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how about the prompt "You could've died! What were you thinking?!"

Okay, first of all, I need to say that I adore your URL. Wholly and completely. Like it might be my favorite Rogue One related URL, in all honesty. So, you’re amazing, thank you for that. (Since you didn’t include it in here, if you have an AO3 username, send it to me!)

But here’s the prompt :) I hope you enjoy… Because I can’t resist writing First Kiss fics :)

Thank you to all my followers and those who have sent me prompts (and I’m sorry to those who are still waiting on their prompt to be published… I promise, it’s coming!), but I’m cutting off accepting new prompts! I still have several more to write, so you haven’t seen the last of this series, but no more prompts for now! Much love to you all!


Today is neither the first, nor Jyn suspects, the last time she’ll find herself in the Rebellion’s medbay. In fact, today seems fairly routine for what Jyn’s become accustomed to. No broken bones, no infected wounds threatening to turn septic. Just a blaster wound to the shoulder that didn’t even require submersion in a bacta tank. Piece of cake, honestly.

Cassian Andor, apparently, does not agree. Or, at least, that’s what Jyn’s gotten out of the long-winded lecture he’s spouting at her. (She may or may not have tuned out after the first time the words “following orders” came out of his mouth.)

Instead of paying attention to the captain’s words, Jyn has been ticking down the list of suspects that could have told Cassian exactly how she got injured on Rogue One’s most recent mission to the Outer Rim, because Jyn only gave an intentionally vague description of her activities to the man who is now formally her commanding officer.

After all, if Kestrel Dawn has issues with a few crime lords – crime lords that are likely looking for the thousands of credits Kestrel stole from them – then that’s up to Jyn Erso – who just happens to share Kestrel’s face – to deal with, not Cassian Andor.

Only one member of the crew knew exactly where Jyn was heading as she split off from the group. No matter how much Jyn trusts Bodhi Rook, however, she also recognizes the definite downsides to telling Bodhi she needed to settle a score with a previous boss. For all his bravery and learned composure in the face of Imperials, Bodhi still cracks under the pressure of Cassian’s intimidating commanding officer face, making him a prime suspect for telling Cassian how exactly Jyn returned to their U-Wing with a fresh wound in her shoulder.

However, in hind sight, Jyn also recognizes that K-2SO stood unfortunately close behind Bodhi as Jyn relayed her true plan. And Force knows how happy the droid would have been to report back to Cassian that Jyn Erso intended on traipsing off to start a fight instead of gathering reconnaissance on the local Imperial forces. (Because the droid, much like his still-lecturing master, can’t understand that Jyn needed to put the crime lords in their place to ensure Rogue One could leave the planet in one piece.)

Jyn can hear his complaining voice now: I’ve always said we can’t trust that Jyn Erso, always off stirring up trouble…

“Jyn, are you even listening?” Jyn assumes Cassian doesn’t want to hear the obvious answer of no, Captain, I haven’t been listening the entire time you’ve paced this room. “You could’ve died! What were you thinking?”

“I was thinking that the entire crew would be dead if I didn’t do something first,” Jyn snapped, her frustration with the situation boiling over. “So I’m sorry if I’ve got a minor blaster wound, but, since we all made it out alive—“

But Jyn is cut off, rather unexpectedly, by Cassian’s face swooping in to kiss. His lips are rough, as forceful as the words he’s been throwing at her for the last fifteen minutes, and his hand reaches around to grip the side of her face, holding her to him. Jyn stills in shock for a moment; her lips just begin to move under his, her hand just brushing the side of his stubble, as he pulls back, breathing hard, his dark eyes intent on hers.

“That’s… new,” Jyn stutters after a moment of staring. Slowly, the edges of her mouth twist up into a smirk. “Honestly, Captain, how can you not expect me to not throw myself into danger if that’s the kind of response it gets from you?”

“Shut up,” Cassian mutters as he presses his lips to hers again.

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Hi! Do you guys know which fic it was when bellarke got fake married so bellamy could use clarke's medical benefits bc he had cancer? thank you :)

Anonymous asked: ‘Hi - I’m looking for a bellarke fic where Clarke and Bellamy are the only ones left of skaikru, and they start having sex so Clarke can have a baby but ignore feelings for a while!’

