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Marichat May (Identity Reveal)

welcome to adrien inner mind theater (again-ish)

my headcanons are that this nerd reads a lot of shoujo manga and that he really does think he’s beautiful af so here you go—

headband tae??? CAN I GET A HELL YEAH

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Baz, Dev and Niall

“Dev and Niall, bless them, act like I’ve arrived eight minutes late to breakfast, instead of eight weeks. Dev nudges Niall, and Niall gives me a bored once-over, then moves the teapot away from my spot, which they’ve left empty. Good men.”

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favourite films: pride and pejudice

He’s been a fool about so many things, about Jane, and others… but then, so have I. You see, he and I are so similar. 

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hey love, I saw you posted something about discounts for uni students and I wanted to know more about it? i really need to update my wardrobe but don't wanna spend all my hard earned cash ya feel? x

Yeah babe, so it’s this site for university and highschool students where they offer discounts on heaps of stores - both online and physical, so like up to 50% off ASOS,  Princess Polly, Topshop, Sephora, General Pants etc. They also have discounts for other stores like Apple, Telstra, Microsoft and all those tech uni necessities, so it’s perfect for basically everything!! If you wanna sign up, head to this link myunidays.com/r/C8w9vDEVqYs you just need a student email account (and it’s totally free!!) xx

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How do you stay engaged with liberal social media when so much of it is demanding such a very specific and unquestioning ideological purity lately? How do you not lose your mind?

I try my best not to take it personally, and remember that who I am to myself, and what I may represent to another person aren’t necessarily the same thing.

I’m a 45 year-old CIS white guy who lives life on the lowest difficulty setting with a minor celebrity cheat enabled. I understand and accept that, to a not insignificant portion of the people who tend to yell at me a lot, I’m representing their dad or their uncle or their teacher or their boss or that Out Of Touch Person In Their Life Who Treats Them Like They Don’t Matter. I’m pretty easy to yell at, because the people they should be yelling at aren’t ever going to listen to them, and I’m usually in like 98% agreement with them at least, so maybe it’s safer to yell at me. I’m sort of a soft target. I get that. I don’t take it personally.

Where I get exhausted and impatient is with people who tell me “no, THIS is what you meant,” and “you don’t get to have an opinion about this because I made it about me  and now I demand that you apologize to me for the thing I decided you did,” and things like that. 

Over the course of my life, I have learned that it’s more effective to say something like, “Hey, I am X, and when you posted Y, it made me feel Z. Is that what you meant?” 

Like this thing today, for example. I’m not a homophobic, or transphobic, at all. I get that, without context, the Putin thing I posted could be misinterpreted. I didn’t think of that, and in the future, I will. But when I saw my asks today, it’s page after page of people attacking me, making assumptions about me, and demanding apologies for something that I didn’t do. I didn’t post a picture with the intention of hurting anyone except Putin and those who support him – fuck him and fuck them. There’s an ask in my inbox right now that says my intention doesn’t matter, because that’s not what the mob decided it was, and therefore I owe the mob an apology for the conclusion they jumped do. I … I just think that’s bullshit. I’m not going to apologize for something I didn’t do, because a mob demands it. What I will do is think, in the future, I wonder if this could be misinterpreted? Maybe I should take care to ensure that my intention is clear.

This is a very difficult and terrifying time for vulnerable people, for women, for the entire LGBTQ community, for the Muslim and Jewish communities, and for basically anyone who doesn’t look like me. I get that, and I understand that passions are really high right now. I’m glad that they are, because it means we’ll all stay focused and engaged long enough to hopefully take back the House in 2018 and regain the White House in 2020. It’s going to be really hard to remember that we’re on the same side when it matters, and for people like me, it’s really important to recall a lot of what MLK wrote in his letter from a Birmingham jail.

I’m gonna get yelled at for this, I’m sure, but I’m doing my best. I hope this answers your question.

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can u write a wonwoo fluff according to this prompt (i bought the wrong bag of chips, didn’t i?) ? thank you! heheh

this request has been sitting in my box for almost three weeks so I figured I’d write something

wonwoo + ‘I bought the wrong bag of chips, didn’t I?’

word count: 533

Shivering, Wonwoo pulled his jacket closer to his body while still trying to hold on to the bags. He was pretty sure his nose was bright red and his lips were extremely chapped, but at that point, he only cared about getting home.

Good thing was, the convenience store wasn’t far from the home he and you shared. It was just another lonely winter night to you, anyway. Wonwoo was most likely towns away, or even worse countries away. It wasn’t like it was the first time, and the both of you knew how to give each other space to do your own things while still staying connected.

Munching on popcorn, you pulled the blanket further over you while snagging the TV remote, and changing the channel.

It was late, and while Wonwoo wasn’t sure if this plan would work out the way he wanted, he knew one thing; whenever he was gone, you’d sleep much later than usual, mostly staying up to watch romcoms or dramas.

(To him, it might have been cute to watch, but it also broke his heart.)

The front steps of your house sprang into view (as Wonwoo chose not to take a car, or a taxi, because hey, he’s smarter than that.) The plastic bags full of junk food reminded him of their presence, though, because he groaned, setting down the bags for a few seconds before they could rip.

Well unaware, you made a ‘hmm’ sound, choosing a channel to watch.

While he didn’t want to tell you, Wonwoo always knew that from the front window of the house, through a small crack, he could see everything you did. (He knew it was creepy, but it’s not like he’s a murderer or anything. That, and he rarely uses it, so he doesn’t care.)

