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Daily Love and Support #21

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@sagaciouscejai Fantastic artist who draws amazing art on a wonderful art blog, with a cool name

@metriccaboose : Awesome art,  cool and talented artist, amazing blog, and awesome name,10/10

@candychameleon Outstanding artwork and interesting characters created by a fantastic artist who runs an awesome blog as well (Sometimes nsfw)

@wildclaw62 : Superb,  and cute artwork made by a wonderfully cool artist with  a awesome blog (Occasionally nsfw) 

@y0rkie : Beautifully made art, amazingly talented artist, Outstanding blog, and awesome name

@over-400 : Magnificent artist who makes wonderful art on a amazing blog with a awesome name

@eeljaw : A Stupendous blog filled with amazing and sometimes cute art all made by a supercool artist, 

@ottercola: Marvelous artwork, outstanding blog, fantastic and cool artist, top-notch name, 10/10 (Art Blog: http://peppercandie.tumblr.com/)

@thebuttkingpost : Wonderful artwork created by a supercool artist on a awesome blog with a cool name too

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You know what’s totally awesome about Rogue One, for us chinese audience?

The fact there are actual backstories written and character development for Chirrut and Baze. That Chirrut is not just the “kung-fu” guy, he actually has his own story, his own belief which he carried till the end. That Baze is not just sidekick or just some gun show. They are all genuinely part of Rogue One. That they are actually THERE to be so involved with the plot, and not just there to “appeal to the chinese market” or just a smokescreen to say “hey we support diversity too” by having them a few minutes of screentime *side-eyes at other mainstream hollywood films* Do you know what my mum said to me when we first walked out of the cinema? “I didn’t believe yen ji-dan got so many dialogues! And he got to show his martial art skills while doing that!”

What’s even more awesome? The film didn’t try to alienate anyone. They do not have the chinese characters dressing up as some hyper-chinese-stereotypical characters, speaking in a foreign chinese-ish language. They have them speaking English in their own accent instead of having a coach “improving” their English. Donnie and Jiang Wen both still have their own Hong Kong and Chinese accents, do you know how amazing that is? It’s not so obvious, but for me, from Hong Kong, a place where American/British accents will get you a better grade and a better job? this is just amazing to watch, and so inspiring.

The Surprisingly Long Saga of Getting Online Profiles to Correct Jack Barakat’s Birthplace That I Technically Lead

It started off with this bullshit

Aside from being utterly incorrect, these erase the fact his family escaped a war and I was naturally, annoyed

It’s important to know he never hid it and is very out spoken about it when the situation calls for it

And due to my annoyance I made me do this

And a lot of people didn’t actually know he was born there as you can see

You know, just to show a few

So, after a quick message to google and famous birthdays, hey they actually fixed it! About three days later but it was fixed none the less

So that was cool and awesome.

However, famous birthdays… didn’t. They didn’t change it even though I messaged them too. 

So, it still had that glaring annoying ‘Maryland’ instead of, well, the truth. 

An important thing to note that without the fact, people will assume and even insist he was born in Maryland like so

Which, just so we know, is really shitty and literally erasure 

It was especially annoying when Jack has said multiple times that he was not only born in Lebanon but that his family escaped a war, making him and his family asylum seekers


One night, I found out Famous Birthdays said on bryanstars profile that he was born in Japan and i personally got really mad a pasty white guy had the correct birthplace but Jack, a Lebanese man born in Lebanon, didn’t

So in my late night frustration I sent them this

Now, just know this took four months and countless messages from myself and people who follow me

And then, I eventually check and 

And basically

And that is the four month long saga of how I got google and famous birthdays to fix Jack’s birthplace 




Honestly you wrote down in the comments actually just really respecting my point and just saying yours. I am not a bitch and I know their are other ships in the show riverdale. Just I feel that this new community that this show is making is going to be awesome! 

