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You know the drill by now. It’s Whump Week Day 5- Insomnia/Mental Illness.

Have some klance late night training bonding after a rough mission.

Keith found himself returning to the training deck. He didn’t know why he started doing it, but now he couldn’t stop. Any time his emotions got to be too much, he buried them by fighting the training bots, sometimes for hours on end.

This practice quickly became a habit for any difficult situation, any time he simply couldn’t calm down without exhausting himself physically. So, it was really no surprise that after a terrible mission like that he would do this.

What was surprising, however, was that someone else was already using the room.

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so i’ve been making monthly fic recs for a full year now! that’s so insane to think about honestly. thanks for all the support! my first monthly fic rec was for april 2016 and it had 10 fics on it. now they have upwards of almost 30 fics. that’s character development. anyway…

here are a bunch of fics I’ve enjoyed and loved reading throughout the month of march. I recommend that you read these great fics in april, if you haven’t already. 

(all fics with a star are my favorites and if there are two stars then it was a favorite favorite)

1. Perfect Storm (80k)*

What do you do when your best friend asks you and your (now) ex to be the best men at his destination wedding? You can either tell him the truth, tell him you’re not together anymore, and deal with the consequences, or you can pretend you’re still together and roll with it, just pray you don’t spiral. Fake it ‘til you make it. You know, for the sake of the wedding.

Harry and Louis choose the latter.

2. The Night Sky is Changing Overhead (124k)**

Harry is a tattoo artist, Louis is a drama professor, and they meet during an argument at a café.

3. All I Wish Not to Remember (71k)**

What happens when all you had, all you loved, all you held dear is viciously ripped away from you? When your inner core, once filled with love and hope and light, blackens to raw, dark hatred?

What happens when your soul is hopelessly consumed and no matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you attempt to shake yourself out, to rid your tormented mind of the opaque feelings that plague you, all you can see, all you can feel, all you can want is…


A modern adaption of The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. A tragic tale of timeless undying love, merciless revenge, and selfless sacrifice.

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anonymous asked:

Holy shit I love your analysis' of Jimin and Namjoon!! Would you mind doing one for Jungkook as well? I know a lot of people were confused as to why Namjoon put him in Ravenclaw over Gryffindor/Slytherin.


It’s really weird for me that you guys actually care about and value my opinions  on this whole business so thank you so much for giving my ramblings the time of day omg

for those who are wondering about my thoughts on gryffindor!namjoon and slytherin!jimin here’s the links to those:

Namjoon as a Gryffindor || Jimin as a Slytherin

So like, I really. really. really. love the idea of Ravenclaw Jeon. (But listen… I used to be a hardcore Slytherin!Jeon person okay, so I understand your feels on this. I do.) 

 here goes nothing

Ravenclaw Jungkook confused a lot of people. And I really get it because Ravenclaw was so fucking shafted in the books. 

We had so many Gryffindors and Slytherins to relate to, and we had a fair share of badass Hufflepuffs (TONKS) to base our opinions off of. But there were only a few Ravenclaws that were given the time of day in the books, and only one of those was a major character. We had Luna, Trelawney, Lockehart, and Cho. Cho’s amazing character was wasted by JK – she was written with the personality of a dish rag and didn’t really get the spotlight she deserved. Trelawney was presented as a crazy old lady who sometimes ?? served a purpose. Lockehart was an idiot. All we really had was Luna.

But it wasn’t just the characters. Ravenclaw has a really weird reputation. Before I wrote this, I asked a bunch of my casual and hardcore HP fan friends to tell me the characteristics they associated with each house. And I got pretty much what I expected:

  • Gryffindor: Leaders, brave, courageous, brash, strong
  • Slytherin: Cunning, resourceful, calculating, perfectionists
  • Hufflepuff: Loyal, kind, hard-working, determination, cheerful
  • Ravenclaw: Smart…?? they are… smart people?? They do things…….smartly……

Like for real. Whenever I asked people what traits they associated with Ravenclaw, all anyone was ever able to tell me was that Ravenclaws were supposedly smart. And that’s got a lot to do with the fact that when the sorting hat sings off about all the houses, it lists all these great traits for the other houses, but when it comes to Ravenclaw it says this:

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you’ve a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind.

And then the books go on to say that Ravenclaws are,

characterised by their wit, intelligence, and wisdom.

So maybe you’re like me, and I am REALLY guilty of this, but when I first read this in the books I kinda just thought these all meant the same thing. So maybe that’s where we got this idea that all Ravenclaws are good for are being smart.

But it wasn’t until I looked up the actual definition of each word that I realized these were all saying really different things:

Intelligence - the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.
Wit - a natural aptitude for using words and ideas in a quick and inventive way to create humor.
Wisdom - the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.

^^^^this is just webster dictionary definitions here. The bolded words are the ones I want to focus on.

Skill. See – Ravenclaws are supposedly smart. But this doesn’t always have to mean BOOKSMART, and I think that’s where we had a lot of trouble with Jeon. No one is saying he is dumb or anything, but he’s no Namjoon.

Notable examples of this trait include Lockehart, who was pretty shitty at a lot of things, but had the street smarts enough to pass off his big whole scam for years and years, and was especially gifted in certain charms.

Then there’s Luna, who while shown to be really good at solving riddles, was also portrayed as really physically skilled. In Dumbledore’s Army, while being taught how to conjure a Patronus by Harry, Luna was the first to get it right. She was fourteen at the time, and was such a skilled witch that she was able to perform an incredibly difficult charm - that even adults had trouble with - after like…….mere minutes of teaching.

Does this sound like someone you know?? I’ll give you an example: Observe this VERY determined Hufflepuff not give up on his dreams and finally have all his hard work pay off… only for someone to come in and get it right almost instantly.

Or maybe… “Hey guys, this dance move you made up looks pretty cool – mind if I watch you do it like once and a half and then nail it instantly?”

And if you’re ever in doubt about just how skilled Jungkook is… remember that he turned down seven other agencies to join BigHit. That’s how many people were after him and recognized his talent. (This also ties in to my thoughts on the part about good judgement – Jungkook obviously saw a lot of potential in Namjoon and BigHit in general, so much so that he turned down tons of other companies to be there. He saw something a lot of other people did not… and it ended up being the best decision he ever made.)

But I think another really telling aspect of Jungkook’s Ravenclaw personality is that he isn’t always perfect at everything. He’s not always good at something right away – but that won’t stop him working really hard to get good

In Rookie King he was shown to be at the most pretty average at bowling. He wasn’t terrible, but he was about as good as you and I would be after playing a few rounds with a little luck. Well, Golden Maknae Jungkook could not stand to not be the best at something, so he mentions sometime later (13:10) that he’s hired a coach to teach him how to bowl…. and then just a few months later uploads a video of himself getting a strike like it’s no god damn big deal at all. And he looks pretty proud of himself too.

But all the major Ravenclaws were also shown time and time and time again as being a little…. scatterbrained. Luna, Lockehart, and Trelawney especially, and to an extent even Cho. And Jungkook is no exception. He’s… pretty gullible. And DEFINITELY scatterbrained.

But wit, intelligence, and wisdom are not the only three traits associated with Ravenclaw. There are a lot of other traits you may not really know about, because again – Ravenclaws were woefully under-represented in the series. There’s quite a few others listed for this house:

  • Creative
  • Individuality
  • Eccentric
  • Quirky
  • Jealousy/Envy
  • Competitive

So imma just go down the list because I’m really tired and I can’t made good word things rn


it’s no secret that Jungkook is a pretty talented artist. He’s a pretty damn good photographer too. (This will always be one of my favorite photos ever of Jimin – and Jungkook took it.) And he’s a talented lyricist as well. He’s an extremely good dancer and has a beautiful voice too – but you guys know this already.


