but hey it was at 5 am


I got an early birthday present today and I am so incredibly excited!! I am absolutely shocked! This person was so kind to think of me! I love the box and the sparkly mickey mouse stickers. And all the little details that went into the card. Owning a Kate Spade purse has been a goal of mine for some time now. I’ve never told anyone except my boyfriend. It’s one of those things where I’m like “maybe in 5 years when I become a real adult and I can afford extra things I want a Kate Spade!” I know it’s materialistic. But hey, ya girl had a childhood of very little luxuries. I appreciate everything I have. I seriously started to tear up when my boyfriend told me that someone in his family got me a gift.
Why am i posting this?
I dont know. I’m just really happy right now and I feel so special and loved. Someone actually thought of me. That means the most to me. The fact that someone went out and looked around for something that they thought I’d like. I dont care how much. I dont care if it was a bag of hot cheetos. Still, knowing that someone cared and thought of me is such a huge deal to me.
I am so appreciative ❤️

P R E S S U R E  { 5 }


{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4}

Pairing: Reader X Yoongi

Word Count: 7,560

Genre: Romance, Smut

Warnings: Light smut(but not really sorry guys), Fight

Summary: After dating for almost 3 years, the armys and Yoongi’s label have found out about your relationship. Now you have to deal with it in your extraordinarily normal life.

The alarm Yoongi had chosen the night before for 5 am was probably the most obnoxious noise I had ever heard. It sounded like a car alarm with birds chirping and something dying in the background. “Get up.” I groaned, untangling his long fingers from my hair. “Hey!” I yelled and placed the alarm directly on top of his ear as he continued to sleep. I rolled my eyes and grabbed a key card then slipped on sandals that were near the door.

Being a mother to all of my friends had to be the most annoying thing to me. I couldn’t even take 5 minutes to check my phone because I had to make may way to their room and make them wake up so we didn’t miss the flight home. I banged on their room door for a good 3 minutes before Luke opened the door. His hair was messy and his eyes were closed, but he knew who it was.

“Oh, come on.” All four of their alarm clocks were going off on their phones, but yet the other three were still asleep. “Can you handle this?” I asked Luke, but he just shrugged and walked in the bathroom. Annoying. I made my way to Alicia and Julianna and jumped onto the bed in the between them. “Get up,” I whined, rubbing their shoulders. They both stirred and pushed me away.

At this point I lost my cool and began to hit them then they got up. “I have to get ready for this flight too.” I scolded and walked over to Anthony. I knew nothing other than dumping a glass of water on him would wake him up, so that’s exactly what I did. Now he looked like a wet dog. An angry wet dog. “Be in the lobby in 45 minutes. Or you can stay here. I don’t care anymore.”

“Okay, mom.” I had a chorus echo back to me lazily. I rolled my eyes and left the room. Maybe they could be trusted to get ready, but I had my own lazy idiot to get dressed. And myself.

When I walked back into the room he was still in a dead sleep and the alarm was still blaring. I climbed onto of his motionless body and straddled his waist, swaying back and forth to subtly move them. “Suga.~” I droned, he hated when I would call him that. “You need to wake up if we’re gonna catch the plane.” I leaned on top of him and kissed at his button nose. I cupped the sides of his face and squished his cheeks then finally got the first bit of movement from him.

“What are you doing?” I let go and he smiled up at me. “Wow, you look beautiful like this.”

“Angry?” I joked.

“No, above me with the little bit of light behind you and your hair all messed up. With a nice smile on.” he reached his hand up and ran it through my hair. “The most beautiful girl in the world.” He propped himself up and leaned against the headboard with my body still on top of him. In an instant we both leaned in for a small kiss before I stood up.

“Did you pack your things at all?” I made my way to my suitcase to find something suitable for the airport.

“Yeah, but make sure you’re wearing something you feel good in today. You don’t have to walk with me, there’s probably going to be cameras there.” he was rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and taking his time to stand up. “See, I need to look okay in jeans and whatever, but I want you to be comfortable.”

“Yoongi, I know how to dress in an airport.” I stopped and whipped my head in his direction. “You don’t want me to walk with you?”

“I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable. It gets all squished and it’s loud, but if you’re up for it, do what you want. I thought maybe you’d wanna walk with your friends.” he sounded extremely grumpy. He could have easily had a bad dream and that’s why he had this weird attitude or anything of the sort.

I rolled my eyes and took out a pair of black jeans and a hoodie then changed. I tended to get cold in airports. The rest of my clothes were quickly shoved into my suitcase and I headed towards the door without saying a word to him. When I turned around he was dressed in clothes that he knew I loved on him. He was wearing black jeans and a black shirt with a denim jacket and a beanie with sunglasses.

“You’re a dick.” I mumbled to him and I just saw him smirk. He reached for my suitcase and I let him take it. I knew he’d pull out all the stops right now because he had just annoyed me. It was sweet, in the end, but he knew if he had said that it would have made me mad no matter what the circumstances. Just because I had come here to be with him and he was pushing me way even if it was for my own safety kind of.

I sped up and he jogged up to me, kissing my cheek. “Is everyone else awake?”

“I woke them up, but who knows if they’ll make the flight.”

“The boys are coming too, but who knows what they’ll do once we hit New York. I think Jin’s staying with his boyfriends and Jimin is gonna chill with his Egg. Jungkook may make heart eyes at Julianna for a while and me- Eh. I guess I got my plans set for me.” he winked and I crinkled my face. I couldn’t even deny that I was excited for the next 2 weeks honestly.

When we got down to the first van we found it occupied by my half asleep friends along with Jin and Jimin. So we sent them off and hopped into the second one with the rest of the BTS members. I completely zoned out during the ride because they began to talk in Korean the entire time and kept apologizing to me claiming they forgot I didn’t know it. I just told them to continue and that I didn’t care too much.

When we pulled into the airport I already saw it. Well, them. Hundreds of armys swarming our friends that were already making their way inside. That was only two of them. At this point, Yoongi didn’t even bother to ask me if I wanted to go separately again because there went all of my friends and he knew I wouldn’t go alone. He just flipped my hood up for me, tucked in my hair, and handed me his carry on so he could wheel the two bigger suitcases.

Holy shit was it a mob. I could only expect what I’d seen in pictures or videos, but experiencing it in the middle was the most terrifying feeling. People were screaming and cry and grabbing at the boys. I just happened to be in their way and I could feel a few fists form around the loose hoodie that wrung around me. Whenever someone got too close the airport security would attempt to get them away.  None of the five men I was with were phased by this anymore. They simply waved to be the gentlemen they were and rushed on with the movement. They did have a flight to catch after all.

The entire flight there I was the only one awake. Everyone almost took shifts in being awake by accident, but for the most part, I was alone with the in-flight movies. They had a pretty good selection if I was going to be honest. The only real annoying thing was shaking Yoongi off of my arm when it too decided to fall asleep due to the pressure of him pushing it down. He was a cuddler on planes which was super weird.

His PDA drive was weird. Like he was a very touchy guy, almost like a teddy bear, but he amp’d it up around certain people and in public a good amount of the time. Honestly, I truly think he depends on the amount of sleep he gets. When he’s well rested he craves intimacy and when he isn’t he doesn’t wanna be bothered. He’s a cranky lil baby.

Everyone woke up as the plane began to descend and we had to all buckle up. They all looked dead to the world despite just sleeping for hours upon hours. Lucky fucks. “Did you not sleep?” Yoongi whispered in my ear. I shook my head. “Well, your mom is picking us up from the airport so you can sleep on the drive home and then when we get home.”

I loved it when he called my home his. It made me all tingly. “Are you taking shot gun?” I paused. “How did you know my mom was getting us? Are you texting her again?”

“Your mom and I are bffs, Y/N. You know that we’re tight. I even texted her videos of you performing last night.” his gummy grin was on. I just rolled my eyes. They were bound to get stuck one of these days.

