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The only reason I can logically accept Frank Castle shaving or waxing his chest is because he knows he's going to get a ton of wounds and clean flesh is easier to stitch shut.

@ god, please let me have a hairy chested man on tv, why must ALL the fella’s on the tv screens be waxed like smooth baby seals? sleek like svelte dolphins?  these are grown men? not preteen boys? (some) men have hair? i like woolly mammoths? I like happy trails and truly fuzzy navels? and big strong unwaxed arms?

but, for the sake of not losing my mind, i will accept your logical reasoning for this particular case :P

me, saying no to a binge: WOW I am HEALED I am a fucking ROCKSTAR god I am QUEEN OF SELF CONTROL !!!

- To you all that wanted happy tododeku, *mmuuah*

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pride and prejudice wasn't written as a resistance to the patriarchy djdjfhdhsj what

i mean i’ve been staring at this message for a solid minute now pondering how to reply, trying to figure out how ro reply, but honestly it boils down to one question: have you read it?

because literally the prevalent theme of pride & prejudice as well as other works of Austen—perhaps most visibly, sense & sensibility—is the ironic social commentary on the degraded role of women, as subjected and dependent on the way of whether they would marry well as they used to be?

like, honestly, what did you think it was about? sure it has a romance in it, but it’s probably one of the the most politically designed and carried out romantical arcs in literature, as it relies not so much on mutual affection, but rather darcy aknowledging his fault of diminishing elizabeth as an intelligent human being. at first, we see him as quite obviously set upon taking her for granted and applying stereotypes; startled with her outspoken attitude and clueless as to why she would reject him. because it IS surprising, that’s the point, given the context of Austen’s novel, the commonly praised choice would be to accept not only darcy, but mr collins without another thought. what do you think is the reason mrs bennet was so distraught all the time? there was no way of securing the future of her daughters other than marriage, we hear it being repeated over and over again—they cannot inherit their father’s fortune.

and—good grief. that’s the romantic ‘main plot’ concerning darcy and elizabeth alone, because the whole point is that he changes his beliefs and acknowledges elizabeth as an equal in the end. darcy isn’t exceptional for being surly and broody, he’s exceptional because he listens and learns.

but all the rest? the whole arc of charlotte, and her unhappy and dull marriage to mr collins, and the stark contrast with elizabeth. charlotte is not WRONG, she does the only thing she knows for certain will allow her to live in a respectful way without becoming ‘a burden to her parents’. the arc of lydia, basing off her portrayal against wickham? even with all his debt, infamy and faults, wickham’s opinion is at no point more blemished than lydia’s. that’s the point, that’s reiteraring the original notion of the disparity between men and women in regency England. the radiating, stinging paternalistic attitude of mr collins towards elizabeth when he marries charlotte and TELLS her that she would probably get no better chance. his absolute belief—corresponding with darcy’s, and contrasted with the latter’s rehabilitation later on—that elizabeth has no choice but accept him.

and elizabeth herself—for all the composition and impeccable manners, she IS a controversial figure in the novel. take the scene when she’s bashed by lady catherine de bourgh, the ongoing commentary on her being too forward with her opinions, the continuous bashing coming from her mother—the lingering threat that lizzy’s ‘stubbornness’ will cause her much trouble and, above all, prevent her from securing both her and the other sisters from absolute poverty when their father dies.

and, just … of course it’s written subtly, it’s conveyed in elizabeth’s wit, in austen’s slightly ironic narrative. the problem with the situation of women is not EXPLICITLY named and stated. it’s not modern times where we’re accustomed to forward addressing of feminist issues. no: it’s shown. it is not only the consistent theme in her works, it’s the prevalent theme of them. i mean, come on, there’s tonnes and tonnes of books that were NOT written with a purpose of targeting partiarchy. fuck, there are much MORE of such books than there is of the latter kind. But to choose Pride & Prejudice specifically, a novel which became one of the most famous books in the world, renowned for e x a c t l y t h i s … i cannot comprehend. please, at least consider this: do you really think the purpose of austen writing p&p was writing a romance? really? why would it become so much of a literature landmark, then?

i don’t mean to be nasty and honestly, go and have your opinion, you’re perfectly entitled to it, but it does make me sad that a novel that is a witty, outsanding and one of a kind social commentary on the plight of women in a specific time period written by a woman IN the time period is turned into something as common as a novel with a romantic plot. that’s all.

critical role sentence starters !!!

