think draco’s would’ve been him failing his family or his father’s expectations…pretty cool parallels 

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Moritz didn't notice Hel as he walked home. He was too terrified of his father's reaction to him failing. It wasn't until he felt someone tap his shoulder did he turn around. Quickly wiping away his tears, the boy offered her a shaky smile. 'Oh Hel, I didn't expect to see you today.'


Hel looked at Moritz worriedly. She knew what today was, she’d been up with her brother for days because he had been so nervous. And looking at his friend, with his shaky smile and pink eyes, she had a very bad feeling. ‘Hello Moritz, I was going to meet up with Ernst but I think it’s a good thing I ran into you.’ Hel was ready for having to comfort Ernst in case things didn’t go well, she could do the same for Moritz.