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John 6

Hello friends! It’s Nan here and I’m filling in for the lovely Bethany who is currently unavailable for the devotional tonight. So in order to make sure that nothing is lost from this devotional she’s so lovingly tended to, let’s pray: Dear Lord, thank you for this day and for this team of women all so ready to speak your Word and do your Will. I ask that the words here are confirmed as your own and that you open our hearts and minds to understand the nature of you. In your name I thank you for the people at home ready and willing to not only hear your word but to live it out. Amen.
So we’re looking at John 6 tonight (wouldn’t you know it – that’s exactly where I was in my personal Bible study!). Now I feel that this chapter can be broken into 3 basic parts: Jesus feeds the 5,000, the crowd follows Jesus, and Jesus reveals who He is. Now while some portions are larger than the rest none are any less important than the others I can assure you; just as in life no one portion of your life is more important than the other, all of it comes into play when God is the one writing the story.
First act then: Jesus feeds the 5,000. Obviously this is an awesome passage because of the miracle He performs yet like the crowds we sometimes forget what the true miracle of the passage was. Of course feeding 5,000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 tiny fish is quite the feat but I think that what happens at the very beginning of the passage is the coolest part: “When Jesus looked up and saw a great crowd coming toward Him, He said to Philip, “Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?” (V. 5) Now the reason that this is so cool is that it confirms the nature of Jesus, He sees masses that have come directly to Him after hearing His teaching – they sought after Him with motivations as simple as “Huh. I wanna see what this guy does,” and yet Jesus had compassion for them. He wanted to feed them, to make them whole and while He posed the question to Philip, the Word tells us that Jesus already had an answer! So not only did Jesus want to feed these people He had a plan to do so before they even showed up.

Now the next act comes along: the crowd follows Jesus. He goes away for just awhile and the crowd nearly immediately notices that Jesus isn’t there. Once again the moment focused on in this instance is that Jesus walks across the water (don’t get me wrong – super cool!) but I feel that it’s just as important that the crowd actively seeks Jesus when He leaves their presence; we later learn their motivation was out of whack but they followed after Him nonetheless. “Once the crowd realized that neither Jesus nor His disciples were there, they got into the boats and went to Capernaum in the search of Jesus.” (V. 24) The crowd of people barely knew this man but they knew that He was a provider, at the time they though His provisions were limited to earthly sustenance. Jesus fulfilled a need they had so they were desperate to find Him again because assuredly they would be hungry again!

The final act which is in my mind the most important part: Jesus reveals who He is. Now this act is notably longer than the first two and rightly so because it takes quite a lot to get this information to these thick-headed people (coming from a thick-head). Try to put yourself in the mindset of these people for just one second, try to remember the time before you knew who Jesus was; they followed a man who provided food for them from basically nothing and of course they followed out of the most basic instinct – need. They’re expecting that need to be fulfilled in the same way. Yet when they find this man He tells them that He has a food that they can eat which will  never leave them hungry and a water they can drink will never leave them never thirsty. So naturally they’re like “YES. SIGN ME UP,” only then does Jesus pull the rug out and tell them that He is the bread that leaves them full and the drink that quenches endlessly.
“Jesus answered, I tell you the truth, you are looking for me, not because you saw miraculous signs but because you ate the loaves and had your fill. Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. On Him God the Father has placed His seal of approval.” (V. 27)


As many know, this information ends up being too much for them to understand and properly digest. They came to address the need to survive whilst Jesus is addressing their need to be saved; yet their flesh rejects that this man could be the answer to the need that so crucially needs fulfillment. The crowd of people turn their noses up at Jesus when He tells them who He is. They see Him in the vision of man: “They said, “Is this not Jesus, the son of Joseph, whose father and mother we know? How can He now say ‘I came down from heaven’?” (V. 41)

Now the big question that nearly always comes up when studying Scripture is this: How does this apply to me right now?

The Bible is full of intricate and complex ideas and moments but God is so good in that oftentimes we can break it down into simple pieces. We’ve already broken it down into 3 acts, so let’s break those 3 acts down into 3 of the most important steps in any Christians’ walk.
1. Jesus supplies a need.
2. We follow Jesus in search of more supply.
3. Jesus reveals that He is the endless supply.

