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L&E 05 - T E A S E R

hey guys so some of you might know that today was the 1 year anniversary since i last updated l&e and as shitty as that makes me feel, i really wanted to post something l&e related for you guys. unfortunately i couldn’t finish the actual chapter since i literally haven’t had the down time to do so, but i thought maybe a little teaser would be better than nothing. it’s really short and is grossly unedited (and will probably be changed a bit in the final cut) but it’s something! love yall <3

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Hey I just wanted to know, about how far into the animate a grumps timeline are we? Like are we still waiting on some animations, does it just need to be stitched together or something, etc? I only ask because it's been a month since anything was posted about it, and I just wanted a bit of an update, if that isn't too much to ask...

Hey there ! We actually finished the final editing yesterday, it took us a extra week to fix and change some things we weren’t happy with or that we forgot in the previous versions but we should be sending the finished video to the grumps this weekend, once that done we will keep everyone in the known as to when the video will be put out on the main channel, thanks for being patient !

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I love your writing and am in need of some major FS fluff after that episode... could you do 68? Thank you so much!

Anonymous said:

Fitzsimmons 68 please?

Hi there, anons! “You didn’t have to ask” coming right up!  Prompt list here if you want to send me one!

This is somewhere between canon compliant and an AU. Bendy canon, I call it.

“You didn’t have to ask,” he says one day as he sits on her dorm room floor, sifting through pages of notes. “I was going to come over anyway. I know you’re worried about this exam.”

She hopes he doesn’t see the way she smiles in relief, because really, they haven’t known each other that long. She’s never actually had a friend before—not the kind who wants to spend time with you outside of class—and she’s still not sure about the rules.

“Thank you, Fitz,” she manages. He doesn’t even look up from the textbook in his hand.

“Do you have any pretzels here?”

She smiles. “Of course I do.”


“You didn’t have to ask,” he groans, ducking his head into his folded arms. “Why did you ask?”

She leans back in their booth and takes a sip of her milkshake.

“Really, Fitz, it wasn’t that bad.”

“But you had to know that if you even hinted at having any curiosity about my childhood, my mum would likely bring out the whole blasted scrapbook. You didn’t have to … say it out loud and make sure of it.”

She swallows and grabs a chip (a french fry, as they’re called here), and dips it in the shake. “Fitz …”

“I don’t even know why you asked! Who pokes her head into her friend’s Skype session with his mum and asks, and I quote, “Has our Fitz always been such a handful?” He sits up, folding his arms with a defiant scowl. Jemma frowns.

“I hate it when you use that voice,” she says.

“Yeah,” he says, “well, I’m not a fan of everything you do, either.”

It’s hard to stay mad at him, especially when he’s so embarrassed. Jemma doesn’t think about it that way as much as she feels it in her gut, as if there’s a piece of her that hurts when he hurts. If she ever dwelt on the hows and whys of that feeling, she might come to a startling conclusion. Instead, she acts on instinct, getting up to sit in his side of the booth and putting a hand on his shoulder until his grumpiness fades, and he covers her hand with his.


“You didn’t have to ask,” he says as he dries his legs with a towel. Jemma’s attention is on Antoine Triplett, who’s smiling broadly when talking to Skye, and she’s almost startled at the question.


“You didn’t have to ask if I was Hydra,” he repeats. He retrieves his socks and shoes, following her eyes to where the their friends chat by the pool. “Didn’t you … aren’t you worried?”

She smiles, partly because she thinks Skye might be blushing, and partly because her best friend is a ridiculous man.

“Of course not,” she says. “I know who you are.”

She expects some kind of stubborn retort, but she turns to look at him when she only hears silence. It wounds her a little, to see the doubt in his eyes, like he’s not sure who he is. The world might have fallen apart, but can’t he see that he’s the one constant she has? That all of this is a little easier since he’s going through it with her? She can’t let him lose sight of the hope they have left.

“Don’t you think they look nice together?” she asks, nodding towards Trip and Skye. “I think so.”

