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BTS Boyfriend Series - Rap Monster 

Namjoon being your boyfriend would include - 

. “Hey, could you listen to this for me?”
. Constant background rapping
. Shopping trips
. Getting to see the cute and cuddly side
. Take out for dinner most nights
. Convincing him the dancing isn’t too bad
. Poking the dimples
. Watching film in bed
. Getting to listen to him ramble about something new he learnt
. Coming home to him reading on the sofa with coffee and his glasses on
. “Yeah but do I look silly wearing this”
. Him not telling you what colour his hair will be next
. Constantly asking if he has married Jin yet.
. Or Jackson
. “Yo, you know I’m a genius and all…”
. Adopting dogs
. Sharing music tastes
. Slaying it on red carpets
. Fixing/replacing things he broke
. Him hurting you accidentally all the time.
. Lots and lots of Apologies
. Deep and meaningful conversations, drunk.
. Automatically becoming a mother to the group
. “But right, me or Jackson?”
. Cockiness for dayyssssss
. Banter
. “I love you.”
. “I know.”
. Independent in front of the guys
. Clingy as hell otherwise

By Eli x


okay so yesterday i made a post about starting a thing where we all post something we learnt in class that week as a way to help revise/remember stuff and to also teach others something new! @complectorr suggested creating a tag for it (thank you!), so I was just thinking we could tag it as “things I learnt today” or something similar (I’ve recently started a tag “things I’ve learnt in my ethics class”, so I just thought it could be something similar to it, but feel free to suggest better tags) 

anyway whoever’s interested in this, could you please reblog it so we could spread the word around bc I think it would be a really cool thing to do and it would create more of a focus on the studyblr community being a place to learn and share knowledge!!

Things I said in 2015

“I am a fancy boy who wants to wear skirts and fight people”

“*about to kiss partner* *starts laughing* sorry I thought of a meme”

“i am broke please let me feel my purchases  so i can become human again”

“*talking about cat* she is unsatisfied and demands more ham…my child has learnt well from me”

“okay they’ve sent me ‘hey’ 'hello’ 'hi’ like three times in a row… who tf is this adele ass bitch??”

“we have no cat food, i am an awful mother”

“you look like you just dropped a sick pun by that one friend who /will/ beat you up for it and i love it”

“*talking about my new name* its said like aries, but he’s the god of war or something and i was like yes this is mine now”

“i just cry and apply hairspray”

“i just am like ’ i must be chivalrous ’ even though neither of us are gendered ??? im just 'i need to be the bara in this relationship’ i guess”

“I channel my rage into being kawaii”

“This picture of me sadly throwing a peace sign in full cosplay in the car displays me current emotional state pretty well”

“If you love me you’ll ignore the unpainted arms and low quality”