but him and matt are brotp's so expect to see him

My ultimate VLD BroTP: Why Pidge’s and Hunk’s friendship is extremely well done

VLD meta seems very focused on romance, but what is special to me about this show are all the other facets of human/alien relationships that are present in the show. My favorite by far is the friendship between Pidge and Hunk. It was extremely well developed over the existing seasons and so I wanted to write an appreciation post about this.

Pidge and Hunk start out as classmates who have known each other for a while, but are by no means close. Pidge is staying away from the others, because she has her own mission and secrets she is keeping from them, the biggest being her gender.

Some of her first interactions with Hunk are yelling at him for touching her stuff,

yelling at him for rummaging her backpack (reading her diary!)

and yelling at him because he wants to leave Aurus (all within the first episode). They start out very much at odds. People tend to focus more in the foreground here, which are clearly Lance and Keith fighting, but Pidge and Hunk are fighting in the beginning too.

Hunk is not accepting her personal boundaries and even in episode 2 she yells at him for reading her thoughts. Pidge eventually becomes more comfortable once she tells the other paladins that she is a girl and Hunk is supportive.

Seriously Hunk and Lance seem like the type of friends who would share their bed without a second thought (little personal boundaries). Pidge is only really close to her brother Matt, which explains why she so desperately wants to find him (even before their father), he is her brother and her best friend.

By episode 9 their relationship has changed a lot compared to the beginning.

They bond over defeating the corrupted kitchen station, while Pidge is taking the lead.

This is awesome because Hunk does not have problems listening to a girl who is smaller and younger than him.

They have this hand grabbing moment (which is parallel by Lance and Keith in the same episode) and that seems to finalize their connection.

Later Hunk acknowledges that Pidge is his friend.

By in the beginning of season 2 Pidge acknowledges that Hunk and the other paladins her friends.

We see them hang out in the kitchen again during episode 5 during their day off.

And they cry when they part ways for their missions at the end of season 2.

In season 3 they fight Narti together, having each other’s backs and Hunk asks Pidge for “a little help” acknowledging that she is strong and capable enough to safe him. That’s really cool!

In season 4 go on missions together and by season 4 they are a dream team.

And when Pidge finally finds Matt the person they hang out with is Hunk. I think this is not done deliberately. They could have had the milkshake scene Hunk just described with Matt as well, but they decided they wouldn’t. Just having those three together makes sense, because Hunk is the person Pidge would hang out with anyways.

What is so great about their friendship that it took time to develop. While Hunk seems to have an easier time letting people in for Pidge it took some time, but she finally became very comfortable around him. The took full 13 episodes for them to acknowledge that they like each other and another 13 for them to get express their feelings infront of each other (in the goodbye scene). If this is the pace the creators are developing a friendship between two likeminded people who are easily complementing each other I do not expect any romance plotlines to come to any conclusion before the very last season really.

We know that Pidge was an outsider in school for being smart and showing it. Hunk is smart too, but better adapted socially because he does not really show it. Pidge however, is the person who makes him show this side of himself.

They are complimenting each other perfectly, despite seeming quite different in the beginning. She is very direct while he is rather sensitive, she is small, he is big, she seems to be the brain while he seems to be the muscle but actually they are both good in both realms, Pidge being a good fighter and Hunk being very smart.

Another thing I noticed is about their elements: Wood/Forest and Earth. They are closely related, since trees need the earth to grow and soil is made from plants and needs them to be protected from erosion. They both benefit from each other without hindering the other in their development. This is very much what Hunk’s and Pidge’s friendship is like. If we apply this to Keith and Lance it might explain why they have such a hard time getting along with each other, but maybe that’s just overanalyzing… I think I will make a different post on the topic of the Wu Xing and the paladins.

I have not seen a platonic relationship between a female and male character developed so well since Mable and Dipper in Gravity Falls (and they are siblings and twins!). Usually stories just show is the development of a relationship between a girl and a boy in this much detail when romance is lurking and that’s a shame, because we need to see diverse friendships just as much as we need to see diverse romantic relationships!

