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Benji Kelly - Download ☼

This is my baby, Benji, I don’t really use him anymore so here he is up for download. Just a simple .Sim file. I am too lazy to go track down the CC so go and check out my Resources on my Homepage.

TOU: Though this is my first sim there is still a TOU.. 

-Please don’t change his face too much ;__; i’m still super attached, 

and you can use him for anything, just don’t be creepy with him,



Enjoy him darlings and have a simtastic day! ♥


⇩ B e n j i ⇩

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Okay! So I'm ready to launch my blog tomorrow but I just have one more question. How do I go about making connections with other ask blogs and interacting with followers? I know this might be a lil vague but your blog is so nice i just thought you might have some advice!! -dino anon

My biggest piece of advice here is try to talk to people, both followers and other ask blogs. I was kinda scared to to do this for a while, but I guarantee that everyone in the community is a sweetheart! Good luck darling!

oh, darling
i know you tried
you tried so hard
you gave it your all
and that counts for something
hell, it counts for everything
and here’s the thing:
i know you got hurt
i know you’re hurting now
but you will survive
you may be going through hell
but i know you’ll make it out with wings so strong
that the only option will be to soar upwards
so keep flying, angel
—  for an anon, you know who you are ♡
and for anyone else who may have needed this.

(cc, 2017)
very important things

look at this eyebrow diversity

we’ve got JJ, who’s eyebrows are in your face in a Totally Hetero, “Of course I don’t get them done, these are naturally perfectly shaped” way. no they’re not stop lying 

We’ve got “no nonsense eyebrows” for a no nonsense Otabek. 

Chris has luscious eyebrows, styled to perfection, because eyebrows are all a part of the sex appeal, darling. just please don’t come on the ice this time Chris there are CHILDREN WATCHING

Yuuri’s eyebrows are On Point, my personal fav, 10/10. 

Phichit’s eyebrows scare the living daylights out of me here, but no one is surprised when you have Ciao Ciao as your eyebrowspiration. ALSO CIAO CIAO YOUR EYEBROWS ARE TERRIFYING PLEASE CONTROL THOSE THINGS. 

Yurio’s eyebrows are thin and angry looking, just like our favorite smol angry kitten. 

Alright, thanks for acknowledging this v. important PSA. I’m going to go watch Ep. 10 for the millionth time now. 

Let's just call it Equal.

Today, women everywhere are marching for rights and equality. The fact that we still have to march for this subject in the year 2017 is ridiculous. So I ask, whoever you are that Still thinks women’s rights and equality are not important…..What are you so afraid of? That women will go on to do great things? Well darlings, We already have! Are you afraid women will become leaders? Oops Already have accomplished that too! Maybe we’ll prove once and for all that we really can do anything and everything in this world that you can do. Well damn … guess what… we’ve already proved that too! So now that that’s out of the way…
Ok, Maybe you’re just afraid we won’t Need you anymore.
Well, calm down my dears, I’m here to REASSURE you that we WILL always need you. We will always need each other. That’s the human way!

I’ve been in a band with all boys for 19 years. They are truly the most amazing men I know. They have always treated me with equal respect because they are dude enough to realize we are stronger together. We have a saying in the music industry that it’s not about gender, it’s about talent. Whoever has the talent, gets the gig. Simple.
See, you are scared because You are confusing a women’s demand for equality with “take over”. When really all you have to do is look up the word “equality” in the dictionary to realize that it doesn’t mean that we want to be better than you.
We don’t want to squash You or make You feel unimportant. We just want You to stop squashing us and making us feel unimportant. Stop and think about how you like to be treated. Seriously, get out a pen and list out all the rights that You have. List the rights over your body, your love, your life and your workplace… is everything just how You like it? Good! Let’s just call it equal then. Deal?



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Mary knew Dean wasn't straight ever since he, five-year-old at the moment, came home and informed that he had a serious matter to talk about with her. "I love Cas," Dean said. "His eyes are pretty, mommy, and he always lets me have a bite of his sandwich, and he smiles when I call him cute, and I gave him those blue flowers that are in your garden (they are blue just like his eyes!) and he kissed my cheek and mommy, I wanna marry him." When Dean comes out to her years later, she's not surprised.

mary and dean is my weakness omg ok

“Mom, I’m—I’m dating Cas.”

