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I'm sorry.. I would normally never. It's just... I'm leaving an extremely abusive relationship. He's trying eveything in his power to keep me locked down in his control, and I'm struggling so much. I need... something. Please?

Oh honey, I’m so sorry you’re in this situation. You did absolutely nothing to deserve this, alright? Nothing. He’s an awful excuse for a human being and I wish you the greatest luck in finding a way to escape him.

If anyone has some good domestic abuse links/masterposts could you reply with the link on this? I found this and it’s okay, but it’s not the one I was looking for and I didn’t have what I wanted in my likes. It doesn’t have bad info, but eh, I know I’ve seen better. But it’s a good place to start. Also here’s a hotlines post.

I also have this: Paladins saving S/O from and abusive relationship

But let me do a little sumthin’ sumthin’ with Shiro, m’kay?

oh wait, also here’s a pic of soft puppies I got to puppysit the other day. For fluffie feelings. These puppies don’t know you, but they already love you. ignore my carpet i haven’t vacuumed in 3 days

  • Now listen, Shiro’s not usually a fighter. yeah I know he’s a buff bro and could kill a man in a hundred different ways with just a left boot BUT that’s not his first go to option
  • If anything, he’s like a guard dog
    • he’s at your side to look big and intimidating and also to give you a confidence boost
    • think human Rottweiler. Buff but soft. so soft.
  • he’s gonna help you get into a safe position first before leaving that P.O.S.
    • he’ll help you keep money aside, maybe even adding to it on his own
    • he’s ready to take you in at a moment’s notice
    • he’s probably even got you practicing what you’re gonna say when the day finally comes
    • he’s gonna make sure the rest of team voltron is around too, so you have tons of support
  • but he always, always makes sure to tell you how much he adores you and how strong you are to have survived as long as you have
    • “Only a little longer. Just a little longer and we’ll have you free. You can do this. I believe in you.”
  • Also nice, cozy, tight hugs while he whispers reassurances in your ear????!!!
    • “You don’t deserve this. You deserve better than all this.”
    • “I’ll protect you, if you want me to…”
    • “You’re safe with me…you’re always safe with me…”
  • whether he’s interested in you romantically or not, his goal remains the same: making sure you’re safe and in a sound mental state. your happiness means the world to him.

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I saw you liked shallura (sobs I found someone who actually likes it) and I propose my idea for a shallura Tangled au. But takashi is rapunzel and his pretty floof is all long and braided and has a whole bunch of vines and flowers in it AND HE HAS A TIARA. And allura wears some weird altean suit and has fanny packs of her own

First of all YES BIG SHALLURA SHIPPER HERE, one of my OTPS actually
And wow… Takashi as Rapunzel. AMAZING. I mean imagine his white floof GLOWING WHEN HE SINGS i am all for it.
Allura. As. Flynn. Rider.
who would be Gothel? Who would be Pascal? Who would be Maximus? Hmmmmm
Also for Allura’s backstory ummmm maybe she is an orphan bc her parents died along with the rest of the village she was born or something like that, maybe there was a massive fire and her parents made sure she survived. Idk i suck at this stuff hehe

Work is really grinding my gears today, so I ended up going ‘Fak this,’ and took an hour to just doodle.

But here’s an important guy for the PROTOCOL fic I’m working on. :D Meet Adrian, the MC’s neighbor and resident grump. He’s rarely ever seen outside of his house ever since his girlfriend broke up with him, but you assume that he has some sort of job. Probably a stay-at-home one, but a job nevertheless.

His life was eventually thrown through a loop when his ex-girlfriend had left her android in the garage with him, activating one day after he fell off a ladder, and found himself caught by the blond android. Adrian freaked, called his ex, and yet she still hasn’t shown up to take it back.

It’s been three months since he was left with the ARGENTUM model android, but he just can’t say no to the guy’s face, or work up the courage to tell him that it’s awkward living with an android. But oh well. He doesn’t mind having a helping hand around the place.

He also bakes alot for you, but he never likes to admit that he likes to make cookies.

