but hes still as awkward as ever

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frank hanging out at gerards place and hes been questioning his sexuality lately and he wants to ask his best friend about it but hes scared but he has to ask so he (very awkwardly) asks 'hey gee. have you ever um. thought about kissing a boy?' and gerard is like 'like who?' and frank is like 'i dont know. just any boy. or like a boy you think is cute' and gerard smiles and hes like 'you think boys are cute?' and frank blushes and gerard says 'yeah i have' and they come out to each other

and its kinda awkward but also a huge relief that they could tell their best friend that they’re probably not straight but they move on from the topic pretty quickly because theyre both still trying to sort their heads out so theyre not ready for an in depth conversation about it and they just play video games all afternoon and when frank gets home that night he feels this odd little lonely ache in his chest and he cant stop thinking about gerard and he finally realizes the huge crush he has

this is from earlier and BOY it’s adorable

I’m sure Adrien interprets some of Marinette’s awkwardness as coldness bc of the gum and he still feels bad about it sometimes I’m sure of it and don’t think about how bad he felt that he made one of his classmates mad at him on the first day of school for him ever and he probably still feels embarassed about it and i m cryi ng

I honestly wasn’t expecting much from this episode except for the makeout scene but it actually exceeded my expectations

  • The Barry/Iris/Joe awkwardness was realistic IMO. Of course Joe loves both and supports their relationship but at the end of the day Iris is still his daughter so it makes sense that it would be weird for him at first
  • i loved their conversation when he was trapped in the mirror. I loved that he was able to pinpoint where the akwardness came from. I love that it was all resolved in the same episode
  • “I have everything I have ever wanted” RIP
  • Also Joe & Cecile, I see y’all



BTS reaction - to being caught cuddling with you on videos

Jin: The unexpectedly flustered one. Even though he’s pretty mature about these things and is probably used to relationships he would be so awkward with you in front of “the fans”. If you were sleeping with him on the couch he would awkwardly get up and try to hide you with his 30 meter wide back XD He would try and giggle like it’s not awkward but we all know he can’t help it…" I’ve been awkward ever since I was born~ *awkward laugh* “

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Namjoon: You know those times where you can see him silently smirking in the background of those dance videos? Imagine that but x100 in pride levels. If you were his girlfriend (or bf if he wants it to be) he would treat you like his princess cause you’re his baby ~ *me blushing while typing this*. He would be a little embarrassed but he would still want people to know you’re his and he’s yours *omg blushing again wtf* so he would leave an arm around you even when he saw the cameras coming closer and keep it natural (this gif tho)

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Yoongi: Yoongi is pretty reserved but idk lately because have you seen him with the love of his life recently?? Like Holly you’re a lucky girl cause you be cuddling with Yoongi 24/7 if he had the time. If he was actually like that in a relationship he would probably slowly get up as he saw the cameras approaching but he wouldn’t really want to “let go of you”. He would keep his body sort of pressing against yours as he deals with the members annoying him about whatever then as soon as they go he would get comfy with you again and drift off into dreamland with you in his arms ~ (am i too cheesy) (who tf cares cause yoongi would be romantic *shrugs*) *crying over jealously for holly XD*

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Hoseok: This sunshine that has may or may not given us hints that he has had certain *ehem* experience in certain *ehem* areas would be pretty open with skinship when he’s in a relationship. Meaning he wouldn’t really pay attention to whether he was on camera or not when he starts full on cuddling with you, and would just continue to cuddle with no clue on what’s being filmed *giggles cause that’s so cute to imagine him cuddlin omg* If you got embarrassed and told him there’s a camera he would say something like “ awww ur so cute when ur embarrassed ~ *ruffles ur hair and kisses ur forehead* *completely ignores the camera once again* ”

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Jimin: *adorable laughing in the background* Jimin would be soooo cute about this cause he would be embarrassed but would also be so flustered at how adorable it was that YOU were embarrassed as well. If you started blushing his heart would physically melt because you would seem so tiny and cute and perfect in his eyes ~. He would gently pull your head into the crook of his neck and say something like “ heyy stop teasing her ~ you’re making her embarrassed *low key proud of being protective Oppa for u*”

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Taehyung: He is a skinship monster so it would be normal for you two to be cuddling while doing anything tbh. If he noticed the camera and got woken up, he would still pretend that he’s asleep because this is his cuddle time with you…nobody can take that away from him

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Jungkook: AHHH so many cute feels coming my way from this boi. He would be the most flustered and the most embarrassed out of everyone (not a surprise). Even though he’s literal international playboy on stage he’s a cute kookie bunny off stage so he would still be so adorably confused and overwhelmed with what he should do with all these feels coming his way. Feels from cuddling…Feels from the embarrassment of getting caught… Once he saw the camera and saw member coming towards him he would frantically sit up from where he was sleeping and say something like…
“ a..ahh s-she fell asleep…on me…”
Jungkook’s mind:  WTF WHY DID u just say that ?? They’re gonna think something b-bad l..like *blush* NO!! GET yourself together Kook remember ur international playboy *smirks*
“ She’s cute rIGht?”
Jungkook’s mind: kill me already cause I’m drowning in my own pit of imaginary feeling-tears *sobs*  
He would just end up burring his face and u inside the blankets from the couch cause he couldn’t stand the burn on his face

there is literally no doubt in my mind that Damian Wayne takes friendship bracelets REALLY VERY SERIOUSLY

