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Playlist || Part One

Edward Lupin || Could’ve been something else

01. Attic lights // 02. What do I know? // 03. little lion man // 04. ho hey // 05. dirty paws // 06. red right ankle // 07. things we lost in the fire

Victoire Weasley || Ivory Bones

01. Lisztomania // 02. Daydream Believer // 03. flowers in your hair // 04. Oblivion // 05. Grow old with me // 06. All about your heart // 07. Nancy Mulligan

Fred Weasley || Sans Removyr

01. Afraid // 02. get home // 03. Icarus // 04. Angels fall // 05. Habits of my heart // 06. I found // 07. Americas suitehearts

Rose Weasley || In The House Where I Live

01. Dear sister,your brother // 02. Babel // 03. Little talks // 04. Reflections // 05. House of Gold // 06. Don’t be afraid // 07. Lego house

Lily Potter || By Any Other Name

01. Galway Girl // 02. Young blood // 03. She will be loved // 04. Big girls don’t cry // 05. Slide // 06. Punching in a dream // 07. Winter winds

Birthdays got put on hold a lot. There were constantly more important issues: reapers, saren, reapers, collectors, reapers, the council, reapers, the illusive man, reapers, cerberus, reapers. Issues that made a cake, a gift or two, a silly song and a wish seem completely unimportant. Every year that it passed Shepard marked it off their calendar, holding their tongue and thanking anyone who remembered in private. It was not a celebration, a happy day or, at least, a day off, it became, instead, any other day.
A mission, a task, a goal. An enemy (or a few hundred) and a victim. Achievable. Manageable.
It became something they were so used to that when there was finally peace they almost had forgotten what to do on that day. They had no mission, they had no enemy. Their life was simple and mundane and peaceful.
When their birthday first crept around they stayed quiet, out of habit if nothing else. Shepard had underestimated their friends. The shadow broker, an AI, various captains, commanders and admirals, and even just friends who had fought by their side for years, were more than able to know when their birthday was.
Shepard was still in hospital when it happens, a large chunk of the citadel falling on you really can do some damage, surprisingly enough. They anticipated a nurse sneaking them an extra piece of jello, or a super fan sneaking in a birthday card. They didn’t expect to be woken by a nurse yelling that there’s a limit to how many visitors were allowed in a patients room at a time, a limit that had been surpassed about 12 guests ago. Shepard was greeted by their entire Normandy crew. Gifts and cards and hugs were presented to them with smiles and laughs and jokes. The nurse yelling that ‘krogans hug too hard and if Grunt doesn’t stop immediately he’ll be removed’, alongside the new rib injuries they gained from Grunts defiant rebellion against said nurse served as a desperately needed reminder that Shepard did in fact have a family, who were, without a doubt, there for them. As long as Shepard had a family, people they can protect and love, Shepard still had a purpose besides the Reapers. Joker placed a cake in front of Shepard with wobbly icing letters, EDI played a ‘Happy Birthday’ recording without the singing while everyone loudly sang the words (even if some of the non-humans messed up a lyric or two), Shepard blew out the candle and made a wish.
I wish that I’ll never have to lose my family.


#that little hop tho #can we talk about how great he was in this episode #the guy was so happy he got to teach #and be the sloan to someone’s else jackson #bringing the plastics posse back 101 yo #he’s so proud #because ‘he can take it from here’ remember? #mark would be such a proud papa right now #also that little grin #and cheesy little hop #adorable #keep doing that please #you do it well #keep being great #keep being a good teacher #who wants to educate #and a great doctor #who stops patients making stupid mistakes #and an overall wonderful human being #who is such a joy to watch #thank you

Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 27

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 27


Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there

Enjoy :)

(Takes place in 1x08/09)

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Rebekah was acting weird. She had been spending some time with Marcel without telling anyone. She was sleeping with him and that’s actually how he ended up on the plantation the night Hayley got taken. What could she be plotting?


Elijah was getting worse. He was feverish and couldn’t stop coughing. He was lying on the bed, his head on your lap. You were stroking his hair, it killed you to see him suffer like this. You kissed his forehead whispering to him he was gonna be okay. He had just started hallucinating. He was moving in his sleep, kicking. “It’s okay” you tried to calm him down, you put your hand on his forehead.

