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The post you did about philipino monsters was really insightful, I always like reading up on monsters from various cultures for my stories. Would you mind talking about a few other monsters you know of? If it's not too much trouble that is.

Okay anon, I got an hour to kill.

One thing that you should know about these things is that, it doesn’t matter how skeptical or scientific you are, you’ll probably believe these things are real if you grew up here or with people who did. 

Because that’s the weirdly cool thing about Filipino folk lore. It doesn’t matter if you think shit isn’t real. You’ll probably be a believer by the time you experience it and I assure you you will at one point or another.

Long post is long but I can’t put it under a cut for some reason.

You’ve seen the aswang and the manananggal so I guess I’ll move on to the next one that has a trait commonly mistaken to be shared with those two.

1. The “Tik-tik”.

it has a  long proboscis-like tongue and it makes a “tik-tik-tik” noise while it hunts. That tongue is what defines it… Unfortunately because of continued misinformation it now shares that damn tongue with creatures like the aswang and manananggal.

This is one of creatures commonly placed under the umbrella of “aswang” and though they are similar and people have commonly mistaken it to be the same as the original aswang… It’s just… Not. Unlike aswangs these things don’t come in families and they certainly can’t turn you into one of them by feeding you human meat. As far as I know the only way they can create more of themselves is if they breed.

But just like the aswang and manananggal they have a taste for human innards and ESPECIALLY fetuses. These fucking is creepy as hell as it primarily preys on pregnant women. It’ll find someplace to drop its tongue and pierce through the bellies of pregnant mothers to suck the unborn child out from her belly.

I’m particularly terrified of this piece of shit because me and my sister are pretty sure we almost had an experience with one back when we were kids on a family vacation in the province. We woke up late at night to a particularly loud bang on the roof of the house we were staying followed shortly by that fucking “tik-tik-tik” noise. Thank god for the boarded up window… Keep in mind that that house was a dingy old kubo though so there were holes in the walls and ceilings and we were pretty sure we saw something human-like moving through those holes.

Shit is the reason why I never want to go back to the province. But even if you’re in the city you’re not really safe.

2. The “Ekek” and “Wakwak”.

The ekek and wakwak are giant, black vampiric birds. You don’t need me to give you a picture. Just imagine a giant fucking bird that will swoop in and fly you off to eat you while it makes a “wak-wak-wak” or “ek-ek-ek” noise. the only difference between the two is that the ekek has a bill while the wakwak has none.

3. Next is the “Kapre”.

A giant tree-demon… Well… not exactly. It’s not inherently bad… Mischievous yes and will probably get you lost in a forest… But not evil or malicious. You can befriend it. If you’re its friend you can sit on it and everyone else will see it too and if you find the small white stone its holding it will grant you a wish. They often home themselves on giant forked trees and are often seen smoking tobacco,

Though they’re not evil they have a penchant for falling in love with fair long haired women and spiriting them away to become their bride. A trait it shares with the next creature.

4. The “Tikbalang”

If the US has the Jersey Devil we have this fucker. It’s basically half man and half horse but without the elegance of the centaur but with just as much of a sex-drive. The story for this guy convoluted. But if its origin was true the Dothraki of the ASoIaF series would have probably worshipped it. But I will explain simply. 

There was a horse kingdom. One horse saw a beautiful woman and fell in love with it. Unfortunately the woman loved and married a man which broke the horse’s heart. Flashforward a few years later and the woman is pregnant with a child. Child comes out and it’s the unholy demon spawn that is the tikbalang. I don’t even know how that happened and it was never explain. But now this fuckers exist and they terrorize and play games with travelers stupid enough to venture into a forest alone. 

it’s like the kapre… But far more dangerous. but if you manage to befriend it it will try to help you and your family in every aspect of your life that it can.

And like I mentioned with the kapre, it has eyes for beautiful fair-skinned and long haired woman and will do the same as the kapre and whisk her away if he wants. 

It’s a common belief that if it rains while the sun is out and bright in the sky that a tikbalang is getting married.

5. the “Tiyanak”.