Fitz’s eyes dart towards their friends, then back at her, then down at his shoes.

“I suppose I wouldn’t know,” he says. She gives him a teasing smile.

“Well, at long last, we’ve found something.”


“You didn’t have to ask,” he says when he finally comes back, still clad from head to toe in battle gear. She’s still cleaning up after taking care of Coulson, but she knew it was him the moment he walked in the door.

“You didn’t have to ask,” he repeats, and she’s sure it’s because she’s so silent, but what do you say to a man after you’ve told him you might love him back?

“I would have been careful,” he says.

She tucks some hair behind her ear and smiles at the floor. “That’s not what you told me.”

“Yeah,” he says, “well, I—”


They both turn towards Mack’s booming voice to find him leaning against he doorway.

“Hey, can you help me with something?”

Fitz turns to Jemma, then to Mack, then back to Jemma.

“I … well, actually I have to …”

She smiles, shaking her head at him. “Go,” she says, “I can finish up here.”

He looks over at her medical equipment, then blanches. “Um, yeah, I’ll just … I’ll go. But we’ll talk later?”

She nods, knowing a blush is spreading across her cheeks and finding she doesn’t care. “We’ll talk later.”

He watches her a second, like he’s sure she’ll change her mind, but turns to leave when Mack calls for him again.

“I’ll be careful, Jemma,” he says.

She watches him go, beaming. “I know you will.”

She’s still smiling when he’s out of sight, feeling something rise in her chest that she wants to keep to herself. She’ll share it with him, too, when the time is right. For now, though, she savors their secret.


“You didn’t have to ask,” he whispers. She swallows as she sidles up behind him, wishing she could just put her hand on his arm, his shoulder, his chest. He gave her his whole heart, and she ruined it.

“Fitz, I—”

“He’s an innocent man trapped on a desert planet,” he continues. “Wouldn’t be right to leave him there. Of course we have to go back for him.”

She tries to speak, but the words get caught in her throat. How can she tell him that the guilt is eating her alive? The longer she stays on this planet, on her home planet—with a shower and a bed and a gravitational force that’s not pulling her down—the more she realizes that her time in that other world lead her to a certain insanity. She doesn’t know how to tell him that the closer she is to him, the closer she is to feeling right in her own mind.

“Fitz,” she says, inching towards to him, “I knew you’d do the right thing.”

He looks up at her, and his eyes are so clear and so blue that she thinks she could dive into them. This is what true love is, she thinks, not one heroic act, but a thousand small ones. She tries to do a heroic deed of her own by placing her hand on his arm and rubbing her thumb up an down with intent. He has to know that he’s the only thing that’s real to her.


He looks so young when he says it, younger than he was when she met him. All his ego has leaked out of him by now, leaving him like a deflated balloon. All she wants it to send him back in the atmosphere where he belongs. He watches her hand for a moment then covers her hand with his. A smile breaks out on its own, spreading across her face without effort. There’s a part of him that still belongs to her, and she’ll never let go of it. She only needed to learn that lesson once.  

“Yeah,” she says.


“I’m sorry,” he says. Jemma lifts her head from his shoulder and blinks the sleep out of them, not quite sure how long she was out. She looks down at the papers scattered across the floor and tells herself that she’ll be better at fighting Hive in the morning.

“Mmm,” she hums into his shoulder, “sorry for what?”

She expects him to lay his head on top of hers, but instead, his muscles tense.

“For kissing you.” She feels his cheek brush against her hair and his head hangs down. “Both times, I just went for it. I should have asked first; I didn’t mean to—”

“Fitz?” It feels like her head is made of lead, but she raises it anyway. “Fitz.”

That’s enough to get him to look at her, his clear blue eyes still shining in the darkness.


“I kissed you back, each time,” she says, reaching out to cup his jaw. He closes his eyes, and she knows he’s remembering. “I’d like to keep kissing you, if that’s alright.”

