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Owl post - Part 2

Part 1

Harry shifts uncomfortably from one foot to the other, while looking at a dumbfounded Malfoy. Maybe he should have thought this whole thing through first. He apparated over here without even thinking of how he would explain to Malfoy what he’s doing here, how he even knows where Malfoy lives. There’s no way he can tell him he followed his owl one day, not being able to contain his curiosity any longer. It’s a wonder Malfoy didn’t spot him on his broom that day.

“Potter,” Malfoy simply says.

“Um,” Harry begins, “you’re probably wondering what I’m doing here.”

The sound of Harry’s voice seems to shake Malfoy out of his trance. His whole body tenses and his eyes narrow.

“How did you find me?”

Harry smiles awkwardly and scratches the back of his neck.

“Well, that’s a funny story, actually,” Harry laughs nervously. “Do you think I could tell you over a cup of tea?”

“This is just like you,” Malfoy growls, “inviting yourself in like that. Does it ever occur to you, oh mighty Saviour, that other people have lives of their own and don’t answer at your beck and call?”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Harry snorts, “am I keeping you from staring at your wall all day?”

Harry inwardly flinches. He didn’t mean to say that. His mind just snapped. Like it used to, whenever Malfoy was around. Maybe he will have to change tactics and just try to be… charming? But how does one do that exactly?

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The Right One

Well this is something I thought I would never do, write my own fic but here it is. Trust me, it’s a lot harder than you think and without the help of 3 special people, I don’t think I could have done it alone.

Firstly, I need to thank @thegirlfromoverthepond for her understanding and friendship. You are truly one lovely human being.

Secondly, my story would be nothing without my mentor and beta @finnicko-loves-anniec. Thank you for your patience and brilliant beta-skills. I really hit the jackpot with you as my mentor.  

And thirdly (and by no means lastly), @drivebyanon. Thank you for your never-ending support and encouragement throughout this whole journey, even when I wanted to give up. You were my very own cheer squad when I needed it the most so I’m dedicating this story to you.

Sorry, there’s no smut here. I’m still in the ‘pre-school’ stage but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.


‘we don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason,’ Rubyanne

Peeta didn’t know her name or even if she was real. All he knew is that he had to paint her image and hope that destiny would allow them to one day cross paths.


“Well, thank you for applying. I do have a few other applicants to see, and I’ll be in touch if I need more information about your application,” Peeta said to yet another hopeful single young lady wanting to work at his bakery. It was becoming a joke between many of the other store keepers. They all knew why these girls were so interested in working at the bakery with Peeta. Ever since his father passed away almost one year ago, Peeta had been working around the clock to keep the bakery going and adding a few of his new ideas to make the bakery even more profitable than it already was. As a wealthy young bachelor, Peeta was finding it hard to find the ‘right one’. Obviously in another vain attempt to seduce Peeta, the young girl shamelessly fluttered her eyelashes and giggled whilst stepping closer, proudly showing off the low neckline of her dress that left nothing to the imagination.

“Thank you Peeta, it was nice to see you again after all this time. I’ll wait for your call. Don’t be a stranger, okay.” No, Peeta would not be calling her.

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Contingency Plan?

So, I’m seeing a lot of posts about how the Verizon take over means bad things for Tumblr. Frankly, I believe they said the same thing about Yahoo!, but that’s neither here nor there. 

Point is, if this website were to shrink and collapse in on itself like a dying star, is there an edchum contingency plan? A “Continuity of Edchum-ment”, if you will? I know of a few pairs/groups of friends with each other’s Snapchats, but I’m thinking beyond that. 

Move to another platorm? But which one? I know a lot of us (i.e. Snarky) have separate blogs, but there’s no way to bring that to a new “dashboard.” I suppose we could create separate blogs and have a shared RSS feed, but that feels cold, and personal struggles/triumphs would get buried under the condensed lines of text. 


Okay so it’s shangst week and i wanted to write something it

I was thinking about what to write and I thought about @punkflunked‘s Champion Lance AU that I wrote for and I wanted to write Shiro’s reaction to Lance being declared dead so here we go

@shangst-week |  Day One: Garrsion/Voltron

(It’s not an Aj Fic if it’s not late)

((Also I know it’s short but this is all I could come up with today i’m tired and haven’t slept at all))

Shiro was silent as he stared at the tv, heart pounding in his chest as he processed just what was on the screen. His breathing began to pick up slightly, hands shaking at his sides as he let himself fall onto the couch, his gaze not moving away from the screen.

