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I don't know if you have it here already, but I read this really good fic called When the Ice Melts in the Snow by Lilithiumwords (it's a demon AU). I was wondering if you had any similar recs, like demon or angels or anything supernatural like that. Thanks, you're one of my favourite accounts

Hey there! Thanks for these requests! I don’t really read much from this AU, so here are a few fics that people have recommended for me to read! Enjoy!

Supernatural AU

when the ice melts in the snow (that’s when you’ll love me) by lilithiumwords, Explicit, 59k (WIP)
Katsuki Yuuri is the worst incubus in the Underworld. Viktor Nikiforov is his human target.

A Touch as Soft as Angel’s Wings by bothersomepotato, 16k (WIP)
Victor Nikiforov died too young, so the heavens gave him another change to find out how to live and love as Yuuri Katsuki’s guardian angel. 

Dance with the Devil by Kiaishi, Mature, 101k
Viktor, the five-time gold medalist on ice skating and the demon of lust, believed that there was no such thing as an ice skater who was good without the help of a devil. As he finds one, he wants to take his soul, one way or another. 

Gotta Like, Like Those Humans by Shermanshire, Teen, 33k
“I am going to like, like a human!” Were the exact words that Yuuri had said as a child. They were also the exact words Yurri kept with him for more than a decade later as a loveless vampire. After thinking his words were nothing more than fantasy Yuuri happens to meet the Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov. Now Yuuri has become a thirsty vampire whom’s human crush maybe even thirstier. 

Defining a Monster by Val_Creative, Explicit, 2.3k
Survival is all Viktor has thought about for centuries. However, there’s something irresistibly captivating about Yuuri. How he craves touch, and how Viktor’s fingers eagerly answer him. Perhaps they’re not so different.

Half Past the Point of No Return by Erushi, Mature, 6.9k
The Superpowers AU in which Victor leads a black-ops team and Yuuri is their mysterious new member. 

Life after Death by 100demons, Gen, 1.2k
“I’m completely fine,” Yuri says blankly. “Except for the parts where I think I’m hallucinating Victor Nikiforov’s ghost.” 

Down the rivers of windfall light by cyan96, Teen, 17k (WIP)
“Vitya, that’s a human,” Yuri hisses, whirling, as the whole and appalling picture snaps into place.

Aveir by gawsoloy, Teen, 16k (WIP)
Yuuri’s clan has been infiltrated and all of the Aveir have been captured to be sold into slavery due to their beautiful wings, but Yuuri is too plain to be bought. Until Yakov and his servant Viktor come along. Yuuri catches Viktor’s eye and ends up being bought by Yakov to be Viktor’s assistant in their dance school, but not all is what it seems. 

Delicious by stellarlies, Explicit, 1.6k
Yūri, a newly born succubi, is in search of his first meal and nothing picks his interest. Until someone does. And he is perfect. 

We were in a bar, and our dwarf decided to go talk to a tiefling

D: Hey, what are you up to?
T: Well, I’ve been pretty upset recently… My husband hasn’t been very nice to me lately, and he recently cheated on me…
D: Huh… So, you interested in a one night stand?
*He rolls for persuasion, gets a 12*
T: You know, you seem nice, but sorry, no.
D: …So, what’s your husband like?

  • Nico: You're not my mom, and you're not her mom! [points at Hazel]
  • Jason: I never said I was!
  • Nico: No, but you certainly act like it!
  • Jason: I don't act that way! Piper, do I act motherly?
  • Piper: Hey. I'm staying out of this one.
  • Jason: What do you think, Percy? Do I act like a mom?
  • Percy: [rubs his eye.] Well. I, uh-
  • Jason: Stop rubbing your eye and speak clearly when you talk!
Don’t call me baby face!

Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes

Words: 5.402

Warnings: smut (oral sex (male receiving), explicit language), swearing, angst, fluff, wrap it before you tap it!

A/N: This based on a cute request of an anon! I hope the anon likes it and of couse all of you!