At the counter, Mary stills. Dean freezes too.

She suddenly whirls around, narrowing her eyes. Dean winces, waiting for the fireworks. 

“What day is it?”

He blinks. What?

“W-what?” He stutters out. 

“What day is it?” Mary asks again, calmly wiping her hands on a towel. “The fifth, right?" 

"Um…” Dean counts in his head, utterly bewildered. “Yeah?”

“Okay.” Mary smiles, turning back to the counter. “Three months exactly then." 

Dean stares at her, completely confused. 

Three months from what?

He had rehearsed this conversation in his mind so many times, but of all the possible reactions he had come up with responses to, that definitely wasn’t one of them.

He sighs.


“So when are you going to have him over for dinner?”

Dean blanks again. 

“I mean, I know Cas is over here practically every other day, but now we can do it properly.” She brings the apples over to the cutting board and starts slicing them into neat little chunks, smiling slightly. “Sam can interrogate him and I can ask all those embarrassing questions and—”

“Mom,” Dean blurts. “Why aren’t you freaking out?”

Mary pauses, looking up. “Hmm?”

Dean wrings his hands, avoiding her eyes.

“Cas’s parents totally freaked out, so why aren’t you freaking out?”  

Mary frowns.

“They did? Hmm. Maybe I should have a talk with them—”


What, Dean?” She turns to him, planting her hands on her hips. “Do you want me to freak out?” 

Oh no. She’s putting on the Mom Voice, which means Dean is ten seconds away from crumpling. Dammit.

“No, I just—”

He fumbles for the words. Mary watches him, an eyebrow raised.

“You just…” He swallows. 

“Don’t seem surprised,” he finishes lamely.

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Breakfast in bed
  • Feysand:
  • Rhys: here darling *hands tray*
  • Rhys: *while Feyre eats* isn't this nice
  • Feyre: yes if you didn't buRN IT
  • -
  • Nessian:
  • Nesta: here this will help heal your wings *hands tray*
  • Cassian: thanks *eats*
  • Nesta: isn't this nice
  • Cassian: it would be if you would stop taking my food
  • Nesta: *takes tray from him* fine
  • -
  • Elucien:
  • Elain: here you go *hands tray*
  • Lucien: Elain i'm gluten-free
  • Elain: more for me then
  • Lucien: wait wha-
  • Elain: omnomnom
  • -
  • Moriel:
  • Azriel: uhh here Mor *hands tray*
  • Mor: aww thanks Az *eats*
  • Azriel: isn't this nice
  • Mor: well if you stopped staring at me while i eat maybe
  • -
  • Amren: ugh i always have to get my own blood in the morning
Why Ochako is Actually a Complex Character


 So leggo.

 Now I won’t go into overall details about her because I already did that in this post that you can read right here, which I essentially discussed how she’s actually an amazing WSJ heroine and whoever voted her the worst should put their heads in sand because they don’t deserve to see the rest of the world (I kid I kid, promise!).

 Rather, I wanted to challenge the viewpoints people have of her and really argue on the fact that Ochako Uraraka is actually more of a complex character than we give her credit for. Most often than not, the fandom looks towards Katsuki or Izuku or even Todoroki and they build them up and go on and on about their complexity in the series. Hell, those three are my friend’s favorite characters and they are fan favorites for a multitude of reasons that they deserve. I myself have made numerous posts about Katsuki since we are given such complex views of him as well as the others in the series. They are the main focus in the story and their growth has been some of the best we’ve ever seen in a series.

 However, characters iike Ochako, who actually does have a lot of complexity and dimensionality, get lost in their wake and I really want to talk about that.

 Most often than not, when we see Ochako, we see this bubbly smiling girl who has such a wonderful and positive attitude that sometimes comes off ditzy. One glance at her and the words that come to mind are cute, adorable, fluffy, etc because that is the type of character that she mostly is. She is the female support of Izuku and the way she contributes to the story is with her adorable attitude that lightens up the mood in certain situations like the Ground Zero fight and even the room competition (did you see how cute she was with Iida’s glasses!?).

 Yet, what bothers me and possibly other really hardcore fans of her is that she isn’t just this bubbly character that smiles on the side but she does have complex issues that really makes her character more interesting in comparison to other characters.

