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The moment I saw Lumen I fell in love please more info

YAY IM GLAD U LIKE HERE, shes a babe whos sarcastic and cold, but a total cinnamon roll in the inside :) more info coming soon

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You and your anons have ruined me. The first fanfic I'm going to be posting on my AO3 account in like three years is going to be Newgradence domestic!lactation!kink smut. I don't even really usually like mommy or daddy kinks for any pairing in this fandom, you've absolutely ruined me.

YAY then my job here is done !!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


So many tomatoes in this strip

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Naughty Girl

Title: Naughty Girl

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

A/n: 🔥🔥 sex, I’m so on fire today, I went all the way with this one, God I really hope you guys like it

Warnings: NSFW, explicit smut

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It was almost eleven at night and the after mission party was still going strong, the lights were flashing and the ever so loud electro music was pounding loudly across the tower. You sighed, quickly downing your tequila shot, pushing it over to the bartender, signalling that you wanted another one.

“Well, aren’t you just a ray of sunshine” Natasha commented as she settled into the bar stool beside you , her Mai Tai in hand. “I’m bored, the guys are having so much fun” you replied blandly, gesturing to the men that stood at the other end of the hall, a few shots on the table as they continued with their pool game, the pile of money growing with each lost.

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A Lesson Learned {Luke Hemmings Smut}

REEQUESTED: no i was just bored :3

HELLO BEEBS!!! i am v v v proud of this one shot, it took me a few weeks to churn out but im happy w the end result!! i rlly hope u guys like this; if u do, feedback is greatly appreciated! also, here is my masterlist!! enjoy :-)


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Chimney ❆ 5A00-0032-3944 | cozy early winter town (completed!)

Chimney is a cozy little winter town (it’s snowing in the dream!) I started back in June 2015. It has gone through many season changes, area fixes, theme updates, and it is finally complete! Relax and enjoy the natural feel of the town. The pathways should lead you to every area (it should be easy to maneuver around!) and the houses are complete with Mayor Mia’s Forest Café and Arden’s Cabin. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did making it! I worked really hard on this town, and it would mean the world to me to hear what you thought of it.

If you take pictures please tag me #ellesanimalhaven, mention me (@), or send me the post! I always reblog dream visits. c:


I know … last night was unexpected. If you regret it –