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Okay so RH era MSR: Scully puts on her old FBI jacket for Halloween and Mulder remembers her as a fledgling agent and feels so much tenderness for her in that moment and he just kinda... holds her for a while. Idk if this is fluff or angst or both Also, sorry if this sent twice. My network whacked out me for a minute

set 2010.

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The leaves all raked into those butterball piles; the twigs of a cinnamon broom expelling its pungent, harvest smells into the air. He waits for her on the porch, bag of candy in hand, fiddling with the springy antenna popping out of his headband. It’s been two years since he dipped his toe back into the pool of the living and unwanted. 

The house is too out of the way for trick or treaters – even the Jehovah’s Witnesses get winded. Thus began the new tradition of costuming up every Halloween and making the hour-long drive over to Maggie’s, armed with candy and a mob of Jack-O-Lanterns, all carved by Mulder. Scully has been doing it for years, since the very first autumn they bought the house and she was able to come out of hiding. She always worried about leaving Mulder alone. He told her to go. Giving out candy to all the kids put a color in her cheeks that he rarely got to see after all that time on the road, even though he worried too. 

He still worries. He flicks his antennae. Little tiny pumpkins. Flick. Baby cow costumes. Flick. A group of young Ghostbusters. Flick. Flick. Flick. 

He doesn’t do much of anything, these days. Even as a free man. It’s good to get out of the house. 

“Now that,” Scully startles him, stepping out of the house, shutting the door, and locking it behind her. Her bag of candy rustles with her movements. “Is a cliche if I ever saw it, Mulder.” 

He shakes his head vigorously, the alien feelers bouncing up and down and nearly wapping him in the face. “This is who I am, Scully.” He looks up to see who she is, this year. And nearly loses his breath. 

She faces him, smiling fondly, her eyes hidden behind his own tacky aviator sunglasses. They’re big on him, downright ridiculous on her. Her hair is pulled into her loose ponytail, her face devoid of makeup. She wears an indigo windbreaker, the one with the big yellow letters on the arms and back: FBI. 

Scully in this costume looks suave, daunting: like she could kick your ass and put her feet up on the body. But all he sees is Scully, circa 1992. Swallowed up in her suit jackets and kevlar, her size nearly getting her trampled in the bullpen. 

“C’mere, Scully,” he says, voice rough. She shoots him a look, but it’s meaningless with those stupid glasses. She comes to him anyway. He pulls her into his lap, buries his nose in her cinnamon scented neck, and musters up the courage to pretend like he wants to leave.

So thanks to that scene in Homecoming where Happy says to Dum-E “that thing’s worth more than you or me” it’s occurred to me that everyone in Tony’s life probably has to go through stages of realizing a) Tony treats his bots like people and b) they now have to treat his bots like people, followed by a period of awkward human-bot bonding. And someone like Pepper would probably think they were endearing from the start and someone like Happy would be like “seriously I have to call this robot by name and consider its feelings” before becoming secretly attached and Bruce would probably be on board but a little confused about why Tony can’t afford better robots, and all the while Rhodey would be looking on and laughing because he’s been around d since the beginning so he <i>knows</i>. So anyway that’s my wholesome 3AM iron fan headcanon, please continue to go about your business

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I've been looking for this fic for a while and nothing came up so there is a chance it was deleted because I read it ages ago, but its about stiles and derek already in a established relationship but the pack thinks stiles is bottom, but then derek gets turned human somehow and his healing takes longer so he starts limping because he is unashamed bottom!derek and then I think some pack feels?

Love Hurts by runningwithdinosaurs

Everyone seemed to think they knew exactly how things went down in Derek and Stiles’s relationship.

But here’s the problem: as a human, Derek didn’t heal instantaneously anymore.

As a human, Derek limped.

- S

Making Home - Taboo FX One Shot  (James x Lorna)


hello again i’ve been gone a long while lol but i’m back😉😉(if you still remember me)i have been in the shadows reading your fics which are amazing and i love then even more, this is kinda out of the blue but i’m in the need of some Lorna x James fluff just them lying in bed enjoying each others company as always your writing is amazing and i’m obsessed 😘😉 -k

Making Home

The early sun slanted through the newly hung curtains, filtering its way through the minefield of floating dust mites as James lay with arms folded behind his head, listening to her soft, easy breathing upon his chest.   Still not quite used to this.   All of this.  Her.   Here.   A cabin of their own.  Hell a bed they both fit in comfortably and that didn’t pitch and roll in the night.   Her body was soft and warm nestled against his side and that old numbness was a forgotten thing.   Feeling the morning heat rise beneath the sheets, he nuzzled the growth of his beard against her temple.  The soft hhhmmm barely heard in the stillness.   Lorna stirred slightly against him, her arm briefly squeezing him tight, before settling upon his lean torso once more.  