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Oh cool (and thanks for the mobile help!) if you're feeling up to it, maybe James (or Trixie!James) wearing questionable fashion? The outfits you draw for him are among my favorite things of ur art

the ability to draw the nastiest clothes & have it look like it belongs there on him is my top fave thing

also here’s some other outfits I found while googling around before I found this one

all are also acceptable James fashion choices


Just completed and submitted the final version of my Extended Essay !!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° 

So I compiled lists of words that I found super super useful in making it easier for me to finish any essay !! Here is a masterpost of some sort with transition words + key vocabs grouped together for easy access as well as an IB IOC ‘cheat sheet’ I used for my english LAL orals last year (though most commentaries follow a similar structure so its generalisable) ~

Good luck with your essays !!!

… oops just realised I forgot to bullet point one of the lists 

…i couldn’t resist making this haha

Made these based off of some clips from @bext-k‘s roles in The Killing and House of Lies! (Also the extra clip from the beginning was a video I found from here.)


diana prince | wonder woman (2017)

What I do is not up to you.

Ronan probably always noticed how Adam’s ears would burn bright pink whenever he was embarrassed; but never thought it’d be because of him.


“Alexander left Lucrezia in charge of his affairs in the Vatican, something that had never happened before. He will do it three times: at the end of July to go to Sermoneta; September 25, when he visits Nepi and Civita Castellana, and October 10 to inspect the territories seized of the Colonnas.
[…]Making Lucrezia, at twenty-one years old, in a sort of regent at the Vatican in the matters of “ordinary administration“ that weren’t ecclesiastical, was an exhibition before the world of the confidence that the Pope had in her and of how much he valued her. It was not unusual for the women of the noble families to take care of the administration of affairs when it was necessary, and in Ferrara they must have valued this side of Lucrezia that added to all her known virtues. A unique situation in which a young woman of twenty-one heads Christendom.”

“Jonerys has no foreshadows, no parallels, nothing other than them being Targaryens”

Yes, that’s an actual thing Jonsa shipper said to me, talking about all their Oh sO CoNviNcing metas and “foreshadows”. So HERE WE GO, ALL THE ONES I AM AWARE OF AND I HAVE SOME NEW ONES THAT I HAVEN’T SEEN BROUGHT UP SO STAY WITH ME TILL THE END.

1. Both bring their sigil animals, believed to be extinct, back to the game. Jon is the one to convince Ned to save the pups, and he found Ghost himself. Dany literally brought dragons back.

2. Both start as secondary characters, underastimated and both gradually came to being leaders and one of the most iconic characters in both the show and TV as a whole.

3. Both are the underestimated sibling. Jon as a bastard, Dany as a female. Both looked down upon by their family members. 

4. Despite being the undestimated one, Jon is said to have more of North in him than any of his siblings. Tyrion was the one who said that to him, I believe. And Dany ends up being the dragon, so more of a Targaryen or a Valyrian in a way than Viserys.

5. Their first loves died in their arms.

6. What’s also interesting about that ^ is that Drogo dies because of the witch and Dany in books is sure that was the first betrayal she had the vision about, and Ygritte is killed by Olly, who later betrays Jon.  Ygritte in books isn’t killed by Olly, but still by men who end up betraying him. And again, both Ygritte and Drogo were savages, both killed by people who the savages have hurt

7. Both are believed to be The Prince Who Was Promised. They are the two main theories, for sure. And both kinda fit, but not entirely. But when you think about them as whole…They fit much more.

“I believe you have a role to play as does another. The King in The North - Jon Snow.“


8. Both taken hostage by savages, who they end up leading. Both are attached to those savages, and are accepted by them, despite being outsiders. 

You were the first one to bring Dothraki to Westeros, he was the first to make allies of Wildlings and Northmen.”

9. Both start their journey in the first book, Dany with Dothraki, Jon with the Night’s Watch, which both have a bad reputation, as rapers and thiefs and such. And they both end up as their leaders, both trying to stop the flaws of their packs. Jon trying to help the Wildlings, Dany not allowing them to rape, or steal from in example Qarth, before the shit there goes down, that didn’t go down in the books if i remember correctly. 

“She protects people from monsters, just as you do.”

Both face many setbacks and become increasingly frustrated with their roles as leaders.

