but here is wip


trying to decide on a style for faces so used my boys fallout selves.. lin is my courier in new vegas and rens my main ss in fo4.

just some dumb kids hangin out in the wastes


Im working on a “Tattoo Collection,” here is one of the items, it has 10 swatches so far. I’ll show some other items as they get more finished lol. Its gonna take me a little while to complete everything cause college ; ___ ;  I wanted to make some fun and dangerous items.

For anyone who wonders what I do in my actual daily life, here is a WIP of something I actually get paid to do: handprint art! For people who want something personalized and adorable of their childs but can only stand to look at a turkey hand for so long.
I love making these for families to hang on their kids walls! I’ve done all kinds of fandoms and characters and animals, though my most popular are Disney, Star wars and Superheroes.


Here is part of what I’m working on!!

It’s at aboooout 34 frames?? Around that. It won’t be fully animated of course, heck I’m just aiming for it to be a storyboard!

Hope ya like it!

(Featuring @doggo-the-half-pony , @ask-paradigm , and @ask-cloud-rhider )

anon requested a wip update so here it is!

i got all the villains and the vytal finalists done so far. i’ll probably post another update later this evening? putting in the flat colors is going a lot faster than the lineart so it shouldn’t take too long hopefully

wip submission deadline has passed

big thank you to everyone who turned your wips in on time or communicated with me abt an extension! you guys are rock stars!

if you have been granted an extension, they will be due by 23:59cst on the day on which we agreed, so make sure you email those to yoibigbang@gmail.com by your due date!

heres the wip submission post which tells you how to do that.

there were also a rather large number of no-shows. if youre one of them, pls expect a message from me via your preferred contact method. all i want to know is if youre still participating or not! just keep in mind even if you drop out you can still participate as a pinch-hitter ;)

important note on whats next:

on february 27 (monday) the claims page will go live following an announcement post with the link. this will give artists time to check over their submission and ensure everythings correct, and it will give writers some time to peruse their options and get an idea of who theyre interested in.

on march 1 (wednesday) writer sign-ups and claims will begin following an announcement post with the link to the sign-up form and the claiming form. writers should sign up first and then claim (top three choices in order of preference). this is a first-come, first-served process so the earlier you sign-up and claim the more likely it is to get the artist you want to work with. the process will be explained in full in the post, but you can check out the faq page and faq tag as well in the meantime.

i wasnt supposed to be doin anymore art today but i had to sketch these out so here

have a preview/wip, more getting down the Feel than the actual design

the kitty ears are stayin tho

six arms, six eyes, infinite fun

All I could draw for tonight before I called an ambulance