“Celeste” he says as you see a young, beautiful black woman, naked in a bathtub. He put his hands on your arms, he thought you were her.

“Celeste?” you repeat, taking your hands of him.

He woke up, realizing it was you. “Y/N…I’m sorry. I thought you were someone else…” he says and it hurts, a little.

“Celeste?” you say.

“Yes” he nods.

“Whoever she was, she was smoking hot.” you chuckle, jealous, even if you’d never admit it.

“Did I let you enter my thoughts?” he asks. “I’m not well, I should go” he tries to get up.

“Hey, ho, no way, you stay right where you are” you put your hands on him to stop him and he stops.

“We’re being watch” he says and Hayley rush outside to see who it was.

“Who is it?” you ask when she comes back.

“A woman, she left” she says.

Elijah starts coughing again. “Okay, come here” you say as you lay him down on the bed his head back on your lap.

“Please, you have to leave. The fever…I will hurt you. Both of you…You need to leave” he says.

“Stop being a baby and let us take care of you” you say as you try to cool him down with your magic. But the fever doesn’t go away and he’s getting worse. He kept saying Celeste’s name, apologizing.

“Go” you tell Hayley. “Find the woman that left you your family’s book last night, I’ll be fine”

“You’re sure?” she asks, worried and you nod.

You were stroking his hair, trying to calm him, again. “Celeste, I’m sorry” he says in his delusion. But he gets up, suddenly and starts screaming.

“Elijah, it’s not real” you try to stop him.

“Niklaus, I’m going to kill you, you bastard!” he shouts.

“Eli…” but your back is on the wall and his hands are on your throat. “Elijah!” you try to make him stop but he’s way too strong. You don’t want to use your magic but you don’t have a choice. You burn his hands so he lets go of you. He shouts out of pain “I’m sorry” you whisper, tears in your eyes.

“Y/N?” he says, looking at you, confused.

“I’m so sorry” you say, taking his head in yours.

“No, I…” he shakes his head “I hurt you”

“No, it’s okay, it’s the fever, go back to bed okay?” you tell him, looking deep in his eyes before you kiss him. “It’s okay”


Rebekah had been plotting against her brother with Marcel but it didn’t turn out the way they thought it would. It ended bloody, Klaus massacred all the vampires that came at him. Marcel had to bow down to him, becoming, at last, King of the French quarter.


You were sitting on the bed, Elijah was asleep, you were stroking his hair as he was waking up. You smiled at him as he opened his eyes. “Hey”

“Hi” he says, taking your hands, sitting up to face you.

“You’re feeling better?”

He nods “The bite is healed and the fever is gone” he smiles but frown.

“What’s wrong” you ask.

He moves his hand to your throat and you push it away. “It’s nothing” you say, you move to kiss him but he moves away.

“I hurt you” he sighs, full of guilt.

“You weren’t yourself. You asked me to go and I didn’t, it’s okay” you tell him, putting your hands on each side of his face. “I’m fine” you smile to reassure him and kiss him, this time he kisses you back.

The door opens “You’re awake!” Hayley says. She frowns when she sees you “What happened to you?” she asks.

“Nothing” you say, smiling, getting up. “Let’s go home”

Finally you were back at the plantation. When he stops the car, Hayley gets out almost immediately but Elijah stays with you as you were distracted and weren’t moving.

“I’m sorry I tried to hurt you” he says, taking your hand in his.

You sigh and look up at him “What happened to Celeste?”

He frowns. “It’s not important” he says, looking away.

“It is important” you say “I spend the entire day listening to you calling her name, it’s important” you tried to keep a steady voice but you failed. You looked away, tearing up. “Tell me what Klaus did” you ask again, looking up at him.

He moves his hand to your face and wipes a tear off your cheek you didn’t even know had fallen.

