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“Oh come on you can tell me anything! I spent a day in your body!

I know I know, a lot of people hate Lars, and lars doesn’t like steven so much but hey they had some kind of a moment here but heck, I dunno. I like the idea!

unlike many, I dont hate Lars. sure he disappoints you by not saving Sadie but i give him a few “you tried” points for at least trying to face his utter terror by reaching towards her. (I dont blame him though. topaz would have made a Lars pancake if he tried lol.)

Its most likely not happening, but its a fun thought imo. XD

Blunt talk

ISFJ: hey ENFP, have you ever tried marijuana?

ENFP: nope, but I totally would

ISFJ: knew it


ENFP: where did you come from? You weren’t in the group for… dunno, at least 3 or 4 days

ISFJ: blunts are her batsignal lol

ENFP: lol but honestly you wouldn’t know the difference if i hit the blunt or didn’t would ya

ISFJ & INFP: …true.


You’ll be eating your own words once he hits puberty…[AU]

Sometimes I forget that Kaiba is 3-4 years younger than Ishizu.

Character Meme

Character Meme

Full Name:
Noche Nightfuse

Gender and Sexuality:
Male, Heterosexual



Birthplace and Birthdate:
Limsa Lominsa

Guilty Pleasures:
And so I cry sometimes when I’m lying in bed
Just to get it all out what’s in my head

And I am feeling (feeling) a little peculiar

What They Would Be Famous For :
And so I wake in the morning and I step outside

What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For:
And I take a deep breath and get real high and I

OC(s) You Ship Them With:
Scream from

OC Most Likely To Murder Them:
The top of my lungs

Favorite Book Genre:
What’s goin’ on?

Least Favorite Book Cliche:
And I say

Talents and/or Powers:
- Heey heey [Hey Stud]
- Heey heey [LOL j/k]
- Heey heey [Hey]
- Heey heey [What’s going on??]
- And I say: [Not much, brb.]

Why Someone Might Love Them:
Heey heey heey heeeeey heey heeeey heey heey heeey heey heey heeey heey heeey heeeey What’s goin on?

Why Someone Might Hate Them:
And he tries Oh my God I do try I try all the time

How They Change:

In this institution And he prays Oh my God I do pray I pray every single day MYAAH FOR REVOLUTION

Why You Love Them:

And I say Heey heey heey I say Hey? What’s goin on? Heey heey heey heey heey heey I say Hey (Just keep it inside) Learn how to hide your feelings YEAH YEAH

I’ll come up with an actual one soon. I apologize for making you read this with your own two eyes. You can thank @tengri-xiv for the dare.

hey guys, just dropping by to say…

I Finished Uni!
I literally have a degree. lol.

- anyway hopefully this means that in a few days time I can get back on tumblr again :)

it’s going to take me a while to start posting properly again, as I’m not used to it. and I can’t say for sure that coming back to tumblr is what I want, until I’ve tried it

But nonetheless zollie are engaged eeeeeeekk ♡♡♡ & I hope that means I can at least make some cute gifs every now and again when I feel like it and share them with you guys like I used to :) as that made me happy :)

much love, hope you’re all good…
Soph X

anonymous asked:

Hey story of how I came out to one of my friends as bi: in art I tried to draw a straight line and she was like "lol that line isn't straight at all" and I just had to make a joke so I said "that lines straighter than I am" and she just laughed and said same and that's how we came out to eachother as bisexual lol

I make this joke all the time in so many variations. “You didn’t park the car straight.” “Well, I’m not exactly straight either!” I like to think I’m funny. 

A+ from me, at least!
Mod Bee

Imagine taking care of Dean when he’s drunk, only for him to say things he really shouldn’t. (Part 3)

(At least in this gif he looks pretty drunk lol. Also these keep getting longer but-  READ IT I PROMISE IT’S WORTH IT!!!)