This sounds like Survivor’s Guilt.

Anonymous asked: ‘any good met-on-ark reunited on ground fics around lately?’

Check here.

Anonymous asked: ‘Hİ ! I ’m looking for fics in the POVs of the delinquents , how they see bellarke develop and what they think about it . Thank you so much .’

Check out our Outside POV tag.

Anonymous asked: ‘Hi there! Are there any fics based on during/post the Bellarke scene in S3e3? Thanks in advance!’

Anonymous asked: ‘Hello I was looking for fics which are inspired by Perfect or Hearts Dont Break Around Here from Ed Sheeran’s new album, maybe its too soon but I want some modern poetry inspired fluff!!’

Anonymous asked: ‘Hey, can you give me some future fics with smut? Thank you!!’

Try this search tag.

hey quick qu

hey quick question do any of yall here actually like use the random page bc if like no one does i might, idk, be more willing to post extra random stuff

cuz like i dont like clogging peoples dashes, but i realize that realistically i wouldnt really be making an impact

and i guess i could do like personal type ask meme type stuff but idk that feels sorta weird when i have like, 100000000000000 (base 2) followers but also like not interacting with anyone is sorta weird too

anyway im gay what do yall think?

Woke up randomly at 5:40 frickin am and couldn’t go back to sleep so here’s a lair entrance design I scribbled on my phone >:(

The lil silhouette is a full grown guardian in comparison. It’s,, fucking huge. The entrance is embedded into the base of a mountain in the Crags and opens up to a big city under the mountain. Think like, Erebor. Dwarven cities and stuff. Quite a few clans live inside but the one the emblem on the entrance belongs to is the one that runs the whole city. They’ve been in charge for centuries. There’s probably more I could type about this but I’m tired and don’t feel like clogging up this post :/ if ur curious just ask

I will

defend Nintendo even from beyond the grave

I was talking with one classmate and he was saying how he didn’t think the Nintendo Switch was that great because it’s not powerful and the graphics aren’t good.

Here’s the thing - you don’t need the most powerful machine to make something memorable and great. I think true skill and creativity comes with being able to take advantage of hardware limitations to make something incredible. That’s something that I believe is what makes Nintendo stand out. 

Having HD graphics doesn’t automatically make a video game great or innovative for fucks sake. A game could be the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen but if the gameplay is garbage, you failed at creating what video games are successful at. 

If you’ve ever developed a game, which I have and am currently, aesthetics and art style is literally the last thing that goes into development because if your game doesn’t not work, it will fall apart before you can even think about making it look pretty.

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hi, I wouldn't be surprised it was Rebecca (I'd stick around although I don't know if many more will) but having Adam find it and it actually be Moira's would be great and I've been thinking this for a while. Instant soapy drama for Moira/Cain/Pete/Leyla, it could be what brings Coira back together and it's added drama for Adam and Vic because if they are having issues conceiving how will they feel when it ends up being Adam's mother who gets pregnant (even more spec here but the (1/2)

(2/2) stress of all that could push Adam into one of the known summer affairs, I love Vadam but I’ve thought from the beginning that he might cheat because they haven’t done a lot with them for a while and that is a soap’s go to thing). I’m not going to think about it to much because it probably will end up being Rebecca (maybe we’re a bit late in the soap game for moira to suddenly discover she’s pregnant) but just thought I’d share some thoughts.

It’s just – if you are doing a baby story then this is IT! It involves SO MANY DIFFERENT PEOPLE? Especially if we are starting up with the Cain/Harriet pairing which would bring a different dynamic to Coira (WHO BETTER END UP TOGETHER OR ISTG). It would have all the Bartons at each other’s throat, give Pete/Leyla drama and airtime, piss Adam off because why the hell is his half-brother sleeping with his mom (vice versa), put stress on Vadam in their stuggles to have a baby, pit Moira and Emma against each other…

CHRIST. THAT is good soap. 

I’m never getting it. 