“Celeste was witch” he says. “Klaus was leaving too many bodies behind him and had created a rumor it was the witches’ fault…” he looked sad. “The people went after the witches and she died”

You take a deep breath, wiping more tears off your cheeks “I’m sorry” you say before getting out of the car. But as soon as you’re out, Elijah is in front of you, cornering you between him and the vehicle. He puts his hands on your waist and you couldn’t be closer. You don’t say a word, just looking at each other. Finally he kisses you, like he never kissed you before. Like he had something to prove. You break the kiss first, you didn’t want to but you needed to breathe. You kissed your forehead before letting your waist go and he takes your hand, dragging you inside.

Rebekah and Klaus were arguing, that’s when you learned that she and Marcel had tried to kill him.

“You betrayed me! My own sister!”

“Niklaus, let her go!” Elijah says as you enter the room.

“You are no better, brother, stealing my child away, proving to Hayley you would be a better father than me each time you’re with her!”

“Klaus, calm down” you say.

“Don’t tell me to calm down!” he shouts at you then turns his attention back to Elijah. “My child, my blood will grow up to call you father!”

You frown.

“Is that what this is?” Rebekah asks. “You are once again worried that you will be left behind? Has history taught you nothing? We don’t abandon you, Nik! You drive us away!”

You see the hurt on Klaus’ face as soon as Rebekah says those words.

“Is that so? What have I done, lately, other than cooperate? Now, I make no excuses for past sins, but in the one moment that you two could have chosen to stand by me, to believe in me, to believe my intentions for my own child were pure…you chose to stand against me, to side with my enemies…”

“Klaus” you say, letting go of Elijah’s hand and walking towards your friend. “I believe in you…” he looks up at you, tears in his eyes. “I never doubted your intentions towards your child” you take his face in your hands. “Your my friend, Klaus, I’ll stand by you, you know that” you move your thumbs against his cheeks, wiping off some tears that had fallen down, smiling at him. “I know you’re gonna be a fantastic father” you say before hugging him.

He doesn’t hug you back right away, surprised by what you had said. “You always see the best in me, don’t you, love?” he asks and you take his face in your hands once again, smiling.

He takes a few steps towards Elijah. “I wanted our home back. Now I have it. So, I’m going to live there. And after you’re done hating me…you can come visit” he says before stepping out, making Hayley leave with him.

You take Elijah’s hands, he looked sad and guilty. “You were right” he says “He didn’t know”

“Hey” you put your hands on each side of his face “He’ll get over it” you give him a little smile. But he steps out of the room without a word. You feel bad for him.

“You tried to kill Klaus?” you ask, without even looking at her, staring at where Elijah was a second ago.

“He’s a problem”

“He’s your brother…He’s my friend…” you say, turning your head to look at her.

“He daggered me…. He daggered Elijah… He never paid for all the things he did to us!”

You sigh “I guess he didn’t…” you say, stepping out.

A few days after that, Klaus had sent people to take the furniture of the plantation. You had made your peace with Rebekah and Elijah was getting better at pretending he was okay.

“Absolutely not! I paid for that!” she shouts at some men who were taking something of hers.

“You’ve never paid for anything in your life” Elijah said, climbing down the stairs to join you. He kissed your forehead as Rebekah was answering him.

“I hardly see how that’s relevant” she says and you chuckle. She sighs “Nik is just punishing us.”

“Well, we’ve hurt him, deeply, it would appear…”

“We believed the worst about him the one time in a million when the worst wasn’t actually the truth” she sighs again.

Your phone buzzed. “It’s Hayley” you say.

“Is everything okay?” Elijah asks.

“Apparently, Klaus told all the vampires they could go and kill all the werewolves… Hayley’s family…” you shake your head and sigh.

“She’s not safe with all the vampires there and especially not with Klaus” Elijah says “We have to go make sure she doesn’t suffer from our mistakes.”

You left for Klaus’ new place as you protested it was a bad idea to piss Klaus even more but they didn’t listen.

Hayley was trying to leave when she was stopped by a vampire you believed his name was Diego. But Elijah knocked him down and you and Rebekah took care of the rest of them.

“You’re getting better at this” she tells you.

“I know, it’s scaring me” you laugh.

