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YOUR TAGS. I feel you girl. It irritates me when people pretend Dean hasn't found his perfect match. Even in S4 when Dean barely knew him Cas was gentle and wanted to understand Dean "you don't think you deserved to be saved", the park date, etc. He sacrifices everything for Dean, makes Dean laugh (HE HADN'T HAD FUN LIKE THAT IN YEARS), always comes back to Dean. I can boldly say Castiel is the one person Dean is the happiest around. It does help that he thinks Cas is devastatingly handsome.

Some people must be watching the show like this:

Because really? Dean hasn’t found someone who loves him fully and unconditionally?

A person who would be literally everything Dean would look for in a romantic partner if he allowed it for himself? 

Someone who sees who Dean really is and loves him for it? Who would always choose Dean? Who would give up things for Dean? Who would rebel and fall for Dean? Who would always look out for Dean? Who would always care for Dean? Who would even keep away from Dean if it would protect him? Who would care for him when he’s wounded? Who would also care deeply for Sam because he loves him like a brother? 

Someone who is his equal, a BAMF, who knows the life, who brings out his soft side, who brings him up when he’s at his lowest, who challenges him, who sometimes even frustrates him because he cares so much. Someone with no preconceptions of who a person ‘should’ be, who therefore has no comprehension of why Dean would repress certain sides of himself thanks to low self esteem and cultural norms and therefore accepts and loves him for who he is as a whole, even the sides Dean might not even like himself, helping Dean to learn to embrace them. Someone who helps him be the best him that he can be, who would always choose him and would theoretically stay at his side for centuries if need be, who, when he doesn’t stay it’s because he is trying to protect him from afar and keep him safe, but someone who always comes back to Mr Dean Abandonment Issues Winchester.

Someone who would watch over him as his mother, up on her pedestal, always said Angels would, but you know, literal Angels don’t exist so he would have to settle for a metaphorical romantic partner for this, like in all the love songs and fairy tales…


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                                          HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Here’s to a fabulous human being and the perfect person to play Jemma Simmons! We at Team Biochem wish (both of) you the happiest of birthdays and thank you for all that you do! 

Below is a culminated list of all of the different aspects Team B members love about EH/JS, as seen in the team project, “Biochem Birthday Bash” <3

Jemma’s love for tea // The way Jemma learned to lie // How Liz is the ultimate Fitzsimmons shipper // Jemma’s wardrobe // Liz’s leopard print obsession // Women in STEM representation // Jemma’s strength // Elizabeth + Maggie = BFFs 4 lyf // Jemma’s culinary skills/the sandwich origin // Jemma’s drive to protect people // Jemma’s love of space // Liz’s “fashion blog” // Jemma’s smile // Liz’s charitable efforts (Smile Train) // Jemma’s love of science // Jemma’s skepticism/refusal to believe in magic // The many expressions of Liz // Mental health rep - PTSD // Jemma’s Bravery // How well power suits Jemma (B is for Boss) // Team B <3 Elizabeth Henstridge & Jemma Simmons

Happy 30th Birthday, Elizabeth Henstridge & Jemma Simmons!!

Thinking: I have a crush on a PERFECT actor.

I really had no clue. I knew I had a crush on him, as well as the utmost respect, but I just learned he is also PERFECT. He delivers his lines flawlessly with no need for corrections, no undue laughter, no joking around. He is the ultimate actor. EVERYONE should want to hire him. He would save the film industry tons of money!

So, the Season 12 gag reel was released on YouTube today, (squeals). He wasn’t in it. All of the joking, screwing around, messing up, he wasn’t there. You see, Mark Sheppard is so GREAT, that he didn’t mess up and they had no footage for him to be on the gag reel. 

Of course, I am assuming that the Supernatural PTB aren’t just total, (insert expletives here) and treating this wonderful, humorous, kind, PERFECT human being like a piece of SHITE. And, I am assuming that they just didn’t forget he existed last season. 

So, here are some PERFECT shots of a PERFECT actor.

So, as enjoyable as these are. I am feeling snarky and a little upset with the way things continue to be happening. My hope is that all of these things are a series of unfortunate coincidences and the drama is not as bad as it seems. I hope that people treat each other with respect and caring, no matter who they are.

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How do I reconcile my love of Buffy with this final nail in the coffin of Joss Whedon's horribleness?

I actually semi-answered this yesterday in the comments on someone else’s post, but I’m happy to reiterate more fully (*cough* much more fully) since I am now, and always will be, a massive Buffy fan.

When Buffy first came out, it was a pretty big deal to me.  I was a teenager, and I don’t recall there being very many kick-ass female characters at the time.  Not many other young women who physically fought their demons.  It busted out of the Beverly Hills 90210 teen soap landscape and created a genre.

As a concept, Buffy was clever, occasionally brilliant, and fun.  And the “save yourself” message was empowering.

As time passed, my expectations for female-centric stories kept increasing.  It became clear to me that “strong female” was not enough and was just another box that didn’t always allow for the kind of nuance I saw in the real women who populated my world.  I wanted more.  Better.  From this vantage, it seems obvious that Joss Whedon’s personal brand of feminism was limited.  

You can see evidence of this limitation when you look at some of the work he did following Buffy—I’m looking at you Dollhouse.  As an aside, however, I think much of the criticism regarding Black Widow’s infertility was willfully misreading the scene.  But his other works were far from perfect in other small to large ways.