Ever since we first started seriously dating Yoongi had a close relationship with my mom for some reason.  They were both very chill people even if she did argue with me a lot but she had taken a quick liking to Yoongi. Whenever I ask she says it’s because she could tell how happy he made me. I think maybe she’s just finally happy to be proud of someone.

“What are you all doing?” I asked, clearing my throat to be a bit louder.

“Going home and sleeping.” Alicia quickly responded and Julianna vigorously nodded her head to agree. Anthony and Luke also nodded along. How were all of my friends the same?

“You just slept? You know what, I figured. And you guys?”

“We’re going to take a van into New York City and stay there for a day or two. We’re going to have a party later today to celebrate the end of the tour away from the madness of Seoul. Then who knows.” Namjoon smiled, obviously excited for their two-week break. “I’d love it if all of you would come to the party later on, especially you Suga.” he teased.

Not having to wait for our luggage when we got off of the flight was a relief as it was brought to us by airport staff, but now was the hard part. Getting through the crowds of people to my mother’s little Scion box car. Yoongi held both of our rolling suitcases and I held the carry-ons as we were squished with everyone else in order to get out of the airport. Before I could even spot her Yoongi was beelining straight for her and into a hug with my mom before I could. He threw our things into the trunk and hopped into the passenger’s side as my mom quickly hugged me and got back in the car. It was easy to see her favorite here.

I laid in the back seat as she attempted to pull away without hitting anyone. “Oh, Y/N! I’m so proud of you, you looked so pretty and sounded amazing!” My mom sounded happy. It was nice.

“Thank you.” I got a bit embarrassed. I was always so shy with compliments. I closed my eyes and drowned out the two of them talking and gossiping and tried to focus on the low radio in the background. The two of them were talking about my house for some reason and I didn’t even bother to listen as of why. I just quickly fell asleep for the long drive home in the early morning traffic.

I was woken up to the sudden heat of the ac being turned off in the car and the slamming doors. “Wake up, sunshine.” Yoongi mocked me from the open trunk as pulled out our luggage. It was nice to walk out into a familiar place instead of the hustle and bustle of a foreign country. To see my annoying neighbors playing out in the street and the incredibly crowded street as a matter of fact. A number of cars was double as normal so I figured I must have been missing the fair or something was happening in the city. I lived right near a train station.

“What time is it?” I asked, stretching my arms and snatching my own suitcase from him. He waved his phone in my face and it read 11 am. Hopefully, I could just go in and go right back to sleep, but it could never be that easy. My point was proven as I walked into my house to reveal my dad and sister along with a few of my cousins and aunts and uncles in the tiny living room. They all yelled surprise when I walked in like they were hiding and it quickly turned into a congrats. “Why are you guys here?”

“We’re just stopping in, we saw your performance from yesterday and were just so proud!” My Aunt led. She was a bitchy one, this was a bit weird. “Your mother posted it all over social media so we just were around and wanted to say how proud we were in person.”

My face probably looked disgusted. All I wanted to do was sleep. I looked towards Yoongi and he waved his hands up in defense. However, my mother had an all telling smile on letting me know she was behind this. She mouthed sorry and I was quickly passed around the room being hugged.

It was always nice to see my family, but this just wasn’t the time. There was never really any time in the world if I was going to be honest with myself. All I did was work and put off making plans. Especially with my father and sister. It was always a weird concept for me to grasp that now that they didn’t live with me I had to schedule a time to be with them. It’d been like this for the past three years of living alone with my mom.

I could never recall a time where my parents genuinely got along and loved each other. There was no example set for my future, but it didn’t take some sappy toll on me. It was something that was normal and that I had grown to deal with. My Dad got a girlfriend around the time that I was 18 and then moved in with her. So, he was gone half of the time. The other half he was home arguing with my mother about everything in the book.

The main focus was always money. Money, money, money. It was why I had become such a workaholic. The state had foreclosed the home I’d lived in for my entire life and now here we were without a place to go. Everything was expensive around the part of Long Island that I lived in but we couldn’t bear to part with it just yet. This was where our lives were. So we got an apartment a town over and I paid a good amount of the rent and bills now. My sister had chosen to live with my dad as she saw that it was the easy way out. She was right. Now, here they were with open arms and smiles ready to embrace me, after all, I had done was push them away. Cute.

My family welcomed Yoongi with open arms. He was off making conversation with my family better than I could. Talking about his career and getting to see the world. Everyone had become fond of him once they met him, won over by his charming personality. For the laziest guy I knew, he put in an extreme effort when it came to my extremely judgemental family.

He was a social butterfly and I was floundering. Everyone wanted to keep talking to me about the performance and how it felt and all I could say is that it felt like I was drowning at first then I learned to swim. It was the only analogy that came to my head and it was dumb and they knew it. But they kind of new me, as closed off as I could be. I was an open book a good amount of the time.

After a bit, I had to throw them out. “I really appreciate you all making your way to see me, but I’m gonna need to exit the party. Well, it has to end. I need to nap and I’m so sorry and I’ll really try to make time for everyone.” I locked eyes with my sister. “I promise.” With a few more hugs, they all left and I felt relieved.

“You’re really gonna sleep?” Yoongi asked as I tucked myself into my own bed. “Really?”

“Yeah, make sure I’m awake by 5 so I can get ready and find a train.” I smiled quickly and closed my eyes, swatting him away. I heard the door shut and knew I was alone for the first time in a bit. A nice sleep alone.

“Hey, sleepy head. Wake up, doll.” That was the first thing I heard as I attempted to go back to sleep. “C’mon.” I stretched my back and wiggled up. I leaned against the wall behind me and opened my eyes to look at the vision before me.

“Hey.” The blurriness exited my vision was clear. “Are you reading my songbook?” I questioned. “Why??”

“It’s so cute.” his voice was full of excitement as I watched his eyes study the pages filled with my deepest thoughts in the form of lyrics. “I see you only write songs without rapping. A few duets. No rapping. I’m mad about it.” he let out a chuckle but I knew he was being semi-serious.

“Why would I write rap, I can’t rap.” I swiveled my body around and placed my head on his shoulder. I knew what page is he was on without even looking at the words. There were little swivels around the border and smiley faces. The words were written in a pink pen that I found to be my favorite and some of the lyrics that I only kept to myself. And him now apparently. I didn’t really mind.

“Yeah, but I can rap.” he boasted.

“Yeah, but that’s where it ends.” I teased, having vague memories of him begging me to wake up at 6 am to watch Festa. He had badgered me for days to do it and being the doting girlfriend I am, of course, I did it. The subs on the livestream sucked, but I still managed to enjoy it. When it was time for the roommate stages, I absolutely lost it seeing Yoongi sing. He was able to sing, there was no way to deny that, but he had this weird dedication to making a joke out of it every time.

“We are both aware I would never be able to write a good rap.

“Yeah, but I’d appreciate a little effort. What’s this song? Heaven in Hiding? Is it about me, do you call me heaven?” he had this smirk on and at this point I snatched the book from him.

“Shut up, I’m gonna shower. Alone.”

I knew while I was showering that he would be rummaging through my room and organizing it to the way he liked it. We’d probably stay here for another day or two then go off to wherever he planned a vacation too. He liked surprises and stealing my bedroom from me. Typical.

It was nice to be home in my shower and be in my own space. As I stepped in I noticed the water was pooling at the bottom and my eyes went to the drain. It was clogged with green hair. I’m glad he felt so at home here. I groaned and pulled out the glob of hair and threw it out of the shower into the trash can. “Clean your hair out of the drain!” I screamed and banged on the wall that was between my room and the bathroom. I heard his laugh cackle through the small apartment and knew he would never listen to my simple requests.