11. Both feel so lonely and sad at first. Jon after seeing what NW really was, and Dany does not need to be even explained I think.

10. Both, at some point are given the chance to literally make their dreams come true. Jon being proposed by Stannis to be legitimized as a Stark, and Dany being offered all the ships and money she needed to go to Westeros. And both decline because of morals. Jon keeps his vows, Dany stays to free the slaves.

11.  “One to bed, one to dread, one to love.” Jon is Dany’s third love interest, Daario was more of a bed partner (”to bed”) and Drogo was someone Dany was at first sooo scared of (”one to dread”).

12.  “ A blue flower grew from a chink in a wall of ice, and filled the air with sweetness… . mother of dragons, bride of fire Blue flowers obvioulsy symbolizes Jon, that’s certain. And who is at the Wall???   

13. Ok so Dany being called “Moon of my live”, moon is strongly associated with her bc of that, “Dragons come from the moon” thing, like think about a moon in GoT and tell me you don’t think of Dany, and being the only female with silver hair, that being her most iconic trait. ( “ The old woman washed her long, silver-pale hair and gently combed out the snags, all in silence. The girl scrubbed her back and her feet and told her how lucky she was.”)  and this:
 “The light of the half-moon turned Vals honey-blond hair a pale silver and left her cheeks as white as snow. She took a deep breath. The air tastes sweet.”


So three things that can be considered to be about  Dany in two sentences. And the thing about Jon not smelling the sweetness, which some antis point out, is obvious. He is the sweetness.

14.  “Sometimes she would close her eyes and dream of him, but it was never Jorah Mormont she dreamed of; her lover was always younger and more comely, though his face remained a shifting shadow.” - Dany, ASOS

Targaryens are prone to having prophetic dreams, Dany has them as well.

“For the rest of his life –however long that might be– he would be condemned to be an outsider, the silent man standing in the shadows who dares not speak his true name.” - Jon, AGOT

“The flames crackled softly, and in their crackling she heard the whispered name Jon Snow. His long face floated before her, limned in tongues of red and orange, appearing and disappearing again, a shadow half-seen behind a fluttering curtain.” - Melisandre, ADWD

15. “Jon fell to his knees. He found the dagger’s hilt and wrenched it free. In the cold night air the wound was smoking. “Ghost,” he whispered. Pain washed over him. Stick them with the pointy end. When the third dagger took him between the shoulder blades, he gave a grunt and fell face-first into the snow. He never felt the fourth knife. Only the cold … “ - ADWD

Off in the distance, a wolf howled. The sound made her feel sad and lonely, but no less hungry. As the moon rose above the grasslands, Dany slipped at last into a restless sleep.“  - ADWD

Are wolves in Essos a common sight???? 

16. “…  but the Usurper’s dogs had murdered her brother’s son when he was still a babe at the breast. If he had lived, I might have married him. “ - ADWD

“The best way to make alliances is with marriage.“

“If he does rule the North, he’d make a valuable ally.“

17. He might as well wish for another thousand men, and maybe a dragon or three.” 

GRRM clearly making us think about Dany, like come on, possibly helping Jon.

18. Both were sneaked away in order to keep them save from those who would harm them - baby Targaryens (Jon from South to North and Dany West to East)

19. “ Even with Ygritte sleeping beside him, he felt alone.
        “Her captain slept beside her, yet she was alone.

Find me another example of someone in GoT feeling alone while sleeping next to their lover, for reasons. Also both mentioned during times when they had to choose. Jon between duty and Ygritte, Dany between duty (marrying Hizdahr) and the man she wanted - Daario.

20.  Both have Mormonts as mentors, Jon has Jeor and Dany has Jorah. Also, Jon wields the Mormont family sword Longclaw which once belonged to Jorah. That’s less powerful, but the only Mormonts we really know until Lyanna are with them, helping them, showing them the way.