Now with that out of the way here’s so gifs of jughead and betty talking which was the first time in the series ( which I was screaming when this was happening!!!)

God they’re cute


HEY GUYS! Its been a while but omfg I got awesome news! DreamWorks is having a petition to make Percy Jackson into a TV show!! And they’re gonna use Virias art!! But the one problem is, is that they need around 770 more petitions signed. So guys common this neeeeds to happen! http://www.change.org/p/dreamworks-disney-to-make-a-percy-jackson-and-the-olympians-heroes-of-olympus-cartoon-tv-series-tvpercy

*please don’t delete the text or self promote it will automatically disqualify you and plus it’s just not cool*

Hey Lovelies!  Hayl, Gina, Dea, and I have collabbed to make the coolest quad christmas awards you will ever reblog (name a more iconic quad than us I’ll wait hahahah)!  We would love it if you could participate in this because It’s super cool and we want to show your awesome blog to Tumblr.  Here are the rules and such:



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the fact that gay and lesbian couples are so casually shown in cartoons and kids’ videogames now just blows my fuckin mind in the best possible way.

Like some of you are pretty young, you probably grew up with awesome shows like Adventure Time, Gumball, and Steven Universe. You may not understand what a HUUUGE NO-NO that was as little as 10-15 years ago. If you made a cartoon and you wanted gay characters in it, you could only get away with it by making them a big offensive joke with no real characterization.

The only cartoon I remember from my childhood that had actual positive gay representation was Hey Arnold. Mr. Simmons, Arnold’s teacher, was a gay man who desperately wanted his family to accept his partner. This was highlighted in a Thanksgiving episode. I caught on to the fact that he was gay because I had gay relatives, but a lot of kids didn’t catch it because back then, having a gay character was considered really “obscene” or “inappropriate” and the writers had to be reeeaally subtle about it by calling the partner Simmons’ “special friend” or something like that. Even that was considered pretty controversial at the time.

Rugrats also tried to be as liberal as the executives would allow. The show encouraged feminist ideals and even had a couple episodes dedicated to the concept that it was okay for boys to wear dresses and girls to wear pants. Hell, I think there was even an episode that said it was okay to be naked and you don’t have to be ashamed of your body no matter what you look like. Stuff like that was really progressive at the time.

Like I come from a time where it was normal for people to keep their kids from watching Sesame Street–the most inoffensive show on earth–because Ernie and Bert “seemed” too gay and it was “corrupting the youth” or some bullshit. Now we have lesbian space ladies and princesses, agendered goldfish, and shit don’t even get me started on all the characters in Undertale–which is now considered the top game of 2015. And all of this is just presented to kids so casually now and I’m so happy.


Anonymous asked: Hi! You’re awesome and I have a request. Ok ok so imagine if after he’d been missing for a few years and you’d joined the BAU Gideon came back and shows up at Spencer’s door but you answer and he’s all shocked that spencer has a girlfriend and such

A/N: I don’t know, I just saw this and had a burst of inspiration so yeah. It’s short but hey, I wrote something so cool. Also I changed it so they’re married just because I felt like it.

I heard the doorbell ring and sighed as I got up from my cozy corner of the couch. I looked sadly at my warm mug of coffee as I set it down on the table. I had just settled down to read, something I rarely had time to do anymore. I had joined the BAU just after Spencer and I got married, with my skills as a linguist and psychologist both coming in handy on the team that my then-boyfriend had long since devoted his life to. I hadn’t gotten nearly enough time with him before. Some girls would have asked him to quit when things got serious, maybe settle into a teaching job or something. Not me. I knew he had a major passion for it, and I thought it would be better to join in on the passion than to ask him to give it up. And that’s exactly what I did.

We’d just been on a long case and had a day off. Spencer was still asleep in the upstairs master bedroom of our little townhouse, and I was resigned to dealing with the unknown guest on the other side of the door, sliding a bookmark into my novel. I peered through the peekhole.