I took a nice shower and made sure to take my time, but not too much time that I would have to be in a rush later. I grabbed a towel off of the back of the door and patted myself down, then slipped into the pink robe that hung next to it. My hair was draped on the back and hung loose, dripping a little bit as I made my way next door to my room. I stepped inside to see that my suitcase was unpacked and watched Yoongi repack it for wherever we’re going. I couldn’t help but sigh at the sight. Now I’d have to pack twice to make sure I was overpacked with options.

“Really?” I asked and flopped back onto my bed. I glanced over at him and he had a photo in his hands. I recognized it without even seeing the picture because the top half was burnt from when Yoongi accidentally dropped it onto a lit candle about a year ago. It was a picture of his dog that he kept hidden in my room for himself when he visited. “Do you miss her?” I knew the answer.

He pouted. “All of the time. I wish I had two Min Holly’s. One back in Korea and one here so I could have a Min Holly in both of my homes.”

“Are you saying you want a dog?” He just shook his head.

He loved his dog so much and I loved Holly too. Whenever I got the chance to stay at his home back in Korea I always got the best cuddles from her. It would always make Yoongi super happy and he’d always go, “Look at my cute girls, the best girls.” And then he’d fake cry like he always did when he spoke about Min Holly. His favorite being in the universe.

“ Are you coming tonight to the party?” He looked at me from the corner of his eye as he hid the picture again. “Cause we can blow it off if you don’t wanna.”

“It’s a party for you and the rest of BTS, you can’t blow it off.” I sat up and locked eyes with him. “You have to go.”

“I’ve blown them off before. You know how these go, everyone just gets fucked up and there’s a bunch of people that I’ve never met all over me. Especially when we’re in America.”

He threw a pair of jeans and a black tight t-shirt in my directions with a pair of panties and a black bra. “I can get my own clothes.” I rolled my eyes and wiggled out of my robe and started to get dressed. “Just make an appearance.”

“With my darling girlfriend?”

“Yeah and I’ll be wearing this.” I waved my arms up and down my all black outfit.

“You’re so basic.”

“You picked it out???” He just groaned and grabbed a clothes out of his suitcase. He changed into ripped black jeans and a Brooklyn New York black and white shirt. “Can you wear a snapback with that?” I asked and he just smiled and tackled me onto my bed. For a moment he just hovered above me and then leaned down to place a soft kiss on my lips. He trailed it down and began to suck on my neck.

“Hmm, maybe.” he chuckled and placed kisses down the v line of my shirt. He stopped where the shirt ended and then laid his head onto my boobs. A pillow he rarely slept on. “The blue denim one?” His breathing was soft and the room was silent as he now laid completely on top of me. Luckily, he wasn’t too big of a guy so he didn’t crush me in any sense.

“Please.” I loved that outfit on him. He was a fashionable guy who truly only repeated outfits when I asked him to. He changed them a little bit each time, but the outfits were reminiscent. He laid on me for about fifteen more minutes and it seemed he took a little nap. Once his eyes closed his breathing slowed a bit and he seemed so at peace. He was always so chill whenever things were wrong. Whether it be a mob or a fake kidnapping or a room full of screaming fans; He was so calm about it.

“Are we taking the train in?” his voice snapped me out of a weird trance he had put me in. Yoongi stood up and I wiggled to the head of the bed. He just kind of shrugged and I began to run a brush through my hair. “Do you have a car that can take us or should we uber? That could be pretty expensive-”

“Oh, I’ll pay for it.” he waved me off and stared at himself in the mirror, slipping the hat onto his head backward. “Check on your phone how long one will take to get here.”

I was already ahead of him on the app and punched in the location that Namjoon had sent in a groupchat of all of us. I wondered what everyone was up to while I was asleep since they slept on the way here. I knew my friends were all asleep and hopefully, they were up by now for the party. I decided that I wasn’t going to try to round everyone up if they wanted to miss this chance to get fucked up for free; so be it.

The rest of BTS probably split up and did their own things within the city. They all liked to shop and eat and be a super fucking tourist even though they’d been to New York City multiple times at this point. They loved this city from what I could tell and I would always take them stopping in on their breaks whenever they wanted to.

“It says about 7 minutes. You all good?” he nodded and looked me over. He extended a hand to help me up and then ran his hand over my face. Oh shit, makeup. “I’ll just do it in the car. You know I’m super talented with that.”

“It’s your prime talent, love, I know.” I rolled my eyes and shoved him away, slipping into a pair of heels that matched me. The door was open and I began to yell around the house, “Mom? Mom, are you here?” I heard a faint voice from the backyard and went out to the small deck to see her tanning. “Yoongi and I are going to the city for a party being thrown for BTS. I’m just letting you know.”

“Y/N, we both know that Yoongi already told me.” I sighed. “Just be safe, okay? Take your phone charger and a portable charger and keep your eye on him. Not him, the girls who leech off of him when you two go to any place involving alcohol.”

“I know, I know.” I took a seat next to her and almost felt a little chilly out here, despite the boiling sun above us. “I’ll make sure your child is fine, Ms. Y/L/N and home by a reasonable hour too.”

“Cut that shit out.” she kept her eyes shut and adjusted her sunglasses. “Just go have fun, I love you.”

“Love you too.” I closed the back door gently behind me as to not bother her. I stepped back in to find Yoongi by my front door holding my bag. “Is my makeup in there?”

“Yeah, but the car outside has the uber sticker so let’s get out of here, Y/N. Bye Y/M/N!” he yelled and everyone on the street could probably hear his booming voice. I took my bag from him and walked out the door with Yoongi on my heels.

“Hello.” I greeted the uber driver.

“Y/N?” he asked. “You’re going quite a distance.” We were in the car and he was driving by this point. “Didn’t think the train would be easier?”
“Not with this one.” I laughed and the uber driver did too as I pointed to my boyfriend. “The trains a bit tough sometimes, so we figured an uber would make our lives easier.”

“Well, thank you Y/N.”

For the rest of the ride, our driver didn’t make small talk with us and instead focused on some weird mixtape he was listening to. I didn’t quite get into it, but Yoongi was listening behind the sound of my voice to him and seemed to be nodding his head to it. He seemingly enjoyed it. He always found pleasure in the little things.

The entire ride I just kind of babbled on while I did make make-up, which was a bad habit of mine. In awkward situations, I either shut down or talked and talked and talked until someone pushed me away from what was happening. Now I was just going on and on asking where he was taking me. Yoongi refused to tell me. He knew he was making me mad in the long run because I simply hated surprises.

I’d always been impatient even as the mom friend of everybody. Those friends could usually wait for hours and hours, but I had this weird anxiety with time and knowing what was going on. I liked things to be planned out and absolutely despised last minute things, which everyone I knew was big on these days.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a spontaneous fun adventurous girl, but I liked to be aware of my surroundings and know what I was doing. I hated feeling like I was locked in a dark room just waiting for the door to open. Especially when the people who had to open it were irresponsible assholes who liked to make me suffer. Not just Yoongi, but he was included.

I guess maybe I had a control problem and a problem with being bossy. I would never admit it out loud, however. I’d just keep it in my thoughts. Everyone was totally aware of it though. I like schedules, making them, and forcing everyone who agreed to them to stick to them. It was just another extremely lovable thing about me. Obviously.

“Who are you aggressively texting?” I questioned. His face had a sour look.

“Same old assholes, you know? They’re mad that you guys came out on stage during the last show, but since I’m free for two weeks I told them to go fuck themselves and blocked their numbers.” The smile on his face wasn’t even alarming and I shrugged off the fact he was in trouble yet again. Whatever.

The streets of New York City were busy as always and all I really wanted to do was get out and walk among them. However, there was no way I could do that with Yoongi. The armys already knew he was in New York and they’d probably already found out about the party. They had some scary ways of finding out information about their whereabouts. I never really questioned that. He could tell I was getting antsy in the bumper to bumper traffic. Rush hour was over for a while and the roads were still terrible.