Colin would have made him one because they were making them at the orphanage one afternoon, and, you know, Damian is totally his friend, and once he explained the tradition Damian was probably really flattered and awkward and never wants to take it off and no one is ever allowed to speak badly about it, like, EXCUSE ME, BUT COLIN MADE THAT FOR ME AND HE TIED IT ON MY WRIST, AND IT IS PERFECT

and Damian probably carefully spends a couple nights learning how to make them, and he would do it in Robin colours (a little on the nose, but still clearly very appropriate) and then presents it to Colin and is like GOOD, NOW WE NEVER HAVE TO TAKE THEM OFF AND IT IS TANGIBLE PROOF OF FRIENDSHIP SO NOW IT IS PERMANENT

and it’s very possible that Dick makes one for Damian too (“Just because we’re brothers, doesn’t mean we aren’t ALSO friends, okay?”) and Damian would very grudgingly wear it and eventually make one for Dick too, but he would make a point to not make it quite as neatly as Colin’s, but Dick would just adore it anyway

then it would just be a THING in the house, though, like Jason makes a few REALLY POINTED comments about how HE doesn’t have one, and like, how many times u gotta save a guy’s life before you’re close enough to get a bracelet, huh?? so Damian would DELIBERATELY MAKE HIM A HIDEOUS ONE with horrible clashing colours and bits of loose thread but Jason proudly wears it everywhere every day and IS JUST INSUFFERABLY SMUG

The best moment of “Weirdmageddon”:

“If I’ve learned one thing this summer it’s that you can’t force someone to love you.

All you can do is strive to be someone worth loving.”

That’s my boy, Dipper! This 12 year old kid manages to take the crappiest relationship he’s ever had, a painful, awkward, unfulfilling crush that he still isn’t over, and use it to grow as a person. Dipper’s really grown up this summer.

And look at Gideon here:

This little fuck is the polar opposite of Dipper - not in terms of good and evil, but because he hasn’t learned anything. He’s refused to listen to Mabel. But Dipper, his archenemy, finally snaps him out of it.

For the first time, Gideon shows a sliver of actual character. He’s a scared kid who wants his “girlfriend” to love him. And for the first time, he realizes he has to earn that love - and he steps up to do it. His first genuinely selfless act for Mabel. Because as awful as he is, he really does love her.

“Dipper… will you tell her what I did?”

That’s the beauty of this show: no matter how evil someone acts, there’s a person who wants to be good underneath.

So I was on a school trip to Orlando, and we were in the airport about to board the plane home. I got back to where everyone was sat after getting some food and my friend shows me her phone with a picture of her and Phil on and she said ‘guess who I just met’ I nearly died when she said he had gone to get on his plane, but I dragged this boy on my trip with me to see if he was still there, and HE WAS!! So I went up to him and he didn’t notice me so me being an awkward being I poked his foot whilst smiling at him and he looked and went 'oh hey’ so anyway we chatted about playlist live and how cool he is and he is actually the nicest person I have ever met like seriously. Then I asked him for a selfie together, and I was like 'can you do a trout pout’ and in his best American accent he said 'of course, but first let me do a fringe check’ so using my front camera he rearranged his already perfect fringe and we took a selfie together. I will never forget that holiday as it’s the time I met amazing Phil, and he is truly amazing!!!1!!!1

the reasons i believe kaisoo is real is how they keep doing their thing (touching, being close w/ each other, etc) and rub it on our face. usually, if you are being paired/shipped with someone you don’t like, you’ll be uncomfortable, even a male (ex-)idol from older generation time had said that he didnt like the idea being shipped with other member when his group was still active (he even “ugh”-ing when he mentioned this. and honestly it was more like crack-ship tbh, the fans just shipped them both out of nowhere i think, not hardcore), but not kaisoo, they seem just fine and chill with each other. no awkward “me no likey you, no homo bro” feelings ever linger on them, not a bit.

it’s obvious that they know about all these kaisoo ordeals going on internet; they’re often seeing playing w/ their gadgets (smartphones/ tablets) especially in airport, they had seen some kaisoo banners in concerts (like in mexico) and fanmeets (in china). 

but they often doing this “gay things” when fanservice isnt required, like all the members just chilin and answering the damn questions but they are busy flirting, eyefucking and releasing sexual tension. and when they’re on stage they do things like glancing then biting lips (soo), turning head like an owl to see his other half on the other side of stage (jongin), make sure the other is close (ksoo koala-ing jongin and jongin following soo like a puppy), or those ‘lemme appreciate how pretty your lips are’ moments . those shit aint fanservice because it’s so goddamn subtle to be one, u need at least to be a casual shipper to notice those shit. doing fake kiss or hugging them out of nowhere, that’s fanservice. 

and dont tell me SM trying to sell kaisoo gheiness for money, cuz i aint buying it, first: commonly the company would “sell” their idols w/ “ideal boyfriend/girlfriend material” image. why? it sells more, many horny teenagers prefer oppa is my boyfriend > oppa is another oppa’s boyfriend, second SM doesnt even promote kaisoo in the first place, SM original ship is baeksoo (or the rumor said) and SM pushes taekai more to public, if SM does ship kaisoo, then why the fuck kaisoo wasn’t paired in ‘playboy’ dance? SM is a big company and i guarantee you they know about spazzing and glorifying kaisoo ritual on internet, it should be a gold mine to be exploited (hell kaisoo shippers are so thirsty even the whole pacific ocean couldnt sate them, lots of cash surely would be thrown just for buying kaisoo merch, i guarantee you, even kaisoo shippers had managed to buy a star so they could name it kaisoo good fucking god how rich this fandom is), but SM doesnt do it (they just sometimes pair these two, but it’s so rare, rare as raichu card), as if something would happen if they did, something that would got out of hands.