Trying his best to keep quiet, the raven-haired boy looked through it, spotting your figure sitting on the sofa, quietly munching while watching the TV screen. He scoffed. “Titanic? Again?”

Pushing his glasses further up on his nose, Wonwoo rubbed his arms lightly, setting down the bags by the door, and pulling out his key, knowing you would be too entranced in the movie to focus on the front door opening.

You, however, heard the small thud outside your door, and knowing that your boyfriend wouldn’t arrive home for weeks, you ran to the kitchen, grabbing a knife.

With a grunt, Wonwoo pushed the door open, groaning as he felt the difference in temperature. His voice was all too familiar to you, and you dropped the knife, running to the door, nearly crying at the sight of your awkward boyfriend, who struggled to warm himself up.

He looked up, and a subtle smile made its way to his face.

Pulling out a bag of chips from the plastic, he held it up with a small smile. “Delivery.”

In an instant, you engulfed him in a hug, Wonwoo flinching slightly. 

He watched you look up, tears in your eyes. The look on his face dropped. 

“I bought the wrong bag of chips, didn’t I?”

You merely laughed, and buried your face in his chest, pulling him closer. “You’re such an idiot,” you mumbled, muffled.

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now since you've got the idea in my head, what would scorpius and albus drinking giggle water include?

I think this goes without saying but… giggling. Lots and lots of giggling. They’re going to be ‘drunk’ on their own laughter before the alcohol even hits their bloodstream.

Scorpius is going to start giggling before he’s even tasted it. Albus isn’t surprised at all. He’ll roll his eyes but still offer Scorpius the bottle first. The instantaneous giggle surprises them both. Scorpius slaps both his hands over his mouth and stares at Albus, eyes wide like he hadn’t expected it to actually happen. The sight makes Albus choke on his own sip, and the half giggle half cough that erupts from him only sets Scorpius off again. No giggle water required this time. Eventually, the two stop laughing long enough for Albus to pass the bottle back to Scorpius. The next giggle was expected but it still tickles them both. Albus didn’t think it was possible for Scorpius’s giggles to be any squeakier. Scorpius thinks he’s one to talk, has he heard himself right now??? The bottle is passed back and forth as they lose themselves in laughter. They don’t even know what they’re laughing at anymore. Everything is just. so. funny. Unsurprisingly, they completely lose track of the time…

Their roommates find them in complete hysterics. Scorpius is rolling around on the floor. (The only thing that makes this different from any other night is the empty bottle on Albus’s bed.) Albus is holding his stomach, clearly in pain from all the laughing he’s still doing. He tries to wipe away the tears streaming down his face on the bed curtains but in his drunken state, leans too far over and falls flat onto the floor. The boys of the seventh year dormitory wince but still no one intervenes. They watch as Scorpius “shhh! they’ll see us!” Malfoy finally notices their presence and quickly rolls away under Albus’s bed to ‘hide’ from them. A bewildered (and possibly concussed) Albus looks rather alarmed as he’s suddenly pulled backwards by his ankles under the bed too. A few seconds later there’s a bang as someone smacks their head on the underside of the bed and then an arm emerges. It reaches up, grabs the pillow, and it too disappears under the bed. They decide to leave them to it.

  • Pyrrha: Jaune? Are you okay?
  • Pyrrha: You're doing that thing where you stare blankly at your palm again.
  • Jaune: i just wound up googling "sexy cheerleader outfit" because of a conversation and it really put my life in perspective
  • Pyrrha:
  • Pyrrha: So are you saying you like that kind of-
  • Jaune: it was honestly kind of boring
  • Pyrrha:
  • Pyrrha: Oh.
  • Jaune: add that to the list of "things jaune ought to find sexy, at least on paper, but doesn't"

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An imagine about reacting to Barba's secret?

A/N: This turned out to be more angst filled than I expected. A big thank you to @ohbelieveyoume​, on whose blog I found the title of this imagine and with that the inspiration to write it. Let me know what you think

I strode into Barba’s office, and as calmly as I could asked, “How did you not tell about this?”

Without even looking up from his paperwork he said,  “It was a long time ago.”

“1776 was a long time ago but we are still feeling its effects.” How could he dismiss me like that? Trying to be civil I sank into the chair opposite his desk. 

He looked up at me and said. “I’m sorry… actually I’m not. I did what I thought was right.” He said it with a look that could have gotten him into “there but for the grace of God go I” society.  

“Without looking at the consequences?” I didn’t really want this fight. We were supposed to go to a Bed and Breakfast this weekend. I wanted to celebrate not have a knock out drag out fight.

“I was fully aware of the consequences.” At least he was looking at me now.

“You just never thought you’d get caught. We have these rules for a reason. I love you and your bleeding heart, but come the fuck on! Why would you…?”

“Because I needed to put him away.”

“So you ruined that woman’s life and with that her daughter’s life. You knew full well that she was going to buy cocaine. You didn’t care if she overdosed. Not to mention that having someone under the influence testify is fifty kinds of wrong. You just wanted your conviction. It didn’t matter probably didn’t hurt that it boosted your conviction rate.” Now he was angry. I had been wrong. I did want this fight. I needed him to realize how stupid he was.  