He nods, somewhat sheepishly, and she grins as she returns to her place on his shoulder. They’ll have a real talk in the morning, but until then she can bask in the comfort of being next to her best friend, just as she’s always wanted to be. As she drifts off, she feels a pleasant exhaustion from her hard-won battles, knowing her greatest victory is the hand that holds hers.

“Fitz,” she says, and it’s true that he’s her favorite word. It’s true that he’s her favorite everything.


“Fitz,” she repeats, “You didn’t have to ask. You never do, with me.”

She thinks that he smiles into her hair, and it’s just as possible that he’s already asleep, but she’ll tell him again of she needs to. For now, she drifts off wrapped up in the memory of him, of how he used to be and how he is now. She’s been in love with him a long time, she realizes. There’s no need and no time for questions when their hearts have been entwined this long.

Besides, she thinks as she slips into her dreams, they have too many kisses to make up for.

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Character + Headcanons: Yugi Mutou

My son, I can finally talk about him…

-I know a lot of people have this headcanon as well, but Yugi having his leather clothes before finishing the puzzle. He bought them, thinking he could try to pull off the style, but got too scared about it and decided it was just something to wear in his room alone. Yami Yugi found them while trying to find an intimidating outfit for meeting Ushio (he wasn’t gonna fight looking like he was about to go to bed). Didn’t bother changing out of the clothes, Yugi slept in them, woke up, and decided… hey, these actually look good, but I’m gonna wear my uniform shirt over the leather tank top.

-Post-dsod, I mentioned it earlier this week, but Yugi gets the same sort of computer program that Kaiba has in his head. He uses it while he works for Kaiba Corp. He also uses it to duel AI!Atemu, who is rather fun to duel

-Yugi is ambidextrous, but uses his right hand more cause of card games

-He’s chubby until a bit after Death-T, when he starts working out a bit, ends up with a body more like Atemu’s, but he’s still forever stuck with baby fat on him (especially on his face)

-He always spends one night a week with Ryou, doing whatever. Usually they play RPGs, and yes, they both do LARPing

-Yugi can do the splits, he’s also very flexible, he doesn’t show it off much cause… meh. Anzu likes to have him around when she does dance practice cause he’s a good partner

-When he gets ownership of the game shop, Jounouchi becomes his roommate and they run it together 

-He can solve Rubik’s cubes blindfolded. Even he doesn’t know how he does it

-He gets Atemu’s name tattooed on him, but he won’t say where

-When he’s an old man, he carries on Grandpa’s legacy by becoming a legendary gambler, suits and all. Also, yes, he does do archaeology later in life while being a gambler, but he also still works for Kaiba Corp as a game designer. 

He’s my hero.

Not requested.

A/N: so I tried something new with this imagine, new writing style. Before I started this blog (which hasn’t even been a month) I never wrote anything so I’m still learning. Anyway, hopefully you like this imagine :)

Words: about 3670
Warnings: nothing.
Pairing: Theo Raeken x reader
Summary: you’re Tracy’s sister. When she dies Scott tells you all about the supernatural because you met Theo – your new found friend.

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A New Year’s Kiss (Patrick Stump)

My head buzzes as I take another sip of your champagne, but I don’t really mind. It was New Year’s Eve, I deserved to have some fun, right? Plus the alcohol cuts the edge of my anxiety, making parties like this one way more enjoyable. My eyes skim across the room, checking out the scene. I have been friends with the guys from Fall Out Boy for a couple years now, and while I was slowly getting used to these parties, sometimes I still got starstruck. From where I’m standing I can see not only Pete and Andy, but several other amazing people ,people such as Brendon Urie, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Tyler Joseph, Josh Dun, and of course Patrick Stump. I could keep going , but for some unknown reason seeing Patrick makes me falter. Okay, maybe the reason wasn’t such a mystery. Things have been tense between us ever since I realized i liked him- as more than a friend. Not that he knew that, but the realization causes my anxiety to kick up and make being around him awkward and uncomfortable. We’ve always been great friends, so he probably thinks that my attitude change around him meant he did something wrong, when in reality it’s the opposite. I’ve wanted to talk to him about it for days now, but every time I did the confession died in my throat. I snap out of my thoughts as Patrick sees me and walks over with a smile.