also ksoo had (or still has?) gay rumors and ofc he blatantly denied them so hard, it makes him become even more suspicious. like, just chill dude, the radio host just asked what kind of men that considered good (i think thats the question, i dont really remember) and he answered “i don’t know i’m not into men” like whatthefuck, even suho answered the question “a man that do this and that is considered a good man”. no need to go panic mode immediately.   so why ksoo doesnt stay the fuck out from jongin cuz them being together screams gay so hard. those rumors should’ve alerted him, buutttt noooo, they keep being joined at the hip. (and he continues to koala-ing at jonginnie)

also, again, there’s this video/gifset about chanyeol said jongin didnt like ksoo, bc ksoo didnt want to look at him when they talked. ksoo claimed his astigmatism caused this. mother-fucking-puh-lease. until this day ksoo still has astigmatism and u know what he does? he stares the fuck out of people/object (mostly MC and monitor screen), but why not with jongin then? if his astigmatism caused him not to look at people then why only jongin? why other members dont complain about this? honestly? plus isnt astigmatism causes your vision to be blurred? fucking blurred. he was supposed to not being able to see jongin clearly bc astig-fucking-matism causing his vision to be blurred. why he chose not to look at jongin instead? hmm? there’s this video saying he had a crush on a friend (mind you, he didnt mention it was a girl, the host did) when he was on his 3rd year of highschool. exo debuted 2012, ksoo joined SM 2010 (he was on his 2nd year of highschool, according to wikipedia, i know wikipedia full of fuckery sometimes but i think this is correct), so it means when he was on 3rd year, it was already 2011 and exo is already formed by that time, meaning the members already being introduced to each other. i bet they were busy preparing their debut and shit, meaning they met a LOT. sure lots of ppl said “woa who’s the lucky girl?” and many would rebut me and my petty delulu argument by saying “ksoo mentioned the “friend” he crushed on was from different class, the crush was from the same school !” or “theres this photo of him with the girl”, mm-hmm, but let me remind you the host mentioned the class thingy first (she asked “is the friend from the same class?” ksoo said “no, from different class”–he could imply something else, maybe class as it means school–different school that certain someone went to) and for the photo, well the photos of him with certain someone (alone, just both of them) appear to be more intimate than he with the girl (and other students). just connect the dots, darling.

i’m sorry i know as you read this you prob think that this girl is so delulu even the lord and savior cant save her anymore, this thing was supposed to be short but god forbade me and told me to preach the truth (well, not really), 

jokes aside, this is just my kaisoo theory, bc what kaisoo shippers do when there’s no new post on kaisoo tag? they either do fanfic (write/read), fanarts or sputtering nonsense on their blog like kaisoo trash they are /sobs and wailing how do i get off from this ship? HOW?? should i just jump in the ocean of feels?/

btw sorry for grammar mistakes and etc hope my post does make sense, i’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and it bugged me to keep it inside the jar, so i decided to spill the drink here 

i’m sorry again /bow 90°/

and dont attack me /hides under blanket/

Oh Professor... (NygmaxReader)

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KINK Request:
Ed giving a lecture on Forensics at Gotham university when he still worked at GCPD. A student keeps flirting with him but he’s so awkward and shy and she makes him cum by just softly grazing his arm or hand because he’s already thinking dirty thoughts about her. Maybe it can go on by her dropping a pen and bends over and he catches a glimpse of her cleavage or undies in her skirt and darkED takes over and gives her everything she ever wanted in a ProfessorKink.


Accidental stimulation 14 Almost getting caught , 18 Dirty talk , 25 Public/semi public sex , 27 Pain/sensation play , 32 I love you , 41 Breath play , 58 Quickies , 78 Biting (marking, nipping, chewing) , 79 Blood (fetishization of wounds; blood-play;) , 81 Bruises and other wounds , 93 Knives and knife-play , 98 Sex with clothes still on or partly on with Edward/Dark!Ed at the GCPD 

Warnings: Read the prompts. That should give a good idea… 

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this was written because my friend @k1ngdragon is very gay and he wouldn’t leave me alone and kept talking about the most domestic piece of shit ever

Title: Be My Oxygen

“Come back to bed, Stiles,” he hears from behind him, Derek’s voice still rough with sleep. It sounds tempting, way too tempting, but Stiles squares his shoulders and pulls on his pants.

“No,” he says, refusing to turn around. “We had plans Derek! Romantic camping plans! With campfires! And probably awkward sex in a tent!”

“We can do it later just- come back to bed.”

Stiles glances back for a second, just a second and shit. Derek’s lying on his back, the sunlight shining through the curtains making him look soft, looking up at Stiles through his eyelashes. Derek absently scratches a hand on his stomach, a thing he always does in the morning and Stiles can already feel himself giving in, because Derek looks so content and happy and he’s lying in bed, naked and Stiles loves him.

