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The States summarized (for non-US people)
  • Alabama: Incest joke capital of the world
  • Alaska: We produced Sarah Palin we know we're sorry
  • Arizona: The inevitable heat death will end our misery soon
  • Arkansas: Our state is beautiful but our politicians are just fucking awful also meth
  • California: It's too big full of traffic rich people and every wannabe actor ever also HEAT
  • Colorado: Mountains and weed. So much weed. Blaze it.
  • Connecticut: Where old white people go to die
  • Delaware: WE WERE THE FIRST STATE and then we peaked
  • Florida: We know "penis of America" is a joke but by golly we are gonna live up to it
  • Georgia: We film movies here now. Also peaches.
  • Hawaii: Becoming a tourist trap and losing our culture was such a great trade.
  • Idaho: Potatoes. Puns. Neo-Nazis. Yup.
  • Illinois: Thank god for Chicago or we'd be bumfuck nowhere
  • Indiana: Cars! Trains! Forests! please ignore the Klan running this place in the '20s
  • Iowa: People leave here.
  • Kansas: The buckle on the Bible Belt.
  • Kentucky: Every terrible southern stereotype lives here. And horses.
  • Lousiana: YEAH N'AWLINS BAYOU SHRIMP COOKING MARDI GRAS what do you mean the rest of the state is a dump that hasn't recovered from Katrina
  • Maine: So much goddamn lobster also nightmares born here
  • Maryland: Are we hicks? Are we Yanks? No safe answer exists
  • Massachusetts: We have the biggest IQ divide of any state
  • Michigan: Help us we're dying
  • Minnesota: Bring up the accent one more friggin time why dontcha.
  • Mississippi: Look! Poverty.
  • Missouri: Look! Racism.
  • Montana: Ever seen a cowboy movie? That but depressing
  • Nebraska: Corn.
  • Nevada: VIVA LAS VEGAS god there is so much fucking desert
  • New Hampshire: Presidents care about us once every four years. Jokes on them- we're libertarians.
  • New Jersey: Great beaches! Fucking awful people.
  • New Mexico: Are we Americans? Are we racists? Red or Green?
  • New York: Bada-boom ignore the urine smell we're amazing
  • North Carolina: Voted Romney and Trump but hey we made Michael Jordan
  • Ohio: Our lake got set on fire.
  • Oklahoma: Yes there was a musical but also okra and terrorism
  • Oregon: Can the Californians please leave our hippie commune why is it so white here
  • Pennsylvania: We have two amazing cities and the rest is shit. Also Hershey's chocolate and the Amish.
  • Rhode Island: We're not even an island and that's not even the worst thing we've done
  • South Carolina: We sell fireworks. Also Stephen Colbert. YOU'RE WELCOME.
  • South Dakota: Home of the unfinished President Heads.
  • Tennessee: We made Elvis, whiskey, dry counties and crime
  • Texas: We're like five different states in one and it's only safe to be gay and non-white in a couple of them
  • Utah: Hey buddy! Wanna join our cult? Yes I'm on Grindr stop judging me.
  • Vermont: Syrup, cheese, and Ben & Jerry's. Truly the Hufflepuff of America.
  • Virginia: Named after a virgin but man are we fucked
  • Washington: Inventors of coffee, grunge, and weather-induced suicide
  • West Virginia: Okay, the REAL incest capital of America
  • Wisconsin: Home of cheese and the best footb- wait, what do you mean California makes more cheese than us
  • Wyoming: Guys? Hello? We're over here! We invented equality but we still vote Republican! Guys?

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hey! What's your favorite kaisoo fics? I never read any of them could you rec me something?

Yes of course I’d love to! 

My favourite genres are: Fluff / Fantasy / happy ending / college AU. 

Hokaidos (one of the most well-known / and amazing kaisoofic author:
-  Hearts and Bones : swimmer Jongin, photographer Kyungsoo calm atmosphere and lovely characterization 
- Light a fire (where the wild things are): Vampire AU 
- The Saltwater room: fluff, gentle love
Others from masterlist

Curryramyeon (although not active now, her fics are classic to me):
- It’s still a feeling: New york AU, lovely characterization, College student jongin and film maker kyungsoo 
- Kiss a Boy behind a Rosebush : professor soo and gardener jongin

Some kaisoo classics:

Other amazing fics from Kaisooaufest (No one dies this time):

- Quicksand (hate to love, writers AU)
- First Class flights (Captin Kim, CEO kyungsoo enough said)
- Bubble Bubble (wizard and his assistant AU cute)
- Caught in a comet’s tail (outerspace, commander do)

All Kaisooficrec 10k followers project (kaisooficrec is the most elaborated kaisoo fics rec tumblr, they got most well-known fic writers to contribute.)

Other unlinked:

- anterograde tomorrow (This is the death of all kaisoo shipper. You WILL NOT get over this ever)
- Arbitrage (The second death of all kaisoo shipper, you just die again)

All other recs can be found at kaisooficrec browse their masterlists to find your favourite AU! 

Football Game : Steve Harrington x Reader (Requested)

Originally posted by hologramarcadeblaze

Pairings: Jonathan Byers x Reader (Friends); Steve Harrington x Reader

A/N: I am a terrible person. I completely forgot who requested this but I hope this is close to what you wanted!

“Jonathan, are you serious?” You say, waving your hand in front of his face.

“Hmm?” He hums, not tearing his eyes away from the beautiful girl walking across the cafeteria. Her brown hair flowed behind her and her doe eyes shone in the sunlight. Nancy Wheeler was the epitome of beauty in Hawkins High School. 

“I’m literally trying to have a conversation with you,” you roll your eyes at him and rest your head on your hand. 

“Um, (Y/N), I’ll be back.” He gets up from your table and goes to try and catch Nancy before she sits down with Barb. 

“Are you kidding me, Byers?” You say to no one in particular.

You hit your head on your arms and groan. Nancy was Jonathan’s weakness, and ever since Will came back, he had this new-found confidence. You have had a crush on him ever since the third grade, and it never really went away. He was so interesting to you, his photography, his personality, he was amazing in your eyes. 

“Hey, (Y/N), you good?” a voice in the seat across from you asks.

You lift your head to see the one person you didn’t want to see. Steve Harrington. He was probably the biggest douche you had ever met in your entire life as his only interests were girls and girls. Steve was attractive, yes, but his personality balanced that out.

“Why do you want to know, Harrington?” You sneer, gathering your stuff. 

“Because you looked like you needed a friend,” he says matter-of-factly. “I assume it’s because of Mr. Byers over there?”

He points to Jonathan who is standing with Nancy, obviously attempting to make small talk and hopefully slip in a joke here and there, just to see her smile. One of his favorite things about her, something you had heard one too many times.

“Well, it is. Is that what you want to hear?” You stand up from the table and Steve follows. You walk out through the doors into the hallway and Steve follows again.

“No, but I just want to make sure that you’re alright.” Steve says genuinely. He was actually starting to change your mind about him. He actually seemed like a nice guy. All of the assumptions you made based on things you heard were completely wrong.

“I’m alright, Steve. Thank you for asking,” you stop in front of your locker and swing it open. 

“Well, just to really make sure you’re okay, how about we meet up sometime? Just to really make sure.” He repeats. You can see his face getting pink in the poor lighting of the hallway. He’s nervous. You are making the Steve Harrington nervous. 

“You know what? Sure. How about we go to the football game after school tomorrow?” You offer, shutting your locker.

“That sounds great. I’ll see you then.” Steve smirks and walks back down the hallway. You watch him as he head back to the cafeteria and you can see him giving himself a high-five.You just shake your head at him with a smile, this was going to be interesting.

The Floor Is Lava // Buttercream Squad

Word Count- 1476

Summary- You needed some footage for a vlog, and it didn’t quite go to plan..

Warnings; N/A

A/n; Wow overnight I got 5 imagine requests, you guys are amazing. I’ll get as many done as possible today, thankkkk youuuu x

Requested; Yes. This one was requested for two different boys, so rather I made it a group Platonic.

