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I got the beginnings of an idea in my head as I was walking to the subway after work and I came home and cooked and then just like, wrote for an hour and now I have this thing and it’s like a dumb listicle basically but hey, at least I made myself Do a Writing

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Hey... Do you think it’’s possible that Supergirl’s writers are trying to build up an abusive relationship on purpose so they can prove a point about it? Like “everyone can get involved in a shitty relationship and not even realize!! stay safe kids!!” kind of thing

I sure fucking hope not because they’ve gone about that the wrong way. If that’s what they’re doing then they should have said that from the start. They should have made that shit clear as day and fucking explicit so that no argument could be made that it’s NOT an abusive ship.

But Kriesberg keeps pulling this shit where he talks about how karamel is couple goals and how romantic it all is and how cute it is to see them ‘head over heels’ for each other. So no, I don’t think that’s what they’re going for at all. It would be a great explanation for what’s going on, but it just doesn’t seem to be that way. From what I’ve seen of Season 2, the writers ain’t that deep. There’s no complexity this season. No deeper connection. It’s honestly what it is on the surface at this point. And that means it’s an abusive relationship being promoted as a romance.

I sure fucking hope it’s not what they have planned to be honest because if it is then the way they’ve gone about it is so backwards it does nothing to actually highlight the issue at hand and instead glorifies it as some relationship to be idolised. It’s fucking detrimental at best, and down right dangerous at worst. If that’s what they’re going for then the CW need to cop on and realise that going about it like THIS, is damaging and invalidates and silences the experiences of so many abuse survivors like myself. All they’re doing at the moment is validating abusers and continuing the cycle of abuse because they’re currently refusing to recognise it as such. If the CW are going to use karamel as a way to highlight abusive relationships then I want no part of it because they’ve gone at it so damn fucking wrong. It’s all so messy and done so horribly wrong that it’s frightening to go anywhere near because no amount of fix-it episodes or press releases will be able to fix the hole they’ve dig themselves in. They’ve gone so far down this route that there’s no correcting the mistakes they’ve made with handling this story, regardless of whether the abuse theme was intentional or not.

Abuse stories aren’t some edgy plot twist. They’re not a surprise reveal to boost your ratings. They’re an actual fucking issue that face many of the viewers watching, and it needs to be taken seriously. If this is what the CW had planned then they are NOT taking it seriously at all.

Frankly either way it’s disgusting.

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Hey so I just saw your content post and I just want you to know the things you make brings smiles and all that nice shit to the people that see them and like I know I'm not DorP but I hope this helped

thanks this made me feel all warm and tingly ily


The pack of werewolves had gotten you. You’d been hunting them for weeks but they turned the game around, when you were out alone. You still managed to kill them but they had gotten you bad. No need to take a better look, you knew you would die. 

It was okay. Being a Shadowhunter, death was always a part of your life. There was only one thing you were regretting, but you still could fix that before dying.

Somehow you’d managed to get to Raphael’s name in your contacts and call him.
“Hey, (y/n). Are you okay?” Hearing his voice made the cold around you a little bit warmer, the dark alley a little bit brighter.
“No, not really”, you confessed. “I think this is it for me.”
“That’s not funny, (y/n).” You could hear that Raphael was concerned and for a second you wished that you had had the courage before to tell him, what you wanted to tell him now.

“Raph, I’m serious. The werewolves got me but I can’t die before I tell you the truth. I was falling in love with you and I wish I would have told you sooner.”
For a moment it was silent on the other end on the phone but you couldn’t even feel scared to be rejected. It would be over soon anyway.

“Don’t you dare die on me like that. You can’t just tell me that finally and then just die! I demand at least one date!”
His answer made you laugh eventhough it became a cough soon.
“I think you aren’t the one who can make that call, Raph.”

“Yes I can. And now stop talking about dying. I’m already on my way and getting Magnus to you. So better keep telling me, how you fell in love with me until I’m there.”