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i like dave learning to assert himself and call out dirk if he ever does anything manipulative or gets caught up in himself, but also making peace with him and separating him from bro. and dirk respecting dave and them learning from each other and just becoming better more mature people with each others help.

but i also like the idea of, once the weird novelty of being near each other wears off, them having a proper, silly, sibling relationship. bcaus they are still kids. and dirk is still nerdy and awkward, and dave is still goofy and attention seeking.  id like to see how they settle once theyre comfortable in each others company. i wonder if dave would act like the same annoying needy brother he does with rose, and how dirk would cope with that. who would tease who more. whether dirk would try and herd dave to be more sensible. or whether dave would go over to dirk when hes trying to read or program or something and just go and lie on his desk and whine, rip dirk’s concentration

I always get a little bit sad for Danny if I think about Danny Phantom too hard. I was 7 years old when the show first aired (and it was my jam) and I watched every new episode the moment it was on TV.

The thing about being 7 is that anybody who was above the third grade seemed like a “big kid”. 14 years old and a high school freshman! Wow! Teenagers get all the luck. Ghost powers would be so cool! At least that’s what I thought when 14 years old was quite literally a lifetime away.

Now, though I’m still practically a fetus, I’m older than Danny ever got to be and having experienced freshman year of high school (and trying to ignore the fact that freshman year was the ending portion of my awkward preteen phase) I know it sucks. It’s a lot of new stuff to deal with. 

He’s tiny, he’s bullied, and suddenly he’s dead. He refuses a lot of help because he doesn’t want his friends and family getting hurt. He blames himself for a lot of the negativity his friends and family go through, especially anything directly relating to ghosts, and is highly afraid of letting anyone down.

When I was 7 Danny seemed so strong and reliable and I wasn’t able to see the depth of what Danny’s character meant. But now that I’m able to analyze the show, all I see is a scared child who just wants to do well with life, or the afterlife, has handed him.

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how would bts be during "the morning after." (assuming you guys have been in a relationship for a while but the previous night's events were unexpected nonetheless)

Thank you for the request~

After he woke up and saw you still sound asleep next to him, Jungkook’s ears would heat up and he would immediately start blushing to himself. He’d scratch his head, slowly remembering the previous night’s events and find himself wondering how it even came to be a thing that happened to begin with. When he notices your eyes open tiredly, he’d give a shy smile (feeling a tiny bit awkward), brush your hair away from your face with his fingers and lean down to kiss you on the forehead, whispering, “Good morning, sleepy head.”

V would be the actual cutest piece of shit thing ever the morning after your first time; he’d cuddle up to you beneath the blankets and nuzzle against your chest until you both decided it was time to get up. He’s ask you tons of questions like, “how are you feeling, jagiya?” and “did you have fun last night?” with the biggest grin on his face. He’d giggle and kiss your cheek sweetly, not allowing the moment to be awkward whats so ever.

Jimin would be huge grease-ball like usual, and keep making sexy comments once you were both awake enough to recall what had happened the night prior. He’d tell you, “that was really unexpected, but you were amazing“ and spend a lot of the morning lazing around together, reminiscing on your relationship and openly admitting that you both had been ”waiting on that moment to come.”

Once Rap Monster woke up and realized you were still next to him, arm draped across his chest with a sleepy smile on your lips, he would smirk to himself and take a moment to simply bask in your beauty and admire how gorgeous you looked, even the morning after. He’d admittedly feel a tad odd at first, just for the fact that he hadn’t expected your visit to turn into what it did, but he wouldn’t complain in the least. Whenever you woke up, he would snort quietly and wrap his arms around you, mumbling a quiet “I enjoyed last night a lot“ against your hair. 

J-Hope, since he’s typically a giant ball of sunshine anyway, would be his normal, chipper self in the morning. His lively vibe would make you smile, wrap your arms around him and pull him down into a really sweet, post-sexytimes kiss. He’d lay there and cuddle with with you for as long as you wanted and would keep telling you how much he loved you and that ”you are so, so gorgeous.“ Hoseok would definitely make the morning after all about giving you attention and making you feel good.

Being the not-to-open-about-his-feelings kind of guy, Suga would truthfully not know how to act the morning after. He’d think you sleeping next to him in only your underwear was adorable and he would stare at you for a while, just thinking about what happened last night, but as soon as you woke up, he would blush like crazy and try to avoid talking about it. If you mentioned it first, however, he would awkwardly chuckle and smile at you, whispering ”yeah, it was really nice, jagiya.“ He would make sure you knew he wasn’t being rude or anything, though, and you would understand and just giggle at how cute he was. 

Jin would wake up an hour or so before you, getting out of bed slowly, making sure he wouldn’t wake you up from your well-deserved sleep. He’d walk to the kitchen, raking a hand through his hair while mentally questioning himself how he became so lucky. After making a nice breakfast for you to enjoy together, he’d turn around and see you tiredly standing in the door frame rubbing the sleep out of your eyes. He’d smile at you, walk over to wrap his arms around your waist and give you a quick peck on the lips. ”I hope you slept well~

~Admin Kida~

i truly believe that if lucas truly wanted maya and/or wanted her the whole time, he would’ve taken his chance when riley backed off, pretended she didn’t want him, and started dating someone else. instead we got painfully awkward dates without chemistry between lucas and maya, lucas pining after riley, and getting jealous at the thought of her with someone else. i just really don’t understand why anyone thinks lucas would’ve picked maya if maya hadn’t told him not to; he’d already basically been choosing riley, anyway, by the way he practically ignored maya on every date they ever had, including the new years party in which lucas could only focus on riley, and by backing out of their “dating” ordeal as soon as he knew that riley still loved him. like he wasn’t about to give up on her, even though she flat out told him he was “only her brother”. that’s a big deal, and i don’t think anyone really realizes how much lucas kept choosing riley over maya, even without trying to. if he wanted maya, truly wanted her over riley, he wouldn’t have cared that riley started dating someone else, and he wouldn’t have cared when farkle announced that riley still loved him. maybe he does have feelings for maya, i won’t argue about that, but his feelings for riley have always, obviously, been so much stronger.


