but here you go at the end there is that one line about sandor

GoT Afterthoughts 7x07 The Dragon and The Wolf (Jonsa Edition) SPOILERS

So here we are -the finale. I’d like to bitch about how badly we’ve been ripped off by D&D, but I don’t want to be repetitive. lol

We begin our episode outside the walls of Kings Landing. It looks like the Unsullied have abandoned Casterly Rock for a display of power and muscle, and are quickly joined by the Dothriaki -whooping and hollering in a most obnoxious way (I truly dislike them). Jamie and Bronn watch from atop the ramparts for some lively “cock banter”, ya know, since D&D are epic writers and such.

Side note: I love how they slowed down Dany’s theme song here. At least the musical score is never disappointing.

We get a nice aerial shot of Euron’s huge fleet, as what’s left of Dany’s sails towards KL. Jon, ever a Northerner, is NOT impressed with KL.  Stay true to your roots, Jonny boy. Suspiciously (not really), Dany is absent. Gee … I wonder if she’s planning on a flamboyant dragon-styled entrance?

The Hound goes below deck to check if Bones is resting comfortably. The box is quiet -must have been that Dramamine they gave him to counter his seasickness. Nope -he’s awake, and clearly feels their hospitality leaves something to be desired.

Side note: I wonder if Jon inquiring how many people live in KL is a foreshadowing of a future disaster there? Remember that there are casks of Dragon fire buried everywhere beneath the city. I’m almost positive that will come into play next season.

We jump quickly to Cersei in the Red Keep who’s been informed that Dany isn’t with her entourage. How much you wanna bet that Cersei’s thinking the same exact thing I wrote above? She informs Ser Gregor that if anything goes wrong, he’s to kill the silver haired bitch first, then her brother and then the bastard who calls himself King.

Now we’re back with the entourage, and we get a bit of a history lesson about the dragon pit ruins, and Jorah says something I perceived to be very important (as well as synonymous of Dany and her conquering Targ ancestors):

Jorah: Dragons don’t understand the difference between what’s theirs and what isn’t. Land, livestock, children.


We learn how over time, with entrapment, the dragons withered away to nothing, small as dogs.

This particular part didn’t serve any purpose, other than to reunite the original brotp3, Pod, Bronn and Tyrion. We see that they all still have a fondness for each other -and perhaps a foreshadowing that Bronn will be switching allegiance soon. The Hound and Brienne also have a surprisingly friendly reunion, as they bond over their adopted daughter, Arya. I’m glad they brought her up, and I’m so very excited to see a Hound/Stark girls reunion next season!

So, we’re in the Dragon Pit now, and truthfully -this entire 20 minute scene was utter garbage, and I’m pretty pissed that they wasted nearly the entire finale on this flaming dumpster, tbh.

Clegane bowl is coming. Cersei is annoyed with Dany’s theatrical entrance (and truthfully, the extra-ness of it all was kind of lame). I guess it was necessary to put Drogon in the dragon pit? But when he flew away, let’s be honest -his wings would have sent those canopies hurling away and knocked everyone on their asses, too.

Euron’s a dick. Tyrion attempts to open the floor for Jon, Cersei is her usual snarky, skeptical and extra self (I fucking love her), and finally Sandor releases Bones, and ……  the Dramamine must have kicked in? Time for a jump scare!

Bones charges Cersei and is yanked back just in time. The Hound cuts him in half, but he keeps on coming until Jon does his sales pitch demonstration (how sad do you think Kit was that they made him do this terrible scene?) of fire and dragon glass (thanks Davos, for your assistance).

Euron peaces out -all but throwing up deuces upon his hasty exit, but not before propositioning Dany. Cersei agrees to the truce -tell me honestly -did you all REALLY believe her? She suddenly became so reasonable, which is schiesty as hell, if you ask me. She throws some shade at Dany, and asks Jon to stay neutral. Cersei specifically evokes the honorable Ned Starks name, insinuating that she can trust the son to be as honorable as daddy dearest.

Did this jump out at any of you? Because of course Cersei does know that Ned was honorable -yet, she also knows that he had forsaken that very honor in the end, for his daughters -at the request of Sansa (per Cersei) to save his life (and probably hers) which was all for naught because Joffrey was a cunt, as Sandor would say -but you get the point to this clunky run-on sentence, right? And not only that, but he LIED to everyone, and especially the people he loved and cared about (his wife, best friend, family) to save the life of his nephew -and he went to his grave with that secret.

So what am I saying? Honorable Ned wasn’t above lying for the greater good, or to protect the ones he loved. Does that put some things in perspective for you?

Back to our story (however shitty it is for the time being) Jon declines. Choosing this moment to back Dany, and again “figuratively” bending the knee to her -this time publicly.  

Side note: Dany’s face in this moment. She’s so smitten with Jon.

Cersei basically tells everyone to fuck off, and exits stage left. Brienne attempts to slap some sense into Jamie, uttering two words that stop him dead in his tracks: FUCK LOYALTY. This isn’t about honor and following whomever you’re loyal to -it’s about humanity. Did she appeal to his better side? Methinks so.

Now everyone takes the time to belittle Jon for doing the very thing that they haggled him about for the entire season. But Tyrion the KING of bad ideas this season, has yet another -he’ll go talk to Cersei alone.

He magically warps to the Red Keep, somehow making it through the city and the castle without being murdered for the hefty price on his head, but …. that D&D logic, tho. He and Jamie say “goodbye” one idiot to another (hey, you guys said it -not me), and as foreboding music drones in the background, the standoff begins. But, so I guess that Jamie and Tyrion decided to let bygones be bygones?

And to one of my favorite scenes of the episode -my God, Lena and Peter SLAYED THIS SCENE! After the accusations fly, Tyrion tells Cersei to have him killed -the Mountain reaches for his sword and begins to unsheath it, but the order is never given. Cersei looks torn. Perhaps she isn’t as heartless as she tries to portray? Perhaps a tiny part of her does have affection for her little brother? Or maybe she just doesn’t want anymore Lannisters to die? I’m not entirely sure of her motivations, but she certainly looked gorgeous in this scene, though.

After Tyrion collects himself (and likely wishes for a clean pair of shorts), he downs a goblet of wine and pours his sister a cup. We know now that he does regret killing his father (despite deserving it), and that Tyrion really doesn’t want to see the end of his family. Is he lying? Doubtful. He loved her children as she did (except for Satan incarnate, Joffrey). He realizes that Cersei is once again pregnant, and somehow appeals to her better senses ….

And I’m just here SCREAMING at the TV: why do you all believe her??? This is Cersei -the son Tywin always wanted -but with a vagina (oh, the irony)!!

We jump back to the Dragon Pit where Jon is back to brooding as he shuffles through some dragon bones. He lets his disappointment in the turn of events known, as Dany decides to join him. She tells him she respects what he did (is that what we’re calling it now? did ya’ll see her face when he announced his allegiance with her? It’s cool Dany -I “respect” Jon snow sometimes when my hubby isn’t around, too 😂) and then begins telling him how the end of the Dragons is what really spelled the end of her house. The dragons made them extraordinary -without them, they are just like everyone else. (BINGO).

This leads to Jon complimenting her -she’s not like everyone else and her family hasn’t seen its end because she’s still here. Dany follows up that she can’t have children -in case you missed that last episode Jon, when she said the Dragons are the only children she’ll ever have, and then you nodded your understanding when she point blank asked you if you understood. Remember? Oh, are you just double checking? Okay my son, carry on ….

*So this is important:

J: Who told you that?

D: The witch that murdered my husband.

J: Did it occur to you she might not have been a reliable source of information? (Because clearly it’s occurring to Jon).

D: You were right from the beginning. If I’d had trusted you everything would be different.

J: So what now?

D: I can’t forget what I saw north of the wall, and I can’t pretend that Cersei won’t take back half the country the moment I march north.

So -let’s do a bit of reading between the lines here, shall we? What we know now: Dany fully trusts Jon, when she didn’t before. When Jon asks her “what now?” It’s pretty clear that he’s unsure whether or not he can trust her to prioritize the NK and his army over Cersei and the Iron Throne. And her answer lets him know that he’s in the right with his suspicions.

J: It appears Tyrion’s assessment was correct, we’re fucked.

You sure are, Jon. Better think of something quick -because apparently just “bending the knee” may not be sufficient -and you do need those dragons and army.

As if by cue, Tyrion returns -Cersei and her entourage in tow and she agrees to help and delivers one of the most epic lines of the evening: “perhaps you’ll remember that I chose to help with no promises or assurances from any of you.”


Now I want to ask if ANY of you caught the look that passed between Jon and Tyrion here? Admittedly, I didn’t on my first watch -but it’s plain as day. Remember it -I’ll return to it later, because I actually think it may be important.

Now we take a ravens POV, flying through the heavy snow towards Winterfell. Sansa sits irritatedly tapping her message from Jon on her desk. She’s not happy about the news she’s received. Seems like Jon finally decided to write home and let her know he bent the knee. You broke up with the North in a text message? Really Jon?  

Little Finger does what he’s always done -acts like he’s on everyone’s side while sewing his seeds of doubt and dissension. For those of you who were waiting for the crypt scene payoff: here it was …

While discussing Jon’s “reasons” for doing this, he drops the bomb that the Dragon Queen is rumored to be very beautiful. Why? My guess is he’s wondering if Sansa has the same subconscious affections for Jon that he displayed in the crypts.

S: what does that have to do with anything?

LF: Jon is young and unmarried, Daenerys is young and unmarried.

S: you think he wants to marry her?
(the thought obv never occurred to her, due to her reaction).

LF: An alliance makes sense. Together they’d be difficult to defeat. He was named KitN, he can be unnamed.

S: Even if I wanted to (she doesn’t) Arya would never go for it.

Shut down AGAIN, LF -Sansa isn’t going to turn on Jon. So, he switches gears back to Arya, thinking that’s the key to driving a wedge between her and Jon and setting the crown on Sansa’s head -get Arya out of the way.
He continues his little mind game, encouraging Sansa to play along, and by the scenes end, we’re made to believe she’s fallen for it and is on board. Really -unbeknownst to him, he just planted the solution to Jon’s birthright situation in her lap (when it’s revealed). Unite the North and South by marriage -together they’d be difficult to defeat …. hello Jonsa season 8!

And we’ve warped back to Dragonstone. They’re planning their strategy to head to Winterfell. Jon suggests that they sail together, and Jorah thinks Dany would be safer flying Drogon. Of course because she’s hot on Jon -she’ll take his suggestion -especially since we ALL KNOW the Northerners will NEVER see her as an ally. But she’s all: I’m going north to save them, not conquer them. 😏 So many nervous glances here amongst all the men …

The meetings over, and Theon catches Jon and Davos as they pass through the throne room (anyone else curious about what they may have been talking about?). Okay, and OMG, another important conversation with so much hidden in the narrative!

(I may paraphrase a bit here)

T: What you did in KL, you could have lied to Cersei about bending the knee to Daenerys. You risked everything to tell an enemy the truth.

But …did he?

J: We went down there to make peace, and it seems to me we need to be honest with each other, if we’re going to fight together.

See above.

T: You’ve always known what was right. Even when we were all young and stupid. Every step you take  …it was always the right step.

J: It’s not. It may seem that way from the outside, but I promise you it’s not true. I’ve done plenty things I regret.

T: Not compared to me you haven’t.