 I mean for starters, this girl is the QUEEN of keeping her emotions from people and really suppressing them in most situations and not letting them get in the way of what she wants to get done.

 For example, the first real example of this is when she lost to her fight with Katsuki.

Now let’s remember situational factors going into this: we just found out her true goals into going to heroics (which was said in a much more serious tone than we had ever seen from her before)

we found out she was incredibly nervous to be facing Katsuki (and again WAS SUPPRESSING HER EMOTIONS)

we saw her rejecting Izuku’s help (as well as her little speech about feeling ashamed)


 So seeing her crying when she’s speaking to her family isn’t just some small defeated thing but it really gives us so much insight in her character and who she is as a person. We finally see how truly hard she is on herself and the perfectionist personality that she usually keeps hidden from others. You can even see by her facial expression when Izuku left that she put on a face for him to not let him get more worried then he already was. 

 And then don’t even get me started with her attitude during the Hero License Exam because oh my gosh, that was so powerful from her.

 From that, we first see her being so strategic af:

Then we get this amazing speech from Izuku about her and how he could have told the difference between her and Kemi (notice the plan part!)

Of course her being a BA here cuz eh why not, she’s really grown from her training


I just

There are so many moments of Ochako that I missed that would have proved my point even further than this but these moments here showcase how complex and really interesting Ochako is as a character.

 The bubbly personality that we see from her is only a piece of the whole picture and you could even argue that she’s so good at suppressing her emotions that it’s the personality she chooses to portray to others to keep her other emotions away from people because she doesn’t want to burden others. I personally don’t know if that’s true at all and maybe it is, maybe it isn’t but the fact is that she isn’t just some character that sits on the side and looks cute and adorable. There are so elements about her that makes her different and the fight she had with Katsuki really changed her as well as her inspiration from Izuku. She took both of those interactions with those characters and used them to better herself and it’s just SO POWERFUL. Not many shounen female heroines do that so it’s so refreshing to have Ochako be the way she is.

 Overall, as obvious as it must be, Ochako is one of my favorite characters and I’m so excited to see the growth she’s going to have more in the series. Her feelings for Izuku got cut off during the exam so that’s an arc we need to get from her and I know I want to see Ochako kicking Katsuki’s ass and actually winning to show how much she’s grown from the beginning. I have so much hope that Horikoshi has so many plans for her character and I’m so excited to see what he has in store for her and how he will continue to build upon her.

 Regardless, Happy Birthday Ochako!

 TLDR: Ochako is a very complex character and I wish more people celebrated that.

I swear by the end of this, you’re going to know that it’s for you. I’m going to be flat out 100 percent honest with you. I’m a fucked up person. I should’ve chased you, but I didn’t. I guess I’m just exhausted. Physically tired of heartache. Emotionally tired of myself. Mentally fatigued from words like love and trust. My body at the age of 23, darling, I’m over it. I keep pumping all of these drugs into me like some rockstar, I’m not. I’m human. I’m fragile. I’m broken. I have told you before, did I not? I said I’d be here and that I’d wait until you figured out what it is that you wanted. That’s the thing, I still don’t know what you’re looking for. Comfort before the storm hits? A writer who’ll leave poetry on your lips? That’s the thing, where does it begin? When does it end? I think we’re both lost. We don’t know. What are you looking for? A few weeks ago, I used to look at you and try to find those things– a writer does these things. I’m looking for an answer that you can’t give. It’s never straight between us, we’re both tired of the bullshit. So I’m giving it to you straight. The other day, an I love you slipped out of your mouth. Oh darling, I don’t know love, but I know that you don’t love me. You just need someone to be there for the time being, until you figure it all out… and me? I’m not that person. I’m nothing close to it. I’m damaged, just like you. I did it to myself, and that’s our difference. You’ve been hurt by people before, me? I’ve been slitting my wrist on lips for a whole decade. It’s how I am, I go into things heart first and then I just sit there by myself wondering what the fuck just happened? You said that you got my number for a reason, you said that you’re doing this for a reason– if you had a better life, if I had a better life– would you even bother talking to me? I’m nothing, just a writer to soak up more of your time. That’s the thing about all of this isn’t it? Are we just wasting more time? You’re not looking for love like how I am. You’re not looking for yourself like how I am. I’m lost. When you say that you’re depressed, you never give me the why. It’s because people stood you up. It’s because you’re lonely. It’s because life isn’t easy. Darling, even millionaires must have a few challenges. If life was easy, we wouldn’t be here. If life was easy, there wouldn’t be any writers. If life was easy, there wouldn’t be any art for us to buy. If love was easy, there wouldn’t be a flood of strangers at bars looking for people to fix something they didn’t break. If love was easy, you wouldn’t need to read this. You do need to read this. It wasn’t all for nothing. You’re a strong person. You’re going to make it. With or without me, you’re going to pull through. The universe works in crazy fucking ways. This? This was one of its memories. We’re just heartache that didn’t happen yet. Yeah, I push people away. Yeah, I get kinda cold. Yeah, I get kinda sad. Yeah, I get pretty lit when it’s 6 am and I still didn’t sleep yet. Yeah, we’re both lonely, but that doesn’t mean that we need to know love like how we used to love them. Yeah, it’s going to hurt, but at least, it doesn’t hurt as bad. Not as bad, I guess I’m not different. I’m just another guy that was destined to hurt you, but at least I’m honest about it. You know one thing though? I’m proud of one thing. I’m proud that I didn’t say I love you to you because that would’ve hurt both of us. I don’t know a thing about love, I don’t. But I am indeed learning. You’re not in love with me, you just want me around so that it’s less lonely. But darling, that’s a cut we don’t need.
—  Dear Stacie
Feysand pickup lines

