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EA Wavy Hair I Revamped

Hi everyone, your girl here is back with another EA mesh revamp. A lot of you have been asking for wavy or long hair, so here is the first of the many more yet to come. I am going to include an override version of my revamped hairs from now on - they will have no custom thumbnails. Remember to pick only one package when downloading. Enjoy 💙

  • BGC
  • Teen-Elder, Female
  • 18 EA swatches
  • custom thumbnail
  • hat compatible
  • enabled for vampires & aliens

Check the before (EA) and after (my edit):

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Pick only one!
Separate version [SimFileShare]
Override version [SimFileShare]

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(i know it said lockscreen but my lockscreen is a derp compilation of my friend so i dont think she’d appreciate it if it was on here so u guys can have another selfie 😭)


Cassian had been born for this.
These fields, this chaos and brutality and calculation.
Three soldiers were brave or stupid enough to try to charge him. Cassian had them down and dying with four maneuvers.

“Holy Mother,” I breathed.

That was who had been training me. Why Fae trembled at his name. Why the high-born Illyrian warriors had been jealous enough to want him dead.

Sir Noodles (aka. Flower Prince) supports all of you.

(Sorry the flags are a little shaky im not that good in drawing flags also if you want another flag added that isnt shown here just tell me)

EDIT: 4 more flags added

You can repost but please tell me and give credit! 

EDIT: As celebration for 4000+ notes i added an actual pic of Sir Noodles sitting on my pride flags


oh I´m in pieces, it´s tearing me up.

anonymous asked:

Heyo! Myself and two of my close friends are trying to create our own Michael-esque red sweatshirts. What kind of patches do you see him wearing? (**as many as possible would be awesome i'm not very creative. go wild**)

ALRIGHT so of course we have the one that everyone knows, the RISE ABOVE RACISM patch (click on it, i have a link to the real one :0) along with another that i dont recognize Edit:. This is actually a Bob Marley patch! You can find it here

Here we can see he has a patch with what appears to be a turntable on it and another thats a little too blurry

  here are two more

A David Bowie patch you can find Here and another i dont recognize

And lastly, here are two more

Those are all of the ones he actually has

From there, almost everyone in the fandom draws him with a rainbow flag patch (although depending on you and who you’re around that would be up to you really). After that, I’d just get a bunch of retro video game ones! Think pokeball, triforce, pixel heart, pacman/ghost etc. etc. I hope this helped, and I’d love to see the finished products !!


It seems that I forgot to post this here…

This is something I wanted to do for a long time - I used the Holbein watercolour tubes I had, added some colours, mixed some and re-created the set of colours recommended by Hayao Miyazaki. This is based on the first (old) edition of the 24 colour set that was being sold in Studio Ghibli’s museum in Mitaka (some colours got discontinued by Holbein though so you can not buy it any more). I will be painting an illustration using this set in another video.

The list of colours (including the ones requiring mixing)

1. Crimson Lake
2. Opera
3. Vermilion
4. Yellow Ocher
5. Permanent Yellow Lemon
6. Permanent Yellow Deep
7. Permanent Yellow Orange
8. Permanent Green No.1
9. Permanent Green No.3 
made from Sap Green W075    4:1   Yellow Ochre W034
10. Cadmium Green Deep
11. Cobalt Green Yellow Shade 
made from   Permanent Green No.2  W067     3:1   Viridian (hue) W061
12. Cobalt Blue Hue
13. Cerulean Blue
14. Ultramarine Deep
15. Compose Blue
16. Prussian Blue
17. Bright Violet
18. Light Red
19. Burnt Umber
20. Burnt Sienna
21. Ivory Black
22. Yellow Grey
23. Violet Grey 
made from    W025 Brilliant Pink     9:1    W120 Quinacridone Violet
24. Davis Grey

Works of Hayao Miyazaki © Studio Ghibli used for educational purposes  only


National Aboriginal Day is on June 21st. If it doesn’t coincide with another event (I remember a few years back that it did with BlackOut, but was worked around), I think we should celebrate. If you’re Aboriginal / Indigenous, upload your selfies, post art, talk about Aboriginal characters that you know and love, talk about books and films made by and for Indigenous people. We are still here but we are individually unique and have our own experiences and stories to tell. 

Use #HappyAboriginalDay and spread the word.

EDIT: The date for BlackOut is June 6th. We’re in the clear!


This post has gained a lot of attention over the last couple of days! Thank you to everybody who has shared and reblogged it. I want to take a moment to address a question that keeps popping up: if you are indigenous/aboriginal, you can participate if you choose to! This is not limited just to Native American / First Nations people. If you are Ainu, Maori, Saami, native Hawaiian, etc, feel free to participate! It’s great opportunity for us to represent ourselves, our cultures, our lives, our heroes, and celebrate both our differences and similarities. 

I can’t wait to see you all on June 21st! Keep boosting this post and don’t forget to use the #HappyAboriginalDay tag!


EA Pixie Revamped - a Sims 4 hair

Thank you everyone for all of your kind words on the previous hair - here’s another one! The original pixie looked like a sledgehammer to me, so naturally I remade it.

  • BGC
  • Teen-Elder, Female & Male
  • 18 EA swatches
  • custom thumbnail
  • hat compatible
  • disabled for random, enabled for vampires & aliens
  • does not override the original hair

Check the before (EA) and after (my edit):

♦ ♦ ♦ DOWNLOAD ♦ ♦ ♦


BOOKS READ IN 2017: the kane chronicles by rick riordan

as for you lot out there, listening to this recording - we’re never too busy for new initiates. if you have the blood of the pharaohs, what are you waiting for? don’t let your magic go to waste. brooklyn house is open for business.