Clearly, he’s referring to betraying the Starks.

J: No. Not compared to you.

Clearly he has no intention of betraying his family like Theon did -although I do believe he intends to betray someone.

T: I always wanted to do the right thing. Yada yada. It always seemed like their was …an impossible choice I had to make. Stark or Greyjoy.

Confirmation here. Jon’s angry. He’s angry that Theon betrayed their father -who although may not have been his true father, he treated him like a son-better than Theon’s own father -sound familiar?

J: Our father was more a father to you than your own father ever was.

T: He was.

J: And you betrayed him, betrayed his memory.

T: I did.

J: But you never lost it. He’s a part of you, just like he’s a part of me.

Jon may as well be having this conversation with himself next season! Well - at least parts of it.

T: But the things I’ve done …

J: Its not my place to forgive you for all of it. But what I can forgive, I do. You don’t need to choose. You’re a Greyjoy and you’re a Stark.

*I love this little nugget, because I feel like it gives credence to my Wars of the Roses meta theory -that Jon will combine both sides of his heritage/houses into one. Although, the deeper meaning behind it, is he’s allowed to be both without betraying the other. And …. he will always be a Stark.

The conversation continues with Theon explaining that Yara tried to save him -she needs him now. And Jon gives Theon his blessing to go get his sister: “So why you still talking to me.”

This scene with Jon was truly beautiful, with true healing quality for Theon. A little bit of old Theon emerges when he doesn’t stand down to one of Yara’s men and takes a hell of a beating (damn, he really is a Stark -can’t keep my babies down!) and succeeds in rallying the men behind him. Not for him -for Yara!

We return to Winterfell where a very forlorn Sansa stands upon the ramparts in her and Jon’s “spot”. Is she thinking of him? I believe so -but that might just be my pesky shipping goggles. Sophie Turner has looked exceptionally beautiful this season -like bewitchingly so. She’s always been lovely -but damn. Shaking off her sadness: my skin has gone from porcelain, to ivory, to steel -she steels herself for what must be done, and orders the guard to have her sister brought to the Great Hall.

We flash to the Great Hall. Arya is escorted in, as Sansa and Bran sit like they’re about to judge her. Arya and LF share a “fuck you” stare, and Arya asks Sansa if she “really wants to do this?” Sansa replies that honor demands it, and after Arya’s “get on with it”, Sansa rattles off charges, and then flips the script on LF, leveling the charges on him.

Haha! He blinked so hard, I thought he was about to fall over! As Sansa annihilates him with charges, he stumbles with excuses, but all 3 Starklings gangbang his ass, and he’s done for.

Using his own lessons and words against him -the student has surpassed the teacher. “I am a slow learner, it’s true -but I learn.”


And with a nod of Sansa’s head, and despite his resorting to crying and begging, Arya slits his throat before he even realizes what hit him. For all his scheming, what was his legacy …? I would have liked to see him go out with a bit more fight -but maybe that’s the point.


To the Starks, who fought to make it back to Winterfell and each other -family is everything. They’re a united front.

We jump back to KL for the last time this season. Jamie is going over battle plans with the Lannister soldiers. Cersei dismisses them and asks Jamie what he’s doing- he tells her that he’s planning his expedition north. Cersei resorts to her usual cruelty: “you really are the stupidest Lannister.” She tells him it was all a ruse, and Jamie’s not happy about this. After accusing him of conspiring against her and telling him that Euron didn’t really tuck tail and run, but instead went to pick up the mercenaries she purchased with the help of the Iron Bank, Jamie finally grows a pair! He pledged to ride north and he intends to. Cersei’s last bit of treachery is FINALLY the straw that broke the camels back!

Cersei threatens his life -reminiscent of her earlier scene with Tyrion. Jamie calls her bluff, and again she doesn’t act on it. And as our hero leaves for the North, Winter has finally arrived at KL. (Told you better things were in store for my Golden boy … can he really be TPTWP?)!!

We head back to Winterfell -Sam and Gilly have arrived and Sam seeks out Bran. Not gonna lie -this part confused me a bit, because I thought Bran was all knowing ….yet, he asks Sam WHY he’s come to Winterfell. Also -it’s Sam who informs him that Jon isn’t a bastard. Also -why has Bran told this to Sam, and not his sisters? Unless he has? And we just haven’t seen it? Like the Starks conspiring against LF? Makes me wonder of the other things that may have happened offscreen this season, too ….

Bran does what he does and goes back in time to witness Lyanna and Rhaegar’s marriage -Roberts Rebellion was built on a lie. Jon’s real name is (barf) Aegon Targaryen, and he’s never been a bastard -he’s the TRUE heir to the Iron Throne -all of this over boatbang, sucking all the romance out of the coupling and painting it in an ominous light -just as I suspected. Remember when I told you all that CONTEXT was everything, and that there was a reason we found out about Jon’s parentage prior to boatbang -and the reasoning behind overlapping R/L’s wedding wasn’t to depict this EPIC romance, but to instead imply incestuous overtones and foreshadow the future Targbowl? Yep. That’s about it in a nutshell. But, more about boatbang towards the end -as well as my suspicions …

We return back to Winterfell, where our Starkling sisters are perched upon the ramparts. Here they confirm their bond, both understanding the true strength of the other, and that despite each others quirks -they love one another and will take care of each other ….just as their father would have wanted. “When the Snows fall and the White Winds Blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”  Despite their losses, the Starks are a pack, and they will endure.

Lastly, we shoot to Eastwatch, where everyone’s favorite ginger is perched atop the lookout post -probably daydreaming of Brienne. A horn blows as the NK’s army has finally reached the wall. Viserion, gorgeous blue eyes shining soars through the air with the NK on his back, and shooting flames to match his eyes -the wall begins to crumble.

We see people getting caught up in the destruction -hopefully not Tormund, because I’ll fucking riot, as the wall falls and the dead march forward into Westeros.

Winter is here.

Okay, so back to boatbang. Aside from the basics I outlined above -let’s break the scene down.

Jon stands before Dany’s door. His expression is troubled. He heaves a heavy sigh, then he lifts his hand to knock on the door -yet he hesitates before actually knocking. Why?

After Dany bids him entrance, Jon closes the door and we see Tyrion emerge from around the corner. Unless he’s been stalking Jon -he has perfect timing. Why is this? Could it be that Jon was just with Tyrion? Could that look they shared at the Dragon Pit mean something? Could Jon be the means as to which  Varys suggested Tyrion find a way to make Dany listen? Tyrion’s expression doesn’t look like jealousy to me -he looks concerned, worried even. Has he conspired against his queen, knowing how smitten she is with Jon, to stay the course and maybe feels guilty because he knows she’s falling for Jon and he’s playing her? Have secret discussions been going on offscreen, like with the Starks, only to be revealed later? You’ve kind of gotta wonder this season …

Look, whether or not you subscribe to the undercover lover theory or not, you’ve got to admit that there’s been a lot of oddness surrounding this rushed romance. Two episodes ago, Jon was ready to hightail it out of Dragonstone and never look back (and he didn’t, although Jorah did), and we’re suddenly supposed to believe he’s smitten? I guess If I shipped them, I’d want to believe that -but what about Jon’s odd behavior? The fact that while Dany has literally poured her heart out to him, yet he’s managed to share absolutely NOTHING personal with her is a HUGE damn red flag to me.


Could he be attracted to her? Sure. She’s quite beautiful and he’s not blind, but it seems that D&D have been hiding little clues within the narrative -they’ve also managed to successfully sabotage this relationship before it even got off the ground -with the parent reveal last season. The way I see it, is we’ve got a strong case here, and a 50/50 chance that this is all for show and Jon’s actually LISTENED to Sansa -that he’s being smarter than father and Robb, that he’s NOT a Northern fool -and he REALLY does know how to play the game. All this talk of Ned, and honor?

OR, he is truly a damn fool and Jon Snow really does know nothing …. I just can’t stand by this. If I’m wrong, fine -but everything screams at me that that Jon knows Cersei was lying, or just doesn’t trust she’ll follow through. Jon knows that  once Dany figures that out, she’ll probably want to go back south with her dragons and armies -pledging himself to her clearly didn’t work (as witnessed by her words at the Dragon Pit) -but clearly she’s smitten with him …he’s seen her heart eyes. What’s a sure-fire way to get her to commit to the war and assisting the North in fighting? Why, committing to her man, of course.

So, back to analyzing the sex scene. There was no lead up -no first kiss, no tender caresses -just a closed door and then BAM two naked (damn Kit, daaayum!) people. Dany seems to have taken the aggressive stance on top. Jon  flips her into missionary, and before he thrusts, STOPS -again, like at the door, he’s hesitating as he looks down at Dany, regretful -like he’s not sure he should do this -NOT because he doesn’t want her (he IS a man, after all), but because he’s feeling guilty about what he’s about to do (to her), as she stares up at him all dreamy-eyed and awestruck, and he doesn’t feel the same way. Make no mistake that I do believe he likes her as a person, but love is not reciprocated here.

He heaves yet another heavy sigh, with this same haunted expression, and then pants as he steels himself to go on -seemingly forcing himself to continue, squeezing his eyes shut as he kisses her. All I heard in my head was Arya saying “get on with it”.

This was not romantic epic love. Jon didn’t look at Dany like she hung the moon. We’ve all seen the way he’s looked at Sansa -

Vs. a very intimate moment with the woman he “supposedly” has fallen for?


I may be wrong about undercover lover, but I think that there was so much more than meets the eye here.

Buckle up babies -we survived season 7 and boatbang.

Season 8 is ours and Jonsa is STILL endgame. It is known. 😘

“they’re all liars here”

I know this is old, OLD news, but it turns out I’m actually never going to get over The Show giving Sandor Clegane’s backstory explanation & “they’re all liars here” line to Littlefinger. I mean … bad enough that you deprive a character of a scene so staggeringly significant to his characterization that you literally auditioned the actor by that scene … but of ALL the characters to then transfer those lines to … Why. WHY.

Because, okay. This is just a rough and unedited spilling of thoughts, so forgive me for not being terribly academic and thorough here, but look: the themes of truth and lies are central to Sansa’s character arc in the books. (Unless otherwise specified, everything I discuss here is from book-canon, btw.) Sandor and LF likewise both play significant roles in her storyline and are both involved in the truth/lies theme, but in rather different ways. When the Hound says that line about liars, it’s coming from the established context that he’s a guy who supposedly abhors lies and liars; a guy who — when alone with her, at least — often tries to break through Sansa’s armor of courtesy and elicit truthful reactions, even if they’re unpleasant ones. And yet, despite the famous “a hound will die for you but never lie to you” line … Sandor actually lies a lot. Especially in public. Regardless of whether he completely buys his own cynicism when he says shit like “killing is the sweetest thing there is,” he definitely lies more than once in service of protecting Sansa. And so here, as he calls Sansa out on being a bad liar, it’s hypocritical but also extremely reflective of the fact that Sandor is a deeply broken former romantic: he disdains lying because he was made to feel that the honest, honorable world he once believed in was itself a lie, but he feels that lying is necessary because the world’s terrible, so you have to be terrible to survive in it, so better get good at being terrible. It’s a worldview directly opposed to Sansa’s own idealism / romanticism and her tendency to show humanity even to those who frighten her or have harmed her … And ultimately, I think Sansa — and the narrative — pretty definitively prove Sandor’s cynicism wrong. 

