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Do you have any advice for someone whose really tight on money? I have a part time job but it's not enough and I have bills. It's becoming a lot to handle.

Hey darling 💕 I sympathize with your current situation; you’re definitely not alone. Money stresses are unfortunately not uncommon, and heavily impacts both our mental and physical health. It’s important to concentrate on self care and positivity through this time.

  • Avoid negative thinking. I know I always say this but it’s crucial. When times are tough, it’s easy to get carried away with the negative voice inside our head. Instead of focusing on the bad or putting ourselves down, try to concentrate on the positive. For example; be extra proud of all the hard work you put into your job.
  • Set a budget, or go over it if you already have one. Having an organized spending plan will give you much more control. The three biggest money stressors are: spending more than you make, living paycheck to paycheck, and / or owing money. Face the issue head on and start building your plan.
  • Reach out to a trusted family member or close friend that you can vent to and share your honest feelings. Being able to talk openly about your troubles will help reduce stress, and they may be able to give you some helpful tips.
  • Know that seeking medical help is another good option. Having that support from a professional can help tremendously. I don’t mean to cause stress, but I think it’s important to be aware of the possibilities and the reality of being affected by stress. Anxiety disorders and depression are the most common mental illnesses caused by financial troubles. Insomnia, eating disorders, and many more serious physical illnesses are also common. It’s important to reach out when things become overwhelming.
  • Start an emergency fund. Keep a jar or an envelope in a safe place and start putting away small amounts when you can. Every penny counts, and having that extra bit saved allows you to be proud of yourself, have an extra option when money gets tight, or even when you want to reward yourself for all of your hard work.

Heres a few tips to save money where you are now:

  • Shop smart. Use any coupons you can for groceries and sign up for email newsletters because they usually contain sales and secret deals. Free reward programs are another amazing way to earn and save grocery money!
  • Save on your energy bill. Get used to turning off lights, unplugging appliances, turning off the tv when you’re not using it, etc. Being more conscious of your water usage is another good one.
  • Plan your meals ahead of time and try to cook at home when you can. Don’t be afraid to do some research for inexpensive but tasty meals.

There are also quite a few ways to make some extra crash but they will cost you time. These are just some ideas that might be useful.

  • Walk your friend’s or neighbour’s dog(s). This is a really fun, quick and underrated way to make money and spend time with a good buddy.
  • Use advertisements on your website with Google Adsense.
  • Consider opening up a free store online or selling to friends and the community. If you have any good quality outgrown, gently used or unused clothing that you rarely wear or don’t want; consider selling them. Old jewelry, furniture, books, and other things just taking up space are good to sell, too.
  • Use your artistic hobbies or take up a new hobby that can pay such as: photography, knitting, baking, cooking, drawing, painting, sewing, woodcraft, writing, digital artistry, calligraphy, jewelry making, papercraft, etc. Freelancing in makeup artistry, hairstyling, nail artistry are other great ways to make money. Even though they are highly competitive jobs, there is a large and constant demand.

Recommended Websites:

Etsy - Sell everything from clothing, accessories, interior design, etc.
Storenvy - Sell everything from clothing, accessories, interior design, etc.

TeePublic - Upload your artwork and sell it on clothing.
RedBubble - Upload your artwork and sell it on clothing and more.
Society6 - Upload your artwork and sell it on clothing and more.

PoshMark - Sell your clothes.
ThredUP - Sell your clothes.

SkyWord - Get paid to write.
SliceThePie - Get paid to review music.

ShutterStock - Sell your photography and stock photos.
iStockPhoto - Sell your photography and stock photos.

Amazon Trade-In - Sell your old or unused electronics.
BestBuy Trade-In - Sell your old or unused electronics.
Gazelle Trade-In - Sell your old or unused electronics.
ItsWorthMore - Sell your old or unused electronics.

StudyPool - Get paid to tutor online.
Chegg - Get paid to tutor online.

InstaGC - Get paid to answer surveys.
Ipsos ISay - Get paid to answer surveys.
OpinionOutpost - Get paid to answer surveys.
Toluna - Get paid to answer surveys.

