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Welp I didn’t think it needed its own full post but hey guys, there’s finally a parent/child conversation for Takumi and Forrest! The script was submitted anonymously with some tweaks made by me. The sibling support will come… whenever someone submits one, haha. Also the Leo/Kiragi P/C is also here for kicks even though that was actually implemented a while ago. 

Dark, Mark and Anti Convo: 53

Dark: “Mark? Did you happen to hear shrieking and screaming at two in the morning?”

Mark: “No why?” (Spots Anti dragging a body behind Dark)

Anti: (Drops body) “Hey Mark! You don’t mind if we leave this here for now?”

Mark: (Rolls eyes) “Sure, Let the dead guy lie there. It’s only 98 degrees today and my house is the new morgue now so why not!”

Anti: (Looks suspiciously at Mark) “I think I’m sensing sarcasm, but I’m not sure”

Hi Cars Fandom

Hey Jade here, this is my new Cars blog! I’ve been a long time lover of cars and a bit of a stalker of the fandom haha, I probably already follow some of you on my main (bird-grylls) but I finally bit the bullet and made a side blog after watching cars 3. I’d love to make some friends in this fandom so please feel free to start a convo or send some of your cars thoughts my way :)

This was an interesting local Ingress conversation on the comm today and I’ve been laughing all night into tears over it

. A guy from the opposing team is notoriously naive. Everyone fucks with him by standing him up. It’s kinda mean, but it’s more like trolling humor and not intentional meanness although it is pretty crappy. 

So a maxed level blue player came out of nowhere. None of us know who it is. We’ve never seen the dude. We can only assume it’s a GPS spoofer or an alternate from a banned top player who was this dude’s enemy who used to have “cat” in his username (he was banned for spoofing). 

So here’s how the convo played out. Naive guy is Green. New player is Blue : 

*Blue player comes to his town and makes a lot of progress. Specifically tags Green and says some weird ass almost cryptic message “Hey (Green) did you know cats make more sounds than dogs?”

Green : Welcome to (town). What are you talking about?

Blue: I like to make a lot of noise.*(Okay right here you’d have known this is weirdly specific language to a certain banned player). 

Green : I see you’re 5k within my area. Want to meet up somewhere? *people meet up and play together all the time

Blue : Yeah meet me at (restaurant)

Green : On my way! *Poor guy actually drove all the way out there 

Green : I’m here. Where are you?

Green : I can’t stay long. 

Green : Are you here?

Green : Where are you? *as minutes span*

Blue : Hey (Green) sorry I’m in the bathroom, something didn’t agree with me. It’s a mess in here!!!

Green : Lol i’m in a (car specifics) outside waiting for you

Green : Beside the building…

Green : Are you coming? 

Green : (Blue) I’m right here.

Green : I can’t stay but a few *after like another 15 minutes of waiting*

Green : Okay I’m gone! *finally realized he got stood up again*

 Poor guy, we should all give him a genuine meet up sometime lmao. 

anonymous asked:

Sole with the attention span of a gnat

Lol that would be a cute idea. Imagine all the comedic interjections that could’ve happened mid conversation. I feel like it could be a blessing too. Like, Sole could see sting wings miles before they were able to sneak up on you with their stingers of death. Thanks for the prompt love <3

Cait: “Geez will ya pay attention to me for like 5 seconds?” She huffs, arms akimbo as Sole darted through a flock of radcrows, sending them scattering to the sky. This one man. Cait started doing things to ground them to attention as they would drift off off and away such as grabbing their cheeks, clapping her hands, shouting ‘hey’ loudly.

Codsworth: “Um.. excuuuse me [insert name here]. Pardon!” He’d be so polite, always giving them the benefit of the doubt every time they would squeal at the sight of a radybug in the grass or a vertibird in the sky. Be courteous! Even if Sole ignored him </3

Curie: Just as easily distracted as Sole. Sole saw something shiny, both their attention went to it. Curie had another random thought -> completely abandon the previous thought train to jump on the new convo! It wasn’t until later on that they would both realize they never finished what they were trying to say in the first place.

Danse: “Soldier, please pay attention” he says as Sole’s eyes glaze over like pleasant little donuts while he was talking. He’d been with them enough to know they were probably thinking about food or something right as he was trying to tell them about the behemoth they were just about to fight. Typical. Usually staying their names in a low, reprimanding tone snapped them out of it.

Deacon: “Sweet. Pastor vestments are very stylish right now. They’d make a nice addition to your collection. Just like how we need to be collecting the synth at Randolf. He was very skilled at redirecting their attention back to what they were talking about/doing. Only he was skilled enough with words to do it. He’d entertain their whimsy for a bit, acknowledging their fleeting attention span but then he always tied it back! Sole never knew how he did it. Like a magician!

Dogmeat: *follows Sole no matter what* *barks at every new things* *like master like dog*

Hancock: “What gives? I thought we were talking? Thinking you need to lay off the chems there sunshine.” Sole had this habit of laughing to themselves whenever they thought of some funny joke or event that happened in the past. They looked absolutely raving mad, except for Hancock knew they weren’t addicted to anything so they were just plain mad. He’d be talking, then they’d burst out laughing and interrupt him to explain some profound joke. It was kinda funny actually.

MacCready: “Aw geez boss, not again…” Sole had this obsession with catching radlizards whenever they saw them. It didn’t matter what, they would drop anything they were doing to catch that darn radlizard: while bargaining, while walking, while mid conversation with Kellogg… He just learned to start stepping in to finish what they started.