They couldn’t be gone.

He couldn’t be gone.

He can’t leave him, he needs him.

“You’ll take care of them for me, won’t you?” There was a slightly teasing tone to Lance’s voice as he grinned up at the older pilot, blue eyes bright. Shiro couldn’t help but give into the urge to huge him, wrapping his arms around the other tightly. His heart fluttered at the bright laughter that met his ears, slim arms wrapping around his larger form.

“Of course I will.” Shiro was reluctant as he pulled away from the hug, holding Lance at arms length as he smiled down at him. He had parted his lips to say something when Matt’s voice met his ears, the two of them looking over at the Holts. A soft sigh passed the older pilot’s lips and he turned his attention back to Lance, whom was staring at him. He cocked his head to the side slightly and had started to question if he was okay when a pair of soft lips met his own.

His heart stopped in his chest, breath catching as he tried to process what was happening. Shiro didn’t even get to react or return the kiss because Lance was pulling away and taking off to join the Holts. Heat rushed to his face as he stood there, frozen in place, a hand coming up to cover his mouth. He turned his head to look at Lance, seeing him looking back at them and waving with a wide grin spread across his face.

“See you when I get back!”

Shiro’s eyes burned as he listened to the voice on the tv declare Lance McClain and the Holts deceased, hands shaking as he raised a hand to cover his mouth.

This couldn’t be happening, Lance had promised he’d come back, he promised and now he was gone?

A broken sob passed his lips, muffled by the hand covering his mouth. He heard the door to the room open, heard a voice that sounded like Keith’s, but he couldn’t focus. His chest started heaving as he let himself drop to his knees, sobs wracking his body. Two arms wrapped around him and he let himself be pulled into his brother’s chest, let himself be held as he cried.

How could this happen?

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i see you reblog a lot of amazing aesthetic pics, could you recommend a bunch of the aesthetic blogs you follow? i always have a hard time finding that type of blog bc they don't necessarily tag their posts as 'aesthetic', lmao

yeah i had time finding some blogs too! but i think once you’ve followed a few they actually start to pop up in your recommended blogs ^^

here are the ones i follow (some of them are aes + kpop) n i lov all of their blogs sm

@lovguk @byungho @12roses @jaetens @chamgmin @1wish @2ramen @fleurilie @velvetgfs @shuasgf @hoseok @cheolsgirl @synqra @kmgs @pocgyu @udons @minyccngi @storyop1 @1attes @724th @slickygirl @lunasea @4wjsn @afterwarmth @2beer @hartfelt @94sky @love1etter @mygslover @756x @ceiun @yumeli @lovsohye @yeoble @ricemasks @rowoons @jonginkims @17unit @frea1luv @gyusgirlfriend @ljygf @yixingco @banhcanh @61kb @tencafe @kyungwho @light5

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You could always create a second blog for the comic updates? Like so people can turn on notifications for that blog. All you have to post is a text post like "comic updated!" Then a link back to the post on your normal blog. That seems to work well!!

I have thought about it ^^
running one blog is hard enough
I think I will stick with the system I have
You can block asks if you are interested
You can follow the tag “CC Mafia AU”
But, I am not going to change my blog and I do not feel like starting another one

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Did you delete the Kingsman: Secret Service quotes?

I can’t find any on the blog, but we don’t generally delete things we’ve posted, so I don’t think we have any from that source! Maybe you’re thinking of quotes you saw on one of the other incorrect quote blogs out there? 

Hey there, Raylee here. Hilary is right. We generally don’t delete much of anything on this blog. I know (for a fact) that there are Kingsman quotes at IDEQ, but if you’re looking for Kingsman quotes here at IMQ, we truly are fresh out of those. We could probably queue some up, but as ever, you are more than welcome to submit some!

