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Hi Tay! I’m new to posting things on tumblr (normally I just stalk ur account in a non creepy way I swear) so this is really new to me?? I he no idea what I’m doing but HEY i made an olliness aesthetic! I love ur kids with all my heart and have been watching them grow and develop and I can’t wait for their story!! so ya! hope you like it? Love you and ur art very much xx

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hey dad, i just wanted to say i get your posts on notifications bc you make my day AND yay for pnw ^.^ also, how Canon is it that victor loves yuuri wearing those embarrassing 90s stirrup leggings that hook under the sole of your foot?

the most erotic thing that victor nikiforov has seen in his 27 years of life is yuuri katsuki in the ballet studio stretching in a pair of old stirrup leggings where the spandex is worn through so you can see the perfect outline of his ass, and a crop top that says THICK THIGHS SAVE LIVES

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I just wanted to pop in and say Hey the way you draw hands is fucking rad as Shit and it's made me want to start practicing hands again!

oh my god this is so ironic bc i dont know a thing abt hands or anatomy and am faking absolutely any and all possible strengths in those aspects ajfkfjs THANK YOU THO im very iffy on how i draw hands so this made me feel better abt them lmao

im glad you want to draw hands more tho!! im glad to have inspired you that much :0c

hey guys, i’m looking for more blogs to follow. i know i just made a post like this recently, but i unfollowed a bunch of people in the last week so i need to follow some new blogs + my dash is lacking color again 

please reblog this if you post the things below and i’ll check out your blog!

  • xmen movies + cast (and comics)
  • star wars movies + cast
  • marvel (avengers, agents of shield, spiderman) + cast
  • shows like gravity falls and atla
  • other films (wonder woman, lord of the rings, the hunger games, etc.)
  • cute animals (mainly doggos)
  • lots of color please !!!
  • and i prefer blogs with a tagging system

you don’t need to follow me but i’d appreciate if you’d at least check out my blog (i love getting new mutuals!) and please put what you post in your tags! thank you!


HERE IT IS AFTER FOUR HOURS OF SLEEP,  AND CONSTANT REARRANGING. Ahem. Anyway, sometimes I can’t sleep so I think about my crushes on older men and what it would be like to do all the things I would want to do in a relationship with them, so I thought, “hey why not try to make another playlist for this?” These songs are mostly songs I heard throughout my life from a child when I was at that age where I thought boys my own age were stupid and older men were something from a whole ‘nother level that made my heart race and my cheeks rosy to right here right now as a fresh faced adult. Here you go, hope you guys enjoy it, take inspiration from it, and feel free to suffer from the lovesick feels with me.

1. May Jailer- You, Mister - https://youtu.be/oKddpW0TOVI
2. Juan Luis Guerra- Bachata Rosa
v.1 studio version - https://youtu.be/PkhSqy7ldEg
v.2 live music video version w/ english lyrics - https://youtu.be/wFkAxnja1TA
3. Johnny Mathis- Chances Are - https://youtu.be/-7ECVVoE7DI
4. Prima- Distant Moon - https://youtu.be/6kQ-pOfNgQs
5. Nicole Dollanganger- Smitten With You - https://youtu.be/xb7KeSUv3Q0
6. Poppy- Lowlife - https://youtu.be/orK1R0X8Rv0
7. Coldplay- Something Just Like This - https://youtu.be/-NTWXdrX-qc
8. Sixpence None the Richer- Kiss Me - https://youtu.be/8N-qO3sPMjc
9. Lana Del Rey- Once Upon a Dream - https://youtu.be/8waJ7W3QcJc

(THANK YOU AGAIN SIR PATRICK ANON 😍😍😍YOU ARE TOO MUCH!!! Hope you can all enjoy it as well :3)
Hey guys, I am back!

So, You all may have noticed how my blog is completely blank. Well, I have decided to restart my blog! Still doing writing and still Fishy, just thought this would be easier since everything was so jumbled and ugh. I am gonna start tagging everything and there…./MAY/ be a new thing going on with my super LAME OC. You guys know Swedish Fish? The candy? Yeah, Fishy is a candy fish now. Completely made of candy and sugar. yay.

Rules will be updated later!

Love you all so much! *Hugs*

Have a great day, okay? OH! ALSO! I am deleting all the asks in my inbox rn, so when the askbox is open you can re-send them!

Just asking stuff to talk is fine though! I love talking to you all! So, seeya later, loves! *Smooches*

Hey this is a binder psa.
Let me be clear from the beginning, I’m cis and have no experience actually wearing binders however I am a lifeguard trained in heat safety and first aid among other things.

