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pairing: billy hargrove x reader
warning: none

requestCan I request a billy imagine we’re he takes an interest in you but you play hard to get.
requested by: anonymous

*** psa: i do not condone any of billy’s behaviour, he is an awful person and his tragic backstory does not excuse his actions whatsoever***

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Summary: While waiting for Joan, the sides and Thomas theorize about things.


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Thomas walked Joan to the door. When they got there, Joan turned and looked up at Thomas, who was still feeling more than a little shaken up. 

“Hey. You okay?” they asked. 

Thomas made a face, glancing over his shoulder, but the sides had retreated back to the couch and he couldn’t see them anymore. “I guess so?” he said, raking his hand through his hair again. “I mean…I’m feeling a little better now that I know you see them too, but I’m not sure what it means for the both of us. You know?” 

“I really do.” Joan smirked, then shrugged. “But I mean, what else can we do but roll with it?” 

“You sound like Logan,” Thomas said. “It’s happening, so let’s move forward from here.” 

“Logan is a smart guy,” Joan agreed, patting Thomas on the shoulder. “You should listen to him.” 

Thomas chuckled, then grabbed Joan’s hand on impulse and clutched it for a moment. “You’ll come right back?” he said. “Promise?” 

“Yes, I promise, Thomas,” Joan assured him. “Hey. It’s gonna be cool. Okay?” 

“Yeah. I guess. Okay.” 

He watched as his friend climbed into their car and pulled out of the apartment’s parking lot, then turned and headed reluctantly back inside. 

Now that he knew the sides were really there, he was feeling…oddly self-conscious about the whole thing. These were his characters–parts that he’d played for over a year now. And they were here, in his apartment. He doubted he could’ve been more gobsmacked if all his favorite Disney characters suddenly came to life and started asking for coffee. 

He rounded the corner and there they were, still solid as ever, sitting on his sectional couch. At least I have a big couch? Thomas thought, then bit back an insane urge to giggle. He wasn’t sure it wouldn’t turn hysterical if he did. 

The sides all looked up at him, and he flushed under their combined scrutiny. “Uh…do you…do you guys need anything? Drinks, or…or anything…?” 

“Drinks might be good!” Patton said, climbing to his feet. “Let me help you with them, huh?” 

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hey so reminder that if you’re teaching theater/any other kind of performance art to high schoolers/middle schoolers you really need to make an effort to be inclusive of and welcoming towards trans kids because we’re constantly discouraged from pursuing theater and it’s a lot harder to pass in those kinds of classes, especially stuff with dance/lots of movement (ive had classes where I wasn’t able to bind and had to wear dance clothes and stuff that made it hard to look masc).

it’s rlly difficult also because in a lot of theater programs and classes gendered stuff happens, when casting parts or pairing into groups for things or doing physical excercises, and it can be hugely nerve wracking and stressful having to constantly go out of the way to explain your gender because your teachers and/or classmates aren’t educated enough to get what you’re saying.

I lost half the time my scene-mate and I were supposed to be presenting a scene once because my teacher, who I’d been already attempting to come out to for days, misgendered me and he didn’t get it even when I tried to correct him, so we ended up on the stage for ten minutes in front of everyone because I had to keep rephrasing the same thing over and over until a cis girl said something to back me up.

My point is it can take valuable time away from the class if you’re uneducated or simply not making the conscious decision to be prepared for things like that, and that’s not even accounting for transphobia from the other people attending the class, in which case it is absolutely vital to have a teacher who gets it and isn’t going to let that slide. Plus, in that age range a lot of kids are just getting into theater, and it can be really scary putting yourself out there like that already, so it’s extra important to be observant of and kind to kids who might already feel like they don’t fit in as well.


member: kang daniel 
genre(s): angst
summary: apodictic. (adj) - clearly established, beyond dispute. there are just some things in life that you can’t always deny, no matter how much you try. (requested - paragraphed)
word count: 958

note: a requested scenario made by an anon! thank you for requesting and i apologise if it isn’t as long as the other content that i’ve made but hey, quality over quantity right? heheh. idek if it’s good quality but i still hope you like it!! oh and thank you for all the follows, likes and reblogs of all my work over the course of,,, well since the blog started really heheh thank you so much!