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When Bellamy is upset in the truck and talking about Oct/avia I thought it was super interesting that he normally stops at her being physically safe but this was the first time he was like "what is she..." which could be finished a lot of ways but the ones I think of are all like what is she going to do from here like maybe he's seeing how screwed up she is right now and that it's not like oh I deserve this treatment. Idk maybe wishful thinking

I’m not sure what to think about this too he says..

“I couldn’t protect my sister. My responsibility and i failed. My mom passed out. She was there, she was in my hands. so helplesss.. and now what is she… is she even alive… what is she..  “

I want to interpret this how you do. That he just doesn’t recognize her anymore and he says “what is she” like.. what is she doing, why it’s like this between them, like.. he is tired of this for sure and I just hope he realizes in that moment that it’s not his life purpose to keep her safe, his whole life shouldn’t be only about her. I kinda think we’re supposed to interpret it like this? because of the next quote.

You didn’t fail bellamy. you did everything you could for her. you came to the ground for her. you can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved.

I think this is the moment when he learns to let her go and realizes that it’s OKAY to let her go because he shouldn’t be the only one who would do anything for her while she doesn’t give a damn abt him. (GOD I HOPE HE REALIZES THIS). Somebody (Kane) tells him that it’s actually okay to let her go. He says “you did everything you could”. Bellamy can’t keep “going back for more” when she is treating him like this all the time. I think Bellamy needed to hear it from somebody - that he did everything he could and that it’s okay to let her go now.
what is though even better for me is this… In the last scene, in ending scene, where Bellamy comes back to the Arkadia we have this:

- Still no word from Oct/avia. I’m sorry.
- You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved.

GOD. I have so many feelings about this scene. Of course it comes to my mind that actually Bellamy doesn’t want to be saved & that Kane’s “I’m sorry” had also another meaning (he is sorry for what he did to Bell’s mother).
BUT. nah cause.. this scene is about Oct/avia. And I think it’s huge because Kane’s first words are obviously about her because he thinks that’s the first question Bellamy is gonna ask. (just like at the beginning of the episode “Kane where is my sister”) But Bellamy isn’t asking about her. He only answers “you can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved” echoes Kane’s words because he finally realized it’s okay to let go.

(or at least I hope)

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Also if you're still having trouble with the shiro and brainwashed coran fight, you could try writing the aftermath of the fight instead.

I think I’ve got this! Sort of. Here we go.

Coran could still kick his ass on a good day.

This was not a good day.

This was very much not a good day. 

Shiro gritted his teeth as the energy blade of one sword screeched off his shield and barely evaded getting slashed in the throat by the second, then lunged to the left to avoid getting backed up against a pillar where he’d have no room to maneuver. 

He’d given up trying to get through to Coran verbally. No matter how much he hated the thought, his only chance was going to be to knock out the older man and think of something later.

If he could stay alive long enough to manage that, he mentally amended as he barely blocked a stab at his face.



Frantically, he kept his shield arm moving, protecting as best he could, while he looked around for something, anything, that could give him an advantage.

Then he saw the chain.

Someone apparently hadn’t done a good job of cleaning up from the last bout, but he wasn’t complaining. Diving away from his attacker, Shiro grabbed the cuff on the end and whipped the chain up and around one sword, then yanked, succeeding in dragging Coran close.


He wasn’t sure how hard an Altean skull was. Hard enough to dent his helmet, that was for sure. But guilt still hit like a freight train when his partner dropped to the ground in a crumpled heap. He was going to owe Coran so many apologies for this hellscape of a mission when they made it back to the castle.

“The Paladin is victorious!” the announcer crowed over the roar of the crowd. “Now for the ceremony of final rite!”

Shiro growled under his breath at the knife that appeared in front of him, instead crouching to carefully pick up his fallen companion.

Around them, the cheers began to turn to boos.

“You can’t do that! Guards!”

“Oh, get bent!” Shiro snapped, grabbing the knife to fling it into the head of the first sentry that appeared at the gate. 

The crowd seemed to enjoy that. Maybe they didn’t care either way as long as something got destroyed. Somehow, he wasn’t entirely surprised. 

Maybe he could use it to his advantage.