21. “A Targeryen alone in the world is a terrible thing” guess what two Targaryens met and made an alliance and found love oops

22. Both were seperated from their animal for a long time, until they came back and helped to kill some bitches.

23. Both are seen as somewhat godly, Jon coming back from the dead, Dany being the Unburnt which gave us this visual parallel:

24. Both share some moral rules, Dany being more a dragon ofc, but still like:

the last one didn’t go unnoticed by Jon either, like WORD TO WORD

25. These two iconic scenes, that even Kit mentioned being weirdly reflective of each other

26. Well, of course, the two outlying onesthe things going on north of the Wall, and then there is Targaryen on the other continent with her dragons — are of course the ice and fire of the title, “A Song of Ice and Fire.” ‘ - George RR Martin.

27. “If destiny has brought Daenerys Targaryen back to our shores, it has also made Jon Snow King in The North.”

28. “These are two people in love…” Kit Harington

29.  “She didn’t feel she was missing anything [in her love life]. It took someone coming and forcing her mind to be changed,” - Emilia Clarke

30.  “He walks into the room and doesn’t expect to see such a beautiful young woman of similar age to him,” - Kit again. It was important enough then to make that point.

32.  “[Martin] did sort of say things that made it clear that the meeting and the convergence of Jon and Dany were sort of the point of the series.” - Alex Taylor  in an interview with Deadline

33. “However, as she meets and becomes more familiar with Jon Snow (Kit Harington), Dany’s outfits appear lined with fur, a staple of Northern attire that feels symbolic of her growing affection for the King in the North. “There is obviously some chemistry at work!” Clapton said about the relationship between Dany and Jon” 

34. “I think when she sees him return on the back of Coldhand’s horse, that’s a big moment for her in terms of the way she feels about him.”

 “It’s kind of hard for her at this point for, I think, not to look at this guy and not realize that this is not like the other boys”

   - D.B Weiss,  Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 6: Inside the Episode

35. “I don’t think either one of them really knew exactly how powerful their feeling were towards each other until these moments. Just the notion of falling for someone, that involves weakness. That’s not something a queen does, but she feels that happening and he feels it happening for her. I think both of them are on kinda unfamiliar ground and especially because it’s with an equal,” 

- David Benioff,  Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 6: Inside the Episode

36. Wars of the Roses were an inspiration for ASOIAF, Aand that war ended with Henry VII and Elizabeth of York joining the roses. Henry was an heir in staright line, that had lived his entire life in exile, Yorks were inspiration for Starks. So yup Dany and Jon work p e r f e c t l y. The war they will end might be The Great War, or the War for the Iron Throne. 

Henry - the red rose
Elizabeth - the white rose

37. And if the book version of HofU visions does not convince you how about the show version, where Dany almost touches the Iron Throne, but turns to go beyond the Wall instead, where she finds her lover and a child . SOUNDS FAMILIAR? Plus, just before she touches the Iron Throne , doesn’t she hear a dragon cry that makes her turn?


Yeah, why do we even ship that.

credits to @midqueenally for all the parallel gifs


Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 6k


He lays there, blanket pulled to his torso, eyes shut, he looks like the rest of them, and she feels her heart ache. She can’t help but notice how young he is, he can’t be any older than twenty-six, and here he lays with no one around him.

“Hi there,” Y/N whispers, bending down to height of his ear, “I’m your nurse Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N, and I’m here to take care of you. Make sure you stay healthy for when you wake up, make sure you don’t get any bed sores yeah? I’ll keep you company, keep you updated on what’s happening in the world, tell you some funny jokes, I’ll even let you in on the latest company gossip, but you gotta do me a favor,” she whispers, placing her hand on top of his. It’s a cold hand, rough, and she knows it’s supposed to feel that way, but it maker her heart ache even more. Y/N closes her eyes, taking in a shaky breath, “you have to pull through this and live, yeah? Because when you wake up, it’s going to be your turn to tell me all about yourself, yeah?”

She opens her eyes and sighs.“It’s late now, one a.m., but I’ll be back later to check in on you,” she gently brushes the hair out of his face and stands, “we’ve got a deal. You can’t fail me.”


Y/N is Harry’s beautiful nurse who he can’t stop thinking about, to the point that he’s willing to give up his old memories and life to make a new one with her.

“Good morning!” Y/N sings.