Hey could you do prompt 8 with Jack please ? xx

hey is it possible to have drabble.8 with joe

8. The floor is lava.


You pulled out your vlogging camera, smiling evilly as you started your video. “Hello everyone! I hope you’re having an amazing day! If you’ve seen me on my videos before, hello again, and if you’re new welcome to my channel!” You did your intro, doing little dance moves and making it a bit sillier for entertainment purposes. “Today, I don’t have much planned, but I’m going to hang out with the boys I think; if you don’t know who I’m talking about, I mean the ‘buttercream gang’ they like to call themselves.” You said, pretending to gag at their nickname.

“No, I’m just kidding; they know I love them all.” You said, back to normal. “So yeah, we’re going to head over now and I’ll see you when we get there.” You left your apartment after ending the clip, hoping in the uber you ordered and driving to Jack’s flat. You thanked the driver and head right into the flat. You walked straight in, seeing as Jack never locked his door. Probably not the best idea, but he always forgot his keys.

“Hey Jack!” You greeted him, hugging him and pulling out your camera. “Hey guys! I’m now at Jack’s flat, and we’re the only ones here because all the other boys are lazy and always late!” You told the camera, Jack coming up behind you. “Honestly, I’d probably be late too if I didn’t live here.” He said, making you laugh and nod. “True. You all are terrible at being on time.”

You and Jack were talking for awhile, both you and him vlogging a bit and talking to the other’s camera; before you got an idea. “Hey Jack..” “Yeah?” He asked, camera at the ready. “The floor is lava.” You smirked, and his eyes widened. While you started counting down, he looked around, and shot himself at the couch. He almost missed, and you burst out laughing. “I hate you.” He said, and you smiled evilly, still giggling. “Yeah, sure you do.” “Hey.. how about we pull this on all of the boys when they get here?” You smirked, and Jack agreed. You set yourselves into positions that wouldn’t get you killed by people attempting to get off the ground.

Not long after, Conor and Josh came into the flat. “Hello!” Josh called, entering the living room where you and Jack were situated. “Shalom!” Conor said, in one of his weird accents. “Guys..” Jack said, faking a worried look towards you. Their expressions darkened. “What is it? Are you alright, Y/N?” Josh asked, worried. You and Jack exchanged sad looked, before smirking and yelling in sync “The floor is lava!” “Fuck!” “Shit!” The two boys said, Conor jumped on Josh’s back and Josh stumbled onto the couch. He JUST made it, and you and Jack were on the floor with laughter.

You quickly reset everything, you and Jack stood up and told the boys to stay quiet and act normal as you were filming for your vlogs. Slowly, one by one the boys came in; Mikey, Oli and Byron all didn’t make it off the ground; the latter just rolling his eyes at us and sitting down properly. He earned a “booo” from the rest of us. Finally, Caspar and Joe showed up together, the last of the group. “Look who decided to show up!” Conor teased, looking at you. “Boys, I have something to tell you..” You said, sadly. You took your camera and filmed as you walked up to their confused faces, whispering loud enough for the camera to hear. “The floor is lava.”

Caspar immediately shoved Joe, much harder than intended, and Joe came crashing down on you, and he landed right on top of you. You smacked your head off the floor, groaning in pain. You heard Caspar say “I win!” but everyone else stay silent. Your sight was blurring slightly, and you could feel Joe scrambling to get off you and trying to apologize, but you were barely conscious. Wow, he may be small, but he was not as light as he looked, and Caspar was much stronger than he looked as well. With that thought, you blacked out.

“Y/N! Y/N!” You faintly heard, the sound getting clearer as you began waking up and groaning as a wave of pain washed over you. “Ouch.” You muttered, hearing a wave of sighs of relief. “Y/N! Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to crush you, and..” Joe said quickly, making you raise a hand and attempt to sit up. Jack, who was closest to you, rushed to your aid, helping you sit up and gave you some water. “Thanks, Jack.” He nodded, looking highly concerned. “I’m fine.” You muttered, rubbing your head.

You looked up, and everyone was looking concerned; Caspar was pacing saying things like “I’ve killed Y/N!” and Joe looked like he was going to cry. “You guys, seriously. I’m fine. Just a little surprised is all.” You said, your voice now loud and clear. “Y/N, I’m so so sorry, I just got excited and, and..” Caspar said, and you rolled your eyes. You grabbed a pillow off the couch (where you’d been moved, obviously by the boys), and chucked it at Caspar’s head. “Ouch!” He said, frowning at you. “I said I’m fine, now shut up and give me a hug.” You pouted, and he obliged. “Seriously, Casp. I’m fine.” He nodded, seemingly unsure but he knew you would prefer it to be let go.

The silence that hung over the room was tense, and you hated it was your fault. “Who’s ready to get their ass kicked in FIFA, then?” You said, making the boys give you strange looks. “What? You think because I hit my head means I can’t still beat you all at this game?” They all looked at each other, and turned back to you. “You’re on, Y/N!” They all said, not in sync, but close enough. “Good. Let’s play.”

The game finished close, but you managed to beat Oli, Josh and Jack; which was quite an achievement, since these boys played so often. You smirked as you dismissed yourself to the ‘bathroom’ when in reality, you were going to the balcony; all the boys knew it, but didn’t question you. It was your favorite part of Jack’s flat, the view wasn’t all that great, but it was still beautiful in your eyes. The calming breeze would probably help your still slightly dizzy state as well.

You took in a deep breath of air, instantly feeling better. You pulled out your camera. “Hey guys. So if we didn’t get any footage of that, because I really don’t know if we did, that didn’t go quite to plan. I got knocked over by Caspar and Joe fell on me, and I blacked out for a bit. But don’t worry, I’m fine. These boys are honestly the sweetest things on the planet and they take care of me, so a huge shoutout to them. Go follow and subscribe to all of them!” You said, smiling. “That’s it for today’s video for now, I highly doubt the boys will let me do anything for the rest of the week, let alone today, so in case I don’t film anything more, thank you all for watching today’s video, comment, like, subscribe, do all that good stuff, and I’ll see you, next time. Goooooodbye!” You signed, off, taking one last breath of air before going to return inside.

When you turned around, however, all the boys were standing there, all looking at you with big smiles. “Aww Y/N, did you really mean those things about us?” Caspar asked, probably smiling the brightest. “‘Course I did, you big loser.” You said, pulling him into a hug. “GROUP HUG!” Conor cried, and all the boys squished you into a ball of sweaty men’s bodies. You weren’t complaining though; these boys were your best friends, and you were proud to say it. “Who knew crushing Y/N with Joe would bring out her sweet side?” Jack teased, making us all laugh. “Who knew “the floor is lava” could bring out Caspar’s violent side?” You retorted, and you all went back inside.

The rest of the evening was spent cracking jokes about how clumsy you were and how you easily could’ve slipped even if the boys hadn’t pushed you, (mainly trying to get the guilt off Caspar and Joe’s shoulders), and enjoying the time you had together. It wasn’t easy being best friends in such a big group and hanging out all at once, especially with a group of YouTubers with hectic schedules. It was the times like these you cherished with your friends, and even if it meant you getting hurt and blacking out, you wouldn’t have it any other way.


I’ve seen some au’s where different groups are pocket sized, and they’re really cute! So i have decided to do my own ^~^ I think i will also do a GOT7 version of this!


Namjoon/Rap Monster

🌸 Namjoon would be a very ambitious pocket friend, and try to be helpful with things such as homework or sharpening you a pencil.

🌸 He’ll say “I got it”, but please don’t let this ean out of you sight, he is very clumsy and a fall from high up like your dresser would not be good. protect him.

🌸 Like to on your solider to be the most helpful wtih his suggestions.

🌸 very precious boy!

Originally posted by yoongichii


🌸  very smol. but dont worry, he’ll be okay.

🌸 unlike Namjoon, he would be able to be left alone without falling off a dresser or falling into a bathtub full of water.

🌸 would also like to be helpful, and is very good at it. fine details in a drawing? he’s gotchu fam.

🌸 overalls. wear overalls and he’ll stay in there all day with you. its so cute.

🌸  really like to use tea cups for warm baths, so be careful.