Shifting Coran so the man was leaning on him instead, he bent and snatched up the chain and sword, swinging it like a grappling hook, then flung it straight at the announcer’s hovering platform.

The explosion and roaring of the crowd made for an excellent cover as he fled through the still-open gate where the sentry had been.

He didn’t miss hiding in these tunnels.

Not one bit.


At the soft groan, he gently laid his burden down. “Coran? You with me?”

The flickering of purple light in the older man’s eyes worried him considerably. “Who’s… is someone… who’s there?”

“It’s me, Coran. It’s Shiro.” 

“Shiro?” the Altean asked, as if not quite comprehending the word as a name. The light dimmed, then flared, refusing to let go entirely.

Shiro bit his lip, willing back the sudden pain in his chest and the way his throat felt tight. “Just… just rest, alright? You’ve been through a lot. You’ll feel better after you sleep some more.”

At least he hoped so.

God, he hoped so.

Debate (Final Rose)

“I think we should make them our new minions.”

There were murmurs from the other Dia-Farrons gathered in the meeting room. On the table, the war hamsters belonging to the various participants all rolled their eyes. Their masters were so very intelligent, but they could be such utter dorks sometimes.

“Yes, I think that could work. Admittedly, we’ve have to do something about their short life spans. Few of them even make it to forty years. We can’t make them our minions, only for them to drop dead so quickly.”

Someone laughed. “Oh, please. It can’t be that hard to extend their lifespans. Look at our lovely hamsters here. They only used to live about three years, and now they live as long as we do. Increasing forty years to at least eighty or even one hundred and twenty will be child’s play.”

“But will they agree to be our minions?”

“I think they will. They love science and knowledge above all else and seek it out with great desperation and drive. We don’t have a carrot for them. We have a carrot farm.”

“We’ll need to be careful. We wouldn’t want them to turn on us.”

“Of course. We’ll be careful. But if we target their young and the influential, I believe we can make great changes to their culture and psychology. They won’t want to rebel against us because they’ll believe that being our friends and minions is the best option.”

“Have we consulted any of the Yun-Farron about this? The descendants of Diana and Jahne have always been good at this sort of thing. Remember that rebellion they caused using one message and a popsicle stick? We could use some of that.”

The leader of the Dia-Farrons nodded. “I’ve already spoken to Jihm. He concurs with our analysis, and he believes that the Salarians, as one of the major races in this galaxy, are perfect targets for influencing, and that we, with our unique characteristics, are the perfect tool to achieve that. He will present our proposal to the Claire, and she has always valued his opinion.”

“She’s also kind of a stick in the mud,” someone muttered. “Although I guess it makes sense. She is descended from Lightning and Averia.”

“She’s a stick in the mud,” the leader replied with a grin. “But she’s our stick in the mud. Never forget that.” She chuckled. “Besides, how can we complain? She’s already authorised our data mining and infiltration of the Extranet, not to mention she let us capture a few of those Reaper things for experimentation and interrogation. How is that going by the way?”

The only response was a malevolent cackle from the Dia-Farron in charge of… investigating the captured Reapers.

“Good. So are we in agreement?” The leader paused as her hamster and some of the others gave a few squeaks. “Oh? What did you have in mind.” The hamsters continued to squeak, presenting their views. She nodded. “Yes, we will investigate their opinions about hamsters. Should they prove hostile, we will not allow them the privilege of becoming our minions.” She nodded. “We will also investigate their treatments of any pets they do have. Is there anything else?” There was another series of squeaks. “We understand that you’re concerned about the loss of life occurring amongst civilians during our deliberations. The Reapers will be dealt with. I promise you that. However, we must take care in formulating an appropriate response.” She shrugged. “I can bring you with me next time I meet with the Claire. I’m sure she’ll hear you out.”


Here’s some terrible photos of the dress I’m building for my cousins wedding. I am seriously regretting the choice to do a narrow skirt instead of a gathered full one, but OH WELL.
Bottom photo has a bow detail thingy super awkwardly pinned on. I think ill use it.

It needs to be pressed, nothing is hemmed or finished, but I’m not feeling super great about it. I feel like it’s not more special than something I could have gotten off the rack, which sucks a lot.

