but here is wip


here are some official WIPs for @ml-disaster-relief-zine the Disaster Relief Zine, Up to the Test! 

You can secure a copy of the zine by donating to charities focusing on helping those hit by the recent natural disasters. HERE is the post with more information

THOMAS ASTRUC WILL BE CONTRIBUTING TO THE ZINE as well as many other popular ml fan artists. I’m very excited to be collaborating with so many different and talented people and I hope you all enjoy what we make!!

also uh they have me down in the participants list as alltheghostbutts cause thats my main blog but its still me i swear

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pleaaaasssse make another sulotte comic!!!!!!! i adore how you draw them, I need more!!!!!

getting a number of this kinda ask/ims so making this one public??

im making sulotte comic right now!!! explains my lack of art lately and just doodles :’) its gonna be for lwa funzine here: https://lwafunzine.tumblr.com/ i hope you look forward to it!!!! im also really looking forward to read everyones comics for the zine ^___^

a little wips ok so heres part of one of the pages i did today!! having fun doing backgrounds, cant wait to add sfx too :D


Inktober WIPS. Here we have poison, underwater, sword, shy, crooked, screech and gigantic. The image for long is finished i just need to scan it! And then sit down and work my way through these!

EDIT: OH NOW this decides to post itself. Only 5 days late and on the wrong blog. Genius, Tumblr. Anyway. For more Orginal Oda art, feel free to check out my other blog @rowleyowens. That’s where this shit was supposed to be. :L 

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Wip: shine?

I have a shiny! The “him” here is Abelas:

El glanced at him. She felt her heart fill up like a cocoon. “I’d have your baby,” she said, smiling, like a dare. “And I’d hope that he’d grow to be big and shiny. Like you. A farm boy with a delicate accent and strong hands.”


WiP Wednesday: Send me a word, and if it’s in my current WiP, I’ll give you the line in which it appears <3


(Nearly) Everyone’s here!

i’m sorry this won’t be done in time for the finale, but i want to thank the brothers for taking me on this journey, i’ve had a lot of fun.

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