So, yeah Pidge and Hunk are my power BroTP in VLD. They have reached a deep level of trust and are able to bring the best out of each other. Where can this go from here? I am a bit worried that they might face a crisis at some point (which will break my heart), because where else could they go from her? And I don’t really see a romance developing, though the way they are supporting each other is the best basis for a romantic relationship really. So, if crisis happens (though I have no idea where it could come from… maybe Lotor?) I am certain they will be able to overcome it together.

But for the time being I just enjoy their awesome dynamic. Thank you for reading!

cloudtalking  asked:

Very important question about the Kayleigh lives AU: Is the brosten brotp still gonna be a thing???

>> The Kayleigh Lives AU <<

Answering 3 asks in one go ayeeee

Well well well, this can’t be a stupidly happy AU without The BROTP right? So. Yes. YES. TOTALLY. 

(Clothes inspired by that awesome Kandreil pic)

Though here it does’t happen like “Matt Boyd sees a smol child. The smol child is dressed like a hobo and his whole life fits in a duffel bag. Matt will now die for him.” but more like:

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or: the claire/matt closure I desperately needed from The Defenders

Takes place in my “aka: that’s how I show affection” series, shortly after Matt wakes up.


“Just give me a minute with him, will you?” Claire’s voice was soft.

He sensed Luke’s nod, and him squeezing Claire’s shoulder briefly.

Claire stood in the doorway. He could hear Jessica and Luke in the other room, talking softly, trailing off in little half-sentences. She smelled a little different from when Matt last met her. She still smelled like saline, lavender fabric softener, but there Luke’s aftershave mixed in with it, and the smell of sex and tears.


The knowledge hurt less than he had expected. His memories of Claire from almost two years ago were a bittersweet, maybe, if I’d done things differently. And Luke was a good man. He’d treat Claire like a queen. Which was hardly less than she deserved.

“Claire?” he asked. She was standing at the edge of the bed, almost trembling. He could hear the vibrations, the sound of her fingers wavering back and forth in the air.

There was a muted sob, and then her arms were wrapped around his neck. Startled, he wrapped his own arms around her, leaning into the hold.

“It’s okay, Claire,” he whispered. The salt smell intensified, and he felt the tiny vibrations of tears sliding down her cheeks. He tightened his arms around her. “It’s okay. I’m here.”

“God damn it, you stubborn bastard, don’t ever scare me like that ever again,” she hissed into his ear. “I mean it, Matt. I will hunt you down and hide your body in a volcano.”

Matt let out a surprised huff into Claire’s hair. That still smelled the same, like coconut. “Threats, threats, threats. I really scared you, huh?”

“Worse than anything you’ve ever done before,” Claire said. “You stayed behind while a building collapsed. On top of you.”

“So I’m told,” Matt says, rubbing at his skull. “I still don’t quite remember how. Or why.”

“My best guess? Catholic guilt, your inimitable stupidity, and the fact that apparently, you’re a hopeless romantic,” Claire snapped, drawing back so that she was sitting cross-legged on Jessica’s bed, torso still angled towards him. She barrelled on. “While simultaneously forgetting that there are other people in this world who cared about you, who loved you, and who damn well want you to live!

Matt swallowed around the lump in his throat. God. What fresh hell had he put them all through?

“The others? Foggy and Karen? They’re okay?” he asked her, finding her hands. “They’re alright?”

No, dumbass,” Claire said, tone harsh as desert sand. “They’re not okay. They’re mourning.”

“Oh, shit.”

Yes, Matt, shit,” Claire seethed. Her movement was sudden; Matt caught her fist inches from his jaw.

Still, mourning meant that Foggy and Karen were both still alive.

“Okay,” Matt managed. “Wow. Alright. When did my life get this weird?”

“He says, two years after he put on fetish gear and started running around Hell’s Kitchen,” Claire sighed, the anger draining away a little. Matt let out a soft laugh.


He uncurled his hand from around her fingers, and winced as her hand promptly collided with his cheek.

“You deserved that,” Claire said, tone flat and hard.