“He was a…”

“I don’t fucking care how bad he was. I don’t care if he was Satan incarnated. You have any idea what this means for you? They are going to go through every one of your cases, to see who else you “helped” along. You’ve effectively insured that you will never work again. Not only will you be disbarred, you’ll hung out to dry by everyone, and that’s not to mention the charges you could be facing. She was high on the stand Rafael! That makes her testimony invalid, and if this guy has 2 brain cells he’ll appeal his conviction and be out by the end of business, and then sue you for more than you’re worth.”

I took a breath and realized I was standing again.

“So? All that matters is that he’s behind bars.” He said this as if it was obvious, as if anyone else would have made the same call.  

“You don’t seem to get it. This “ends justify the means” bullshit doesn’t fly with me.” 

I felt like grabbing him, and shaking the gravity of situation into him. He stood up to fully face me, bracing his hands on his desk.

“Is this about me and my “transgression” or about you protecting your boss?”  

Without a thought I slapped him. He recoiled in stunned silence that I used to take a steadying breath and as evenly as I could I say:

“You want to know what I would have done if I just cared about my job? I would have put out a statement saying that “I had no knowledge of your actions and that I cannot condone any such actions.” That would have been it, but guess what I’m here. I am not even sure why anymore… You know what the worst part is? The fact that you kept paying her family off.”  

“I am not.” He said it with such conviction that I had to laugh. 

“You are. It’s blood money. You are trying to assuage your guilt by paying her off. It’s not out of some noble notion of helping out. It is because you feel guilty that you ripped that young girl’s life to shreds.” 

I looked into his eyes and knew I had crossed a line. There was no coming back from this and I felt an unexpected sadness settle into my chest. Tears started to well up in my eyes but I pushed them back down. I didn’t need this right now.  

“How dare you? I only want to help.” I realized that he needed to believe that he hadn’t caused irreparable damage. That what he had done was worth it.

“Is that what you tell yourself so you can sleep at night? Do you have any idea what’s going to happen to you?” He opened his mouth to reply but I cut him off again. I needed to get this off my chest. “Spare me the fucking martyr act. Your precious Liv might get it, but I don’t. How could throw everything you’ve worked for away?”

“I am so sorry if ruined your chances of getting into the next fundraising meeting.”  

It would have hurt less if he had punched me. Did he really think that little of me? Without another word I picked up my phone off his desk and made to leave, but he caught me at the door.

“Don’t you dare, we are going to finish this conversation.”  

“No we aren’t.” I looked him in the eye. I needed my next words to land, because I wasn’t sure I was strong enough to repeat them “I am done. This is over.” Without another word I pushed passed him and out the door.

The second I was out of Carmen’s eye-line I ducked into the nearest bathroom. The second the door closed behind me the tears I had been fighting finally broke through. When I had calmed down a bit I opened my purse and pulled out the little plastic stick that I had bought last night. I had actually been excited to see the two pink lines. They had seemed so cheerful, so… right.

Now it felt like all the happiness had been sucked out the world. I stared at the stick for a long minute, remembering the wonder that had been the last year of my relationship with Rafael, but I knew it was over. The fact that we had lasted this long was a miracle. Taking a deep breath I wiped the tears off my face and before leaving the bathroom threw the stick into the nearest trashcan.

Thin Walls (Jaehyun x Reader)

Hey! Long time no see! It’s been a minute since I last posted something or filled a request, and the guilt of not doing so was slowly eating away at me lol I managed to throw this one together after forever and it took so long because I was struggling hard core on the actual smut. It’s just so difficult trying not to repeat a scene I’ve done previously in the exact same way, etc. But finals are coming up, and I’ll be trying my darndest to chip away at these requests as best as I can! Hope you all enjoy this one!!!

P.S. I miss his curly permed hair, it brought me so much joy :’) He just looks so soft and cuddly, bless his soul I love him so so much !!

Originally posted by oh-prankster

Moving to one of the biggest cities, you had your hopes high, but not too high. You knew it wasn’t a perfect place, with perfect people who had perfect lives and perfect apartments. There were the dumpster divers, the druggies in the alleyways, and the snobs that flaunted their glittery 24 caret plumage on their wrists and necks, suffocating themselves with mink coats and expensive cigarettes. But you were determined to ignore all of it, the people who mattered were like you; starving, but alive, living their big dreams regardless of the struggle. You clung to those people, the places they frequented, and learned to love and appreciate the side of this city that was your new home. You were stable and free now, able to pursue the things you enjoyed and make a living to support yourself. 

If there was one thing you loved above all else, it was your flat. It had been a treasure find during a hot summer night not very different from the one now, your mind a little hazed by the one too many drinks you’d tipped back at a friend’s house party. Your body buzzing as you wandered back to your temporary home at a hotel, feeling drawn to take a new street instead of the subway.

The sign was a rickety chalkboard with words scribbled across it in blue chalk, advertising an empty apartment for rent. You almost paid no heed to it, wanting nothing more than to collapse in your bed and pass out, maybe even throw up in the nearest trash can. Something prompted you to grab one of the pamphlets pinned to the board and shove it in your purse for later, didn’t hurt to try, right? You didn’t think twice about it until the next morning when the sun cracked above the horizon, bolting upright and scrabbling for your cellphone to dial the number, despite your massive head ache from your hangover. Pickings were slim in the trendy city of Seoul, millions of people vying for a place to call their own, you had to give it a try because it might be your only chance for a while. Plus, you were tired of hopping from one cheap hotel to the next and crashing at your friends’ flats. You needed a place to call your own.