Part 1 l Part 2

His words kept running and running through your mind non-stop. You tried to desperately to not let them get to you but oh they did. You wanted to curse at yourself and sometimes you did, for real, only to be cut off by a-

“Hey!” a very drunk Dan exclaiming from the backseat “That’s my beautiful (Y/n) you’re talking about! Stop calling yourself stupid!”

And then back again on cursing at yourself for feeling your heart skip a beat, although this time on your mind. Who knew what else he was going to say?

Not to mention how you were not willing to blush even more than you already were. Because that would mean Dean noticing it and who knew what more he could say than-

“Oh gosh she’s blushiiiiing” he giggled to himself in the backseat “Blushin beauty, yes yes bluchin beauty” he’d end up mumbling to himself and then went on with whatever was going through his mind at the moment.

You really didn’t want to try to pay attetnion to it because who knew what worse could come out of his mouth at that moment!

You let an almost sigh of relief as you parked the car outside the bunker. Soon you’d be able to put him to sleep and above all not have to hear any more which also meant blush anymore.

“Come on, Dean” you popped “Time to get you to bed” you got out of the car and straight in the backseat to open the door.

“Whaaaah? No” he pouted visibly, his eyes hald open half closed “I don’t wanna go to beeeed!”

“I’m sorry but you’ll have to” you tried to rag him even a little out.

“But it’s really comfortable here. Why don’t ya check it out?” he smirked grabbing your wrist, making you lose your balance and fall on top of him.

You huffed but rolled your eyes “No means no mister” you said stubbornly, managing to take your hand off his grip - pretty difficult with his kind of grip, for someone drunk off his ass anyway.

“Come on now” you struggled to take hold of him - anywhere - to at least get him out of the car. Which also meant you just held on the waistband of his bants and belt. But it actually worked so that mattered.

“Whoa whooooa there (Y/n/n)!” he exclaimed with a grin “If you wanted to get in my pants all this time ya should have told me!”

You rolled your eyes scoffing, but continuing to drag him out anyway.

“Shut up Dean”

“Psss bossy! I like it!” he winked at you.

“I’ll show you bossy” you groaned, taking hold of his shirt and literally dragging him out of bed.

Dean in the meantime managed to stand a little on his feet, swaying a little. As he was about to fall though you swang his arm over your shoulders and at least managed to keep him standing.

“Come on now Dean, think you can walk a few steps?”

“Ps of course I can! I am a man!”

“Whatever you say” you rolled your eyes.

Luckily silence had fallen between the two of you as Dean dragged his feet on the ground, supposedly walking, and you supported him until-

“Hey (Y/n)” his voice poped up and you rolled your eyes. You didn’t like this. You knew very well that the chances of you ended up blushing like a mad and your heart wanting to jump out of your chest because of the man you loved for so long and was currently drunk off his ass were very very high.

“Nice jeans” he smirked and you sighed for a second.

“Thank you De-”

“Mind if I test the zipper?” he grinned widely and you groaned.

Of course.

“But you know-” of course he kept going “I see a few wrinkles”

“Of course they have wrinkles Dean, it’s normal.”

“No, no I don’t mean that. I mean your lips. They are wrinkled. Mind if I press them on?” he looked up at you with a quiet innocent and adorable look that you would definitely have a hard time saying no to.

“Hey (Y/n)” he was looking down at your shoes and you sighed again.

“What?” there was no chance he could say something-

“Can I tie your shoes better? I can’t have you falling for anyone else”

A dark pink rose on your cheeks “I think it’s a little late”

“Huh!?” he exclaimed, his voice a little high pitched “Who? Who do I need to fight with for your feelings? Who dares take you from me!!”

You would have laughed at how funny and at the same time adorable he was. You actually were about to but then his words- his words got the best of you and you felt your heart beat wildly inside your chest. All air got caught in your lungs and you tried our best to not let yourself believe him. Even if it was what you’d been longing for for so long.

“Bloody jackass” he grumbled, a small pout on his lips “See? That’s what you get for being so- so perfect!”

You laughed slightly, shaking yoru head “You know I’m not”

“Pfff” he scoffed “Are you kidding me? Sometimes I am seriously thinking of calling you Google”

You snickered a little “Google? Why?” quiet honestly it was a little fun talkign with Dean like this.