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thoughts on revisionist history and fascist narratives in videogame commentary

hey, so i wanted to get down some things i’ve been thinking about a lot lately real quickly. these are inspired by a tweet thread made by @rainworlds on twitter: https://twitter.com/rainworlds/status/932350899720253440

i think it’s pretty safe to say that commentary about games (both writing and in video format) is driven by novelty. it’s hard to trace any sort of through-line or establish a solid conversation in talk about games. instead, talk about games tends to function as a vessel for personality on the part of the commenter and a narrative about their own personal experience. because of this, there tend to be so many different game writers/commentators who think they’re the first to come up with an idea - either because they’re simply not aware someone else has come up with that idea, or they don’t care. why would they not care? well, research isn’t really encouraged or necessary at all, because the personal experience of the game is the default language for the culture. and so it’s hard to trace any context. we know little about who made games, and what we do know tends to just be the same gamer platitudes that get repeated over and over again. and there is no real pressure to challenge that.

basically, the game commentary landscape tends to be just a bunch of people playing to their own disparate audiences. and it’s often a survival of the fittest - where those who know how best to play to an audience consistently talk over (whether or not they get that this is what they’re doing) people who might actually understand the context and have something new and insightful to add. youtubers who might have something insightful to say have a fraction of the following that someone who repeats the party line about games. the culture is defined by what’s new, and it’s defined by signifiers and personal gamer cred instead of trying to a need to find some sort of deeper insight inside the experience. gaming is presented another kind of lifestyle brand - that aggressively tries to argue for itself as more than just a lifestyle brand. this is especially ironic when people who present themselves as “outsiders” and normal people e.g. Penny Arcade, PewDiePie, TotalBiscuit, etc have a tremendous amount more power in that landscape that anyone else. 

the games landscape is also huge. it’s spread across so many different outlets and avenues. and there tends to be very little interest, both from institutions and from audiences, in trying to bring those conversations together and draw a larger picture. 

why is this? well, games academia tends to be very new, and driven by the demands of what’s already popular. because of this, most games academics and people more seriously engaged with games don’t want to risk alienating the kids who are coming into their programs by challenging the notions of the media that those kids identify with. they want to be a part of that culture, not against that. and because of that, they are pretty content to just let the wisdom of the market decide what commentary is generated about games. there’s no real way for them to challenge that, because there’s no resources or institutions interested in talking about games that aren’t highly market-driven.

this just means that any gaming personality who can speak the right language and market themselves in the right way has a tremendous amount of power and advantage in driving the conversation about games. of course, they can hide behind the lens of personal experience, or their gamer cred as a way to justify it. and that will usually be enough - even if they are being challenged by factual claims, games are a realm of fantasy. people don’t care much about who actually made them, or all the things that went behind them. they’re a vessel to talk over. 

this one of the things that fan culture and a cultural landscape of games built so much around personal consumer choice has wrought. something outside your sphere of interest might as well not exist, and there’s no reason to engage with it if it doesn’t check your boxes, and it might as well not be made by real people with real experiences and feelings.

i shouldn’t have to say that this is a VERY BAD THING and i wish more people like, understood that and tried to do anything to bring it to light and acknowledge it. it’s a big reason why we have loud, ignorant mediocrity gaining so much of a platform in game culture. most people who seriously follow games have some awareness of this now, but there seems to be a larger attitude of powerlessness about trying to change any of it.