A soft spoken old woman had picked up, her motherly voice cooing like a mourning dove as she gave you a time to stop by to tour the flat. You had arrived way too early due to eagerness, the building being located on one of the most popular and famous streets only added to its charm. Lovely and eclectic themed coffee shops, boutiques, and makeup and bookstores lined the street, making it one of the busiest. If you weren’t already ready to sign the dotted line, the moment you walked in was the last word.

When she had brought you up that creaky elevator that seemed to soar up and up into the sky, your breath had been taken away as soon as you walked into the apartment. It wasn’t the newest, but it had an old charm to it. Exposed brick on the outer walls, windows stretching wide to depict the city skyline, and it could be all yours. She had warned you about some problems like creaky pipes, leaks, and especially the thin walls since you shared one with one other apartment. You could care less at that point, already ready to sign the contract and call the humble little place yours.

So here you were now, the humid night setting in as you sat lounging on your couch, dripping in sweat and absolutely sweltering. All your windows were cracked, the old AC cranked as high as it could go, and one greasy fan that struggled to spin, which hardly made much of a difference at all. You were dressed in only your underwear and a sports bra, trying to cool yourself off as you pressed an ice pack to the back of your neck with another annoyed groan.

Today had been your day off, wanting nothing more than to go outside and enjoy it, but the heat was so stifling you’re sure you would have roasted under the sun in five minutes. So you stayed inside, trying to mind your own business as usual and take a day to yourself. All afternoon you heard the same old usual sounds from your next door neighbor, not even bothered by the incredible thinness of the wall that divided your two apartments anymore. He was young and gorgeous, a college student living off campus, pursuing a degree in music. You’d met him only on a few occasions, and he was sweet and personable enough, but it felt like the two of you were connected somehow. You knew him better than those simple hellos in the hallway and so did he. The wall was so thin and hollow that the two of you could almost perfectly hear what the other was doing all the time, which irked and frightened you at first. Sometimes it even felt like your flats weren’t separated at all, you wouldn’t have been surprised if you saw him walking around your living room one day.

You didn’t want to lie to yourself, he really was completely beautiful. Your heart nearly leapt into your throat every time you saw him smile, his dimples poking out cutely at even the smallest quirk of his soft looking lips. He towered over you, making your pulse race whenever he stopped you in the hallway to let you know about a problem the building was having, his warm hand burning a permanent brand on your shoulder. You couldn’t say you were in love with him, not yet. But you could say you liked him very, very much and at the moment was completely entranced by him.

Jung Jaehyun loved to sing, his velvety voice usually would ring throughout your floor during the day. He sang everything, even his own compositions, which he knew you could hear, almost like he wanted to know your opinion. You loved to listen to him while you cooked, or when you showered, sometimes humming or singing softly back to him, just so you could let him know it was okay for him to continue. In all honestly, you enjoyed it more than you realized, and he knew it too.

Little did you know, he knew a lot of things. Those walls kept no secrets, especially the ones you wouldn’t even dare utter aloud.

Passing him in the thin, musty hallway always seemed to make your heart beat fast enough to burst from your chest. You were sure that he could probably see your whole body shaking from just the greeting he shot you, dimples poking out coyly as he pressed himself against the wall to let you pass. He smelled like a man, rough and homey, something familiar and something that made you crave to be near him again and again. You hated how easily he could twist you around his finger and the two of you were barely friends, just neighbors politely living next to one another.

You let your head fall back against the couch, the magazine you were using to fan yourself picking up speed as you thought of your neighbor and his mischievous ways. He was probably in the same position as you, slouched onto his couch, most likely gloriously shirtless as he attempted to break the relentless heat wave that was trapped in the city. Your face turned a darker shade of red, childishly tossing your magazine across the room as your mind swam with desirable images of Jaehyun lounging on his couch with less and less clothing as time went by. You groaned loudly, standing up to go suffer in bed when you heard a familiar noise on the other side of the wall, a velvety humming.

You crept silently over to the wall, wincing every time a rickety floorboard creaked. Settling softly against the wall, you pressed your ear to it, straining to hear just what was happening on the other side. It was a gentle hum, reminiscent of a cat purring, so close to the wall the sound tingled your ear. His voice so silky that even the most expensive lengerie couldn’t compete with the sheer amount of sexiness and comfort you received from hearing it.

The good part comes between wanting and needing,” Jaehyun crooned from behind the wall, and you turned to press your forehead to the faded blue paint, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear as you swayed back and forth where you sat. He knew oh so well how much you loved it when he sang sensual pieces; knew how much the sound of him humming those words turned you on. It was an unspoken arrangement that neither of you were prepared to mention when you passed each other in the hall.

Because who knew what would happen if you did? Where it would lead?

You swore you heard the boy on the other side give a sharp inhale of breath, but paid no attention when he sang the next bit, “When it’s less about eating and more about feeding.”

Biting your lip, you slid a hand up and down your exposed thigh, sighing wantonly when you heard him shift on the other side. You wished desperately for him to be in front of you, arms open for you, lips waiting to be kissed, and eyes filled to the brim with lust. You gave a soft gasp as you slid a hand over your panties, feeling a heat beginning to grow in your stomach, and a wetness form in between your legs.

In between…right where you wanted Jaehyun.

You heard him shudder on the other side of the wall, the erotic and strangely familiar metallic sound of a belt unbuckling caused your hips to buck into your fingers that were gliding over the covered folds of your heat. You pressed a finger to your clit and bit back a moan when you heard the clunk of a buckle hitting the wood floors, a relieved groan reached you through the wall and you cried out in response.