“Because you had everything I am looking for” he grinned a lopsided smile at you and you felt your heart skip a beat.

You shook your head “Dork” you mumbled and he chuckled along with you.

“But it still got you to laugh so that’s what matters. You know I would be willing to throw all my cassetes as long as I got to hear you laugh”

You bit your lower lip, sighing “Dean”

“You know-” he licked his lower lip “If kisses were snowflakes I’d send you a blizzard” he grinned widely at you and you shook your head.


“Do you have a map?” he looked at you with big bright green eyes “Because I am getting lost in your eyes” he smiled softly and you immediately avoided eye contact.

“Ok I think that’s eno-”

“You know-” he looked down as you both walked, a little serious “I tried my best to not feel anything for you” he sighed “Guess what?… I failed” he looked up at you in the eyes and you stopped for a second on your tracks along with him. He was smiling sadly at you. As if he truly meant it and truth was you could picture him actually doing that.

You looked him fully in the eyes, your breathing was slow and deep. It felt as if you were struggling to breathe, your heart beating so fast in fact made it hard. It felt as if your entire body was heating up. Never in all those years you knew Dean had you imagined he’d be here, saying these things to you.

you wanted to attribute it to drinking but then again- Didn’t people just spill out things when they were drunk? Didn’t they only say the truth?

You shook your head at your own wishful thinking. It was just your heart wanting to believe he felt the same way.

You sighed looking away from him “No Dean, no. You-” you swallowed the lump on your throat “You don’t know what you’re saying. you’re drunk”

He scoffed “I’m not drunk…. I am just intoxicated by you” he smirked and you laughed - although a little forced - shaking your head.

“Hey!” he exclaimed “All I am looking for here is some directions”

“To where?”

“Your heart” he shrugged innocently and you shook your own head.

“You are not going to stop, are you?”

“Nope!” he popped, smirking at you “Not at least until I’ve made sure you believe me”

“I do believe you Dean” you sighed. It was best if you stopped him from taking somehow because you wanted to sleep tonight.

Yes truth was that after that first night he had spoken to you this way you had not slept at all. Thoughts would keep running through your mind all night.

“No” he said stubbornly “No you don’t” he stopped suddenly.

You frowned deeply but soon a gasp left your lips. Dean tried to steady himself and when he was sure he grabbed your shoulders and pressed you flush against the wall. His body was pressed to your as well, maybe as if he was trying to stable himself. Making sure he would not fall entirely.

“You’re such a stubborn ass you don’t get it. Hell you wouldn’t get it even if a truck hit you with bright red words written all over it saying ‘Dean has feelings for you!’” his face was so close that you could feel his warm breath mixing with yours - and your face burning hot didn’t help - and he continued “But I’m not going to give up, ok?” he tried to say firmly “I. Am. Not. You- you will see it. You will be there to see it. We-” he grinned to himself - a drunk grin anyway - “We will be like all thoe couples you see at those stupid movies you deny liking. I will- I will hold you close at nights, with a blanket in front of the fireplace a-and it doesn’t matter we don’t have one. I will built one for you. Hell I could built a skyscraper for you! And you- you will snuggle closer to me and we will cuddle. And Sam will come to ruin the moment but you will- you will be able to shoo him away the way you only know and we’ll got back to hugging, and whispering those cheesy stuff you say you hate- But I know you will like coming from me, just like I love it when you say them to me- when they slip I mean-” he chuckled “And you- you try to deny it. You try to deny ever saying anything just like I pretend I didn’t hear you but I always do. I aaaalways do and gosh you have no idea how it makes me feel. Damn…” he breathed out, resting his forehead against yours.

“You-” he swallowed hard, looking at you in the eyes “You have no idea how you make me feel (Y/n)”

Your heart beat like crazy, matching that of his you noticed, your face was burning hot.

He laughed very softly that it soon faded out “You have no idea how this blush makes me feel” he breathed out, his one hand coming up to cup your cheek, brushing over the few strands.