Whatever The Show may be, I think that ASoIaF is not a grimdark, cynical work on the whole. There’s a lot of awful, terrible things in it, yes, but I think we’ll see a triumph of kinder values in the end. After all, “The North Remembers” is not a statement just about revenge, but about honor and loyalty. Ned was merciful and honorable and he died an unjust death for it, and in the short term, that seems to make a good case for being cynical and ruthless … but in the long term, we see that House Stark and its silly honor have inspired a loyalty that unites and motivates and endures. Likewise, the promise of healing/renewal trumps cynicism/destruction with the “death” of the Hound persona and the claim that Sandor Clegane has found peace. “The Hound,” now an identity currently being shuffled around between some pretty bad dudes, proved to be 1) a persona false enough that Sandor was able to shed it and survive without it, and 2) far worse than the actual man underneath.

The way Sandor uses falsehoods is actually not unlike Sansa’s porcelain / ivory / steel sentiment or her aloof, self-effacing “armor of courtesy.” Both are means of protecting oneself against the dangers (both physical and emotional) of a world that has proven itself to be far crueler than Sansa believed it to be before Ned’s death or that Sandor believed when he was just a kid who wanted so badly to be a knight. I do think it’s possible LF started out with something of the same mindset; there’s some indication he too might’ve been a romantic as a child, the underdog dueling for the sake of true love and all. If Sandor wields lies as a shield, however — a means of protecting Sansa from physical threats and himself from emotional ones — then to Littlefinger, lies are a dagger hidden in his sleeve. Far from viewing it as a necessary evil, he’s weaponized mendacity and made manipulation into an art. And, of course, he too has the duality of a “true face” and a persona … but which is which?

“Littlefinger was only a mask he had to wear. Only sometimes Sansa found it hard to tell where the man ended and the mask began. Littlefinger and Lord Petyr looked so very much alike. She would have fled them both, perhaps, but there was nowhere for her to go.” Sansa doesn’t know which identity is LF’s true face (if indeed either is), nor whether EITHER face can be trusted. It’s a pretty big difference compared to the way she always managed to get under the Hound’s skin and, even without seeming to know that she was doing it sometimes, connect with his true self (see: “he was no true knight,” the Mother’s Hymn, etc.). And it’s under LF’s tutelage, of course, that she (necessarily) develops her own persona of Alayne the bastard girl — an ability which grows out of the skills she developed in King’s Landing, where she improved her armor of courtesy and her ability to remain impassive and seemingly docile for the sake of survival. LF, however, encourages her to take a more proactive role in plotting and scheming, to be on the offense rather than the defense, treating her as something of a protege — a protege he still controls for now, though of course it’s widely speculated that she may prove his undoing in the end.

Truth and lies, questions of identity, etc … It’s all very tangled. And maybe on the surface it seems like there’s not much difference in having Sandor say “they’re all liars here” versus Petyr saying “we’re all liars here.” But they’re just such different characters that I think the line carries a very different weight depending on who the speaker is, what his attitude about lying is, and why (or whether) he wants Sansa to improve at it. It’s just kind of wild to me that The Show gave that line to a character who plays such an opposite role in that thematic aspect of Sansa’s arc. Not to mention that it’s one of those lines that, even fairly early on, hints at the fact that Sandor is much smarter than most other characters give him credit for. Pity the show stripped him of moments that show his insight and complexity like that.

And, I mean, goes without saying that giving Sandor’s backstory monologue to LF 1) made no sense, how does LF even know any of that, has he been gossiping with Gregor, god knows Sandor wouldn’t tell, and 2) erased the foundation of Sandor having any particular bond with Sansa, making their season 2 scenes kind of baffling, but whatever, the show didn’t adapt half their ACoK scenes anyway and also seems to have forgotten that they ever knew one another, so I guess it doesn’t matter in the end. 

Game of Foreshadowing: S04E07 “Mockingbird”

In the long wait between seasons I thought it would be fun to pick a random Game of Thrones episode from earlier seasons and see if it contains any foreshadowing for events in S7 and possible events in S8. 

Disclaimers: I am aware the limits of using invented D&D scenes to draw endgame conclusions, so if you dismiss some of these theories I totally understand. The writers are never as clever as they think they are. I will use quote formatting to paraphrase what’s going on in each scene. There may be some scenes omitted in my analysis. This isn’t a recap; I’m only pulling out things that I think are relevant for future events.

The first episode I’m going to talk about is S04E07 “Mockingbird.” I think this one could be seen to heavily foreshadow love/relationships in S7 and S8.


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GoT Afterthoughts 7x06 Beyond the Wall (Jonsa Edition) SPOILERS

Hello lovelies … apologies for the delay! As most of you know, my Marine was home briefly. ❤️ 

 We begin our episode with the war room map/table in Dragonstone and a fire crackling in the background -ominous foreshadowing? We then join Jon and the boys hiking through the winter wonderland. Tormund being Tormund pokes Gendry for some fun, before the talk with Jon takes a more serious turn. He asks about the Dragon Queen, and Jon tells him that she’ll only help if he bends the knee. Tormund tells Jon he’s spent too much time with the freefolk and now he doesn’t like kneeling. 

 Now, what Tormund said next admittedly confused me (and I’m paraphrasing): “Mance was a great man, a proud man, but how many of his people died for his pride?” To my knowledge it was Mance himself who died because he refused to kneel -not the freefolk? Were Wildlings slaughtered off-screen unbeknownst to us? I’m not being facetious -if I’m wrong in my confusion, someone please correct me. Otherwise, what we have here is a plot hole -almost like Tormund giving Jon a reason to kneel, to not be like Mance and not put his family and people in peril over his pride. I’m not ready to bag on the writing just yet, but this is a blatant inconsistency -just sayin’…. 

 But moving on … Gendry airs his grievances with the brotherhood and the Hound tells him to suck it up buttercup and that’s that for now. We are then brought to Jon and Jorah speaking not of Dany (which, ya know -would make sense since this whole “epic romance” plot and all) but instead, they are bonding over their fallen fathers. 

 Jon: “my father was the most honorable man I’ve ever met, he was good all the way through, and he died on the executioners block.” (We’ll come back to this). 

Honorable Ned’s son, honorable Jon takes off Longclaw and offers it to Jorah. Jorah insists that Jon keep it, deeming himself unworthy. 

 Jorah: “It’s yours. May it serve you well, and your children after you.”

Cue WINTERFELL music and a pensive looking Jon. Contemplating your future children, Jon? Imagining their red hair and curls? Tully and Stark looking? Okay, I’ll stop now -but come on guys -what an Easter egg! And right from there we jump to Winterfell (SURPRISE) and Jon’s future wife (and mother of his children).

Our lovely Stark sisters are in the traditional Stark spot upon the battlements. Arya tells a heartwarming tale of Ned catching her practicing archery and clapping when she finally hit the bullseye. It was sweet, and lovely, and everything I’d been praying for for weeks, but then the accusations fly and all is lost. Arya has the letter that Cersei made Sansa pen to Robb. Sansa is naturally upset about this and defends herself with the truth: they made her write it (even Robb knew that when he read it, geez Arya come on -It’s not like you did/didn’t do things, too!). Does everyone remember when she was Tywin’s cupbearer? Because I do. 

 I don’t blame either of my precious angels for what they did/didn’t do to survive as scared, isolated and traumatized little girls -and dammit, they shouldn’t either! But more on this later …. 

 Now, I don’t like what they made Sansa say about Arya “should be on her knees thanking her” -it’s not that she isn’t right about the part she played in re-taking Winterfell, but THAT was definitely some shitty writing. 

 We flash back to our boys, and Tormund is attempting to bond with the Hound. Aside from being some of the best comic relief this show has delivered in a long time, I’m becoming sweet on Tormund x Brienne. Stop me! I love Brienne x Jamie too much! I’m trash! Someone just wheel me out to the alley and light my ass on fire! 

We got a nice little callback to Ygritte and naturally Sansa too -because “Gingers are beautiful, they’re kissed by fire”. More on this later, too ….. 

 We switch over to Beric and Jon first discussing how much Jon apparently doesn’t resemble Ned (sure Jan) and then the creepy religion (again, burning children is bad, guys -I’m with Varys on this religion). Jon doesn’t serve the Lord of Light, he serves ONLY the North. They do seem to agree on one thing: they are protectors, and Jon recites some of his Nights Watch vows: “I am the shield that guards the realms of men.” More on this later …. (Are you guys picking up a theme here yet? Let’s see if you figure it out before I get to the end of this post). 😉 

 After the Hound points them towards the mountain he saw in his vision, we go to Dragonstone where Dany decides to compliment Tyrion by insulting him? lol What she likes about him is that he’s not a hero -heroes are stupid with their constant pissing contests (she’s not wrong) -except I’m not sure I’d consider Daario or Drogo heroes? Tyrion points out that all these brave men have fallen for her -including Jon Snow, because apparently unbeknownst to US the actual viewers, he’s been oogling her ….?? Daenerys denies it, but you can tell by her body language that this pleases her. But -“he’s too little for her” ???? What does that even mean? 

Honestly, I can’t figure out my Little Lion this season and it’s kind of pissing me off. Is he cracked out on Dragon love too? Or is he being clever and playing the game? Varys did say he needed to find a way to make her listen. Does Tyrion think Jon can influence her? And where the hell is Varys, by the way? 

Dany brings up the upcoming meeting and her impulsive temper comes up -and the Tarlys (expect them to come up again in the near future too, guys). Tyrion warns her about ruling with fear and then the convo shifts to the subject of Dany’s mortality and her line of succession. Dany jumps into serious angry paranoia mode (Targ trait) and flings accusations of Tyrion’s loyalty at him again. Look -I fully understand that this is a touchy (and rightly so) subject for Dany, but I don’t think he’s in the wrong here -the line of succession is important to any monarch, and especially one that intends to ride into battle. But …not today Tyrion, not today. 

We jump back over the wall, and now the boys are traipsing through blizzard-like conditions. Is it still the same day? Has night fallen, or is it just dark due to the snow storm? Ugh, this episode is leaving me with more questions than answers! They spot, and are spotted by an undead bear, and a few redshirt Wildlings are taken out. Thoros and Beric light the sonofabitch on fire, Tormund whacks it with his battle axe -I mean, this damn thing takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’, and ends up with Thoros in its mouth, before Jorah takes it out with a dagger (assuming it was dragon glass?). A chug of alcohol and a cauterizing of the wound, and he’s miraculously up on his feet and ready to continue. 

On a side note: poor precious hound and his fire PTSD. 😔 Cant wait for Clegane bowl -hope it ends with fire and Sandor conquering his fear while exacting his revenge. 

And now we’re back in Winterfell, and a distressed Sansa is confiding in Little Finger. If ya’ll didn’t pick up that she was sniffing him out, then I just can’t help you. Sansa doesn’t trust him. I strongly suspect she knows that letter turned up because of him. I’m 99% confident she was jugging him for info …. 

Sansa is nervous about the letter, though -rightly so, because if the lords see it, they may withdraw their support -BUT she isn’t worried for herself, she’s worried for Jon and keeping his army (amassed to 20k now -when did that happen? Go Sansa!) -so wake up and suck a fat one, Sansa haters! Don’t you guys get it yet?!?! Sansa is loyal to Jon -shit, even Little Finger gets it. Why do you think he’s so bent on sewing discourse between the sisters, now? Because all his attempts to drive a wedge between Jon and Sansa have failed! 