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Okay, okay, okay, I’ve been reading posts with this tag for the last hour. I feel like I need to contribute… so here’s some #onlyingotham tweets:

I think it’s one of the batfam’s birthdays cause there’s loud chanting from atop my building and confetti is falling from the sky. #onlyingotham


Apparently the fire escapes on the apartments near the police station are a popular place for the bat kids to watch YouTube on their phones. I’ve been hearing sport fail videos and laughing out my window every night for the last two weeks. #onlyingotham


So today during my self defence class, Robin comes barging into the gym and yells, “try those kind of pathetic manoeuvres here in Gotham and you’ll be found dead in an alleyway.” This child then proceeded to show us how to PROPERLY defend against GOTHAM robbers and how to NOT die.


I was studying late at a cafe for an early morning exam. Red Robin, Spoiler, and Catwoman came in for I guess(??) a coffee brake at two in the morning. Catwoman was lecturing Red Robin and Spoiler about how to properly dry clean blood from clothing…. #onlyingotham


I was walking home from work and I saw Nightwing swinging on a fire escape and he yelled, “Marco!” Red Hood jumped from another roof and yelled “Polo!” as he swings through the street. God, I love this city :P #lmao #onlyingotham


There’s this dinky little bar I go to after work. Today Oswald Cobblepot came strutting on in, payed for everyone’s drinks, and left with a beer. #onlyingotham ??


Yesterday I saw this old guy in this huge green vampire cloak arguing with Robin on the street about betraying family duties… #onlyingotham


So Superman paid a visit to Gotham. I literally just saw him flying through the streets, carrying a flailing Robin and a whining Super Boy. #onlyingotham


Whenever I have a bad day I go to the roof of my apartment building and watch the sun set. Last night, Nightwing saw me and joined me on the ledge after he thought I was going to jump. I’m totally fine, don’t worry guys :P. Apparently he loves watching cartoons. His favourite character is Zuko from Avatar because he reminds him of his younger brother. #onlyingotham


I think Red Hood must be grounded or something cause while I was buying a chocolate bar from my local 7/11… Batman is standing outside the foggy glass windows, arms crossed, and tracking every move Red Hood makes in the store. #onlyingotham


I think I just saw one of the bat kids almost die(can they even die??)… that Robin kid, who fell from above, is laying on the pavement and rubbing his arm as this guy in blue and black tights stands beside him, lecturing some kid with a long stick on the roof who’s yelling, “He spiked my coffee with salt!!” Then the blue and black one is yelling, “he’s trying to prevent you from overdosing on caffeine. You need help!” Then the stick one, “Bullshit! You defend him on anything!” “Red Robin, you had a mini heart attack the other day.” Then the Red Robin kid just flicked them the bird and now he’s stomping down the roof… what did I just witness? I’m just a guy from Metropolis, is this a daily occurrence here? #onlyingotham

@guyfrommetropolis yah, if your give the one with the staff(Red Robin) a coffee he’ll buy you cookies and love you forever :P

My dear trans kids, 

Using body lotion or deodorant etc. that represents your gender identity can be one of those little things that make you feel happy when you are in the closet and can’t take any “big” steps yet. 

If you live together with someone else, you may worry that they will question why you use those products (especially when it would be unsafe if they found out you’re trans). Here are some possible excuses why you use them: 


- “I get headaches from the scent of most deodorants, this is the only one I can tolerate”  

- “I’m allergic to (something that’s usually in those products) and this is the best one I found that doesn’t have it”  

- “I love to try out new things/I got bored of all (..) products smelling the same” 

- If gendered body care products make you dysphoric, you might like to use the ones for sensitive skin, they’re usually fragrance-free and gender neutral. Using those will (usually) need no explanation or excuse at all.  

- “I noticed my skin feels less greasy/irritated/itchy after using (…) products” 

- “I got this one by mistake/because my usual one was out of stock - and I fell in love with it!”  

For trans boys: 

-  “Men’s deodorant works better/is stronger”

- “Girly products are often overpriced, this one is not in a pink package but it works just as well and is way cheaper!” (You may have heard of this called “pink tax”) 

- For trans girls: 

- “Men’s products just smell too strong/I wanted a softer, more subtle scent” 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

PS: If using products that are labeled as the gender you were assigned at birth makes you dysphoric or not really depends on the person (and even for one person, may depend on the day or the specific product), so it can be anything from nice but by no means important to me to necessary for me to get through the day - and no matter where you stand on this, you’re “trans enough”!  If you read this and think “I don’t care about that at all” or even “But I like the way (..)’s products smell even tho I do not identify as (..)” or similar, that’s great, too! 