“Gosh why are you so clueless hm?”

And his eyes began to close as he leaned in closer and closer.

Part 4

8 Weeks Out

This the point where every day counts towards the BIG day, and the pressure is on.

My current schedule:


  • Two a day workouts, with morning weights before work alternating a three day split of back/tris, chest/shoulders/bis, and leg day, plus 45 min cardio after work.


  • Posing class & Rest day - Although I’m considering moving rest day to Saturday and getting in my workout before posing so then at least I’d have one day not completely consumed with competition prep? (LOL. What a joke, right?)

Diet: Keto results!

Keto is such a weird diet. Like hey, let’s cut out all grains, fruits and 99% of veggies, and fry all our meat (or “meat”) in oil. So backwards of everything I’ve ever known. But I have to say, it sure did what it was supposed to.

On a one week keto run I:

  • Went from 21.6% body fat to 19.64%. 
  • Down 5 lbs (4.3 of fat, 1.2 of muscle). 
  • Down 0.75 inch from my waist circumference.
  • Down 1 inch from my stomach circumference. 
  • Up 0.25 on my biceps.

All while eating the same amount of calories as usual. Crazy.

Also all those fats did WONDERS for my skin! I’ve always had issues with acne and even with trying all the washes, creams, pills, tricks, this is by FAR the most dramatic improvement I’ve ever seen. Like what the heck? Come back!

But staying on a keto run risks losing too much muscle (and my sanity) so I’m transitioning into carb cycling with high days being 50c/30p/20f, medium days being 25c/40p/35f, and sticking with keto stats on low days at 5c/30p/65f. I’m alternating High Med Low Low Low, repeat.

High Carb Day:

Pre Gym/Meal 1-

  • 2 tbsp fresh ground peanut butter
  • 1 slice whole wheat bread

Breakfast/Meal  2-

  • 1 scoop vegan rice protein
  • 1 tsp maca powder (Incan Superfood!)
  • ¼ cup frozen blueberries
  • 1/3 cup gluten free rolled oats

Lunch/Meal 3-

  • 1/3 package Seitan “Chicken”
  • 1 cup broccoli, steamed
  • ½ a medium sweet potato
  • 1 medium banana

Snack/Meal 4-

  • 10 Large baby carrots
  • ¼ cup spicy hummus
  • 1 medium gala apple

Dinner/Meal 5-

  • ½ block organic tofu
  • 2 cups stir fry vegetables
  • 1/3 cup brown rice
  • ½ medium sweet potato

Snack/Meal 6-

  • 1 scoop vegan rice protein
  • 1 tsp maca powder
  • ½ cup frozen berries :)

Totals: 1,680cal, 131g protein, 218g carbs, 42g fats (50c/30p/20f)

Medium Carb Day:

Pre Gym/Meal 1-

  • 1 slice whole wheat bread
  • 1 tbsp fresh ground peanut butter

Breakfast/Meal 2-

  • 1 scoop vegan rice protein
  • ½ block organic tofu
  • ½ bell pepper chopped
  • ½ cup chopped mushroom
  • 1 cup spinach

Lunch/Meal 3-

  • 1/3 package seitan “chicken”
  • 1 cup steamed broccoli
  • 5 spears asparagus, grilled or steamed

Snack/Meal 4-

  • Homemade Quest Protein Bar
  • 1/3 cup Sprouts mixed nuts trail mix

Dinner/Meal 5-

  • ½ block organic tofu
  • 1/3 cup brown rice
  • 1/3 black beans
  • 1/8 cup cilantro
  • 2 tbsp spicy hummus
  • ½ cup mushrooms 

(This is called a “Power Bowl”, a recipe taken from a local restaurant :)

Snack/Meal 6-

  • 1 scoop vegan rice protein

Totals: 1,646cal, 172g protein, 105g carbs, 67g fats (25c/40p/35f)

Low Carb Day (Keto):