We return to the winter wonderland, and now it’s Jorah/Thoros bonding time. I’m sorry that I don’t care enough to repeat their exchange -it wasn’t exactly riveting, and I pretty much knew that it was his “death knell”. Anyone else getting whiplash from all this back and forth? 

Upon their climb, they hear the clinking of an undead scouting party. Interesting …. they send scouting parties ahead? The NK and his Generals are pretty smart. Which caused something to pop into my head: are Gilly’s brothers the NK’s Generals? But back to the action … they start a fire to lure them in and ambush them. Jon kills the General and all but one of the wights fall. Aside from the convenience of all but the one they need falling, this is also interesting. If they take out the generals who raised them, the wights will automatically fall -so if the NK is taken out, then his entire army would perish! Hmmm … 

So, my dudes tackle Bones and he lets out an ear piercing screech, which apparently alerts the others (hmmm -they communicate, too?). With an avalanche of the undead rolling down upon them at high speeds, they collectively shit their pants while hogtying Bones, and Jon orders Gendry to run for Eastwatch and get a Raven to Dany, declaring that he’s “the fastest”. Well, this is all well and good, but please explain to me just exactly HOW Jon knows this? Because I didn’t know Gendry was fast …did you? And not only do they send this poor kid who’s never even seen snow before, off into the arctic wilds by his lonesome, entrusting his supposed internal GPS (I guess???), but they take his freaking weapon so he has no means to defend himself, to boot! 

And off he goes, while Jon and the crew race for shelter and find themselves standing over the weak ice of a frozen pond/lake. With no other place to go but forward, they take their chances and make for the rock in the middle, as the dead close in on them and after grabbing a few more redshirt Wildlings, the wights break the weakened ice and begin falling into icy water, creating a barrier and a trap for our boys. Winded, but alive, they freeze their tushes off, as night falls and an exhausted Gendry collapses before the gate of Eastwatch. Daddy Davos comes to cradle on of his fostered sons as Gendry breathlessly pleas to send a Raven. 

It’s morning on the rock, and our dudes have snuggled to keep warm overnight. The Hound rouses from his comfy Jon Snow pillow to kick the grumbling Bones, who’s probably just salty that he didn’t get invited to the slumber party. Sandor gives him a good morning kick in the ribs, and when Bones squeals in displeasure, so do some of the wights surrounding them. Another clue of their links? 

Unfortunately, Thoros hasn’t made it through the night. They burn his body and Beric says the creepy Lord of Light’s prayer. I hope someone had the good sense to take his flaming sword first, but I doubt it, because while I love my boys -they aren’t exactly clever …they did go on a wight hunt, after all. 🙄 

Jorah and Jon discuss the connection and Jorah suggests trying to take out the WW’s as their best chance of survival. Jon says no, they need to take that thing (Bones) back with them and a Raven is on its way to Dany -she’s their only chance. I suppose she has the same magic GPS as Gendry. 😳 Beric joins them and counters that argument with just taking out the NK -he turned them all after all …kill him and they all fall. 

Now, Jon puzzles me here. His reply to Beric’s suggestion is: “You don’t understand." 

What Jon? What don’t we understand, baby?? Tell us!!!! Is Jon suddenly afraid of his own mortality? I don’t think so, but then -what don’t we understand?????? 

*screaming internally* 

Beric counters with how the lord brought them both back and maybe this is why. I’m not sure what Jon’s thinking while his chest heaves and he eye fucks the NK -but …. perhaps he really is afraid? Maybe of failing and being forced to rise and fight on the NK’s side? Suggestions are welcome here …. really. 

We jump back to Winterfell and Sansa has received an invite to KL. So, who sent this invite? Sansa refuses to go -and is certainly justified considering …. She intends to send Brienne in her stead, but Brienne is uncomfortable leaving Sansa unprotected because of Little Finger. She requests to at least leave Podrick behind, but Sansa denies her request, and after trying several times to politely put her off, she finally rudely dismisses her. Now, I have no doubt that Sansa is truly frightened to go to KL because of Cersei, but I also think that she specifically chose Brienne to represent her -not only because she trusts her to represent her interests, but also because of what Little Finger implied earlier -about Brienne intervening with Arya if necessary. I’d like to think that Sansa is not only protecting her little sister, but also Brienne’s honor of having to side with one of the sisters should things get ugly. (They won’t, trust me). 

We flip over to Dragonstone and Tyrion tries to convince Dany not to run off to the rescue, but (thankfully), she doesn’t listen. She mounts Drogon and off to the rescue her and her lizard babies go! 

We’re back at the boulder now, and an apparently bored Sandor is throwing rocks at the "cunt” wights. Not that I blame him, but we all knew where this was going, right? The ice has re-frozen and slowly, the dead advance on them again. This shit was really unbelievable, tbh. With the sheer amount of wights surrounding them, they should have been swarmed, but somehow manage to keep most of them at bay. Jon yells “fall back” (to where????) as Tormund gets grabbed and, oh my heart!!!! I swear I had a mini stroke! But thankfully, Sandor grabs him just in time (he knows he fucking LOVES fire kissed Gingers, okay?)!

And just when it seems that all is lost, Dany and lizard puppies arrive to fuck shit up!! Okay, despite their destruction to actual human life a few weeks ago -this was beautiful and visually very satisfying! This is what the dragons are for! They take out a good chunk of the NK’s army -which is WHY I assume he targets the dragon still flying overhead and raining down hellfire on his army, rather than Drogon who was chilling while they all saddled up. I mean, it’s just a guess, but it’s truly the ONLY logical explanation I could come up with. 😐 

Dany reaches immediately for Jon, but a wight charges, and Jon turns to dispatch it, as well as a few of its comrades while the others climb atop Drogon. You know, Jon being the hero he was accused of earlier in the episode? The NK marches forward and takes aim at Viserion -who is still fucking up his army (as I mentioned above, and why I think he may have targeted him), as Jon continues to blindly fight the wights instead of climbing his dumbass on the fucking dragon! Why? So it can be HIS fault for what happens next, of course! 

I legit cried when Viserion died. I’m a grown-ass woman, and I don’t give a shit! It was heartbreaking, to watch him plummet from the sky and crash into the lake, his eye drifting closed as he slipped below the ice … and personally, I think Dany’s facial expression nailed it: gut wrenching shock. As a mother, my heart broke for her, even though I know that the dragons future demise is necessary. 

An angry Jon charges right towards the NK for a standoff, as if he took Beric’s words to heart and was prepared to sacrifice himself right then and there to kill the NK and save the whole damn world! But the NK doesn’t want to scrap -instead, he reaches for another ice spear, and Jon seeing that he intends to take out another dragon, screams for them to go. 

He turns to sprint for Drogon (I guess? Because Drogon had already begun to take off?) but he’s tackled by wights and dragged into the icy water. The group hauls ass into the air as an ice spear whizzes towards them, but Drogon avoids it and almost sends Jorah to an early grave. Dany glances back for any sight of Jon as Drogon flies them to safety. 

After the dragons fly off, the NK and his army nonchalantly shuffle on as if nothing happened. We get a shot of Longclaw by the ice hole and suddenly Jon lunges out of the water and uses its hilt to drag himself out of the icy lake. Soaked and frozen and probably figuring this is the end, he raises his sword to go out fighting and uncle Benjen drops in to save the day! He hauls a popsicle Jon onto his undead? horse and tells him to ride for the pass, declining Jon’s offer to come with him and telling him “there’s no time”. Now -I’ve seen this part criticized, and I get it, I do -except what is Benjen supposed to do? He can’t pass the wall -he’s dead too. Guess he figured it best to go out fighting then endless undead loneliness. Maybe he figured he had no more dumbass nephews to save from beyond the wall anymore? Whatever the case, it was sad to see yet another Stark perish -even if he was technically already dead. 

We’re back at Eastwatch now, and the Hound is dumping Bones in a dingy, as Beric says farewell and they’ll meet again. The Hound says he fucking hopes not, but I don’t think he means it. 😉 Atop the wall, Dany gazes forlornly at the landscape below, as Jorah tells her it’s time to go (and calls her “Your Grace”, and not Khaleesi? Since when?). As she turns to leave, the horn blows and Benjen’s horse comes into view (and where have I seen this scene before?) only this time, WITH a rider. Hey -how the fuck did he get his horse back, anyway?

The Targ ship unfurls its sails, and we’re in Jon’s cabin as Davos literally peels the frozen furs from his trembling body, and sweet mary mother of God, Kit’s abs! 😍 As Jon freezes to death, I’m just praying that Davos continues with his disrobing of Jon (and the camera follows), but nope … 😔 Dany watches from the doorway with a mixture of worry, awe and since she’s only human, probably lust (I feel you girl, I really do). On a serious note: she’s privy to all those horrid scars that were never stitched and are still literal almost gaping gashes in his chest -and one directly over his heart. I bet Davos’ words are ringing in her ears again. 

After that gratuitous abs scene, we head back to Winterfell, where Sansa is snooping through Arya’s room -probably looking for the letter. Instead, she stumbles onto Arya’s face collection. WTF! Naturally, Arya catches her snooping, and begins to terrify Sansa, and myself collectively, with some creepy dialogue that rings as an ominous threat -except, well … let’s break this down a bit. She is sharing some of her past. She wants to play the Game of Faces, but Sansa is not having any of this shit.

I’m pretty sure that Arya drops a MAJOR foreshadowing bomb here: “We both wanted to be other people when we were younger. You wanted to be a queen, sitting next to a handsome king on the iron throne and I wanted to be a knight riding off to battle." 

Okay, back to the terrifying conversation… Arya: "With the faces, I can become someone else, live in their skin, speak in their voice. I can even become you …”

*she picks up the catspaw dagger and steps closer to Sansa* 

 (With the dagger in her hand): “I wonder what it would feel like, wearing those pretty dresses, to be the Lady of Winterfell. All I’d need to find out is your face.”

 *she flips the dagger and hands it to Sansa HILT first* 

 When Sansa takes the dagger, Arya casually turns and leaves the room.

ARYA WAS PLAYING THE GAME OF FACES. Yes, it’s shitty, and she gave her sister a mini stroke, but here’s the thing: I believe they are BOTH playing Little Finger separately -to protect one another AND Jon, they just don’t realize that the other is doing it yet. I’m fully confident that either Bran is going to sit our Starklings down, or they’re going to figure it out on their own. And speaking of Bran, where the hell is he? Is he off with Varys? WTH?! 

Okay, and we’re finally at the scene that y'all were dreading …. Jon’s eyes drift open to a teary-eyed Dany who’s relieved to see him wake. Immediately, he apologizes for her loss. She shakes her head and lowers it to hide her tears (probably trying not to make him feel worse), and Jon reaches for her hand. He tells her he wishes he could take it back and that they’d never gone. Dany shakes her head again and disengages her hand. She disagrees -she needed to see to understand. 

She tells him that the dragons are her children -the only children she’ll ever have, and asks him if he understands what she’s trying to convey. Jon shakes his head yes, as Dany vehemently professes her support in helping Jon defeat the NK. 

