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the whole world is sleeping, but my world is you

Pairings: Niall/Harry

Rated: general

Word count: 6365 of chapter 1/?

Summary: “Say if I were to leave for forever, would it be okay?”
Niall reaches for Harry’s hand, intertwining their fingers as if the gaps between their fingers were made to be filled by each other, “Only if it makes you happy. ‘Sides, I’d probably follow you to ends of time. Can’t afford losing me best mate.” A slight blush decorates Niall’s cheeks and the dim lighting of the room makes the boy look – ethereal, Harry thinks. Harry is completely endeared by the sight before him.
Or; Harry lives his dreams and Niall helps him save them.

here kelvin caddying this is for you.

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Something Embarrassing Happens: Harry

ooc: hey kidz its me again. i think ill continue w this when im feelin it but in the meantime heres harold

Harry: You were out with a few friends when your attention was suddenly caught by the ringing of your phone. Pulling it out, you raised an eyebrow and brought the device to your ear.

“Don’t laugh.” Your boyfriend began, and you immediately knew that you were in for a wild ride. “I need you to take me to the hospital.”

“Holy shit, what?!” You gasped, eyes widening as you placed your hand over your heart. “What happened!?”

“I’ll explain when you get home, just please, (Y/N). Hurry.”

“I’ll be right there. I love you.” You responded, ending the call before bidding your friends goodbye and hurrying home. You practically leapt out of the car, bursting through the door to your house as you sprinted from room to room, trying to locate your boyfriend in need.

“WAIT, (Y/N), DON’T-“ But alas, his warning was too late, because you found yourself slipping on something and falling right on top of him, landing with a thud.

“Harry,” you started, trying to keep your voice even. “What the everloving FUCK were you doing?” You don’t even bother getting off of him, frozen in shock. He blushed furiously, tangling his fingers in his curls as he shamefully looked down on the floor.

“I thought it would be cool if I.. like.. put gel in my hair. You know, in a little quiff? I just thought that seemed like fun but then the gel kind of.. went on the floor. So then, being the great boyfriend I am, I went to clean it up, forgot where it was and, well..” he let out a little chuckle, cheeks going red. “I, erm, fell. I think I sprained my ankle.” You paused for a moment, staring at him incredulously before letting out a cackle, bringing your hand to your head as you were overtaken by spasms of laughter.

“J-JESUS CHRIST.” You cried out, wiping a tear from your eye. “You’re such an IDIOT!”

“(Y/NNNNNN)” He whined. “You said you wouldn’t laugh!”

“Yeah, well that was before I fell victim to your little incident as well.” You panted, attempting to regain composure. Carefully lifting yourself off of him, you offered the silly boy your arm and hoisted him up so that his weight was on you, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. He winced, letting out a little whimper and you pecked his cheek reassuringly. For the entire duration of the hospital visit, you had to excuse yourselves from the room a few times so that you could laugh in peace. God, you loved this fucking dork.