Request: Hey love!!! Absolutely love your writing!!! I have a request if that’s ok! Can you write something where there’s a new recruit and she feels inadequate because everyone except Bucky calls her ‘baby face’ and they tease her (jokingly) about how short and adorable she is and Bucky falls into peer pressure and starts calling her that too (which hurts her cuz she likes him) so one day for a party, she dresses up really sexy and Bucky gets all hot n bothered and they end up forking?? 😆

You were short. Alright, no big deal but there was one problem. You were an Avenger. And not only that, you were the new recruit, too. All that together results in one annoying thing, everyone called you ‘cute’, ‘shorty’, adorable’, ‘sweet’ and the most worst thing: ‘baby face’. You hate it! You really hate all the nicknames. You were always this little, cute girl, your whole life, but you always wanted to be the sexy girl, too. The one girl every man looks at when she enters the room.

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masterlist || coming soon//recently posted || come say hey

Requested: I was wondering if I could request one based on Perfect by Ed Sheeran! You are so talented at writing :)

Note: You’re so sweet, thank you! This is loosely based on perfect, so sorry it doesn’t talk about everything in the song. Also, I know it is like freezing in Pickering right now, but for the sake of this imagine, please pretend it is not. 


He was your first kiss. You don’t count the kid that kissed you when you were in Kindergarten, so he was your first official kiss. You were thirteen at the time. It was just a kiss though, as awkward as any first kiss and you laughed about it after. It took another two years for you both to realize that you actually cared for each other. You were as in love as fifteen year olds could be, but life happens sometimes. He left to travel the world, and you had to let go. You had to share him with the world because it would be selfish to keep him to yourself. But he couldn’t have you waiting around because that would be too selfish of him. Those were his words, not yours. You both let go because you didn’t know what else to do at almost sixteen. 

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you can answer this in tags if you want because i'm not saying this to cause drama or be an asshole at all i'm just genuinely curious and trying to wrap my mind around everything- but if harry is getting "reborn" or presenting a "rebirth" to everyone then.. how does that coincide with him going back to 1d ever? like that feels a lot different than niall who was like "hey i did a tune, hope you like it!" that feels like superstardom. (again, not being sarcastic or snappy i'm feeling very :/ rn)

Niall was reborn as a solo artist when he increased his visibility and social media presence and dropped a song and one mic video out of nowhere. Louis was reborn as an EDM artist when he dropped his collab with Steve. Liam will be reborn as an RNB artist it seems. Harry is just being more literal and artistic about it.

They all have gone about things a bit differently but none would go back to 1D as the same artists they were before. Not even as the same people. Why is it only Harry striving for success (as they all are) that’s a threat to people?


Hey!! I just found your account today and I really really love your drawings!! Specially the aftg drawings!! I just wanted to ask, if your familiar with malec (magnus and alec from shadowhunters) maybe you could draw one of these poses for me? I would really like to see that! I hope you have a great day/night ☺❤
thank you soooo much)) I haven’t seen shadowhunters, but I knew something about malec…
ahah, I really had a funny night yesterday soo.. I tried) 

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( antisepticeye )
.̴ ̵. .̷

@septicdreams: After hearing Dark comfort someone who’s crying, could Anti be comforting someone? You don’t have to do it, just an idea!

@wildhorsewolf: Dark comfort someone was so cute could we get anti calming someone down from a panic attack

anonymous: Could you do Anti comforting someone? Thanks!! <3

anonymous: Hey Anti How would you calm down someone who was crying? It be nice to hear something “Caring” Coming out of your mouth when Im sad.

anonymous: Can you do more like the “listen closely I need you” one that Anti did a while back (before the group started)? It’s my favorite

( @anti-support-group )

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Anon: Hey can you do a Taeyong scenario in which you have invited him to your house for a movie and it’s like one from your first “dates” and something (**cough** cliché **cough**) happens and he ends up above you and then it’s hella awkward or you kiss or something. My explanation is the worst i know 😩😳

A/N: Hey sorry I totally forgot about your request! Here you go! xx

Pairing: Taeyong x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Song: Taeyeon- I’m Okay

The silence was deafening. Not in the room, the TV played his favourite rom-com movie on full volume. It was the silence between you two as you both fixated your gaze at the bright screen and pretended to be engrossed in the plot of the movie. He shifted his weight on the couch and you took a deep breath, partially hoping he’d close the distance between you. But he just stayed there, glued to that spot. You eyed him subtly, trying to see if his facial expression gave away what was going on in his mind. He looked perfect. Even from where you sat. He had a hoodie on, the hood covering his eyes. A few brown strands of hair peeked through. His nose settled slender on his small face and his jawline was sharp as a knife. You crossed your arms over your chest, feeling defensive. If he didn’t want to be here, why did he even bother? And the movie isn’t even that good.

