but him not getting in to nyada was a joke

All the World’s a Stage (Part 1)

Summary (loosely from prompt):   Kurt has been waiting his whole life to get to college, to NYC, to a place where he isn’t the only out gay kid in the world. His friend, Santana, is apparently excited for him too because she sneaks handfuls of condoms into his bag as a joke right before he leaves. Whatever Santana. He’d just like to kiss a boy. Or maybe go out on a date.

Kurt’s in his new dorm room, a freshman at NYADA, unpacking when his new roommate, Blaine, arrives. Hot. Ego. But nice. Okay. Then Kurt accidentally knocks his bag off the bed and Santana’s condoms spill all over the floor. You never get a second chance to make a first impression…

Klaine advent prompts 1 and 2: Audience and Bed

Words: 606

All the World’s a Stage

The room is quaint, Kurt muses. With a little of his flair, perhaps it could even be cozy. His newly purchased Broadway Greats poster from the Broadway flea market will fit acceptably on the wall beside his bed, covering at least some of the white cinder blocks. Pictures of his high school glee club and of his dad at the car shop both fit on the shelf above his bed, and his laptop is already open on his desk, the Les Mis soundtrack playing in the background. Perfect sing-along unpacking music. He’s at an arts school and requested a gay-friendly roommate but he isn’t going to be caught playing ‘Rent’ or disco before he even meets the guy. 

And if I die, let me die-”

“Oh hey. Apologies for the interruption.” A male voice in the doorway. “I’m Blaine.” The roommate, so his form tells him. Blaine who has now caught him singing. It’s fine. It’s theatre school. And he has a great voice. He wills his cheeks to un-redden as he turns around.

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