PreGym/Meal 1-

  • 2 tbsp fresh ground peanut butter

Breakfast/Meal 2-

  • 1 scoop biochem vegan protein
  • ½ tbsp flax seed oil
  • ½ cube organic tofu
  • ½ tbsp olive oil

Lunch/Meal 3-

  • 1/3 package seitan “chicken”
  • ½ tbsp olive oil
  • ¼ large avocado

Snack/Meal 4-

  • 1 serving (About 5 candies) Lemon “Fat Bombs”

Dinner/Meal 5-

  • ½ package oragnic tofu
  • ½ tbsp olive oil
  • 1 cup spinach

Snack/Meal 6-

  • 1 scoop biochem vegan protein
  • ½ tbsp flaxseed oil

Totals: 1,615cal, 122g protein, 21g carbs, 122g fats (5c/30p/65f)

Burden - Liam Dunbar

Prompt: Hey! Could you do an imagine based off of the finale? Can it be that the reader and Liam are the ones fighting at the library instead of him and Scott and The reader gets hurt and dies and Liam brings her back with his werewolf strength? Then Liam confesses his love for the reader? And can the readers name be Dianne because that’s mine? Lol. Love you xx

Requested By: Anon

A/N: I don’t really understand how the whole “bring her back with werewolf strength” thing works (or would work), but I wrote this anyway. At least I can say I tried.

Dianne was scared. She wasn’t a werewolf like him. She wasn’t human either. She hate using her powers against him, no matter if he had attacked her first. She ha always hated being a witch and she would hate it until the day she died.

She was thrown into one of the bookshelves, hitting the ground with a few books following her. She glared up at Liam, pushing herself up. She mumbled a few worlds and thrust her hand out towards him, sending books off the shelves and toward the charging werewolf.

She didn’t want to hurt him in any way, shape or form, not majorly. She couldn’t use her real powers against him. She couldn’t bring herself to do that to him. She barely understood why he was so angry. She knew something had happened to make him attack her like this though.

“Liam stop!” She screamed at him, moving out of the way of his fury. She couldn’t get through to him. “Liam!”

She felt his hand around her throat and she gasped for breath. She tried to pry his hand from her, but it did nothing as she was lifted off the ground. She kicked as hard as she could. Before she knew it, she was thrown across the library and into the wall.

She fell to the floor, coughing. She turned onto her back and gasped. She could feel blood rushing down her neck and head. She looked over at Liam, trying to catch her breath. She reached out to him, trying to call out to him.

“Liam …” She could barely get his name out her mouth. She watched him stalk over to her, stared up at him as he slowly realized what he had done.

He was human again and, in an instant, holding her in his arms. He shook his head and watched her, not knowing what to do. “Dianne, please.”

She coughed, blood falling onto her lip. She shook her head, beginning to cry from the lose of pain.

“Liam,” she reached up and wiped one of his forming tears from his eyes, “I-I don’t … blame you.”

“Please, Dianne.” He was crying, feeling the dread come over him. It was all horrible. He had killed her, he was watching her die. How cruel the world was, he was the only one there to hold her and he had done this.

“I’m okay … I-I’m okay.” She told him, her eyes closing on her last word. Her lip stopped quivering and her hand fell onto his. He pulled her closer, taking a hold of her hand. He listened to her heart slowly beating, then silence.

He closed his eyes tightly, holding her close to him. He could only think of her and what he had done. It would burden him for forever, as long as he lived. He had the burden of murder on his shoulders, along with one realization.

He loved her. He loved her and he had never seen it. What was he to do now? Holding his now dead love in his arms. He didn’t know what to do. He was only just a young beta, confused and still learning to use his strength. All he could do was hold her.

He didn’t ever realize it, to busy listening to himself cry. Her heart was thumping again, barely at first. It got faster, more noticeable. He looked at her, eyes red and puffy and his own heart swelling with hope.

Her eyes opened, her lungs sucking in air as they needed it once again. She looked at him, her lips quivering as she tried to forms words. She squeezed his hand and smiled softly.

