but here is derpy

I’ve hit art block something fierce on all my projects (a common side effect after a busy show and all the prep work that goes into it) combined with only being in the studio 3 days this week and having to move next week, I’m trying to unblock by drawing literally anything that comes to mind and all I can think of is skeleton dragons.

Inspired by @mnstrcndy and their amazing renditions of GB Swap Papyrus, I took a shot at Underfell GB Sans, and how I imagine kid Papyrus would react to that in the Underfell AU

(Note: I headcanon that the UF skelebros act similar to their original incarnations, just meaner, more cynical, and with darker senses of humor, kinda how the Addams family movies work.)

Ah, a carnival strength test! This’ll be fun to watch.

Hit the hockey-puck-shaped target, make the yellow cylinder fly up. Simple!

I’m sure ol’ derpy Shag will be a champ. Here we go!

…wow. Well, Shaggy, if it was a test of derpiness, you’d have first prize for sure.

Aaaaaand there’s the hit! Right on the target, yellow doohicky primed to go flying.

Aaaaaand up it flies! 

Not bad, Shag, but now it’s Scooby’s turn.

Show ‘em what you got, Scoo- wait, what? 

Where did the target go? And the yellow thing, for that matter?

…but Scooby hits the empty hole, and the yellow doohicky reappears, and flies up anyway?

Scooby’s tail is so strong, it transcends space and time!


I hope everyone had a great day today, and if you didn’t, here’s a really derpy dog!


I was tagged by @dank-dragon-of-death, @kikoloureirosdeliveryservice (twice, actually…thanks 😘), @metaladdiction, and @not-droogie to post a selfie, so here’re two derpy/blurry pics of me in full metal gear ft. my Goatwhore poster and stuffed animal collection. Enjoy kiddoes. :^)

I tag @a-touch-of-tipton, @mimmilina, @kawaiichurchburner, @pyarthrosis, @hel-crosby, @blazesinthenorthernsky, @bringmetheemos @kissmesatan, @rikirachtman, @opeths, @shittyviking and @control-is-broken. If you do it, have fun 😃


I say, I will draw Derpy, @eviru and here is she with Vecc :)

Actually I want draw she alone and as I finish the Pic(the second one) was I not really happy. Somethings… No, rather someone are missing. So I draw a second Pic with Vecc and Derpy ^^ I hope, I have give him the right eye color! ._.

First I want draw she sitting on the shoulder form Vecc. But then I reminds, the Asura shoulder are to small for a Owl. And at the top form the head… I think, this hurts, because of the claws.

At the second pic have Derpy Vecc’s glasses. I don’t know why, maybe Vecc lost the glasses and she bring it back to him.