“Oh, fuck it.” Yoongi pulled his hat lower so it covered the top half of his face. “You can leave us here. We’ll still pay the whole trip.” I looked over at him confused, but a smile couldn’t help but to creep onto my face. I grabbed his hand and kissed his knuckles before pulling him out of the car and waving goodbye and saying thank you to our driver.

The air hit all at once. It was grimy, but it was the smoggy New York air I’d grown up around and learned to love. Yoongi looked happy as he watched my lead the way. He kept his head down and his eyes focused on my feet as I dragged him along, but I could see the little smirk everything I glanced below the brim of his hat. The sun was almost out of view and the lights began to flicker on one by one as we made our way to the club BTS were holding this wrap party (ish) at.

I knew the building once we were down the block by the sheer crowd surrounding it. And the music blasting down the city block. Yoongi pulled me off to the side and was quickly on the phone with one of the boys. Whoever he had spoken to had told him simply to power through and the bouncers were now looking for us. I saw one of them step towards the street and figured it was for us. I held Yoongi’s hand tighter as we walked up to the man and he still kept his head down but was quickly noticed.

The bouncer made his way over to us and walked us through the crowd. It was a mob scene and two more big guys made their way to us and they formed some weird triangle around us to guide us through the girls surrounding the club. They were all so loud and it was the normal discomfort, but I knew I’d calm down after I had a drink in my hand.

The atmosphere of the club was loud. The second Yoongi walked inside the room erupted into cheers and they ended with a stop to the music and a glass clinking from Namjoon who stood on a stage.

“Hello everyone!” The rest of BTS was standing behind him and Yoongi was rushed off by one of the security to go up to the top of the balcony. He was up there in under a minute and he was out of breath. One day off and he was already losing his stamina. “Thank you for attending the BTS rap party! We have our company, some of our closest family and friends, and a bunch of people who have supported us here tonight.” The seven of them did their introductory Bangtan motion and everyone cheered. “Have a great time everyone! Thank you again!”

Then the music was back on and everyone was back to having a good time. I figured I wouldn’t see my boyfriend for a while so I went to scope out my friend who I’d hoped were here. I hadn’t even bothered to check my muted phone all day due to the drama that was bound to be going on, but if Jimin, Jin, and Jungkook were here, my friends were bound to have been forced to be here.

My first instinct was to walk over to the open bar and yup, there they were. The four of them were keeping to their lonesome all huddled together. During my beeline over I smiled and waved to anyone who try to spoke to me and noticed they were doing the same. I was immediately accepted into their huddle and handed a tequila shot.

“This is the kind of night we’re going for?” I asked as we clinked glasses.

“Hell yeah, we’re getting lit!” Alicia screamed and we all took our first shots. Tequila was never a good thing with us. The burning sensation 9 out of 10 times destroyed my throat, but I knew I would keep going anyway. Especially when it was straight tequila. That was the fastest way to get me drunk.

With just that one, I could already feel the alcohol rushing through my system as I ordered two more for myself and took them quickly. With the crowd I was seeing, I’d need it. My friends joined in on the fun and I was adjusting the intense sound in the club. I scanned the room for Yoongi and took a few steps away from my friends. I could only seem to spot Tae from a distance, so I guessed the rest of Bangtan was just as spread around the room as I could tell my friends and I was about to be.

I turned to the bartender and he slid me some drink that looked super fruity and pretty. “I was told it was free drinks on the house for you and your friends.” he smiled. He was young and whoever was hosting this party behind Namjoon probably put our faces down as open bar. Lucky for me.

“Cheers.” I smiled and fake clinked with the air towards him. He laughed and made a motion for me to drink it fast. He fake ran around the back making me another and passing it to me with two more shots. I should have slowed down, but I never really had the time to get fucked up anymore with working and school. Fuck it, tonight was that night. I downed the two other shots and grabbed the drinks then walked in the direction I had left my friends in. They were gone. Of course.

I was never a dancer. I wasn’t fluid in movement but when I spotted Julianna with Jungkook and Tae, I decided to join in. The three of them all had a cute relationship over video games and being a bit shy and awkward altogether. They were a nice dynamic group, even if they were all pretty similar. The music was fun. A mix of Korean and English party songs.

“Where’s Min?” Jungkook yelled over the music, putting an arm around me to bring me in closer so he could hear my response.

“Wish I knew!” I laughed back and he tugged me across the dance floor to leave the other two alone.

He was an exceptional dancer, obviously, but he was goofy for me. He knew I didn’t like dancing too much, but Jungkook made it fun. I danced around his extraordinary movements and sipped on my drink, having it finished by the end of the song. I waved the empty glass in his face and he took me to the other bar to get a refill and another shot. We cheer’s together as I spotted the mint green hair I loved sitting at the bar speaking to some woman.

I slammed my glass down to get his attention, but only managed to get hers. The woman had long straight blonde hair and blue eyes that could probably kill me if she changed her fake as hell smile towards me to a mean glance. She just simply smiled and waved at me, which caused Yoongi to turn towards me. His face was already lit up and he just simply waved as well. I furrowed my eyebrows and ordered another shot while his attention was still on me. Who the fuck was he talking to that he couldn’t come over and spend a night with me, let alone introduce me? Okay. I was never too jealous, but this just pissed me off in my intoxicated state.

I rolled my eyes and turned back to Jungkook, but he was gone off somewhere with the people of this giant fucking party. Whatever. I had a new drink and a pissed off attitude, but I wouldn’t let it ruin my night. My goofy dancing phase had quickly passed me and now I was the worst dancing one. All I wanted to do was grind on someone else while my boyfriend watched and laughed with the gorgeous tall blonde. It was ironic that I spotted Luke in that moment, but I laughed about it. If he was gonna be with a tall blonde, so was I.

It probably wasn’t my smartest idea as I walked over to him during the first notes of Despacito by Daddy Yankee began to play. He extended a hand to me and I let my jealous thoughts leave me. Luke knew me too well, however, and knew exactly what I was doing. He knew that he was the little trap card I activated when I wanted to make my boyfriend mad and he had no problem assisting, as he liked to make Yoongi mad as well.

The rivalry between the two of them was always weird and it wasn’t as if Luke was still trying to win my affection. I think it’s more of a who’s the most important guy in my life competition. I love Yoongi, but Luke was one of my best friends and they never really figured out that the kind of love I felt for both of them was different and would always be different. They just smooshed it all together and fought along the way. Yoongi was a jealous person and so was Luke. Then they were both extremely competitive. There was that.

I felt myself sweating from the lack of stamina I had in the room as I danced with Luke. It was hot and if there were any cameras in the room, I would have been killed. This was a safe place, however, full of friends. Nobody’s eyes were focused on me, except for Yoongi’s who shot me glances every 3 seconds. I was counting. My body moved for me as my mind focused on him at the bar. Still speaking to some woman. Something seemed wrong.

As the song ended, I stood on my tiptoes and my lips caught on Luke’s right ear. His arm wrapped around my back as he helped me stay up to whisper to him. “I think something’s wrong with Yoongi. He would have stormed over here within the first minute.” he nodded and let go of me. He was on my heels as I made my way back over to the bar.

I finished my drink and the alcohol was my courage. Her hand was on his thigh and my angry self could only laugh. So I pushed myself in between them and took a seat on his lap, slamming my empty glass on the bar table as the bartender quickly went to refill it. I extended a hand. “Y/N and you?”

Yoongi leaned forward and moved my hair out of his face. “Are you drunk?” he asked, he sounded concerned. His hand found it’s way to my waist as he held me still.

I ignored him as she shook my hand. “Samantha. You’re sort of interrupting a conversation. Don’t you think you’re being a bit rude?”

I took a sip of my new drink and stood up, ignoring Yoongi again who tried to pull me back. I walked around her to the other side, farther away from him. “You look like you’re keeping my boyfriend trapped here. Who are you again? Anyone important?” Boy oh boy, I would regret this when I remembered it tomorrow.