Take a look at how he expresses his individuality through his song covers.

Eccentric & Quirky

You guys thought the fact that Lockehart, Trelawney, and even heckin Luna were all in the same house was a coincidence? Ravenclaws are NOTORIOUS for being Extra™ . I’m not kidding! This is literally a personality trait of Ravenclaws that we overlook so often from these weirdos. And Jeon fuckin Jungkook invented the word eccentric:

you’d be here forever if i kept going so… you get the point. eccentric is jungkook’s middle name.


Jeonlous exists in this god forsaken fandom, and I ain’t gonna link it and open THAT can of worms, but if you’re feeling so inclined and care to enter the seventh circle of hell, feel free to look it up… but tread carefully.


When I got the first ask about Ravenclaw Kook I had woken up at 3am and sleepily looked at my emails. I saw the ask and immediately had to jot down my ideas to keep for the next day, and all I managed to write in my sleep stupor was this

and then i promptly fell back asleep.

I was referring to this, and if you don’t feel bad for poor Jin in this situation I don’t know what to tell you. Jungkook is intensely competitive, even over small things like board games. He was so intent on winning that game that he literally assaulted someone five years his senior to sabotage them.

And then this is him trying to win a dance-off… doing the most, as usual.

And also?? He was literally banned from the gym because he was getting too buff. And look at him take out that guy in wrestling… and then demolish poor Jimin, the smallest member of BTS in arm wrestling when he could have… you know… let him win or something……

It’s a pretty well known meme within the fandom that Jungkook is competitive and always trying to outdo the others.

But when it comes down to it, Ravenclaws are still known for being smart, right? We can take all these other traits and apply them to Jeon but what about his brain?

He’s actually kinda smart. He is able to cover a song in perfect English even though he doesn’t speak the language all that well (but well enough to constantly correct others’ English and he’s good enough to tell you he’s really not all that interested in participating in English Time anyways)

And I mean…. he can outsmart the other members pretty well…………..

But I think one of the most important things to note about Jungkook being in Ravenclaw is to look at who sorted him, Namjoon: Namjoon himself gave Jungkook the nickname “Golden Maknae”. He is constantly saying that Jungkook can do anything, or watch this Jungkook can do this, or wow look at him go, or he’s so talented this and that. Is it really any surprise that Namjoon would put Jungkook in to a house known for being highly skilled when he believes no less of the kid?

Jungkook has some pretty Slytherin-like qualities – but tons of canon HP characters and the BTS members themselves have traits that are shared by all four houses. It’s just a matter of where he fits best.

I mean TL;DR, Jeon says it best himself:

gif credit: bwiskook

Can’t Remember to Forget You | vi

Summary: When you almost die in battle, a distraught Bucky - afraid of what will become of him if he loses you - decides to end things. But what happens when he loses his memory, only to end up falling in love with you all over again?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings: Language, Angst

A/N: you’re all gonna hate me, so please come yell at me after you read this, thanks || crtfy masterlist

Originally posted by caps-bucky

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Ten Years (Part 11)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,876

Warnings: language, fluff, confrontation

A/N: Tags are closed. I originally had something completely different written, but it no longer felt like it fit with the narrative here, so I rewrote it. I accidentally increased the amount of parts needed for this story, too. I don’t really know how I feel about it, but I feel like it was necessary. Please don’t hate me, haha. BTW - Thank you so much for the sweet messages, they are simultaneously slaying me and getting me through the day.

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

Originally posted by theimpossibleg1rl

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Goodbye Mr. English Guy

Pairing: Newt Scamander X Reader

Requested: Yes

@fangirl4mbct: Hi can you do a Newt X Reader where the reader is a muggle (her and newt are in love) and she and Jacob get their memories taken but they still become friends and open the bakery together a few days later Queeny, Tina and Newt walk in and see them smiling and the reader looks at the three before looking back at Jacob with a knowing smile and she says something like “finally you guys come in here how long has it been since we’ve last seen you” and it’s all cute and fluffy?

A/N: Yay, I finally wrote something! I’m sorry for the long wait, I just never found the time to sit my butt down and write a full paragraph, hehe.
I changed the plot a tiny bit but I hope that’s alright! I’m sorry if this sucks!


They all stared teary-eyed as Jacob walked away, not looking back. People passed, drenched from head to toe, their memories fading away.
The four people still sheltered from the rain, remained unnoticed. Millions of tiny water crystals fell onto the streets, the patter of the heavy droplets soothing and welcoming.

You knew it was your turn to step out and return to your normal life, you knew that it was the right thing to do. But your heart fought against you, not daring to move into the rain as if it were boiling acid. Acid that would strip away who you now were.

A gentle squeeze brought you back from your thoughts, you hadn’t realized that you were holding Newt’s hand.

“(Y/N), I…I can’t lose you,” Newt says, holding back tears that were threatening to fall. He had to be strong, for your sake. “We can make this work! You can climb into my case and I can take you to England and we can start a new life there without fear of being hunted by the ministry because they accept relationships with muggles and-”

He was stumbling over his words, something he did when he was extremely nervous. Oh, the things you already knew about the man and what he knew about you - and you had literally met over twenty-four hours ago! It was love at first sight, it was fate and now, it was being ripped apart.

You place your shaking hand on to Newt’s face and shake your head sadly.

“You know that’s risky Newt, I can’t have you get into any more trouble.”

“But-” he protests, desperately holding you closer.

“It’s…it’s alright, love. Jacob was right, I was never supposed to know any of this, it’s for…the best.”

He looks at you with sad but understanding eyes. A tear trickles slowly down his cheek.

“I love you.” he whispers.

“I love you too,” you say gently, tears also streaming down your face. You stand on your tiptoes and press your lips to his, savouring the feeling or his full lips against yours. You both tasted tears.
When you pulled away your body screamed for his touch, screamed to stay with him, but you fought against it, you had to.

You step back, face the streets and take a deep breath.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find her again,” Tina says gently to Newt. “We’ll find both of them, after all, they were friends before this whole thing.”

“But how will she remember?”

You smile sadly and turn your head ever so slightly and say, “I’m the same person, and I’ll find you attractive as soon as I see you. And if that doesn’t do anything helpful, grab me and kiss me, I won’t be complaining. Then…just be you, the one I fell in love with. Goodbye Mr. English Guy.”

With that, you step out into the rain and close your eyes. After a few seconds your head snaps up and you groan, quickly walking home.

“What kind of idiot am I for not bringing an umbrella?!” you scold yourself, bringing your hand up to rub your eyes with frustration.
Wait, had you been crying? You shake your head and tell yourself that it was just the rain.
“Damn the rain.” you mutter rather loudly before scurrying off.

“Damn the rain.” Newt repeats, watching you from a distance, hidden in the shadows.


“Okay, tell me again. You’re saying that someone just gave you a bunch of silver eggs to fund for this bakery?” you ask Jacob with bulging eyes and a smile as you stand with him behind the counter, serving eager customers from left and right.

“Yep, crazy isn’t it?” he replies laughing.

“Where’d you get your ideas from, Mr. Kowalski?” a woman with a smiling face asks, admiring the baked goods.

“I don’t know! I don’t know…They just come.”

Suddenly the bell on the door jingles and three people walk in. However one, in particular, catches your eye.