Now this fucker is the stuff of nightmares HOLY SHIT. It’s basically what happens when a mother’s baby dies and isn’t buried properly. When that happens it becomes this thing and it kills people.

I don’t even wanna talk about this thing. This thing gave little baby me nightmares and is the fucking reason why I don’t want kids of my own.

It comes from the word “tiyan”, aka belly, and “anak”, which means child and I’m sure you can put two and two together.

6. The “Duwende” or a “Nuno sa Punso”.

Basically it’s a dwarf; a magically malicious and terrifying one. Though they will grant you luck and riches if you befriend them you really don’t want to cross these bastards.

Any time you’re walking past something which you think houses one of them you need to say “tabi-tabi po!” which basically means “we’re passing through” to pay respects. Because if you don’t… Well… I hope you like being cursed for the rest of your life.

7. What I would like to call “the Ladies” as there are three of them (three that I know of at least. White, black, and red…

These ladies are the ghosts of women betrayed by their husbands and whether or not they’re dangerous depends on their color.

“White Ladies” are generally harmless outside of appearing out of nowhere and terrifying the shit out of you. If you happen to die while in the presence of a white lady that is most likely your stupid fault.

“Black Ladies” hurt people but don’t kill them.

And if you’re unlucky enough to see a “Red Lady”… FUCKING RUN because these bitches kill people. It may not save your life but at the very least you’ll have a few more seconds to look back on your life and imagine what could have been.

8. The “Diwata”.

Basically… Fairies. The hardcore kind. They’re bordering close to gods and goddesses in my opinion because they are THAT powerful. They have an entire realm to themselves and- depending on whether you’re in their good books or not… They will either shower you and your descendants in otherwordly riches or curse you’re entire bloodline in a world of pain and anguish.

The most well known diwata is “Maria Makiling”. She’s the fairy protector of Mount Makiling and is said to be the reason why very few people can touch the mountain without bad luck and death befalling them. 

There are a lot more than these TBH but I have to leave. There are some in HERE that has correct information. Just don’t believe anything that calls multiple creatures as “aswang” and you’ll be good.

(Submitted by vesperass-anuna - This story is a sneak peek into an AU that could have happened if things were a bit different in the show. As a foreword, I’ll only say that in the universe HYDRA exists – still in the shadows – but Ward is not aware of it. Everything else in here, I guess. Also, I think there’s a lot more to it than this one-shot, but I have no capacity to write it, but if you want to, it’s up for the grabs :) (Also I guess it’s the only fic ever where I’ll willingly call Skye Daisy.))

Another Interrogation

Agent Grant Ward stood in front of the interrogation room’s two-way mirror, looking at the girl inside. She was the only living prisoner in the research lab they raided earlier today; she had some kind of power, it was clear from the data they managed to recover from the lab’s server, but they had no idea what exactly. Furthermore, the girl herself was an enigma – no fingerprint, facial, or DNA match, like she didn’t exist at all. And to make matters worse – she stubbornly kept her mouth shut, barely saying a word since she was brought in.

Ward took a good look at her now, studying every little detail, before going in and trying to get her talk. She was young, maybe around twenty. Her olive skin was pale, she had circles under her eyes and her long, dark hair hung lifelessly down her back. She was also thin, malnourished – he remembered how her collarbone had stuck out from under her hospital gown-like attire she wore when they found her –, but otherwise she seemed unharmed. On a good day, in her full glory, she must have been striking, but even now she had a grace about her he couldn’t exactly grasp. She also had a confident, determined – stubborn – flame burning in her gaze, something he couldn’t help but admire.

He let his shoulders drop for a moment as he sighed – it was time to try and break this girl whom captivity hadn’t been able to break.

He walked into the interrogation room in a leisurely pace – he could feel her gaze on him –, then sat down opposite of her, looking into her eyes, unblinking. Ten seconds in, it was already a battle of wills.

“I just want to help, you need to know that,” he told her after a full minute of silence, using a soft tone, speaking slowly, forming each word carefully, like he was taught at the academy. “I want to help you get home. But I need your help to do that.”

