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Hey Ted can I talk to you about something? I.. I've seen you around school sometimes, and..well, eveytime I do, my heart just.. flutters. Those thick, lucious lips, those beautiful creases, those big muscular arms... Ted.. can't stop thinking about you, and I also can't help but think how much of a man you are. Well, I suppose I should get to the point.. I want to be more than friends. I just... I can't suppress these feelings any longer, and.. I hope you feel the same way.. -Anonymous XoXo

Okay so for a second I thought this was about the girl behind the blog and somebody actually knew who I was and I got freaked out and then I read “muscular arms” and my arms are like the width of the cardboard part of a toilet paper roll so phew it’s all okay

You know who is really, really great? SHAY.

Like honestly, she’s such a wonderful character and I’m so happy with how she’s portrayed. 

First of all, I love her character design so much. I love that she’s so tall and muscular. And sure, she has those big … earring things, but otherwise she doesn’t have any ridiculous facial features (i.e. huge eyelashes, lipstick, etc.) so that we “””know she’s a girl”””” Yet she is still super adorable!

Not that I don’t like the character designs of other, more “”””feminine-looking””” female aliens on the show (i.e. Allura obviously, and Nyma) but I just really, really like Shay’s design and how unique it is. 

But more than that, I absolutely love her as a character and how other characters treat her.

Tall/muscular female characters are so often made into stupid jokes and shamed by other characters for not being “feminine enough.” I was just bracing myself for someone to make some idiotic comment like “lmao that thing is a girl?!?!” but it never happens

Not only that, but she plays a fairly pivotal role in the story and her character is treated with so much respect. She’s not portrayed as some random extra character, but someone who is really important, really sweet and kind, and incredibly brave.

At one point Hunk is talking about her and calls her “a hero named Shay” and I just really love that––not “an alien” or “some girl” but a hero

And that brings me to the relationship between Hunk and Shay, which is honestly one of my favorite things about the whole show––and something that I feel deserves a lot more recognition. I mean, LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE. 

And it doesn’t really matter whether it’s platonic or romantic, because either way it’s just so utterly genuine and important. What matters most is that they teach each other so much about freedom and bravery and fighting against injustice. They bring out the hero in each other. 

But I also like that even the possibility of it being romantic isn’t made out to be something to laugh at. Like yeah, Lance and Pidge both kinda poke fun at Hunk about it, but it’s more of an “ooooh Hunk likes someone!!” kind of way and not “lmao I can’t believe you like her kind of way. (Granted, I don’t think either of them know what she looks like when they make those comments. But as far as I recall they don’t tease him after they meet Shay, either.)

TL;DR - Shay is amazing and important, and I love how respectfully she’s portrayed. Bless her and bless this show. 

if hillary had won, there would have been people that were mildly inconvenienced, people that were angry

trump winning means people are scared. that people are worried about their rights being taken away. that people will die.

tell me again how they were both bad

One of Inktoberwatch prompts was Sombra. I really don’t know (maybe Blizzard will let us know coming weekend).


floam! ⭐️

viktor was already planning to propose to yuuri, and that’s beautiful

so I was about to go to sleep but then I had this revelation and I had to post it so yeah

this probably will go off topic and not make much sense since it’s 2:30 AM but hey, I’ll post it anyway. screencaps and an attempt at something resembling analysis under the cut. note that this is all wild speculation, but I had to get it out of my head, so here you go.

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now since you've got the idea in my head, what would scorpius and albus drinking giggle water include?

I think this goes without saying but… giggling. Lots and lots of giggling. They’re going to be ‘drunk’ on their own laughter before the alcohol even hits their bloodstream.

Scorpius is going to start giggling before he’s even tasted it. Albus isn’t surprised at all. He’ll roll his eyes but still offer Scorpius the bottle first. The instantaneous giggle surprises them both. Scorpius slaps both his hands over his mouth and stares at Albus, eyes wide like he hadn’t expected it to actually happen. The sight makes Albus choke on his own sip, and the half giggle half cough that erupts from him only sets Scorpius off again. No giggle water required this time. Eventually, the two stop laughing long enough for Albus to pass the bottle back to Scorpius. The next giggle was expected but it still tickles them both. Albus didn’t think it was possible for Scorpius’s giggles to be any squeakier. Scorpius thinks he’s one to talk, has he heard himself right now??? The bottle is passed back and forth as they lose themselves in laughter. They don’t even know what they’re laughing at anymore. Everything is just. so. funny. Unsurprisingly, they completely lose track of the time…

Their roommates find them in complete hysterics. Scorpius is rolling around on the floor. (The only thing that makes this different from any other night is the empty bottle on Albus’s bed.) Albus is holding his stomach, clearly in pain from all the laughing he’s still doing. He tries to wipe away the tears streaming down his face on the bed curtains but in his drunken state, leans too far over and falls flat onto the floor. The boys of the seventh year dormitory wince but still no one intervenes. They watch as Scorpius “shhh! they’ll see us!” Malfoy finally notices their presence and quickly rolls away under Albus’s bed to ‘hide’ from them. A bewildered (and possibly concussed) Albus looks rather alarmed as he’s suddenly pulled backwards by his ankles under the bed too. A few seconds later there’s a bang as someone smacks their head on the underside of the bed and then an arm emerges. It reaches up, grabs the pillow, and it too disappears under the bed. They decide to leave them to it.

When you’re trying to be positive

but tumblr can be one of the most negative places on earth

No I don’t read Hyrda!Cap

I don’t acknowlege Hydra!Cap

Until that storyline resolves to be something else….I won’t touch it with a 10ft pole.

What if Aaron was just a little bit taller than Andrew? Not even a few inches, just a few centimeters. You can barely notice it but it’s there and it makes Andrew so mad. Aaron holds it over him f o r e v e r

Getting gooey on topic (gosh I love that phrase)

I hate how people conscious or not demonize Bismuth.

Theres people who is always like “b-but Bismuth tried to kill Steven!” and tbh by this point the only ones who haven’t tried to kill Steven directly or indirectly is Garnet… Y’all seem to LOVE Lapis or Peridot or Pearl or Amethyst when they all have fucked it up big near to Stevo but suddenly Bismuth is the one to hate?.

And then theres like… theres this people who say “Why does she has to be the angry beefy girl!?!!” when… she is not? she is a very caring, very lovely sweet big girl, she cracks jokes and giggles, she is supportive and very careful and enjoyable, and like…. NOTICE HOW SHE TALKS TO STEVEN THE FIRST WAY THEY SEE EACH OTHER! Notice how sweet, polite and soft the is, Bismuth is a HUGE DORK. 

And her situation is pretty easy to understand, she tried to do good and Rose, the leader, the one who told her to fight for what’s right suddenly shushed her down and told her that the best was not killing the enemies. Wherever you agree or disagree with Bismuth’s ways to deal with stuff, it’s a situation pretty easy to get your shoes in.

She felt betrayed by Rose, and after all those years bubbled she discovers that SHE could have changed it all, and now that she tries again, Steven tells her no, with the same words Rose did… 

We would ALL be angry, we would ALL be mad, and we don’t know how further we would go unless we live that situation… because is easy to say like “I would try to calm down and see why they are saying that!” or “I would do this instead of violence” this kind of situations are something that happen in the heat of the moment and you can’t just think the same way while being calm.

Bismuth deserves a better treatment.