“Hullo,” Newt says, walking up to the counter where you and Jacob stood. Your eyes never left the handsome man’s face. Wait, did he just flicker his eyes towards you too? You didn’t know why but he seemed awfully familiar…

“Hello, there mister! How can I help you today?…” Jacob’s voice trails off as he sees a pretty blonde haired girl walk up beside the man you had eyes for.

“Oh, I can’t take this anymore.” the one with dark hair yells. “Do something!”

Newt blinks a couple times and swoops in and kisses you on the lips, taking you completely off guard.

Everyone stares at him in shock.

When he pulled away, he shrunk back, as if he expected you to slap him or anything. To be completely honest, you enjoyed it, a lot and you weren’t going to complain. But suddenly with a pang in your chest, it all came rushing back. A flood of memories filled you with warmth and you ran around the counter and jumped into Newt’s arms, startling him this time.

“Oh Newt, I’ve missed you!” you say, hugging him tightly and burying yourself into him.

Jacob seems to snap out of the whole memory loss thing too and says with a knowing smile, “Finally, you guys showed up! How long has it been since we’ve last seen you?”

But you barely heard him, the sound of his voice being drowned out and overpowered by Newt’s presence. All you wanted to feel, hear and see was Newt, and all he wanted was you.

“So it wasn’t goodbye after all.” Newt murmurs into your ear, gripping you tightly as if you would slip out of his reach again.

“Yeah, although it was fun saying ‘Goodbye Mr. English Guy’.” you reply with a laugh.

He rolls his eyes and presses his lips to yours once more.

How One Day Changed Everything

Dean x Reader

A/N: This fic was written for @iwantthedean ‘s Two Prompt - One-shot Challenge. My prompt was: “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

A/N2: Moving this fic from my side blog @canyonic to my main one.

Summary: Dean has been your best friend since when you were four. But is he just that? (Best friends to lovers - College AU)

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The Hunting Academy

Originally posted by yourockmoose

Summary: The reader starts work at the brand new Hunting Academy where she runs into some new faces…

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 5,300ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Inspired by this post about the boys…

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The Summer Fling (Chapter One) - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Boardy Barn”

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader/OFC

Author’s Note: You guys thought I was joking about writing something about me hating that Dylan smokes… never think that I am kidding (except, always assume that I am kidding…). This will be a short series. I’m imposing a limit on myself. Whatever. Don’t read it. It’s dumb. This will likely be the only Dylan shit I ever write. Okay byeeee.

Chapter One - Chapter Two 

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“You okay, Dyl?”

“This is a lot of drunk people… this is just a lot of people in general, and I feel like some people have recognized me, an-“

“Dyl.. you wanted to come with me.”

“Well, I didn’t want to just sit at the house all day.”

“You’re going to be fine. You have sunglasses and a hat and some of this crap.” Julia rubbed her fingers against the stubble on his face in an aggressive, teasing sisterly way. “No one’s going to recognize you, why don’t we get you a drink so you can chill out.”

Dylan rolled his eyes, regardless of the fact that he knew his sister would not be able to see it behind his jet black Ray Ban sunglasses. He sighed and followed her through the throngs of sweaty and beer-soaked bodies towards the bar. He sidled up next to her and pressed his elbows against the bar.

That’s cool.” He said sarcastically, pursing his lips, as he removed his elbows from the beer-soaked counter, and peeled a sticky bottle cap off of his skin. His head whipped around when he heard someone say his older sister’s name excitedly.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Trimberly - jealous Kim and maybe a little bit of angst

You got it! 


Tommy Oliver.

New kid. Tall. Brunette. Green eyed (appropriately). Surprisingly Popular (suspicious - no new kid had a right to be popular). Green Ranger (very suspicious). Tomboy. Straight-A Student (so why detention??? Also suspicious).

And the absolute bane of Kimberly Hart’s existence. 

The moment Tommy had arrived in detention, Kim had smelled trouble. Because not only was Tommy gorgeous, not only was Tommy funny, and athletic, and intelligent. 

Not only was Tommy Oliver basically perfect in the cut-throat adolescent world of High School, but Tommy Oliver was charming. Kim hated charming people. She especially hated them right now. Because right now, Tommy fucking Oliver was flirting with Trini. What’s worse? Trini was giggling. And blushing

And Kim couldn’t do a fucking thing about it. 

She’d been flirting (haha see what she did there? Pathetic) with the idea of asking Trini out for months. And really, who wouldn’t? Trini was damn near perfect. She was kind and intelligent and funny and absolutely gorgeous. 

And she was far too good for Kimberly Hart.

She was too good for the ex-cheerleader who was this close to being labeled a sex offender. She was too good for the girl who got so defensive over her own actions, she punched her ex-sort-of-not-really-boyfriend so hard without powers that he’d lost a tooth. She was too good for the girl who was so emotionally stunted she’d kept them all from morphing until Billy had died.

So no, Kim wasn’t good enough for Trini. But she wasn’t positive Tommy Oliver was either.

“You trying out your laser vision again, princess?” 

Zach’s amused drawl broke through her staring contest with the back of Tommy’s head. 

“Huh? We don’t have laser vision, doofus.” 

“Well you’re definitely trying to melt the back of poor Tommy’s head. What did she ever do to you, huh?” 

Kim glanced away just as Tommy shifted to reveal a surprisingly bashful Trini. 


Kim sighed. Sometimes she thought the only one in their group who didn’t know about her pathetic crush on the Yellow Ranger was Trini herself. 

“Yeah.” What else was there to say? She didn’t have a chance with Trini, she knew that. And Tommy really was a good sort. Mostly. And hey if she could make Trini smile like that, who was Kim to get in the way? No one, that’s who. 

She feels Zach’s gaze on her, but she refuses to look up. She doesn’t want to see the pity in his eyes. She doesn’t see the thoughtfulness in his gaze, or the way his eyes flick between Trini’s furtive looks in Kim’s direction, and Kim’s hunched shoulders.


Trini slid next to Zach in their English class with and grunted out some form of greeting as she rested her head on top of her folded arms. She had a massive headache and really just wanted to do some yoga on her rock. She was not looking forward to debating Shakespeare for the umpteenth time this year with a bunch of pimply hormonal teens.

“’Sup, Crazy Girl.”


“Got a headache?” 


“Got anything to do with a certain green friend of ours?”

Head tilt, murderous glare.

Students were settling into their seats as the teacher wrote their assignments on the board, and told them to choose partners to go over the next Act of Hamlet. Zach payed the rest of them no mind.

“Funny thing, I think Kim’s got a headache for the same exact reason.”

“Wait, what?”

“Oh, it speaks!”

“Shut up idiot.”

“Ouch. Words hurt, you know”

“You don’t have enough brain cells to be offended by my awesome snark.”

“Damn, fine. I won’t tell you what Kim said earlier when Tommy was all over you.” 

“What the fuck, Zach.”

Zach buried his nose in Shakespeare and ignored Trini’s glare. Finally, she rolled her eyes. 

“Fine, o amazing Black Ranger. I only insult your awesomeness because I cannot even dream to match it. Alright? Just tell me already!”

Zach smirked. “Someone’s eager. And just how much Shakespeare have you been reading, Trinity?”

She kicked his shin under the table, hard.

“Call me Trinity again and you’ll wish Rita was back.”

“Ok, ok, jesus, leave my bones intact, Crazy Girl! I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but - and I say this with all possibly love - but damn girl you’re oblivious. Even Jason figured it out, and you know that’s saying something.”

“Figured what out?” Trini was getting more confused by the second, and it wasn’t helping her headache in the slightest. If Zach didn’t get to his point soon, she’d punch him and deal with going to the principal’s office happily.