“ Hey (Y/N), having fun?” He asks, giving me a hug.

“ Yea actually I am “ I realize as I say it. ‘ Must be the alcohol” I finish dryly.

He cracked a smile at that, taking another sip of his own champagne. I took a deep breath and took my chance.

“ Listen, Trick, I know things have been weird lately, and I–” I was cut off from my speech, as Pete yelled across the room.

“ Guys the ball is starting to drop! Everyone to the TV, NOW!”

“ I guess It can wait a few minutes” I said with a smile, and we walked quickly to the tv, as everyone started counting down.


Maybe I should just tell him instead of making a dumb excuse

“NINE! “

I don’t want things to be weird though


We’ve been friends for so long, what if this ruins everything?


But maybe he likes me back


But maybe he doesn’t, a voice whispers in my head


I look at Patrick, and see  that he’s already looking at me

I bite my lip, trying to figure out the right move


I could make my move right now, I realize, alcohol fueling my bravery


I take a deep breath, refusing to allow myself to talk myself out of this


I turn to Patrick as the last number is being shouted, place my hand on the back of his neck, tilt my head, and push my lips against his, taking his New Year’s Kiss.

And to my surprise, he kisses back.

Remember - RapMon Birthday Scenario

A/N: Just when I thought I finished everyone’s birthdays… ;-;
And I know this is a day late, but I was honestly so tired yesterday, so here it is!

Genre: Floof

Word Count: 2205

“We should throw a surprise party!”
“No way. Last time we threw a surprise party, we scared him so badly that he was too ashamed to join us”
“Free cake for us tho”


That’s right. It happened every single year to everything. The numerous ways of celebrating only getting repeated, over and over and over.
It’s tiresome if you think about how many you would go through throughout your life. But none the less, it was still fun.

“You guys are just really bad at planning things. Remember when we tried to cook for Jin’s birthday but we ended up getting take out ‘cause you guys burned everything?” You said, looking at the pathetic glares they gave you.
“Well then what do we do Y/N? Since you’re ‘Miss Know It All’” Yoongi said, throwing his hands up for quotations.

“I suggest” You cleared your throat, “Two birthday parties” You smiled.
“Two? Why?”
“Well, one to spend with just me” You said, hearing giggles and coughs amongst the group, quickly making you mad, “Not like that! Just a nice date and stuff…”
Dessert’s gonna be on Y/N” Jungkook said to Jimin, nudging his shoulder and wiggling his eyebrows
“I heard that!” You blushed furiously, “Anyways, let’s just keep it chill on the other day, just all hang out in the dorm, a couple drinks, some singing, dancing, food, the usual. He doesn’t want a big party, he just wants to be with us, okay?”
“Yes Ma’am!” Jungkook and Taehyung saluted and you laughed, saluting them back.

“Well, what are you gonna do?” Jin asked curiously
“That’s what I need your help for” you smiled widely


Later that day you went to visit Namjoon in his studio. From the outside, you could clearly hear the bass echoing against the door. You knocked on it three times –the first two were totally ignored.
“Y/N! Hi! Sorry about the mess, come in!” He happily waved. He sat back down in his seat, the space in the room quite claustrophobic if you tried fitting another person in there.
You sat down on his lap, his arms wrapping around you to embrace you while he set his head on your shoulder, “I missed you baby” He said in his deep voice.
“Joonie~ I was only with the boys for 3 hours” You giggled
“Still! You should have been spending that time with me, the love of your life” He pouted, only making you smile wider
“I would have been a distraction, you like working in peace” You said, giving him a kiss on the cheek, “Anyways, I came here to tell you that we’re gonna have two parties for your birthday”
“What? Why?”
“Because the boys want to spend the day with you” You stepped off his lap, opening the door, “And I want to spend alone time with you” you winked playfully, “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”
“Wait wait! Is that how you leave your boyfriend? Not even a kiss?”
“I gave you a kiss on the cheek” You smiled playfully, watching his face grow stern, “I’m kidding, come here” He stood up and embraced you in a tight hug, kissing your lips with passion, “I love you, have a safe trip home okay?”
“Okay” You laughed, “Love you too” You said as you waved goodbye and headed out the door.