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hope you like it

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[Small lines around Qui and Chirrut: “Let’s create a future towards The Force 🎶”

On the bottom: “I wonder what had I ever done in my previous life that now the karma comes in full package…”]

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I find it hilarious that so many of your fans act like puppies. Like, cats will bring you things because they're concerned about your ability to take care of yourself, but when a dog does it they're looking for approval. Like, 'hey, I did this thing' or 'I had an idea' or 'I made this thing for you'. Oh god, we're all just going 'Notice me Senpai!' aren't we? Kat, Kat, we're basically all just Tenzo by this point. This is what you've reduced us to.


There are far, far worse things to be though? I certainly think you’re all adorable, if that helps. 

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hey so i love ur blog. but i just wanted to share a noodle thing. maybe it's already shared but still. in the UK it's difficult to get those shirataki noodles at common supermarkets. but I've found that Morrison's stock Bare Naked's 12 cal per serving noodles. they taste great with light soya sauce etc. they're super filling too!! i just had them with veggies and it's the best low cal meal I've made! hope this helps someone. was a life saver for me personally as i love noodles but hate calories

^boom! To all my friends in the UK, I hope this helps. Thank you anon :)

I wanted to do a “Back to the Future” and “Rick and Morty” crossover, since “Back to the Future” is one of my favourite movie franchises of all time. As per usual I got here late and, after realising it was clearly based on “Back to the Future”, found that almost every reference I wanted to draw from the films had already been done, including the VHS covers. So I decided to draw this scene and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I should’ve made Rick a bit thinner, but hey, next time I’ll get it right. XD

I have to thank @cassafra5 and @alannahkiwi for getting me into the show, which ANNOYED THE SHIT OUT OF ME at first. I couldn’t STAND his belching. But I got over it and binge-watched the whole thing over a two day time span. XD

brella’s ever-growing list of truly life changing fanfictions, across all fandoms and time

yes, hi. hello. as some of you may know, i, brella, like to read and write fanfiction. long ago, when i was but eleven, i wriggled my way onto the distant shore of the internet for fanfiction’s sake, and then thought to myself, “hey, that’s a thing i could do!” so i did. and i still do, sometimes. and i can honestly and truly say that some of the fanfic out there has affected me, and my writing, and my brain, and my heart, very deeply, sometimes indelibly. and i have never in my 14 years on the internet made a list of them. and that’s a crime.

so, here they are. my favorites. the jewels, whose glimmering hues i regularly covet and admire with my diabolical hands, whose assorted sentences i will sometimes pull up on my phone at 2 AM just to like, look at and gasp softly over, because they are still so new and strong and engaging that it feels like i am alive in some thrilling and unexpected way for only a moment. which probably sounds silly when i am talking about Fanfiction, but the fact of the matter is: Fanfiction Is Good. 

i hope that you enjoy some of them as much as i do! there are only a few right now, but i will be adding more as i go through my bookmarks. i got too excited to share. :)

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i am pro cursing, very pro cursing, but cursing someone over fandom things is petty my dudes. it’s a fictional thing, unless they actually made remarks against you and not your prized ship that’s just kinda fucked up man. but hey that’s just me.

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I used to be so depressed, never officially diagnosed but I never had any love for life and I used to think that if someone asked me if I wanted to live or die, I would choose to die...I just dealt with it internally and then made the decision to travel! 3 years later Im vegan, have done so much travelling and have such a zest for life, that I can't believe I ever didnt want to live.You just have to move away from ur situation and change things for yourself ✌🏻 Popping a pill each day isnt good

Hey anon I’m super dooper happy for you and that’s so awesome you’re feeling better, but if some people need medication to help align a chemical imbalance in their brain then please don’t shame them for that 💛💛

There are many ways to address and overcome mental illness, everyone’s journey is different. This kind of rhetoric perpetuates the stigma that already prevents so many people from seeking professional help when they need it.