Stranger Things/Billy Hargrove imagines - Lose it - Part 2

Originally posted by aegonsgarden

AN: You guys wanted, I’m giving you more Billy. 

Overall Summary: You can see straight through Billy Hargrove

In this chapter: You go to Billy’s house


Pairing(s): Billy Hargrove x reader

Word count: 1,387

Warnings: Strong language, some violence/aggressive behaviour

After Billy basically told you to stay away from him, you found yourself outside his front door. 

You weren’t going to let him just brush you aside. He can’t treat people like that. 

You pounded against the door then took a step back, placing your hands back in your pockets. 

Billy swung open the door, and as soon as he saw you, he furrowed his eyebrows. You could see that he’d been working out from the sweat on his forehead and the damp marks on his shirt. 

“What the hell are you doing here, (Y/L/N)?” He asked, you stepped past him, into his house without invitation and glowered at the boy. 

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My Beloved is Mine and I am His: 13x02 and Song of Solomon

One of the first things I wrote when I was brand new to the fandom was a short fic with Castiel reading and re-enacting sections from the Song of Songs to Dean. At the time, I thought it was too cheesy and trite to fit within the realm of Supernatural, and I deleted it in a bout of frustration. I am regretting that today like you wouldn’t believe.

I’m a bit of a bible nerd. I took a lot of theology and religion classes in my undergrad. That was nearly a decade ago though, so my current knowledge is a bit shaky. Here’s what I can recall about Song of Solomon that may or may not inform your reading of 13x02 and SPN in general.

A disclaimer: I am sick and drug addled, so please forgive any incoherent rambling. There is a lot of irrelevant gibberish, so I’ve tried to highlight the bits relevant to SPN.

To begin!

Solomon is the heir of King David (whom you may recall had a passionate same-sex relationship with Jonathan.) Solomon’s reign is idealized, much like David’s was, and it was under Solomon that the First Temple was built. Solomon is famous for his wisdom and his large concubine of women. Notably, he settled a dispute between two women who were fighting over a child. He offered to cut it in half, revealing the true mother who could not bring herself to see the child hurt. This bears resemblance to Jack’s situation right now, torn between two fathers.

Song of Solomon (also known as Song of Songs, or the Canticles) is often attributed to Solomon because he is mentioned. However, the text is dated much later, and certain Persian words and influences in the text suggest a post-exilic era as the earliest possible date. Some scholars date it even later.

Song of Solomon is part of the collection in the Hebrew Bible known as The Writings (or the Kethuvim). It’s the third major division in the Hebrew Bible, and one of the last to be adopted into canon. It’s a bit of a catch all category that contains vastly diverse content including poetic works (Psalms, Song of Songs), and wisdom literature (Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes), to name a few.

Most of these writings (including Song of Songs) date to the post-exilic era. That is, after the Babylonian conquest, and during Persian rule. The nation of Judah perished in the fires that were set to Solomon’s temple. Post-exile, Judea was experiencing a theological crisis in the face of the apparent absence of Yahweh, or God. David’s dynasty has collapsed, and we see theological despair reflected in writings like Job and Ecclesiastes that ponder the problem of evil, the absence of God, and undeserved suffering. Song of Solomon, and other writings like it, were written at a time when things felt hopeless and there were fears that God has abandoned his people. It is oddly fitting then, that Jack should open to this particular part of the bible. 

The Kethuvim mark a shift in religious thought. Previous writings centred on an independent kingdom involved in international politics. After the fall of the temple, we see an exiled, diasporic religion now led by priests instead of divinely appointed kings. Religious leaders and writers had to adjust and re-envision their scriptural teachings. Gone was the simplistic thesis that equated prosperity with religious obedience and misery with sin. The authors of the books known as The Writings were questioning conventional scripture of the time and creatively refocusing their theology.