As you stepped out, you saw the boys looking around the corner wall at you. You held both thumbs up, nodding frantically.
“It’s a go! Let’s get this plan started!”


For the rest of the night, you and the members spent time in one of the spare rooms of the company, decorating the walls. Every hour, a member would go up to Namjoon’s studio to keep him distracted from walking inside the place you were decorating, cause you knew that he liked to go there a lot.

“Shit” You said –accidentally- out loud.
“Namjoon’s done for the day in the studio and he’s going back to my place”
“That’s great! You haven’t been able to spend a lot of time together lately” Taehyung said as he hung up the last piece of string on the wall.
“No it’s not! Tae! I’m not home!”
“Oh… Right” He had a serious face for 3 seconds before bursting out into a laugh.
“Well then you better get going!” Hoseok said, giving you your bag and pushing you towards the door.
“Wha? But what about-”
“Leave it to us Y/N” Jin said comfortingly, “Go beat Namjoon home” He smiled.
“Oh my god, thanks so much guys! I love you guys so much” You said as you raced out the door, checking your phone to make sure he didn’t send anything else.

You quickly got in your car and started up the Engine, exiting the parking lot. Luckily it wasn’t too busy, you were able to get home fast and efficiently.
You unlocked your door and walked inside, instantly taking off your jacket, putting down your bag and getting things done in the kitchen. You could feel how hot you were getting from going so fast, there was probably sweat on your forehead.
You quickly microwaved food, finishing in time to hear a set of keys jingle from the door. You smiled as you set down the plates.

“I’m home!” He said, looking around for you. He didn’t see you anywhere, so he stepped inside and-

“BOO!” You yelled, making him jump back.
“Y/N! DON’T DO THAT OH MY GOD YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME” He said, just making you laugh harder, clutching your stomach, “Rude.” He said
“Sorry not sorry” you replied as you walked over, waving at him to follow you, “I just finished making dinner so eat”
“Oh wow, I haven’t had a home cooked meal in a while” he smiled happily as he sat down, digging in, “You’re not gonna eat with me?” He said, his mouth stuffed.
“I will in a bit, I’m just gonna go and change into something more comfortable” You smiled as you walked into your room.

You quickly called the guys, “Hey! Did you finish?” You whispered, not wanting Namjoon to hear anything.
“We actually just did! We’re just about to leave” Jin answered back
“I can’t thank you enough”
“It’s okay Y/N, this is for all of us!”

“Who you talking too?” Your head spins towards the door, mentally cursing yourself for forgetting to lock it. You quickly hang up, “No one” you smiled, face red. Namjoon took slow steps towards you, anxiety building up in you. He lifted your chin up with his hand, “Are you sure?” He asked, looking right into your soul.
He let go, “I’m just kidding, I saw the caller ID. You don’t need to hide Jin from me” He laughed as he walked back to the kitchen. You pouted before kicking him out so you could actually change into your pajamas.

After eating, you washed the dishes along with brushed your teeth and face before joining Namjoon –who was already fast asleep- in bed.

You kissed him goodnight and you felt as he turned over to wrap his arms around you. You smiled as you cuddled into his chest.


You got up early the next morning, making sure to give Jin a call and asking if everything was set and ready. When you got confirmation, you happily smiled before going back to Namjoon who was now rubbing his sleepy eyes awake.
“Y/N?” He said, his raspy voice alluring.
“Yes?” You replied as you dipped into his side of the bed.
“Why’d you leave the bed? I turned over and you were gone… I almost had a heart attack” He pouted as he pulled you into him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him softly, “I’m sorry. I’m here now” you smiled before kissing him again, “Come on birthday boy, let’s go out” You said as you patted his back. He only slumped more, “I don’t wanna” He pulled you in tighter before rolling you over on the bed so that he was on top of you, “I can think of a birthday present you can give me right now, and then maybe I’ll consider going out with you” He smirked mischievously as he planted kisses all over you.
You sighed, not disagreeing that you didn’t want this either, “You promise?” You said as your face filled up with heat.
“I Promise”


Later at around 4 o’clock, you got Namjoon to just wear something semi-formal while you put on a nice flowy –yet comfortable- dress.
You were just about to leave to house when Namjoon got a phone call. You tried your best not to smile, knowing your plan was coming perfectly into effect.