Now, I received an ask earlier last week when this episode leaked, about whether I thought Dany was doing this only for vengeance -and certainly, that does factor into her decision, I’m sure. And I don’t fault her one fucking bit, tbh. I’m a mother -if you hurt my kids, I’m coming straight for you -why do you think the term “mama grizzly” was coined? But, on the other hand -she’s now seen this horrific undead army, and what they are capable of. As someone who freed slaves, it only makes sense that she’d want to help make sure that humanity is not enslaved by the NK and the dead. This is WHY Dany is here, you guys. Not to be queen. Not to be Jon’s wife. But to help save humanity with her fire-made flesh dragons, and die in a very messianic way -as such has been the arc they built her character upon. 

Jon immediately thanks her, and calls her Dany. She’s taken aback -and explains that no one has called her that in a very long time. She brings up Viserys and in a roundabout way, says he was a dick, as to which Jon replies: “alright, not Dany. How about my queen? I’d bend the knee, but …” he nods his head towards his injured state, as Dany asks about the people who’ve sworn allegiance to him (because she suddenly cares about that now?) and Jon says (and like I TOLD YOU ALL LAST WEEK when I watched this leaked scene, how very important and almost foreboding his words are): “They’ll come to see you for what you are.” 

WHAT YOU ARE. Not who you are. Not how caring you are. Not anything other than ambiguously WEIRD: what you are!!! 

Dany is still touched by this seemingly heartfelt declaration, and with more tears welling in her eyes, grasps his hand and proclaims that she hopes she deserves it, and Jon reassures her that she does. After some silent eye contact, she pulls her hand free from his grasp and tells him to get some rest. 

He obliges and closes his eyes, and then when she leaves the room, his eyes reopen and he looks -guilty? As he releases what sounds like an exasperated sigh. 

And finally, we end the night with the dead dragging Viserion from the icy depths with some heavy duty chains, and the NK reanimates him. Okay, I just have to say how fucking stupid that is. Where did these massive chains come from? Why didn’t he just raise his arms and raise Viserion like he did the Wildlings at Hardhome? It would have been a lot cooler if he came lunging out of the water all blue eyed, rather than be dragged up with chains. Ugh whatever! 

Okay, so for a penultimate episode, I’m not majorly impressed, but I didn’t hate it.

So, some things we need to go back and touch on (as noted throughout). Have you all figured out where I was going with it? Yes? No? 


We got Ygritte callbacks with “Gingers are kissed by fire”. We got the Jon/Beric convo which was kind of reminiscent of Half Hand/Jon’s convo when they were with the Wildling’s as prisoners, and Jon even recited a piece of his Nights Watch vows! We’ve got Tormund bringing up Mance, and his refusal to kneel AND we’ve got an almost replicated scene (horn blowing and all) of Uncle Benjen’s horse riding for the gate of the wall, only this time, WITH a rider! 

What does that remind me of? Well, a previously duplicitous undercover Jon infiltrating the Wildlings -using them to achieve his goal of getting back to Castle Black alive, to warn the Watch of the impending attack and to do his duty -hold the Wall against the Wildlings. How did he do that? By deceiving Ygritte -despite his feelings. 

Now, I’m not saying I’m right, and it’s just a theory -but I truly do believe that Jon is playing Dany. BUT, I also truly believe that he does like her, and that he does really believe she has a good heart. She did just lose one of her children to save him and the crew …  Jon’s odd and ambiguous words: “They’ll see you for what you are” is for our benefit -a clue to know where the story is headed. However, I do think that the fact that he actually admires and cares for her (cares, NOT loves) is making him feel pretty shitty for what he is/has to do, on top of the guilt he feels for being at fault for Viserion’s death. 

It’s no coincidence that he couldn’t look in her eyes when he offered to bend the knee. It’s also very telling that he did so when no one was around to hear/witness this. While Dany has been wearing her obvious heart eyes on her sleeve for a few episodes now, Jon has been pretty guarded, he hasn’t shared ANYTHING personal, his expressions have been odd -and blank, mostly (as in this scene, as well) … this developing “romance” has felt “off”. With Dany’s attraction being so blatant, I think that Jon easily picked up on her feelings for him, and he’s using that -playing on those feelings, to secure an alliance. 

So why is this necessary if Dany already agreed to help him? Truth be told, I feel like Jon just doesn’t fully trust her. Good heart or not, she is a stranger, he’s seen her temper and how quickly she turned on Tyrion that day -this is Jon being smarter than Father (also brought up several times in the episode -as well as his honor) and Robb -who ironically was also brought up in this episode by way of Sansa’s letter! 

Addressing the weirdness of Jon calling Dany, “Dany”? I believe this was to assert a familial tie -in the same episode where her brother was brought up, and ironically, the dragon that died, was named for. They are reminding us they’re actually FAMILY (incase we forgot) because of what’s going next episode, y'all. They want us to be kind of squicked out when it happens. 

All the mentions of Dany’s inability to conceive? Well, for two reasons, really- to hit us (and Jon) over the head with the fact that Dany can’t get pregnant, so boatbang can happen, basically -and Mr. “doesn’t want to sire a bastard”, feels confident to hang up his vow of celibacy if there’s no shot of getting Dany pregnant. And also, for all of our tongues to be wagging about “oh no, could their be a magic Targ baby”? like many have been. A red herring for the red herring, anyone? A baby requires a time jump -a time jump cannot happen -the dead are literally KNOCKING on the Wall. If you’ve got a logical explanation for me -let’s have it. And yes, I’ve heard the shadow baby theory, and while I think it’s uber cool, I’m not really onboard with it -who would it kill, as that is their purpose?

Also -the NK and his Generals are impervious to fire -unlike the wights. But -will dragon glass and Valaryian steel kill the NK? I’m starting to doubt that … 

 And before I sign off on this, I wanted to address one more thing (that I specifically looked for in my re-watch) -the mention I saw floating around here, of the Wolf eyes on Longclaws hilt opening as Jon emerged from the frozen lake -it did look like that, but it was just a shadow-a trick of the light, if you go back and watch it. 😉 

 Thanks for tuning in again. See you next week for my final recap of the season. And FYI: my kiddos start school the next day, so I can’t stay up til 2 am recapping -my recap will be posted on Monday, instead. ✌🏻

DKF’s S7E1 Reactions

Jon and Sansa are both lucky he won’t be in Winterfell for very long. 

Sansa’s line about Littlefinger, “I know exactly what he wants” = LF is fucked. His whole modus operandi is to keep people confused about what he wants.

Tormund wants Brienne to punch him in the face lol. For the record I don’t actually think Tormund is a sub. He just wants it to look like an MMA match every time he fucks, and Brienne will give him that like nobody else.

Thanks Cersei Lannister for explaining your whole plan for the season while standing on that cool map.

They also need a “Wet Paint” sign. And one of those “Caution/Cuidado” cones with the stick figure of the guy slipping.

“We still haven’t talked about Tommen.” Seriously? How long has Jaime been back? That’s quite an elephant in the room.

Euron is the kind of guy who would write a “funny” cover letter for an entry-level job application, and get widely mocked on the internet for it.

Euron bought his ship at Pyke Hyundai, Ford, and Pirate Villain Ships

Not sure how I feel about Nice!Hound. I get that it’s a logical evolution. It just seems annoying when he switches back between the mopey/grouchy asshole, and the recovering alcoholic on the “make amends” step whose attempt at apology is just as irksome as whatever he did to you to begin with.

If he killed that guy outside, how did his body end up inside? Did the daughter drag him there? Why didn’t he make sure they were both all the way dead in season 4?

I was disappointed that they didn’t return to the room in which he may have had to eat every fucking chicken.

“I see dead men. I also see that this ambiguous reference to my brother will make Reddit forums insufferable for weeks.”

Dany looked like she was subtly diddling herself as she was coming ashore, which is fine by me.

The way everybody else shut the fuck up and stood back while she walked into that castle was amazing. They know they all have no idea what it’s like to be her. Even when she’s losing, she’s operating on an entirely different level from everyone around her, and has been since she first laid eyes on the dragon eggs. Good to see others are finally recognizing that.

That was a nice-ass front yard. Frankly I’d be fine with just that.

I like that “ew, tacky” look she gave the Stannis banner.

Tyrion “I don’t know what to do here so I’m going to pretend to look at these carvings” Lannister.

Tyrion “I’m going to look at her sort of desperately because I know better than to speak before spoken to” Lannister. Damn right.

Yes. Begin. You’re ready. The world isn’t ready, but you’ll make it ready, like you made Drogo ready when you mounted him. Do the same to Westeros.

One Request (The Hound)

Another Hound drabble installment. Towards the end I listened to The North Remembers and it did well for the mood of it I thought.

A few weeks had passed from the night Sandor and Sterren drunkenly fell into bed together. He hadn’t spent the night despite her griping at him. Something about people nosing about his business. There were no qualms from the man about their increasingly frequent affairs. Anyone nosey enough, or stupid enough, to snoop about his visits may have enough said he enjoyed them.

It seemed that as well as she knew his nightly routine, his morning workings were another thing entirely. No matter when she woke she never caught him. It was several days after their drunken night she made a bold move.

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heatherlanntheclever  asked:

Is there any chance of a happy ending for the Lannisters? I know they are awful people but why develop their motivations and give each of them a genuine moment of compassion if they are just going to murder each other? Every other POV gets a moment of truth/redemption why not the children of Tywin/Patriarchy/Aerys and Disability? I'm a bad person myself so I need to believe the Lions can defy themselves and prophesy and overcome their nature or what's the point? Not all of us are born Starks.

Hey! So it’s gonna take me a few minutes to answer your question, but I promise I’m gonna get there.

In one of the other shows I watch, an actor commented on the banality of evil. He said that evil is something commonplace. Given the right circumstances, great acts of evil could be committed by your neighbors, or your friends, or you, or me. Because evil is so easy. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” You needn’t be a monster like Gregor to commit evil; you need only be human. 

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The Mountain versus the Hound

Anonymous asked: I love your writing! Can I have a Sandor x reader where the reader is given to Gregor as a wife to be and she’s not happy but is keeping quiet . Sandor loves her so wants to put an end to the arrangement and at a tourney gives her a favour (like loras with Sansa) and maybe the finals between the two brothers and he wins and she kisses him?

I do not own Sandor or Gregor. They belong to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: Mentions of forced betrothal, slight violence and FLUFF!

Pairings: Sandor Clegane x fem!reader x slight!Gregor Clegane.

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Sandor was furious. Once again, his brother was awarded something he never should have been. That wasn’t why he was angry, however. Sandor’s rage was caused by the fact that Gregor had been given yet another wife. Normally, it wouldn’t have mattered to him, except this time, Gregor’s wife was going to be someone Sandor knew. The one person he loved, but was afraid to admit. You.

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Sansa and Sandor and Jon and Ygritte: Why Understanding the Connections in their Stories Could Help Explain What is to Come - Part 2

I ended part one of my Jon/Sansa theory with the head scratching idea that Sansa may have warged Ygritte or else watched her and Jon via her green seer dreams. Now I want to tell you why I think that possibility exists.  I’ve already detailed ways in which the stories of the 4 characters interlock  but here are some more examples that more closely ties into my theory.