“Kim’s got a gigantic gay crush on you, Trini.”

Trini blinked. “Huh?”

It was Zach’s turn to roll his eyes. 

“Girl, the only thing that even comes close to your crush on Kim, is her crush on you. We both know Tommy just likes to flirt - especially with you, because you blush so easily when a pretty girl is paying attention to you -”

Trini kicked his shin again with a hissed “Hey!”

“ - Ow! What? It’s the truth! Anyway, I don’t think Kim’s realized that Tommy’s flirting is harmless when it comes to you. I mean hey we all know she’s got the hots for the hottest member of the team. Moi.”

Another kick. “Ow! I’m going to the police. This abuse is just unwarranted.”

“Zach, for fucks sake, please get to the point.”

“I thought I had? What’s that glare for? You need me to spell it out? Kim. Was. Jealous. Kim. Likes. You. Idiot. No accounting for taste, but - HEY!”

“Zach, Trini, is there something you’d like to share with the class?”

“No, Ms. Morris we were just, uh, having a disagreement over the meaning of a passage.”

Watching Zachary Kwan trying to appear innocent was not a pretty sight, but luckily, their teacher just rolled her eyes and moved on.

“What did I say about the kicking?? Jeez. And here I am, trying to help you out. Some friend you are.”

“Aww poor wittle baby. Suck it up, bitch.” 

Trini was quiet for a moment, thinking. 

“You’re not pulling my leg? Kim’s really into me?”

“Dude you’re like, Wynonna Earp level oblivious.”

“I don’t know whether to take that as an insult or a compliment.”

“Definitely an insult.” 


Tommy’s next flirting target two days later, ironically, was Kim. 

Their training session for the day had ended, and they were all relaxing and nursing various bruises and scrapes under the coolness coming from the lake above the pit. Trini, observing Tommy’s flirting process, personally thought that the award for Wynonna Earp obliviousness should go to Kim, who hadn’t realized yet that Tommy had been flirting with her for the past half hour.

Trini had conducted her own experiments over the past two days to see if Zach was just insane or if his claim held any merit. She’d found, to her surprise, that he might, in fact, in some weird twist of fate, be right, and she’d been trying all morning to come up with a way to ask her fellow ranger out. 

And then Tommy had butted in, and Zach had been smirking at her for the past half hour, and winking every time Tommy said something even remotely suggestive. Now, glancing from Kim to Zach one more time, he waggled his eyebrows and tilted his head in a clear dare. Trini Alverado was not one to ever back down from a dare.

Taking a fortifying breath, she left her perch atop one of the rocks in the pit and stalked over to Kim and Tommy. Kim brightened at the sight of her, giving Trini butterflies, and Tommy’s eyes took on a mischievous gleam. 

“Hey, Tommy. Kim, I’m really sorry about this.”

Kim looked confused, and Tommy looked amused. 

“For what?” They voiced the query at the same time. 

Taking another breath, Trini grabbed Kim’s wrist and pulled the taller girl down so she could press her lips to Kim’s.

She could hear Zach’s whoop of laughter, Billy’s clapping, and Jason’s cheering in the background as she felt Kim’s startled exhale of breath against her face. A tentative hand threaded itself through her hair as she felt Kim move closer to her, press more firmly into her lips, and heard Tommy’s quiet chuckle next to them.

She pulled away from Kim, a small smirk on her lips and took a few steps backwards.

“We should do that again some time, if you’re interested.”

With a thrust from her legs, she propelled herself through the lake, hoping Kim wouldn’t be too far behind.

welcome to the avengers, buck (bucky barnes one-shot)

Plot: You’re a mutant with the ability to control the emotions and feelings of those around you. You’re also the team medic, traveling with the team and fighting if need be. Bucky is the newest addition to the Avengers, and you try to welcome him to the team. Unfortunately, things don’t go as smoothly as you planned.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: none but I maybe cursed?

A/N: i wrote this and posted it on my sideblog, but then I stopped writing there. so i thought i’d just bring this over here and leave that blog behind. i hope you guys enjoy it! pls remember that no gifs are mine. (also pietro is alive here)

It was a little over 11 AM, and you had just woken up. You walked over to the kitchen where Clint and Natasha were groaning and holding their heads.

“What? Did a few games of beer pong not help you two?” You chuckle and begin making coffee.

“I’m telling you, that was no beer. Tony probably spiked the beer. He’s the only idiot who’d spike an alcoholic drink with more alcohol,” Clint lifted his head and covered his eyes. “Why is it so bright, Y/N? Make it stop.”

“Beer isn’t that alcoholic. Tony always likes making the party games a big deal, can you blame him for making the drink more fun?” You smile and pour out two cups of coffee for the hungover Avengers. “And Clint, babe, it’s called the sun. It’s bright because it’s the day time and I can’t stop that.”

Clint grumbles as Natasha practically inhales the coffee and holds her cup out to you, pouting as though asking for more. You sigh and pour her another cup. Just as you hand her the cup, Cap walks in with a rather rugged, scraggly looking man with a metal arm. They stand at the doorway to converse and before you get a chance to ask who he is, Nat begins talking as though reading your mind.

“Bucky Barnes,” Natasha smirked as Steve continued talking to the shaken man. “One of Cap’s oldest friends and the newest addition to the Avengers. If there’s one thing you should know about him, it’s that he’s temperamental. Stay away from him Y/N.” She downs her coffee and continues. “And don’t mention his metal arm.”

“Temperamental?” You raise an eyebrow at the Black Widow. “There isn’t a single Avenger who isn’t temperamental, Nat. If you think that I’m gonna leave our newest edition out in the cold, you’re dense. Besides, he’ll have to take his final assessment with me. He’ll be top notch before you know it.” You pour out two cups of coffee and make your way over to Steve and Bucky.

“Y/N,” Steve smiles, relieved that you’re not giving him or Bucky the cold shoulder. “This is my friend Bucky. He’ll be joining the Avengers soon.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Bucky,” you smile at the handsome brunette in front of you. “I’d shake your hand, but I’ve got coffee in both of them. Here,” you hand him a cup and Cap the other. “Welcome to the Avengers.”

“The pleasure is mine,” Bucky spoke out hoarsely. “I hope everyone is as warm and welcoming as you are.”

“I hope so too. But the Avengers are a wild bunch. They’ve been through a lot, Bucky. It’s hard for them to trust each other some times. If they come off rough, please don’t take it personally,” you place your hand on his shoulder and smile warmly.

“What’s your place in the Avengers, if you don’t mind me asking?” Bucky smiles at you and Steve looks shocked. “Steve told me your name but not much else.”

“Yeah because she walked over with coffee as I was about to go into detail,” Steve huffs and you chuckle.

“I’ve got it from here, Rogers. You go brief the other knuckle heads. I can watch over Bucky,” you smile and Steve looks at you hesitantly before nodding.

“Stay safe you two,” he yells over his shoulder as he walks over to Clint and Natasha.

“So,” you smile and look over to Bucky. “I’ve got a bit of an odd roll if we’re being honest here. I’m a doctor but I fight alongside them when they need me. There’s not much to me, to be honest.”

“I doubt that,” Bucky chuckles and looks at me oddly. “I’m never really comfortable with anyone at all, why am I so comfortable with you?” He muses and you remove your hand from his shoulder.

“S-sorry, I-I guess that’s my fault. I meant to calm you down a little, and I may have put in a little too much energy,” you bite your lip and Bucky looks at you, confused. “I have the power to control emotions, feelings.”