“She’s a-” Yoongi began but she cut him off.

“The girl he’s leaving with.” she smirked and Yoongi looked more confused.

“What? You said you were with Big-”

“While you were over there grinding on that guy.” she pointed at Luke who stood behind Yoongi with a matching face to his. “I was over here, getting busy and making plans.” Her smirk just pissed me off.

“He’s not into sluts who throw themselves at guys that are obviously taken. And don’t play dumb to live up to your stereotype.” I couldn’t help but laugh. I wasn’t this mean, really. I was just so fucked up and nobody was truly stopping me. “You’re here at BTS’s party, so you obviously know who I am. So, I don’t know who the fuck you banged to get in here, but my suggestion is not to get your hopes up for another guy and just to crawl back to wherever you came from.” I simply smiled and waved her off.

“You’re such a little cunt. Every army knows it.”

Ahh. There it was. She was an army who snuck in here. I couldn’t even call her out on it before she punched me in the face. I stumbled backward, but didn’t fall. Without a thought to wipe the blood pooling in the corner of my mouth, I swung back at her face. I was extremely drunk and stumbly so it definitely didn’t hurt her as much as I intended, but her reaction was enough to know it did something. She hit me again and this time grabbed my hair before pushing me onto the ground. If I was sober, I could have done something, but I was just gonna have to let this happen because there was no way I was getting off of the floor.

Before she could get on top of me and hit me a third time Luke was pulling her away and then security took over. I was out of breath and confused, but Luke and Yoongi were quickly at my sides helping me up. The only words Yoongi spoke before I felt like vomiting were, “We’re leaving. Thank you.” to Luke and then I recall passing out instead of puking. 


Authors note: Hey! Hope you guys enjoy the 5th part of Pressure! I love writing this story and everything else on this blog. All of the love from you guys is overwhelming as I’m almost at 1000 followers! So thanks everyone for reading and being here with me! Much love!

2:04 am                                            1/2/15

“hey. it’s me. i know i said a thousand times i wouldn’t call but i just had to hear your voice. i need to hear your voice.”

5:45 am                                           2/10/ 15

“hey. please tell me it’s not true. please tell me that it wasn’t a lie, that you actually loved me. that what we had was real. that your love for me was real… please, please, please come back. please.

12:00 am                                       3/16/15

“happy birthday. i hope you’re doing well.”

2:23 pm                                      

“i miss you. i know i shouldn’t but i miss you. i miss your voice, i miss your touch. god, i fucking miss you. please, please come back.. please.

1:00 am                                       3/23/15

“do you still love me? please still love me. please.”

5:00 pm                                     4/5/15

“i’m letting you go. i’m letting go of your i love you’s and your good mornings. i’m letting go. at least i’m trying too.

—  the art of letting go pt. 1 // Deeply Feeling Series 

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You've probably been asked this before, but do you have any fics that have a lot of hits/views? Or some of your favourite fics? I'd prefer it to be fluff, or angst, but if it's the tiniest bit of smut then it's fine. Your blog is lovely btw xx 💕

Hey! Thanks for asking! If you’re looking for what I recommend, here is my top 5 fics (for far), some of my favourite lesser-known fics, and some of my fave long fics (over 40k words).

Note: I am just listing these by the number of hits each fic as gotten, not by my personal recommendation, although some of these you may have seen on my fic rec lists! Fics with *** have an archive warning (ex. graphic depictions of violence). I did not include one fic because of extreme graphic violence, but you can easily find it on ao3 if you want to read it! Please read at your discretion.

Without further ado, here is a list of the 26 most popular YOI fics on ao3!

Originally posted by ajwolf84

26 Most Popular YOI Fics on AO3

  1. Quad Lutz by iamalivenow, Explicit, 47k (WIP)
  2. You Can’t Plan for Everything by RivDeV, Explicit, 118k (WIP)
  3. Unwritten by kaizuka, Teen, 34k
  4. Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya, Explicit, 166k (WIP)
  5. like your french girls by ebenroot, Teen, 102k
  6. On My Love by RikoJasmine, Teen, 48k (WIP)
  7. starstruck by shizuoh, Teen, 52k (WIP)
  8. Praise Please by surveycorpsjean, Explicit, 5.2k
  9. solo and pair by calciseptine, Teen, 22k (WIP)
  10. Always My Soulmate*** by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Explicit, 53k (WIP)
  11. Winter Song by proantagonist, Explicit, 80k (WIP)
  12. Fever by MilkTeaMiku, Explicit, 15k
  13. Yutopia by AnimeFanime, Explicit, 39k (WIP)
  14. Melodies Unheard, but Felt All the Same by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 76k
  15. From The Moon by ButterBeerBitch, Mature, 4.8k
  16. Blue Roses by Fauks, Gen, 40k
  17. Distance by surveycorpsjean, Explicit, 5.1k
  18. all the world’s a stage by braveten, Explicit, 112k
  19. Expomise by thankyouforexisting, Teen, 71k (WIP)
  20. Switched by GhostsOnSaturn, Teen, 23k (WIP)
  21. i’m not upset by bixgchan, Teen, 2.4k
  22. SkateSquad™ groupchat by stxmph, Teen, 47k (WIP)
  23. i know my madness by astoryaboutwar, Explicit, 14k
  24. Different is Good by dia_dove, Explicit, 2.1k
  25. Signs of Love by dia_dove, Explicit, 86k (WIP)
  26. Masquerade*** by Ashida, Explicit, 46k (WIP)

i love the term “bear with me” because it could mean either 1 of 2 things:

  • asking someone to be patient
  • confirmation that the zoo heist was a success

Listen, I love my inquisitor, but I also have this great vision of her and the advisors standing around the war table like “we have so few resources, here in our massive castle where we’re training an army, how can we possibly hope to defeat Corypheus” and then the doors bang open and there stands the Hero of Ferelden. She cracks her knuckles. “Listen up kiddos - oh hey, Cullen - listen, back in my day, I defeated a god with the help of like 5 randos and a dog. What seems to be the problem.”

Mother’s Day

pairing: luke x reader

word count: 1,176

happy mother’s day all you people !! here’s a cute fluffy imagine about daddy!luke because idk i just really thought this was realistic and dorky and cute and idk im smol leave me alone

The shrill voice was heard throughout the apartment, and thankfully Y/N didn’t wake up from it; Luke did. He blinked his eyes a few times, rubbing the sleep out of them as he realized that his child crying.

He sat up in bed, causing Y/N to start to stir, but he hushed her. “Sleep, love. I’ll get him.”

Y/N rolled onto her other side, pulling the covers closer to her to keep her warm, and Luke sighed in relief. He knew how hard she worked, raising their baby while he was at work, so he felt obligated to let her sleep in for once.

Finding his way to his son’s room, Luke saw the crying baby lying in his crib, his toes clenched just as tightly as his fists as he continued to cry. He glanced at the clock hanging on the wall, groaning that it was no later than 7 in the morning. “It’s okay, little man.” He said, gingerly taking his child up in his arms and cradling his head, trying to calm him some.

His son continued to cry. “Da-Da!”

“What’s up, Coop? You need a changing?” Nothing. Luke sighed, walking over to the changing table and lying Cooper down.

Once he was done changing Cooper, he still continued to cry, making incoherent noises as if trying to tell him something. Luke ran a hand through his hair, looking around the room for some type of answer. “Are you hungry? Mommy’s asleep, bud. We can’t wake her up.” He said, taking him in his arms again. “Let’s go see if there’s any formula in the kitchen somewhere.”

He crept down the hallway, glancing towards his door to make sure Y/N hadn’t woken up. Down the stairs he went and straight into the kitchen, opening various cabinets in search of the artificial food, which he finally found.

But, as he was grabbing a bottle from the top shelf, his eyes caught sight of a date circled on the calendar, situated in the middle of the refrigerator. Mother’s Day.

