but hey im legal now

Jackson and I helped with some catering event for military families and a bunch of girls were like hitting on jackson with “hey. Hey. Hey. Im 18. So like, im legal now.”

And then her friend goes “oh my god, shut up Kara, you turn 17 like next month.”

And she is all “he didnt know that until you opened your fat mouth”

And i am just sitting there dissapointed in humanity as i look at teenagers who are trying so hard to be statutory rape “victims”. It isnt like Jackson was gonna do anything, but still.

Do not lie about your age, teenagers. Do not buy fake IDs, do not sneak into 18+ places, do not ask adults for sex. You will get someone in so much trouble with that stuff.


  • government: I've got an idea!
  • government: lets have some people sit down and discuss legalizing gay marriage and womens' rights and rape culture!
  • government: and i got JUST the people for the job!
  • government: straight old religious white men!
  • government:
  • government:
  • government:
  • government: Ooh! they've come to a conclusion!
  • government: They said gay marriage is a sin and women will always be number 2 and rape is the victims fault.
  • government: But hey!
  • government: At least marijuana is legal now!