“I love you.” He told her. He didn’t want to go on without that being the first thing she heard when coming back. He couldn’t let anything slip away again. Nothing mattered before, not the fight or the reason. All that mattered was that he had her back with him.

It would still hang over him. He still killed her. It was something people just forgot. In time, he was sure it wouldn’t matter.

“Liam.” She said and put her other hand on the back of his neck. She pulled the both of them to each other and kissed him gently. She wasn’t sure about all the details, but she was sure it could stay between them.

What the pack didn’t know wouldn’t kill them, in this situation at least.

She pulled away and smiled at him. “I’m okay.”

sarahzoldyck  asked:

Haha I just had this weird thought imagine like 4 years after Gon and killua parted away, so during that time while Gon was with his dad killua he found a baby girl somewhere and then imagine if Gon visits killua and finds the little girl saying "I love you daddy" Lol imagine what Gon's reaction would be.

Disclaimer: IDK how toddlers talk and this turned really silly and stupid at the end.


“KIllua!” Gon squealed happily once the receiver picked up. 

Killua pulled his cellphone away wincing at the sudden outburst. “Hey Gon.”

“Killua guess what?!” Gon continued right on unable to contain himself for much longer. 


“I’ll be going to Yorknew soon! Well, in about two weeks more like, but Ging said he had to stop by the city to talk to some politicians and make some trades. He’s not sure how long he’ll take so I’m guessing I’ll have at least a few days to spend with you!” 

Killua tried his best not to get his hopes too high up. These little “almost” meetings had happened one too many times and thus four years had passed in a blink of an eye. 

“That sounds great! Alluka and I have settled near the outskirts for the time being while I resolve a small issue. We should still be here during that time if you do get to come.” 

Gon’s enthusiasm had bubbled down though he was still incredibly excited over the possibility of finally meeting up with Killua again. “Yeah,” he replied more composed, “I can’t wait to see you again. I really miss you.” 


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your heart’s desire

inspired by new girl and the lack of any cute cs scenes in the house. its like 1am so all mistakes are mine:)

“Swan.” Killian says, coming to stand beside her as he waits patiently for her to look up from where she’s mixing the pancake batter.  

“Hm?” She checks the batter for any lumps before she tilts her head to look at him, “What’s up?”

“This color is absolutely horrendous.” He holds the little palette up, his eyebrows twitching together in a frown.

Her mouth hangs open and she drops the spatula into the bowl, turning to face him with a hand settled on her hip, “Excuse me?”

“Wood should be a dark shade, love.” He throws the palette of paper that she had given him this morning, telling him that this is gonna be the colour of our wooden floors.

Despite the Evil Queen running around town, Killian and Emma had decided that they will find their quiet moments, that they will live out their normal domestic lives, and one of them included renovating this house which is home now in every sense of the word, but is just so…white.

“Okay, I agree that this place is too bright right now, but if we get really dark wooden floors then it’ll look weird cause the kitchen cabinets are all white.”

“Then we’ll change the kitchen cabinets.” He shrugs as if it’s the most obvious thing ever, his eyes doing a weird (adorable) thing.

She holds up her fingers as she counts them with every word, “We agreed on changing the floor, changing the bathtub to a bigger one wide enough for two people, and to turn the fourth bedroom into a library. We’re not renovating a perfect kitchen.”

“Wouldn’t this steel cold storage thing look better surrounded with darker shades?” He points towards the fridge, raising an eyebrow.

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blackangelscantfly  asked:

lol i forgot the pairing. solangelo #46 pleaseeee

“Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”

Nico figured at least he’d get out of the infirmary a day early.  He’d never seen Will quite so…

“Are you kidding me?” Will shouted, and Kayla tried to nonverbally communicate with Nico- what the hell did you do? Nico shrugged helplessly, trying not to laugh at the red-faced, blustering being of rage quivering before him.

“Nico di freaking Angelo!” He continued, pacing the room.  Nico sat quietly on his cot, biting his lip hard.  “You come into my infirmary, you live under my care-”

“Actually, I didn’t ask to be here-”

“And you’re gonna sit there and tell me- me?! That Titanic is overrated?”