“What? Seriously? I-… Yes I understand… I know! Yes I’ll go in, just make it quick please” He sighed as he hung up on the phone. You cleared your throat and gave him the best “Curious” face you could put on.
“I’m really sorry Y/N…”
“Oh? How come?” You cleared your throat again when you noticed how happy the pitch came out.
“I have to drop by the studio, the manager wants me to pick something up… It’ll be quick though! In and out!”
“Oh…” You faked a small pout, “I’ll um… I can meet you at the dorm then”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes it’s fine” You smiled
“I’m so sorry, I promise I’ll be there as soon as possible!” You waved as you watched him leave the door, running to his car. You closed it when he disappeared from your sight and fist pumped the air. You quickly ran to your car and got to the dorm as soon as possible.
You knocked the ‘Secret Knock’ Jungkook and Taehyung made so that everyone knew it was you who was coming in.

“Y/N! Quick quick!” Jin shoved you inside, “He’ll be here any minute!”
“Do you have the lights set?” You asked, looking for Yoongi, aka the man who was in charge of them.
“Yes we did, don’t worry about a thing!”
“Wow, you guys really tidied up” you said as you looked around, walking to your designated spot.
“Yeah we-“
“GUYS! HE’S HERE!” Taehyung yelled but still whispering. In a blink of an eye, all the lights were shut off except for the one in the main foyer. After a few jingles of the door, it opened, revealing Namjoon behind it.
“Guys?” he said, “Y/N?”

Another light turned on and Namjoon jumped at the sudden scare. Before walking towards it, noticing there was a note on the table.

Happy Birthday Namjoon!

Happy Birthday Joonie!

Happy Birthday RapMon!

All over the paper, all written differently in various sizes and colours. He smiled as another light turned on. He steadily walked towards that one, looking inside every room, noticing no one was in it. Or so he thought.

As soon as he walked into the lit room, there was a little podium that had a picture frame on it. It was a picture of everyone, him included.
On the bottom of the frame it read, “Together, We Make a Family
Underneath the picture were scrap pieces of paper that all had writing on them. He took a closer look, each one of them were dedicated for him from all the members individually, and yours stood out in the middle.

Then the lights in the whole room turned on and when Namjoon looked up, all he saw was thousands of sticky notes covering every inch of the wall, each had a saying. He walked up to one side. He quickly gazed through them all. They were letters from ARMY’s around the world. Different languages, different sayings, but all to greet him happy birthday. He chuckled to himself and shook his head. They all did this for him.
He didn’t want too, but he felt the tears springing in his eyes. All the notes around the room was pure dedication of how much people cared for him, how far he has come.

“Happy birthday!” Everyone yelled. He quickly turned around to see all familiar faces, you were in the middle holding the cake and smiling ever so brightly. He took off his glasses to wipe away some tears as he smiled, sniffling when he blew out the candles. Everyone gave him a hug, including you, “I love you guys so much, you didn’t have to do any of this for me” He sniffled again.
“Of course we did! You’re our precious leader and we couldn’t wish for a better one!” Hoseok smiled. He leaned in to kiss you, ignoring all the ‘Aw’s’ from around him, “Thank you” he said, “I love you so much”
“No need to cry!” You spoke, “You deserve this! No, you even deserve more than this. It’s just, we can’t fit so many things in such a tiny room” You said, making him laugh, “You just need to remember that everything you do has an impact on millions of people. You aren’t bad at making music, you’re not dumb, and you’re not anything the haters say you are. We’re your family” you said, everyone smiling at Namjoon, “and don’t forget it”