Agshshagsjdssmgshsk the cutest thing happened today in my algebra class okay it made me really happy and no one cares buy I’m gonnA POST ABOUT IT ANYWAY THIS IS MY BLOG

Okay so I was drawin Lin because I am thinking about him 100% of the time and I would rather focus on that than pay attention to math and the boy that sits next to me goes “is that the guy on your lockscreen” and I’m like “!!!!?? Yeah omg you can tell??” And he’s like “hell Yeah your little guys are so cute hey you should draw me as one haha” and any artist will tell you that having someone ask you to draw them is the most annoying fucking thing ever but this was a goOD MOMENT he could tell who my drawing was okay and so I drew him his name is Tony and he’s a jock but we’re friends on snapchat and we talk shit about our algebra teacher together and he recognized my drawing and I’m realLY HAPPY OKAY

i made a post in 2014 referring to the winter of 2012, in which i phrased it as “two years ago” now a bunch of fucking baboons are saying “that was more than two years ago!” like hey. check when i made this post im tired of literally thousands of notes saying the same thing 

large emo post warning

Hey, i’m gonna kinda point something discourse-y out, and it’s been on on my mind for a while. i’ve just always been too scared to whip my dick out and talk about it

to sum it up as easy as possible. I had an abortion not too long ago, and it was very traumatic and i pray that no one ever goes through it. i don’t wish it on anyone. but it made me think a lot, because around that time was when i got into overwatch and shimadacest and shit 

the funny thing is that, i have so many triggers now that i didn’t have before? not much triggered me before it happened; however now, i can’t walk past baby isles without wanting to break down. i can’t look at babies for too long without wanting to cry. I can’t even keep my shit together when I spend time with my baby sisters because of course i’m thinking of what could’ve been. 

i can’t even watch movies centered around children. E.I. me and my boyfriend saw arrival the other day, i swore i was fine until i started breaking the fuck down and crying hysterically because my fucking subconscious was so fucked up about what i just saw. but what does this have to do with discourse yeah yeah 

until i get better, and until i learn to live with the fact that there are ALWAYS gonna be babies and diapers, and children, and footsies, and tiny humans crying or giggling in public, i try to avoid it as much as possible. I don’t walk down baby isles. no matter how much i want to, i don’t wanna feel myself cry, and i don’t wanna think about what happened. I don’t look at babies. when i do i try to snap out of it, i have to snap out of it. and sad enough, i cant spend too much time around my baby sisters lest i’ll have an attack and will hurt and will cry and be angry and no one is happy. 

i feel like it’s the same with discourse and all the shipwars we see. people claim that they wanna get away from their ‘trauma’ or the ships that make people ‘uncomfortable’ but do they really ever actually try? and if it’s something that pops up now and then, you could always just bare it for a moment, and move on from what’s happened. 

I can’t cry or scream every time i see a beautiful child in public. i can’t cry because i don’t have mine, when i could have. it hurts, and i want to scream and cry, and curse and yell, but i can’t i hold my chin up and move on, until the day it hurts less and the day that i’ve (hopefully) forgotten about it completely 

we all got triggers, man. we’re all hurting. but that doesn’t mean that because of our bloody past, we have to make others hurt and feel bad too; ESPECIALLY when this, the shipping, and bullshit, is all not even real life. just a way to get away from our own. 

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Hey! I was just wondering what you think about some of the health risks that doctors relate to being obese, like do you think it encourages fat phobia? And how do you think that fat phobia is made mainstream? Sorry if this doesn't make any sense at all 😂 Thanks for your time 💖💖💖


So, I think a lot of the health risks are overstated, and some are even backwards!  Our fat is an organ that regulates certain endocrine functions in the body, so it’s possible for things like Type 2 Diabetes, for instance, that the fat is a response to insulin resistance, rather than the cause.  

I do think it encourages fatphobia.  It also gives lazy fatphobes a way out of having to think much about their fatphobia. They can do the whole fake health concern act rather than have to confront that, no, they just hate fat people. 