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Hi! I have a question, I don't know if it's been asked before, in Germany do girls really need to chase guys when the like them? I mean, if i like a guy am i the one supposed to make the first move? Could you please explain this? Thank you!

Hey! :) This question hasn’t been asked before. I don’t think that’s the case though. From my perspective, the equality of the sexes is more balanced here, so it’s definitely not uncommon for both genders to make the first move. The Germans are generally pretty direct too, so I think if a guy likes you, he’s probably just going to ask you out. But if you’re interested in someone, don’t hesitate to make the first move!! Boys don’t always pick up on the subtle hints that you’re interested haha

Anyone else have other experience?

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Dear PS, I know how you feel and wish i could send flowers and chocolate to make you feel better!This has happened before and its nasty.If they are thinking imitation is the sincerest form of flattery here it is stealing others work!Not only the huge amount of work(some one is doing it for FREE!) but the ideas behind it.Please remember you are way above all these shameless people.We all love and respect you a lot.Don't let bunch of losers spoil your mental peace and happiness.Loads of love n hug

Hi @bringbackarnavkhushi!!

Thank you so much! I’ve had a really crappy day but your words have brought my smile back :D I really appreciate that you took the time to message and I feel very special right now.

Also, thank you for pointing out that fandoms run off the hard work people do for free, it’s such a good point!

I don’t think I’m better than anyone else but I sometimes feel that being behind the screen dehumanises me in a lot of people’s eyes … they genuinely seem to forget I’m a real person.

Bee emoji reviews

apple going for the somewhat realistic interpretation, but those wings are just… wrong, and takes away from the rest of the image. 3/5

a friend. the innocent, humble friend that beesshould be portrayed as. i can overlook anatomical errors when it ends up being so damn friendly. 5/5

i appreciate the attempted art direction here, the top-down view is a unique twist, but mamma mia could someone at microsoft hold off from selecting the thickest black border available? 3/5

this bee is curious, inquisitive, and i’m sure they could warm up to being a good friend. 4/5

that’s one fat fucking bee. how does its small wings lift its fat body off the ground? i think this bee’s going to care about what we think is impossible. 2/5

this is a much more preferable interpretation of the top-down bee. reasonable line thickness, doesn’t look nearly as threatening. 4/5

similarly, this is acceptable. focuses more on gradients than flat colors, which i think is an interesting change of pace. 4/5

that’s a wasp. an aggressive, unpleasant wasp. that wasp is not my friend - it is a threat. and we shouldn’t be portraying bees as threats. 2/5

absolute adorable friendliness trumps technical anatomy. this bee is my best friend. 5/5

what the fuck is this shit

The Seventh Wheel: A Case for Black Lion Lance

Alternatively titled: Lance Deserves The World Because He is My Son and I Love Him

Okay, so Shiro’s gone and someone’s gotta fill his big ass shoes. In the toss-up between him, Allura, and Keith, I’m going to be arguing in this post that Lance could be the guy to do it. And, fair warning, this is going to be ridiculously (like, ridiculously) long lmao so here’s the TL;DR right now: I think that a) Lance already shows the character traits of a good leader, and b) there’s a good chance of him becoming one, given his impending character arc. 

It also has a chance of not happening, of course, but who cares?? I already started writing this thing, so:

Alright, let’s begin at the beginning, because that’s always a good place to start.

Lance is first introduced to the audience as the classic loud, arrogant, goofy flirt. The perfect comic relief character. He rescues a guy because his “rival” was gonna do it first and he can’t have that, the first thing he does in the giant robot cat is fart, and he hits on a girl who just fell out of a pod in a magic castle. He’s there to make you laugh.

I can’t imagine anyone looking at a character like that and “You know what? This guy could be a leader.” Allura says it herself in episode 1. The black lion is supposed to be the decisive head of Voltron, a person who’s a natural born leader, who’s in control, and,

Basically, calm, collected, and respected. “A natural born leader.” So, definitely not Lance. Case closed.

But, not really. Because Lance actually is calm and collected. He’s just not respected. He has all the leadership traits– the problem is that he’s not treated as someone who could be a leader.

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He’s trapped, and he’s alone