~Admin Luna 


So there is something super cool I wanna share with everyone that happened when I was in line to get Jared’s autograph. I made it close enough to where Jared was signing that I could see him through the mirrors on the theatre walls. I caught a glimpse of him and jokingly sang “youuuu aaaaaare soooo beautifuuuuul to meeeee” and the girl in front of me spun around and said “ohmggod please sing that to Jared EXACTLY like that” I burst into laughter and everyone around me was like “yeah! It’d be so funny!” So I said I would! I got up to him at the table and smiled happily at him. Jared is so cute, he wiggled in his chair and raised his eye brows at me like he was excited HE was seeing ME and than said “heeeeeeeey!” I laughed and he started his signature. He slid the signed photo towards me, I pointed to him, he jumped back wide eyed, and sat in awe as I sang to him. Without ANY warning he snatched my hand out of mid air and gripped me super tight than sang the next 2 lines of the song!! I was so happy!! Than he said “well you’re beautiful to ME” (*faints*) We laughed than he winked and told me to have a great night, I blew him a little kiss and he BLEW ONE BACK!!!

So than I’m in the line for Jensen’s autograph and everyone who saw me sing to Jared was like “you should sing it for Jensen too!!” I actually nodded, and said “maybe I’ll just really sing for Jensen instead” and that seemed to be their favorite idea! I got up to Jensen’s table and as soon as he turns to me he winks, smiles the BIGGEST smile, and says “HEY! Are you feeling better now?” I felt my whole face go bright red and he just giggled at me as I stumbled over my words to apologize, totally star struck AGAIN! Jensen finished his autograph and I said “I actually have to tell you something I couldn’t say earlier” he sat back all ready to hear what I had to say. I started singing the chorus of Caught Up in You by 38 Special, but changed “little girl” to “Jensen ackles,” and “Jensen baby”
The MINUTE I opened my mouth his jaw dropped, people in line, the volunteers, and even security guards, stopped what they were doing to pay attention to my voice. I finished singing and Jensen stood up with a look of total amazement on his face and said “wow! My god I didn’t expect a voice like that from you missy!” (HE CALLED ME MISSY AND HIS LITTLE SOUTHERN DRAW SLIPPED OUT - IT MADE ME WEAK IN THE KNEES - I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT!!) he hugged me again and rubbed his hands up and down my back. I told him I entered to ask a question but didn’t get picked and I was gonna ask if he would do a duet with me. He looked so let down, like that was the best idea he had ever heard! He said “oh my god! That would have been so fun! Are you coming back next year?” I nodded quickly as I grabbed the photo op photo and started to step away from the table. At this point Jensen and I’s conversation was while I was walking away, we’re like calling at each other as he tries to sign another persons picture. He said “hey sweetie, you stay strong now, bye bye” I (subconsciously bit my bottom lip) waved goodbye with a goofy, nervous, smile on my DUMB FACE and he blew me a kiss. So sweet, he’s a real angel.

Rude Lady

Used clothing store person here. I had people stay after closing last night that left a mess in both change rooms, but I left it for this morning since I open and close it doesn’t really matter if I leave a mess.

This morning I come in and start clearing out the change rooms, I had finished one and moved on to the other. A lady comes in with two kids so I say, “hey I got some toys to play with.” And showed the kids the box of toys.

I continue cleaning out the change room and the lady brings like ten pairs of jeans into the uncleared change room. Whatever I’ll just sit behind the counter until she’s done.

She comes out and says, “the change room is really messy. I could’ve easily stolen something.” I go, “I was actually in the middle of clearing it. The other one was clean.” She quickly retorts, “are you the owner?” I bluntly say No and just hand her her things and wait for her to leave.

Her kids had left toys all over the store (parents always ask their kid to clean up or clean up after their damn kids). I go into the change room, toys in there and all the jeans she tried on spewed on the floor and shoved above the little hooks.

