but hey not bad for first try in the program

astronautachance  asked:

hey! I have a question about your art? what are the steps you take when drawing? also what program do you use, how long does it usually take for you to get to your last step and how do you go about the outlining and shading? sorry its so much lol im just trying to find good artists for advice as im extremely novice

i’m bad at this and also at explaining things? also i had to make up the first two steps bc I deleted the sketch layers from the finished file, whoops.

I use Paint Tool SAI. For something simple like this, I think I did all three doodles from that post in about two hours

For how long it takes, it varies depending on complexity, but I will usually spend half the time getting to the finished lineart stage, and the other half painting. For doodles like this I want to be able to start and finish in a sitting, but bigger pieces with more than a handful of colours need several days to finish. In those cases I try to finish each step in a sitting: rough sketch, less rough sketch, lineart, flats, shading, details/fix up

hope this was somewhat useful?!