She snorted at his words.

“Yeah, like I’ll believe that.” Her bravado was almost comical – she was a small woman, and her borrowed, oversized S.H.I.E.L.D.-hoodie made her look even tinier.

“You don’t want to get home?” he asked, unfazed. Keep calm. Don’t let them sway you. Stick to the objective. Appeal to their wants – he kept repeating his Academy lessons in his head.

“I don’t want you to get to my home” she answered in a spiteful tone that confused Ward a bit. It was just not making sense – S.H.I.E.L.D. rescued her from a lab, and instead of gratitude, all they got from her was contempt. There had to be something there that made her act this way.

Ward took a deep breath.

“You don’t need to be so hostile,” he told her, his patience slowly slipping. “I really mean the best for you.”

“Oh, seriously?” Her voice was dripping with sarcasm. “Like… what? Locking me up, doing tests on me? Or better yet, use me to get to the others?” He didn’t know what she was talking about, but before he could have asked, she continued. “I have a better idea – go and fuck yourself!” And with that, although there was absolutely no point in it, she jumped from her seat and started for the door.

Ward was on his feet in a moment, catching her halfway and grabbing her hand, forcing her back to her seat with a little more force than absolutely necessary.

“What’s wrong with you?” He slipped; he slipped and let his mask of patience fall down. He let out a huff of a breath once she was sitting again.

“What’s wrong with me?” she repeated, her voice rising. “What it could be? It’s just that the last time S.H.I.E.L.D. come to my home, they massacred everybody!”

Her words were followed by utter, complete silence. Ward blinked at her, trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together, the world spinning around him. He just didn’t understand what she was talking about – S.H.I.E.L.D. massacring people? That couldn’t have been right. He had seen a lot of ugly things S.H.I.E.L.D. did in the name of the greater good, but killing the population of a whole village? Nothing seemed to warrant that, not to mention that he should have had heard of an operation that big. It just wasn’t adding up.

He counted to three in his mind, then let her go.

“I’m nothing like that,” he told her, although even he wasn’t sure he was telling the truth. What was going on here?

He walked to the corner, reached up, and turned off the camera there. Then walked back to the table, and slowly removed his firearms from their holsters – the left first, then the right –, and laid them out in front of her on the table.

The girl looked up at him, confused.


“I want you to trust me,” he told her, with a lot less emotion than he felt. “I’m unarmed; you have your power, whatever that might be. You can overpower me, if you want – kill me, even –, and you can run. I’ll even tell you where to go once you’re out of this room.” He looked into her eyes, gaze unwavering. “Or you can stay, and tell me what’s going on, and then I can help you. Maybe,” he added. “But I want you to know – you can trust me.”

The girl hesitated for a moment, her eyes wide, her gaze searching him. Then she leaned back in her seat, took a deep breath, then started talking, looking at the wall behind him.

“When I was a baby, my family lived in small village in China – my mother was a local, my father an American surgeon. They met when he was there on a Doctors Without Borders Mission.” He could see the tears glisten in her eyes, but she didn’t stop, and he didn’t interrupt her. “Then one day S.H.I.E.L.D. came – they were looking for my mother. She was special, you know? We have a name for it, but I think you guys would call her ‘gifted’.” He nodded, urging her to go on. “They killed everybody in the village; my father, too, although he managed to hid me first. As for mother?Her body was never found.

“It was my Uncle Gordon who found me, took me to Lai Shi – that’s the home of my mother’s people. Don’t even ask where it is, I won’t tell you,” she added sharply. “That’s where I grew up, raised by the elders who knew my mother. But then a…” She trailed off, choking up. “A couple of weeks ago Uncle Gordon disappeared. I left, trying to find him, but…”

“You were captured, too,” he finished for her, a new kind of sympathy for her coming to life within him. She gave him a tiny nod.

“They killed him.”

Instinctively, he reached over the table and placed his hand atop hers.

“Hey,” he told her, making her look up at him. “I don’t know what you are talking about was – it just couldn’t have been an authorized S.H.I.E.L.D. operation –, but I know a couple of people who’d like to hear about it. And find out what really happened. And for that, we’ll need your help.”