AU|Tylena: He’d heard that she’d be here. Just as she was every Sunday. Anyone that was up was either at church or snuggled up in bed. But no, not her. She was here, writing in that diary of hers, that she seemed to carry almost everywhere. He could only imagine what she’d written about him. Especially after last week. They’d kissed. And it had been awkward ever since. It was coincidentally why he was here, stalking her. He needed to straighten this up. It was a small town, they couldn't continue ducking each other forever.

EXO Sehun: When you avoid him so there isn’t a scandal


Scenario where you don’t want to get closer to Sehun as to avoid a scandal from happening.

“Are you sure it’s alright for me to visit you guys?” You ask over the phone, feeling extremely nervous.

Oh Sehun had been your close friend ever since you guys had both attended Seoul Arts High School together. You still remembered the awkward lanky boy who had mistaken you for someone else the first time you met. He had apologized and appeared so flustered that you immediately took a liking towards him. Despite being a trainee for SM, he often hung out alone or with you during break time—preferring to isolate himself from large groups of people. You were completely fine with that, since you enjoyed being around him. It wasn’t like you were so popular yourself, as you found it extremely hard to get along with other people.

It was only up until the last couple of months when you realized that you may have started harbouring feelings for him that exceeded the friendship zone. What better time to start feeling this way when he had just debuted with his new group ‘EXO’. It was clear that he wasn’t allowed to date anyone as it would tarnish his new reputation, and you were sure he didn’t like you in that way either. So you had been trying your best to keep a respectable level between you two, for both of your sakes. Lately, whenever Sehun called you out for drinks, you would insist that you had somewhere to go. When he wanted to come over to your place, you insisted that you had to go out somewhere. You could tell that he was starting to catch onto your lies, but you knew this was for the best, since you didn’t want him to get caught in any scandals. He worked way too hard for this debut to go badly.

But now he was insisting that you visit him in his dorms that he shared with his other group members. You weren’t sure how many times you could reject his offer, before he would stop calling you altogether. Of course you didn’t want that, but it wasn’t about what you wanted. It was what was best for HIS career.

“It’s late at night, don’t worry no one will be able to see you!” Sehun’s voice blared from the other side. You could hear people yelling in the background.

“You already know that I’m busy…” You trailed off, gripping onto the phone and shutting your eyes. You actually had nothing planned for the night. Except, maybe watching re-runs of your favourite show and stalking celebs on the internet.

“Bullshit.” Even through the phone, you could already picture Sehun’s brows furrowing with annoyance. “We never hang out anymore, we’re practically strangers now!”

You shook your head, then realized he couldn’t see it. “That’s not true, we text each other everyday!”

Somehow, despite his busy schedule, you guys were able to maintain daily conversations over text. Even minutes before he had to appear on-stage, he would send you a quick picture with an excited grin and your heart soared. Which was all the more reason not to get involved, he was living out his dream and you weren’t going to stand in front of it.
You could hear someone yell out “Yah!” in the background, followed by muffled laughing.

For a couple of seconds, you could only hear noise from the back, and Sehun’s breathing.
“Well, it’s not enough.” Those were the last words you heard before the line went dead.

You stood there, still with your phone pressed against your ear. He never hung up on you before. It took you a couple of seconds to end the call before slumping down on the couch.

You felt terrible, and for a split second you contemplated about calling him back.

No. This was for the better. The more you distanced yourself away from him, the sooner he would get the clue that you were doing this for HIS benefit. He was smart enough to know the dangers of what the media would say if he ever got caught hanging out with you. Plus, it wasn’t just about his job you were worried about, it was your own as well. You had recently been hired as a music producer for an upcoming entertainment company, and you knew they would drop you right away if they found out you were involved with him. You weren’t about to risk a career that you had painstakingly earned after all your patience and endurance.

Placing the phone down, you decided that you were going to head out to clear your head. It suddenly felt stuffy in your apartment, and you weren’t sure if it was from the weather or from the recent phone conversation you had.

Throwing on a light sweater, you slipped on your running shoes before letting yourself out. You lived on the 10th floor of a recently renovated apartment and you considered yourself lucky since it was located right in a nearly desolated neighbourhood. You never understood how Sehun could live in the middle of Seoul. It was full of people, lights and sounds that you just couldn’t appreciate as much as he did. You lived just on the outskirts of Seoul, in a much quieter area that was still easy enough for you to get to work on time.

Once you pushed through the front entrance, you could already feel your whole body get lighter. The cool night breeze drifted through your hair and you felt yourself smile softly. Moments like these were your favourite. When it was quiet, and it seemed like you had all the time in the world to forget about your worries.

Unfortunately, these moments were also short-lived.

“______!” You froze. You could recognize that voice in your sleep.

No no no. He was not supposed to be here. So you did the most rational thing that you could think of.