Wearing them in the pool or in other bodies of water is a bad idea. It’s violates health codes in the cases of pools and water parks. Especially one made of cotton. They soak up water and can get damaged if chlorine isn’t properly washed out. I’ve had enough expensive racing suits bleached and stretched by the pool to attest to this.

Ill fitting or improper binder can cause chest pain and shortness of breath. Something that can be lethal in the pool. If you do wear one, tell the lifeguards on duty. It’s really important that we’re aware of an extra step invade we need to use an AED or perform cpr.

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Can I ask why people have always suspected Melissa of being A/AD/Uber A? I never really felt like any of the theories had solid, "oh wow I get it" motives, there were just clues that led to her. She can't really say she's been protecting Spencer, so I've always been confused.

I think she just always seemed a little shady. I don’t think there was any definitive thing that made people go hey wow! 

This was my original Melissa is Black Widow theory and the idea was simply that everybody Melissa has ever known ended up dead lol

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Hey Babadad, I'm cosplaying you in September and I'm wondering if you'll mind if I made a shirt that said "I'm just here to eat worms and be fabulous?" Because that might just be the best thing I've read in a while. (PS: definitely ask the Bye Bye Man out, I bet he'd make a great boyfriend!)

Do It

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Thomas I hope you're okay with all the current drama, I personally believe that you did nothing wrong at all. You're always making sure you're inclusive and doing the right thing, sorry your fandom's exploded :(

Hey!! Yeah, I’m doing fine!! Please don’t worry, these sorts of things happen sometimes and it gets very hard to address and handle all at once! I have made mistakes though, so please don’t feel like you have to defend all that I do, that’s not your responsibility, and I’ve been doing what I can to make sure things were addressed!

There was a piece of art of myself that was posted a while back that I put under a Read More and tagged nsfw because it was, and it was revealed later, after the artists’ bio was updated, that they were not of appropriate age, and that was a complete mistake on my part to make sure! I’ve always made a point to clarify, if people asked me, that if they were to do any nsfw art of me and submit it, that they should be of appropriate age to be doing so. My tumblr started as a personal blog and I thought tagging things appropriately would be enough, but this occurrence absolutely made me rethink how my blog was laid out and how much more consideration I needed to be putting into my blog and who was viewing it, so I made a public apology for it yesterday (in the #TSask) and decided to restructure my blog in order to make sure this never happens again. Posts I deemed too questionable, I have removed and if they ever go up again, they would be going up on a sideblog of some kind. I absolutely appreciate those who brought this up to me. I should have been the one to catch it, and I need to be far more vigilant about what I post from here on out!

There was also the post I responded to about why I felt it right to include asexuals and aromantics of any combination in the community. I’ve been having many really awesome and respectful conversations with people on both sides of this argument and its been really good, for me and I think for a lot of them, to gain understanding on where we’re both coming from. I am so grateful to those who came to me and got to discuss with me incredibly important things to remember and respect: the early struggles of the trans and gay community, the Stonewall Riots, the travesties and systemic oppression that still happen around the world today that need to be fought. We also got to discuss issues like arranged marriages that affect people on all areas of the spectrum. We talked about different demographics of the community and where they would like to stand or not stand. And the importance of limited resources made available to people of the community were discussed with me as well. I’ve been so absolutely grateful to those of you who came to me and are still coming to me to talk through these things, because I don’t claim to know everything, and many of the discussions were ended wonderfully respectfully. In the end, obviously, I have no, or maybe just really little, say in what defines the community. In what I say, I am absolutely making no attempt to prioritize people over another, because there are some extreme things that need to be fought. I can only be in control of myself and who I deem to be valid and who I would like to offer my support. I truly am trying to put myself in everyone’s shoes and see where they’re coming from. And I am so grateful so many of you came to me so respectfully to talk! That’s amazing! That, I think, is the most optimal form of discussion for people on both sides. I don’t like seeing anyone on either side attacking each other, and it’s so devastating to see so much of it. 

I truly hope this helps bring clarity for those of you who were confused or looking for an update! The internet can be a confusing place and the truth can be mangled, but I am doing everything I can to make sure I amend for any bad decisions and hear you all out as best as I can. I’m only human, and I truly do care about you and where you’re all coming from, so I hope you can all bear with me! 


Call Me by Your Name, a film by Luca Guadagnino - November 24, 2017

Summer of 1983, Northern Italy. An American-Italian (Timothée Chalamet) is enamored by an American student (Armie Hammer) who comes to study and live with his family. Together they share an unforgettable summer full of music, food, and romance that will forever change them.

uh my hand slipped while I was yelling about this