Feyre: *strolling through Velaris with Rhys*

Rhysand: *mischievous sideways glance* Feyre darling, if I had a dollar for every time I thought of you….

Feyre: *eye roll* oh here we go…

Rhysand: I’d have one dollar….




Rhysand: *chuckles* because you never leave my mind..

Feyre: *slips arm into Rhys’s, with a smile* that was better than some of your others.

Rhysand: *triumphant smile, kisses Feyre on cheek*

‘  all around the world girls will be girls  ’
‘  all i need is someone to love  &  tonight it’s you  ’
‘  all i wanna do is make love to you  ’
‘  and baby, talk dirty to me  ’
‘  can you, my darling, can you picture this?  ’
‘  dig if you will a picture of you  &  me engaged in a kiss  ’
‘  don’t come around here no more  ’
‘  don’t dream it’s over  ’
‘  don’t forget it’s me who put you where you are now  &  i could put you back there too  ’
‘  don’t give me no lines  &  keep your hands to yourself  ’
‘  don’t go away mad, just go away  ’
‘  don’t wish it away, don’t look at it like it’s forever  ’
‘  don’t you forget about me  ’
‘  don’t you want me, baby?  ’
‘  even then i knew i’d find a much better place, either with or without you  ’
‘  every now  &  then i fall apart  ’
‘  every now  &  then i get a little bit tired of listening to the sound of my tears  ’
‘  everybody dreams of angels  ’
‘  girls just wanna have fun  ’
‘  heaven isn’t too far away, closer to it every day  ’
‘  hey, little sister, what have you done?  ’
‘  he’s been knocking, he won’t leave me alone ’
‘  hold me now ’
‘  how am i supposed to live without you?  ’
‘  how could our love be so blind?  ’
‘  how do i get you alone?  ’
‘  how i love the way you move  &  the sparkle in your eyes ’
‘  i can’t believe you’re gone  ’
‘  i could never steal you from another  ’
‘  i didn’t want to see you go  ’
‘  i don’t belong to you  &  you don’t belong to me  ’
‘  i don’t know why i did the things i did  ’
‘  i don’t know why i said the things i said  ’
‘  i don’t wanna lose your love tonight  ’
‘  i don’t worry about nothing, no, cause worry’s a waste of my time  ’
‘  i guess it would be nice if i could touch your body  ’
‘  i guess that’s why they call it the blues ’
‘  i haven’t been there for the longest time  ’
‘  i just wanna use your love tonight  ’
‘  i know this much is true  ’
‘  i met her in a hotel lobby masturbating with a magazine  ’
‘  i need you more than ever  ’
‘  i never really cared until i met you  ’
‘  i never wanted to be your weekend lover  ’
‘  i only want to be some kind of friend  ’
‘  i pretend you still hold me  ’
‘  i really didn’t mean to hurt you  ’
‘  i remember you  ’
‘  i see your true colors shining through, i see your true colors  &  that’s why i love you  ’
‘  i still love you  ’
‘  i think we’re alone now  ’
‘  i wanna new drug  ’
‘  i want your sex  ’
‘  i won’t forget you, baby  ’
‘  if i could turn back time, if i could find a way, i’d take back those words that hurt you  &  you’d stay  ’
‘  if this ain’t love, you better let me know  ’
‘  if this is it, please let me know  ’
‘  if we blame it on anything, let’s blame it on the rain  ’
‘  if you fall i will catch you, i’ll be waiting time after time  ’
‘  if you want my love, you’ve got it  ’
‘  if you’re lost you can look  &  you will find me time after time  ’
‘  it’s a nice day to start again  ’
‘  it’s such a shame our friendship had to end  ’
‘  it’s the same ol’ ball  &  chain  ’
‘  it’s the same ol’ situation  ’