if you want to fight against your medium being used as a way to recruit fascists, you have to fight for establishing a solid, consistent narrative that is based in truth against all the strains of revisionist history that dominate the commentary sphere around games. you have to fight for all the voices that have gone unrecognized and crushed by corporations and media outlets that serve as mouthpieces for those corporations. you can’t let the conventional gamer wisdom decide when the conventional wisdom is highly toxic.

the fact of the matter is game culture is NOT okay. it’s really fucked up. and something better needs to be fought for. if you look at something like gamergate and trace its role in our current political climate - and pretend that there still isn’t a disease at the heart of games culture, i’m sorry, but you’re out of your mind. we can’t let what’s popular decide the culture, especially when what is popular is so toxic. we have to fight for what is right, and complicate that narrative in any way we can.

it’s not even that people aren’t doing that too! i’ve found so many interesting and unusual games have come out this year alone that challenge the usual game conventional wisdom - particularly in the indie space, but even outside of that to some extent. hopefully i will have a chance to talk more about that in the future. the point is that it seems like the culture has a potential to shift in a different direction. but it won’t do anything if there isn’t a consistent, strong, and powerful effort put behind bringing these conversations together. like listening to the people who actually worked on games and giving them a voice. and challenging the gamer conventional wisdom of pro-corporate revisionist history with something better and more factual, that can’t be used as a venue for reactionary right-wing ideologies.

My angel (Castiel X Reader)

Hey look it’s my first Castiel imagine! I hope you guys like it.

Word Count: 905

You knew things. Important things. Things about the universe that no one else knew. Which made you a target. You knew there was a risk when you left the bunker to go get food. Sam and Dean specifically told you not to leave. You didn’t listen. I mean what could possibly go wrong in a ten-minute time span? Well, the answer to that question is, A lot. A lot of things could go wrong because a lot of things went wrong. A lot of things.

You jumped into your truck and made your way towards the nearest convenient store. Castiel usually went with you to do things like this, but he was off with the boys today. Anyways, you decided to go off by yourself today. You pulled up to a small convenience store in your old pickup truck. You were roaming the aisles picking up snacks, as you noticed the cashier was watching you when you weren’t looking. Or at least when they thought you weren’t looking. You started to get worried and a little anxious. You checked out quickly and started walking back out to your truck pulling out your phone. You started dialing Cas when you were soon surrounded by demons.

“Shit…” You muttered.

“Hello? Y/N? Is everything alright?” You heard Cas on the other side of the phone.

“Cas, I need your help.” You whispered, as someone reached over and grabbed your phone. They slammed it shut and tossed it on the ground. Stepping on it breaking it into a bunch of pieces.

“Look who we have here. The little angel’s lover. How precious.” One of the guys smirked stepping forward. You didn’t come unprepared. You gripped the handle of your demon blade. He stepped closer to you, and you slid in out of your sleeve into the palm of your hand and stabbed it into his chest. He lit up and fell to the ground. The rest of them started getting closer to you.

You reached into your jacket pocket grabbing a hold of you flask of holy water. Splashing them in the face. They curled away hissing. You continued backing away from them when you bumped into someone. You spun around hoping it was Cas or one of the boys. You were wrong. Oh, how you were wrong.

Not even a foot in front of you stood Crowley. He smirked at you grabbing a hold of your arm. “Shall we go?” He then snapped his fingers and you stood in a large white room. It was like a large medical room. You yanked your arm away from him trying to splash him with holy water. Which you just realized was empty. You gripped your demon blade. Ready to swing, but he grabbed your wrist right as you tried to. He squeezed your wrist until you dropped it.

He snapped his fingers and everything went dark. You fell to the floor unconscious. You soon woke up tied to a chair.

“What are you? Too lazy to try and fight me off? Do you have to knock me out?” You asked annoyed.

Crowley ignored you as he was messing with something. You sighed annoyed. You rested your head against the wall behind you. “This is stupid.”

“Alright. So, I’m gonna ask the questions and you’re going to answer them and then you can leave.” He explained.