Pretend you didn’t hear him and speed walk as fast as you possibly can.

“_____! Wait up!” Sehun shouted out after you, his footsteps ringing on the pavement. You could hear him approaching, but you forced yourself to look ahead. When would he get that clue that he’s NOT wanted around here?  

Before you could slip further away from his reach, he ran in front of you and used his entire slender body to block your pathway. You couldn’t help but falter in your steps as you realized how good he looked in a plain long sleeved shirt and denim jeans. Not to mention his hair looked extremely soft when it was left un-styled. Hold up, this wasn’t supposed to happen.

“Move.” You said curtly, and tried to step side him. Unfortunately, he was  faster and had already blocked your path. Cursing under your breath, you tried to move around him once again,  but he took the initiative to grip both of your arms.

“Can you please stop acting like I’m a rapist in the middle of the night trying to kidnap you?!” Sehun hissed, you could feel his arms tightening around your sweater.

You looked directly at him and gave him the coldest look you could muster with the streetlights reflecting off of your face. “Then stop following me like you are one!”

Even in the dark, you could see the hurt registering on his face and he slowly dropped his grip on you. “I just wanted to see you..” His words trailed off as his hands stuffed into the pocket of his jeans.

“Well unfortunately for you, I didn’t.” The words stuck in your throat and you felt horrible after saying them. Right after you said it, you almost immediately wanted to take them back. But the damage had already been done. Sehun stood there stunned and speechless, unsure of what to say. He only looked at you, with the same eyes that you had fell in love with. The eyes that probably now saw you with distaste.

You were sure that if you looked at him any longer you would burst out in tears. With your lower lip trembling, you said, “Sorry. . you should probably leave now.”

Sehun didn’t say anything to you, he just kept on staring. The silence was killing you. It probably would’ve hurt less if he just lashed out at you or slapped you.

You definitely didn’t want to be around when he denounced you as a friend so you ran. Ran as fast as your legs could take you. Maybe it was because you were crying or maybe it was the loud hammering of your heartbeat that caused you not to realize that there were footsteps chasing after you.

Why were you crying? You wanted him to hate you, wasn’t that the point of avoiding him for so many months? Shouldn’t you be happy now? Instead you felt worse than you could ever remember being.

Your sobs were quiet as you ran into the nearest park, before you collapsed entirely onto the grass. You were so tired. Tired of avoiding him. Tired of acting like you hated him when in fact it was the opposite. Tired of pretending that you didn’t miss him.

Your crying got so loud that you had to muffle it with the sleeve of your sweater. It felt like you were never going to stop crying, all of the bottled up emotions were finally letting themselves out now. You were so caught up in crying that you didn’t notice the denim jean boy who crept up behind you.

Sehun didn’t hesitate to drop down beside you and envelope you in his sturdy arms. His hands tried to comfort you, but you pushed him away once you realized what he was doing. “Stop! You’re making this harder than it should be.”

“What are you talking about? I’m your friend and I’m not going to let you cry here like this.” You couldn’t see him clearly through your blurred vision but you could tell he was serious.

“Well maybe I don’t want to be your friend!” You spat out with as much menace as you could in between your crying.

“Well maybe I don’t want to be your friend either.”

Ouch. That stung more than it should’ve.

“Good.” You said, barely above a whisper. You turned away, ready to bolt again. You weren’t sure how much more of this you could endure. All you wanted to do was just go back home and cry.

“I want to be more than just friends.”

Your tears seemed to stop as your brain tried to wrap around what he had just said. You probably heard wrong.

“Just go home..” You murmured, sniffling.

You heard the grass rustling behind you. “I love you ____, and I’m not going to stop saying it until you explain why you have been avoiding me.”

You covered your ears with your hands and shook your head. How many times had you pictured him saying that to you? In your head you wanted him to love you, but not like this. Not right now.

“I love you ____!” He shouted behind you, as you began to walk away.

“I. LOVE. YOU!” His words got bolder and louder. But you didn’t dare to turn around. If you turned around now, all of the work you put into avoiding him would be virtually pointless.

“If you don’t turn around I’ll go around yelling it at the top of my lungs!”

You completely lost it, wiping your tears you turned on your heel and walked over to him. You pressed your pointer finger against his chest, causing him to step back in shock.

“Stop acting like an ignorant high school boy that doesn’t care about anything else. Do you even know what would happen if we get caught out together? You could lose your position in that group of yours that you had been training so hard for!”  Your chest was heaving, but the adrenaline kept you from crying and you willed yourself to keep on going. “We both know that you can’t jeopardize your career for some stupid relationship that probably means nothing anyways.”

Sehun surprised you by grabbing your hand and tilting your chin up to look directly at him. His lips were set in a tight line and his brows were knit together in frustration.

“Do you not think I don’t know this already? That my debut will end as fast as it came if we’re just caught walking together in broad daylight?”
You had never seen him so worked up before in your entire life. His hands were  shaking on top of your own. “Sometimes I wonder if I even went to be in this kind of career, a career that holds me back from doing what I really want.”

You turned your head, refusing to look at him. “Do you even hear yourself? You sound ridiculous. We’re not in some korean drama.” You mumbled, angry at how unprofessional he was being.

“Do you think you’re doing this for my benefit, distancing yourself away from me?”

“Yes, I know what I’m doing.” You could feel your throat start to choke up again, tears threatening to spill out.

“Kiss me.”

