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Captain Swan + Memorable Kisses

For my OUAT SS Giftee @icapturedkindness <3

[Ask RPedia] How to French Kiss~.

Anonymous asked: Do you have any tips for french kissing in details? Q_Q

Oui oui. I can do this thing you ask for~. Let’s just protect the eyes of those less used to sensual details, and long posts with a read more slipped just so…

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To all you people who tagged this saying Chat would fall over: yes.

((Marinette is plagued with an odd sense of déjà vu as he holds her in one of the most gentle and vulnerable gazes she’s ever seen out of anyone.))

just you and me, love. [20 tracks]
in which jemma and fitz take a step back from the world they’ve come to know collapsing at their feet and run away to a cottage in perthshire.

[ 01. i know places; taylor swift. 02. gently; you+me. 03. mess is mine; vance joy. 04. almost home; alex & sierra. 05. i’ll keep you safe; sleeping at last. 06. bloom; the paper kites. 07. everything has changed; taylor swift ft ed sheeran. 08. take me home; penatonix. 09. unconditionally; bri heart. 10. as long as you follow; fleetwood mac. 11. home; gabrielle aplin. 12. latch; kodaline. 13. this; ed sheeran. 14. you & i; ingrid michaelson. 15. marry me; train. 16. love someone; jason mraz. 17. chasing cars; snow patrol. 18. be my forever; christina perri ft ed sheeran. 19. tell me a story; phillip phillips. 20. you are in love; hayley solano. ]

[perthverse: ½]