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slbp x spirited away au where mc is chihiro and masamune is haku!!

i just really like the idea of masamune being an actual dragon :3c

@earprinting !! it’s the au!! @maidofstars @kiserusmoke @bolt8826

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jemma autism checklist

[fitz post here]

someone: jemma’s not autistic 

me: *pulls receipts* 

okay here we go! here is a very detailed post explaining why jem is totes autistic 

to sum, she shows a lot of traits of atypical autism (which is more often how autism manifests in girls) and displays a lot of traits necessary for a diagnosis. she is awkward and blunt in her social interaction (needing to be reminded at times how to act “appropriately”), has a deep passion for her specific interests, is literal minded, stims, was probably hyperlexic, has trouble lying and improvising language, and shows signs of alexithymia

(big thank you to @unlessimwrongwhichyouknowimnot for helping with this, as well as the anons who sent in suggestions!) 

this and more under the cut! lots of gifs ahead, image descriptions added for accessibility 

allistics feel free to interact with this! 

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kadethedoublefacedmuse-deactiva  asked:

Angel!Hunk AU, whether in canonverse or a modern day AU. I blame you for calling Hunk a literal angel

i love this so much?? here’s my one idea (the other is based heavily on a les mis spn-verse fanfic so i’ll spare you lmao)

  • guardian angel au (in canonverse) where he’s supposed to be watching lance
    • shows up as lance’s roommate at the garrison. lance seems like a nice kid. sure, he gets into shenanigans a lot, but nothing super dangerous. it’s not a hard job and he genuinely enjoys lance’s friendship.
    • then lance goes making rash decisions as per usual but oh god now there are aliens and cover-ups and government agents and lance please let’s just go back to our rooms
    • but it’s too late and now they’re hurtling through a wormhole in space and hunk is starting to realize that this is a lot more work than he thought it’d be
  • includes content like:
    • hunk freaking out after the bomb and possibly using a liiiittle angel magic to make sure the ship didn’t blow up when they used pidge’s “upgrade”
    • hunk knowing that rolo and nyma were up to no good and as soon as he realizes lance flew off he’s preparing himself to hunt them back down
    • being very, very grateful to keith for getting blue back/uncuffing lance, and also for saving lance from the airlock. hunk is seriously considering deputizing keith.
      • there is…..a possibility of klunk here……
    • hunk’s hesitance to stay with voltron is because he thinks he just needs to protect lance, but then he realizes that his job has become much, much bigger and now he’s essentially a guardian for the whole universe
      • he is mildly overwhelmed
    • during 2x02 when hunk is mind-controlled and fighting lance?? oh my god?? he would be freaking out so much afterwards??

so yes, thank you kade, 10/10 good au idea

It’s 3AM and here’s what I learned today:

-I love cute plush dolls to death
-Crane games are hard
-I’m bitter and petty
-Getting mad at crane games leads to an unexpected drive into sewing
-Suddenly: tutorial videos everywhere
-What the hell where do I find plush fabric exactly like the plushies I love
-Alright I found the one I need
-Okay. Found one at an affordable price
-I’m dying Squirtle
-I will make the cutest plushie doll no matter what
-Wait what the heck should I make

The whole James Roberts/Megatron controversy is wayyy overblown and people are treating James Roberts like he’s writing Megatron as if he never did anything wrong but let’s not forget the following points:

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dammit clara you broke her

@supermarblesoda said: BOY HOWDY it’s me again woaaaa?? this gosh darn thing killed me so I wanted to kill myself even more with some ANGST 

there’s an alternative to this but I don’t want to clog up your inbox aaaaah, I hope it looks good!! (this gosh darn blog killed my feelings how dare you)