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your heart’s desire

inspired by new girl and the lack of any cute cs scenes in the house. its like 1am so all mistakes are mine:)

“Swan.” Killian says, coming to stand beside her as he waits patiently for her to look up from where she’s mixing the pancake batter.  

“Hm?” She checks the batter for any lumps before she tilts her head to look at him, “What’s up?”

“This color is absolutely horrendous.” He holds the little palette up, his eyebrows twitching together in a frown.

Her mouth hangs open and she drops the spatula into the bowl, turning to face him with a hand settled on her hip, “Excuse me?”

“Wood should be a dark shade, love.” He throws the palette of paper that she had given him this morning, telling him that this is gonna be the colour of our wooden floors.

Despite the Evil Queen running around town, Killian and Emma had decided that they will find their quiet moments, that they will live out their normal domestic lives, and one of them included renovating this house which is home now in every sense of the word, but is just so…white.

“Okay, I agree that this place is too bright right now, but if we get really dark wooden floors then it’ll look weird cause the kitchen cabinets are all white.”

“Then we’ll change the kitchen cabinets.” He shrugs as if it’s the most obvious thing ever, his eyes doing a weird (adorable) thing.

She holds up her fingers as she counts them with every word, “We agreed on changing the floor, changing the bathtub to a bigger one wide enough for two people, and to turn the fourth bedroom into a library. We’re not renovating a perfect kitchen.”

“Wouldn’t this steel cold storage thing look better surrounded with darker shades?” He points towards the fridge, raising an eyebrow.

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Secret Santa 2k16!

Hey hey hey! This is my first time doing one of these so this may not be the best, but I tried! lol

You know those secret santa’s where you get chosen to get another person a gift as a secret santa? Well, I thought that’s what we should do for ask blogs as Christmas is coming up very soon!

What you have to do to join is just reblog, send a message, or reply that you’ll be joining and BAM! Your in! I’ll be doing this until December 10th, so you have at least two-three weeks to join! (maybe even one week… I’m too bad at math and dates :’^))

On December 11th, I will use a randomizer and input all of the names of the blogs who have joined and using that will determine who’s gonna be the santa for what blog. Once I got all of that done, I will send everyone the blog they were chosen to be a Santa for. Whatever you want to give them is totally up to you. It could be a drawing, mmd picture/model/motion, gif, make a video anything. As long as it has to do with the blog your giving it to. If you get a blog you do not feel you can do anything for, message me and we can discuss on changing the blog or opting out.


-This is a time of giving and peace, so please even if you do not like the person, be nice. Or at least ask to change blogs. I do not like it when there are flame wars and rage and chaos during the holidays.

-Do not request things. There may be some things your secret santa is not comfortable doing and it would be most likely awkward for them to do it.

-If said blog has something they don’t appreciate in their FAQ (like NSFW, angst. etc; etc;), don’t give them something related to that.

-Have fun!

I can’t exactly think of too many rules except for no flame wars and have fun…. hehe…

It does not matter if you send the blog earlier than Christmas, but it would be nice to send it on Christmas.

That’s kinda it. If you have any questions, please contact me by messaging, asking, replying, or any of these on my main blog @kerto-p.

Thank you very much!!!

-Mun of Ask-Astray

Archie sighed and put down the pen he had. He has been trying to keep writing for a song he had in mind to at least keep himself occupied while he tried to get used to this new area, but nothing came up. “It’s never gonna work…” Archie murmured to himself, scratching his head.

Burden - Liam Dunbar

Prompt: Hey! Could you do an imagine based off of the finale? Can it be that the reader and Liam are the ones fighting at the library instead of him and Scott and The reader gets hurt and dies and Liam brings her back with his werewolf strength? Then Liam confesses his love for the reader? And can the readers name be Dianne because that’s mine? Lol. Love you xx

Requested By: Anon

A/N: I don’t really understand how the whole “bring her back with werewolf strength” thing works (or would work), but I wrote this anyway. At least I can say I tried.

Dianne was scared. She wasn’t a werewolf like him. She wasn’t human either. She hate using her powers against him, no matter if he had attacked her first. She ha always hated being a witch and she would hate it until the day she died.

She was thrown into one of the bookshelves, hitting the ground with a few books following her. She glared up at Liam, pushing herself up. She mumbled a few worlds and thrust her hand out towards him, sending books off the shelves and toward the charging werewolf.

She didn’t want to hurt him in any way, shape or form, not majorly. She couldn’t use her real powers against him. She couldn’t bring herself to do that to him. She barely understood why he was so angry. She knew something had happened to make him attack her like this though.

“Liam stop!” She screamed at him, moving out of the way of his fury. She couldn’t get through to him. “Liam!”

She felt his hand around her throat and she gasped for breath. She tried to pry his hand from her, but it did nothing as she was lifted off the ground. She kicked as hard as she could. Before she knew it, she was thrown across the library and into the wall.

She fell to the floor, coughing. She turned onto her back and gasped. She could feel blood rushing down her neck and head. She looked over at Liam, trying to catch her breath. She reached out to him, trying to call out to him.

“Liam …” She could barely get his name out her mouth. She watched him stalk over to her, stared up at him as he slowly realized what he had done.

He was human again and, in an instant, holding her in his arms. He shook his head and watched her, not knowing what to do. “Dianne, please.”

She coughed, blood falling onto her lip. She shook her head, beginning to cry from the lose of pain.

“Liam,” she reached up and wiped one of his forming tears from his eyes, “I-I don’t … blame you.”

“Please, Dianne.” He was crying, feeling the dread come over him. It was all horrible. He had killed her, he was watching her die. How cruel the world was, he was the only one there to hold her and he had done this.

“I’m okay … I-I’m okay.” She told him, her eyes closing on her last word. Her lip stopped quivering and her hand fell onto his. He pulled her closer, taking a hold of her hand. He listened to her heart slowly beating, then silence.

He closed his eyes tightly, holding her close to him. He could only think of her and what he had done. It would burden him for forever, as long as he lived. He had the burden of murder on his shoulders, along with one realization.

He loved her. He loved her and he had never seen it. What was he to do now? Holding his now dead love in his arms. He didn’t know what to do. He was only just a young beta, confused and still learning to use his strength. All he could do was hold her.

He didn’t ever realize it, to busy listening to himself cry. Her heart was thumping again, barely at first. It got faster, more noticeable. He looked at her, eyes red and puffy and his own heart swelling with hope.

Her eyes opened, her lungs sucking in air as they needed it once again. She looked at him, her lips quivering as she tried to forms words. She squeezed his hand and smiled softly.

“I love you.” He told her. He didn’t want to go on without that being the first thing she heard when coming back. He couldn’t let anything slip away again. Nothing mattered before, not the fight or the reason. All that mattered was that he had her back with him.

It would still hang over him. He still killed her. It was something people just forgot. In time, he was sure it wouldn’t matter.

“Liam.” She said and put her other hand on the back of his neck. She pulled the both of them to each other and kissed him gently. She wasn’t sure about all the details, but she was sure it could stay between them.

What the pack didn’t know wouldn’t kill them, in this situation at least.

She pulled away and smiled at him. “I’m okay.”