“What are you doing here? You can’t be here!” Hayley says, worried.

“Let’s go” Elijah ignores her.

“No. You don’t have to worry about me. I’m fine. I’ve been deemed under protection, by the almighty Klaus. I asked your help for the werewolves! He ordered a wolf hunt!”

“Do we look like a vampire rescue squad? I’m not going in the bayou! I think you should be grateful we came to save you!” Rebekah tells her.

“Listen, Rebekah, all my life I’ve been looking for my family and now I know and Klaus just ordered to kill them. You want to help me? Help my people. Please…”

Elijah and Rebekah oblige.

Rebekah had told you where you could find Davina. She followed Marcel a few days ago and that’s how she knew where she was.

You hate churches. It’s cold, you don’t like the smell, you don’t even believe in God… But, of course, Davina lived in the attic of one. You were sure she was there, you could feel her power. you knock on her door.

“Since when do you knock, Marcel?” you hear her say.

“Hi, not Marcel” you laugh as you enter the room.

“What are you doing here?” she was obviously scared.

“You don’t have to be scared of me. I’m Y/N, remember me?”

“Yes… How did you find me?”

“A friend of a friend?” you say but that didn’t even make her smile. “Okay…” you clear your throat. “I brought you these” you hand some spells from the Original witch grimoire that Elijah gave you. “I know about the Harvest… I’m sorry about… those witches are nuts!” you say.

“What are these?” she asks.

“Spells, to help you control your magic” you smile at her and she takes them.

“Look… I can’t stay” you couldn’t take the risk of meeting Marcel here “But it was nice to see you again” you tell her before stepping out but she stops you.


You turn to look at her.

“You’re the old one’s girlfriend”

You raise your eyebrows “Please, don’t refer to Elijah as the “old one” you laugh.

“Sorry… What are you?” she changes the subject.

“That is the question, isn’t it? If I’m not a witch then, what am I?” you smile at her. Elijah had told you not to tell anyone about what you are, you had no intention to tell her.

“What are you doing here?” you turn around and frown.

“Klaus… what are you doing here?” you ask as you see Marcel with him.

“I believe I asked first, love”

You sigh. “I’m just making a new friend, I’m bored.” you shrug. “Your turn”

“I’m here to meet Davina” he says and turn to smile at her.

“Davina this is Klaus” Marcel tells her as they enter the room. “We’re getting you out of this attic”

You see her smile “Really?”

“Yes, but the witches still want you dead so you’re going to stay with Klaus” he says and she frowns.

You laugh at her worry. “Don’t worry, he’s a lamb” you say.

“Well, I feel insulting by your laughing, love”

“I’ll help you pack” you tell her, ignoring the hybrid.

“Tell me, love, does Elijah know you are here?”

“Of course” you say.

“I’m curious to hear the story of how Elijah and you came to be…a couple” Marcel says.

You look at Marcel with an unamused face. Klaus let out a little laugh.

“What’s so funny?” you ask him.

“Nothing, nothing” he laughs “it’s just, I’m not sure you even know yourself, love”

He was true. You didn’t even know yourself…

You helped Davina packed and you brought her to Klaus’. They left you alone and you and Davina decided to explore the place when she stopped and said “Do you know where Josh is?”

“Josh? No… I haven’t seen him in a while…why?”

“I think I can feel his fear…”

You were surprised but followed her to the garage where there were a few old cars.

“I know you’re here. I can sense your fear” she says.

“I hear you were moving in” you hear Josh say.

“Josh, what are you doing in here?” you ask him, as soon as he stepped out of his hiding place.

“Hey, Y/N… Uh, you know, I’m hiding out, you know… incognito. Got to run for the hills, but I’m stuck here until it gets dark…”

Davina sighs “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah” he nods “No, not really… I mean, I totally led Klaus into a trap that was like the most epic fail of all time, so, yeah… I’m kind of crapping my pants right now…figuratively… so far…”

You laugh.

“It’s okay. You can trust Marcel and if Klaus tries to hurt you, I’ll hurt him”

You chuckle at her optimism.