Taeyong and you had just started going out. It was such a beautiful initiative. Him smiling shyly as he handed you a couple of roses and asked you out. You said yes. It was your dream and he was prepossessing. His voice and gaze tore through your skin. You were falling so hard for him. But now as the cold air settled in and the hunger sent pangs through your stomach, you contemplated all your decisions. 

“I’m gonna go get some popcorn,” you said, turning to him. His beauty caught you off guard and you involuntarily gasped.He smiled at you and ruffled your hair. You were sure your cheeks were turning red despite the cold. The kitchen was sound, the far of lights twinkling from the elongated window that encased your kitchen. You stared at them, filling up your class with water. You could hear the faint sound from the TV in the living room. His presence resonated a strange aura to your two room apartment. 

“Y/N,” you heard him calling. 

“Yeah?” Footsteps grew closer to the kitchen when you finally saw him approaching you. His legs were slender as they propelled him closer. And closer. He leaned in and touched your hand. His mere touch sent shivers through out your whole body. Your heart beat rapidly inside you, you could hear your palpitations in your ears. Thumping against your rib cage, asking you to stop. 

“The water was overflowing in the glass.” He smiled faintly at you, his voice gentle as ever and gaze as kind as a sheep’s. You jerked away, staring at your wet hand, the sound of falling water accompanying you both as he stood close. He had showered before he’d came. You could smell fresh shampoo and soap off of him. He wore no makeup but still looked as pleasing as ever. 

“Oh,” you finally uttered. He chuckled at you, detaching the soaking glass from your slippery grip and setting it aside. He got a kitchen towel and dried your fingers. 

“You should stop being so clumsy.” All the frustration you had felt from earlier evaporated by his single touch. It scared you that you were giving this beautiful boy the power to change your mood and your opinions. You stared at him, his glistening hair and his faint scar on the corner of his eye. Every part of him was arresting. “I thought you were making popcorn.” Your lips were sealed. His gaze was overwhelming and you could feel yourself losing your energy to paralyses, only the hard stone of the kitchen counter supporting your weight. “Y/N?” You snapped out of your daze and gave him a smile.

“Yea I was just getting to it.” He nodded and walked over to the cabinets to take out the packets.

He sat a bit closer to you when you came back. The movie was getting boring, you both could feel it. “I’ll get another one,” you stated. He nodded and turned to the DVD player and ejected the CD, glad that you wanted to change it. You stood on the soft material of the couch and fished through the shelves above. 

“Y/N, you’ll fall,” he laughed. You looked back at him and shook your head. You felt the couch move and before you knew it he was standing to you. As he came closer you lost your balance and fell on the couch and caused him to fall on top of you. You opened your eyes to his. They were brown, deep and glowing. They were the most beautiful pair of eyes you had ever seen. He smelled much better from that angle, he felt warmer, touchable. He was shocked, it was evident but his eyes roamed around your face, stopping at your lips. He leaned it, slowly. His pace was painful but it was all worth it when he crashed his lips against yours. They tasted salty but felt tender against yours. Who said first dates are always awkward? Because as you fell in love with him and he with you in that moment, it was anything but awkward.

i love that humans are becoming like those frogs that can change their sex if they need to. like except u just need a little help. hey have you heard abt humans apparently in social groups they can work together to help one of them change their biochemistry if they need it. that’s pretty cool

Sonamy: Sonic Forces Story

Hey! I’m not one to write fanficiton, I’m more of a reader than writer myself, but I wanted to write out this scene before I came around to drawing it. Because every drawing I did, I didn’t like and I would start over. So I thought, why not write it out first? Which is what I did! 