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“Oh,” his eyes widen briefly before hardening. “So you were trying to manipulate me, to control me like THEY did.”

“Wha-no!” Your eyes widen at his last statement as you take a step back. “I would never be so ignorant, Bucky. I can’t control my power yet. Sometimes it becomes a little overpowering.” You give him a tight lipped smile and step away some more. “I’ll keep my distance from you, but feel free to come to me if you need any help.” Without waiting for his response, you walk away. You decide it’s best to keep some distance between yourself and the handsome Winter Soldier.

A Few Months Later

Bucky’s been in the tower for a little over three months and he was doing exceptionally well. He’d overcome all the physical hurdles almost immediately. Next, Clint and Natasha worked on his reflexes and memory training. He then had to work on hand-to-hand combat with the twins, in the event that we come across anyone else with superpowers. Now, it’s time for his final assessment: his mental examination with you.

You and Bucky started off on the wrong foot, and for the first month you did all that you could to avoid him without being rude. Eventually, he caught your rift and felt this sinking feeling in his gut. He got Cap to talk to you about it, and you realized that maybe you weren’t being as subtle as you’d hoped.

Soon enough, you’d show up to his training and his assessments. You even managed to get a smile out of him as you cheered him on during his physical examination. You eventually grew a soft spot for the scruffy brunette, just as he had one for you.

And now, he’s sitting in front of you, nervous as can be.

“James, please, I can feel your heart beating a mile a minute, and I promise that I’m not using my powers,” you grab his hand and try to soothe him, human to human. “This is not going to be what you think it is. I promise.”

Buck breathes in and out, trying to relax just as you had asked of him, but he could not help it. He remembered the room he was in when HYDRA was assessing him, and this is what your room reminds him of.

You quickly catch on to his quick glances and short breaths, remembering what you read about his previous assessments.

“Oh, crap. James I’m so sorry,” you stand immediately, gathering your clipboard and a few other essentials. “Come on.”

“What?” He looks up at you, confused. “We haven’t started the assessment yet, have we? Or–oh crap! Did I already fail? W-wait no, I–”

“James, look at me. Please relax. I promise your assessment hasn’t yet started. You will not fail this, I’ve got you,” you smile warmly at him and hold out your hand. “Trust me, please.”

“Oh,” he hesitantly looks up at you, your smile almost immediately calming his nerves. He grabs a hold of your hand and nods. “Okay.”

He watches you, his gaze softer than you’d seen before. You clear your throat and look away, but his gaze lingers.

“W-what? Do I have something on my face?” You try to remove your hand from his to check your face, but Buck doesn’t let go.

“No, Y/N. I just wanted to thank you. You welcomed me warmly the first day, and here you are: saving me during my last assessment,” he smiles and kisses the back of your hand. You blush in return and nod.

“I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re back and better than ever, for yourself more than anyone. Now, come on,” you whisper and slowly pull him up. “We can continue this on the roof.”

He looks at you, slightly bewildered but still happy to get out of the small room. He stands and holds on to you, scared that you’d leave him if he let go. You two walk out of the room and you smile ahead as he smiles softly down at you.

You two step into the loud dining room and all heads turn to you. Almost immediately, a hush falls over the normally rambunctious group. You and Bucky stop walking and look up to see everyone watching you, jaws practically touching the floor.

“What, you didn’t see that coming?” Pietro breaks the silence, everyone else groaning as he brings back his famous one liner.

Roses In Thorns


Being apart of the countries greatest mafia families had its problems; enemies grew from every thorn and you were one of the greatest roses to target. 

You didn’t expect the greatest thorn to prick you to be he who was assigned to protect you- Jeon Jungkook. 

Genre: Angst, (the good type), fluff, future smut in story line. 

  • BodyguardJungkook, Mafia

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader


Part 2

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Part 1- YN POV

“Can you get down?” Taehyung asked, holding the ladder for you steady. You were worried you were going to fall flat on your ass, but it didn’t matter at this moment. You just wanted to get down out of sight and to Emily’s party. You didn’t drug your bodyguard for nothing. 

“Hold on, I’m jumping!” You braced yourself as you stuck your legs out from the ladder and jumped. Luckily, Taehyung caught you.

“Awh Tae, such a ladies man.” You winked cockily as you were set down. You brushed your dress off, happy everything was left in tact and snaked your arm around Taehyung’s. 

“Aren’t I amazing Taehyung, could you do that?” You asked, smirking. 

Taehyung was the boy next door who you grew up with. Your parents both worked in the same…business. Taehyung and you got each other, you had each others backs in times like these. All you really wanted to do was just go out and have some fun, but being apart of the countries greatest mafia families had its problems: enemies grew from every thorn, and you were one of the greatest roses to target. 

You were from a family that had been in this business since 1809 when the opium trade was rife. Your family had a series of alliances with the British, jotted somewhere in the history books as one of your ancestors amassed fortunes spanning Asia. Over time, enemies had grown in great numbers and they targeted those close to the current head of the entire family. Three years ago, your father was given the role of head and you were on the list of most targeted people in Korea, if not South East Asia. 

“I’ve been given more freedom than you Y/N and you know that.” Taehyung said, taking you to the car he had parked.

Snapping out of your heritage thoughts, you figured Taehyung was right. Some things never changed, including how conservative the people in your world could be to their daughters. Tae, while restricted had the freedom to go out and live his life like any normal 21 year old could; provided he had a gun tucked away under his pocket and security detail following him not far off. 

You on the other hand, were expected to be a rose in a steel glass cage. Sheltered, monitored, protected, guarded- you name every protectionate word and you were supposed to be the object of its affection. 

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Hi! Can I request a imagine where Harry is tired of hearing all those rumors about him - like him being the one who wanted to leave 1d, him being snob and all the stuff people say about him - and he is sad and crying and reader that is his girlfriend is there to comfort him.

Yes protect our son at all costs.

Something was wrong with him.

 Whenever he came home to you and his apartment he usually had a pep to his step. But when you saw him come in, looking a bit defeated about something and just walked to the couch you knew something happened. Harry was always one to wear his heart on his sleeve, sure he has gotten better about it but despite everything he was still that innocent boy who auditioned for a TV show and fame was thrown on him like a gust of wind.

“Hey baby,” you spoke gently to him. He mumbled a hey to you and that was enough for you to walk over and sit right next to him. You gently pulled him to lay his head on your lap which he allowed, running your fingers through his now chopped hair. That seemed to do the trick for him, sighing out while rubbing his face against your lap.

“Do you want to talk about it?” You asked him.

“Well, I was looking through Twitter…”

“Harry how many times do I have to tell you trolling will only get you upset,” you informed him.

“I know, I know, I goh bored so I just scrolled through whoh people wohre sayin and…I guess I leh it geh the best of me,” he mumbled, his voice was so heavy and sad. “Yeh would think I’d geh used to it by now. Critics are one thing…buh if I feel my own fans disapprove of me…”

“Like what?” You asked. “What are they even saying?”

“Well…a bunch of stuff, luike I wanted the break from the band because of my solo work. Then they talk abou’ I’m jus now this pompous pohson with the yachts and the kind of people I hang out with, it jus goh to me I guess.”

“Harry you know that is not true, you said it yourself in Rolling Stone why you suggested the break. People…they are just bitter, they want something to blame or bitch about hell if I know. If they are not trying to chase you down in your own damn car for a picture they want to bitch about you. You know good and damn well what they say is not true. I sure as shit don’t I have to live with you,” you were trying to make a tiny joke.