“I think I saw, like, the first half once,” Nico muttered, trying not to think about how bright Will’s eyes got when he was ah, passionate, about something. 

“’Like the first half once’,” Will imitated Nico in a high pitched squeak.  Nico crossed his arms, raising one eyebrow.  “I can’t do this.”

He stalked out of the room, and Kayla made eye contact with Nico. 

“I probably should’ve warned you,” she whispered.  “He takes movies, and TV shows, and books…really seriously.  Never insult Titanic.  Brokeback Mountain.  The Song of Achilles, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-” 

She counted on her fingers.  “Oh! And definitely don’t bring up Old Yeller.  He’ll just start crying.”


Two weeks later, Nico had made it a point to watch every movie and show Kayla had mentioned.  He told himself it was so he could gain more material to make fun of Will for, but maybe, he just wanted to see what it was that had piqued his interest.

A few minutes into Titanic, Nico swallowed nervously.  He definitely hadn’t seen this before.  This seemed kind of..ominous.  He gripped the Big House living room pillows, snuggling into the sofa.  


Will groaned, searching through his bunk again.  Had he seriously lost his stethoscope again?  It seemed like a weirdly shaped object to keep losing.

He retraced his steps, and figured Nico was the most likely candidate.  He’d probably stolen it or something.  And if it was seven o’clock, than it was more than likely Nico would be holed up in the Big House again.  That guy had been spending way too much time in there.

Will jogged his way over, checking his reflection in the windows as he passed.  He swung open the door.

“Hey, have you seen the…? Oh.” Will halted abruptly, barely distinguishing Nico from the pillows and blankets he was wrapped in.  Ugly crying sounded through the room, and discarded tissues lay on the coffee table.  And on the TV screen…

Will grinned, ready to gloat and scream, I told you so approximately eighty times.  But there was something endearing about the way Nico’s chin trembled slightly, the way his pale hands gripped the cushions tightly.  

Will sighed.  He was in too deep.  

But he remembered how he’d felt seeing this movie for the first time, so he swallowed his pride.  Will gingerly took a seat by him, daring to rest his hand on Nico’s shoulder.  

Maybe Titanic wasn’t so tragic, after all.

Secret Santa 2k16!

Hey hey hey! This is my first time doing one of these so this may not be the best, but I tried! lol

You know those secret santa’s where you get chosen to get another person a gift as a secret santa? Well, I thought that’s what we should do for ask blogs as Christmas is coming up very soon!

What you have to do to join is just reblog, send a message, or reply that you’ll be joining and BAM! Your in! I’ll be doing this until December 10th, so you have at least two-three weeks to join! (maybe even one week… I’m too bad at math and dates :’^))

On December 11th, I will use a randomizer and input all of the names of the blogs who have joined and using that will determine who’s gonna be the santa for what blog. Once I got all of that done, I will send everyone the blog they were chosen to be a Santa for. Whatever you want to give them is totally up to you. It could be a drawing, mmd picture/model/motion, gif, make a video anything. As long as it has to do with the blog your giving it to. If you get a blog you do not feel you can do anything for, message me and we can discuss on changing the blog or opting out.


-This is a time of giving and peace, so please even if you do not like the person, be nice. Or at least ask to change blogs. I do not like it when there are flame wars and rage and chaos during the holidays.

-Do not request things. There may be some things your secret santa is not comfortable doing and it would be most likely awkward for them to do it.

-If said blog has something they don’t appreciate in their FAQ (like NSFW, angst. etc; etc;), don’t give them something related to that.

-Have fun!

I can’t exactly think of too many rules except for no flame wars and have fun…. hehe…

It does not matter if you send the blog earlier than Christmas, but it would be nice to send it on Christmas.

That’s kinda it. If you have any questions, please contact me by messaging, asking, replying, or any of these on my main blog @kerto-p.

Thank you very much!!!

-Mun of Ask-Astray