Matt nodded.

“Yeah.” He sighed. “The Hand, again, huh?”

“And your ex,” Claire nodded. “Began with an ‘e’, I think.”

Matt felt his eyes widen. “N-no, no. No way. Elektra’s dead. I – her body – I felt it, felt her heartbeat stop, I held her–”

One hand carded through his hair gently.

“I’m sorry, Matt,” Claire whispered, tucking his head into her shoulder. “But you’d know if I were lying.”

And even if he didn’t, Claire wouldn’t lie to him. Of the two of them, he had always been the one to conceal. Not Claire. Claire was an open book, who wanted her city to be safe, her patients to be looked after, her friends to be safe and happy and whole.

He sighed into her hair. “Where is she?”

“She disappeared,” Claire said. “Far as we can make out, she survived, and took you out of the building. Somehow arranged for you to be spirited to a monastery in New Jersey. I convinced the others that you weren’t dead, when they didn’t find your body. You didn’t wake up – you were in a coma, for a month. And then they had you dosed on codeine, which would be fine if you weren’t, well, you. Your senses and sensory data were so disoriented that they took it as a sign you weren’t improving. So they kept dosing you up.”

Matt swallowed. “How’d you get me out?”

He heard the drag of her flesh over her teeth. She was smiling. “Jessica. She punched one of the windows out, picked you up bridal-style and jumped out. Luke drove the getaway van, Danny footed the damages. Malcolm and I have been nursing you through the withdrawal. It’s been a group effort. Last night was the first time you were lucid.”

Matt smiled. Teamwork.  

“It takes a village,” he said, leaning into her shoulder. “So how am I, Doc?”

“Seemingly, as insane as ever,” she said, “but,” without warning, her hand moved in a jab towards his solar plexus, and he caught it, grunting in surprise–“your reflexes are good,” she noted. “Some black spots in your memory. Those might come back, might not. We’ll have to see what we can shake loose.” Her breathing deepened. She was steeling herself to tell him bad news.

“Claire, just tell me,” Matt said. “You know me. I don’t stay down, remember?”

She gave a single chuckle. God, he’d missed her laugh. He’d missed his friend: reliable, beautiful Claire, steady as the sunrise and just as warm.

“You might never get the memories back,” she said. She leaned back out of the touch, but she took one of his hands between hers. Still taking care with his heart, even after three city-apocalypses.

He better take damn good care of you, Claire.

Matt breathed the news in.

“Okay,” he said. “I’m gonna need to talk to Foggy. And Karen.”

Claire snorted. “Best have Jessica on standby to intervene.”

“And make her interfere in family drama? You’re a nurse, Claire, you know better,” Matt quipped.

She chuckled, again. “We missed you, Saint Matthew.”

“It’s good to be back,” he agreed, turning their hands around to squeeze her fingers gently. “You wanna tell Jess and Luke to come back in now?”

She nodded. “Yeah. Sounds like a plan.”

If You Ask Nicely

Matt, Neil notices, has his eyes fixated straight on Neil’s lips as if they’d been glued there. Neil isn’t uncomfortable with this, but he is confused, curious. Everyone is aware of the fact Neil made Matt reconsider his sexuality - Matt has hardly hid it - but he’d never acted out on it.

But here he is now, watching Neil’s lips like there’s nothing else on earth worth looking at it. Neil is not used to it from anyone but Andrew. And in all honesty, he isn’t against Matt looking at him like that, just baffled. He has Dan after all.

Admittedly, they’re all a little bit tipsy, all sat in a circle in the girl’s dorm, getting through a fair bit of vodka. Now that Neil doesn’t have have anything to hide, he is much more comfortable drinking around the foxes. He’d even spent a night in with Matt and got so drunk ended up passing out outside he, Andrew’s and Kevin’s dorm. Luckily Andrew had been staying up waiting for him so when he hadn’t turned up for 7 hours, the goalkeeper went searching for his idiot not-boyfriend. Andrew had of course cursed at the pathetic boy collapsed on the floor, threatening to leave him there before he’d scooped him up, thrown him over his shoulder and dropped him on the bed.