How he managed to continue to sing was a mystery to you, but you could hardly believe you ears as he sang, “You know the best could always be better.” You pulled your panties down your smooth thighs and immediately slid a finger into your soaking heat, illiciting a gasp that mirrored Jaehyun’s. The way you practically dripped onto the wood floors made you blush as your walls tightened around you finger. You could practically hear the smirk in his voice, barely being able to imagine him without passing out from want; pants unbottoned, belt messily undone, briefs hastily pulled down in order to let his hard member breathe. His hand almost shaking as he attempted to control the quavering in his voice, “When the hardest could be harder…”

You heard him groan and you moaned in response, nails clawing against the wall as you pumped your fingers inside yourself, imagining it was him. You slumped against the wall and used your other hand to rub your clit hurriedly, feeling so close you could hardly stand it. You clung on to each word, knowing his hand was moving in tandem with yours, breathing synchronized as he practically moaned the next words, “And the wettest is wetter.”

You cried out his name, just about to finally come when his voice cut you short, “Stop, _____.”

You immediately retracted you hand while panting, waiting for him to continue, wanting to whine from your need to release. His voice was low, calm and full of command, but you heard how he strained to keep it level. “Listen closely, baby girl. Go unlock your door. Then I want you in your bed. Naked. Do you understand?”

Your lips quivered in want, “Yes.”

You didn’t wait for him to tell you to go, your body moved quickly, instinctively and driven by want as you scrambled to the door. Your hands trembled as you slid the lock over, hardly believing what you were about to do. You clambered towards your bedroom, clicking all the lights off and flicking on your bedside lamp and fairy lights you had strewn over your headboard. Then you yanked your curtains open on your large window that took up an entire wall, allowing the rainbow ambient light ofSeoul to seep in through the glass. You stilled for a moment, hearing footsteps in the hallway, the clunk of your door handle being grasped as it was turned. You panicked and struggled to rip off your panties and sports bra, realizing as soon as you hopped on your bed that your entire room was a disaster. You were about to scream into the nearest pillow when you heard short knocks on your door frame. Too late now.

He was too much, period. The boy was sculpted from something close to the gods, with a body gorgeously lean, his frame broad, and legs long enough for you to climb. He wore nothing but a pair of dark briefs, the outline of his hard member pressing insistently against the fabric as if taunting you. Everything about him was either dark or light, a contrast that made your knees weak. His dark hair was a beautiful mess, like he frequently ran his fingers through it. His ebony eyes drew you in and kept you there, not allowing your own gaze to wander anywhere else. Jaehyun stepped towards the bed, fingers running over the cool silk of your sheets you had spent so much money on. You saw a small smile flicker over his lips that made your body quiver, knowing exactly what he was thinking.

It’s going to be fun ruining that silk.

When he got onto the bed, you gasped at the predator look in his eyes as he crawled towards you on all fours. The bed creaked lightly as you shifted back on instinct, even though you felt so drawn toward him, wanting nothing more than to finally touch him. You realized you have never laid a single finger on him and he you, but both of you were so completely enraptured with one another even when there was a wall separating you. It was honestly poetic, and strangely beautiful.

Unmuffled, his voice was even more velvety, “You don’t know how often I thought about this very scenario.” He laid you down and crawled up your body, careful to not touch you, not yet. “All those nights when I could hear you touching yourself, moaning my name as you finally came.”

Your body shook, wanting to squeeze your eyes shut from embarrassment, but Jaehyun held your gaze. You pressed your thighs together as he leaned closer to you, his hair tickling your forehead, “Were you imagining my fingers, baby girl? Or maybe my tongue?”

You could hardly answer, eyes wide as his lips barely grazed yours as he whispered, “If you really want it that bad, princess, why don’t I give it to you?”

With that he closed the gap between your bodies, allowing his entire frame to press against you along with his soft lips. They glided so easily against yours, like they were meant for one another. One of his hands came up to tangle in your hair, allowing him complete control of you as he slipped his sinful tongue into your mouth. You moaned in appreciation at the slick feeling of his tongue sliding against yours, tasting the tea he had been drinking earlier. He pulled away for air, panting as he slid down your body dragging his tongue over your  skin. He pressed wet kisses to your breasts and ribs, hands gripping your hips as he groaned against your skin, “I’m going to cover every inch of your skin with my tongue, until your fucking begging for it, baby girl.”

You gazed down at him as he worked lower and lower, your body glistening from where his mouth left. Hovering over your dripping heat, he blew cool air on it, smirking at the way you arched off the bed. The moment his tongue made contact with your lower lips, your hand found his dark locks, tangling your fingers through them. He released a groan from the taste, attacking your clit with his lips as he sucked at it mercilessly. His ebony eyes stared up at you and you could feel the smirk against your inner thigh as he went to bite at the soft skin there, leaving a dark purple hickey. He didn’t leave just one though, that wasn’t Jaehyun’s style. He wanted to wake up to you tomorrow morning, thighs littered with bruises and violently purple hickeys. As he nosed along your inner thighs, your body began to tremble and ache as he revisited old markings, biting and pressing kisses to them, “J-Jaehyun!…Please!”

He pulled away and regarded you with amusement, “Please what, baby girl?” He was enjoying himself, dragging his tongue over those cheeky bruises proudly.