Originally posted by minspink


🌸  sleep,sleep, sleep.

🌸  got a small box? great, just put some fabric in as a small blanket, and that’s Yoongi’s new favorite spot.

🌸  pockets. are. his. favorite. portable. sleeping. place.

🌸 watch this one, he is prone to sleep in places he shouldn’t.

🌸 bluetooth speakers a amazing for when he’s gotta be swag and listen to hardcore rap.

Originally posted by jeonbase


🌸 “can I?!?”

🌸 no,no, you can’t use the sink as a pool.

🌸 “hey, y/n, take me with you to the ice cream shop!”

🌸 will sleep on top of your head.

🌸 hold him. please. he is soft.

🌸   if you have a dog, they’re best friends.

🌸  tiny jhope dimples. yes, i am weak.

Originally posted by jhope-shi


🌸 “hold me please.”

🌸 tiny box smile.

🌸 loves to do everythign with you. your best friend.

🌸 really like when you wear fuzzy sweaters. (so fuzzy)

🌸 probably will sleep on top of your pillow.

🌸 please don’t forget about him, he needs your affection.

🌸 smol body, big heart.

Originally posted by kimthwriter


🌸 this boy somehow manages to cook for you, even though he is so small.

🌸 big meals.big.

🌸 please carry snakcs in your bag, he would greatly appreciate that.

🌸 “please, not that outfit y/n”

🌸 helps you choose clothes in the morning.

🌸 please love him, he somehow cleans up your messes.

🌸 has his own tiny mirror. “i look so handsoem y/n.”

Originally posted by bwiseoks


🌸 “y/n! what was that sound– i mean i’ll protect you!”

🌸 wants to be big, so he acts big.

🌸 wants to prove himself to you so badly.

🌸 has tiny weights to lift.

🌸 muisc, music all the time.

🌸 “y/n can i use your ipod?”

🌸 hugs your hand.

🌸 like to play with your hair.

Originally posted by jeonbase

this is so short and not very descriptive, sorry! nonetheless, i hope you enjoyed :) please feel free to send in requests. 

anonymous asked:

Hey! First of all I just wanted to say you're amazing for creating all this content, it's really nice! I'm kinda new here, so I wanted to know if you're using a height mod. If yes, are there any glitches? (I'm really looking into it but I haven't found one yet that doesn't have MAJOR in game glitches :') )

I am using a height mod, and my personal favorite is this one! Like all height mods, it does tend to make some of the group animations (ie kissing and hugging) look a bit off when you have one short sim and one tall one. Other than that, the only glitched ive run into is a noodle arm animation when adults pick up toddlers. It’s purely cosmetic, Adults can still pick up toddlers to change their diaper/feed them/put them to bed, and it wont break your game. It’s just annoying when I want to take pics of adults holding toddlers.

Hope this helps!

Decisions, Decisions (Part 5)

Prompt: Imagine Tom Hiddleston has a crush on you and he is feeling jealous of James McAvoy on “The Graham Norton Show” because James talks about how great the chemistry was between you, his co-star, and him in your latest film.

Warnings: language, sexual content, adult content…?

Word Count: 5007

Note: Beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes​ - This fic would NOT be possible without you, and @amarvelouswritings​ - who let me badger the hell out of her. Thank you both a million! Used @theartofimagining13​ imagine

Also, some of the timelines are going to be off in this, to make stuff fit, and James’ wife and child are nonexistent - nothing against them, just easier to write if he didn’t have an ex wife and child. Texts are in italics

Tags: @wordacadabra   @frenchfrostpudding @lisssays @cocosierra94  @staceycasey123 @lucianightwolker @tacohead13


Friday night you went to a few stores for some dresses. You found one thing you liked, and you reserved it for the “other” dress. But for the main dress to go to the premiere with Tom, you needed something dazzling. You spoke with Trish, your stylist, and asked her if she could work with Versace on a design you had in mind. She said she would work on it.

Tom was texting and calling quite frequently, sending you two more bouquets of flowers with another poem on each card. The calls became more familiar, a little more flirty, and you sent him a new watch to his hotel and some chocolates - since you knew they were his guilty pleasure.

James had contacted you a few times but he had a couple of interviews related to Split coming out soon so he was rather busy. But in a way it was good because you were able to spend more time and attention on Tom - that was a good thing, right? You weren’t so sure, you were already in so deep with both of these men, you didn’t need to have the decision be any harder than it was.

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OOC: Rini-dingy-do where are you?!

Whew, okay, so.

This month went from not so busy, to sorta busy, to holy shit light everything on fire busy. But it’s for good reasons!

So, first up, I was only suppose to have one con this month.. Twitchcon. Until suddenly, Ippus messaged me like HEY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO NEW YORK COMIC CON? IT’S REALLY GOOD. And I know from our previous experiences at Comic Cons, yes, they do very well for us. After biting the bullet on my anxiety to be mostly alone in such a large city (thankfully I had @tealfuleyes come to the rescue and offer to have me stay with his friends (and now mine!) Pixel and Nick in their hotel so I wasn’t alone)

NYCC Went AMAZINGLY, and I ran completely out of stock of items. So of course, now, I had to RUSH to get my charms and prints restocked. Thankfully, I should have them ALL COMPLETE and in time for Twitchcon still. Same for my prints. They should be arriving Wednesday.

SO THEN I HAVE TWITCHCON, I’M DOING A CHARITY EVENT, AND NOW SUDDENLY A SUPER SPECIAL EVENT THAT ILL ANNOUNCE AS SOON AS I CAN AND ALSO I HAVE MY BOOTH IM SELLING AT. Again, luckily I’m staying with friends and should have other friends to watch my booth when I’m away from it, but it’s going to be a tad hectic and crazy. Also, Fox Stevenson concert that weekend. Oh my god I’m so excited!!

BUT THEN, HERE’S WHERE THINGS GET MORE CRAZY. I recently went to Seattle, right? Kind of out of no where. Well that turned into me having a boyfriend. And his friends instantly were like, HEY, HE’S GOING TO BLIZZCON, GO. and Im like nahh I’ll get in the way and I don’t have a ticket! Don’t worry about it it’s fine, I can come visit just after.

Nope, they found me tickets for Blizzcon and also had room for us to stay together at a hotel instead of separate. SO THAT HAPPENED.

SO I LEGIT HAVE 3 CONS BACK TO BACK ONE WEEKEND A PART EACH TIME. Right after I’m back from Twitchcon, I have less than a week before I drive BACK to SoCal to be in Anaheim with him and friends.

ONCE THAT IS DONE, I have about 2 weeks down before I fly back out to Seattle again and spend time with him for a few weeks. Now, this though, I’m bringing my stuff so hopefully I can stream some again? But mostly work for sure while I’m there, so that’s good. But still, That’s about a 3 week trip.

AND JUST AFTER THAT I’m flying to Japan.
AND JUST AFTER THAT I’m planning to move to Seattle.


But that’s what happened to me and why everything is hectic and awesome and why I haven’t been around here much. Please forgive me friends!! I love you all, I haven’t forgotten you!!! <3

Anyone I might bump into at Twitchcon or Blizzcon? Comment here okay! I’ll be around, it’ll be easier to find me at TwitchCon (Booth CC30!!!!), but Blizzcon I’ll be walking around some of the days!

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Hello!! I am new to tumblr and you are one of the first blogs i ve followed. Can you recommend me some jungkook biased blogs? Also some blogs that posts translations?? I know its too much work to do but please help me :'))

Hey hey! Welcome to tumblr! And aw sdklf;a yet again, honored! And yes I can!

Amazing Jungkook blogs:

@nochuie @junghope @apgujeon @jengkook @jeonify @jeonheart @jeonbase @jeoniful @kookiebuff @jungkookpd @junqkookied @yourpinkpill @jijkooks

Some trans:

@bts-trans @allforbts  (Also check out @ctribeat on twitter!)