So I’ve been thinking a lot about yoi mythical creatures au bc of that one offcial art and all the fanart from it so here’s me brainstorming what some characters could be:

- Viktor as an elf or nymph
- Yuuri as a sprite
- Yuri as a fairy
- Otabek as a centaur
- Chris as a satyr
- Phichit as a pixie
- Sara as a siren

And that’s about all the good ones i got so pls add some more

superwholockmarkiplier  asked:

Hello :3 I love your blog so much! I come here for my daily dose of BTS. I was wondering if you have any good pics that have only a couple members in them (like from a photoshoot) *looking for some good phone lock and background pics :3*

Hi! Aw, thank you so much for your support. ♡♡ Hmm.. I’ll try link to a couple of photos or photoshoots that I’ve used before/think might be good for lockscreens. Try: 170610, 170524 (I’m currently using this as mine), 170202, 170521.. Also, this contains a variety of fantakens/not photoshoot pics, but you might find some cool ones! These are the ones I could think of, sorry it’s not a lot. TT___TT If anyone has any suggestions, please leave them below! \ (•◡•) / I would also love some lockscreen pics, heh~
- Kristi

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How do you think Lotor and lance knew each other. What was their first interaction???

There’s such great art out there for their possible first meeting, but I honestly have had an idea that I haven’t seen yet, so here:

I think canonly, they’d meet in battle and Lotor would be a worthy opponent to Voltron, leaving their ship insanely damaged after their first fight.

But uh, since I’m lancelot trash, here are my fan thoughts on what could happen after that under the cut (^_^):

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i cant stop thinking about the chapter at the mall in yuts?? like. shigaraki dishes out his Scary Ass Smile and thinks "im gonna scare the kid shitless hahaha" but midoriya suddenly pulls out one of his best too??? "is that the all you got? look at me. im 12 and i could stare down that piece of shit endeavor with only 0.3% of this smile here. step up your game, fuckhands mcmike."

Without saying too much, let me just say that I am also really excited about the mall confrontation in YUTS. It was one of those scenes that was in my head before I even started writing this story in the first place.

Soooo I know some others are doing this but here is a list of some dancers that people are sleeping on at tda orlando (mainly canadian ones) likely because people are not familiar with them and I added beside what I think they could place!! Check em all outtttt


Lucy Charlton (top 10/3)
Sierra Drayton (top 10)
Sophia Geraldo (as we know stars minis always come to slay and i believe she will shock everyone - top 10)
Harlow Ganz - (top 20/10)
Olivia Liberio (top 20/10)
Stefano Bonomo (WINNER - i really think he will win)
Jason Patryluk (from CDC now dancing at stars!! top 3)
Nathaniel Chua (top 10)


Jezzy Slack (i know everyone knows her bc she won but i feel like no one talks about her that much since then but top 3 forsureee)
Courtney Lam (top 10)
Malli Grace Lackey (top 10)
Bella Tagle (top 10)
Amy Shuster (top 20/10)


Brooklyn Lipke (better make at least top 10 this year)
Chloe Chateauvert (should make top 10 but idk since she isnt really known by btf staff yet)
Lizzie Garcia (top 10)
Hailey Fauchere (top 20/10)
Kiara Fina (top 20/10)
Stefano Gallelli (tbh i want him to win over Findlay but idkkkkk)
Moses Rankine (would love to see him make top 10 again!)


Jessy Lipke (top 10/3 - last year she got ripped off)
Megan Caines (LAST YEAR SHE GOT SO RIPPED OFF, did not make top 20 but she is the most talented senior i have ever seen, up there with simrin, and this year she made beat squad so she better get at least top 10 this year)
Melanie Demelo (top 10)

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idk why most people who loved azanii not ship him with El/Mugaro. I mean... 1. He showed El his most precious rare smile, 2. Azanii and El are both non human so they will have very long lifespans and can be together forever (lets hope El/Azanii wont be killed by cheerios or the gods), 3. El obviously look up to Aza as a savior of his life, 4. They are really care about each other and worrying each other's safety, 5. With all those facts this pairing is even seems more legit than Favamira

You know, I really didn’t know if it was appropriate to answer such questions here because many people could take it as something bad, but since in this blog I share, most of the time, much more than just charinina… let me tell you one thing: I really agree with you.

I personally like to think of them as platonic instead of something romantic, but the truth is that for me both ways works very well for them, and by far you have a lot of reason in every thing that you have exposed.

The truth is that I have only been able to empathize with Azazel in his scenes when he’s a literal garbage (like in the first season), or when he’s with Mugaro/El, it’s really evident the affection/love that he feels for the little child since they are together. To me, Azazel is the best version of himself when he is around or concerning about Mugaro/El, it’s something beautiful to see.