“I got nothing to tell you. Nothing that you would find useful at least.” You said.

“I guess we’ll see about that.” He muttered turning around to face you. In his hand, he held a knife.  “We will start out simply.” He pressed the tip of the knife to your arm, while you just stared at him. “Tell me, Where’s the angel tablet?”

“Hell if I know.” You mutter.

Crowley nodded and slid the knife down your arm. Warm blood dripped down and you just stared at him.

“You’re not as evil as people think you are.” You smiled showing him that he isn’t getting to you.

“No, I’m much worse.” He smiled and turned to put the knife back. Before he could turn around there was a loud banging sound and the metal door slammed open and Sam and Dean ran in. Soon after, Castiel showed up in the middle of the room. The lighting flickered and you were able to see an outline of his wings.

Sam ran over and began to untie you, as Cas took it upon himself to deal with Crowley. Sam untied you and handed you a rag. You wrapped it around your arm tightly. Soon, enough Castiel did something to Crowley. You were too busy to see what happened, but Crowley was gone. Cas walked over to you and pulled you into his arms. You melted into him.

“I am so sorry, Y/N.” Cas apologized.

“It’s my fault.” You whispered.

“Don’t say that. It’s not your fault.” You felt him move his arm and everything changed. You were no longer in the white room. You guys were now in a large dark green forest. Covered in soft fluffy grass with sunlight shining through the trees in bright beams of light. Birds quietly singing and the sound of a creek that lay about 5 feet away. This was your heaven.

Cas held you tightly in his arms, as you guys laid in the grass for what felt like forever. You couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

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My flatmate just made a rape joke and called me sensitive when I completely freaked out about it. I first snapped at him and said he'd regret it if I ever heard something like that from him again, then I tried explaining that it's not funny case the danger is very real for women and because joking about it contributes to people not taking rape seriously, and he still didn't get it. I'm so fed up with men honestly

Hey anon, I’m so sorry. I hate when people make rape jokes - people need to recognize just how triggering these things can be. 

Mod Bethany

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Hello just wanted to know your thoughts on the whole michan drama going around on Twitter?? I’m sure you’ve heard about chan’s fan site closing down right? And she wrote a letter which is very well, questionable...

Hey there~ yup i read her letter too. I don’t really have very strong feelings for or against it, everyone feels emotions differently. I neither support nor condemn her actions.

The gist of it feels like unreciprocated affection, what she’s been giving isn’t equal to what she has been receiving. Michan has been around basically throughout his entire career and she has literally watched him grow. The montage that she made the other day shows her entire journey. 

For most of us, things we do online for our idols are considered a “hobby” for us. But for her, it’s her career. It’s something that she devoted her time to, every waking moment is time spent doing something related to chan.

The feeling that we get when we don’t “feel appreciated” by the idols we idolise, is probably felt 10 folds by michan. I guess it’s pent up agony/stress which made her air her thoughts. Any “sane” fan should understand that idols don’t belong to us and we shouldn’t expect anything in return. I guess that’s why people think that she’s being delusional. Her letter shouldn’t have been made so public though. Maybe her choice of words weren’t that wise either.

Okay so… This is my TPOH OC, Sid the computer. (And the first character reference sheet I’ve made totally by myself in 15 years of OC making)

I know so far in the Land of Make-Believe we haven’t seen anything as high tech as computers, but hey, it’s fun to imagine that anything is possible! :D

We also don’t know if Negative Mode is an RGB Thing or something that can happen to other characters too, but hey, the Blue Screen of Death thing was way too good to pass up!

Avery is an OC owned by my best friend! We have a thing planned with the two of them here on tumblr ;D

He’s based off a Windows 7 Toshiba laptop that I own!


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Hey!! May I know what you absolutely love about attack on titan please? There's so much negative asks here. Love you and your blog btw:)

A good message! Here are some things I really love about the series!