Recommended Apps:

iPoll (IOS)
Qriket (IOS) enter 57F794 for 25 extra spins
AppNana (Android)
OpinionRewards (Android)
GrabPoints (Android)
PerkTV (Android)
SlideJoy (Android)
S’more (Android)
Swagbucks (Android)
QuickThoughts (Android)

I really hope at least one of these tips can help you out. Remember that your present situation is not your final destination. This will pass. You will get through this. Good luck and stay strong angel. 🌻💕


Holy shit

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hey its me again asking for money help orz

basically i have 2 bills coming up (phone bill and car insurance) and im down to $15 and i need the $15 for gas (which isnt a lot, but traveling to work I’m gonna need more to fill up my tank for the next 2-3 weeks.)

And I start my month training to be a tech support for a call center job this coming monday (and i assume im getting paid while training) and i wont be getting paid until 2-3 weeks from now. and my bills come before that paycheck.

My first bill, which is my phone bill, is $48 (due 8/9). And I need this so i can keep in contact with employers and family, plus i have to use google maps/waze so i can get around

My second bill, which is my car insurance, is $62 (8/14), which is obviously need since if i get into an accident or pulled over, i have my insurance. Plus I have to change it someone soon so the price will go high since i live in a different area, but i’ll be waiting to do that after i get my paycheck

Then finally gas money, which I need about $50-$60, since gas so far been close to $3 around where i live now and i only need to fill up once to twice a week

So in total I need $170 to make both bill payments and have gas money

my paypal is stefaniekurth@live.com, and i have commission page if you like to commission me and get some rad art in the process. if ya can’t signal boosting and reblogging is also good

I’m also planning that when  i get paid and such, who ever donates to me will get their money back (unless commissioned because that’s a seperate thing)

Part 11 - Cumming Twice

My Friday night was kind of bored. Boyfriend’s away and I was yearning for some hugs and kisses. Ended up driving around town with loud music on. 

Saturday early afternoon lying on bed in the state of enjoying doing nothing. A guy texted me from Tumblr. Exchanging each other’s nudes and eventually I told him to come over my place since its empty.

Me : Hey, my place is empty till 6pm today :)

Bill : Haha damn. You wanna exchange facepic and numbers ? I can come over later.

Off I go. Took a shower. Shaving my ass, make sure is smooth, clean and smell good. I was in my tight dark blue boxer, that’s the only thing I was wearing. Watching some Japanese gay porn on tumblr while waiting for him to arrive.

As he arrives. I opened the door. He was 6 foot tall (182cm+) , dark short hair, broad shoulder, with a cute smile on his face saying :

Me : Hey, Ivan here. (shook his hand)

Bill : Bill (Smiling)

Bill : its been a long drive.

Me : you need something to drink ?

Bill : Yeah water would do.

went over to the kitchen pour a glass of cold water and handed to him.

Me : I’ll wait you upstairs :)

As I was lying on my bed hugging my pillow, looking at him taking off his watch and earrings placing in on the table as he move towards me unhurriedly. With his charming face looking at mine, we kissed. In a slow pace making out, softly kissing each other with tongue in between. Running fingers through his hair. With his playing with my nipples as I let out a soft moan. The next thing I knew my nipple was embraced with his soft lips and tongue making me moan even more. 

Eagerly removing his pants while he was unbuttoning his floral shirt. All that left was his blue undies. We switched position as he lay on the pillows on my bed I got on top of him kissing him from his lips to his chest. Eagerly sucking his left nipples while my right hand is playing with the right one as he left out a soft moan too. He has a broad shoulder so does his chest. 

Me : I love your chest.  (licking his nipples, groping it)

with my ass sitting on his hard dick. I gently move around teasing each other while he came towards my nipples sucking it again with my hands wrapping around hugging him. I pushed him back. Crawl all the way down removing his undies revealing his 5.5 Inch cock. Eagerly sucking it, manage to put the it whole in my mouth, giving him maximum pleasure from my blowjob. Licking it up and down. Swirling my tongue around his dickhead as I lean up to give him a kiss and dive into his chest again, sucking his nipples as he moans for more.