“Shit.” He cursed under his breath, placing Cooper in a highchair whilst he threw together the bottle and formula as quickly as he could. “Alright, bud. It’s Mother’s Day, and I kinda forgot.” He told the year old child, to which he just stared up into his father’s eyes as he fed him. “Which means we have to be a good family for Mommy and make her breakfast.”

He stood in the middle of the kitchen, feeding Cooper until the bottle ran dry. “You all finished?” Cooper let out a squeal of excitement. “So, should we make Mommy pancakes or French toast?”

“Cakes!” Cooper tried saying, but Luke understood him enough to know what he meant.

Straight away, Luke searched online how to make pancakes, and went digging through even more cabinets to find all the supplies he needed. One by one, the ingredients were added—having Cooper on his hip the entire time. “Okay, we need a pan to cook the pancakes on. Where does Mommy keep the pots and pans, bud?” His son’s tiny hands reached behind his back, gesturing towards the cabinet beside the sink. “In there?” Luke asked, raising an eyebrow at how he knew the location of the elusive pan he needed.

Cooper was right. He picked out a suitable pan, putting it on the stove and lighting it. Pouring out the batter was a bit difficult with only one hand, but having Cooper in his arm was like he was helping him. And after all, it was Mother’s Day; Cooper had to participate and help since Y/N was his mom.

Luke leant up against the counter, watching the pancake intently as it cooked. He began to think. “Do you think she wants something else to go with it? Like fruit or something?” He asked; Cooper just stared at him, sucking on his thumb. “She probably does.” Luke made up his mind, turning his back and rummaging through the fridge. “Do we not have any fruit? No oranges? I could’ve sworn she just bought oranges or clementines or something like—”

“Da-Da!” Cooper yelled, giggling loudly into Luke’s ear.

He turned his head and looked at the boy quizzically. “What’s so funny, Coop?” The boy put all his weight on Luke’s shoulder, facing behind him and trying to get out of his grip. Luke turned around to see what the boy’s fidgeting was all about, to only see the pan in flames.

“Fuck!” He shouted, running and putting Cooper in the highchair. “Shit shit shit this isn’t good” He said, taking the pan and throwing it into the sink with a loud clatter, turning the water on and watching the flames die down. “Every fucking time.” He said, breathing a sigh of relief and looking over at Cooper. “You saved my ass, bud. Thanks for that.”

The child beamed at him, breaking into a fit of giggles. Luke couldn’t help but laugh along with him, walking over to him and picking him up again, kissing his head. Cooper’s tiny hands grabbed either side of Luke’s face, squeezing his cheeks and giggling at how funny he looked. “Having fun there, bud?” Luke chuckled. He lifted Cooper high above his head, blowing hot air onto his stomach and making him laugh even harder. “Guess who loves you! Daddy loves you!” He said, kissing all over Cooper’s face, finding so much joy in seeing his little boy love being showered with admiration.

“You two are so cute it makes me sick.” Y/N teased, emerging from the staircase and rubbing her tired eyes.

“Mama!” Cooper said excitedly at the sight of his mom.

“Fuck, babe, you were supposed to be asleep and we were supposed to bring you breakfast in bed like a good family would.” Luke said, annoyed that his genius plan for Mother’s Day was now ruined.

Y/N rolled her eyes, taking Cooper up in her arms and whispering a quiet, “Good morning, handsome” to her son. She looked up at Luke. “Do you actually think I care about that stupid Mother’s Day stuff? All I care about is you and this little guy. That’s all I need to have a good Mother’s Day.”

Luke walked towards her, pressing a loving kiss on her lips. “You are amazing.”

“Yeah, I know.” She joked, looking down at her baby’s blue eyes, identical to Luke’s. “We make pretty adorable kids.”

“The adorablest.” He agreed, running his fingers along the little boy’s arms. Cooper gripped Luke’s pointer finger with both hands, bringing it up to his mouth to try and gnaw on it, but Luke retracted his hand. “Whoa there, bud. You don’t know where that’s been.”

Y/N nudged his side, a look of disbelief crossing her face. “You’re disgusting.”

“You say that now,” Luke said, kissing her temple once and grinning cheekily at his wife. “But tonight, it’ll be a whole different story.”

newsies memes are my favorite thing so here are just the ones i can list off the top of my head
  • max’s mom brought cookie cake
  • poor g U Y ’S HEAD IS SPInNING
  • santa fe dance break (1992)
  • you mean like a strike?
  • whatever i toucH starts to riiiiseeee ;)
  • 30 year old 15 year olds
  • ben fankhauser’s spit in hd
  • the world is yer erster
  • ya what
  • so apparently am-scray is really just scram in pig language
  • that one time mike faist danced so hard he put his foot through a chair
  • that other time akb forgot his strike banner so he just yelled in jeremy’s face for like 5 seconds
  • spot conlon aka the freckled gnome we never knew we needed
  • Newsies Got Swag
  • i LOVE chik-fil-a. especially the lemonade.
  • literally anything from BWAS
  • jerjor’s curtain call from newsies live
  • max casella and his kazoo
  • the Alleyway scene that was Totally Heterosexual ya lol sure jan
  • hey josh why don’t they have overalls in american eagle?
  • cause this isn’t 1944
  • iwasstakinoutthecircusandheardsomeonesaythatconeysreallyhotbutwhenigettheretherewasspotwithallhiscronies
  • thats disgusting
  • thats just business
  • davey’s snake facts
  • ill call ya sweetheart if u spot me fifty papes
  • it’s all fun and games until act 2
  • tommy bracco’s typo in the credits lol rip
  • “a little town out west that’s spankin’ new” yeah right santa fe was founded in like the 1500s
  • Jack “Pretentious" Kelly

feel free to add more

Then it’s quiet again, but as always this luxury doesn’t last more than a few minutes, because they’ve taken to a highway and there’s a long stretch of road ahead of them, and Harry starts talking again, “So are we g'na ignore how you were drooling over me?”

Y/N scoffs, affronted by the accusation that was 100% corrected, “Was not drooling  over you, jesus, get your head out of your ass.” She grumps at him, “Not everyone on this planet gets wet at the sight of your biceps.”

She wishes it was ruffling him, but she can tell it isn’t. He merely grins sneakily and leans back into his seat, “Yeah, what ever you say, Pet.”


Y/N and Harry don’t really mesh well, until they do

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BVG bringt den Brenn zu uns allen. 

OK someone asked for translation here we go, the BVG stands for Berlin Transport Company. They regularly throw out zingers on their twitter account.

1 pic:



2. Host country Spandau

Foreign culture

Friendly Natives

Exotic food 

Flights for 2,80€

(This is an old joke that goes all the way back to the 1920s, maybe even earlier. Spandau became a district of Berlin very late, in the 1920s. It’s basically its own city slapped on to the West. Berliners think Spandauers are strange creatures. Spandauer think Spandau is VERY IMPORTANT.)

3. Spring is coming. Wedding isn’t. 

(Wedding is a locality in the borough of Mitte, it was cut off from Mitte during the cold war and fused with it again later.  Wedding is bordering the hipster kingdoms Prenzlauerberg(East), Friedrichshain(East) and Kreuzberg(West  that became the new places to be. 

When a district is getting popular we say “Kreuzberg ist im kommen” or simply “Kreuzberg kommt” meaning “Kreuzberg is coming”. Sadly the hype train never reached Wedding even though people have been talking about it for years.)

4. Tomorrow will be the premier of “Smurfs-the lost village”

Great! Finally a movie about Potsdam. 

(I don’t think I have to explain this.)


Anon: Hey BVG I am currently riding without a ticket from Görlitz station to Warschauer Straße. Are you angry with me?

BVG:  May you be plagued by bad street bands at Warschauer Straße while a tourist is barfing on your face and a dealer is scamming you.