  • Remember how I mentioned in Sansa’s dream she felt her teeth shattered. Well Ygritte teeth are crooked. While not exactly stated that they are broken, I would not be surprise if a piece of a tooth were missing and Sansa dreamt it happening. Unless I missed it, and that is always possible, I don’t think that Sansa’s teeth are broken. Of course, maybe that dream was a foreshadowing of something that will happen to her in the future since she’s a green seer.  That is also definitely a possibility as the dream in question was full of what I think were both past and future events.
  • Ygritte eyes are blue-grey and similar to Sansa’s…although the latter’s are described as simply blue.
  • Jon initially didn’t see Ygritte as attractive but then his feelings started to change. Ygritte’s wildness reminded Jon of Arya but I think that she also reminded him of Sansa. How could she not with the her red hair…a color that seems to be rare in Westeros.  However, I think that something else reminded him of Sansa but I have to do some more research to see if my theory could be right.
  • Orel’s blue-grey eagle attacked Jon and seriously scarred his face on the same side as the Hound’s burn.  And the scarring is a lot more intense in the books than on the show. Jon not shaving or cutting his hair for a few weeks also gave him a similar look to the Hound.
  • After the Hound leaves Kings Landing, Sansa at one point thinks, “I wish the Hound was here.”  They had her say this same line about Jon on the show.
  • Sansa considers the ladies of Margery’s court as children and thinks, “they know nothing.”
  • Sansa has a memory on three separate occasions of the Hound kissing her the night he left Kings Landing.  Now, she thought he was going to kiss her when she found him in her room but it never happened.  So you have to ask yourself, why does she seem so confident that the kiss happened. I think that she’s remembering Jon kissing Ygritte when she either warged her or spied on her and Jon via her green seer dreams.  It is this she is confusing with the Hound kissing her. Also, the fact that GRRM has Sansa think of this kiss that never happened on 3 different occasions means that it’s important. Now some may argue that it means there is a romantic future for her and Sandor but I don’t think that is the case as I think that we’ve seen the last of the Hound in the books.  I also read where someone asked GRRM about the imaginary kiss and he said something like “Sansa misremembers or is not a good narrator and we the audience can ponder what that means,” or words to that effect. His response in and of itself indicates that there is some importance placed on her “misremembering” and that there is more to the story. Well I did as he suggested and pondered what it meant and this is the theory I came up with.
  • When Jon flashes back to first having sex with Ygritte, he thinks of how in the moment, she kept saying “that’s sweet.”  In a few of the Sansa’s chapters after this happens, she is suddenly waking up happy from “sweet” dreams. Yes, one of her dream as she remembers it is of being back home at Winterfell with her siblings in the Godswood but often times when Martin uses “sweet” in the books, it has a sexual connotation.  In fact, in the last Alayne chapter from AFOC, she plans to curl up under her feathered covers and have one of her “sweet dreams.” How can she know that her dreams will be “sweet.”
  • When Ygritte dies at the battle at the wall, the last thing she does is lift her hand and cup Jon’s cheek.  That’s literally how the chapter ends. Now while it doesn’t say that Jon was crying or that he has blood on him, I think it’s a safe bet to assume that was the case as he’s been in a battle and he’s just lost the girl he loved.  I believe that this is also the reason why Sansa cupped the Hounds face and was so confused as to why since she’s afraid of him and he just scared the life out of her.  Again, I think it the result of a memory of seeing Jon with Ygritte or possibly even warging Ygritte.  We know that a strong warg can skinchange another human because we’ve seen Bran do it with Hodor and so the possibility exist that a talented female could do the same. This is something that was forbidden and for good reason but it obviously happened before. We also saw Varamyr Sixskins attempt to warg Thistle and be unsuccessful.  I think that he was unsuccessful because Thistle was a woman. I think that wargs can’t jump into the opposite sex and I believe this is why GRRM introduce the attempt by Varamyr.  He wanted to show that there was something different in jumping from one sex to the other.  And once that idea was introduced, the next step was to show that female to female skin changing was possible and I think that maybe what he did with Sansa and Ygritte.  I will say that I’m not positive this happened as Ygritte showed no ill effects or knowledge of another person being in her as was the case with Hodor and Thistle.  However, maybe the merge is easier with women or Sansa was just unconsciously more skilled at it than Bran.  Or it could be that Sansa just saw them as she was dream walking.  So yeah, this is my crazy theory!

As for Sandor, I think that in addition to highlighting a connection between Jon and Sansa, what he represents in the story is to indicate what type of person Jon will be when he returns.  GRRM even gave him a nickname similar to a wolf to indicate the symbolism—wolfhound anyone. Another way the Hound symbolizes Jon is that Sandor is another name for Alexander, which in Greek means “man’s defender.” Now, who in the story does that symbolize? Who in the story is and will be the defender of man? Martin does this a lot in the books. He uses the symbolism or meaning of a person’s name to indicate what part they are playing in the story.

The Hound loves killing but Jon does not.  However, unlike on the show, when Jon returns, he won’t be the same person.  Mellisandre’s vision alone indicates this will be the case with Jon switching back and forth with Ghost…”first the man, then the wolf, then the man, then the wolf again.” And in ADWD, the merging of their spirits began even before Jon was killed.  He no longer has to warged Ghost to taste the blood of his kills or to smell the rich odors all around.  I think that Jon will come back with a big chunk of Ghost animal nature in him and will be more—well not necessarily animalistic but definitely more fierce and willing to kill in a way that he wasn’t before.  Jon thinks that food tastes better when he is in Ghost.  I think that when he returns, killing will taste better as well. He will be just like the Hound we first meet in the books…only more so.

Sansa tempered the Hound. If not for their relationship, Sandor would never have protected Arya when he ran into her in the Riverlands. In fact, he might very well have killed her himself—just think of what he did to the butcher boy.  Being around Sansa changed him…gave him back some of his humanity and I think she will do the same for Jon when he makes it to the Vale for the Tourney of the Winged Knight.  She will have to because he is Lightbringer, and he needs to have all of his wits and faculties about him if he is to lead the fight for the dawn.

I believe that we can all agree that the important legendary stories of the Age of Heroes, and even the important events of more recent times are playing out again in some manner in the current story.  Events such as the Long Night and the return of the Others; the Red Wedding; the return of Azor Ahai and the Last Hero; the Doom of Valyria; Field of Fire; the Tourney of Harrenhal; and the Blackfyre Rebellion to name just a few.

Well, after reading the Alayne preview chapter from TWOW, I think that GRRM is about to reenact the Tourney of Harrenhal.  Everything seems to be in place for it.  You have Lyanna, the lady wolf in the form of Sansa; her betroth, Robert in the form of Harry Hardyng (even down to him replicating Robert in the fathering of bastard children); the event is taking place in the Vale of Arryn where Robert was fostered and where he had his first bastard, Mya; you have a short in stature hedge knight in Ser Shadrich (although he is of a different moral character than Howland); And, I suspect that eventually, Brienne may end up in the Vale and will be representative of the “non” laughing knight.  The only person missing is the Rheghar stand-in, which I believe will be Jon as it was hinted at in Sansa’s last chapter in AFFC as she descended from the Eyrie and the wind was described as howling fiercely, “like a howling ghost big as a mountain.”

It’s a safe bet that when Jon leaves the Wall as he no doubt will, he will head south. I don’t know why he will go to the Eyrie, but I’m pretty sure that he will.  Maybe at the crossroads, he will hear about the Tourney and being in a killing mood, will decide to enter the melee. Men of the north don’t like jousting but they love participating in the melée.  This is how he and Sansa will reunite.  At some point both Jon and Sansa will have to go back to Winterfell as he has to descend to the lower level of the crypts to find his destiny.  However, as the story left off, Stannis will be the one to take back Winterfell or at least attempt to do so.  Since Winterfell is not currently an option for him, it makes sense that Jon would head south and end up at the Eyrie…especially as it’s obvious that the Knights of the Vale and House Arryn have a major role to play in the endgame.

Also, I think that this story of Jon and Sansa that I see playing out (and not just the tourney aspect) is a reenactment of one of the tales of legend—that of Brandon of the Bloody Blade and Rose of the Red Lake, who I believe was the first “blue rose” of Winterfell. I also think that they maybe the Night’s King and Queen of legend.  But again, that along with my theory of the first Red Wedding is for a future post.

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Can you explain about arya being a child soldier?

sure can! first here’s two questions from this interview with grrm about arya 

So when you had first introduced Arya, you knew she was going to become an assassin?
Well she’s not an assassin yet. You are assuming she is going to become one. She’s an apprentice.

But she’s already going around killing people and she’s learned a lot of the secrets.
Not only in Ice and Fire — we also did this bit in the Wild Cards series, the whole thing of the child solider is a fascinating construct. We have this picture of children [as] so sweet and innocent. I think some of the recent history in Africa and some of the longer history have shown that under the right circumstances, they can become just as dangerous as men, and in some ways more dangerous. On some level, it’s almost a game to them.

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What are your thoughts on the Dorne revenge plot? It seems to be cool to shit over Doran & Oberyn even trying to get justice for Elia (Jon Arryn rewarded it) or bothering to worry about the Dornish common folk (the Tyrells & Lannisters don't care about their own). Ask about the North or the Riverlands, it is justified & lauded but Dorne is all about the 'water gardens are going to burn.'

I think there are two points of discussion here: the implications of the plot GRRM wrote, and the way fandom discusses it vis-à-vis the other revenge-driven plots. As far as the second point go, there is definitely a conversation to be had about how factions in fandom latch onto the obvious fallibility of Doran’s actions but ignore them from other characters, even though the vengeance commentary runs through so many stories from the very first book. It’s in Robert’s, Robb’s, Arya’s, Dany’s, Sandor’s, Tywin’s, Tyrion’s and others. There is also a tendency in many fandoms to deny PoC the space for a story about vengeance without utterly vilifying them for it, which has to be a point of criticism in a story that is filled to the brim with revenge quests because Doran should not be held to a different standard than the other characters. And I’ll raise you the tendency to dismiss a powerful scene such as Oberyn’s screaming at Clegane to “say her name” and reduce it to a mere manifestation of Oberyn’s desire for vengeance. Oh, you’ll have to pry this scene from my cold dead fingers.

However, I do not want this to be conflated with legit interpretation of the story Martin gave us and the imagery and foreshadowing he drops, or criticism of Doran’s motives and plans. It is not productive to take any and every discussion about the repercussions of Doran’s plans and the grievous mistakes he makes to be an attempt to shit over him and Oberyn. The theory about the Water Gardens burning isn’t an attempt to punish Dorne for daring to want revenge for Elia and her children, no one is reveling in it or thinks it’d be just, but as much as I really don’t want it to happen, it does fall in line with GRRM’s pattern when it comes to portraying the end results of revenge plots, and the progression of the Dornish storyline does not look promising. King’s Landing exploding and the Water Gardens burning are the Red Wedding and the Sack of Winterfell of the Dornish plot. You see the mistakes the characters are making and the path they are going to lead to, you want to scream at them to stop, turn back, don’t do this. But you know they are walking right into their doom.

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guys i spent my whole day out with friends and i just got home and i made the
utter mistake of watching the leaked episode 6 and 

holy fuck

do i hate everything right now

i was not prepared for this, i was not prepared for any of this at all. i am ended, my watch is ended, someone come and burn my body please. i just want to sink into a hole and stay there not made of ice please

i have so much i want to write about this episode but i am honestly physically mentally and emotionally wrecked, so i will go hug my dog now and cry in bed and rest and tomorrow tackle all this with a fresh head. @unseenmockingjay & @littlefiinger i heard you wanted to hear what i have to say, well get prepared. because i wasn’t prepared for this episode

for the time being, have my episode 6 feels recorded live as they emerged:

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So What’s the Deal with Sandor Clegane?