He gently pushes me down on the other side of the pillow licking my nipples again , I took his hands leading him to my hole as I softly whisper to him : 

Me : Finger me please. (begging tone)

As he took the lube and squeeze a little on his finger, gently touching the surface of my hole slowly inserting it as I let out a soft moan. He was lustfully playing with my hole and nipples in the same time as he say :

Bill : want me to fuck you now ? 

I nod my head as he stood up and got the condom. With his hard dick hanging mid air. I couldn’t resist but continue sucking it while he opens up the condom and wear it. I turn around on my knees with my ass facing him (on bed). He was standing slowly adjust the position : 

Bill : lower (pressing my ass down)

As I felt his hard dick entering me I let out a moan : 

Me : Ah yes fuck yeah.

Fucking me from behind with his hands grabbing my waist pushing him nearer and nearer every time I was in ecstasy. My precum was leaking all over my bed as he fucks me. He got on the bed. Continue fucking me in doggy style as he wants to switch position he said : 

Bill : Lay down boy.

I laid down completely with my head rest on the pillow he insert his hard dick in me once more now with his body on me I felt even more turn on. With his hands wrap around my shoulder and his head place next to me as he fucks me. I feel his bushy hair touches my ass every time he pound his dick in me. 

Bill : wanna ride me ? 

Squatted down on his dick slowly allowing it to enter my hole riding him in pleasure with my hands placing on his chest so that I could give strength to my hips to ride him. 

Bill : I can cum now if you want me to.

Me : yeah cum for me.

Bill : lay down.

As my legs were in midair with him fucking me even harder this time as I moan so loud and he did too, cumming inside the condom. 

Me : sorry I wasn’t hard.

Bill : Nah its fine. Mind if I rest here for awhile ? its too early to meet my friend now.

Me : yeah sure.

As we clean ourself up and rest on my bed naked, not really talking but I was hugging him while he rest. He’s tall and with broad shoulders and chest, very comfortable to hug. With my hands place on his chest. He took my index finger towards his nipples. I knew he wanted more and my hands were flicking his left nipple while I suck the right one. He likes it as he moans.

I removed the blanket to show his dick. It was all up again. I gently stroke it while my own dick was hard too. With my right hand stroking his and my left hand stroking mine I cummed all over myself moaning :

Me : Cumming cumming. Fuck fucking hell.

He shook off my hands and he jerk himself off in a high pace he cummed again as well. Cumming twice in a session, never felt this good for a long time. 

As I was just lying on bed watching him buttoning up his maroon floral shirt. He’s actually very handsome. Tall with decent body. god. he’s hot. :)

till next time. xoxo

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Recommended song: Kiss the rain

The universe didn’t always exist as one entity. There were hundreds of them out there, some were peaceful and beautiful, some were wild. They were all different from each other. Some differences were just small details, the slightly difference in coordination, but some differences were bigger, it altered the entire universe, making it unique.

No matter how different one universe was from the other, there would always exist portals, disguising as normal every day things, tucked away in a far corner, forgotten. They were the windows that connected this universe from the next one. It was rumored that if one looked into these windows, they could see their other self, could communicate with them. There would always be a glass wall that separated one universe from the other to prevent both from collapsing. But perhaps, these portals brought two universes just a bit closer together.

There were also special people out there, people who could look beyond the ordinary look of a portal to see what it really was. To be able to realize the significance of a portal, to communicate with beings of other universes. They were the chosen ones.

Dipper Pines… was one of them.

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i just applied to college and ive never been more stressed and anxious


Aaand more guest ocs! This time pretty much just in the background but fdjslfjl but anyway:
The first two are oc’s from Radiofalls and coffee-ootoro! (The left one is Decibel and the right one is Brye) and rolling by in a wheel chair is Jack, Artsy’s Oc!