He looked at you, and you saw the small smile, but you also saw the tears about to form. That right there broke your heart, he tried so hard to be strong, to have the water roll off his back. He was still human though, and things just get to him. It came with the job, you knew that…but you knew the real Harry, and what people were saying could not be further from the truth.

“Hey, remember when we first met? And we got caught getting pictured while hopping in your SUV? How worried I was?”

“How could I forgeh thah,” he rolled his eyes slightly but he allowed you to keep going.

“Well remember what you asked me? You asked me did I like you, and that if I liked you then that’s all that mattered. I knew what I was going into with you, but I know the you people just forgot about. You wanna know what I see when I look at you?”

He nods, he looked so delicate in that moment, vulnerable. The Mama Bear in you wanted to go on your phone and curse these idiots out but it would prove to be no use. Harry needed to be reassured.

“I see the same frog looking kid from Holmes Chapel with a dream, that wanted to perform and make people happy. Someone who goes above and beyond for his family, who wants to fight against injustice. Someone who loves his fans with all of his heart, even if they don’t deserve it. Because that is who you are Harry Styles, you are the warmest…sweetest…amazing human being I have ever known. You have the heart the size of Texas because you see the good in everyone. What people say is not who you are, and you know that. I know that for sure. I thank my lucky stars every day to find such a rare thing like you, don’t you dare let some snot nose brats who would not dare to say it to your face change anything about you. Because those few? Are nothing to the thousands of fans who love and adore you right back.”

That made Harry smile, cuddling closer to you as he buries his face against your stomach. He was such a puppy sometimes, but it made you smile knowing that made him feel better. You stroke his hair, hearing him hum happily against you.

“Whoh would I possibly do without yeh?” He asked you as those warm green eyes cast up at you with such love and devotion. That was the Harry you fell for, not the fame…or the money. Yes those were nice…but it was Harry himself that sucked you in. The hopeless romantic that always shook the hands of everyone he met. Who would clean up after people just because. Who always made sure she felt special, even when he was away. He always put other people’s needs over his own, but he deserved the entire world.

“Hey you got me okay?” You tell him, bending over to give him a soft kiss on the lips. “Now, are you okay now? Because I will go on Twitter and hurt some people.”

He laughs, sitting back up shaking his head before kissing you on the lips again.

“Yeah I’m okay Mama Bear,” he rests his forehead against yours. “I love you.”

“And I love you Froggy,” you smirked at him.

“Do yeh have to call me Froggy?” He asked. “I don’ think I look jus like a frog yeh know.”

“You are my Froggy and that’s that,” you spoke getting up. “And I love my Froggy so much I am going to endure watching The Notebook with him.”

“Really? Yeh don’ have to…” He spoke almost shy again but you gave him a look which made him be quiet. “Yes ma’am.”

You didn’t really realize it, but Harry was beyond grateful to you. Out of everyone you stook to your guns about the two of you. You always defended him, always reminded him to take a step back and see what this fame thing was. You were right, people were going to complain everyday but he knew the truth. He was convinced you were heaven sent, that without you here he would be beyond bummed out and alone in his thoughts.

This life…it could be lonely…yes he did have his friends, his family, but you were his anchor, his home. You helped keep the dark thoughts at bay, kept his world warm and full of life.

Maybe the ring he had saved would have to be presented sooner then expected after all.

Soulmates - Scott McCall

word count: 1456
warnings: Deucalion’s your Dad so… that sux

Soul mates were a tricky thing, as your father had once explained to you when you were young.  There were no hints, no clues as to who they could be.  For the humans, all you had to do was touch once, and that was it.  You knew that the one you’d made contact with, was your one and only.  But for werewolves and other supernaturals, it was a bit different.  You still had to make physical contact, but you would know that you’d found your mate if their eyes glowed upon making contact.

Some people went their whole lives without finding their soulmate.

Others died, never knowing who their mate was.

On the contrary, some met their soulmates as young as four, and spent their entire lives together.

You, had not met your soulmate.  And quite frankly, it wasn’t a top priority of yours.

But it had happened so abruptly…

“Derek!” You yelled, running down the stairs of the loft.  “Derek I’m starving and there’s no food left in my little fridge thing” You reached the bottom, about to complain because you just knew your best friend had ransacked your room in the middle of the night.

“Not now y/n I have guests-” But you’d already walked into the living room, and seeing Derek’s big group of friends.  Friends, you were surprised.  He really only spoke to you Isaac and Peter, but you guessed he lied about that.

Everyone in the room froze, turning and staring at you.

“Derek…” A girl with fiery hair spoke cautiously.  “Are you a father-”

“Good God no, this is y/n” Derek said, groaning and waving a dismissive hand.  “She was supposed to stay up in her room, but she doesn’t listen to me anymore, now, do you?” You looked at him, held back a snicker, and stared at your feet for a moment.

“Alright… and who… who is that?” The pale boy next to the previous speaking girl asked.  He was shifting his weight from foot to foot.

“She’s… I captured her” Derek said boldly, flashing a large smile.

“Saved” You coughed.  “Saved me”

“Saved you? From who?” A petite asian girl asked you.  She walked forward, giving you a timid smile but she had kind eyes.

“My father” The girl in front of you frowned.

“Oh, sweetheart I’m sorry, were you in an abusive hom-”

“My Dad’s Deucalion” you stated and her eyes widened instantly.

“O-Oh” She turned, looking to the group of friends for a moment then back at me.  “I didn’t think he’d had a daughter” She mumbled.

“Kira don’t be ridiculous” A dirty blonde haired girl said.

“Now wait he could have” The pale freckled boy spoke.  “Maybe with Kali… a long time ago she looks out age..”

“I’m seventeen” You said firmly.  “And I can hear you clearly.  I don’t mind the questions you don’t have to be all secretive about it”

“I’m Lydia” The green eyed girl spoke, walking over and shaking your head with a large smile.  “Resident banshee of the McCall pack” you nodded.

“y/n” you replied.

“That’s my mate, Stiles.  He’s a human” Her red slicked fingernail pointed to the pale dark haired boy, whom she smiled at.  “That’s Kira, she’s a thunder kitsune” The black haired girl grinned at you.  “That’s her mate Malia- and oh! That’s our alpha Scott” She pointed to the guy who just walked into the door.  He was wearing a brown leather jacket and a motorcycle helmet, kicking off his shoes at the door.  Though it’d probably be smarter to keep them on, you knew Derek never cleaned.  He walked in, and pulled off his helmet.

“Hey guys did he know anything about Berserkers-” His eyes landed on you, and you tensed slightly under his stare.  “Hi-hi” His mumble of a greeting made you laugh quietly.

“Hello” You said back, wrapping your arms around yourself.

“Scotty, this is y/n” Lydia said.  

“Hi- hey- I’m Scott” He came forward, setting his helmet on couch and walking over to you, holding out his hand.

“y/n” You say, holding out your hand to shake his.  Your fingers had almost brushed but you were interrupted.

“y/n if you’re going to restock your fridge there’s stuff in the basement freezer” Derek said, and you dropped your hand to the side.  “We’ve got pack business now” You stepped back from the others and left the room in silence going down the stairs.

“Scott, hey hey Scotty” Stiles began to snap his fingers in front of his friend’s face.  “You there buddy? You’re staring”

“S-sorry it’s just- did you see her? Was she real? She was gorgeous did you see?” Lydia let out a chuckle.

“Yeah she was real Scott, good job”

“Oh.. was I-”

“Foolish?” Lydia offered.

“An idiot?” Malia tried.

“Lovestruck?” Kira spoke.