“I’m sure if you could actually stop Klaus, you would’ve done it already” you hear Hayley say behind you and you turn around.

“Hey Hayley” you wave at her.

“You’re Hayley? Klaus’ wife.” Davina says.

You laugh at her comment and at Hayley’s disgusted face. “Ew. No. Never” the wolf says. “I’m the pregnant werewolf. And you must be this all powerful super witch Davina… And let’s not forget Josh, newbie vampire way out of his element voted most likely to die next…”

“Fantastic” you hear Josh say.

“Hey, I’m just another one of Klaus’ prisoners. Of course it would suck he found out you’re still lurking around…” I frown, where was she going with this? “I’m sure we can help out each other…Look out for each other…”

“Yes, if looking out for each other doesn’t mean plotting against the jailer” you say.

“Of course not” Hayley says before stepping out.

You shake your head. “Let’s get you unpack” you change the subject.

Back to Davina’s new bedroom you watch her looking for something.

“Did you forget something?”

She sighs “My violin”

“You wanna go get it?” you ask her.

“No, it’s too dangerous.”

“Too dangerous?” you hear Hayley’s voice behind you “I thought everyone was scared of you?”

She sighs “The witches are after me.”

“You mean, that crazy witch Agnes?”

“Who?” you frown.

“Agnes’s dead. Klaus killed her when she threatened my baby” Hayley says.

“When was that?” you shout, confused.

“Remember when Rebekah took you to Rousseau’s not long after she came into town?” you nod “She came to the plantation and tried to kill me. Klaus killed her then.”

“Why am I just hearing about this now?” you ask, outraged.

“I don’t know, I thought Elijah would’ve told you”

“Elijah knows?” What the hell?

“Wait… Agnes was the last living elder, if she’s dead then, I’m safe! Marcel would’ve told me…”

“Maybe he didn’t want to lose his secret weapon against the witches?” she shrugs.

“You’re lying.”

“What would I lie to you?”

“Because you want something from me! Everyone does.”

“Do I want something from you? Yeah, Davina actually I do… Thanks to your friend Marcel, most of my family is cursed. They’re stuck in their wolf form except on a full moon. Now, I’m smart enough to know that every curse has a loophole, and, well, you’re the strongest witch I’ve ever heard of but I wouldn’t lie to you to get what I want. I’d ask you. I guess that’s the difference between Marcel and me” she says, before walking away.

Davina was looking at you. “It’s the first time I hear of it” you hold your hands to show your innocence. She turns her back to you and you feel a vampire walking its way to the room you were in. It was Josh.

“Looking for something?” he asks, showing her the violin she had forgotten.

“I figured, with you vacating the attic would be a safe zone. I found this there.”

“It was dangerous for you to come back Josh” she says, taking the instrument from him.

“Well… what are friends for…or…whatever?”

She laughs.

“Hey, what did Hayley want?”

She looks at you before looking back at Josh. “Do you trust her?”

He looks at you like he could offend you. “Hey, don’t look at me, she’s asking, I will keep your secrets” you say as you keep unboxing.

“I don’t know…why?”

“She told me about a witch being killed, an elder, but I don’t know if she…”

“Oh, yeah… crazy Agnes? I heard about that. They tried to kill her, Klaus went all berserker on her crew I guess it was super gross, just, like, heads and guts.”

He sees Davina making a weird face “What? You hate the witches.”

She shakes her head “Hayley was right. Marcel is just using me! Josh, I can’t stay here! I’m not gonna be their puppet, you have to get me out of here!”

“Hey, wow, Klaus will find you so easily, Josh’s heart will be on the floor in 3 seconds.” you try to stop them.

“I’m not staying here” she says, turning to face you and you have the same headache you had the night of the sacrifice when you first met Klaus and you pass out on the floor.

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Hiccstrid beach ??

It was bitterly cold, her shoulders were hunched, her mouth was hidden underneath a scarf and the wind was blowing her hair all over the place, but Astrid Hofferson still looked beautiful.

“I can’t believe you brought me out here on a day like this,” she muttered, nestling her red nose down into her scarf. “Beaches are for sun, Hiccup. Sun.”