The man on the other side looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t place him. I opened the door and was immediately struck by his demeanor. A quiet confidence surrounded him, and he was obviously nonthreatening. I have a knack for being able to tell if someone was going to be troubling to me within the first few seconds, without a word exchanged. It serves me well.

“Hi,” I said. He looked up at me with kind eyes that showed serious hurt. I could see a lifetime in those dark eyes, and I wondered what stories this man had to tell.

“Hello,” he replied, holding out his hand. “I’m Jason Gideon.”

“Jason Gideon?” I repeated as I shook his hand. I rolled the name around in my head and my mouth, knowing it felt familiar on my tongue but not sure why. Like I had heard it long ago.
He nodded.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said. “I was looking for Dr. Spencer Reid.”

I smiled.

“Well, you’ve come to the right place,” I told him. “I’m (Y/N) Reid.”

He looked confused.

“Are you related to Spencer?” Jason Gideon asked me. I smiled and held my left hand up to him.

“He’s my husband,” I replied. “I’m sorry, would you like to come in? I can get Spencer for you.”

He stood there, staring at me as if seeing me for the first time.

“Husband?” he repeated. His voice softened as he asked, “Spencer got married?”

“Yes, sir. Two years ago,” I told him. I knew there was a story here, likely a long one. “Please come in.”

He seemed to snap out of it, and followed me inside.

“Can I get you anything?” I asked, turning around to smile at him. “Coffee, tea, water?”

He shook his head.

“No, I’m fine, thank you,” he said, and I watched him take in everything around him with a sweeping look. He seemed to soak it all in.

“I apologize,” he began, “for interrupting your morning. It looks like a peaceful one.”

I laughed.

“It’s quite alright,” I said. “I have gotten used to being interrupted on peaceful mornings. Working at the BAU does that to a person.”

“You work with Spencer?” he asked. Something about what I had just said seemed to pique his interest, more than just because I worked with my husband.

“Mmhmm,” I said. “It’s a great bunch of people,” I told him, gesturing for him to sit.

“I’m sorry, but how do you know Spencer?” I asked. Jason Gideon smiled softly at me.

“I don’t, anymore,” he said, a little sadly. “I am a former member of the team at the BAU.”

Suddenly, it hit me.

“Oh!” I exclaimed. “Jason Gideon, right. I knew I had heard your name. I think it was Emily who mentioned you, a while back.”

“Prentiss?” he said. “Is she still doing this job?”

I nodded.

“Oh, you probably want to see Spence,” I said.

“Spence?” he repeated. “JJ called him that, too.”

“She still does,” I told him.

“How is she?” he asked.

“Thriving. Mom to two little boys,” I replied as I stood to head upstairs. Gideon shook his head.

“I always knew she would be a good Mom,” he said.

“She is,” I replied.

“Hold on, let me grab Spencer,” I began.

“I-I don’t know how he’ll react, so maybe you, uh, shouldn’t tell him who’s here,” Gideon said. I studied him for a moment, and then nodded.

I woke Spencer, telling him only that he had a visitor.

As we headed downstairs, I almost ran into him as he stopped suddenly on the stairs, locking eyes with Gideon, who was now standing, facing us

“Spencer,” Gideon said.

“Gideon?” my husband whispered. There was a moment of silence. The next thing I knew, Spencer was in a hurry, and then he had embraced the man standing there in our living room. I could feel the emotion in the room, tangible and real.

“Look at you,” Gideon said, taking in everything about my Spencer as if he were a proud father. “You’ve grown up so much.”

“I actually haven’t really, I was an adult when we met so I haven’t really grown,” Spencer rambled.

The smile that my husband’s quirks brought to Gideon’s face made his eyes crinkle. I felt warm inside at the pleasant reaction, as opposed to the freaked-out one Spencer usually receives from his rambling.

“You got married, kid.”