Idek this whole interaction just really rubbed me the wrong way.

So Did I Ever Tell You How I Met Kara?

This is one for the “really, Sci, REALLY?” files.

So in 2012, I was not really doing well, on a couple of levels.  Looking back on it now, I was very depressed, I was in the process of cutting some toxix people out of my life and realizing that I didn’t have much beyond that toxic circle.  Which makes it very hard to keep from going back.  Because, hey, it was miserable, and I kept crying the entire way home from work three days out of five, but without it, I was…  Pretty much alone.

That spring, I wandered into Avengers fandom and wrote “Some Things Shouldn’t Be a Chore.”  I finished it, actually, in my hotel room at Anime Boston, and clutching my laptop in the back of the AMV recaps and as people filed in and out of the screening rooms.

That one fic changed the course of my life, in a few ways.  But something else happened that weekend, that I couldn’t have expected.  I met Kara.

She was in the last row of AB’s AA, and, she had Avengers stuff.  Now, keep in mind, the movie hadn’t come out yet, and this was an anime con.  Kara was pretty much the only one who had Avengers art that wasn’t bubble-breasted, dead-eyed drawings of Jean Grey and Psylocke.  And as we were chatting, I noted she had a print with Coulson.

And she pointed out that she had a little sketch book of Coulson doodles, and I burst out, “Oh my god, I am totally inviting you to my birthday party.”

(Sidenote: I said this because I am horribly socially awkward, HORRIBLY, and this is how I try to say ‘i like you we should be friends.’  Except, you know, NOT.  Because I am an IDIOT.)

And she just kind of laughed and said, unfortunately, she lived in Texas, so… She’d have to decline.  Which was, honestly, the best response one could hope to get for saying something that stupid.  So I took a card, and bought some prints, and walked away thinking, well, at least I’d never have to relive THAT embarrassment again.

A few months later, I’d published “SHIELD and OSHA Aren’t on Speaking Terms.”  And on my dash one day, someone had reblogged a picture of Clint clinging to a flying Roomba.

My flying Roomba.  Because who ELSE would do that?  And what was more, I recognized the style.  I went digging through my stuff from the con, and found the card.  Yes.  Sam person.  I know this artist.  I’d TALKED to this artist.  I’d completely embarrassed myself in front of this artist.

It took me two days of freaking out before I had the guts to send an ask that just said, “You have no way of knowing, but we’ve actually met.”  Luckily for me, she was just as socially awkward as I am and the phrase “I’m pretty sure I asked you to my birthday party” didn’t so much as phase her.

Kara’s been a big part of my mental health for the last few years.  She’s the one I text when my car breaks down, or when I’m having a panic attack in my bathroom at work.  She’s the one who listened to me cry about my grandma, and gives me pep talks when I want to give up on writing this nonsense.

She had some unplanned medical expenses, and she’s trying to raise some money to cover them.  You can see the MERMAID AND MERMEN prints she did for this HERE!  (Warning: Art NSFW because of breasts.  They’re very nice breasts, though!)

So here’s the thing.  If you can afford to help Kara out, either by buying a print, a shirt, or just dropping a donation into the link on her Tumblr of at least $5.00, forward me the confirmation email proving you’ve helped her out, and I’ll sweeten the pot by sending you all the Christmas Card Fics from this year.  This was the year I did relationships, so you’ll get Steve/Tony, Phil/Clint, Sif/Maria, Bruce/Betty, the Interns, DJ/Lucy, Thor/Jane and the general Avengers family fic. 8)

This applies, of course, if you’ve already made a donation or bought a shirt!  Just forward the confirmation email to sciwritesfic at gmail dot com, and I’ll send you a file with the holiday fics. 8)

Thanks, guys!

They couldn’t be allowed to fight. Clint had to think of a way to stop it. He thought about it long and hard the entire time as he packed his gear, as he traveled to the Avengers Compound, as he and Wanda and Scott drove to the airport to meet up with Steve and Sam and Bucky Barnes, once upon a time the Winter Soldier.

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