but hey it's a sale post so


Bikini Set sold at Shorewonders.bigcartel.com for 43$ 

It is one of our newest Shorewonders Designs.  If your looking to just get one separately it will be 30$.It will go back to its price of 80$ on Sale until 12/01/17 since 12/07 is when I will be shipping the bikinis out.

Sharing this post will help me tremendously, since I am only a college student and a small company that cant afford actual advertising. So hey i hope you are the type to encourage people to start a business rather than have everything corporate owned. :-) 

ok the poses people are making for pets are so fkin cute n also i got s&s a pet so those posts are supposed to start coming out on saturday :~D neatneatneat

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Hey everyone, Sales-Bro here. I used to post a lot back in 15 and early 16. I left my job, went back to college, and now I'm working at GKDimes as a Sales Associate in the new Appliance area. Honestly, it's so much better than French Fry Electronics I'm having a blast there, but now I've got an asston of new problems that I can, frankly, deal with myself now.


Hey guys! The folks over at Redbuble were cool enough to give me another promo code for everyone on tumblr, and this time its for 20% off everything in my shop!!! It’s flash sale so it only lasts until 11:59pm tonight~!! But I’ll still have all the special items up for sale after. I know last time I asked around people really wanted more Zelda Stickers and Chibis up so I’ve added more that I hope you’ll like! I figured i’d make a fancier reminder since I only gave a little text post this morning about it!

Just use the code: perfect20-Lightsintheskye at check out to get your discount! Remember It ends at 11:59 pm (11/15/16!!! They extended it for an extra day!) so don’t wait! As always thank you guys so much for your support! And spread this around if you’d like<33 Love you guys!

Click Here to Go to My Main Shop!

Hey Guys I Need Money

My checking account just fell below zero and my anxiety is through the roof?? I really need to keep that fucker positive, so I’m gonna be selling cheap adoptables. $5 a pop, no questions asked, better reference upon request, but I’ll post them below here. Each one for sale, except Nuummite. She’s my baby.

An Update

Hey. People may have realized I haven’t been around much/very talkative - and for that, I apologize. The best I can really say is that real life for me right now is hectic. I work in Cellular sales, so its a big season for me at work right now (and we’re horribly understaffed) - on top of dealing with personal matters such as the passing of one of my pets, the stress of trying to sell my RL house (real housing is the only housing more frustrating than XIV housing), and managing my own mental health.

If you feel I’ve been dodging you, you’ve been snubbed, that I’ve been distant, or just have noticed a conspicuous absence, this’ll be why - so sorry about that! I’ll still be around when I can be, but I can’t make many promises right now!

Thanks for your patience and enjoy your day! ♡


My amazing, knitting, friend made Storm, in order to draft and test  out the female knitting pattern she made, for sale. But, then, she got distracted by other projects and didn’t feel inspired to make Storm’s clothes, so she sent her to me. However…I don’t knit. I crochet! I guess there is some sort of crochet-knit rivalry, though, I am pretty well oblivious to it, and don’t care one bit. BUT, I do think its cool that she’s a knitted doll, with crochet clothes that I made for her. :) 

Want to knit your own? http://knitpool.tumblr.com/post/151485972067/hey-followers-i-got-hold-of-wades-secret

hey dudes its gonna be pretty quiet around here for a bit, my laptop is on its last legs and can no longer connect to the internet, so i’m gonna have to buy a new one….

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hey cana! i just saw your boots post, is there any way theres a shoe carnival near you? prices for shoes are usually way better/on better sale, or i know it SOUNDS BAD AND RISKY but seriously buying shoes from thrift stores is a great option, its the only method i go for usually, and places like vincent de paul, or grace centers, or even sal army, are all church based so they have nice donations that arent always used first, and you can find decent shoes to at least bide your time with for <10$!

Hello ;u; I dont think there is one near me but I do live by a sal army. The problem is buying used shoes because of those risks. A kind person had offered me a nice pair of boots, but once I mentioned it to my mother, she told me to decline (also if they dident fit since im not 100% sure on my shoe size. for them to go through the trouble, and they not fit, i would feel so bad orz)

If I cant make enough money by the time it starts to really snow and pile up, i might have to do that. I would still need to find a way to make up the money. Everything we get goes towards food and bills. We’re already gonna give up cable cause we’re struggling lol My mom wants to find a cheaper way for her to watch her shows (shes basically bound to her room, so her tv and her computer is her life)

I do live in Michigan lol your options are great <3 Its just coming down to being able to make the money.

If I can find a nice pair of boots for less elsewhere, Im willing to look around the mall for another store and compare prices.