I wrote this four or five years ago and stumbled across it again by chance:

Sandor Clegane is on my top five favorite character list; I find him fascinating. Lots already have given their opinion, some I agree with and some I do not. I think Martin’s introduction of Sandor the character through to his complete breakdown is an incredible read. His speech is beautiful to me, it is a mix of the poetic and the profane, unique from other characters. The descriptions of him are great, not just the burns, but his eyes glow and shine, he growls, he hulks. He doesn’t just have the name of a dog, he is physically described as one too.

GRRM introduced us to Sandor in one of the first chapters of the book, through Ned. The first several mentions of him are not positive. He teases Robb, kills Mycah, calls the wolves nursemaids, and offers to kill Summer (is it wrong that this bothers me more than Mycah?). I started the first half of GOT hating the guy. Then, out of nowhere we get a glimpse of the man underneath when he tells Sansa the story of his burns. We are given a hint in to his past, forced to reflect on knighthood, and realize he’s not just a dog. It was a hard scene to read and tells us quite a bit. He’s playing with not just any toy, but a knight. He was once just as attracted as Sansa to the ideals of knighthood and chivalry. But that got ripped away in one single moment, not just damaging him physically but emotionally as well.

Then, the very next day, at the tourney we see him jump in to defend Loras against his brother. There are three things going on here. First, the most obvious, is to stop his brother from going after someone who is defenseless. Second, we see him fight defensively against his brother which indicates just how skilled he is as well as his refusal to attack when his brother is unhelmed. However, there is something else going on that I think is much less obvious. Sandor stops fighting very quickly when the king commands them to stop, which I believe Sandor may be a bit grateful for. His life, until this point, has been centered around the desire to kill his brother. But, I also believe he is still afraid of him, especially in light of many of his later comments, think of “As long as I have this, there is no one I need fear”, alluding to his sword. Gregor is the demon he can’t slay. Then, of course, we get Ned’s comment on Sandor winning the love of the commons for the first time ever, which is a rather heartbreaking line as it further reinforces just how much of an outsider he is.

There are a couple other great scenes in GOT that help reveal the Hound as well. After Barristan is kicked out of the KG, Sandor is asked to join. He considers this with a very long, pregnant pause, it’s obvious something is going through his head but we don’t know what. Finally, he agrees stating that he has no land, wife, or family to forsake and no one who would care if he did. So, that makes us wonder, did he ever dream of those things or is this another expression of his bitterness? I personally believe it is a mixture of both, especially when combined with his tale to Sansa earlier. The other revealing scene with him is later after Ned’s death and Sansa is hit for the first time. He offers her some very good advice, showing he’s got insight in to not just Joff but others at court. He’s more observant than his role as the hulking bodyguard would indicate.

At Joff’s name day tourney, we see him lie for Sansa, express scorn for knights with his “you’d be one knight the poorer” line, and commend Tommen for his courage. It’s a great scene, showing us once again that there is more to the guy than may appear on the surface as we get another reference to his fighting skills, a subtle dig at Joff, and an indicator that for all his talk of lies, he’s willing to bend the truth when he needs to.

I think most would agree that Sandor is a broken man but the common assumption is that this happened during the BBW. I disagree, it’s been happening almost since the time we met him. We have his burn story and the comments about the KG. At the end of GOT, he lies to the king, stops Sansa from killing Joff, and offers her advice on how to handle Joff as well. Small acts in some ways but these are huge for someone who has defined himself for most of his life as the Lannister Dog, The Hound. We are already getting clues that something is not right with him. Then, during the serpentine steps conversation, he helps her out with Blount. But, paying attention to what he says, wevknow that he feels disgust and contempt for his so-called brothers. He’s not a part of them, he doesn’t belong. Then, when she is beaten and stripped Sandor flat out refuses an order and says “enough”. This tells us his breaking is now further along. His efforts in the past were circumspect in the form of advice. Now, he’s refusing orders and trying to stop Joff. He’s gone public so to speak.  Even worse for him, Tyrion, who he despises, is the one that stops the beating. For Sandor, who defines himself as a fighter and warrior, this must be a very shaming and emasculating act.  At the riot, he was the one assigned to protect Joff but, when forced to make a decision, he chose Sansa over the king. Again, going against his vows and tearing himself further away from his “Hound” persona. He’s just told the world who he would protect if he had to make a choice. Then, we see him on the rooftop just before the BBW. He’s watching the fire, he’s trying to face his fears. His words and conversations here are very erratic. Finally, the BBW happens and we all know what he does. Sandor refuses Tyrion’s orders after spending the past several hours fighting in fire. He goes to Sansa’s room and completely botches his rescue attempt. Instead of saving her, he takes a song at the point of a knife. Yes the fire played a big role in his breaking but it’s been coming all along. The BBW just made it a very sudden and violent break.

Then in Storm, we see him fight against Beric and beat him, with HIS ARM ON FIRE. Of course, before he does this, we get one of my favorite speeches in the series, “a knights a sword on a horse…”, he owns Thoros and the BBW, and shows off some of his dark humor. But, he’s burned again and completely breaks down, reverting back to the small boy who was held down in to the flames by his brother. He loses his gold and then has another great line about making his knight a horse.

Next, he’s wandering the Riverlands with Arya, hoping to ransom her off to her brother and then her aunt. After those hopes are dashed, it’s pretty clear this guy is suicidal and that taking care of Arya is one of the few things holding him together, but even that is proving less effective over time. He may be his own dog but the man has no idea what to do without a master. He’s spent his life spurning knights yet at the same time enjoyed all the benefits of knighthood. He is now no longer a part of the system but having been a part of it, can not be accepted elsewhere. He’s stuck, with no purpose. The final moment of his breaking occurs at the Inn of the Crossroads when he finds out what happens to Sansa. If you match his words with the actions, you can see what he is thinking. He knows a fight is coming and is just waiting for it to start. Finally, Arya leaves him to die under a tree after hearing his dying words, which are some of the most misinterpreted lines in the entire series.

For me, watching this journey is tragic and sad. I find him absolutely fascinating. Superficially, he’s the ideal male specimen in Westeros. A prized fighter, a warrior, tall, strong, fit, and one the best swordsmen in the realm. But, underneath it is a man with deep trauma who is emotionally stunted and has only been able to connect with a single person in his entire life. It’s a great story.

Oh, and also, he’s a bad ass.

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Fake relationship AU, GoT pairing of your choice?

Yay! @misshoneywheeler 

When the redhead ran up and threw her arms around him, Sandor Clegane’s brain shut down. That was the only explanation possible. There was no other way to account for the fact that he hugged her back, lifting her up off her feet and swinging her around before planting a loud kiss on her cheek. Some rational part of him observed the entire process with horror even as the camera flashes were exploding around them. 

I’m fired, he thought. I’m going to have to move to Scotland in a tiny hut with no electricity because I kissed Sansa motherfucking Stark on the red carpet at the Metropolitan in front of god and everyone.

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Can you name what you think is the "defining moment" for each individual book in the series (like you did with characters)?


“My father told everyone my bedding had caught fire, and our maester gave me ointments. Ointments! Gregor got his ointments too. Four years later, they anointed him with the seven oils and he recited his knightly vows and Rhaegar Targaryen tapped him on the shoulder and said, ‘Arise, Ser Gregor.’”

The rasping voice trailed off. He squatted silently before her, a hulking black shape shrouded in the night, hidden from her eyes. Sansa could hear his ragged breathing. She was sad for him, she realized. Somehow, the fear had gone away.

The silence went on and on, so long that she began to grow afraid once more, but she was afraid for him now, not for herself. She found his massive shoulder with her hand. “He was no true knight,” she whispered to him.

AGOT is about learning the rules, whether at King’s Landing, the Wall, or the Dothraki Sea, and IMO no fall-into-knowledge is as piercing and powerful as Sansa’s. While her response to Sandor’s backstory may seem naive on first read, I think that given where these characters and others (especially Davos and Brienne) go in the series, “he was no true knight” is meant as a radical reorganizing principle for a fallen world. That the patriarchy has failed to live up to the ideal of the true knight (or lord, or queen) does not and cannot tarnish that ideal, because it belongs to you, the individual. 

He found himself outside the city, walking through a world without color. Ravens soared through a grey sky on wide black wings, while carrion crows rose from their feasts in furious clouds wherever he set his steps. White maggots burrowed through black corruption. The wolves were grey, and so were the silent sisters; together they stripped the flesh from the fallen. There were corpses strewn all over the tourney fields. The sun was a hot white penny, shining down upon the grey river as it rushed around the charred bones of sunken ships. From the pyres of the dead rose black columns of smoke and white-hot ashes. My work, thought Tyrion Lannister. They died at my command.

And so the titular war of ACOK is encapsulated, in its protagonist’s devastating postscript. Not only does the lack of color intentionally blur the lines between the sides at the Blackwater, the dreamlike tone and the sense that Tyrion is standing somewhat outside the narrative buttresses the thematic links to the rest of the novel. Tyrion could be Theon at Winterfell at this moment, watching it burn; he could be Arya at Harrenhal, hearing the northmen attack Pia; he could be Jon, realizing his brotherhood subsidizes a monster like Craster. War makes monsters of us all. 

“Your Grace,” said Davos, “the cost…”

“I know the cost! Last night, gazing into that hearth, I saw things in the flames as well. I saw a king, a crown of fire on his brows, burning…burning, Davos. His own crown consumed his flesh and turned him into ash. Do you think I need Melisandre to tell me what that means? Or you?” The king moved, so his shadow fell upon King’s Landing. “If Joffrey should die…what is the life of one bastard boy against a kingdom?”

“Everything,” said Davos, softly.

The imagery of dead kings is of course apropos for ASOS, given the fates of Robb, Joffrey, and Balon. Yet there’s also a larger struggle at work here: Stannis and Davos are trying to synthesize an ethical thesis, a lesson to be learned, from the titular storm of swords. Stannis is committing himself to the pure utilitarianism that will doom Shireen come ADOS, but Davos offers an ideal not dissimilar to Sansa’s above: that the individual matters, their worth and potential have to be safeguarded, and otherwise Stannis is “no king at all.” 

Obvious as this is, I gotta go with the title-drop moments in AFFC and ADWD.

Crow’s Eye, you call me. Well, who has a keener eye than the crow? After every battle the crows come in their hundreds and their thousands to feast upon the fallen. A crow can espy death from afar. And I say that all of Westeros is dying. Those who follow me will feast until the end of their days.”

Consider this the flipside to the ACOK quote above: there are those who come to graveyards not to mourn, but to eat. AFFC, as I’ve said many a time, is about death and not getting your shit together. It’s a bitter satire about “squabbling over spoils” at a funeral, whether that funeral is Tywin’s, Lysa’s, Oberyn’s, Balon’s, or the continent’s. It’s about the decay and entropy wrought by the previous three books, and the widespread refusal to truly reckon with it. “All of Westeros is dying”…and so Euron’s time has come. 

After the girl was gone, the old knight peeled back the coverlet for one last look at Quentyn Martell’s face, or what remained of it. So much of the prince’s flesh had sloughed away that he could see the skull beneath. His eyes were pools of pus. He should have stayed in Dorne. He should have stayed a frog. Not all men are meant to dance with dragons.