Persian rule also introduced new religious ideas, namely Zoroastrianism, which came to influence later Judeo-Christian ideas. Zoroastrianism viewed the world as dualistic, ruled by two opposing powers of good (light) and evil (dark) and had hierarchies of angels and demons. Until this time, most biblical literature did not give name or ranks to angels, nor did they depict satan as an actual autonomous figure. We have Zoroastrianism to thank for that, and its influence on biblical writings can start to be felt around the post-exile period (i.e. the time during which Song of Solomon was written). The book of Daniel, for example, names the angel Gabriel, and the Book of Tobit names the demon Asmodeus. (In Tobit, Asmodeus is a jealous demon who kills each successive husband of Sarah on her wedding night and is later exorcised. He is someone who keeps lovers apart and keeps them from consummating their love.)

Songs of Songs is essentially a collection of erotic love poems. The book defies any easy interpretation or classification, and it stands out in stark contrast to the rest of biblical canon. It’s a completely unabashed, uninhibited celebration of sex, with little evidence to suggest that the lovers are married. They do not live together, and yearn intensely for one another when apart. It’s the subject of numerous feminist readings, as it’s one of few books of the bible to give a voice to women’s thoughts and feelings. Here, those are romantic and erotic feelings.

Don’t believe me? Read this:

My beloved thrust his hand into the opening,
and my inmost being yearned for him.
I arose to open to my beloved,
and my hands dripped with myrrh,
my fingers with liquid myrrh,
upon the handles of the bolt.
(Song of Solomon 5: 4-5)

This is some raunchy stuff for the bible! And all of this is sharply contrasted with the sexual ethos elsewhere in the bible which imposes harsh penalties for sexual misconduct, and places great emphasis on the institution of marriage. Deuteronomy (a book of the bible about sexual and social control) calls for the death penalty in many cases

There was understandably some debate as to whether this particular bit of writing warranted inclusion in the biblical canon of scripture. Rabbi Akiba was a key figure in the development of the Hebrew canon. While he argued strongly against the inclusion of certain books of the Apocrypha, he advocated for the Song of Songs, calling it the Holy of Holies. Its sanctity was preserved by interpreting it as an allegory for the love between Yahweh and Israel, and later by Christians as the love between Christ and the Church. Interestingly, God is not mentioned once in the entire book. (The only other book of the Bible where God is not mentioned even once is Esther.)

And yet, this book was called the Holiest of Holies. Love is championed here above all else.

I really don’t think we’ve seen the last of Chuck. Someone (I’m sorry, I can’t remember who!) pointed out the rainbow glare that happened in 13x01 when Dean was praying as a sign of God’s promise. (Edit: I’m an idiot. I reblogged the damn thing and it was just a couple posts down. It was @gneisscastiel who made the beautiful post about lens flares and pointed out the rainbow as God’s promise.)  The inclusion of Song of Solomon in 13x02, besides being a blatant callout to Dean and Cas, suggests this is also about God and his people. I’d also like to suggest that Song of Solomon is a book that asks us to think broadly about canon. What constitutes canon? How is it formed? And I do mean canon here in the sense not just of biblical canon, but of fandom canon. Who decides what canon is? Is there room in canon for outliers like the Song of Solomon? The answer, as the show has just demonstrated, should be a resounding yes.

Onto the destiel side of things, which I’m sure has been discussed already. Song of Solomon contains some of the most beautiful poetry in the Bible. It is full of similes and references to nature (and arguably Eden/Paradise). It is deeply rural and pastoral, with an appreciation of agriculture, nature, and animal life. The multiple reference to sheep in 13x02 were no coincidence, I’m sure. Castiel has long been associated with natural, rural things: flowers, bees, goats, fish, etc. (If the Void is depicted as a garden and Cas has been spending his time under apple trees, I’m going to lose my freaking mind.) Is he being associated with sheep now? As someone who has been led by God, other angels, duty, Dean, Jack… perhaps this is time for Cas to choose a direction for himself. Sheep and lambs in the bible are also frequently marked for sacrifice. They represent symbolic innocence, and in the New Testament, Christ is called the “Lamb of God.” I definitely think Cas is being set up as a Christ-like figure with his death and anticipated resurrection. If 13x02 made anything clear, it’s that Cas is the answer the whatever problem faces Dean, Sam, and Jack alike.  