“What?” You whipped your head back around so fast and wished you hadn’t. You didn’t realize how close Sehun’s face was. You could see every little detail on his pale face.

“Kiss me and prove to me that the torment you put me through was worth it.” His voice sounded strained and hollow. “Kiss me so I know it’s worth throwing everything away for you.”

“Stop it, you’re acting irrational right now.” You whispered, taken aback by his words.

“I know what I’m doing.” Sooner had he said that, you could feel his arm snake around your waist and draw you in closer. You were too surprised to move, and quite honestly, you didn’t want to.

“No you don’t, tomorrow you’re going to regret this.” You didn’t even realize that your hands were tracing the soft fabric of his shirt, and that he was watching your every move.

“If I don’t do this, then I’ll definitely regret it tomorrow.”

“What do you–”, Your words were cut off as you watched Sehun lean in, his eyes drifting towards your mouth. It wasn’t long before you felt his lips upon yours, pulling you until there was no more space in-between you guys. Of course there were relentless times where you had imagined this happening, but it was nothing compared to what you were experiencing now. Your hands were trapped against his chest as he suddenly started pushing you backwards without breaking the kiss. It wasn’t long before you felt your back pressed against a cool wall and your limbs were tangled among his.
His hands were moving everywhere, as if he couldn’t get enough of you. This whole experience was intoxicating, you had never felt so good before.

When you finally broke apart, Sehun was breathing heavily, his mouth agape and his chest moving. His hair was slightly tousled as a result of you tugging on it earlier. You suddenly felt embarrassed about what had just happened and prayed that he couldn’t see you blushing in the dark. “This wasn’t supposed to happen..”

“I don’t care what happens, your just as important to me as my career. If they fire me, I’ll just work as a delivery guy.”

“Oh Sehun!” You shoved him off of you. “You aren’t going to waste all those years of training just to become a delivery guy.”

Sehun stepped back up to you again and gingerly started playing with your hair. “Fine then, tell me what you want me to do.”

“I want you to work hard and forget about me.”

“No can do, my heart is already set on you.” With that said, Sehun kissed you again, and for the strangest reason, you felt like everything was as it should be.


This was my first time writing a scenario so let me know if you liked it, ahah. It’s kind of long, but I have a feeling that all my future scenarios will be long >-<

As always, my request box is open so feel free to ask for any scenario you want! (No smut :))) 

So we know Bahorel is canonically a huge nerd who dresses flamboyantly and doesn’t care what people think about his unusual opinions.  So can we talk about modern AU Bahorel being obsessed with musicals?

Bahorel secretly being a little disappointed when his voice changes at 13 because yeah Phantom and Javert and whatever … but he’ll never play Elphaba.  Or Maureen.  Or Winnifred.  Not that those roles were ever a possibility.  But still.

Bahorel, ten years after the fact, still recalling every word of “If I Were a Rich Man” from when he played Tevye in his high school’s production of Fiddler–and breaking out into the song, awkward dancing and everything, in the middle of public places.

Bahorel not having the greatest voice on the planet but still singing everywhere–in the shower, in the car, while he cooks dinner, while he folds laundry–with such passion and enthusiasm and pure enjoyment that it makes people smile to listen to him even when he really can’t quite make that high note.

Bahorel working in the costume shop at the local community theater when he doesn’t get cast because he just really loves being a part of it even if he can’t be onstage, and happily spending his Friday evenings sewing lace onto bodices and sorting buttons in hopes of finding six that are close enough to matching.  (Once the director finds out what a great Townsperson/Bored Salesman/Drunk Friend/4th Ghost he makes, with the way he does everything he’s asked with the enthusiasm and commitment you’d give a main role, even if his voice is just mediocre, he usually gets cast in the ensembles.)

Bahorel not giving a crap about the people who look at him funny when he breaks out into song in the middle of the street or practices a dance step at the gym or shouts “and I’m Javert!” at any opportunity–because this stuff is what he loves.  If it makes him happy, he doesn’t have to apologize to anyone for it.

Jungkook as a best friend

- no matter how long you’ve been friends he’s still awkward

- he’s that guy in class that every girl loves and you're always lightweight jealous

- “do you always have to flirt back..”

- like he’s awkward as hell but he still makes them melt

- he’s totally in love with you

- him always being a little insecure about his singing and your always there to slap him because he’s perfect

- the most low key overprotective best friend ever

- no guy should ever make eye contact with you because kookie will mentally  jump them

- him being the most adorable thing ever but denying it

- he’s always teasing you about your height 

- “hey y/n can you get the chips please”

- “kookie why are they on the tallest shelve” 

- being there for him with all his heart breaks and he’s there for you

- he is the most comforting person ever

- if need you him he is there hugging you and telling you it will be okay

- jealous jimin because kookie is always with you

- him complaining about jealous jimin

- “he tried to lure me in with video games and jokbal again” 

- he is literally your parents son like they love him more than you and he knows it

- he is over your house every day he practically lives there

- he’s basically the most awkward annoying loving thing out there but you don’t mind because he’s your best friend

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Innocent - Aaron Carpenter

sorry to all my Aaron girls for this being late & for this being kinda short, and also I apologize (in advance) if this hurts your poor heart c; 
Aaron acts shy about sex, but he isn’t as innocent as everyone assumes..


“What?!” Jacob stared at Aaron and I in disbelief, and I couldn’t deny the awkward tension building up in the room. “How long have you two been dating?”