I am not a great writer by any means, this is like my first official fanfiction, and it’s not even that long haha. I didn’t try to make it as good as some writers do (props to you guys) and there are definitely some mistakes in there with writing errors and proper grammar, but I simply made it so I can draw the scene. 

It’s an idea by @the-amazing-p3a for an Amy confession scene in Sonic Forces, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since I read her post! So the credit goes to her! I also wrote like a little paragraph of what I’d think they would do when they actually defeated Eggman. Of course, it’s not great or long, but whatever!

It’s going to be under ‘read more’ because I don’t want it to crowd up people’s dashboard! :)

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Over spring break, a teacher saw me and said "hey cripple!" I really wanted to cry because this isn't the first time he's done something like that. I was walking past him in the hall one day and he told me that I needed to quit faking. I'm the only physically disabled student at my school so if I take my problem to the admin, he'll know it was me. I don't know how to make him stop. Do you have any ideas on what to do?

I can tell you this: you shouldn’t have to be going through this on your own. This guy is harassing you.

If there is an adult in your life that you trust, please talk to them about this. I would also suggest going to staff about how he’s treated you and if you’re worried about him finding out that it was you who reported his behavior, let the staff know that too. They might be able to keep your involvement out of it. 

Just know that he deserves any disciplinary action taken against him and I sincerely hope you don’t have to deal with his ableism in the future.

Arty: “You were such a naughty kid compared to me… ha!”

Ares: “So I was sort of like you are now?”

Arty: “Hey! I’m not naughty… I’m mysterious yet mischievous, like the night.”

Ares: “And I was as vibrant as the sun! … But suns age, and responsibility comes.”

Arty: “… You’re a fool. No-one said you have to give up fun for responsibility! You can do both– just don’t mix ‘em!!”

Ares: “… Ah, my dear sister… I suppose you are right!”


Cop Junko & Angel + Devil for @avatarofalice & @artificialangel 

{Hey there @avatarofalice weren’t you the person asking if you could send thoughts about the au ? Unless you do not want to anymore please feel free to send whatever you want dear. It can take me some time to answer when it comes to drawing asks but if it’s about talking suggestions or ideas i answer faster.
This is valid for everyone, I’m fueling this a.u. thanks to some of the asks/prompts you all send me. Since classes takes a lot of my time I can be slow posting “asks-comics”. Prompts like this outfit one are a way for me to keep updating when I have less time to draw a full ask.

I’m thanking you all sweethearts for the attention you give to this a.u. and what I draw, it gives me a lot of strength ahah ! A post about this a.u.’s context will come tomorrow. It will probably help with what questions to ask ?}

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So I always see a lot of headcanons in the Tomco fanbase where Tom hoards all the blankets in Marco's house during winter, can you write some Tomco fluff for that?

Awwwwwwwwww! Of course I can write a cute thing like that! It was so adorable how could I resist? I love little Tom and Marco bundled up cuddling together! They are so cute!

Marco stared at the pile of blankets in the middle of his living rom very confused. There was nobody around, but a mound of every single blanket in his house. Marco leaned forward and picked up one of the blankets, only to gasp when he saw Tom underneath it. He smiled when Tom reached his arm out and pulled it back over himself. Marco took it back off.

“Hey there Tommy.” Marco grinned. “You cold?” He asked. Tom nodded and pulled the blanket over him yet again.

“Yes, I hate winter.” Tom grumbled. Marco giggled and moved the blankets aside so that he could crawl under the blankets next to the demon, hugging him close. Tom purred at Marco’s warmth and snuggled closer.

“You took all of my blankets.” Marco teased, bopping Tom’s nose. Tom giggled and nodded.

“I did, I was cold.” Tom complained. Marco smiled and pulled the blankets around the two of them tightly. They snuggled up together and Marco sighed with content. Tom always felt so warm and nice to hold. Tom buried his face in Marco’s hair and took in the familiar scent. It always made him feel at home.