Anon: What if I am the dealer? XD joke of course

BVG: Then you would probably have the 1,70 € for a short trip or 1.20€ if you are under 15. It’s hard to tell from your tweets. 

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Hey so a while ago you did your top Geno gifs, could you maybe do your top 5 Tyler Seguin ones please?

oh my god yep i will happily do this

okay so it kind of turned into top 10 bc i have no self control my bad




a soft boy


give a hockey player a child and i am Dead


put your tongue back in your dang mouth you slut


cheesy boy


idk what he’s so disgusted by but hard same


boy why u gotta open your mouth that wide for that baby pizza slice idk


this one is self-explanatory and i have no excuse


gotta include my bouncy boys


but in the end this is all meaningless bc we all know the real reason i like him is for cash and marshall lbr

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Wow! The top 10 outfits for Minako were crazy! I love your comments Audrey XD Could you do a 10 ten for Makoto please? 💚💚💚💚

I hope you’re ready for the high waisted pants appreciation post, because that’s what it’s going to be. 

10. This is the ultimate Mom Friend look. She is just going out to run some errands and wants to know if you want anything from the grocery store while she’s out. 

9. Mom Friend: Summer Edition, a very similar look but for warmer weather. The loosely tucked shirt says “oh this old thing I just threw it on very casually” but is actually meticulously crafted. 

8. Serving up ice cream but also serving up LOOKS, correct? 

7. Wholeheartedly accepting her color motif into her heart and wardrobe. This ensemble screams “I am the reincarnated guardian of the planet Jupiter, born on this earth as a human.” 

6.  A lot of Mako’s look trend toward the femme side of things, but this one outfit is the tomboy within saying “hey today is the day we wear a hooded jersey with a baseball cap” and Makoto (who has learned to accept herself with the help of Usagi) says “hell yes it is.”

5. This might possibly be an outfit of Miss Haruna’s, but truly this outfit belongs to anyone who can pull it off. It’s like the Excalibur of clothing. 

4. The shorts are layered over the shirt, which is layered over the jacket, which is layered over the shorts. All is layered, and layers over all else. It’s beautiful, is what it is. 

3. Speaking of layers. Sometimes you want to take off all those cute but uncomfortable clothes and slip into something cozy and even cuter than before. 

2. I was already a huge fan of the green turtleneck, the high waisted shorts with matching hair tie, and the crisp white vest with a bow in the back. This is already the perfect outfit. But as soon as you add sunglasses, it just becomes….. transcendent. It’s greater than any of us could have imagined. It’s beyond us now. 

1. You knew what number one was before this list was ever even made. 

Protective | archie andrews

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

a/n: please please request ideas for short series or one shots!! i like to cater to you guys and sometimes you really do come up with some cool ideas!! love always R🌹

as the years went on you’d think bullying and slut shaming was a thing of the past, you were sadly mistaken. in fact it seemed to get worse and more and more creative as the times went on.

i obliviously walked into school head held higher than normal as i spot Betty and Veronica standing near my locker, smiling brightly i approach them a little bounce in my step as I over to them.


i gawk smiling like an idiot, i had my very first date last night with one Reggie Mantle and you think it went rather well. we had a meal at pops and then went to the drive in to watch a movie where we stuffed our faces with junk food and spent the night cuddled up in the back of his truck with some small make out sessions before he dropped me home just before curfew.

I was still grinning, the gang wasn’t very thrilled with the idea of me going they said that he was a stupid football jock that just wanted to get into my pants and last night just proves that they were wrong - for once.

my smile fades as i glance at their concerned expression, i grab my books and close my locker as they glance from their phones to others loitering in the halls before first period before finally glancing at me.

“what?” i laugh glancing the hall to see many eyes on me, i spot Archie his expression the same as the girls.

“okay what the hell happened”

i ask breaking the silence, tapping my fingers against my books growing impatience at their lack of emotions and words.

“will someone please tell me what’s going on!”

i practically yell, Veronica glances at her phone again and i snatch it from her grasp as the red headed boy stops in front of us mumbling a small greeting.

i glance at the phone and see that the photo Reggie had taken off me last night in the drive in cuddle up to him, only he’d modified the picture and photoshopped maple syrup running down my face.

“oh my god” i say my breathe catching in my throat i click on the comments and instantly regret it the words ‘slut’ ‘ugly’ ‘whore’ 'attention seeking’ came up regularly along with comments about my weight and seemed liked everything else 'what a freak’ i give Veronica back her phone and sniffle tears pricking my eyes.

I look up to see Betty and Veronica staring me down

“do it say it!! okay 'i told you so’ okay I get it”

the girls shake their heads scrambling for words to comfort me

“forget it” i whisper pushing past them

“(y/n)” i hear archie call but I ignore him keeping my head down as i rush to class, everyone laughing and sharing comments as I pass.

i round the corner and slam into a body, we bump heads and i cuss grabbing my fallen bag and glances to see Jughead concern etched on his face “I saw the picture are you okay?” i sigh sniffling.

“no” i whisper

he places his hand on my shoulder rubbing it soothingly “i didn’t even do anything juggie- Archie’s and the others are just itching to tell me that they were right- again!”

“it’s okay- we know it’s not true. people believe what they want okay you-” jughead tries to soothe me running his hands up and down my arms.

“jughead” we both look up to see the smug look of Reggie

my blood boils and I shove his chest “i can’t believe you” i spit tearing up at the sight of him.

“what’s wrong baby?” he coos placing his hand tenderly on my shoulder i shudder at his touch and rip my shoulder from his grasp “don’t touch me reggie!” i warn.

he steps forward and jughead stands in front of me protectively, he laughs clapping his hands looking to his boys standing behind him “would you look at that” he howls getting up in jughead face.

“don’t even think about it” i seethe standing in front of jughead pushes at reggies chest.

as much as i wanted to cower behind juggie i knew that Reggie wouldn’t flinch punching him and the last thing i wanted was for my best friend to get punched in the face.

“oh c'mon i wasn’t going to punch your little boyfriend” he teases winking at the both of us “he’s not my boyfriend reggie- he’s my friend and i will not let some jerk bully my friends” i shout “or me for that matter”

he bites his lip pulling me into the wall pinning me down “god your hot when your angry” he whispers huskily into my neck.

“get off!!” i yell looking desperately to jughead for help but Reggies boys were holding him hostage.

“i mean it Reggie get off” i yell everyone decides to gather to watch the show, i thrash trying to get out of his grip but it’s useless.

“oh come one little (y/n) you weren’t this shy with me last night” i squirm “your fat ass wasn’t mad when I had my tongue in your mouth” he smirks and i cringe knowing that he was right.

“MANTLE” i head a loud voice

“archie” i say breathless my eyes begging for help

“let her go now” he orders edging closer

“or what andr-” he didn’t get to finish his sentence before archie ran and shoved Reggie off me and onto the floor.

grabbing me by the waist and pulling me into his arms

“so this is your boyfriend?” he howls “Andrews and (y/l/n) nice, I mean Arch buddy you could do way better she’s not much of a 10” he chuckles the group agreeing with him

“you okay” he whispers i nod “im okay now” i smile at him

“hate to break up the love fest but she’s mine archie, her face might not be all that but boy is her body”

the group whistles as they look me up and down taking in every once of me, i felt disgusted and disappointed that I ever thought Reggie was more than a jock with a good body.

the moment didn’t last as reggie grabbed me and shoved me into jughead, that flicks a switch in archie as he punches the boy in the jaw they wrestle around punching other and i yell for them to stop jughead holding me back.

the teachers are alerted and rush over to separate the boys as soon as Archie’s pulled back i run over to him placing my hands on his cheeks examining his face.

“arch” i say sadly glancing at his bruised eye and split lip.

“Andrews, Mantle my office NOW”


“i can’t believe the fought over you!” Ronnie squeals helping me zip up the back of my cheerleading uniform “swoon!” she finishes skipping over to Betty.