Even Jeanne’s words have made this relationship/bond take a new meaning for both characters, I feel like the fact that they have met is something planned of their own destiny rather than a mere chance encounter, it’s really something captivating and fortunate imo.

They are really the savior of each other. It’s such a strong bond that even Nina comments it every time she has a chance, because Mugaro/El himself wasn’t able to do it at those moments.

Mugaro/El is really, really important for Azazel. We are talking about a demon that would do anything and would put everyone in danger to obtain what he seeks, but despite his great power, Mugaro has always been an exception, he doesn’t want to use him, not him and the reason is very simple:

Damn, Azazel is such a romantic demon when he wants to.

As a very personal thought, Azazel reached the summit of his character when he asked Nina to save Mugaro/El when he wasn’t able to do it by himself. That was sublime and touching.

Azazel’s deep feelings towards Mugaro/El are what his character really needs, and are strong enough to cause his own destruction, I am quite sure that he knows it well and seems to be well with it.

Yeah, he has no problem with it. 

In the future, I would really like to see them together once more, and for Jeanne to join them too, even the preview of the episode 11 gave us hints.

It’s totally legit. At this point Azazel and Mugaro/El have more romantic potential than “Azazel and Nina” have to be honest. I totally support them. 

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please oak23 show us the forbidden dolls tumblr already censors plain barbies now

Honestly about ten years ago, it was common to see niche Japanese doll customisers make… custom parts for their 1/6th dolls. It was one thing to just give them genitals and nipples, but the horrifying thing was the proportions. Since I was 14 there was no way I would have saved any of the images but here’s a recreation of the proportions. It was also common to see lewd faces and stuff as well.

I think the only person who could POSSIBLY back up my claims would be @frostedmintdolls

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To me the baby looks actully too old to be the emison baby. I mean the timeline is fucked up but how far along was Alison in 7x19?? and if we're considering a one year time jump at the beginning of the season than the maximum age of the baby would be what 5 to 6 months? doesn't look like a 6 months old for me & alison wasn't third months pregnant in 7x19 or was she? i'm actually super confused at this ... maybe i'm thinking wrong here tho .. who knows it's rosewood after all ^^

Who honestly knows anon. The timeline is so messed up. We also have to consider that maybe they do not get married in the first half, and there could be another time jump? We don’t know. Plus this is PLL, they may not have even cast a baby of the correct age, they probs would just want a baby. BUT again, this might not be the Emison baby, it could be someone elses baby. I just don’t see how likely it would be for them to introduce another baby though.

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Thoughts on the Lewis/Sebastian accident?

Ok, so I just finished watching and I’m sorry to say… But Sebastian is at fault here.

He was hovering over Lewis waiting for him to ‘get away’ as soon as the safety car was going to leave, but miscalculated the fact that Lewis would be braking to allow for more space and rear ended Lewis.

Also, the “bump” as he pulled next to him when he was gesticulating at Lewis? I don’t think that was intentional, I do believe it was a combination of Sebastian looking to the right at Lewis, holding the steering wheel with one hand and using the other to wave around.

He miscalculated the fact that he could keep the car straight.

In both occasions, I don’t think it was done out of malice but really… Sheer stupidity.

So yeah, soz to all Sebby fans, but he is completely at fault here. I could have made excuses for the rear ending thing, but the second bit was him being completely childish.

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Pet Cade in a super sheer dress with opaque Cybertronian glyphs on it. *slams fists on table* Bonus points if Optimus made it himself. Viviane can absolutely have one too, though considering the circumstances, I'm not sure if she'd want one.

On that first day Viv’s probably thinking “uuuuuuumm what the fuck get me out of this thing and get me out of here” since she had never met Optimus when he was his normal self, however if Cade isn’t running away then she sure as hell ain’t, either. Plus she hates to admit it but the mech is rather pleasing to the eye…

Meanwhile Cade who’s disturbed yet weirdly turned on at the sight of a wicked Optimus admiring him is just like “…….it…..could be worse…i guess??? i mean we could be dead???????” At the same time he’s trying to figure out how the heck they’re gonna get Optimus back to normal again for good. They’re gonna have to play along for the time being, though…

jfdkjafkdjs oh my god i’m trash

Killua needs more hugs!!