This is where Jesus gives us a choice, where we can either choose to be like the crowd and walk away or choose to be like precious Peter who when asked if he wants to leave Jesus responds with: “…Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” (V. 68) In Peter’s words we see the outcome of choosing to fulfill that need elsewhere, that there is no other place we can go where all of our needs are met in one man who is not only able to provide but wants to provide for us (just like we see in act 1!). While we don’t have to take a boat to find Jesus anymore we do have to choose to seek out His word and will in our lives daily in order to live out this eternal life that Jesus has invited us in on. These 3 steps are a trifecta that will repeat over and over in your walk with Jesus and my lovely friends please remember that you’re not always going to get it right.
The crowd didn’t get it right. They walked away. But Jesus didn’t stop loving them. He still lived out His mission and went to the cross for that crowd. In just the same way Jesus isn’t going to leave you in the moments you make the wrong choice. He will continue to be there, ready for you to admit like Peter did that there is nowhere else you can go to find fulfillment.

What is it you need? What is it you’re looking for? Will you trust that Jesus is all you need? Or will you be like the crowd?

-31 Women (Nan)

Timeless Finale/Cliffhanger/Renewal/Cancellation Thoughts

After being utterly mind blown by the finale and in desperate need of a second season I’d have to say I’m pretty satisfied if it didn’t get a second season.

Don’t get me wrong I would riot, build my own time machine and force NBC to renew it like everyone on social media has been saying so.

Maybe I’m just saying this to avoid feeling so desperate to have a season 2. That’s what I did for Rogue One–I legit said I hated the movie to avoid deny that Rouge One crew destroyed me & my soul. Yet here we are, I have 81 tabs of rebel captain fanfic open on safari and have ready every single 1080 fan fictions tagged Jyn/Cassian on A03. so I was totally and utterly in denial.

But right now I feel like I am at peace with the season finale. It tied up many loose ends but opened the can for endless new stories (like Agent Carter’s season finale or Terra Nova’s season finale but a bit more intense, this is a show made by the creators of Supernatural) Well off to fan fiction land until May (which is why they will announce the renewals and cancellations).

Personal Rant

SO besides the episode disappointing me in the lies it told us
Maggie’s backstory we got hit home with me and I bawled my eyes out from seeing it.
I am not technically out to my parents right now…nor will I be BUT that is for personal reasons aside not because they will react the way Maggie’s parents did.
…..but a few years ago that was my situation. AGAIN I am not out…but they themselves mentioned they wouldn’t support such disgrace and disgusting behavior and wouldn’t want me or my brother in the house if we were gay. AND around that time I had just figured out I was bisexual myself so I didn’t come out to anyone but myself. 
They themselves started to go to church about 3 years ago…and I thought to myself that “wow I REALLY am never going to come out to them” but here is the thing….they are more open minded thanks to their church and literally told us that if we were gay or bi or anything they would accept us because who are they to judge who we can or cant love.
After hearing that my chances of coming out to them is more likely but I just need time to figure out how to tell them. AND that is my own issue to figure out
ANYWAYS out of this whole rant I really just wanted to say that…seeing maggie share that story with Alex really hit me hard because if I had come out around the time I figured myself out I would’ve been homeless too and without help because my whole family is homophobic.
I just…I really do appreciate these scenes supergirl does give us about Maggie and Alex no matter how minimal.
A show that makes me feel any sort of emotion this hard is pretty darn awesome. (IGNORING the Karamel Stuff)

Here’s the resounding sound of the door getting kicked open. Whoops. You can always get a new one guys. 

“You two…you seriously left Wendy…poor innocent Wendy with that arrogant prickish asshole!? Do you even have any idea who he is!?” She was smiling but it was very very strained. She was mad at the two of them. How could they!? Did they know what he did to her!? 

Midori actually couldn’t care less about what’s going on between those two and Serena! He’s here to pick up his dear friend Walani and the door is open already how nice! He ran over and hugged her. “HiiIiii Walani!” He said cheerfully. He would pick her up…if he were stronger. “Thanks for coming with me on such short notice I’m…really nervous about this!” 

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So, explain this to me. Why is he so un-athletic in 12x04 and very much athletic in 12x12?

What changed? Is it the pants? Is it the fact that he is running to save Cas? Is it the adrenaline rush? I need answers dammit!

Being an hero isn’t half as glamorous as they make it sound, really