Aaron shrugged, glancing back at me. “A little over a year..”

“And you still haven’t fucked her?” Matt piped in, shock written all over his face. “You’re kidding, right?”

Aaron shook his head and glanced back at me nervously. “Can we not talk about this right now?”

“Have you ever even fucked a girl before, Aaron? You’re so damn innocent, I doubt you even know what to do!”

Aaron’s jaw clenched and his bit his lip, eyes glaring at Matt and Jacob. “I’m not innocent,” he mumbled, his jaw clenched tightly.

“Have you and y/n even kissed, bro? She’s the dominant one in the relationship! Does she lead the way when you two hold hands?”

I could tell where things were headed if the guys kept teasing Aaron about his innocence, so I quickly stepped in for them. “If you must know, Aaron isn’t the sweet heart you think he is. He’s such a rough kisser and he’s the one that leads when we hold hands. So fuck off.”

Matt and Jacob stared back and forth amongst themselves and both immediately fell into a fit of laughter. I raised an eyebrow and watched them in confusion.

“So y/n sticks up for you too? Damn, Carpenter! Step up your game!”

The scowl on Aaron’s face grew more stern and he suddenly jumped up to his feet. He grabbed my hand and practically pulled me out of the room, and I could tell he was being cocky about it from what I’d said earlier.

He pushed me gently into our shared hotel room and backed me into the door, his eyes still full of anger. “What the fuck was that, y/n?!”

I stared at him in disbelief. “Are you seriously pissed at me? I stood up for you, Aaron!”

“Dammit, I didn’t need you to stand up for me!”

“Well why weren’t you defending yourself? They aren’t right!” Aaron was quiet and I bit my lip and glanced away from him. “Unless they are right…”

Aaron looked away and shyly and I let out a small gasp. “You’re shitting me,” I replied, “You’re so experienced, Aaron! Why didn’t you tell me you were innocent when it came to sex?”

“I’m not fucking innocent,” Aaron breathed, slamming his lips onto mine roughly. I was taken aback at first, feeling him so dominant. I knew he was taking his anger out on me, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to play along with his little scheme.

I kissed him back, gently at first, but quickly put back the same force Aaron was using. He pulled away from me for a moment to stare into my eyes seriously. I watched his eyes fill with lust and I bit my lip and looked at him, ready for our first time together.

We’d planned this moment for a few months now, knowing that both of us already had our first times but we promised our first time together would be just as intimate. By the look on Aaron’s face, he was going to share very small intimacy and get on with it. Although I wasn’t sure if he was just angry and would be taking his anger out on me, or if he was just going to be as shy and innocent as Matt and Jacob assumed.

 "Are you ready for tonight, baby?“ Aaron asked, smirking wickedly down at me.

I stared up at him in shock and slight disbelief at what he had planned. He continued his angered and lustful gaze down my body, his lips still curved into a smirk. "Undress for me, y/n.”

I quickly tore my shorts and my tank top from my body, discarding them to the ground. I unclasped my bra and tossed it to the ground by his feet purposely. He stared at my body as I slowly, teasingly, pulled down my panties and kicked them over at him, smirking softly. 

Aaron’s eyes ignited with passion and he quickly tore his shirt from his body, his hands fumbling with the buttons of his shorts rapidly. I held back my giggle and continued to beam up at his figure. His shoulders were broad and his gaze was fixed on me, eyes full of slight fury and complete lust.

His fingertips ghosted my bare hips and he trailed them to the inside of my thighs. His eyes focused on mine and I blushed as his shy figure made an appearance. I grinned up at him and pressed my lips to his, reassuring him.

I watched Aaron’s lips curve into a smile, and almost immediately, he slammed into me roughly. I let out a scream of shock and slight pleasure; I hadn’t expected him to be so dominant. He didn’t allow me to adjust to his figure, and it felt as if he was ripping me apart.

He smirked down at me and chuckled, his thumb rubbing quick circles into my clit as he worked on me. “What’s wrong, y/n?” He asked rhetorically, “Are you surprised?”

He pounded into me swiftly, gradually picking up his pace as I neared my orgasm. I squeezed my eyes shut and fluttered them open to watch Aaron’s face. He kept his cocky smirk and continued his assualt

“Aaron,” I moaned, throwing my head back onto the pillows. He beamed down at me with a delighted look, and I could tell he was enjoying himself. I hated giving him the satisfaction he wanted, but it was completely worth it with the way he made me feel. “I-I’m close, babe.”

He nodded his head quickly and let out a shaky breath. I felt him twitch inside of me and he blinked in awe, “I’m getting there, hang in there, baby.”

I held myself onto the edge for a few moments and let out a whine as my orgasm began to take over me. “I-I can’t hold it!”

“Come for me,” Aaron smiled genuinely, pecking my forehead softly as he thrusted into me at a slightly slower pace, digging his hips into mine to push me over the edge. I whimpered and felt my body quickly fall limp against the bed as I tried to contain my heavy breathing.

I felt Aaron come merely a moment after, and he slowly pulled out of me and smiled softly. “You okay?” He asked sweetly, running his fingers over my bare stomach.

I giggled and turned to look at him, shrugging my shoulders. “I’ll be alright,” I replied, “Soon.”

He chuckled and pecked my lips sweetly, “At least you know now,” Aaron sighed in relief, “I’m not as innocent as you’d think, baby. Get some rest.”


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