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"It's kind of cheeky but I don't know if I'm ready. It's a big deal." -dan about the vid about something that's been bugging him for a while. ITS PROBS ABOUT HIS SEXUALITY FUCK ME

lol no i think it’s about ditching the danisnotonfire name bc everyone formats it incorrectly (and more generally he seems to have outgrown it). he said last week he has an idea for a video about a problem that’s been plaguing him in his professional life that he’s complained about a lot. he also talked about how he thinks the whole Dan Is Not On Fire formatting is super cringe several times, but especially recently with how the Guardian formatted it for that anti-Trump letter. and the “cheeky” description is likely in reference to the “trashy/clickbaity title” he mentioned last week that he could use for it. it will probably be something like “the end of danisnotonfire”

“Now then… where’s the real thing?”

The urge to do a panel redraw I’ve been wanting to do for a while hit me at like 2 am and so here we are. I know I got his hand wrong-ish but by the time I realized what happened it was too late to put in the effort to save it lmao…

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wait whats happening with Dan? My dash just suddenly blew up about him?

oh he just mentioned in his liveshow that he had an idea for a new video and it was “long time coming” for those who have been watching him for a while + its a “big deal but also not” and how he doesnt know if he’s ready 

i reblogged the part where he said that a few posts down lmao


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Do you think if Jamie had told Geneva that he was married (and not just that he had been married before) when she blackmailed him that she would have dropped the matter? In the Scottish Prisoner we see Jamie again in a similar position & refusing to use Claire to save himself (which I think was its own act of self-preservation.) While he prayed for her safety everyday, in his own life I think he needed act as if she was dead to be able to carry on himself, if that makes sense.

This remains my biggest pet peeve about the Geneva plot in the books. I don’t for a minute think that Jamie couldn’t and wouldn’t have found a way to talk his way out of Geneva’s piss-poor attempts at blackmailing him. She is too naive about how sex works and he is just smarter than that. In order to get through the books I have to do a lot of rationalizing along the lines of “Jamie was just so emotionally dead inside that he didn’t have it in him to ‘fight back’ and think his way out of it,” but even then it doesn’t always work. Because I do appreciate the result of that poor plot––William and the themes that go along with his and Jamie’s relationship––I am able to look past one of the weakest and most problematic bits of plotting in Voyager (which so far remains my favorite of the books). 

I don’t think that Jamie saying he was present-tense married would have made a lick of difference to Geneva. She doesn’t see him as an equal to be respected because of her position relative to him. If anything, him saying he was still married would only give her the impression she had more leverage to use against him (because her threats centered around what would happen to his family if she turned over Jenny’s letter). In The Scottish Prisoner, the other party wasn’t really trying to blackmail him or anything along those lines, more just straight up seduction. She was also a servant like Jamie and so the influence/power she had over him was limited compared to Geneva. 

Now, I do have a few ideas of ways that I think Jamie could easily have devised to fend off Geneva’s blackmail attempts but I’m not entirely sure that I won’t end up using them in fanfic at some point, so I don’t know that I want to give them away right now, haha. 

As for Jamie and the way he treats/guards Claire’s memory, gah, it all breaks my heart. I do think that a lot of why he doesn’t invoke her to the people around him is because she is so much a part of himself that he can’t do it without feeling like he’s exposing himself (if that makes any sense). Especially at Helwater, he doesn’t want people to see the real him and so much of the real him is tied to who he was with Claire. So he saves her memory for himself when he’s alone. He prays for her and the child because they’re what he sacrificed everything for. He expected to die on the battlefield and giving his life would have been an incredible sacrifice but in living his sacrifice is actually much, much greater; in living, each and every day becomes a sacrifice and he has to pray for them both to keep what little hope and will he has to go on alive in himself. 

So Jamie obviously must keep up the pretenses that Claire is dead for those around him, but for him she is absolutely still alive, just unreachable; she is the most treasured part of his past that helps him get through the present and he doesn’t really think about his own future but rather the future that their child will be able to have. 

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"But he is a participant in his team's strategy". So how come that dosn't work with Louis then? How come they signed the same contract in 2010 and while Harry is participant in his team's strategy, louis is such a poor innocent little angel that have been forced to do everything that has happend the last couple of years. I'm not trying to be mean but honestly? When have the larries ever said that louis is participant in the bullshit going on.

Dude, what the FUCK are you even talking about? Nobody has ever denied Louis’ participation - you’re just a fucking moron. We are all well aware that Louis has talked about the baby and taken the baby out to be papped and all of that. There were people who were actively ANGRY and trashing Louis for it (and there still are occasionally). Just because you want to pretend Harry is some tragic victim of the fandom doesn’t make it true. Open your fucking eyes and stop inventing a reality so you can jerk off to your “omg everyone hates on Harry” fantasies. I have no patience for your stupidity.