  • so… we’ll talk later.
  • why won’t you stay down and die with dignity?
  • no. no further.
  • this is not over. it can’t be.
  • try not to have too much fun without us.
  • i have this blink candle. it’s formed from various animals that blink.
  • it’s so rare that we’re actually given the opportunity to be honest about everything. we might as well try it once and see if we like it.
  • you know i’m in love with you, right?
  • you seem… like a person. and that’s great.
  • those are coins! you’re not making it rain, you’re making it hail!
  • i’m killing someone, hold please.
  • your secret is safe with my indifference.
  • my heart is someone else’s.
  • do not go far from me. if we are out of earshot, you are too far from me.
  • um, i don’t know if it’s the food you made or the fact that we’re going to die tomorrow, but i want to kiss you.
  • i was all kinds of fucked up a few weeks ago.
  • you’re all kinds of fucked up all the time. we all are. and that’s why we’re together.
  • i just want to let you know… i am possibly the worst person you’ve ever met.
  • i think i kind of hope… not necessarily to hurt you or harm you, but i hope that one day… that you can know just how awful i can be.
  • you can curse, it’s okay. you killed one of us.
  • i think i’ve always been in love with the idea of you.
  • i was only gone for thirty seconds!
  • i encourage violence.
  • i can give you the means to protect them.
  • i do not want to die who i am. i’d like to live long enough to be someone else.
  • you’re on your own, fuckface.
  • a volcano is - is nature’s candle!
  • sometimes people go and they don’t come back.
  • do you spice?
  • so we’re going to kill everyone that we see in the next ten seconds.
  • i don’t want to be here if you’re not.
  • i told you before. no one kills you but me.
  • he traded his life!
  • i don’t have very many things that i care about and i don’t have anything that cares about me.
  • i’m great! well, not really, but i’m just going to pretend i’m happy so everybody can be okay!
  • i’ve been in a barrel for an hour. i fell asleep in there!
  • yes. i heard. it was the only thing i heard.
  • don’t cry. i’m just a little cold.
  • i bury my shame.
  • i should have told you. it’s yours.
  • forgiveness - that’s the key, isn’t it? it’s the only way to really grow.
  • your hair’s a mess. sit still.
  • you are my heart. you are me. you are my other half. you are welcome with me always.
  • you don’t always have to put on a brave face, dear.
  • we’re friends, right? are we friends?
  • i know we don’t always agree and i know i can be unkind, but… you know you’re family, right?
  • i’ve had a terrible thought. and it is sort of my business to have terrible thoughts.
  • take me instead.
  • we walk towards glory.
  • that’s mine! that’s mine!
  • did it choose me because i was broken, or did it break me?
  • please bring him back to me.
  • you think you care about me?
  • this was always supposed to happen, wasn’t it?
  • i love you. if i can find you, i will. if not, stay alive.
  • if he’s gone i won’t be the same.
  • i’d watch your moral panic all day, it’s delightful.
  • in many ways you are my total opposite. but you are also my best friend.
  • i made a choice. this is my family.
  • i forgive you. but i cannot let you leave.
  • please. please. i love him as much as you do.
  • fix him. fix him!
  • i like this family. i’d like to keep it.
  • i want you to know that you are like a brother to me.
  • talk about my sister again.
  • it’s been a while since we’ve had one of our depressing chats!
  • i can’t have you gone. i need you here.
  • i think we’re very broken people. but i think together we’re much greater than the sum of our parts.
  • don’t ever fucking do that again.
  • you didn’t die. but you did! but you didn’t. but you did! and then you didn’t.
  • i don’t want any of this! i don’t want any of this.
  • i’ve just had a near death experience and i’m craving some lasagna. 
  • you know, you’re getting weirder.
  • you and i are very different.
  • i’ve killed two of those who’ve wronged me and nothing is better. nothing feels better. nothing is avenged.
  • call me “child” one more goddamn time!
  • if you’re lucky, you die last.
  • some people have no sense of fucking honor!
  • i’ll take my clothes off if it’ll inspire us.
  • thank you for believing in me.
  • you’ve never done anything for me! never! you’ve never risked anything, you don’t know me!
  • everyone else believes in you. why shouldn’t you?
  • how many fingers am i holding up?
  • what’s the first letter of the alphabet? this you know.
  • yay! teamwork!
  • you fucking died!
  • don’t touch me right now! i’m not - don’t touch me!
  • i’m going to go get a sandwich.
  • you had us all very worried.
  • your reckless impulses will get you killed!
  • i’m done with gods. they will not help me. perhaps you will. 
  • this is too fucking much.
  • come here, you shithead.
  • it has been an honor.
  • screw you! i want my final words with you to be indignant and irritated.
  • you’re the face i saw when murder entered my heart.
  • i’m undecided about you.
  • never forget you’re my favorite. and i’m so sorry.
  • i’m not leaving him.
  • you’re a better man than you believe.
  • feel like making a home here?
  • you’re an idiot and i’m very proud of you. don’t do that again.
  • sound off if you’re alive.
  • it’s not going to work.

“I swear…I won’t stop no matter what. I’ll keep on walking as long as I live!”
 Allen Walker | The Exorcist | Birthday gift for my sweet Pri!! @allenswalkers 


This is what I get for not checking my email while I was on vacation…

not really splatoon related but i jus think u guys need to know a Cool Salmon Fact

this is what salmon look like in the ocean!! but they migrate to rivers to lay their eggs, and when they go to the river, the males turn into

this!!! which is closer to what the salmon in salmon run look like!!

so maybe when salmonids arent in their breeding season, they look a lot nicer? o:

but yea, i jus thought that was an interesting fact!!


so uh, about aizawa,