She let out a teary chuckle.

“And why would you do that?”

“Because that’s what I took an oath of – protection. And it seems like now it’s your turn to be protected. Yours, and everybody else’s who might be harmed in this case.” He took a short pause, then continue. “Look, I can’t promise you much. We might not even get anywhere with this. But believe me when I say: you don’t have to be afraid of me.” He squeezed her hand. “Just as I’ve already told you: I want to help. And I want to get to the bottom of it as much as you. Are you in?”

She regarded him for a moment before nodding.

“Alright. But if catch even a little foul play, I’ll bolt, and you’ll never see me again.”

“It’s a fair arrangement,” he nodded, letting go of her hand. “But if we are to be really partners in this – can I at least get your name?”

She smiled faintly at him.

“It’s Ju. But you can call me Daisy.”

A/N: As for the name Ju – I checked it, it’s an existing Chines name for girls, meaning “daisy flower”. Since in the AU Skye was raised by the elders of Lai Shi – with whom Jiaying conversed in Chinese – I think it would be logical for them to call her by the Chinese equivalent of her name.

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Body Shots?

This one is for you, hagridstail.

A/N: I don’t know how I feel about this. It turned out alright I guess. Here Is the Doctor AU as requested. (I edited, but it’s unbeta’d so there may still be mistakes). Let me know how this is, I would love to get criticisms.

“NOOOOO! Oh god, please, there has to be another way! I’ll do anything!” Anna pleaded, now on her knees in the doctors office while the nurse informed her of the bad news.

More shots. Yes, plural shots. Two to be exact.

“Miss Anderson, it’s really fine. Just one in the arm and one-”

“IN THE BUTT. YES I HEARD. That’s so invasive though! I mean come on!” The redhead pouted, her eyes drawing tears in hopes that the nurse would pity her and let her go. The man just groaned and walked out muttering about how shitty his pay is for all the crap he has to put up with.

“Elsa! We’ve got a situation down in room five that I need you to take care of. Some girl rebelling against shots. Seems like she’s afraid of the needles.” The nurse entered Elsa’s office, causing the blonde to look up from her paperwork, peering at the young man through her glasses.

“Hans, you know I’m not good with the children. Especially the rebellious ones.” Elsa set down her pen and folded her arms, sending the auburn haired man a glare for interrupting her work which he returned to her in annoyance.

“Oh trust me, this is definitely not a child. But I think you’ll do better with calming her.”

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Fenton’s design was heavily based on the suit Danny’s avatar wore in that one online game he played in “Teacher of the Year”. Because I was going for a “techy” theme for him, as he’s the half who summons the gauntlets. He cracks jokes and enjoys fooling around every once in a while and he….really enjoys travelling around space i guESS

Phantom’s basically a tiny, not-so-evil Dark Danny in personality(another way to describe it; probably what would we get if Danny was ‘pure’ ghost). He has all the basic ghost abilities like in the original series (including his ice powers maybe??) And he gives Danny the ability to physically harm other ghosts (I’m also debating whether or not I give him the ability to ‘see’ ghosts even when they’re invisible//)

crooked teeth
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episode 14: crooked teeth
hello anyway here’s another episode of sadsoul advice club. this episode we talked about internet addiction, crooked teeth, and dealing with an overly attached boyfriend. also at one point one of our microphones glitched out for a second which actually sounded kinda……trill i guess

if you have questions that you want us to answer on the show, please email them to submit@sadsoul.info


'How do I ask someone's birth time/place?'

Okay, let’s be real we all have this huge issue as an astrology community. ‘How do I subtly ask someone about their place & time of birth’ okay this is so difficult for so many of us, here’s what u recommend for all of you

•don’t ask one right after another (pls) be patient

•ask them about their interests! Astrology might be one!! That will make everything waaaaay less awkward

•if you don’t know the person personally (I.e online friend/ friend who lives far far away) ifs a lot easier, literally say ‘hey so you were born in [insert country you know they were born in/ guess they were born in] and they’ll correct you if you’re wrong (!!! Easy as pie )

•if you know them in person it’s a bit harder because presumably you’ve known them for a while, you can try to guide the conversation into injuries (an injury you had/ or they had) when they/you say. Hospital say ‘oh, I was born there!’ And the conversation should fall into place, sometimes they need more prompting, you could try 'so were you born there too?’