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pumpkinspicekindness  asked:

someone mentioned Neil and facial piercing and may I just request Neil with a nose ring?

+ anon: neil getting a nose ring while out with Allison, and Andrew like dies and since he is a smol spiteful child goes and gets a lip ring like caN YOU BELIEVE THESE NERDS OH MY GOD

YO omg i am . so ready (also i’m working on the matt and neil brotp i jsut have 2 think bc the nicky and matt brotp was smth i thought about for  like 2 months before posting so i…yeah) 

  • neil’s wanted to get his nose pierced for years now
  • to be specific, since he was 14
  • he almost got it done, but then his mom said it was too unusual
  • boys don’t get their noses pierced unless they are drawing attention to their face.” 
  • the unspoken “and you have your father’s face. don’t draw attention to it.” didn’t go past him at all
  • so he just never got it done
  • at least, not until he was sitting around with the foxes on movie night and he saw someone in the movie with a nose piercing
  • and he off-handedly said “i’ve wanted my nose pierced for a while. maybe i should get it.” 
  • andrew looked half asleep and neil could have sworn he spoke quiet enough for no one else to hear 
  • but in the morning he was woken up by allison demanding neil come out dressed and ready to go 
  • (and andrew snapping at him to get the fuck up before she forced her way past kevin and found them half naked in bed together) 
  • so he does and he gets out to her and she takes his arm and leads him down to her car

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Only the Good Die Young

In memory of one of the best. Klaroline, with heavy Steroline Brotp overtones, and Klefan too. Let’s assume Markos decided to vacate the Salvatore boarding house. Spoilers for “Promised Land”, obviously. 

It was too sunny. For a time that was so dark, the town didn’t deserve blue skies and a bright, shining sun. It didn’t deserve the carefree laughter of human children who had no idea about how cruel the world could be, it didn’t deserve to carry on as if nothing had happened, as if a piece of Caroline’s heart hadn’t been crushed to dust.

It didn’t deserve to live if Stefan Salvatore was dead.

From her spot on the Boarding House’s front porch she could hear Elena’s hushed sobs floating down from Stefan’s bedroom, Matt, Jeremy and Bonnie were speaking in low tones in the living room, probably over a glass of whiskey. And as for Damon, he was nowhere to be found. The last she had seen, he had grabbed a bottle of bourbon and driven off, and for all Caroline knew he was miles away from this godforsaken hellhole that had taken his brother. She didn’t know if she was angry at him for leaving or angry because she couldn’t bring herself to leave too. The opportunity was there, her car keys burning a hole in her pocket, but still…she had to stay. She couldn’t run away – Stefan would’ve stayed and made sure everything was alright.

‘Always thinking of others, weren’t you?’

For a moment, she wondered if he could see her, stuck on the Other Side. He would probably tell her to keep her chin up, or make her laugh, or do something to make her feel better, because he was Stefan, that was just what he did.

Did. Past tense. The tears were sliding down her face before she was even aware of them, a strangled sob rising from her throat. She didn’t think she could cry anymore after last night, but clearly there was more sorrow in her than she knew. But it was all for Stefan, and she knew he deserved every bit of grief she had to give.

The crunch of tires on gravel alerted her to the car pulling into the Salvatore driveway, but she didn’t bother looking up. At least Damon had deigned to show his face.“Finally decide to come back and bury your brother?” she asked bitterly, wiping at the tears on her cheek.

“So it’s true then?”

Her breath hitched at the familiar voice and accent and looked up to see the last two people she expected on that day. Rebekah Mikaelson paused on the front step, and for once the Original had none of her bold manner, she looked instead like the seventeen year old girl she had been a thousand years ago. And standing a little behind her…

“Hello Caroline.” His words held no charm, or cheer. None of the glib arrogance that Caroline had always associated with Klaus Mikaelson, but she knew that if he had shown even an ounce of flippancy, she would’ve wanted to claw his eyes out.