“Oh, I did,” Spencer said proudly, turning to smile at me. “(Y/N), this is Gideon,” Spencer said unnecessarily. I came to stand next to him, my hand on his back.

“I know,” I said. “We talked a little bit.”

“She’s a good one, Reid,” Gideon said, nodding his head at me.

“I know,” Spencer replied, glancing down at me.

As the two of them settled into conversation, I watched with warmth in my heart, seeing and feeling how happy Spencer was to have Gideon in our home.

anonymous asked:

hey straggle random question but what tv show/movie is that ship from that you last reblogged?

That ship (Turnadette) is from Call the Midwife, a must see if there was ever one (it’s on Netflix, if you have it). He is an older, dedicated widowed doctor with a young son. She’s an experience albeit young nurse/midwife/NUN. It’s “widowed silver fox falls for quiet, compassionate young Scottish nun and it’s AWESOME. I mean, you get stuff like this:

And later this:

And this:

And a bona fide, I-fuck-you-not scene where Shelagh dresses as a nurse for the first time (she used to practice medicine in her habit) and Patrick has an honest-to-God “I just discovered a new kink I didn’t know I had” moment when he sees her. 

Also the narrative makes it clear that Shelagh was unhappy with nunhood way before she acknowledged her feelings for the good doctor and Timothy, the doctor’s son, is heavily involved in the whole “let us all become a family” process. Shelagh genuinely loves him and feels like his mother and he in return also loves her and encourages their whole courtship, the marriage and beyond. Timothy is the best.

So, in short, watch it.


the best way to write dream sequences is to do it while listening to dearly beloved. this is fact

Oh wow, I’m so excited to share this. This is a portrait for a new show called Vampire City. Think Victorian Buffy. This is Anna, the protagonist, kick-ass vampire hunter. And she is ME!! I can’t wait to share more about this show concept down the road and explain why this awesome sketch exists, but for now, I wanted to share this incredible art with you. I highly recommend following the artist on instagram at joechicoart, his work is not to be missed!

Hey, fam!

So recently a few friends and I came up with the idea of developing an online Catholic ministry/community. We came up with this while using rabb.it to watch superhero shows together. The purpose of this ministry/community would be to help us better know, love, and serve God. Many of us do not have Catholic communities and/or campus ministries for whatever reason, so this would be a great way to connect with other Catholics and make some awesome friends!

Because there’s been so much feedback about the online Catholic ministry/community, I wanted to get an idea of who is interested and what people are interested in, so I put together this form for people to fill out!

Your feedback is so critical to the development of this ministry/community - thank you so much! :)

In Christ,
Brandon (@captainvatican)


This might be the first time we’ve seen Garnet freak the fuck out. I would like it if this weren’t so horrible.




I now understand why they gave this episode to Raven and Paul.

Hey, I posted the pic one last time of my Nani cosplay. If you want to show support or @ instagram why they keep removing it under the post, that’d be awesome, if not carry on your day! I just think it’s weird but crazier things have happend! > ig: kieraplease

Hey Daryl x Jesus shippers, I just wanted to say that no matter what happens in the show or what ship does or doesn’t go canon, you should keep being creative. Keep writing and drawing our boys in love, I know I’m not going anywhere and I’m guessing a lot of other people won’t abandon ship either. There are so many talented shippers, I don’t want that to end or get stifled down by canon. Just keep being the awesome talented group of people I know you are❤.

actual conversation i had with an underclassman
  • Me: You draw? That’s awesome, can i see your Sketchbook? I’ll show you mine if you want.
  • Her: Yeah sure!
  • Her: *hesitates*
  • Her: Hey so... mmm are you, umconfortable with...mmm you know, Yaoi?
  • Me: Nah!
  • Her: Uff... ok, because i have soo many drawings in this one about Cain and A...
  • Me: Abel?
  • Her: ...
  • Her: ... Yeah!
  • Me: Starfighter?
  • Her: Starfighter.
  • Me: Where have you been all this time