“She was beautiful…” Scott slumped onto the couch, holding his helmet in his lap and staring off somewhere.  “Do you think I acted too weird?” Stiles chuckled, patting his friend on the shoulder.

“Yikes buddy…”

You came back up from the basement, a new abundance of snacks.  Scott had walked over to you, but you’d gone up the stairs too quickly.

“Should I call for her?” Scott whisper screamed to Stiles.

“No Scott, don’t be dumb just- just come back to the pack meeting”  Scott made a pout, staring up the spiral metal staircase.

But he listened to his friend, and walked back into the living room with everybody else.

“So, Derek, what do you know about Berserkers?”

You’d sat in your room for the next few hours, nose stuck in a book.  You’d changed into leggings and a sweatshirt that you swam in, but you were too cozy to complain about it’s size.

It was dark, ten o’clock maybe, and you hadn’t eaten.  Now sure, you could snack from your new gathering of treats… or… since Derek was sleeping… you could sneak down the stairs for a snack.  You smiled to yourself, slipping out of bed and tiptoeing towards the door.  Slowly, you turned the handle as not to make much noise.  You opened the door and stepped-

“Scott?” You jumped back when you nearly ran into him.

“Sorry- sorry I’m sorry that was creepy- oh my god I feel like a stalker-”

“No n-no it’s fine you’re fine, just surprised me is all” You blushed and tucked your hands up into your sleeves.  “So uh- what uh- what’re you doing here?”

“Well the pack mostly passed out and we’d ordered a pizza and I-I thought you’d like to uhm, to have s-some?” You broke into a big grin and nodded your head.

“Pizza sounds delicious” You said and went down the hall and descended the stairs instantly.  Scott followed you into the kitchen, where a bunch of pizza boxes sat on the counter.  You grabbed a slice of your favorite and danced on your toes with excitement.  “I can’t remember the last time I had-” You spun, and bumped into Scott.  His hands instantly grasping your arms to catch you before you fell.

His eyes flashed red, as did yours.

“S-Scott? Y-you’re- you’re my-” He nodded, blinking a few times as though he didn’t believe it.

“Yeah-yeah I guess I-I am” He slowly let go of your arms, and rose his hand towards your face, gently brushing against your cheek.  You blushed instantly, and smiled.

“Do you… do you feel that too?” He nodded, and your hand clasped over top of is against your face.  “It feels good” You whispered, leaning up just slightly.  Again, Scott nodded.

“Yeah.. yeah it-it does” Your eyes flickered from his deep brown was to his lips.

“God I know nothing about you but I just really wanna kiss you” You breathed, and he smiled crookedly for a short moment, then closed the distance between you.

Now, you’d never kissed anyone before, but this was mind blowing.  You wrapped your arms around his neck, and his hands still cupped around your face.  You parted for a short moment, gasping in a breath before standing on the tips of your toes to kiss him passionately again.

“You’re my soulmate” He mumbled against your lips.

“Mhm” Your hands rose and tangled into his dark locks of hair.

“W-we should go out sometime” he said, and you pulled away from im slightly.  Enough to smile softly and look into his eyes.  You nodded shakily.

“Ye-yeah we sh-should” You stuttered.

“Okay- okay how about next friday? W-we can go bowling- or-or something else” You nodded, a shyer smile pulling on your lips.

“Bowling sounds great” You said softly, and he smiled, his eyes crinkling as he pulled you back in for another soft kiss.

What an interesting night.

soulmate aus are my fav… and i just read an AMAZING scott soulmate series by @mccallifornia that y’all should SOOO check out, edge of my seat with each chapter… for real go read it!!

xoxo ~ jordie

Fic: Here Comes Revenge (Negan & Reader) One Shot.

I might turn this into a series of one shots, I’m not sure yet.

Title: Here Comes Revenge

Pairing: Negan & Reader

Summary: Rosita may have tried to kill Negan, but you were the fool who gave her the bullet.

Tag List: @negans-network, @thecynicalnerd, @deadlywinters, @attentionseekingprincess

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You had seen Negan beat two of your friends to death, and even then he never showed a hint of true anger. He had laughed, taunted, and threatened, but he was a man in control. But this Negan, whose face was contorted with rage as he roared as loud as thunder? This man was furious and you felt fear like you had never felt it before.

Rosita, slammed onto the ground with a knife pressed to her throat, eyed him defiantly.

You wanted to tell her to look away, to show remorse. Even if she didn’t mean it, at least Negan might show her a small bit of mercy. She remained insolent, uncaring of her fate.

But if there was one thing you had learned about Negan it was that someone was going to pay for her attempt on his life, and it wouldn’t be Rosita.

Rick made Negan angry and Abraham died. Daryl lashed out at Negan and Glenn paid the price. Spencer was lying in a heap at Negan’s feet, and you knew someone else would likely join him.

“This little bad boy made from scratch?” Negan’s bemused voice left you trembling. He was more in control now, more focused, and it was terrifying. “Look at those crimps. This was homemade.”

Your heart began to beat frantically in your chest. Rosita’s rebellious glare never faltered.

“You may be stupid, darlin’, but you showed some real ingenuity here,” it almost sounded like a compliment. Maybe it was, but compliment or not it wasn’t going to save her from Negan’s wrath.

“Arat, move that knife up out on that girl’s face. Lucille’s beautiful, smooth surface is never gonna look the same, so why should yours?” Rosita didn’t flinch. The rest of the Alexandrians gathered sucked in a breath.

“Unless…” Negan said, considering, “Unless you tell me who made this.”

Your heart plummeted to the pit of your stomach.

You knew when Rosita came to you, begging for your help crafting that single bullet, that it had been a terrible idea. You let guilt drive you to accept her demands. She made it clear, she wouldn’t survive long after shooting Negan but she didn’t care. She wanted him dead and that was all that mattered. You couldn’t blame her, everyone wanted to see Negan pay.

But now Negan wasn’t dead and you were all fucked.

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i am literally 100% sure that ultimately it was lily who asked james out like

  • james is matured and he’s like “okay you’re gonna ruin it all if you ask her out”
  • because they’re friends
  • honest to god friends
  • who actually talk and laugh and have meaningful conversations and honestly james doesn’t think he could handle it if he messed everything up
  • so he just kinda sits there in love with her
  • so in love
  • and lily’s over here like “i so do not love him”
  • “no really marlene we’re friends i don’t love him”
  • “okay yeah he smells really nice and i really love that thing he does with his hands when he’s thinking and it’s really really cute when he runs his fingers through his hair and have you seen the way his ass looks in those quidditch robes”
  • “but i do not love him”
  • and marlene’s like “you’re a fucking idiot”
  • and james decides that he has to at least try to move on so he starts dating amelia boot
  • and lily can’t figure out why it bothers her so much but she avoids them at literally all costs and she just can’t see them together and she sort of feels like she’s going to throw up and god fucking damn it she loves him
  • “don’t say i told you so marlene, you bitch”
  • “i soooo told you so”
  • but now james is with amelia and it’s too late and lily doesn’t know what to do
  • so she just kind of sucks it up and tries to hang out with him except it’s so hard because she really really wants to kiss him
  • (his lips look really soft)
  • but she can’t and it’s killing her and she kind of thinks amelia hates her?? or, at least, she sends her dirty looks from across the table
  • and james can’t figure out why amelia doesn’t like lily because everyone likes lily until one day amelia sits him down and asks him to stop talking to her
  • “you’re still in love with her, james, and you’ll only get over it if you stop talking to her”
  • james doesn’t think that’s physically possible
  • so they break up and sirius gives him a knowing look but james keeps quiet about the reason because the last thing he needs is for lily to find out that he still loves her
  • lily is ecstatic
  • “i think it’s kind of awful that you’re this happy about your friend breaking  up with his girfriend”
  • “shut up mary”
  • but they’re at the three broomsticks a month later and it’s just the two of them and they’re waiting for the usual bunch and lily decides she’s going to do it
  • she has to because she can’t live like this for the rest of her life. she can’t let james potter slip away
  • “do you love me?”
  • and oh shit it comes out so wrong that was not what she wanted to say not at all she was going to invite him to get butterbeer later and oh god her cheeks are turning the color of her hair and she thinks she’s going to sink into the chair
  • james thinks he might be dying
  • “do i what?”
  • lily’s already fucked it up this much, she might as well keep going
  • “do you love me? because i do. love you, i mean.”
  • and then she stares at her hands and waits
  • and waits
  • and waits
  • and then she looks up because what is taking the asshole so long to reply?
  • he’s just grinning at her. smiling, as if she’s just told him he’s won a million galleons or signed to play with the chudley cannons
  • “yeah, yeah i reckon i’ve loved you this whole time”
  • “pay up, moony. i told you she’d be the one to confess first”
  • “god damn it sirius”
Spiderman One Shot: I’m Always Here For You.

