but hes failing

I remember the first time I ever walked the Wrong Jedi arc.

I don’t specifically remember crying when Ahsoka left (though I’m sure I did), but I vividly remember crying during this scene in To Catch a Jedi

I was in a hotel room with my parents watching it on my phone with ear buds in. And I legit cried legit tears. It was rough

Thinking about it now this is a super-sad scene, and not just to my 13-year old self. 

First off, Ahsokas slow head shake and Anakins face are just

And it’s just so sad bcuz they both think they are abandoning each other. And then after the end of the arc, they both worry that the other thinks they abandoned them

I’m sure there’s a better way to put that into words but ya. This arc is sad. Clone wars is sad


This scene is so important to Bellamy Blakeโ€™s development. For 4 Seasons his mantra about Octavia has beenย โ€œMy sister. My responsibility.โ€ Itโ€™s his way of saying that he will always find a way to keep her safe, to protect her, to keep her from harm.ย 

In this moment, Bellamy is realizing that, although he still feels Octavia is his responsibility (and probably always will in some way/shape/form as that is typical father/big brother behavior) he has failed in what he considers his utmost duty: protecting her and itโ€™s a realization heโ€™s been working towards since Season 3.

And itโ€™s not protecting her from physical harm. Iโ€™m pretty sure Bellamy accepted that Octavia can hold her on in physical battle a while ago, way back in Season 1, if weโ€™re being honest, but he still believed that he could protect her from other forms of pain if he just tried hard enough. Bear with me, this might get long.

In Season 3, after Lincoln has died, we can see his ideology (that he can still protect/take care of Octaviaโ€™s emotional state) begin to crumble, even as he forcibly tries to hold it together. In 3*10 (Fallen), when Octavia and the others return to the cave without Lincoln and she releases her pain onto him, he allows this not just because he believe he deserves it, but also because he think she needs it. He is trying to take care of Octaviaโ€™s emotional state here:

(it hurt to go back and skim this script segment-someone give me a cookie.) Thatโ€™s the first time he attempted to care for her emotionally and it did not work.ย 

Continued under the cut for length:

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He felt a stirring in the Force-a bruised and battered and wonderfully familiar presence.


He and Anakin met in the middle of the deserted street. During their years as Master and Padawan he’d done his best to break Anakin’s childish dependence on demonstrations of affection. He’d failed. And now, full of relief, he found himself reaching out to clasp his former student’s shoulder.

—  Star Wars The Clone Wars Gambit: Stealth by Karen Miller

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(Monii) About jikookthrowback ep4 part2&3: Imagine all the 'normal' things that they've done that we haven't witnessed. *dies* Yes, I also think that's Jeon's possessive face. Lol did you see his face when JM sat on his lap in that las Run ep? He looked like he was tryna figure out whether to smile, smirk or be neutral (he failed lol). There's also this other time when JK let JM back up into him but tumblr won't let me link it :/

yes, i’m sure so much more happens behind closed doors that we’ll never know about,or catch a glimpse on, but if we do, it’d be a huge deal for us we might actually die, but for them since it’d be “a casual thing they do regularly” they’d be so chill about it.

about the last run ep, jungkook literally cannot decide wether  to smile he was clearly enjoying it - to smirk (he slightly smirks at the end)- or to remain chill he can’t don’t blame him-

also look at the way he held jimin’s waist and slightly grabbed him(?)pinched him(?) for teasing him by seating on his lap?  or maybe because jimin was being all over jin and he was trying to say: please stop . then slowly dragging his hands down never moving them away from jimin

you aren’t allowed to put the link as it is , but you can do it if you put it without the dots,which you might as well replace by: *

  i’m looking forward to see that gif ^^


the brightest star that hangs in my sky is all the way across the other side of the earth but that’s okay bcs there’s no corner his light doesn’t reach. it makes me so happy he is living his dream nd being loved by it. it makes me so happy that he’s so full of love, hes declaring it to the world abt how much he loves his loved one. nd i, i love him to andromeda nd bck nd then 218 billion more times 💘

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I’m really glad that you’re relieved and feel much better, suicide is not a pleasant experience to get through…

but… as much as I’m relieved for you I must say something, and please don’t take my answer personal. But… I would prefer if you guys don’t send to me that kind of ask.