‘  i’ll be gone in a day or two  ’
‘  i’ll take my chances, i forgot how nice romance is  ’
‘  i’m going crazy, i’m losing sleep  ’
‘  i’m gonna keep on loving you  ’
‘  just one more night  &  i’m coming off this long  &  winding road  ’
‘  maybe i’ll be sorry when you’re gone  ’
‘  maybe i’m just like my father, too bold  ’
‘  maybe i’m just too demanding  ’
‘  maybe i’ve been hoping too hard  ’
‘  maybe you’re just like my mother, she’s never satisfied  ’
‘  my future’s so bright i gotta wear shades  ’
‘  no one will ever know how much i loved you so  ’
‘  once i ran to you, now i run from you  ’
‘  perhaps i should leave her, go far away ’
‘  she will play around  &  leave you  ’
‘  she’s got the looks that kill ’
‘  she’s the kind of girl you dream of  ’
‘  sometimes i want to give up,  want to give in,  i want to quit the fight  ’
‘  stay with me  ’
‘  tell her about it, tell her everything you feel  ’
‘  tell me how it is that you can sleep in the night without thinking you lost everything that was good in your life to the toss of the dice  ’
‘  tell me what it takes to let you go  ’
‘  tell me why can’t this be love?  ’
‘  tell me your troubles  &  doubts  ’
‘  the power of love is a curious thing  ’
‘  then i see you  &  everything’s alright  ’
‘  they could never tear us apart  ’
‘  things ain’t always what they seem  ’
‘  think of good tender things that we were working on  ’
‘  till now, i always got by on my own  ’
‘  too young to fall in love, guess we knew it all along  ’
‘  we are the youth gone wild  ’
‘  whatever you want, i’ll give it to you  ’
‘  what’s love got to do with it?  ’
‘  when i said that i love you i meant that i’ll love you forever  ’
‘  when i see you smile, i can face the world  ’
‘  where do we go now?  ’
‘  wherever you go, i’ll be with you  ’
‘  who knows how much further we’ll go on  ’
‘  why do we scream at each other?  ’
‘  words are like weapons, they wound sometimes  ’
‘  you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone  ’
‘  you feel so right  &  i could be wrong  ’
‘  you know i like my girls a little bit older  ’
‘  you know i’m a dreamer  ’
‘  you know there’s nowhere that i’d rather be than with you here today  ’
‘  you say i’m a dreamer, we’re two of a kind  ’
‘  you were the first to be the last  ’
‘  your love made me a prisoner, my heart’s been doing time  ’
‘  you’re all i need  ’


for your viewing pleasure, i provide…

caity lotz b-girling like a pro


12.03.2016 - Patrick Kane, intermission interview

Olczyk: I gotta ask you about the unique situation here with no Corey Crawford, you bring in a young guy who has no professional experience, I saw you go up to young Eric Semborski, the backup goaltender for Scott Darling tonight, give him a tap on the pads and just kind of make him feel welcome.

Kane: It’s different for sure, it’s the first time I’ve ever dealt with something like this, but at the same time I think it’s something the guys can have a little fun with. He walked into the locker room, we were joking around with him, saying he’s fined for being late in his first NHL game, things like that. But I’m sure it’s a pretty cool experience for him, to come in, be an amateur goaltender, play backup in an NHL game. It’s probably a pretty unique situation, so. We’ve had fun with him, he’s been great, he’s been very supportive of the guys in the team, so it’s been fun having him. Obviously disappointing not having Corey though.