The two stayed bundled up to fend off the cold and Marco took his phone out. He put on a scary movie and the two cuddled close, watching the small screen in their little cocoon. Tom grinned when Marco leaned his head on his shoulder. Marco looked up at Tom’s cute face and smiled when Tom jumped at the scary scene.

“You scared?” Marco asked. Tom blushed.

“N-no! These movies are so dumb, and not scary at all!” Tom insisted. His point was disproved when another jump-scare came up and Tom jumped, burying his face in Marco’s shoulder.

“Oh Tommy.” Marco gushed, rubbing his back. “We can turn it off if you want.” Marco offered, knowing his words would tease and annoy Tom.

“I’m not scared.” Tom mumbled. Marco kissed Tom’s nose, which still felt cold from the winter air.

“I know, you’re a strong brave demon.” Marco giggled. Tom smiled proudly and looked back down at the screen. He jumped a bit and tried not to let the fear show. Marco smiled at him. “You sure?” He asked.

“I-I’m sure… but if you want to turn it off we can.” Tom mumbled, not looking at the screen. He had his face buried in Marco’s hoodie.

“Okay, let’s turn it off for MY sake.” Marco giggled. Marco turned the movie off and just went back to cuddling the demon. “Aww my poor little Tommy! Were you scared? You know I can protect you from anything right? I’d never let one of those scary things hurt you.” Marco gushed.

“Marco! Cut it out.” Tom grumbled. Marco frowned and gave Tom a big kiss.

“Aww, my poor baby. I’ll keep you safe.” Marco promised. Tom blushed deeply and gently shoved Marco away.

“I don’t need that.” He lied.

“Okay then, I’ll leave you alone.” Marco grinned mischievously and Tom jumped.

“No!” He cried. Marco smiled when Tom rushed into his arms. He smiled and petted the demon’s head. “I-I mean… you can stay if you want but uh… I’d prefer it if you were here.” Tom mumbled. Marco kissed him and held him tightly.

“You know I’m not going anywhere.” Marco giggled. Tom smiled and the two huddled closer in the big mound of blankets. Their moment was interrupted when light shone through and they saw Star and Janna had pulled the blanket away and were looking down at the boys.

“I want in!” Star yelled, and crawled into the jumble of love. Janna shrugged and crawled under the blanket and snuggled next to her girlfriend. Tom and Marco smiled at each other, as they were separate by their lovably annoying friends. But they loved it. They snuggled all together like a big pile of hamsters and pulled the blankets close. Happy.

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I want to have a character who uses guns. But I don't want them killing anyone with them. Is there some kind of bullet that when shot at someone won't kill them but will like just hurt them or knock them back or something.

Hey there! This area isn’t my forte, and my first recommendation is to go to a blog like @howtofightwrite, who are much more skilled in any of the martial arts than I am.

However, I’m aware of two kinds of less-lethal rounds: shotguns are capable of firing various types of rounds, including bean bag rounds and rubber bullets. I’m not familiar enough to discuss them, except to point out the following: the physics of the ballistics involved mean that these are less lethal, but still potentially lethal. These rounds can still kill people if they strike the head or, in some cases, the chest; they can still break bones in the legs, and could probably still cause spinal injuries.

I’ve heard of (but never confirmed) people loading shotgun rounds with salt.

What I’m trying to say is, keep in mind that any firearm can kill regardless of intent, and it’s something worth considering when crafting your story: what happens if your protagonist accidentally kills someone? Or, if he’s “caught”, wouldn’t he be charged with assault with a deadly weapon?

Good luck with your storytelling :)

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


Becoming a Patron lets you see the freaking future. Have you considered becoming a clairvoyant?