I’m not sure about the mainstreaming of it?  It seems to be a vicious feedback loop between finding some way we’re unhealthy and then using that to justify treating us poorly.  Treating us poorly leads to worse health outcomes.  Then repeat.

However, I’d like to drop this in here, by fellow fatphobia buster @ok2befat


It’s really good and well researched. 

-Mod Siarl

ETA: the other links.  Cause they’re not linked on the intro post ofc.






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Hey! I was just wanting your advice on something. See, I'm 16, and just got my first job. There's a school trip to Paris that I seriously want to go to. It's made by my art teacher and its mainly to experience famous art. And the thing is, of course its expensive, like $3000. Im trying to save money up since I have a year, but don't know how much I'd be able to save. I was thinking of making a gofundme, but that feels selfish honestly because I'm not in serious need of anything. Advice?

I mean, it’s up to you. That’s really what gofundme is there for but if you feel bad about it, try to raise the money by holding a bake sale or doing lawn work or babysitting this summer! That way you’ll have actually worked for it.

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Hey, could you do a "What music signs listen to based on people you know"? I'm trying to do a post and could use your help! (btw i love your blog <3)

I actually made a post on it (partly using people I know as reference) a while ago. :’) But here you go, I hope it helps!

Aries: hard rock, heavy beats, but also especially often accoustic music, I found (it may be because of pisces and/or taurus influence though). They generally like “new” things, whether it’s actually new or they just discovered is doesn’t really matter

Taurus: soft to hard rock, often lyrics that are very melancholic or frustrated, the kind of music that shouts its bottled up emotions out. Sometimes softer things, but generally more so if it’s sung in a deeper voice, they seemingly tend not to like high-pitched music too much.

Gemini: LYRICS LYRICS LYRICS. They really have to like the lyrics. Otherwise they’re quite eclectic, but I find they often just listen to more popular songs since they don’t seem to want to invest the time into searching for more “personalized” music?

Cancer: Rap. So so so often rap from my experience. But also slower, softer songs, but they have to be somewhat “special”, like lana del rey’s

Leo: Pop from my experience. But I don’t know a lot of Leos so :/

Virgo: soft rock, charts, rap, but especially rap. they usually stick to a music taste though from what I know. Nirvana, eminem, I often hear about those with Virgos.

Libra: I don’t know any Libras of whom I know what they listen to. Sorry

Scorpio: similar to taurus, but they tend to like softer, sometimes more tragic music more. also indie!

Sagittarius: Heavy basses, feel good music, remixes, that stuff. But whatever fits their mood really - I know this is more or less universal but I find this most often with Sagittarians, there’s none I know that’s not like that. But yeah, generally heavy basses are often common.

Capricorn: alternative, indie, “weird” music. I know so many capricorns and they all listen to that stuff. every s i n g l e o n e of them.

Aquarius: I only know one aquarius of whom I know what they listen to and that’s k-pop and indie.

Pisces: RAP. I don’t know a SINGLE pisces that doesn’t like rap. and lana del rey and stuff. either really badass or really ethereal music (just like them)

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Hiii!! Hey hun, I have two questions, if its not too much of a bother. First, what placements would make someone care a lot about looks? (regarding themselves and other people) and second, which placements make a person always assume the worst and be a pessimist in general? Thanks in advance!

Leo placements come to mind, specifically moon, venus and rising. Leo risings tend to be very cautious of who they associate themselves with due to public embarrassment or some negative attribute that could be made on them by association with said person/people. Taurus also, they care a lot about outer security and the things around them, materially. Capricorn can focus too much on the way something appears outwardly rather than inwardly; they may neglect their own inner needs to satisfy outer needs. Pessimists can be capricorns as well. They generally expect the worst of things because they’re faced with a lot of rejection in life, with tons of obstacles. Cancers & scorpios can be this way too, they’re overly familiar with the flux of emotions and emotional nature.