It’s not too much work and I’m always happy to help! ♡

Chit Chat Hour 💌

anonymous asked:

HEY, do you have any hyungwon fic recs? 👀 i tried to read the one on your masterlist but tumblr says the post doesn't exist :( also, your changkyun fic was so good, changkyun with tattoos is my new kink (ty for ur time, ily)

HENLO~ thank u sm ur so sweet!! yes i took that down a while ago but i jUST put it back up! i think the link should work now but under the cut are some of the hyungwon fics i know of and also authors im weAK FOR

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What am I looking for?

Two stories on two days? What is this, the apocalipse????

Calm down everyone. Actually this was supposed to be done A MONTH AGO.

If you made the count, you know what it means, if not I’ll tell you: THIS IS THE 6TH PROMPT FOR @starcoweek2. YES I’M A MONTH LATE.

I was almost giving up, but then… I hate to start things and never finish them, I already got to many stuff I did that *looks at the pile of fanfictions and brush aside*

Day 6 was “Song Inspired”, I got a bit of trouble to find a song to this because most of my stories are written with songs so I had way too many ideas and no idea on how to start them… That was until Lyoko decided to add a new song to the playlist in which bring me up back to the past of my childhood and the clip helped me to figured out what I wanted to do.

Also, huge thanks to @mrevaunit42 for the title lol

So here, have a journey to our childhoods and enjoy! (The link for the song is linked on the first verse, just click :D)

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6  | Day 7

Ba ba da da
Take a look at my girlfriend
She’s the only one I got (ba ba da da)
Not much of a girlfriend
I never seem to get a lot (ba ba da da, ba ba da da)

Marco called his mother to tell the news, unable to wait more. Star was setting the genre for their movie night. Every tuesday, popcorn, couch, blankets, chocolate and soda to watch at least one movie together. Neither of them knew how they started this habit, but it was set and no one would change that.

As his mother picked-up Marco was rambling happily to them and Star laughed from the living room because of his excitement.

“Marco, calm down, is there a problem? Do we need to go back?”

“No!” He laughed. He didn’t want them to get out their little vacation just because he couldn’t control his happiness, “Sorry, I got carried away”

What is it then?

His lips hurt from smiling “I got a girlfriend.”

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I Wanna Be

Originally posted by kehlani

Request: Jealous Kehlani

Title: I Wanna Be

Pairing: Reader/Kehlani

Rating: T (Just to be safe)

It wasn’t that you hated shopping. It was more of the fact that Kehlani made you come shopping when you would rather be at home, probably sleeping. You’d been at the mall for almost two hours, going from store to store, Kehlani’s bags getting bigger and bigger. This was all really weird, since Kehlani wasn’t the biggest shopper to begin with. Still, you followed her dutifully, trying to keep yourself occupied as your best friend changed into outfits.

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myladychele  asked:

Hey Sammy hope this finds you well... I see you are buying a house congratulations to you. I hope you and your pugs will enjoy the new home, have fun decorating it!

Hi hi! Yes, I am embarking on the journey of homeownership, or…as my friend so appropriately refers to as “one of the most stressful times of my entire life”. LOL.

House is being inspected on Wednesday, so cross your fingers because that’s kind of the final hurdle to jump over before we are totally locked in. But honestly, it’s an amazing place and I can’t wait to share pics of it with you all if and when the time comes!

dudes this was literally SUCH a good day! i got new shoes (pretty fancy ones … [aka not from h&m where my cheap ass usually gets shoes when i have to pay]) and a really nice sweatshirt from this kinda expensive kinda alternative place … and cake and dinner were really amazing too :,) i didn’t get any writing and/or studying done, but hey, it’s my birthday weekend, so who cares

(and yes, we had my birthday dinner on the night before my birthday lmao)

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I think im the only person who doesnt care about this whole aeygo thing. I didnt watch it, cause i dont like, but hey... he need to sell, so for me its perfect fine if fans are longing for it *shrug*, cause after everything he went through and after read all the shit anti wrote about him on Nb, Oh, Aj and on... im happy if he fans (old/new ones) are dreaming marry him, they wont anyways, he´s taken. As long as i get to see the amazing dance and beautiful soul now and then, im fine. :)

Yes, you’re right but I doubt you’re the only person. There are possibly other ppl who think like you too.

I don’t go awww when they did aegyo. I just went ‘how old re u again?’ lol. But they need to sell themselves. Fanservice is a thing and will always be a thing. Honestly, I’m so happy that ji is doing really well this year OTL There are more ppl that notice him u.u I am so happy. I really hope it will remain like this until the end of 2017.

Have a nice day.

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💖 + my day was going okay until that cursed image of cas appeared on my dashboard (I CAN'T HANDLE SEEING HIM LIKE THAT)

i feel ur pain!!!! all these new pics got me planning my funeral shdhshd

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AAAAAAA ur blog is one of my ultimate faves!!! and i love ur url so much shjdhjshd everytime i see u on my dash i think “oh hey it’s meg” even tho thats not ur name hsjjhdshs just overall i love ur blog and im really glad we’re mutuals because ur so cool!!! 💕💐💟💞💝💞🌸💖💗💓🌼💓💟💗💖🌸💕💝💘💞💖💗🌼🌼💟💖💞

Christmas Party / requested by Anonymous.

Hey! So, thank you so much Anonymous for requesting. This is a special- and very LONG as it took me A WEEK - imagine as it’s the first I’ve ever wrote on request – so mine’s really a special thank you.
What else? I hope you and the readers will enjoy this. (if you do, please let me know by liking or reblogging or just noticing someway)
cat x

Hey, can you please do a Neymar Jr. imagine where you and him are getting hot but then you answer a phone call and then he keeps kissing you etc?

*smut alert*

*Y/N’s POV*

“Okay! Uhm, yes… merry Christmas to you too! Bye, see you soon”
I said to my friend Kristen, then hung up and put my cell phone on the sofa.
It was the 24th of December, the Christmas Eve. I had hurry with dressing and making up because I was invited to a party host by my family, here in New York. I looked at the mirror, glancing at my lips to cover them with a fiery-red lipstick, and I could see the lights of my Christmas tree and all the adornments around the house reflecting in the glass and lighting my hair up in a weird way. They looked red (according to the intermittence of the lights).
After had put all the makeup on, I went on dressing up. I opened the wardrobe and took a beautiful sequined short red dress, with some white inserts, and fitted it up. I wore my heels and had a final glance in the mirror: I was ready, just had to decide how to style my hair.
“Try with a braid.”
I turned. That was my sister’s voice.
“A braid, you said?” I answered as I tried to style my brown hair in a provisional braid which descended by the left side of my neck. I bent my head and arched my eyebrows. I liked how I looked like that evening.
“You’re right.” I told her, and she smiled. I grabbed my purse and went downstairs with her. We got into our car and drove away to the place of the party; I looked stunned at the skyline which silhouetted by our side.

“Am I okay? Y/N, do I look okay?” my sister asked while we were waiting for someone to open the door and let us enter.
“Yes, you do, Sara! Keep calm, you’re really beautiful tonight.” I told her quietly.
She continued talking, undaunted, but stopped when heard someone grabbing the handle and opening the door.
“Hey, girls!” my aunt Bruna exclaimed “come in!”
She let us come in by stepping aside.
The house was amazing and cozy. It was prettily adorned with Christmas trees, numbers of bulbs, tiny Santa Claus everywhere, and little statuettes of Christ: classical, naives and stylized ones. There were also lots of presents and packs above the trees and the magical view of New York from the window, with the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and the skyscrapers, embellished the ambient.
I saluted the members of my family.
“Okay”, she said, pushing us gently, “let me introduce you two to some people you don’t know.”
Oh my God, I thought while following her among the noisy crowd, I hate introductions. I was already figuring these old relatives which I didn’t know, softly kissing my hand and telling me how I was incredibly beautiful, how I looked like my mother – they’d ask me where my mum was, and I’d answer she was somewhere in the house –, how old I was and if I had a boyfriend. I’d politely answer that (even if I actually had one, who was Steven) no, um, I hadn’t: the study took all my free time but, even if I hadn’t time to face and engagement, I would really have liked having a boyfriend.