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sometimes i remember that like between the ages of about eight and nine, i was reading the fuck out this book series called “the song of the lionness” by tamora pierce where a girl named alanna pretends to be a boy to become a knight (and i also read a ton of her other works afterwards)

and i look back on that time in my life and i’m like …

how did i not notice that i was trans

at one point alanna was like “hey i gotta wrap my chest up cause breasts are starting to happen” and i was like “THATS SO COOL I WANNA DO THAT WHEN I GET BOOBS”

buddy …. my guy …… 

  • Yang: This looks like this is it, Ruby. *Yang panted as she shot a few more in coming Grimm as she and Ruby are backed into a corner.*
  • Ruby: *Ruby slices through some Grimm and shots another.* Yeah. It looks like. But hey, we had a good run.
  • Yang: Hehe, Yeah... Just wish I could see Blake one more time.
  • Ruby: Yeah Same here for Weiss. *The sisters admitted as the Grimm grow closer when suddenly an airship flies in above them and guns down the Grimm.* WHOA!
  • Yang: What the!? Who is tha- *Yang Questioned when multiple fire Blakes land in front of them, exploding as they hit Grimm, causing her to smile happily as she looked up to see her girlfriend.*
  • Blake: YANG! WE'RE HERE!
  • Yang: God I love that woman.
  • Ruby: *Ruby smiles as well when a glow beneath them to find it a glyph and looks up to spot Weiss.* WEISS!
  • Weiss: RUBY! JUMP! BOTH OF YOU JUMP! *Weiss shouted as she and Blake reach out their hands, Ruby and Yang looking at each other before leaping up being launched by the glyph and grabbing their lovers hands. Once in each other's grasp they pulled that sisters aboard into an embrace, hugging them tightly.*
  • Ruby: YOU CAME BACK! *Ruby cheered, kissing Weiss on the cheek and they hugged.*
  • Weiss: OF COURSE I DID YOU DOLT! I'm not going to abandon my girlfriend!
  • Blake: *Meanwhile with Yang and Blake, Blake begins to smother Yang with kisses saying.* Never! *kiss* Scare! *kiss* Me! *kiss* Like that! *kiss* Ever again! *Kiss*
  • Yang: Hehehe, If I get kisses like this. *Yang started pulling Blake in for a deeper kiss.* Then I may not be able to make that promise. *And with that Yang received a arm slap.* Ow! Kidding!
  • Weiss: Lets save the full reunion for later! Get out of here! *Weiss shouted to the pilot cabin, Ruby, Yang, and Blake holding back a giggle as Weiss hold Ruby even tight.*
  • Ruby: *Not a moment later, The airship quickly flew out high into the sky, barely escaping a few Grimm that tempted to jump about. Letting the four girls relax and let out a sigh of relief.* That was a close one.
  • Yang: No kidding. It's a good thing you guys got this airship working again.
  • Weiss: Well I'm just surprised your uncle knew how to fly one.
  • Qrow: Fly what? *Qrow asked and he came up from the engine room. All four girls staring at him with wide eyes then at the pilot cabin and then back at him.* ... What? I was putting the last of the dust in the fuel tank.
  • Weiss: Wait... How are... When you are...
  • Blake: If you're here, then who is flying the airship? *Blake question before all five of them look towards the closed pilot cabin.*
  • Ruby/Yang: *It was then Ruby and Yang both got up and slowly walked to the cabin door and opened it to look inside. WHat they saw made the sister's jaws drop before muttered together.* You got to be shitting me.
  • Rex: *Rex the Raptor wearing a pilot hat turned looking back at them.* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bSEfx6D8mA

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hey ,, uh seeing as you see a therapist I was wondering if you could tell me if seeing one has made anything better for you?? bc my parents keep telling me I should go see one but I feel kinda stressed and scared abt going?? like idk is it worth it??

hi!! as someone who was once in the same situation as you and put it off for years due to me feeling shy and scared and vulnerable about it I can tell you that I’m glad I ended up making the decision to go!! It feels very weird at first but over time you will find yourself feeling more at ease. I can’t speak for every therapist that’s out there but from my experience I know that they strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible during each session and after 2 years with mine I almost forget that she’s my therapist and not just a regular Friend because we’re always joking and laughing every session?? She’s also very patient with me when it comes to me trying to open up about my struggles. I’ve learned a lot about how to more properly manage depression, my anxiety disorder and negative emotions (especially towards myself) and even if there are times where you feel like their advice or suggested methods aren’t helping you it’s like…..the sessions are totally worth it because physically talking about things makes you feel a SHIT TON better??