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Hi there :) I was wonderinging if you will make some lots for the new world you made like you did for the other one?

Hey ho :) I was planning to, but probably just the exteriors as I use a LOT of CC to decorate inside :) But yup, I probably will ;)

i’ll crawl home to her || a folksy msr mix

01. first day of my life by bright eyes || 02. cosmic love by florence + the machine || 03. i’m gonna be (500 miles) by sleeping at last || 04. angela by the lumineers || 05. cherry wine [live] by hozier || 06. from afar by vance joy || 07. there is a light that never goes out by the smiths || 08. holland road by mumford & sons || 09. wolves without teeth by of monsters and men || 10. young blood by birdy || 11. work song by hozier || 12. ho hey by the lumineers


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hi sweetheart, I was wondering if you could tell me how to do fat rolls on skins?

Hey ho! I actually have no idea :D If you mean the skin I made for Zephyr, then for the body I mixed up AIM’s bébé skin and a base by Kalethegrey that has a lot of fat rolls ;)

Sorry I can’t help you more!


Post ep ficlet for 4x19 Canary Cry. Spoilers for that ep and previous. Nothing for the future.

This was going to be total angst but then I caught a cold over my 3 day weekend and I was feeling sorry for myself so this became a whole lot schmoopier. Sorry / not sorry. Unbeta’d so any mistakes are my own. Or I could blame this cold. Or the wine I’m drinking (medicinally, you understand.)

Star City is always quietest at dawn. The empty sidewalks and closed up storefronts zip by as Oliver cuts across town on the Ducati, heading to Palmer Tech. The whole time he tells himself that he’s going to turn back. At the next stop light. Any minute now. Any second.

Felicity was right about him. He always lies.

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