  1. Marlowe Freudenberg. Just being positive here, but man, he was such a great character, and the fact that he was ended up being such a pleasant surprise. I fully expected him to never really matter at all beyond existing in the very background, so that he got his own little arc with Hitch really made me happy!
  2. On that note, SnK has a lot of really interesting characters. Even the characters I personally want to kick in the teeth are really intriguing. There are few wasted characters, by which I mean, nearly every character gets to play some kind of role in the story and even if their purpose is in the end to die, they don’t do so without us ever knowing anything at all about them. (There are exceptions about this, but again, for the most part, this just doesn’t happen.)
  3. Something I really loved about early SnK was the world. Now, you’ve all seen me harp on the worldbuilding before, so you know my thoughts about that, but something I really enjoyed early on about the series was that the world felt so…open. I felt as a reader that anything could happen. That’s not the case now to the same extent, but I like that there are always a bunch of possibilities for the future! Even though sometimes Isayama’s curveballs annoy me, most of the time I do appreciate them. Kind of like, “thank god it’s not another shounen manga where the entire plot is obvious from the start.” Sometimes it’s really nice to step back and look at the beginning again and say, “Wow, who knew it would come this far and things would be this complex?”
  4. Even though introducing Marley made the world feel too big for me for a while, now I quite like that they’re there. I can really appreciate how fandom opinion for the longest time was that RBA were from a tiny village somewhere outside the walls with weird customs and BOOM actually the truth was that they were from another continent, Paradis is an island, and actually there’s an entire populated (and shitty) world out there! The me of 2015 would have been so shocked by this. My minor gripes regarding suspension of disbelief aside, I’m really glad that “the enemy” is bigger than a little village outside the walls. (I think it makes it easier to see things from RBA’s side this way, too.)
  5. I’m sorry to keep going back to character things but I love that we get an extensive cast of older characters. Unfortunately a lot of them died, but at least there hasn’t been any of that “make way for the next generation” bullshit (IMO, what Erwin said was not along these lines even if on the surface it might seem like it). I find it easier to like a series that features characters of varying ages, and SnK manages to do a pretty good job. The teenagers tend to sound and act like teenagers.
  6. More character stuff, but Jean’s character development was amazing. I also really enjoyed Hitch’s development. Eren grew a lot over the years. It’s been incredible seeing some of these characters learn things and grow. Obviously Isayama couldn’t give this to us for every character, but I think he’s managed to show us that these shifts the main characters go through have an impact on all of the characters we meet (and to a lesser extent, surely those we don’t). I’m thinking of how Eren shifted into a titan and how that must have felt to the average person to see. The main cast, too. Rico. What might it have been like to not be close to Eren and see this kind of drama unfolding in your world? I mean, hell, just the fact that Isayama’s story makes me think to ask these deeper questions is saying something.
  7. This’ll be my last point because I’ve said so much already but I love the character interactions. Isayama hasn’t had a lot of time to develop off-screen relationships between characters (or non plot-relevant relationships), but he does an amazing job with what space he can devote to showing us that these characters are friends, acquaintances, rivals, and so on. He can be really good at giving us an atmosphere to read. Ch99 with Eren and Reiner in the basement? Man, I felt like I was there feeling uncertain and suspenseful along with the others–particularly Falco who has about as good an idea of how this will pan out as I do! But look, we’ve gotten to see Ymir and Historia’s relationship. Nile and Erwin’s. Marlowe and Hitch. Gelgar and Nanaba. Gelgar and Lynne. Mike and Nanaba. Hange and Moblit. Moblit and Erwin in S2. Erwin and Levi. Erwin and Hange. Hange and Levi. Jean and Armin. Eren and Armin. Eren and Jean. Sasha and Connie. Sasha and Jean. Pixis and Erwin. Rico and Ian. Rico and Kitz. God, this list can go on forever. My point is that he does a lovely job of showing us, with very little time or space, the kinds of relationships the characters have with one another. No, we don’t get a long drawn-out history for Hange’s squad, but we see how they interact with her enough to have an idea of the kinds of people they are and the kind of relationship they have to and with their squad leader. The thing that’s impressive about it is that it’s all done without ever turning too far away from the main plot. I won’t lie; this leaves a lot of people feeling frustrated because they want those deeper relationships; they want to see in the canon why Erwin likes Levi, for example, or what about Sasha draws Connie to her as such a good friend and close comrade. In the end, though, we really don’t need all of the little details; we don’t need to have our hands held to guide us through all of this. I think it’s an amazing feat that Isayama has given us so many characters with established relationships to one another and…all without derailing his plot. Most people can’t manage that feat, so mad kudos to him for what is probably the best job I’ve seen so far of juggling all of those things (while never really letting interpersonal relationships between characters actually suffer). (I mean I guess this could change before the end, but so far so good.)