I’m not mad. Neither upset. Neither annoyed. And especially toward you who just sent me that ask. (Heck I know how hard dealing with that kind of situation can be.) But I don’t know you personally, I’m not aware of your life, neither about what you’re going through… neither do you know my life.

This kind of asks makes me particularly uncomfortable because on a side I don’t want to ignore it, but yet… this is a subject that really affect me more then I would like to admit.

I’m glad for you, really… but please avoid that kind of ask on my blog, please.

And dude, on a more positive note: Keep feeling amazing buddy, you deserve to be happy !

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Hello there. Didn't it seem more like Daryl loved Beth? Because when she died, Daryl shut Carol and everyone else away. He had just reunited with her and he was already pushing her away just because Beth died. He stopped protecting her after too. Usually he stands in front of or beside potential danger to Carol but he hasn't done that ever since before Beth died. I think it was meeting Father Gabriel for the first time? Although maybe he just happened to be standing there but wasn't for protect?

Ok so i’m gonna say it about this. Daryl did love Beth, but not in THAT way. She was most likely representative of a child for him. Someone in his car that was probably the only remaining member of his family in his mind. It was his job in his mind to protect and look after her. Which in his mind he failed to do.

Norman stated that Beth was represnentative of hope and was a bright light and when that goes out, it gets dark for awhile. Her whole point in the story was for him to have a reason to keep moving forward. But she was a kid to him. Under his supervision in a way, and his reaction to her death was of one who failed. Lost a child. It was perfectly natural for him to want to pull away after that. It’s been his go to when something hurts like that.

There was also the factor of losing people, it just kept happening and in his mind, the further he got away from people the less risk involved in losing them. He didn’t pull away completely though and Carol made sure of it.

As far as the protecting thing, he was putting himself between her and Gabriel in that scene, it wasn’t an accident his arm was in front of her. Especially when he’d literally just killed a walker who aiming for her. 

I don’t think him not being around her as much after the fallout from the hospital had anything to with a lack of wanting to protect her. If danger had showed itself in her direction he sure as hell would’ve done something about it. It was more about him pulling away in general after losing so much. For failing to save Beth and in a way for failing to save Carol back in Atlanta as well. The real shutdown started there in my opinion when he realized that no matter how hard he tried to protect people they could still get hurt or killed, even if he was right in front of them.

He thought if he was around her constantly nothing would happen, that he could protect her and the reality was pretty devastating. And watching that happen to Beth and Tyrese just strengthened this idea. He couldn’t stop it then and he sure as hell knew that he couldn’t stop it from happening to Carol, someone who meant more to him than life itself.

It was, at the time, too much for him.

But like I said, that had little do with Beth, who I will reiterate was a kid in his care. It had more to do with Daryl’s feelings of guilt and loss, something he is, unfortunately very familiar with.

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How do Romano, England, Spain and America react to their sweet s/o trying to boss them around and failing miserably to the point where s/o is embarrassed?

idk that sounds soo cute

Romano: He’d try to act very angry and annoyed himself, but he would end up cracking up and would walk up to them, say: “Being bossy doesn’t really work out, but it makes you cute-” And probably kiss them.

England: Soooo at first he’d take it seriously and would be like: “WTF is going on here?” But once they failed, he’d force himself not to laugh as he doesn’t want them to feel bad. He’d then say something like: ”If you want me to do something, you could’ve just asked, love.”

Spain: He wouldn’t even try not to laugh. He’d find it adorable. “Why so harsh, darling? You know that Spain is the boss, but he’d always fulfill your wishes!!”

America: Oh Boy. He’d try sooo hard to keep it together, but he’d probably fail just as badly as his s/o. He’d think it’s very cute and would start laughing (which c’mon, isn’t that unusual) He’d then walk up to them, spin them around and kiss them, telling them that there was no need to boss him around - he’d fulfill their wishes either way.