Hiccup grinned, weaving his fingers with hers. “You and I both know that Berk doesn’t have any sun.”

“I know,” Astrid said, shaking her fist at the sky as if that would scare the sun into shining through the clouds. “Can you believe it’s June? It feels like December.”

He snorted.

“-And what kind of a beach is this, anyway?” It was clear that Astrid was not done with her complaining. “Where’s the sand?”

“Not all beaches have sand,” Hiccup said, and then he coughed, and made a noise that sounded something like: “City girl!”

“What was that?”

“Nothing,” he said, quickly.

“If you call me city girl again, I’ll push you straight into the sea,” she said, cheerfully.

“Duly noted,” Hiccup said. “Anyway, the beach is much prettier like this.”

She didn’t want to admit it, but she couldn’t help but agree. There was something about the melancholic blues and greys of the shoreline, and the way that the waves were lapping at the pebbles that made her feel like she was witnessing something special.

She held Hiccup’s hand tighter, and offered him a smile as they kept wandering down the beach, stones crunching under their shoes.

Out of nowhere, Astrid cried out.

“What?!” Hiccup said, eyes alert, looking up and down for any signs that she might be hurt.

She didn’t look hurt. In fact, she’d let go of Hiccup’s hand to launch herself at the ground, pulling something out between the pebbles.

“I found a shell!” she said, and she sounded so delighted, that Hiccup couldn’t help but laugh.

She jumped to her feet and brought it over to Hiccup, with a smile so wide when she handed it over.

It was a very pretty shell. It was flat and oval-shaped, different colours swooping down around until it reached the edge.

“For you,” she said, smiling sweetly. “I’m glad you brought me here. Even if it is very cold.”

She swooped up and kissed him. “Love you.”

“Love you too, Astrid.”

He kept that shell for a very long time.

Ho Hey

Imagine teaching “Ho Hey” to the Company and everyone singing together.

“No, no, no,” You sighed with exasperation, letting your arms fall to your side, nearly crumpling the paper in your hand, “On the beat, Fili!”

“I know,” He grumbled as he squinted at his own sheet which he shared with Kili, “I just don’t know when the beat is.”

“Apparently,” You rolled your eyes as you brushed the hair away from your forehead.

“He’s always been tone deaf,” Kili gave a chuckle and received a vicious elbow from his brother.

“Well, you have,” Thorin offered from his other side and the rest of the dwarves laughed.

“I’m trying,” Fili said with a pitiful frown.

“It’s alright,” You assured him, feeling bad for his struggle, “Just, go stand with Bofur, he can help”

“Fine,” Fili dragged his feet towards the pig-tailed dwarf who was grinning back at him cheerily, “But I don’t think it’s going to help. I’m hopeless.”

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Some deleted lines should stay deleted.

Let’s see if we can start a sh**storm of controversy shall we?  I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that I am the only person in the known universe who doesn’t like the line seen in the picture above, and thinks that PJ was right to cut it.

I think it HORRIBLY oversimplifies what is an incredibly complex set of situations/circumstances and makes Thranduil (even more of) an avaricious ass - just as he is - bottom line - portrayed in the script of the movie adaptation.

Yes there are mitigation, and before I get accused of being a movie hater, no actually I LOVE the movies, I just don’t agree with the way Thranduil has been presented on the surface - though Lee Pace… F***ing perfect!

But hey ho - that’s what Fanfiction is for, right?

Women's March: 100,000+ People Marched Today In London! Along With THE WORLD!

WHAT A REMARKABLE DAY! Myself, Gregory, my brother Adam and his boyfriend Sterling ALL Marched today in London from the US Embassy to Trafalgar Square! It was AMAZING!

All live photo’s are credit to Gregory and Adam!

The man in the above picture is Sadiq Khan… he is our Mayor here in London. He Marched with us and chanted right along with all of us… 




‘NOPE’ Trump Photo from The Telegraph

If you still love The 100/parts of The 100, that’s okay!

The 100 fandom has been incredibly draining recently, and for a LOT of different reasons. Some of it has been ridiculous. Plenty of it has been entirely valid.