•time of birth is waaaay harder, something I did once was bring up luck, i said 'yeah my lucky numbers are 10 and 17, it’s when I was born :)’ (you can totally bullshit this to prompt them) you can then ask them “what about you? What are yours!” They can either a) say the time of birth (nice) or b) say their actual lucky numbers, then it’s pretty easy to slip into “so why not your time? When were you born, is it like 13 😂 that’s so unlucky’ (okay I sound like a loser make it sound cool)

•try and be really calm, don’t scream it out,

•some people need more prompting, be patient you won’t regret it

Hope this helps, send me feedback/ things that work for you!

Dear Girl Stories Funnies #4

I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to be able to be here to post something funny for our Friday laugh but here I am and I’ve brought you another OnoD and HiroC classic for your listening pleasure! English subtitles of course and this one is rather amusing.. Ever tried to break up with your cellphone? Well HiroC tries to convince OnoD to break up with his cellphone with some pretty hilarious results.. Douzo..

That Siri is pretty sharp with her answers.. I guess the love is real.. Lol!

The Vampire Diaries W i k i AWARDS  ♱2015♱

These awards, are set to only one PC. Meaning: you can only vote once with your laptop/desktop. So MAKE IT COUNT! or GO ON A BUNCH OF OTHER PC’S;)


The exciting news?!

We have a couple fan favorites in several of it’s categories ღ

Miss Bonnie Bennett A.K.A. Kat Graham ♥ 

If you love Bonsterr & want to vote for her in whichever category, I am sure Miss Kitty Kat would surely appreciate it ♡ 

Also, we have another fan fave! I’m sure you guys guessed.

Course you guys KNEW! How couldn’t you? He was one of the best parts of season 6!   

Just sayin’. 

Malachai ‘Kai’ Parker A.K.A. Chris Wood

And we all know why I am leaving this here. You all go and vote now. Chris adores each and all ☝  

You have until September 10th. Here is the LINK:






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Okay tagged as many as I possibly could think of at the moment at 8:40 AM without sleeping lol;) please pass it around lufflies xx


“Painting Tsunomon and Punimon”

Shaboodles ya’ll and pleasant Saturdays to you! LittleMissSquiggles here with some more practice art. Still getting the hand of them digital watercolour painting skills XD. I decided to pay a little homage to one of my favourite Saturday morning cartoons. Digimon: Digital Monsters. Painted the cuter halves of my favourite digimon of all time.
Can you guess who it is?

For all you old school Digidestineds in the audience, remember Tsunomon and Punimon? Here’s the finished digital watercolour painting along with a glimpse of my process for it.

I’m REALLY proud of this one. A definite improvement from my last one yesterday with Ruby. I’m hoping to do another digi-themed practice painting before the end of the day so look out for that one too. Until then, as always enjoy the art! Feeling nostalgic yet?

~LittleMissSquiggles (2015)

Serendipitous Service

A/N: So, I feel like I should do something much bigger than a short little drabble for my 1K+ followers, but I have so many other things on my plate that I’m kind of at a loss for what to do. Please accept this short little modern AU drabble as a token of my appreciation for all of you lovely people. I don’t write a whole lot of modern au at the moment, so in that sense, I guess it is kind of special I’m taking another crack at it…maybe I’ll draw something later, too—but my fanart sucks and I think that would be punishing you more than anything else.

dragonescence posted a bunch of modern AU prompts, and I like this one:

“me and my friends are passing through but our car broke down a little ways from your dusty old mechanic shop and damn am i glad that it did.”

“God, it’s hot as balls out here!” Rachel grumbled, looking conspicuous with her loosely hanging tank top, no bra, and neon orange nails drumming impatiently over cut-off shorts.