Lamentations might have been a more appropriate choice for the episode. It’s also a book of poetry, but one that evokes pain and loss. But they chose instead to give us the book that celebrates love and hope amidst despair. That’s a choice that feel very deliberate, and makes me cautiously optimistic for Dean and Cas.

 In closing, here are some passages from Song of Solomon, and the ones I feel are most closely tied to a destiel narrative.

“You have ravished my heart with a glance of your eyes.”
(Song of Solomon 4:9)

“Set me a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm…”  
(Song of Solomon 8:6)

“… For love is strong as death, passion fierce as the grave. Its flashes are flashes of fire, a raging flame.”
(Song of Solomon 8:6)

“I will seek him whom my soul loves. I sought him, but found him not.” (Song of Solomon 3:2)

“My beloved is mine and I am his.” 
(Song of Solomon 2:16)


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Humans are weird Australia

What if Aliens hear all the jokes about Earth being space Australia and get confused. They don’t quite understand the terminology and they inquire a human on board their ship as to what the phrase means. The Human then states most Aliens think Earth is outrageously dangerous, and the humans think a continent on Earth called Australia is dangerous, so they refer to Earth as a space equivalent of Australia, thus getting the saying Earth is space Australia. Imagine the Aliens being flabbergasted at the prospect that a human could be afraid of such a place, although not be that surprised considering the humans did come from a death world. Nevertheless imagine the bravest of the Aliens getting geared up to venture to a fearful place the humans called Australia.

Kuljer had been warned that this place was dangerous. But his species only laughed at the sight of it. The average male of their kind was 9 ft and pure rock hard muscle. Just being in the same room as Kuljer would make anyone Quake. Although, he did understand that this was the humans they were talking about, and he should at the very least be somewhat weary.
As the ship touched down in a place called ‘Mell-born’, Kuljer laughed, or what could only have been considered one. This place was nothing to be afraid of. The scariest thing he could see was the poorly outdated infrastructure that struck out around him. Pathetic humans he thought with a shake of his head. The leader of the party, a human known by the name of Lisa gave him a sidelong smirk as she walked past him, as if knowing what Kuljer had thought.
The first stop for the party was a place the humans called a zoo. Upon entrance, a deep growling of some unseen animal put Kuljer on edge. Amidst seeing his reaction Lisa bared her teeth and released a shrill sounding noise, saying that it was only a lion and it couldn’t cause anyone harm; calming Kuljer only the slightest.
After seeing many beasts ranging from ones with long necks, to wings, to poisonous venom, the party made there way to a vehicle called a ‘jeeep’. They then spent a couple human hours driving to a motel they were to stay at for the night. During this time Lisa decided to list of some facts about Australia.
“Did you know that the weather in Australia rangers from about 60°?” She began. “And that 6 out of the 10 most venomous snakes are found in Australia.” She continued waiting for a reaction from the Alien party. “Last time I was here, this bloody huge huntsman spider came out from behind the curtain and scared the living daylights out of me. He had to have been at least as big as my palm. Anyway I never saw him again.”
The talk of these animals unsettled Kuljer. He couldn’t understand how they all lived together, and why the humans hadn’t killed all the dangerous ones yet. But before he could ask Lisa pulled the ‘jeeeep’ into a lot and turned of the ignition saying they had arrived.
Lisa led Kuljer to room saying he should keep the door locked and remain in his room until the next morning when she was to collect him. Handing the keys over to his room, Lisa turned and started towards her own down the hall when she froze in her tracks. Kuljer had just made the loudest scream Lisa had ever heard. Immediately she rushed back to Kuljers side to see what had been the cause of that sound, only to laugh. There on the door was just your regular house spider, barely the size of a fifty cent piece, let alone a palm. Lisa chuckled to herself as she left Kuljer a mess behind her. He had thought he was tough, yet he was reduced to tears at the mere sight of such a pathetic creatures. Humans weren’t the ones who were weird she thought to her self. Aliens were.