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Lucien/Jean + a Ballarat snow day


“Jean, love! Jean!” 

Lucien’s excited voice and gentle shakes stirred her from her dreams and she peered up at him sleepily from beneath a mountain of thick, heavy blankets, her hair tousled every which way from sleep. 

“Lucien, wha–”

“Snow! It’s snowing! C’mon, get up, get up!”

Lucien bounced for a moment on his knees in sheer excitement, his face lit up like a young schoolboy, eyes sparkling and even bluer than normal. The light shone behind him and the crisp, cold air all worked together to give him the appearance of a rather jubilant winter angel. 

Jean couldn’t find it in herself to be grumpy at being woken up so early and she allowed Lucien to drag her out of bed, shoving her boots and coat at her. She laughed at his antics as he practically pushed her out the door, ignoring her protests that she needed to dress properly. 

“Nonsense,” he said in mock sternness before opening the back door with a flourish. “Besides,” he continued, wrapping his arms around Jean from behind and burying his nose in her neck, muffling the rest of his sentence. “I’ll keep you plenty warm.”

The yard was covered in a thin dusting of snow, the tiny crystalline flakes melting and sticking in equal proportion. The sun’s rays filtered in between the trees and bushes, bouncing off the snowflakes and creating a special magic in the air. 

He lifted his head and rested his chin on his shoulder, simply taking in the view before them both before turning and watching Jean’s expression.

Her face was lit up, her mouth parting slightly and her eyes widening. She rested her hands on his arms around her waist, leaning back into him, still smiling. “I haven’t seen snow since I was a little girl. Oh, Lucien,” she sighed. “It’s just as magical as I remember.”

Lucien tightened his hold on her, watching as the tiny flakes clung to her nose and cheeks and eyelashes. She was a vision–a snow fairy sent to him to keep him safe and sound. 

He turned her slightly in his arms, tilting her head up so he could kiss the crisp, icy water from her lips. The snow that was clinging to her bottom lip melted instantaneously against the hot heat of his tongue and they both gasped at the contrasting sensations of hot and cold.

Jean shivered in his arms as his mouth set to work kissing each flurry from her skin. When he had kissed the last flake from her skin, he nuzzled at her hair, still grinning. 

Jean buried herself deeper within her coat and clung to Lucien’s warmth, not quite wanting to go inside yet. “If this keeps up,” she mused, “We might be able to get a snowman made. Or,” she added, excitedly. “Or a snow angel!”

Lucien dropped a kiss to her shoulder, humming in agreement. “I think I already have my very own snow angel right here.” And with that, he kissed her soundly, amongst the falling snowflakes, their love adding to the magic in the air.

The Lost Puppy

Reader x Liam

Happy Holidays @daddyobrienx you’re totally awesome :D

You sighed as the heating finally clicked on and you started to feel the ache in your bones ease. You decided to head to the kitchen to make a hot drink when you spotted something odd outside. A little shivering dog was stood up to its shoulders in the snow.

“hey… come here little one!” You cooed softly and it flopped through the thick blanket of icy powder and tumbled into your arms.

On closer inspection, it looked like a husky puppy, perhaps even a wolf cub, but you didn’t pay it much though once tiny icy paws and a freezing nose were pressed against you.

“Come on, let’s get you inside and warm you up, maybe if it stops snowing we can figure out where you live?” You mumbled to yourself and pushed the back door shut.

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