She gathered her abundance of blonde hair atop her head, holding it with one hand and vigorously fanning herself with the other. Her eyes scanned the arid horizon along the lonely stretch of Nevada highway, on the road to Las Vegas. There was nothing around them but some Podunk town, surrounded by vast desert, with faded signs threatening the end of civilization for miles. Rachel narrowed her eyes at Astrid, as if it were all her fault. Like she had willed her car to sputter to a halt on the outskirts of Nowhere, USA.

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I guess my comic can be a bit confusing since I’m trying to avoid slowing down the story to explain the world as I would rather just show it as the story progress. Buuuuuut there was some confusion, so I made an info page! I plan to have another one of these after chapter 2 explaining ‘our world’ and Tavarsia and the gates and stuff.

Also, I’m not aiming for 100% historical accuracy here, I simply don’t have the time to do all that research before my final exhibition. I also know very little about Pagan magic, I’m just winging it with that as a base??? or something. idk. I’m sorry.

also sorry if there are typos, i’ll fix them tomorrow

another in my P2 “where are they now” series - Detective Tatsuya! I really liked how this one came out - since he’s about 33 here (18 in P2 +15 years) and looking at his father and older brother, I figured he’d have very few wrinkles.

I mixed a little bit of Katsuya and Dadsuya in there (Tatsuya’s dad looks basically like an older version of Tatsuya), and a sprinkle of Philemon of course.

Here he is with his favourite coffee mug which was given as a special gift when he got promoted to detective (guess who gave it to him?)

Secrets Part 3

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Heated Make out Session, Some Removing Of Clothes, Mentions of Getting Hit By a Car

Part 1,  Part 2

Again, sorry for the gap in between parts. I’m trying to get everything on my list done….one story at a time. And again, I planned on ending this series here, but I couldn’t, so I guess there’s going to be another part down the road.

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So, with the lovely gem-power‘s permission, I did a redraw of another one of their fan fusions! This is Coral, a fusion between Garnet and Rose. The gauntlets shoot mini Rose shields which I find hilariously awesome!

I would honestly cosplay this in a heartbeat!

I’m sorry I couldn’t do the ruffles justice. They were the only thing I struggled with! And I took a guess at what her lower-half would look like, as well as the gauntlets’ details.


Here is the original: http://gem-power.tumblr.com/post/123706864506/gem-power-coral-my-fan-fusion-of-rose-and

Thank you so much again for letting me draw another! I might do one more xD

I guess I haven’t posted this here before. This is another popular piece of mine. And another Star Wars-themed one. Basically I wanted to do a Deadpool piece but also had interest in doing a Darth Maul one. So I ended up realizing that Darth Maul and Deadpool had similar builds and colors and it just went from there. Also realized that Harley Quinn’s Jester cap had a similar shape to a Twi’lek’s head tentacles in the Star Wars universe. So I ended up blending costume elements of Harley Quinn and Aayla Secura and it all just kind of came together.

anonymous asked:

Noah fence but where did you get that statistic about males committing 97% of all rapes? It's important that people reblogging your posts know who conducted it, under what circumstances and how old it is. Ain't nobody gonna take your word as gospel

Its amazing how this web search engine called Google works, it’s almost like, if you’re unsure of something someone says, you can look it up yourself! 

Anyways on page 2 and on page 10 it states that 99% of rapists are male, guess I was cutting men some slack when I said it was only 97%. However, even as that is a government site, it was last updated in 1997 so I’ll find you a more recent one. 

Here’s another site that has sources as recent as 2008. Which, again, states 99% of rapists are male.

Here the FBI states that 98.1% of rapists are male, thats in 2013. 

Now, lets remember that false rape accusations are pretty rare. x

That same source states that 40% of rapes are never reported to the police. While that means that getting a truly 100% accurate statistic isn’t possible, that’s as close as we can get. That means that there are likely plenty of male rape victims who never come forward, but remember, there are also plenty of female victims who don’t come forward, either. If 98-99% of rapists are male, then male rape victims are being raped overwhelmingly by other males. If you care about rape victims at all, you would acknowledge that.