You shifted your hips to make your point clear, too embarrassed to ask aloud for what you really wanted him to do. He tilted his head innocently, licking his bottom lip from one corner to the other as he traced his tongue over your taste. Deep down you realized that Jaehyun wouldn’t give you what you wanted if you didn’t give him what he wanted. It was a game of give and take, and you needed to swallow your pride.

You gulped, voice straining with want, “P-please fuck me with your fingers and tongue, Jaehyun.”

“Hmmm,” he simpered, letting a finger lightly trace over your clit. “Since you were such a good listener earlier, I’ll give you what you want.” He leaned closer to your lower lips, but stopped himself, looking up at you through his lashes as he whispered, “Make sure to pay me back later though.”

You let out a sigh of relief as he began to eat you out, his tongue doing things you’d only imagined before all of this. You almost had to pinch yourself because everything felt so surreal. Your neighbor, who you’ve only politely spoken to in the hallway, was now eating you out better than any other person you’ve been with. You weren’t sure you were going to survive until morning.

Jaehyun worked a finger past your folds, the slickness of your heat allowing it to slide in easily. At the sound of your moans of approval, he worked another finger in with a small smirk, hardly believing all this was happening as well. He held the same sentiments as you, having to mentally slap himself from stopping just to stare in awe at you. You had to be the most beautiful and interesting girl he’d ever laid eyes upon, the first moment he saw you he was already decided. You were his muse. The mysterious subject to his songs he wrote, the girl in all of them…they were you.

“______,” he hummed your name, allowing his tongue to soak in your taste, committing your moans and sounds of pleasure to memory. To him, they were more beautiful than any song he could compose, completely gorgeous. His fingers quickened their pace, feeling your walls convulse around them as you neared release. He pulled his mouth away, allowing his fingers to do all the work as he regarded you with that dangerous look in his eyes again. He looked like a predator debating whether he was going to eat you now or later as he murmured, “Should I let you come, ________? Have you earned it?”

You whimpered, hands scrabbling for his hair and tugging at it insistantly, “Y-yes.”

He slowed his pace, brows furrowing, “Yes, who?”

“Yes, Jaehyun!…,” you recovered frantically, hips urging him along as he continued at his original pace.

“That’s what I thought,” he simpered, fingers thrusting into you so powerfully that your body rocked the bed. “How bad do you want it? Tell me just how bad you want me to make you come.”

His fingers, quickening slightly, distracted you as you attempted to form a coherent sentence, “I-I want it, Jaehyun!” Thinking swiftly, you added, “Please, baby!” Looking pitiful was always a good way to get what you wanted, or it could just make things much worse.

Luckily, Jaehyun’s dark eyes softened as he saw the tears beginning to pool in yours, “Whatever you want, baby girl.” He bent his head down again, his hot breath on your inner thighs sending your mind into overdrive as he latched onto your clit and his fingers sped up. Your toes curled, thighs trembling as your high approached, hips rolling into Jaehyun mouth as you fucked back against his fingers. You cried out, body shaking as he finger fucked you through your high, drawing out that feeling of ecstasy for as long as he could.

He didn’t stop there though, he kept going long after your release ended. Weakened by your orgasm you squirmed beneath him and his mouth as he continued to work you, fingers not quitting their breakneck pace. You cried out, hands weakly trying to push him away as the overstimulation made your thighs shake, “J-Jaehyun please!…”

Tears of passion leaked down your face from the sheer pleasure he was giving you, only pulling away after he glanced up and saw them. He immediately pulled your body into his chest and kissed the tear tracks from your cheeks, hushing you softly. You took a shaky breath as he laid you down on your back, hovering over you. His eyes raced over your curves and features, fingers tracing your Cupid’s bow as he pressed kissed to your lips and neck. He sucked another hickey, this time very noticeably on your neck; the boy had to have an obsession with marking, you decided, not the least bit upset by that fact. Your eyelids slid close as his mouth worked over your neck, your hand sliding down his chest to his hips, sliding over his briefs to brush against his member.

He let out a soft groan, his hips rocking into your hand begging, wanting for more touch. You massaged him over his too tight briefs, wanting nothing more than to give him relief and feel him inside you. Your lips brushed against his ear as you whispered softly, “I want you so bad, Jaehyun.”

You felt him shiver above you, his hands already traveling from your hips to the waistband at his. He seemed to tower above you as he slid his briefs off, allowing you to stare as he kneeled above your body. You took in his lean muscles, your nails softly raking down his chest which caused him to release a shaky breath from the feeling. Your soaked heat throbbed at the sight of his erect member that weeped precum, your body already ready to feel another release.

Acting purely out of lust and a little bit of instinct, you pushed him off of you and turned around, getting on your hands and knees. You immediately felt his hands on your hips as he bent over your body and pressed open mouth kisses to your back. Seeing you like this somehow sobered Jaehyun up, his lips moving softly against your skin as he murmured, “Are you sure, ______?”

You could tell by his voice that he was making sure this wasn’t going to be something you would regret or try to brush off. You felt commitment and real affection in Jaehyun’s touch, which reassured you and gave you hope for what would come out of all of this. You were definitely sure, “Yes, I trust you, baby.”

You felt a smile against your skin, the feeling of the atmosphere suddenly so much more intimate and romantic as he teased your opening with the tip of his member. You breathed out to steady yourself as he carefully pushed into you, your walls already so tight around him. Jaehyun groaned at the satisfying feeling, his hands that gripped your hips squeezed you tightly. You let out a gasp, the same emotions washing over you as well as he slid in to the hilt easily. You felt connected, complete.