But nothing was like I thought.
As we stopped in front of a well-shaped guy, who was about 20, I tried to look beyond to find the old woman or man I had to salute, but the guy tried to attract my attention.
“Hey?” he said, snapping his fingers in front of my eyes, “all okay?”
Before I could realize the situation, I heard my aunt’s voice.
“Y/N, Sara, let me introduce you to Neymar. Neymar, these are Y/N and Sara Marques.”
“Very pleased to make your acquaintance” he said as he kissed our hands.
“Pleasure’s all ours”, my sister said.
Neymar smirked, but wasn’t looking at her. He was looking at me, at my dress, at my legs, at my face, at my full body. The tension in the air between us was too much, so I cut by saying:
“Well, uhm, sorry, I-there’s my cousin calling me”. I pointed my finger to my cousin who was in the other room, and left Neymar.


I glanced her slender figure walk, step by step, away from the place of the house where we’d met. She was medium height, I think, but looked so far from being “short”, as her breathtaking long and tanned legs moved through the crowded room. She was thin, but still buxom: she had enough breasts to let a guy lust her. As she moved, her bright dress was illuminated in several ways, and lighted the room up.
Oh, stop.
I approached to a guy who was using the strawberry punch. Surely one of my friend Rafael’s familiars.
“Uh, ehm, hi. Who are you?” he asked.
“Well”, I said, “I am…”
“Wait. I know who you are.” he stopped me. “You’re the famous footballer. Neymar Jr. Aren’t you?”. He took a gulp from his glass.
“Ehm, yes, I am. And you are Rafael’s cousin; if I’m not wrong, Joao. So, J-”
“Hey! How do you know who I am?” he asked, surprised.
“Doesn’t matter. So, Joao, just a little question, if you could answer: who is that girl over there? I mean, I know her name, but… you know, relationships with someone in here, and…”
“Oh!” he exclaimed “yes, I understand. Y/N is Rafael’s cousin. She’s the daughter of those two over there… his father, David, is really severe. A tough man. Non that compliant… don’t joke with him. Everyone here thinks she’s the sexiest one. You too.”
I blushed a bit.
“No, no, I swear… ehm, go on.” I said.
“Do not jerk: she has a boyfriend. His name’s Steven, he’s downstairs. And that’s all you have to know, my friend. Boa sorte.
 I waved my hand to him and walked away, to reach Y/N someway, but Joao grabbed by wrist.
“Yes?” I asked him.
“Dude… she’s not the kind of girl who cheats on her boyfriend.”
I stopped myself on thinking for a while.
“Oh, don’t worry about it.”
I smiled and finally reached the zone of the room where Y/N was.

*Y/N’s POV*

While talking to my grandma, I saw Neymar nearing to me.
Maybe that was my sensation, but I always felt him around where I actually was. Don’t misunderstand: I liked him and that wasn’t a thing that annoyed me, really, but it just seemed strange.
He was handsome, well-proportioned; he had nice face, nice hairstyle, he dressed quite well – which was really much to find in a random guy (yes, I know, Neymar wasn’t random. He was the famous footballer Neymar).

I left the chair I was sitting on to go to the bathroom, upstairs: I had spilled some wine on my dress.
Once had climbed the stairs – which weren’t covered by anyone –, entered the bathroom and let the water spill from the tub, I started scrubbing the stained part of my dress.
“Fuck”, I continuously whispered, “fuck, fuck, fuck!”
But magically, maybe because of my copious imprecations, the stain disappeared. I breathed a sigh of relief and raised my head to glance at the mirror.
I was going to go out, but suddenly the door opened and he, Neymar, came in. I was looking at him with widen eyes, just like a child who’s interrupted while he’s doing something wrong.
“Oh, sorry… I didn’t know you were in here.” He said, excusing.
“No, don’t worry, no problem.”

Approaching to the door, I crossed his gaze and we started watching each other. Now I could figure out what color his eyes were: they were colored in a kind of green mixed with a bit of golden yellow. However, I couldn’t name that precise color; I had just known that his gaze was tough and soft at the same time. I felt like I couldn’t break that eye-contact.
I did anyway, and I was all about to leave him here and to go downstairs, but something stopped me: his hand on my shoulder.
As I turned, I felt his lips kissing mine hardly and passionately.
At first I was paralyzed, but then, once I let my hand slide through his hair, I returned the kiss. I really liked that sensation.

Ney locked the door silently, then lifted me and let me sit on the marble surface of the sinks.
While he kissed my jaw, then down to my neck, he unzipped my dress and threw it away. For a moment, I thought that the one which flied through the room was the dress I applied myself to clean. Wow, I said to myself, what a luck if now it’s still whole.

Who cares? Let’s enjoy this hot moment.
I moaned a bit when he started touching my legs and bottom, and moved his hand up and down… up, and down… again… that was so good!
He unbuttoned my red bra, first watching it, then throwing it away: I was about naked, had just my underwear on.
As he started handling my breasts, while kissing me, I felt a bit oh shyness, but went away after a little bit. It was strange feeling his hand touching, squeezing my breasts, even if he did it softly.
“You’re so hot”, he mumbled.
Yes. You too, I thought, then said. He actually was; I could imagine those abs, that V line, that all I couldn’t wait to see!

As we kissed, I let my hands slide behind his neck: I toyed with his papillon and undid it. Same thing I did with his suit, then with his shirt – they came away with such a ease that I had fun in doing it!
And now, I had a glance over his shirtless: marked abs, V line, large shoulders, and sculpted chest. Exactly how I imagined him. I ran my finger through the lines, raising my head to smile to him. He laughed a bit, but returned serious and started to touch my underwear softly. He teased with it, and I started feeling excited.
“Do you want me to go on, Y/N?”, he asked, holding my head back by my hair.
“Mhh, I do!”

The thing was becoming really hot, when I heard a noise: it was like an insistent ringing.
“Ney…” I said.
He was focused on something else, he couldn’t hear nothing else. He just wanted to make us both satisfied by that moment, which, who knows?, maybe had just been the first one of a loooong series.
“Hey? Neymar?”
He finally looked at me.
“Do you hear it, too?” he asked me, maybe as he heard the noise, too.
I had a small flash crossing my mind. With one eye, I saw something laughing according an intermittence on the surface of the sinks.
Afraid, just as I’d known what I’d find when I’d roll my eyes to that direction, I looked at him: he really look worried, and nodded, as he knew what I was thinking to.
Half-naked, we turned to the source of the noise.
That was my cellular phone.

“Oh my God, fuck, oh God please help me” I started exclaiming as I noticed that the upcoming call was by my boyfriend Steven. “Oh God, Neymar, what shall I do?”
He didn’t looked as worried as I was. I would have expected that, when he’d found out that it was Steven calling, he’d started dressing up again to run away, downstairs. He looked strangely calm, instead.
“Answer.” He told me.
I swallowed. I slid to unlock and answer, then heard the voice of the crowd from downstairs and Steven.
“Y/N? Can you hear me?” he asked.
“Yes… yes, I can.” I was looking at Neymar. “What’s up?”
“In which sense what’s up?” he asked “I mean, where the hell are you?”
“Well, er, where the hell am I?” I repeated to let Neymar hear.
He understood the situation and suggested me to say I was gone for some minutes to someone else’s house.
“I am at Jenny’s house. It’s in this same condominium.” I answered, finally.
“Ah, ok, I und-wait, have you got a friend named Jenny?”
I was going to speak, but Neymar, maybe to get me in trouble cause he enjoyed that situation, started to kiss my neck, sucking in spots, and, as a consequence, making me let some moans of pleasure which I had to hide.
“I have… her name… she’s… Jennifer mhh! Stewart… ah, stop!”
“What? What happened?” he asked “Is there an issue with the signal? Y/N?”