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I think you’ve made some posts similar to this but I’m really curious to know some facts about Willow!

Hey there! ♥ I don’t have anything new to add to the list yet so just pasting over all the facts I have about her!:

Things to know about Willow Shepard:

***Willow has AEND - the same disease as Ellen Ryder in Andromeda.

She’s 28 as of the start of ME2 - it becomes a joke between she and Arisa that they’re only a year apart now, technically.

She’s left handed.

She’s allergic to fragrant flowers and cloves.

She hates all things bitter and is a sweet addict.

She doesn’t really have a favourite colour, but she likes green and tends to wear that or black.

She has less freckles then Arisa but she’s more tan.

She has a stylised tattoo of a tiger down the right side of her back.

She dyed her hair bright purple right before joining the Alliance - it took about a year for it to fully grow out.

She has blue/grey eyes and more ‘natural’ looking red hair then Arisa’s dark, bright red.

She’s actually about an inch taller then Arisa.

She’s had flings and relationships before and is the more experienced of she and Arisa, sexually speaking. She’s stopped since being diagnosed because she doesn’t want to leave a partner behind.

She’s bi.

Not all of these relationships were with humans.

She’s slightly stronger then Arisa, physically, because she’s used to carrying more guns and engaging enemies in close-combat.

She loves cheesy old movies.

She definitely still listens to old (by mass effect timeline standards) music - Arisa has caught her listening to Fallout Boy on more then one occasion.

Her hair is always at least shoulder length, but can sometimes grow to mid-back if she’s not paying attention or doesn’t care to cut it for a while.

She was diagnosed at age 26, and currently has roughly eight years left.

Ok I lied have a couple extra that weren’t here before:

SHE CAN DANCE. And is very much the type to just start dancing if there’s a song playing and dragging Arisa into it with her.

She’s impatient as hell when it comes to dealing with stupidity.

She can and will slit enemies throats with her omniblade - she’s done it before.

As of Chapter 4 she makes it her personal goal to take pics of Arisa and Garrus whenever they’re together because they’re both in denial and they need to admit they’re in love already dammit.

If she pushes her biotics to hard and doesn’t keep enough reserve to Mask her symptoms she can and will collapse - followed by difficulty breathing, inability to keep her balance, and distinct haziness to her vision until she has enough reserve to control them again.

She likes children but doesn’t plan to have any; she can’t bring herself to have a baby when she’ll be leaving them in a matter of years.

She will not tell new people about her illness unless directly asked. She’s not interested in pity and doesn’t want it getting out to anyone who might use it against her. (This includes Thane - he actually catches her collapsed and then she gives him details)

She’s the one keeping Arisa’s poor fish alive.

Annnnnd I think that’s it for now! Thank you for asking! ♥ :3 If there’s anything else specific you’d like to know, hit me up! ♥

  • Clint: this is my fun floating water base, I'm going to make a nice pirate reference and call it the Jolly Roger
  • His Awful Sons: no old man, it's called the 'Burg!

uh my hand slipped while I was yelling about this