You urged him to move by rocking back into him, his hips rolling into you as you gave him your approval. The warmth of the day was nowhere close to the burning heat you were feeling now, the way Jaehyun’s hips snapped into you as he pummeled your core left you completely star struck. You could feel him panting against the skin of your back as he drove his cock deeper and deeper into you. Minutes felt like hours as he fucked you into pleasurable oblivion, his stamina impressive. When his thrusts became more eratic, you reached down to rub your clit, hips pulled by his warm hands to fuck back against him.

His velvet voice sounded tight as he groaned, “Baby girl, you’re gonna make me come.”

As he spoke those words, you couldn’t help but almost release; every time he opened his mouth your body practically shook. Your walls slid around him, tightening as you neared your second high of the night, “Ah!…”

“Fuck!,” he cursed, releasing his hot seed inside of you, his head thrown back as you came as well. Your arms have put underneath you and your face pressed deeply into the sheets as Jaehyyn groaned above you, his hips rocking ever so slightly to prolong his orgasm. Your body felt on fire, hair sticking to your forehead as he pulled out of you gently.

Your mind was a complete blur as Jaehyyn carefully cleaned you up, pressing kisses as he made you comfortable, hardly realizing that you were laying in his arms. He played with your messy hair, untangling the knots left by him during his passion as he hummed soothingly. As your head cleared, you attempted to think of something to say, anything really. The entire situation was whack, to say the least. You just had sex with your neighbor, after masturbating with him, and having only really talked to him a few times in the hallway. You were crazy and your skin was heating up at the fact that you had tricked yourself earlier into thinking he might have real feelings for you.

Disappoint began to seep into your bones as you turned to him, afraid to make eye contact with his burning gaze. You might as well break the silence, get it over with and rip it off like a bandaid. Mustering up the courage, you murmured his name, “Jaehyun.”

“Hm?,” he hummed, fingers now tracing your nose and cheekbones. His sweet actions hurt you, knowing that they honestly meant nothing. He looked up at you expectantly, eyebrows raised in curiosity as he saw you preparing yourself like you were about to give him a speech or lecture.

He was just being polite.

“You-,” you started horribly, stuttering as you tripped over your own words, “L-listen, I-”

“_______.” He stopped you, pushing a lock of hair behind your ear. You bit your tongue as he spoke up, gentle and reassuring, “Don’t worry about it. It’s okay.”

You felt like you were burst into tears at any moment, those words of his only adding to your false hope. Your lip quivered, “It’s not okay though.”

“No, it is,” he cupped your cheek, drawing you impossibly closer into his arms. His dark eyes suddenly changed, a nervousness penetrating them as his entire counternance shifted and something so innocent and puppy-like was left behind. You watched as he bit his lip and looked away from you, his voice soft, “Can I tell you something?”

You were confused, but nodded anyway as he propped himself up on his elbow. He picked at your bedding anxiously, “This isn’t how I wanted it to happen.” Jaehyun breathed out deeply, almost in an annoyed huff, “I wanted to take you out for coffee, go to my favorite book store, show you the best record shop this side of the city…but that didn’t happen.” He flopped onto his back, passing a hand over his face as your jaw practically dropped to the floor, “But I went and rushed it, all because I was fucking horny and knew you were probably listening…”

He rolled his eyes, “I’m literally such a dumb ass. I hope you’ll forgive me because I really really like you, ______.” He glanced over at you and his eyes widened at your shocked expression, “What?”

“You mean it? You mean all of it?,” you whispered, heart racing as he turned towards you again.

“Of course I do, baby girl,” he replied, a small smile lifting the corners of his soft lips. You mirrored his look when you noticed his dimples poking out, begging for you to give them a kiss.

And you did, just because you could.

He laughed a beautifully melodic laugh, his eyes smiling, hair messy, with dimples framing his face as he pressed kiss after kiss to your body. Honestly, you still couldn’t believe your luck. Or was it luck at all? Jaehyun couldn’t believe it either as you snuggled into his chest and drifted off to sleep feeling content and peaceful. Everything was changing from here on out, and it definitely was for the better.

dear 2am reader
with a half-written suicide note
signed by dreams of permanent escape, 
i’ve been where you are.
which is not to say i understand.
which is not to say—i’m sorry.
so maybe a sunrise wouldn’t be enough to save you;
i think it wouldn’t be enough for me either.
the last time you felt joy is remembered, barely
what with earthquakes cracking around your ears
and you half-deaf to disaster. but i want to tell you this:
don’t break the promises you made to your best friend
when you said you’d be there for them forever.
one of these days, wrest an apology from your parents
for the shit they’ve put you through; you deserve it.
make sure your younger siblings get a chance to be
all that you never were. try not to leave anyone behind.
you won’t run out of words; you’ll only run out of time,
so use what you have while you can. i’m sorry—
which is to say, you have a lot left to live for.
i hope you do. i hope you do. i hope you do.
—  survival suits you || a. cho, 10 / 365

Getting gooey on topic (gosh I love that phrase)

I hate how people conscious or not demonize Bismuth.

Theres people who is always like “b-but Bismuth tried to kill Steven!” and tbh by this point the only ones who haven’t tried to kill Steven directly or indirectly is Garnet… Y’all seem to LOVE Lapis or Peridot or Pearl or Amethyst when they all have fucked it up big near to Stevo but suddenly Bismuth is the one to hate?.