Nobody is even expressing anger at Harry right now - at least, not if you follow the right people. All I see is frustration and annoyance at the strategy and utter confusion at why this is being handled this way (and these are all emotions we’ve expressed about the other boys’ bullshit frequently too). Please pull your head out of your ass so your brain can get some oxygen and then maybe you’ll realize this too.

leave it to the land, this is what it knows

so my whole ‘stay away from tfc cuz its giving you major feelings and you need to be productive in school’ thing went to shit this morning but hey!!! on the bright side!! i wrote a fic!!!

a fic that im pretty sure has already been written 5000 times!!! but its aight!!! did it anyways!!

the times andrew lets neil touch him

Neil has become accustomed to tangling his fingers in Andrew’s hair when being kissed, not stupid enough to cross the line Andrew set for him. While he wouldn’t end up with a punch from Andrew if his hands did stray like anyone else would, besides maybe Kevin, that doesn’t mean he’d get off easy.

It isn’t just that he’s stupid enough to leap the line; it’s that he knows the reason it’s there. Just as Andrew’s incessant comments never stray to his time in Evermore or his night in the hands of his father and his people, just as his steady hands never brush across the burn scar on Neil’s cheek where a number used to live, Neil doesn’t bring up what happened in the bedroom with Drake, or what happened when Andrew was younger.

Neil Josten has spent his life running from his demons. He may have out run them, but Andrew hasn’t. He likely won’t until Drake is 6 feet under the ground, unable to touch anyone again.

Neil doesn’t push. He has no reason to, fully content with what he has.

Today, though, Andrew does. He breaks from Neil’s lips, pulling back to look at him, guarded eyes revealing nothing.

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A wreath of flowers in the shape of a heart is left for Ratchet. It's made of poppies (restful sleep), adders tongue (health), and queen anne's lace (sanctuary). There's also a cube of energon next to it with a note, "Don't forget to refuel ♥"

“Alright, wise guys! I get the message!” Ratchet yelled at whoever had been responsible for the setup, though keeping up his tough act was difficult.

Who, indeed. Judged by the floral arrangement, a certain fleshie garden-owner came to mind, at least. Funny how she had happened to mention about taking floral arrangement classes only a couple of weeks prior. Just wait – he’ll make her ‘fess up, yet.

Despite its mischievous suggestiveness, the act did bring a sense of warmth within that Ratchet hadn’t felt in a while.

It felt… good.

He won’t readily admit it, but there may have even been a smile.

My Muse || Jughead Jones Imagine

word count: 1019

warnings: none

feedback is nice!

Jughead Jones, a byronic hero, was intriguing to say the least. He was someone you could stare at for hours and never get bored. Maybe that’s why you started to draw him. You had always been into art but you just couldn’t find the right muse, until now. Jughead was sitting a couple booths in front of you doing god knows what on his laptop. Trying to be as inconspicuous as you could, you pulled out your notebook and started to sketch. What you have noticed all the times you’ve drawn Jughead, were the little facial expressions he made while typing on his laptop. He was cute to put it mildly. The way his eyebrows furrowed in concentration as he worked, or the faint smile that would make its way onto his face if he was pleased with his writing. Glancing up at him again so you could add to your drawing, you noticed he was looking out the window. As if he could sense you gazing at him, he looked at you. Immediately after making eye contact, you looked down at your notebook hoping he couldn’t tell how red your face was or the fact that you were drawing him. Taking a chance, you looked back to him, he was typing away like nothing even happened. Taking a deep breath in, you packed up your stuff and left.

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💣 No one knows where Damian’s nose came from. He has his father’s jaw. He has his mother’s cheekbones. His father’s eyes. His mother’s lips. But his nose.

It’s not aquiline or Roman. It doesn’t look the least bit distinguished. In fact, the tip of his nose curves up, in a bit of a snub.

No one knows where it came from, and although it does look slightly familiar, they gave up wondering when pressing matters took precedence.

Until one day Alfred was spring cleaning and set aside some pictures that really ought to go in frames. It was then that the prior familiarity was recognized.

Tilted nose, curved up at the tip, bit of a snub.

Damian has Martha’s nose.


…actually, it’s nightcrawler, but my real name is kurt wagner.

that’s not a proper confession, Baku


Whooo wee I haven’t done paper art in a WHILE. But! I got a new knife and paper so I made the lovely boi Kurapika