Caroline tore her gaze away from Klaus’ and looked back towards his sister, whose eyes shone with unshed tears. “Where is he?” Rebekah asked, her voice barely steady.

“His bo – his body’s inside. The others are there, they’ll, uh, they’ll show you.”

Rebekah nodded dumbly, brushing past Caroline as she marched inside the boarding house, leaving Caroline alone with Klaus on the front porch, with nothing but the sunny day to distract them. It would’ve been awkward if Caroline wasn’t so sorrowful.  Now all she could think of was Stefan teasing her in front of the fireplace, how he had told her that she wasn’t awful. Not that his words rang true today because nothing could change how terrible she felt.

“How did it happen?” Klaus’s words caused her to finally pay him attention and she looked up to see his face, stony and impassive.

“A passenger in Tyler’s body – he tore his heart out,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper. “How do you even know?”

“I paid a call to the Bennet witch last night,” said Klaus hoarsely. “I was following up on some information about the disintegration of the Other Side. She informed me of Stefan’s – she told me what happened. I tried to call you – “

“I wasn’t talking to anybody,” Caroline snapped, irritable already, but she couldn’t pinpoint why. “I just wanted – ”

“I understand,” started Klaus, but she cut him off with a scoff.

“Do you?” she shot at him. Klaus bristled under her tone but he held his tongue, though Caroline wished he would lash out, yell at her just so she could yell back, and do anything to get her mind off her grief.

“Stefan Salvatore was a good man,” Klaus said, sounding detached.

Caroline just rolled her eyes, the anger welling up again, “Please don’t talk about him like you actually give a damn,” she sneered, “You only liked him when he was at his worst.”

“Perhaps that’s true but I didn’t want to see him dead!” Klaus roared, his restraint finally slipping as the emotions he had worked so hard to suppress came through. “He was my friend, Caroline, whether you choose to believe that or not!”

Then where were you?!” Caroline screamed right back, “If you cared so much, if Stefan was the only fucking friend you seriously cared about, where were you when his heart was being ripped out right in front of me?!” She stopped then, another sob wracking her body as she lifted her arm to cover her mouth, keep it in, but to no avail.

“He was right there,” she muttered, more to herself than Klaus, “He was right there, and I couldn’t – I couldn’t help him, I couldn’t save him, I couldn’t stop the passenger, he just killed him and I was useless!

“Caroline, you couldn’t have saved him – ”

I should’ve been able to!” she cried, squeezing her eyes shut for a moment. “I screamed for help, I kept hoping that somebody would fix it, but he was just gone and I had to drag his body back here!” Caroline couldn’t help her tears now, her body convulsing with sobs as she relived that moment again and again. Wrapping her arms around herself did no good to ease the chill in her bones, but what she didn’t expect was to feel another pair of arms wrap around her and pull her into a warm chest. Klaus’s hands ran through her hair as she let herself break apart, trusting him to keep her upright while she cried into his shirt, muttering Stefan’s name over and over again senselessly, apologies for her inability to save him, pleas for him to return to her, to them.

Eventually, after a long while she stopped, sagging against Klaus. After she had worked up the energy, she pulled away slightly and looked up at Klaus, a little shocked to note the tear tracks on Klaus’s cheeks. But then, was it such a surprise? “I’m sorry,” she said, her voice muffled as she laid her head against his chest again. “On some level, you guys were friends.”

“At one time, he was like a brother,” said Klaus wistfully, a smile on his face as he remembered a bar in Chicago all those years ago. “I don’t think he would’ve agreed these days though.”

“But he still thought that there was good in you.”

They remained in silence for a little bit longer before Klaus spoke again. “I’m sorry I broke my promise,” he said, half-attempting a smile.

Caroline shook her head as she finally took a step back but stayed rather close,  not willing to move too far away from him right then. “Stefan deserves to be mourned by everybody who knew him,” she said quietly. “He was the best of us.”

“That he was,” said Klaus thoughtfully. “Shall we go inside?”

Caroline nodded silently and Klaus kept an arm at the small of her back, guiding her inside.  What would happen with Markos was uncertain, but for now, they would both mourn their best friend.