but here is wip

I gave up on art relating to school entirely I need a break before I have a meltdown lol and then I had to go and watch GOTG 2 which broke my resolve to not turn into a screaming puddle all together anyway here is a Yondu WIP I dunno when I’ll finish it the point was to practice a greyscale colour pass for school and you know what I CAN do it so ahaha take that values and why did this turn into something educational again I just wanna draw for fun lol T T And also Yondaddy. I’m sorry I just had to X”D 

Tarch’s Old Fanarts - Day 23 - WIPs
Title: A forgotten Stock-Hiccup fanart
Date: Late October 2013

Here’s a WIP shot from a fanart I don’t remember creating heh… it’s quite likely I never finished it too, or if I did, it wasn’t recovered. I guess we’ll never find out!

queenbol  asked:

Heya! Love your games and really enjoying the Wayhaven game so far! (Can't wait for the rest of the demo :) ) I was just wondering, in a past ask you talked about CoG games you liked and a demo of a game you were keeping an eye on- Beast of the Castle I think. Do you have a link to the demo? Because the name intrigues me and anything you like is a good shout for me.

Thank you so much :D I’m really glad you’re enjoying it!

Here’s the link for The Beast in the Castle WIP thread- https://forum.choiceofgames.com/t/the-beast-in-the-castle-wip-09-25-16/20488/364

It’s a brilliant demo! Definitely one I am excited to play the rest of when the author updates :)