ADWD is about failure in a more general sense, and how it plays into identity and our expectations of narrative. Quent’s story has all the trappings and beats of a Hero’s Journey, but GRRM leeched out all the triumph and excitement and growth and replaced them with horror and humiliation and ultimately death. He’s up to similar tricks in the rest of the story: Jon and Dany’s profiles-in-leadership make them miserable and end in them abandoning their posts; the fandom desire to see Theon and Cersei punished is thrown back in our collective face; Tyrion refuses to make us laugh. 


I confess I don’t read as many fanfics as I’d like, because I don’t usually have much free time for reading and I alternate them with published books, but during the last year I’ve read some awesome stories that I’ve enjoyed even more than some tradicional books. Some of them are very popular and some not so, but I would give my right hand to write half as well their authors do.

So, these are some of my favourite Sansan fics so far (as usually, I’m sorry that my english doesn’t allow me to praise better their virtues). 

Close to canon, realistic and poetic at the same time, one of the best fanfics out there. It’s a Blackwater AU whose prose is above the average, though I know I’m not saying anything new, Sansa’s chapters are wonderful, but Sandor’s ones, from ch. 27, are perfect. I’ve re read it plenty of times and some of its images and scenes are still struck in my mind. It’s a shame the author doesn’t update since ages.

My new favourite. Modern Sansan set in the mafia world, it has little to do with Westeros but who cares! If you give me a great story, an interesting plot and a great dosis of our favourite characters, I buy it! The story is intriguing and has a very build up plot. The interesting original characters, the details the author puts in every chapter, the background of each character, the stories inside the story (so Paul Auster!) of course, the love story between a moss boss and a sweet (but strong) little bird makes G&M a very special work. I left apart one of my favourites series (Prince of Nothing) to read it in one sitting as if it were a novel, and didn’t regret it for a moment. I wrote a longer post here.

You show me, and I see. You reflect it back to me, and I see now in a way I couldn’t before.“

Redcandle has plenty of wonderful fics (I love her Gendry/Arya and Jaime/Brienne fics too), but these two are my favourite. With a very insightful knowledge of the characters she is writing about, she dares to go further than anyone. Songbird is the most realistic AU Blackwater I’ve ever read; austere, hard and certainly not romantic. I never get tired to read it. The same could be said for Proscript; what happens in it could be hard to read but it could perfectly be the next Alayne chapter of TWoW. Her fics are so true to canon that they look like a lost chaper GRRM left apart and didn’t published; any of them could perfectly be part of one of the Asoiaf books (published or to come)

A work of art. You can not define this beautiful and precious work any differently. A unique and outstanding work in the fandom that her author gives us all for our enjoyment. But not only the fan art is really wonderful, the text is delicious: sexy, sexual, intense … a delight to read and a Sansan wet dream come true. Besides, the writer has a very profound understanding of the psyche of the characters, specially Sansa’s, and so, throught their sexual encounters, she leads us into her thoughts and we learn more about Sansa’s thoughts and the dark corners of Sandor and The Hound. If you don’t like porn stories, don’t read it read it anyway or you’ll be missing some of the better hours of your week, because it is a must.

Kindred is also a Blackwater AU and in a way it reminds me to Into the Wood but keeping its own style and personality. What I really like about this story is how the author keeps Sansa and Sandor always IC. Her descriptions are precious and they make you feel inside the story with them. The text is perfect; not even need to spare it a single word or sentence. And it has magic. Maybe the plot so far isn’t too original, but the realism of the story mixed with a veil of fairytale that surrounds it thrills me and makes me shiver in equal measure. There isn’t a chapter without a sentence of the protagonists, a description or a single line that doesn’t get me goosebumps. There is always something that leave me breathless in her writing and I think this is very difficult to achieve. 

The story of Sansa Stark told as the chronicles of Westeros would tell it a thousand years after her death. I don’t agree with all the assumptions on which the story departs, but I admit that the tone in which it’s told, original and different, has conquered me. And If you don’t shed a tear in the end is because you’re made of stone.

I’d never seen this fic recommended before but I do like it a lot. Sandor doesn’t leave Kingslanding after the BW and Sansa stays as a hostage for Joffrey to punished her as his wish. But at least she has Sandor to give her come comfort among all her suffering. I like a lot the style in which is written, melancholic and kind of sad. Doesn’t really have a happy ending but it leaves an open window through which we can dream about them having some hope in the future.

A short Sansan tale through Gregor’s eyes. Strange, different and unique. I haven’t read something similar in the fandom. Don’t miss it.

  • Pas de deux, once beautiful and brave / amplifyme (COMPLETE)

Maybe it isn’t her most popular fic but as I have a soft spot for one shots, this has been one of my favorite for long and I guess it’s one of the first fics I ever read. I don’t know what cheers me up the most: the fact that Winterfell is full of life again, seeing Sansa happy, drinking and dancing or that lovely and happy ending. It’s short, but it doesn’t need any other word to be perfect, like a small jewl. I have read it more than 12 times and I’ve enjoyed every one of them as if it was the first.

What I like about Littlefeather it’s that she knows very well the characters and the books she is writting about. She has a lot of great stories (i’d sell my soul to the devil to have so many great ideas to write). Maybe Meet the Starks isn’t her most popular and I don’t really know why I like it above others; it isn’t very true to canon and a priori it shouldn’t be of my liking but, as I said before, if you write a good story I buy it. I guess I cann’t help to love seeing all the Starks together again (even if it’s in a fic) and some scenes between Ned, Cat and their new son in law made me laugh out loud, and that, ladies, is unpayable!

There are a lot of other stories I have enjoyed / I’m enjoying a lot (A chance encounter, Marching song, All the things she never said, Winds of change, Beggar’s banquet…), though I’ll leave them for a second post ;) Please, feel free to tell me some recommendations too, I’d love to read them!

anonymous asked:

What do you think of Ser Davos? He seems like an easily forgotten character because his whole story is about Stannis; however from time to time I'm reminded he such a wonderful character in his own right. Such as his reasoning for delivering food to the garrison at Storms End; not because he believed in their cause, not for gold, but because people would starve if he didn't. That simple reason speaks volumes about him.

Anon, you’re preaching to the choir here. Davos is a huge favorite of mine.

He seems like an easily forgotten character because his whole story is about Stannis. 

Almost all the POVs are used to give insight into something/someone bigger than them at some point. Examples include- but aren’t limited to- Sansa in ACoK/ASoS being used to see King’s Landing and the turmoil in the Red Keep with inside perspective on the Tyrells and others, Tyrion ACoK/ASoS for the same except with an inside perspective on the Small Council and the Lannisters, Jon’s whole storyline pretty much to see what’s going on at the Wall, Arya is used in ACoK/ASoS to see the sufferings and lives of the smallfolk and the BWB, Sansa in late ASoS and AFFC is used to see Littlefinger and his scheming, Theon in used to give us insight into Winterfell/the Boltons, Barristan with Meereen/Dany, Catelyn into Robb’s campaign and even Renly’s, Brienne and Jaime illustrate the war torn countryside especially after Arya leaves Westeros, Cersei’s POV started so that we could see into KL after everyone else left, and so on.

Point is, even when the character is super important (like Jon, Arya, Tyrion, and so on) they can still be used to give insight into something not themselves. That doesn’t take away from their characterization and importance (though it does say something when you have a character who’s completely detached and still being featured a lot.)

Is Davos all about Stannis? Right now we’re seeing the possibility of him going to Skagos and meeting up with Rickon. We also get an inside look at the Manderlys and what the Northern lords are really thinking through him in ADWD.

however from time to time I’m reminded he such a wonderful character in his own right

Amen, anon! Davos is fantastic in so many ways. He embodies unquestionable and never ending loyalty, is perceptive and grateful, tries to do the right thing, is honest and gives good advice, he’s a fantastic character! He’s decent, too, which is unusual as we know in alive Westerosi characters. 

My favorite aspect about Davos, though, has to be that he comes from nothing. Think of every POV character in the series. Almost all of them have one unifying aspect- they come from a highborn house. Within major POV characters (i.e. characters who have at least double digit numbers of POV chapters,) Davos is the only one who is not from a well respected, high status house. Even with the Night’s Watch, which is supposed to be an army of thieves and crooks, our main POVs are Jon (raised as a Stark and of highborn blood) and Sam of House Tarly. We get insight on the sufferings of the smallfolk in Westeros chiefly through Arya (a princess) and Brienne (a highborn lady.)

These characters don’t really understand what it’s like to not have a name and a status to make you worth something. Even those captured and put through hell (Sansa and Theon come to mind) are still considered useful alive because of their name/house. Contrast this with the absolutely tragic nonchalance the villagers’ lives at God’s Eye (from Arya ACoK) and Mycah’s life get. Westerosi society has an extremely rigid social hierarchy. Keep in mind Dany gets a taste (a taste because she always had her family name, which afforded her some importance) pre-AGoT when on the run with Viserys. Arya gets a complete assimilation into that lifestyle (so much so that even in ACoK she thinks that if she were to reveal herself to Tywin, she’d just be beaten and not believed.) But even Arya was valuable- like for Sandor and even Yoren stuck his neck out for her because of her family name.

But Davos had none of that. Ever. He’s always been a character that was born into nothing and achieved so much. He’s a Hand of the King, for crying out loud. Granted, Stannis hasn’t taken the Iron Throne, but he is still the last of the War of Five Kings standing.

He got attention by saving besieged people from starvation. He rose up higher through honesty and intelligence. 

And you know what? He has some of the most chillingly good lines. I’m talking about the ones that make you cheer.

What’s the worth of one bastard boy versus an entire kingdom? “Everything.”

You’re going to spout nonsense to him? “Jared of House Frey, I name you a liar.”

Also, can we just take a second to remember that GRRM named Stannis Baratheon just in an interview because he went to the Wall to help. That Samwell Tarly calls Stannis the “king who still cared.” And why did Stannis drag his men to the Wall, why did he come?

“Lord Seaworth is a man of humble birth, but he reminded me of my duty, when all I could think of was my rights. I had the cart before the horse, Davos said. I was trying to win the throne to save the kingdom, when I should have been trying to save the kingdom to win the throne." Jon, ADWD

He got through to Stannis about temporarily overlooking his rights, someone who is both stubborn and has been burned in terms of rights before, and told what is one of the biggest truths that highborns and rulers miss out on in the series: save the kingdom to win the throne, not the other way around.

Davos is fantastic. He’s a great character with compelling lines, basic human decency, intelligence, and origin story. He’s rags to riches, but doesn’t let it get to his head. He laughs about his own humble birth, his kids have to remind him to think of himself as a knight and not a smuggler. More than that, he thinks to himself about how strange it is the a “lowborn smuggler” is in his position. And don’t even get me started on how hilarious and perfect it is that Davos didn’t even try to pretend or deny his origins, but oh no- Davos chooses an onion as his sigil. 

That, to me, is enough reason to fall in love right there.

But despite the acknowledgment of the strangeness of his rise to power and self-deprecation, Davos truly does rise to the occasion. He uses his position to say things that matter, to truly be loyal and do what he believes is right, and to provide security for his family.

I’m just saying, anon, I’m with you. Davos Seaworth is freaking awesome. 

GoT Re-Watch: Fine-Toothed Comb Edition

New year new season, seems appropriate. Thanks to all the people helping me out with counting errors in my post, some of which I have not yet fixed. I tend to count in troll: one, two, three, four, many, lots. Without further ado -

Episode 2.01 - The North Remembers

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