Since last night I have already seen people worrying that because a portion of the fans are planning to ‘boycott’ the show, that it will be cancelled. I’ve got a list for you.

1. At the end of the day, if people no longer want to watch the show then they are 100% within their rights to stop watching the show. That is their prerogative.

2. If they are actively trying to pressure other people into boycotting the show by shaming them for supporting this 'problematic shit-fest’ then they are being dicks.

The 100 is very clearly not perfect, but I want to say to anybody out there that is being made to feel guilty for still being invested/still enjoying it - THAT IS OKAY.

 I think that this idea that it is the most racist  and homophobic show on the planet is utterly ridiculous. That said if something has hurt/upset/triggered anybody - then I’m sorry, and I encourage you to do what’s best for you.
If the shows ratings drop and it gets cancelled because enough people have been turned off, fine. Because I would never suggest that anybody stick with something that was hurting them.

But before you shame or pressure somebody else, remember that this show has also done a lot of good things? It doesn’t excuse the bad, but those good things might be HUGE for different individuals in the same way that f/f representation was huge for others.

1. We have a bisexual lead female character. That’s awesome.

2. We have a LOT of awesome ladies being badass characters in general. (Hey, even in last nights flashbacks -  lady scientists!)

3. We have a GLORIOUS mentor/mentee relationship that has developed incredibly organically between TWO WOMEN, one of whom is a WoC of strength and integrity.

4. Our leading male is of Filipino heritage.

5. We have a character arc (belatedly, I’ll allow) in which we are going to see an AWESOME female character learn to live with her disability.

6. We still have other LGBTQ characters on the show, and I think the writers introduced these characters (or in Miller’s case, confirmed their queer status) because of fans asking for more representation. Yes, they fucked up with how they handled the Lexa situation - but it was also out of their control in some ways. But I’m sure Niylah is coming back (holding out for more f/f rep), and while I’m convinced Bryan is a red-shirt…

7. …I’m pretty confident that Minty is coming - a gay relationship between two PoC.

8. I know people have issues with the way Pike/Jaha/Hannah have all been showcased so far this season, and I get it. But PoC characters are far more prominent on this show than a LARGE majority of shows that get WAY. LESS. shit than The 100 does.

9. Pretty much the whole core cast are either PoC or women, actually.



I cannot put into words how important Raven’s arc is to me this season. I suffer from a chronic illness, and the fact that I can identify with RAVEN FREAKING REYES is incredible to me. And do you know what? I’ve seen a pitiful amount of people talk about the importance of this representation. And that’s fine, because we all identify with different things. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

My message is it’s your choice. I can absolutely see reasons why you may take issue with the show. I can totally see why you would want to stop watching the show if it makes you angry and upset.

BUT DO NOT feel shamed by other people if you still love it, take good things from it, or want to fangirl over it.

Stained Souls - adamprrishcycle - Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater [Archive of Our Own]
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So all 6 parts of my pynch soulmate AU wip are up on AO3. I hope this is helpful!