But Neymar didn’t want to stop. He went down, now kissing my chest. He stopped there for a while, as he stared at my breasts.
And I knew what he wanted to do: that was it. As he let his tongue slide on my breast, handling the other one, I could feel it precisely: he started licking and sucking my nipple, making it harden. He smiled as it happened, but I was worried – even if I really liked it.
“N…o, ehm, no issue… maybe yes, ahh, please sto, Ne-ehm, I was saying… no problem. I’ll be back” I stopped to breathe “soon. I’ll… call you later…”
“No, Y/N. We’ll solve this question right now. Can you tell me what’s happening?”
Yes, Steven, I can. There’s this famous and sexy footballer, and I mean, we’re really getting hot, just above your head, in the bathroom. And right now he stopped licking my breasts and I am about naked. That’s what’s happening.
But, as I felt Neymar’s fingers entering in me from below, I had to stop the call as I moaned. If he heard me? Probably – surely yes. But I didn’t care: now Ney owned me and Steven was nothing compared to him.
“Do it, Neymar. NOW!”
He obeyed. In a moment, I felt him inside me and he pushed first soft, then hard and fast. I arched my back, moaning: I really liked that sensation of pleasure and ‘fullness’ given by him. He was moving up and down, again and again, his abs moving.
We both reached the orgasm after a bit; we continued for a bit, then stopped and got full dressed again, laughing as we looked at the mirror.


Oh God! I did it. That was really all I wanted to do that evening.
We returned downstairs without arousing suspicions. We didn’t look at each other, but I found Steven and Joao at the corner of the room.
“Hey!” Joao said “All okay?”
“Yes, definitely. Hey”, I said, addressing to Steven “you look a bit worried.”
Steven exploded in a river of words, angry.
“I am, dude! The fact is, some minutes ago I called Y/N, my girlfriend, on her phone, and she was weird, she talked weird. I think she cheated on me.”
Joao was taken by a flash. He looked at me with his eyes fully goggled; I know he understood something.
In the meanwhile, Y/N was approaching.
“But you know, my dear” I told Steven “come on, look at Y/N: clearly she isn’t the kind of girl who cheats on her boyfriend!”
Y/N smirked.

three times Blaine asks Kurt to marry him and the one time he means it for real

Summary: Exactly what the title says. :) 

A/N: I just finished a really long draft for something entirely different today, so naturally I sat down to write even more. As you do. My outlining process on this was something along the lines of 1.) Oh, an idea! and 2.) … oops, I just wrote it. So fair warning, this is a.) a complete and utter unstructured mess and b.) possibly cavity-inducing since I was in need of some major fluff. Enter at your own risk!

Also up on the AO3

i.) the one where Blaine is a five-year old single father

Kurt is trying to get Blaine to join him where he’s playing with his new firetruck, but Blaine is just sitting there in Kurt’s backyard and won’t put down his little stuffed penguin that he brought over with him.

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Sugar! Yes, please! | Harry Styles

Sugar by Maroon V


Sugar! Yes, please! (1 of 2) | Harry Styles One-Shot Imagine

Requested by carolinenorderhaug ​: Could you write a imagine about YN and Harry, and YN has an amazing voice and they sing a song together at a One Direction concert?

Your POV

“YES!” I plopped down on the couch in the living room of my new flat in London. I was very proud of how I decorated my home that I just bought with my own hard-earned money. 

I felt my phone vibrating in my back pocket; I smiled when I saw ‘Lame Zayn’ flash across my iPhone 6 and pushed the green circle to answer.

“Hello~” I sang.

“Hey! How’s my best friend slash best new female artist on the rise?” Zayn laughed.

“Shut up! I’m not!” I rolled my eyes.

“Well according to this article on MTV, you apparently are.” I could hear the smirk in his voice.

“Okay, whatever, what do you want loser?”

Zayn just chuckled, “I was wondering if you’re coming to my concert tonight? You know I’ve been in town all week performing and I only saw you once AND you didn’t even come to ONE concert yet.”

“Yeahhhh~ I guess I will, I have nothing better to do.” I said sarcastically, I heard him gasp on the other end.

“I’m kidding Zayn! I was busy all week moving into my new flat and recording a music video for my new single.“ 

“Yeah, yeah, yeah whatever you say, I’m leaving your name with security and having VIP passes with backstage access delivered to you, so just give me a call when you’re at the stadium later, okay?”

“Yes sir!” I saluted and I didn’t even know why.

“You saluted didn’t you?”Zayn asked.

Damn, he really did know me. I bursted out into laughter.

“You’re such a loser, why am I still friends with you?”

“Because we grew up together AND I’m the one who pushed you to pursue your art when you thought you sucked AND I was the one who forced you to try out for X-Factor AND LOOK what happened? You’re in the biggest boy band of our time.” I said all in one breath.

“I know! I know! That’s why I love you AND pushed you to start singing AND now you’re a rising artist, watch out world!”

“Okay, okay, okay,  I’m going to go shower now, I’ll see you tonight yeah?”

“You better,” and with that he hung up.

Zayn’s POV

I smiled after I hung up on Y/N.

“Who were you talking too?” Harry asked as I walked into our living room to see Niall and Louis playing FIFA on the Playstation 4.

“Y/N.” I knew Harry had a huge crush on her.

“What?” His eyes brighten as a huge grinned spread across his face.

I rolled my eyes and continued into the kitchen to grab a drink out of the fridge. Harry had followed me like a little puppy and I didn’t notice him until I was midway drinking and turned around.

“What the hell Harry, quit creeping mate!” I almost choked on my water.

“Sorry! It’s just- when I met her the other day- I can’t stop thinking about her.” He pouted.

“NOR can you stop talking about her!” Louis shouted from the living room.

I just shook my head and went to sit next to Louis on the couch.

“Take that Lou!” Niall shouted as he made a goal.

“Damn it!” Louis almost tossed the remote on the floor.

“So is she coming to our concert tonight?” I could tell Harry was trying to remain calm, is this guy really 21?

I debated for a second to tell him she was, but I wanted to fuck with him instead, “Nah she said she’s busy with her new music video, I’m just going to see her after the concert.”

Louis knew I was lying, he always knew for some damn reason and I could see him smirking when he looked up at Harry and then at me.

“Poor Harold, you’re never going to get the chance to see her again.” Louis said sarcastically.

Harry frowned, not catching the sarcasm and sulked off into his room.

“What the hell man?” I said when I made sure Harry wasn’t in ear-shot.

Louis just laughed, “He’s going to be in for a hell of a surprise tonight.”

“Did I miss something?” Niall leaned forward and looked at me from the other side of the couch.

I just shrugged and shot them a smirk, mainly because I knew Y/N had a crush on Harry too.


// Four days ago //

Just as rehearsals ended and our vocal coach, Helene, was giving us last minute pointers and advice as we all stood in a circle, “ZAYN!”

I heard my best friend’s voice as I turned around to see her running towards me, I held out my arms and caught her as she crashed into me.

“Y/N! I’ve missed you so much!” I spun her around.

“I’ve missed you too!” She squealed.

“Ahem,” Helene said and I turned around towards them, they were all staring with wide-eye, probably wondering who she was.

“Oh sorry! It’s just- this is my best friend and I haven’t seen her in over a year.” I straightened up with my arm still around Y/N.

“Hi everyone! My apologies for interrupting, I got way too excited. I’ll just go wait over there!” She pointed to the right of stage as she turned her body and winked at me.

I just shook my head. Just as silly as ever.

15 minutes later, I ran off stage to find her sitting in a chair on her phone.

“God! Zayn! It’s been forever since I’ve seen you.” She smiled as she put her phone in her back pocket.

“I know! You look amazing!” I wrapped my arms around her.

“Yeah I guess after you sign a recording contract, it comes with a makeover.” She joked.

The guys finally came off the stage.

“Guys! This is my best friend, Y/N.“ 

“Hi-yah!” She smiled at them.

“Ah so you’re the infamous Y/N! I’m Louis, nice to finally meet you!” Louis shook her hand.

“Infamous? He’s probably told you guys all the trouble I use to get him into.” She smiled.

“I’m Liam!” Liam waved, “Sorry my hands are all sticky!" 

"Niall Horan, pleasure to meet you ma’am,” He tried to be proper but he couldn’t keep a straight face after two seconds. 

“Never call me ma’am again.” She shook her head.

He just winked at her.

“And I’m Harry.” Harry smiled at her as he took her hand in his.

“Hey, why don’t we all have dinner together?” Liam suggested.