He smiled gently into the wisps of hair that curled about her brow, knowing how hard she had worked the past weeks to see them comfortably situated in their new home.   Linens to be washed.  Linens to be sewed.  Clothing unpacked, mended, washed and neatly placed in its proper storage place.  Establishing a proper kitchen in between loads of drying laundry that flapped in the gentle breeze.   They came with nothing to appoint a home, James mind being on other matters.  Thus all had to be either purchased or made by her own hands.   James eyes widening as the list she presented grew and grew and grew.   He had meant to live simply!    Yet when his eyes quickly scanned the items she requested, it was plainly evident it was but the bare essentials required.   She asked for nothing frivolous… no china would adorn the shelves of this Delaney homestead.   Instead he had watched her closely as she browsed through the carved wooden utensils and painted pottery available at the trading post; a delighted smile etching her face.   Any notion he held she would find the village too primitive erased as he watched her fingers traced the intricate artwork upon a cedar bentwood box.     Though their cabin had been outfitted with the convenience of an iron wood burning stove, James had returned home with the item that very evening.    As luck would have it, Robert also arriving home with fresh caught Pacific salmon.  

With a quiet chuckle he recalled stopping by the house from the trading post to surprise her for tea, and finding his home filled to bursting with various Native women sewing and mending furiously.  He had scanned the room quickly, searching for a red head among the dark haired and ignoring the clucking of the women as their eyes traveled the length of him.   And he’d thought London society difficult to navigate. He quickly retreated to the kitchen hoping to escape and find her there.   The normally tidy small area was nearly buried beneath more women and candle making supplies.   His eyes finally found her stirring a pot upon the stove.  There was always something simmering on the stove these days; whether tea or a hearty stew.  Hospitality a serious past time in the village.   Though this smelt suspiciously like beeswax.   Red curls wild about her sweat drenched face, her eyes immediately caught his entrance;  and the wild look upon his face.   James had barely mouthed the word “tea” when she was already crossing to a teapot wrapped in yet another handmade warmer that sat upon a tray, and breaking her way through the gaggle of chattering Native tongue, nodded for him to follow her to the back porch.  Setting the tray on a roughly fashioned wooden table that sat between two chairs, she poured him tea as he preferred, and they both settled down to enjoy the warm brew. Eyes passing over the stretch of fertile and lush scenery before them.   Their eyes met and both erupted into spontaneous laughter.

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If it isn't too much to ask, can I get some fluffy Basement Gee HCs for my b-day this weekend?

Not too much at all, happy almost birthday!!

1) Imagine sharing clothes with basement Gee, wearing his oversized hoodies to bed and his shirts with a smile. wearing his clothes is so comforting and safe and you never want to change, and Gee always smiles when he sees you in his clothes

2) Gerard can spend days never leaving his basement room, just staring at walls and drawing and forgetting how to function. You can understand that feeling all too well so you go and find him when its been too long, cuddling him and kissing his head and making him something to eat. You’re there for him just like he’s always there for you

3) Imagine staying up till the early hours with Gerard, playing games and drawing and talking, losing track of reality as the hours tick by and you go from exhausted to wide awake and unreal. Imagine holding hands while you talk about what keeps you away, what you think about when you can’t stop thinking, imagine knowing that you can tell Gerard everything and anything and he’ll keep it all safe, never hurt you. Imagine falling asleep wrapped up together while Mikey is getting up for the day. 

4) Imagine Gerard being the first person to text you happy birthday, a text exactly at midnight that fills your stomach with butterflies, imagine Gerard getting you exactly what you asked for, looking so proud of himself as you open it and your entire face lights up. Imagine him hugging you tight and telling you he loves you, Imagine Gerard helping you have the best day ever because you deserve the best birthday ever.

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Hi gorgeous :) I have a question, how was the antidote supposed to make Shin disappear without any evidence? I know, it was meant to kill him but its been bugging me for a while.. physically disappear or just die with no evidence???

Gorgeous lol :”D

Having in mind that it dissolves the cellular structure, I assume it was supposed to literally make him into nothing, leaving only clothes 

APTX is an abbreviation of “Apoptoxin,” and, as the name implies, it involves the activation of apoptosis: the mechanism by which cells kill themselves. APTX contains ingredients which have other functions as well. It contains a component which activates telomerase: an enzyme which lengthens the caps at the end of DNA whose length limits the number of times a cell can divide.


…actually, it’s nightcrawler, but my real name is kurt wagner.

that’s not a proper confession, Baku


For this to work Neil should both be a little shit and have exy balls with him at all times, so it seems pretty reasonable to me

Based on this

Also imagine Nicky shouting “Kinky!” in the bg for extra nonsense


i’m scared! hold my hand, please? i’m scared. i’m scared… i’m scared!