Read in 2016 » The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

     "The job is mine, Shortcake,” Joshua’s voice says.
     To stop myself from standing up and punching him in the gut I’m counting one, two, three, four …
     “Funny, that’s what Helene just told me.” I watch his backside walk away in the glossed surface of my desk, and vow that Joshua Templeman is going to lose the most important game we’ve ever played.

Happy birthday to the snapchat queen, a PS wizard and a great friend @cobaltcharlie ;*

illyriantremors  asked:

Hey love! This isn't a fic request, first off, but I was re-reading MAF the other day and had to LOL because it's mentioned that Cass used to fight guys in his camp for the clothes off their back and I couldn't help but think, "Well what if that was how he trains Nesta? It would certainly get her to try her hardest not to lose." I thought you might get a kick out of the idea, haha. xx

Oh my god @illyriantremors this was here for literally months I am sorry darling ❤

“Put your guard up, sweetheart.” Cassian says, his voice booming in the hall.

Nesta does as she’s told, but he can see her back going straighter and the slightly darkened look in her eyes.

Always so against taking orders, his Nesta.

“Put the thumb out of your fist, love. Yes, like that.” he can’t help but feel the spark of pride in his chest every time his mate learns something new, every time her body moves quickly away from one of his attacks-if one can call them that, with the crushing fear of hurting her he always has-, the light reflecting on her fighting leathers making it hard for him to think of something that isn’t her warm skin underneath; but he manages.


Nesta stumbles again, still not accustomed to her new fae strength and height and Cassian takes the opportunity to pin her on the ground.

“I win.” he says, a grin spreading on his lips.

Nesta just lowers her eyebrows in response “That’s because you are an old General. You should be used to it, so stop grinning like a child.” she says, and he pouts for a moment, making her roll her eyes but he can just see the edge of a smile on her lips.

“Let’s make a bet, sweetheart.”

Nesta looks him right in the eyes at that and he’s still surprised at how that icy blue can rob him of his breath.

She doesn’t ask, just arches one delicate golden eyebrow.

“You lose a fight, you lose one article of clothing. Simple as it sounds.”

He waits, scanning her face for some signs, trying to understand if he stepped a line, but a predatory smile spreads on Nesta’s lips.

“Is the rule valid for you too, Commander?” she asks, her voice a low purr in his ears that make his arms shake.

He nods, more helpless than he would like to be and understanding that given that utter power that Nesta Archeron has on him, this wasn’t a brilliant idea, but maybe, just maybe, the memory of stealing clothes always leaves him cold and he wants to replace that cold with something warm and kind and Nesta.

Cassian isn’t prepared when Nesta moves, hitting his shoulder and nearly making him fall on his ass - he can’t help but notice how little strength she uses, as if she is scared of hurting him, but he does notice the flutter in his stomach at the knowledge.

It’s a matter of seconds and they are both on their feet again and the moment Nesta tries to aim a fist to his face Cassian takes her wrists and makes her twist around, her back against his chest, his hand around her throat.

“Well,” he says, peppering kisses on her jaw “I think someone has to pay up.”

Nesta arches even more into him, making his head a blank space, but she moves only to remove one of her boots.

He laughs, holds her gainst him “You’ll be the death of me.” he whispers so only she will hear it, his lips on the shell of her ear.

She’s in front of him in a blink, and he fought too many wars, so he knows that her already precarious balance will suffer from the absence of her boot, but she holds herself like a queen, not giving away any signs of discomfort.

She attacks first, again, trying to aim for his left leg with a kick but he moves away, making her stumble, but she regains her balance more quickly that he thought and grabs him by the front of his fighting leathers, using the movement to place her feet behind his ankle and using his own weight to make him fall, just like he taught her.

He smiles as his eyes welcome the ceiling and a very happy Nesta comes into view.

“Pay up.” she says, and he looks her straight in the eyes as he unbuckles the upper part of his leathers and he sees as her eyes go dark, her lips slightly parted and his blood starts racing.

He moves up so that their lips are only inches apart and his mind screams her name, screams it so loud it echoes in the space between his heart and ribs.

He kisses her because he can’t resist her and they both know it, and when Nesta cups his face he whispers “Home,” he whispers “cabin,” he whispers “mine.”