“it wasn’t over me, reggie was being an ass and Archie was just being a good friend” i conclude pulling my hair into a half up half down look adding blue ribbon for school spirt.

“have you spoke to him since it happened?” Betty asks sitting in front of me worry filling her voice.

“no, he had detention at lunch” she nods and i feel guilty “he came to see me after school but i just wanted to be alone. ill see him tonight” i try and smile knowing that Reggie would also be at the game.

Veronica touches up my face with a little makeup before the three of us head to school for the pep rally, my mood lifts a little football games were a ritual for me. i loved cheering with B & V and watching Archie play. Often we managed to drag Jughead and Kevin to the games to watch us all tonight that was one of those nights.

we meet the squad in the change rooms and grab our poms poms getting ready to go out onto the field to get the crowd pumped

“you will speak with him before the game right?” Veronica asks me worried, i nod following the girls out onto the field “promise”

“WOOHOO GO THE BULLDOGS” we cheer running and flipping out onto the field hyping the crowd up i spot jughead in the crowd and i jog over to him when Cheryl isn’t looking

“juggie!” i yell catching his attention “have you seen arch?” as the words leave my mouth the bulldogs run through the banner Archie leading the pack with a huge black eye. i glance at him guilty, he doesn’t see me searching through the crowd of river vixen. “ill talk to you later” i tell him he smiles frustrated giving me the 'I know your not okay’ stare.

i jog over to the drinks table where Archie stand his back facing me, i approach place my hand on his shoulder causing him to spin around relief flooding his expression as he realises it’s me.

“oh thank god it thought you weren’t here and i know you love the games and I didn’t want you to not come because of reggie and-” i cut him off placing my hand on his cheek touching the purpleness around his eyes gently.

“oh arch” he’s hand shots up to touch mine “im so sorry” i tell him tearing up

“hey it’s okay-” and just like that he’s swept up onto the field with all the others “arch” i call out trying to get he’s attention.

“hey it’s okay” i feel Betty’s hand on my shoulder “we gotta get ready” i nod turning to face her following her back to the squad getting ready to perform


the game finished miserable as the win was taken away from us in the last 5 minutes, the bulldogs look dull as they exit the field heading to the locker rooms. i sigh and grab my bag walking after the boys i needed to speak with Archie.

“(y/n)” i hear jughead call, choosing to ignore him i walk faster hoping to catch archie before he got into the locker room

“hey!” he yells panting as he catching up to me “ignore me much?” i roll my eyes

“i need to talk with archie okay? now are walking me or not?” i stop glancing at him “fine but yes i am because i swear to god if reggie lays a finger on you” i roll my eyes pulling him behind me

“yeah yeah you’ll kill him”

i push through the crowd of half naked boys as they undress ready to hit the showers, i struggle to find the boy before i spot the familiar red mop of hair. i weave in and out of the crowd before i edge closer to him.

he mustn’t of seen me because he turned and crash into me losing his towel in the process, jughead covers my eyes as Archie scrambles to re adjust his towel “(y/n) jughead what are you doing-”

i put my finger on his lips silencing him “let me talk please” i tell him, gaining the attention of everyone in the locker room.

i realise now why Jughead thought this was a bad idea

“look im sorry about today- your eye you losing the captain spot- you shouldn’t have gotten involved Archie it wasn’t your fight! you warned me and i didn’t listen and now your in trouble with your dad and the principal and you have a busted lip and a black eye all because of that freaking jerk!” i yell tearing up feeling stupid

“I know how much football meant to you, you need it to get into college to study your music and i completely ruined it for you because of a stupid stupid idea to prove a point!”

i run my fingers through my hair a few tears falling down my face, i wipe them as quickly as they fall Archie looks defeated not knowing what to say

“(y/n)-” he steps forward but stops as loud clapping fills the locker room

“what a speech” i growl facing Reggie

“oh go fuck yourself Reggie, haven’t you ruined enough lives today!” he smirks leaning against the locker his towel hanging low off his hips.

he reaches out to brush my hair behind my ear and Archie moves in front of me but i clasp my arm around his bicep “he isn’t worth it” i spit tugging Archie toward me.

“did i tell you how good you looked in that uniform” he licks his lips “that mini skirt, it’s like your begging for someone to kiss you, you look in desperate need let me help you princess”

he attempts to walk over to me but i extend my hand to his chest playing with him

“you know reg your right, i do really need a kiss” i tell him pulling my bottom lip with my teeth and fiddling with the bottom of my skirt fluttering my lashes.

i can see Archie adjusting his towel all the boys seem to be getting rather bothered by my act, Reggie steps forward reaching out to grab my waist but i spin grabbing the back of Archie’s neck and pulling him in for a kiss, jumping up to wrap my legs around his waist.

i deepen the kiss cheers from his team mates fill the air, i break away breathless kissing him once more before Archie sets me back down.

“much better” i sigh glances at a very frustrated Reggie “oh and reg you might wanna take a cold shower for junior” i tug at his towel leaving him completely naked before peeking Archie on the lips.

“see you outside”

he blushes scratching the back of his neck as he watches me walk out with jughead, i bite my lip swinging my hips feeling confident as i wait outside the locker room

“wow” jughead exclaims pacing back and fourth as the rest of our friends spot us and walk over to us, i roll my eyes at him grabbing his jacket to stop the pacing.

“hey” i greet the girls

“Pop’s?” Betty asks

we nod “yeah of course!”

“okay well lets go im sure archie can catch up” Veronica smiles grabbing my arm

“oh ill just wait for him we’ll meet you there!” they narrow their eyes jughead refusing to make eye contact not wanting to be interrogated.

“uh i haven’t spoken to him yet so i can do it on my way over before we met yous” they share glances with each other before nodding at my story.

“okay fine, jughead are you going to escort your ladies” he rolls his eyes pushing off the wall as the girls loop their arms with his and heading toward our favourite hang out.

the boys start exiting the locker room glancing at me as i wait fiddling with my hair and avoiding all eye contact. standing up to reggie wasn’t all that and but he whole makeout session could’ve been prevented but i was feeling epic.

“(y/n)? where are the others?” i glance up at the voice smiling at the red headed boy

i suddenly feel nervous my knees wobbling and my cheeks heating up at my name coming out of his mouth.

“uh they um- they are going to pops- i um told them that we’d yanno met them there” i finishes awkwardly glancing at my feet as I scuff them.

“that is if you want to go- if not i can just walk myself-” he smiles shaking his head at me “no no i wanna come” “good” i smile and with that we set off to Pop’s silence filling the air.

we reach the diner and i stop spoting our friends in the booth next to the window, Archie notices and stops turning to face me “you okay?” i nod

“im sorry about what happened before” i blurt worried that i misread Archie’s feelings toward me. nervousness washes over me and my smile slips from my lips.

“hey hey- no don’t be- it was amazing, your amazing” he finishes grabbing my hips and tugging me toward him.

“if im not mistaking is mr Archie Andrews finally making the first move?” i hint playful playing with his shirt, he laughs playfully placing his soft lips on me and closing the small gap between our bodies.

“you know Reg was right about the whole cheerleader outfit” i raise my eyebrows “hot as hell”

i kiss him back before lacing my hands with his and pulling him into the diner walking over to our friends sliding in next to Jughead as Archie takes the seat next to me siting closer then usual he drapes his arm across the back of the booth touching my shoulder soothingly.

“okay what the hell happened in the locker room?” Veronica asks sipping her milkshake.

“oh they had a huge make out session infringed of reggie it was intense should’ve been there” jughead spills earning a smack up side the head from Archie


i blush covering my face and leaning into Archie, i peer through my fingers and see the two girls staring intensely at m “what!” i complain giggling.

the group fall into a fit of laughter and i smile up at Archie as he tightens his grip around my waist making me feel safe.

this is where I belong.