And I think that is exactly the take-away here.  Human beings are not perfect.  I am not a perfect feminist, let alone a perfect person.  Why should I be surprised that some guy who created a thing I loved and that was important to me is not even remotely close to perfect—and by that I mean, kind of a giant dick?  I already knew his feminism wasn’t the best.  

I’m sad for his wife, and for anyone who was personally taken in by him, in real emotional ways.  These are real lives we’re talking about here, and I have nothing but sympathy for the situations these people have dealt with.

But this is one of the dangers of diving head first into the cult of personality that the film industry has become.  When you decide you love any one artists’ work more than any other, you risk losing your ability to think critically about their work, and risk losing your ability to see them as a full, fallible human being.  

So—to get back to the original question—how can we love Buffy while recognizing that Joss Whedon is a dick?  First of all, stop giving Whedon the entire credit for Buffy.  He did not write every episode.  He did not direct every episode.  Like every piece of work in film and television, Buffy was the result of a collaborative process that helped develop the careers of people who went on to create even more wonderful shows: Jane Espenson (Battlestar Galactica), Marti Noxon (Mad Men), David Greenwalt (Grimm).  I’m just picking out some names here, but I think you get the idea.  

Second, just recognize that Hollywood creators are imperfect and they occasionally deserve both our praise and our criticism, often at the same time.  Sometimes they even deserve our out-and-out boycott.  

But nothing Joss Whedon has done will stop me from loving Buffy.  Nor will it stop me from recognizing, as I have for a long time, that Buffy and its creators, are not perfect.  Not perfect, but still a pleasure.  


Aidan Turner as John Mitchell at the end of Being Human (2008-2012) S01E01 and S01E04. Click the gifs to get 540x450 px.

Some Mitchell before bed, @peonies-and-poppies, @abbessolute, @noclevernamelbr, @its-pineapple-me?

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Sten! I just saw *that* video and I think I'll have to unstan Katie. She's so problematic! Did you see the way she PRETENDED to throw the ball? How dare she?! Poor Oisin went running after nothing! How Morgana of her, so evil. And we were all here thinking she was this perfect, sweet and lovable amazing human being. But no, she calls her dog not bright and then fools him. Such a meanie

bahhahahhahaha how perfectly evil of her, what a horrible human being, a true menace to society

I love Kai but

Yall need to accept that he was being insensitive like I’m sure he wasn’t actually trying to hurt Yerin’s feelings but he was dismissive and just overall rude about it.(plus that gg vs bg thing) Nobody would like to hear that about their choreo after working so hard on it. Why are we here acting like he is a perfect human being honestly??

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It's 1:42 a.m. where I am. I'm honestly sitting here thinking how can a human being be so perfect (aka Park Jimin). I just binged a bunch of Serendipity/Intro vid reactions and am feeling so fluffy and full of love right now.

WE’RE ON THE SAME bOAT. serendipity was srsly beautiful (by far my most fave intro yet heh) and the singer himself? beautiful, talented, precious, per f e c t <3

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(i still cry about this scene daily)

anonymously tell me what time it is there and what you’re thinking about

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ur my wife and ur precious and sweet and cute and gorgeous and soft and smol and i love u so much i can't even say i love u enough to show how much i love u and i know idk everything about u but i don't need facts to love u i just love u. ur a perfect human being

COME HERE AND KISS ME ALREADY (this is an old ask i know i just kinda needed that now ily kaylie)

@dasbijou needed a pick-me-up and considering Lonnie was so kind to me this weekend when I had a pretty horrible day, it is only fair that I return the favor. I hope you like it. I tried to make it pretty fluffy but I also loved the prompt and figured it would be a great meet cute. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU PERFECT SWEET HUMAN BEING!!

I’m here for you and I hope things get better for you soon love <3

Based off of this prompt:
You sit next to me everyday at lunch but you never say anything and I only tolerate it because you’re super hot AU

Derek likes his bench. It’s his bench. He’d claimed it three years ago when he started his residency at the hospital and has used it every day since to eat lunch. It’s secluded but not enough to cut him off from society completely and it also sits among the small garden out behind the hospital where they have the kids who are long term patients plant all different kinds of flowers in spring. It’s kind of his happy place.

But then he started coming out here. It’s been three weeks now to the day and Derek is fed up. The guy hasn’t said anything to him but his presence still annoys Derek to his wits end. He can’t even say what it is about the nurse that irks him. He doesn’t bother Derek in any way, only smiles his bright, friendly smile and sits at the other end of the bench to eat his sandwich while he gazes around the garden.

Sometimes his hair is flat as if he didn’t have time to style it before his shift (or maybe he pulled a double as people are wont to do here) but then sometimes…sometimes its coiffed in these soft waves that just brush the tan skin of his forehead. When it’s like this, the guy’s hair bounces as he moves as if he’s some sort of Disney prince. And every time he smiles at Derek, there’s this sort of sparkle in his eyes, which is absolutely ridiculous because that isn’t a thing that happens in real life so quit thinking about his eyes Derek and move already. You’ve been staring at him for too long.

Derek clears his throat awkwardly, finally unsticking his feet from the ground in order to amble over to the stone bench. The guy turns and gives him that smile and Derek immediately averts his gaze. As he’s settling into his spot, opening the container of leftover empanadas that he just reheated, he can see the guy shift in his peripheral.

“Are those my mom’s empanadas?”

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