Nick Valentine: Sole gave a new meaning to the word “beeline” as in the actual scribbly nonsensical lines bees make instead of a straight line. One second they’d be walking side-by-side on the road, the next moment Sole would be dashing 50 yards to the river because they saw some pretty red blood leaf they wanted. He got very skilled at grabbing their hand whenever he felt like they were going to bolt.

Piper: “Ayiyi Blue, you’d forget your own head if it wasn’t screwed on. Good thing I’m here.” Sole was the tangent master. One thought would lead to another which would lead to another and then suddenly they’d stop and try to backtrack back to the dawn of the conversation only to realize they had absolutely forgotten everything. It was honestly kind of cute to watch them get flustered trying to remember. She began taking mental notes of each convo arc they had so they could return to them later.

Preston: “General, another settlement needs your-” *Sole dashes away* That’s okay. Maybe they remembered something very important and life changing that they had forgotten and they would certainly come back to him later. Wouldn’t they? Wouldn’t they?!

Strong: “HUMAN ACT LIKE BLOATFLY. WHY YOU NO ACT LIKE HUMAN?” he says in retort to Sole flitting about gleefully from brain fungus to glowing mushroom instead of paying attention to the aggressive molerats that were knowing at their ankles. It’s okay, strong smashes while they’re distracted.

X6-88: “Focus is essential for every interaction you have on the surface.” Sole had abruptly left mid-explanation of how to secure the rogue synth at Libertalia to pick up a shiny shotgun lying on a nearby crate and started fiddling with it. Their eyes were like a roller coaster: bright when interested, glazed when bored. He began to understand that he was going to have to be the train conductor to their thought train of destruction. *internal sighing*


Maxson: “Once you get into the Institute, you’re going to want to- Paladin?” Where had they gone? One second they were walking down the corridor of the Prydwyn debriefing on the Institute infiltration mission and the next, they had vanished into thin air. He sighed in frustration. As an elder he needed to have patience but Sole… Sole just knew how to push his buttons.

Glory: “So let me get this straight… 5 days ago when we sent you on a top secret mission, you forgot and came home with an entire new set of synth armor, 3 new guns, and 15 applicators?! Your only job was to make contact with Patriot! What happened?!” Sole shamefully kicked a pebble as 3 applicators fell out of their pocket. But…. the synth armor looked so shiny.

To anyone else, it would seem that she was coping with everything extremely well. And, to be fair, it did only take her a couple days to snap out of her funk and get out into the world again. But since then, she had been spending her days in varying degrees of drunkenness, putting on the act the best that she could. Tonight though, she just wasn’t feeling it. And so she was at home, in the comfiest clothes she could find, watching whatever happened to be on TV. She went into the kitchen to get a new bottle of beer, but when she went to open it, it slipped out of her hands and shattered on the floor. And, for whatever reason, that was what finally made her snap and next thing she knew, she was sitting on the floor, crying silently.  


For this article, I asked my followers (on my main blog) if they needed any advice or had questions and in this post, I’ve answered them.

How can I make new friends?

Put yourself out there and make the effort! Take every opportunity to meet new people, even if it scares you, and strike up a conversation. From there on (or with pre-existing almost friends), invite them out to go somewhere or talk to them more, whether it’s in person or online. Joining clubs, sports, groups, etc. is also a great idea because it gives you and another person something you share and can start a conversation about. Even if you have nothing to say but you want to be friends with them, starting a conversation can be as easy as “Hey, is there training/___ club/etc on next week? Are you going?” or if you have a class with them “Hey, what was the homework again? I think I missed it.” No matter how lame it sounds, it’s a way to start a conversation and once you initiate it, you’re already halfway there to making a new friend.

What are some good conversation topics? I suck at keeping convos going!

This is the next step after you’ve started the conversation. To keep it going. The most important thing to do is find common ground. Here are some conversation topics and questions that you can ask:

  • Movies and TV shows- What do they like? What do they hate? (Try find one you both like and you can expand on why you like it and talk about the characters, etc.)
  • Music- Favourite songs? Favourite band? If they had to listen to one artist/band for the rest of their life, who would it be? Have they ever been to a concert?
  • School- What school do they go to? What subjects do they take? Do they like going to school?
  • Future- Where do they see themselves in 5 years? What do they want to do after high school? Have they ever thought about taking a gap year and going travelling?
  • Leisure- Do they like to travel? What do they like to do in their spare time? Would they rather be alone or with a big group of people? 

I have no idea what to do in uni, help!

I’m going to assume you’re in your last years of high school. I remember talking to my tumblr friend Jules about this and her saying, “Everyone expects us to already know what we wanna do in life while we’re actually only still children. They want us to know what we’ll be spending our life on while most of us don’t even know ourselves. But I want you to know that you don’t have to know what you wanna do. You don’t have to live up to everyone’s expectations. You’re free to go your own way. And if you finish school and you still don’t know what you wanna do in life, that’s okay.” It was so comforting at a time when I really needed to hear this piece of advice. Like she said, it’s okay. You don’t have to choose anything right now and you can change your mind at any time, whether it’s now, in uni or 50 years later. As for right now, consider what you’re interested in and what you’re passionate about. What do you enjoy doing? If you enjoy helping people, look into jobs in health. If you enjoy constructing things and models, look into things like engineering or architecture. If all you like to do is be on your blog, look into things like web design or IT courses. The options are endless. Research courses, universities, TAFE, gap years, whatever it is you want to do. If you’re still unsure or if you need another opinion, talk to someone else like your parents, careers counsellor, friends, siblings, etc. but make sure in the end, the choice is yours, not theirs. 

If you have any questions that you’d like to have answered, you can ask me here and I might do another one of these Q & A ones in the future! 

- Mel xx