(btw I have no clue if the way I write Romano’s part fits his personality. I’m very insecure quite a few characters, but he gives me the hardest time, I guess… xD)

sometimes I think about how Zack casually stated his dream to be a hero and then with zero reason for provocation Ven just threw that right back in his face to say he would fail at it and had the most chill while doing so

like dang cinnamon roll what’s your damage

ive been seeing my orthodontist whos super nice for 7 years and today was my last scheduled visit but every time without fail hes asks me or jokes around w/ me about having a girlfriend yet and i just pull a Fake Het Laugh to blend but like sis…me and these teeth are gay

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"You are tremendously oversimplifying what a breach of contract case would be like." And you are completely avoiding the question. If you sue someone for breach of contract then at some point you do actually have to say what they did to breach the contract. So I'll ask again, are you arguing that they would tell the court Louis breached his contract by revealing he is gay or are you not?

I am saying that they would argue that he failed to comply with his image clause and would list many ways of doing so. I agree that it’s unlikely that they would specifically articulate that him being gay is one reason; they would use more politic language and paint it in less obviously. (The whole pretext thing.) But that’s about optics and sympathies. That doesn’t mean that it was illegal for them to have shaped their image requirements around denying his sexuality.

Also, I’m sorry but I’m done with this conversation. One, I have to get back to work. Two, you are determined to either deny that Louis is not straight or to blame him for the situation. I don’t think further discussion is going to change your mind about anything. (I also appreciate how you focused on my admittedly short answer rather than the long one where I actually posited arguments against your points.)

Can’t Be Really Gone

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A/N: Thanks to my love @impala-dreamer for the beta (sheโ€™s an angel we donโ€™t deserve)ย 90โ€™s country messes me up guys. This is based on Tim McGrawโ€™s โ€œCanโ€™t Be Really Goneโ€ (lyrics in italics) You certainly donโ€™t have to read both Sam and Dean parts but I think you should because I wrote both damn it and I need love and attention they kind of play off each other. Hope you like it!

Word Count: 875 (with lyrics)

Warnings: Look, this is angsty. Not like Swan Song angsty, but there are feels & the insinuation of character death, but this is Supernatural soooโ€ฆ



He failed. Again. It shouldnโ€™t be a surprise at this point, it had happened so many times before. Sam more than once, Jo, Ellen, Bobby, Charlie, and Kevin heโ€™d failed them all. Y/N was just the next name on a long list of people he loved that ended up dying because of it. They all hurt, but Y/N was different. Her home was here with them. There were parts of her in each room of the bunker. Each one taunting him, bringing her memory back to the forefront of his mind just when he thought he was going to be alright.

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Okay…. Let’s talk about Rourke’s diary entry. He mentions that he sees Aquila , Serpens and Hydra. He acknowledges that he fails to see Orion and Taurus. Clearly , all of them are constellations. We have seen that each character in the book is related to a particular constellation. I know Aleister is Serpens but I can’t remember about the others. Can we relate them to this somehow? Like , the three which he was able to see are on his side and the other two against him? Or am I just being silly?

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my mom has a friend who has a failed program-service dog and he’s literally my favorite creature

He’s a really smart lab, he learned all the commands, but he just has an affinity for doing them whenever he wants

So this lady’s dog literally turns on-off lights, opens doors, opens the fridge, etc… at his own wishes.

Her house looks like its baby-proofed, with kid safe locks on everything and stuff, but really she just has a dog that’s learned all the mobility service dog commands but has a mind of his own.

Chummy time!!! livestream
  • Someone in chat: Dan touched your boob
  • Louise: I don't know that Dan did touch my boob. Maybe he did?
  • Zoe: Dan who? Dan Howell?
  • Louise: Yeah.
  • Zoe: When?
  • Louise: Sometimes he accidentally does things like that... Let's stop talking about Dan and my boobs.