but hey its snowing here

The Lost Puppy

Reader x Liam

Happy Holidays @daddyobrienx you’re totally awesome :D

You sighed as the heating finally clicked on and you started to feel the ache in your bones ease. You decided to head to the kitchen to make a hot drink when you spotted something odd outside. A little shivering dog was stood up to its shoulders in the snow.

“hey… come here little one!” You cooed softly and it flopped through the thick blanket of icy powder and tumbled into your arms.

On closer inspection, it looked like a husky puppy, perhaps even a wolf cub, but you didn’t pay it much though once tiny icy paws and a freezing nose were pressed against you.

“Come on, let’s get you inside and warm you up, maybe if it stops snowing we can figure out where you live?” You mumbled to yourself and pushed the back door shut.

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