And then theres like… theres this people who say “Why does she has to be the angry beefy girl!?!!” when… she is not? she is a very caring, very lovely sweet big girl, she cracks jokes and giggles, she is supportive and very careful and enjoyable, and like…. NOTICE HOW SHE TALKS TO STEVEN THE FIRST WAY THEY SEE EACH OTHER! Notice how sweet, polite and soft the is, Bismuth is a HUGE DORK. 

And her situation is pretty easy to understand, she tried to do good and Rose, the leader, the one who told her to fight for what’s right suddenly shushed her down and told her that the best was not killing the enemies. Wherever you agree or disagree with Bismuth’s ways to deal with stuff, it’s a situation pretty easy to get your shoes in.

She felt betrayed by Rose, and after all those years bubbled she discovers that SHE could have changed it all, and now that she tries again, Steven tells her no, with the same words Rose did… 

We would ALL be angry, we would ALL be mad, and we don’t know how further we would go unless we live that situation… because is easy to say like “I would try to calm down and see why they are saying that!” or “I would do this instead of violence” this kind of situations are something that happen in the heat of the moment and you can’t just think the same way while being calm.

Bismuth deserves a better treatment.

hey all!!

i was going to post something on liverpepper but didnt quite have it in me yet. i’m working up to it though!! my depression has hit the peak of peaks in the past couple months and it has been.. rough. i feel like i spend most days just laying down staring at the ceiling, and for a long time ive just been super apathetic about pretty much everything, which is never fun, but then just this week i got hit with some liverpepper feelios and remembered how much i love it and miss it, and it seems to be helping shake some of the sads off :”)

BUT, not to make this a sad weepy post (i’m sorry!!), i do want to say that ive finally got my tablet+laptop situation sorted out for the most part, so for anyone still waiting on commissions, i’m going to tackle those this week, promise!

i hope everybody’s been doing well, and i miss you all, and i hope i start to feel more like myself real soon!!

Monsta X reaction to you being affectionate or touchy while sleeping

requested by anon~

hey guys, it’s been awhile since i’ve posted something. i apologize for being super duper later with this request (since i’ve been super busy with two thesis papers, artworks to be passed, and other projects ;-;) i hope you guys enjoy this! credits to the owners for this gifs.


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Shownu; Shownu was just about to fall asleep when he felt you snuggling your face closer to his chest and wrapping your arms around his waist. It was the first time that the two of you slept beside each other after months of being away. He’d be blushing so hard that he wouldn’t know what to do. He’d actually stiffen by your touch and would be blank for a minute or so. He’d slowly look at you and see you peacefully sleeping beside him while having a smile on your face. Shownu would then break into a sincere smile before hugging you back, nuzzling his head on top of yours and give it a light kiss before drifting off to dreamland.

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Wonho; By the minute he laid down beside you, he’d be so surprised when you immediately turned towards his direction and snuggled closer to his body, wrapping your leg around his waist and placing your arm on his chest. He’d actually like this side of you, like literally like like it. At first, he thought that you were acting like you were asleep but then when he waves a hand in front of your face, you didn’t react or anything. This would make him look at you with softened gaze and slowly caress his fingers on your cheek, pinching them lightly since he became really fond of this side of yours. 

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Minhyuk; This boy man would be totally enthusiastic about this. For a couple of nights, he first observed this side of yours and started to hypothesize. He’d casually ask you about it in the day but you wouldn’t answer him directly. Finally, at the nth night, you unconsciously caressed your hand on his chest as you snuggled close to him. It finally came to Minhyuk. You were the type of person to cling on someone when you fall asleep, duuhhh. He’d be all smiles the whole night. He’d immediately pull you into a tight hug which would make you stir for a second but would fall asleep again. 

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Kihyun; At first, Kihyun would be totally cool with it. He’d calm his beating heart by the second your lips left his neck. You unconsciously kissed his neck when you were asleep. Kihyun would call out your name but would not receive any response from you. He’d look down and see that you were peacefully asleep. Kihyun would be fidgety, like so bad, that he’d be sweating. His heart would beat really fast and he’d literally stiffen when he feels your hand move. He’d try to decipher what just truly happened before giggling, facing towards your direction and pulling you a lot more close to him.

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Hyungwon; Chae. Hyung. Won. would not notice at the first two nights of sleeping beside each other. Whenever the two of you lay your heads on the pillows, both of you would be knocked out in just seconds. Then this day finally came, you fell asleep before him and when he laid down beside you, he felt your arms snaking around his waist. At first he’d be startled but then would breaking into a teasing smile. He’d literally love this. Hyungwon would have a smug look on his face before taking a selfie with you hugging him. 

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Jooheon; Jooheon decided to write some songs on the bed. He carefully sat down beside you and was about to start writing down the lyrics when you hugged him by the belly. He’d freak out for a moment since he was caught of guard but would smile at the sight of you hugging him. He’d be giggling and giggling while pushing away the strands of hair away from your face. Thousands of lyrics would come rushing out of his brain when you continued to hug him. But then since he couldn’t resist your cuteness, he’d turn off his laptop and sleep beside you with his arms wrapping around your waist. 

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Changkyun; It’s been a couple of months since he came back. By the moment he came into the room, he saw you fast asleep beside an empty space. He’d lay down beside you and by the second he lays his head on the pillow, you’d immediately snuggle your face onto his neck before placing your hands on his chest. Changkyun would soften at the gesture and would do the exact same thing he’s doing in the gif. He’d stay awake for a couple of minute while studying your face and planting small kisses onto your lips before drifting off to dreamland with you.