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because i’m hurting from finishing ffxv last night and needed a pick me up and @quicksilverlocket mentioned how cute it would be that promptis call ignis mum by accident and now i have this silly little thing and here just take it i think the fandom needs something light and fun after what we’ve been through!

“Hey mum! Check it out, they have spices on sale – ”

The sentence was cut off, the words falling silent in the blond’s throat as he realised just what he’d said. Noctis’s immediate snickers were enough to send cheeks flaming red in embarrassment, let alone the goading commentary, stating the obvious and highlighting the slip of his tongue even further.

“You just called Ignis ‘mum’, how embarrassing!”

Prompto grumbled, elbowing the prince and wishing he could vanish from the face of the planet. “It wasn’t intentional or anything.” He mumbled.

But when Ignis approached the isle, he had the same neutral expression as he usually did, eyes slightly widening when he saw the cost the spices had been reduced to. “You’re right, Prompto. Good spotting.” He said and began to pick out the spices they were running short on.

Relieved that there seemed to be no ill-will concerning the slip, Prompto let the topic die, though Noctis was more than happy to grin about it for as long as he pleased.

Thankfully, all seemed to be forgotten by the time they returned to the campsite and Prompto settled into one of the camp-chairs by the fire, casting glances at Noctis, the prince’s grin gone for now, but he knew Noctis wasn’t one to completely let things go. He was sure to tell Gladio – the bodyguard who was reclined against his rented chocobo, nose deep in a book – any second and the moment he tried to, Prompto would have to initiate any and all damage control necessary to prevent it.

“Aw man…” Noctis suddenly complained. “Mum! There’s a hole in my shirt again.”

Silence fell over the campsite, Noctis freezing in place, Gladio looking up over his book, Prompto staring wide-eyed and Ignis continuing to arrange the needed ingredients for that night’s meal.

It was Prompto’s outburst of gleeful laughter that ended the crippling silence and Noctis wasn’t sure if he was grateful or annoyed. “Oh yeah, laugh it up, Prompto!” He said, raising his voice over Prompto’s laughter. You called him ‘mum’ first.”

Even with his own secret out, Prompto couldn’t help the gasps of joy escaping him, leaning back against his chair and wiping away tears of mirth. “And you laughed at me!” He managed,

“That’s enough, now.” Ignis stated, tone flat as stone, effectively silencing the noise at the campsite. “Noct, leave your shirt out for me to mend later and Prompto, make yourself useful and set the table, please.”

Somehow, the absolute nonchalant response to the situation only brought grins to both Noctis and Prompto’s faces, coming to a consensus without even speaking that a new nickname was well and truly born. “Yes, mum.” They replied and split up to do as they were asked.

Head shaking, Gladio stood from the ground, book placed open on a camp chair to approach Ignis, who had the slightest hint of a smile at the corners of his lips, eyes focused on the vegetables he was chopping. “You do realise you coddle them too much, right?” He asked.

Ignis’s hands paused, processing the words, before he continued, his gaze becoming fond. “I suppose…”


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