“Yeah come with us!” I tugged on my best friend’s arm.

“Alright! I’m starving anyways.”

During dinner, Y/N and I caught up with everything I missed while being away for year. She got to know the guys and they got to know her. I loved how easily she got along with them; they were my best mates and she was my best friend, it was important to me that they become friends.

After dinner, I decided to go back to Y/N’s flat to see her new place.

“So ummmm… Does Harry have a girlfriend? Is he seeing anyone?”

“What?” I whipped my head around.

“I just- I don’t- He’s really funny and he seems sweet and humble,” I saw her chew her bottom lip and I knew she only did that when she was nervous.

“Holy crap! You have a crush on Styles?" 

"I- don’t even know him! I’m just wondering!” She was flustered.

“No he doesn’t have a girlfriend.” I shook my head as I laughed at my best friend.


Your POV

It was now 7:30pm, I just arrived to the back entrance of the stadium waiting for the security to escort me to the guys.

“Miss Y/N?” I heard a deep voice say my name.

I turned around to see a tall, burly man in a black shirt that said SECURITY across his chest.

“That’s me!” I held up my VIP and backstage pass.

“Great, follow me.” He said then proceeded to take me into the building.

“OY! Y/N!” Niall hollered when he saw me enter the backstage area where the guys were chilling as I heard 5 Seconds of Summer singing on stage.

I saw Harry immediately turn around, looking shocked and I smiled at him as I hugged Niall.

“Hi Niall!” I said as we pulled away from each other.

Zayn came up from behind him and hugged me.

“You said she wasn’t-” I heard Harry say but Louis cut him off.

“Glad you could make it!” Louis hugged me.

“Of course! I gotta support my favorite boy band!” I grinned.

“Is that sarcasm I hear?” Liam stood up from the chair he was sitting on after his stylist finished fixing his hair.

“Nooo way! Stockholm Syndrome is my jam!” I laughed.

“I gotta get my hair done, go mingle.” Zayn whispered and nudged me towards Harry.

I blushed as I looked up to see Harry playing with a cute little girl.

I was suddenly nervous, what the hell is wrong with me?

“How about you sing a song with us tonight?” Louis suggested as I sat down on the couch next to him.

“What? NO WAY! That would be we-” I began.

“Yeah! You should!” I heard Harry say, which surprised me.

“Guys! No way! I’m not go-”

“I swear to god if you say you’re not good enough I’m going to kick you!” Zayn shouted from across the room.

“I’m not!”

“What! Are you serious?!” Niall’s jaw dropped, “You totally can sing!”

“Guys! No!” I covered my face.

“Yes!” Liam agreed.

“Please?” Harry begged and then pulled the little girl into his arms, “Lux can you asked the pretty lady to sing with us tonight?" 

I melted right there.

"Please sing?” She smiled up at me as she held her hands up to her cheeks.

“Now, how can I say no to someone as cute as you?” I knelt down to her level.

“I’m just hard to resist.” Harry smirked.

“Shut up, not you!” I stuck my tongue out.

“YAY!” She threw her arms around me, “You~ make~ me crazzyy!” She sung my lyrics to me.

“You know my song?” I gasped at her.

“YES! Uncle Harry showed me your music!” She giggled which made me blush.

Harry listened to my music? Really?

“Okay Lux that candy must’ve got to your head! Let’s take you to your mom!” Harry quickly picked her up and took her over to their stylist and I quickly sat back down on the couch.

Just as I was about to say something, 5 Seconds of Summer bursted into the room.

“WHOOOHOO! THE CROWD IS AMAZING TONIGHT GUYS!” Michael was pumped with adrenaline, jumping around the room.

“SO AWESOME! SO AWESOME!” Ashton jumped behind Louis and wrapped his arm around his neck.

“You guys were awesome!” Niall shouted as he hugged Calum.

“Whateverrrr you didn’t even watch!” Calum shoved Niall off of him playfully.

“Was too!” Niall shoved him back.

I noticed that Luke walked in last, his face was glowing and flushed, he seemed very proud of himself.

“Good job tonight man!” Liam went up to him and put his hand on his shoulder.

“Thanks Liam!” Luke nodded, grabbing the water bottle out of his, I assumed, manager’s hand.

Seconds later, Harry was at my side, holding his hand out for me to take. I was confused until he made a motion with his head to ‘come on.’

“Guys! This is Y/N, Zayn’s best friend.” Harry said as he pulled me into the middle of the room, I was a bit nervous but for one reason, Harry was holding my hand. 

Oh my god, what is happening to me?

“Oh hey! I know who you are! Harry showed me your music video the other day! I’m Michael,” Michael said enthusiastically as he shook my hand.

“Pfft! What? No I didn’t!” Harry shoved him.

Was Harry Styles blushing because of me?

“Yeah he totally did. I’m Calum!” He winked then shook my hand.

Harry immediately turned around and walked the other way as he threw his hands in the air.

“I’m Ashton!” He tucked his drum sticks under his arm and shook my hand, “I loved your cover of our song ‘Amnesia.’” He smiled.

“Oh thanks! I love that song so much! I actually love your whole album!” I admitted and grinned.

“That’s awesome! We like your music too,” Luke said as he held out his hand, “I’m Luke, nice to meet you.”

I gracefully shook it but was startled by a really loud voice booming through the room.

“ONE DIRECTION! IT’S 8:15PM! Let’s get ready to go on stage!” The stage manager announced.

Zayn came to my side, “Hey why don’t you go sit in the front? Other people from our crew will be there too!”

“Okay sounds good to me!”

“Lou, after you’re done with Harry’s hair, can you take Y/N with you to the front of the stage? Y/N meet Lou, our stylist!” Zayn pulled me towards the stylist.

“Yeah no problem Zayn! Nice to meet you love,” She smiled at the both of us.

“Nice to meet you too,” I smiled at her then my eye’s were on Harry’s as he fidgeted in her chair.

“Excited for tonight?” I squeaked. What the hell is wrong with me?

“Yeah! It’s going to be great! You’re going to sing with us right?” He raised an eyebrow and slightly turned his face towards me.

I blushed and shook my head.

“Awwww yeah you will.” He flashed me smile before Lou took his chin and turn his face straight ahead.

“Stay still Styles or I’ll cut your hair off!” She winked at me.

- - - - -

They were completely phenomenal! I was having the time of my life watching them perform! I was so proud of Zayn. He wasn’t the shy guy I grew up with anymore; watching him perform, I knew these guys had brought out another side of him which I absolutely loved.

I swore Harry winked and smiled directly at me a few times during the concert, but I didn’t want to over think it. I was completely drawn to him. He made me so nervous, and what made it worse was when I heard him sing his solo in ‘Little Things,’ I definitely knew I was crushing on him, I loved his voice.

The guys had just finished performing ‘What Makes You Beautiful,’ as they all waved and took a water break.

“How’s everyone doing so far?” Zayn said as he back walked towards the stage.

The fan were screaming and hollering, I might’ve a little myself after a song or two… or all of them.

“We actually have a special guest in our audience tonight and she’s actually one of my very best friends, you all know Y/N!” He stood directly in front of me as he held his hand out gesturing towards me.

Their fans started hollering and screaming again.

Harry was walking down the catwalk,”We were wondering if you all could help us get her up here on stage to sing a song with us!” 

“Oh my god!” I shouted as I shook my head at the boys.

“GO ON BACKSTAGE!!!” Lou nudged me.

“Y/N! Y/N! Y/N!” I heard Niall egg the crowd.

The stage manager and two other guys, quickly gave me ear phones, a microphone, and clipped a device to my jeans, all within the span of ten seconds.

“Go ahead! Good luck!” The stage manager smiled at me and held a thumbs up, “You’ll be able to hear all the guys and us walk you through on your ear phones!”

As I stepped out on stage, I heard a ton of fans screaming, holy shit. I lost my breath, I put one ear phone on my right ear, “Don’t be scared!” I heard coming from it.

“HERE SHE IS!” Zayn shouted as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

“Everyone please welcome Y/N!” Liam shouted.

“Careful where you’re walking!” I heard coming from my earphone again.