Sorry if my reply is a bit of a mess. Im sick atm so Im on some meds XD Gathering thought is a little hard atm and I keep word vomiting (i had to rewrite this a few times cause no one needs my life story, even tho some of it is still in my reply orz pffh)

I hope I answered everything that was in your ask

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Hey Aimo! Just want to tell you that because of your PoE posts and art, I finally bought the game (hubby also pushed me since it's already on sale today lol). Man, I'm loving every part of the game! The lore and world exploration is so awesome. Just saw Eder and Aloth in my playthrough so hopefully I won't miss any of the companions :)

Thanks for letting me know this, and I’m so happy that you tried and are loving PoE! I figured anyone with any interest in story & choice-heavy RPGs will enjoy playing it.

And I’m especially glad to know that you picked up Eder; Apparently, according to the Obsidian PoE panel at PAX, many players actually overlook picking him up. And I’m like…;A;

Good News Everyone!

So I was doing the end of the week inventory at the shop today, and I have some good news everyone. Ms Marvel was the highest selling book of the week. That’s right, it out sold Superman, Batman, Forever Evil, it out sold everything. Everything? 

That’s right, even on Friday, two days after it came out, I had to keep restocking our supply of it because that many people were coming in to buy it. I never have to restock on Fridays, at least not this often. Heck, there were people coming back to buy their second copy of it, because they loved it so much they wanted to get one for a friend. Yeah, you heard me. 

Now, this alone would make me insanely happy. But I’ve got even more good news. So many other great books this week sold incredibly well also (quite possibly thanks to Ms Marvel bringing in so many new readers, someone get working on a pic of Kamala saying “You’re welcome” because we could use it for a ton of books right now). Avengers AI which had been dropping steadily in sales suddenly spiked back up this week. Superior Foes sold better than normal, the new Punisher book was flying off the wall (and I’m not even a Punisher fan and I love this new series). And get this, Mighty Avengers completely sold out.

I repeat, the book featuring a diverse cast full of people of color and an equal representation of men and women, which over the past several weeks had been dropping in sales, SOOOOLD OUT. In Three Days! I love this book and love the cast, and this is great news.

And this is the main reason I’m writing this post. You see the way that comic book companies judge how good the sales of a book are, is pretty flawed (it’s the best system we have, don’t get me wrong, but its still flawed) because they can only tell how much a store buys from them. So if a store buys a lot of a book, but nobody wants it, then the company won’t know that, they’ll just come out and brag that “Hey looks like everyone loves this book,” when in fact nobody is buying it. And the same goes for the reverse. Right now there’s someone at Marvel looking at the declining sales on Avengers AI and Mighty Avengers and thinking “Hmm, do people really want these books?” And that’s why I’m writing this, not so they’ll know (because no one from Marvel is going to read this, let’s just be real about that) but so that at least you’ll know, these books took a while to catch on and grab their audiences, but they’ve done it. These books are now selling way better, and stores will indeed order more of future issues, but Marvel won’t get this memo about how well they’re selling until 3 months after it happens because that’s how far in advance we have to order. And because of that I’ve seen a lot of great books that were starting to grab their audiences (Journey into Mystery) get canceled because they took too long to find that audience. So I just want you to know, if these books get canceled, and someone tells you “Yeah, nobody wants to read about these characters,” you can tell them they’re wrong, people do want to read about them, it just took longer to find their audience.

Now, speaking of misrepresentation of sales. Here’s a bit of bad news from this week that you won’t hear about for three months. Wolverine’s last series was selling okay, but not nearly as much as Marvel wanted, so they relaunched it this week as part of All New Marvel Now. And stores across America bought tons of it… but after doing inventory, I hate to say it but (at my store at least) it didn’t sell for squat. I’ve said it before that by Friday a store wants to have sold about ½ of their supply of a book, maybe 1/3 if they have a bunch of variant covers. But with Wolverine, I don’t even think we sold 1/6 of the books we ordered. 

Now I’m not saying this to badmouth Wolverine. I love the character, always have. But, well, if his last book didn’t sell very well, and this one isn’t selling at all, and in three months we’ll see the sales on the book plummet to reflect this, and his last movie didn’t make nearly as much money as they had hoped… well it makes me wonder what the future of the character might be. Maybe its time for the ol’ canucklehead to take a few years off. I don’t know, I might write something about this going into more details about it, but it’s worth thinking about.

But, end of the day, what I learned from this inventory today is that the times are changing. Comic book fans are growing, maturing, and learning to ask for more, and I for one love seeing that.