Band Of Brothers ask meme (pt.2)
  • [5 months later there is a part 2, where Roe makes some even weirder questions for y'all]
  • Again, the only rule is: that you should send something to someone else if you reblog this!
  • 1. It's winter in Bastogne, and you are all supposed to get a foxhole buddy and dig a foxhole together. You are only allowed one buddy at this time, and it can't be your favourite character. Who would you pick and why?
  • 2. Sobel is yelling at Easy again, while giving them weird nicknames. What sort of nickname do you think he would give you?
  • 3. What position do you think you would have/want to have if you were a part of Easy Company (medic, rifleman, sniper, etc.)?
  • 4. If you had to wear one of the outfits Easy wears in the show for the rest of your life, which one would you pick and why? (combat uniform, dress greens, PT gear, etc.)
  • 5. Luz comes to give you an early Christmas present, and offers you a choice of half a Hershey bar, half a packet of Lucky Strikes or a scarf to keep you warm. What would you choose, and why?
  • 6. What are your top 3 episodes of the show?
  • 7. What are your top 3 characters from the show?
  • 8. What is your favourite scene from the show, and why?
  • 9. If you had to pick, what would you rather do; Jump into combat from an airplane, or go on patrol in still-hostile Germany?
  • 10. You're in charge of new rations, and your friends are asking you for some Hershey bars. Would you give them what they ask for, or do you stick to the rules (and only sneak your returning friend one, because he was wounded, dammit)?
  • 11. If you had to be part of one of the episodes showing actual combat (aka not Currahee or Points or any episodes like those), which one would you pick and why?
  • 12. Returning to the zombie apocalypse team from the last part; You have your three members (if you haven't answered that question, just pick three that would be on your team!), and you get stuck in a building that is going to get overrun by zombies. You decide to split up into two teams to easier escape. Which out of the three original guys would you want to keep on your team and why?
  • 13. Have you read any of the BoB books? If so, which one(s), and do you have a favourite (if you've read more than one)?
  • 14. If you read BoB fanfics; What is your favourite fic that you've read, and why?
  • 15. If you're into BoB AUs; What is your favourite AU and/or what is an AU you'd want to see?
  • 16. You are arranging a dinner party where you are allowed to invite 5 of the BoB boys. Who would you invite and what would you want to talk to them about?
  • 17. Speirs is offering you a smoke; do you accept it? Why/why not?
  • 18. Doc Roe is out looking for more scissors (goddamn, what does that boy DO to his freaking scissors??!! A medic pack contains like 12), and he asks for yours, despite that you do have a use for them. Would you give them to him? Why/why not?
  • 19. Skip offers you German cheese in a tube, pretending it's the best thing he has ever tasted (it really isn't. It tastes like feet, but you don't know that). Do you trust his judgement? Why/why not?
  • 20. If you had to go on a date (either 40s set or modern, it's your choice!) with one of the BoB boys, who would you pick and why? Optional; What would you do, and would you go on a second date if he asked you out again?

http-yanie  asked:

Hi again! Just checking on you cause I want to remind you that you are a lovely person, and please get enough sleep & I also have a request FF. Have you heard of Leigh & Samson Ackerman from dyfm? Please write one where Leelu is generally just going nuts over Armin and Armin is actually interested, and he even tries to flirt very subtly but Levi gets all overprotective. Thank you~! <3 Lots of love. :3

You’re super sweet to worry but don’t stress about it, my sleeping pattern is atrocious but I function okay and thank you I am literally the opposite of a lovely person but I appreciate it ahww <3 okay so I’ve tried to emulate the Leelu/Armin deal as best I can, but this entire thing would look cooler as a doodle and I, unfortunately, can’t draw for shit. But here’s my attempt anyways! drinkyourfuckingmilk, hope you don’t mind me butchering your OC’s a li’l bit. 

“You know what, Leelu? You’re going about this all wrong.” Samson crumpled the letter - the horrifying, eight page monstrosity scrawled in what he could only describe as legless-chicken scratch - and tossed it into the bin. “No dude or dudette is gonna wanna read that colossal train wreck. “

“It’s for Armin,” Leelu said, and she folded her arms over her chest. Samson snorted, and at the death glare Leelu sent him, raised his hands and rocked onto the back legs of his chair. 

“Hey, no judgement on my part, Lu-Lu.” 

“Call me that one more time, I fucking dare you.” 

“Alright, alright.” Samson’s chair clattered to the floor and he crossed one leg over the other, one elbow propped on the back rest. “You’ve gotta quit with these lame-ass letters. It’s my duty, as both a big brother and an all-round superior being, to enlighten you on the five stages of woo-ology.” 

Leelu’s lip curled deeper into it’s usual scowl and she pulled her brows in. Samson leaned close and threw an arm over her shoulders. 

“Trust me,” he said, “when have I ever led you astray?” 

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Do you still not have a video of Aaron's final Goodbye performance - I know it says that if you did then it would be under the tag but I can't find a version of it and I really want to - I also know I am YEARS late onto the bandwagon but hey ho better late to discover Aaron's amazing talent than ever, right? :) cheers

Still no :(((( the Atlantis of all performances to be honest.

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