There were SO many people, this crowd was unbelievable! I felt so nervous, I wanted to faint. 

“Hi everyone! Wow I am shaking! I’m so nervous!” I said into the mic as I walked down towards the front of the stage.

“Don’t be nervous! They won’t bite!” Harry said to me from the catwalk.

“Or will they?!” Louis said as he sat on the catwalk and the crowd cheered again.

“What song should we sing guys?” Niall asked the audience.

The whole stadium started screaming at the same time, shouting thousands of different songs.

“Y/N! What do you want to sing?” Louis asked me.

I thought about it for a second, then went over to the band, “Do you guys know Sugar by Maroon V?” 

They all nodded and smiled and held their thumbs up, the crowd started screaming, again.

The keyboard started, and I felt my nerves running throughout my entire body, What the fuck did these boys get me into? We are just winging this shit. How fucking crazy is this?

I guess they wanted me to start? So I did.

“I’m hurting baby~ I’m broken down, I need your lovin’, lovin’, I need it now.” I pretended I was singing alone in my flat, which made me less nervous.

Then I saw Liam next to me, “When I’m without you, I’m something weak, you got me begging, begging I’m on my knees.” And he actually got down on his knees, I started laughing.

“I don’t wanna be needing your love, I just wanna be deep in your love, and it’s killing me when you’re away.” Louis and Harry joined in from the catwalk, “Ooh baby, cause I really don’t care where you are, I just wanna be there where you are, and I gotta get one little taste.”

Zayn guided me down the cat walk as he sang, “Sugar!”

Harry, “Yes, please!”

“Won’t you come and put it down on me!” Zayn belted, damn he was good.

“I’m right here! Cause I need!” I began.

I harmonized, “Little love and little sympathy!” Zayn and his damn high notes

“Yeah, you show me good lovin’, make it alright, need a little sweetness in my life!” Niall sang as I continued harmonizing.

I don’t know how the hell we were pulling off this song with zero rehearsals and completely on the spot, but it sounded pretty damn awesome!

Zayn again,“Sugar!”

Harry,“Yes, please!”

“Won’t you come and put it down on me!” We all sang.

The music went right to the bridge and the guys all looked at me.

“Yeah, I want that red velvet, I want that sugar sweet.” I walked towards Harry as I sang it.

“Don’t let nobody touch it, unless that’s somebody’s me.” Harry sang back as he looked in my eyes, and I got lost in them, “I gotta be a man, there ain’t no other way.”

Louis made a heart with his arms as he pointed towards me and Harry, as Niall made kissy faces but Harry and I were too lost in each other to notice.

“Cause girl you’re hotter than a southern Californian day!” Liam’s voice pulled us back and we turned towards the audience.

Louis, “I don’ wanna play no games, I don’t gotta be afraid.”

Niall, “Don’t give me all that shy shit! No make-up on! That’s my-" 

The crowd completely lost it and screamed so much.

"Sugar!” Zayn belted.

“Yes, Please!” Harry and I sang together.

Then we all finished the rest of the chorus together closing the song, as Zayn did his little trills and own thing in the background.

“Won’t you come and put it down on me (down on me). I’m right here, cause I need (I need), little love and sympathy (yeah-yeah-yeah-yeahhh), so baby show me good lovin’, make it alright, need a little sweetness in my life, Sugar (Sugar), yes please! Won’t you come and put it down on me!”

The entire stadium erupted with screams, cheering and hollering! It was so exhilarating, I felt so much adrenaline running through me as I blushed and waved out at the crowd, it was completely breath-taking.

All of the guys joined me and gave me hugs, saying how great I did, etc.

“Thank you so much for having me guys! It’s been such an honor to sing with One Direction and to just see this amazing crowd! You guys are all fantastic! Enjoy the rest of the show!” I waved and headed off stage.

- - - - -

After the concert ended, the guys all decided to go to a bar in London to celebrate and they all wanted me to come with.

“To a great week in London!” Liam held up his beer.

“To another great concert!” Louis said and held up his glass.

“To being in Ireland next week!” Niall grinned.

“To friendship!” Harry said.

“To music!” I smiled.

“To being fucking amazing!” Zayn shouted, Zayn and I had already took a couple shots on our way over to the bar so we were kind of already buzzed.

“So I saw that little thing between you two on stage earlier, that was quite adorable, wasn’t it mates?” Louis teased Harry and I as the guys nodded and teased us as well.

“What are you talking about?” I acted innocent.

“Oh you know!” Niall shook his finger at me.

I chewed on my bottom lip.

“Oh sod off!” Harry flicked Louis’ forehead.

An hour later, Zayn and Louis headed back to their shared flat first, they were exhausted. Niall, Liam and Harry stayed with me, we were still having fun.

“You’re pretty awesome! You should come on tour with us for a couple more shows!” Niall slurred.

“Thanks Niall! I wish I could, but I have a lot of work coming up! But I might come for a couple show towards the end of your tour! It just sucks that I don’t get to see Zayn as much as I want,” I sighed.

“Yeah but you guys keep in touch all the time, it seems like he’s either on the phone with you, Perrie or his mum!” Liam grinned.

“Yeah we do! He’s family to me, the brother I never had!" 

"I need to use the loo!” Niall said as he abruptly stood up looking around the bar.

“I need a smoke.” Liam said as he pulled out a pack of cigarettes and headed to the patio.

It was just me and Harry, I don’t know why, but him being around always made me nervous. It was quiet for a few seconds.

“So I-”


We both said at the same time and laughed, “You first,” I insisted.

“I was just wondering when your new single was coming out.” He smiled at me.

“Within the next month, hopefully.” I was fidgeting with my fingers under the tables, hoping he wouldn’t notice how nervous I am.

“What were you going to ask?” He smiled and leaned closer to me and looked into my eyes.

“I- umm-” I forgot, fuck my life, those green eyes are going to be the death of me.

I quickly looked away but Harry grabbed my chin and placed his lips on mine. It took me a second to register what was happening but then I closed my eyes and kissed him back. Holy crap. I felt butterflies in my stomach and every hair on my body raise. The kiss was electrifying.

He ended the kiss sooner than I wanted, “I’ve been wanting to do that all night,” He admitted as he ran his finger through his hair.

“Really?” Did Harry Styles fancy me?

“Would you go to dinner with me tomorrow night?” He flashed me an award-winning smile.

I bit my lip and nodded my head right before Niall joined us again, with a cheeky smile across his face.

“Oy! Zayn’s going to kill you mate!”

But Harry and I just blushed, looking forward to tomorrow night.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Part 2: Need a Little Sweetness in My Life

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Hope you guys liked it! Sorry for any grammatical errors, I wrote this at 1 in the morning!

I just want to apologize, I’ve been mad slacking on request! I’m just super busy since I have a full time job and by the end of the day I am so tired, then when I have time to write, I usually am working on my imagine series, but I’ll try to get better at writing more! I’m still getting use to having this blog! I’ve only started it four months ago and I’ve just been so ecstatic by how much love my imagine series and one shots have been receiving! You guys are all amazing!

I have a few more one-shot requests on my list and I promise I’ll get around to them, right now requests are closed, but I’ll open them again soon!

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Best Friends Part 2: Luke

“I know this is hella late but could you do a part 2 to bestfriends? Where y/n is back on your with the boys and they realize they’re in love with her?”

A/N: To this day, Best Friends is one of my favorite prompts that I’ve written, ever! I’m so glad y’all want a part 2. I hope you all enjoy! Let me know what you think. I didn’t make it where Y/N met them out on tour, but some prompts just worked better with the boys back home.

If you’d like to re-read Best Friends, or never got the chance to in the first place, HERE’s the link! xx


Ever since you had visited all the boys on tour, things had been a bit different. Not in a bad way, really. Luke had been keeping in more contact with you than before, and you figured it was because he missed home and you were a source of familiarity in the mess of new stuff and screaming girls.  

As soon as you were out of university for the summer, you began planning ways to get out to the group. You had been itching to get back out to wherever the boys were. They were your best friends – if you were away from them for too long, you began to feel as if they were slipping away from you.

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