Prompt: You’re struggling to study for a major test when Peter surprises you with a visit.

You stare down at the booklet lying in front of you, the pages neatly spread apart over your bedroom desk. Pens, pencils, scrunched up pieces of paper and textbooks litter the now not so empty spaces of your room. You take in a breath and realise the air is quite stale, how long has it been since you started?

You get up from your desk chair, still eyeing the booklet as you make your way over to the window, and then slide the window upwards to let in some fresh air. You feel like a mess. A total, crying, blubbering mess. Your eyes are still red from the almost breakdown you had earlier, and every time you make eye contact with your homework you feel it bubbling up inside you again; a sense of helplessness.

You stretch for a moment before sighing and plodding yourself back into the squeaky desk chair. You spin around, tempted to just turn on your laptop instead and watch Netflix… but you know you have to try again otherwise you’ll just panic in the middle of the test – that’s the absolute last thing you want to happen.

You slide closer to the desk and open up a textbook while looking through the topic that you’re stuck on. You don’t understand why you just don’t get it, everyone else in your class seems to be doing okay with it. And you’re not usually one to struggle with something for this long, usually you figure it out before any real damage can be done. But it’s the last night before the test and you haven’t gotten anywhere all weekend.

Your phone buzzes, and while you usually have it on silent, you notice the lit up screen tells you that you’ve received a message from Peter, one of your close friends from school.

Parker: You at home?

You look away from the text and get back into reading the chapter you started, it’s probably somewhat rude of you to ignore a text from Peter but you’re pretty sure he would understand. Especially since he does the same thing most of the time.

Parker: Hello?

You look at your mobile once again and frown, honestly, he should know better. You pick up the phone, turn it on silent, and then shove it deep into one of your desk drawers. You shake your head as you try to find your place when a sudden voice from behind you makes you jump.

“Don’t put me in a drawer!”

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This Ending is Better

Summary: During the airport scene in Captain America Civil War, Bucky Barnes is shocked to learn that someone has invited a child to the fight. Determined to protect this smol bean, he marches in the middle of the battle to give Tony Stark a piece of his mind. 

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, T’Challa

Warnings: cursing

A/N: This story is based off this post I found from @magellan-88 . I know there’s a bunch more characters in the movie, but I am not the Russo brothers, so you get the main ones. As always, thanks for reading!

One Shot Masterlist

Bucky Barnes was convinced he had the worst luck of anyone on the planet. First, there was the whole train/HYDRA thing. Then, just as he’s getting his life together, some asshole accuses him of killing a bunch of people in a bombing at the United Nations. He was all the way in Romania buying plums for Pete’s sake! Romania is nowhere near the UN in case anyone forgot their geography lesson (which apparently, half the world did). It was bad enough that the entire world had it out for him, but he also had to drive around in a car the size of a matchbox with some idiot who wouldn’t even move his seat up. Now Bucky’s only hope of escaping was through an airport overrun with people who liked to hit each other and blow things up.

Oh yeah, Bucky Barnes was definitely the unluckiest guy ever.

Currently, he was running away from some red flash swinging across the building from what appeared to be string. The thing moved quickly as it flung itself on top of the glass roof and ran overtop of Bucky and Sam Wilson.

“What the hell is that?” Bucky yelled.

Sam shook his head as he continued to make his way down the hall. “Everyone’s got a gimmick now,” he panted.

The red thing suddenly swung away from the building and came crashing through the glass, slamming Sam into a nearby railing. Bucky secretly grinned as he got ready to take this thing out. Sam deserved to get knocked down a peg after the car incident.

Bucky pulled back his left arm and swung it full-force at the costumed superhero, but was shocked when his attack was stopped. The thing’s masked eyes widened as it held Bucky’s fist in its hand.

“You have a metal arm?” the voice gasped. “That is awesome dude!”

Bucky gaped at what he realized the outfit contained a teenage boy. His voice sounded like it had barely exited puberty, and now that Bucky got a better look, he realized the kid was a bit…underdeveloped compared to the others in the fight.

This was no place for a kid to be! What kind of moron would let a teenager come and fight someone else’s battle? Shouldn’t he be in school or something?

In his peripheral, Bucky could see Sam flying towards them ready to attack. He couldn’t stand to let the kid get hurt, so he yanked him just out of Sam’s reach.

“Ahh!” he yelped as Bucky lifted him over his left shoulder in a vice-like grip. “Let me go!” He struggled and kicked, but Bucky was stronger.

It was clear this kid had gumption. A wry grin took over Bucky’s face as his mind flashed back to all the times he had to help small Stevie out of sticky situations. Stevie could never back down from a fight, no matter how outmatched he was. And this kid was definitely out of his league.

“Barnes, what the hell are you doing?” Sam yelled as he pushed himself up. Bucky ignored him as he walked outside.

“What’s your name?” Bucky asked the kid.

“Peter,” he replied. “Now let me go!

“Not a chance.” Bucky passed a whole group of suitcases that had been thrown out of one of the planes. He reached down into a broken one to pull out a blanket.

“Put me down!” the kid continued to whine. “I’ve gotta impress Mr. Stark, and I can’t do it from here!” He punched Bucky’s back causing him to grunt. That was one difference between this kid and Stevie…Stevie’s punches never made anyone wince.

“Stark, huh?” Bucky mumbled. He dodged one of Wanda’s incoming cars and stood in the middle of the tarmac. “HEY STARK!” he yelled over the explosions.

Suddenly, all movement ceased. Once the rest of Wanda’s cars came crashing down, all anyone could hear was the roar of the flames from an earlier tanker explosion. Steve looked over his shield and began rushing towards Bucky once he realized who his best friend was about to take on.

Bucky saw Tony hover in the air a few yards ahead. The faceplate of his mask came off, and his eyes widened in fear as he saw who Bucky was holding.

“Hey!” Tony exclaimed, lowering his suit to the ground. “He’s mine!”

“Buck,” Steve said, “what are you-”

Bucky glared at both Tony and Steve since they were the leaders of this little assembly of heros. “Who the hell,” he growled, “brings a kid to a full-on battle?”

Tony held up a finger as his the bottom of his suit reached the ground. “First of all, he’s not…exactly a kid,” Tony reasoned.

Peter struggled as Bucky put him on the ground and wrapped him tightly in the blanket. The poor kid had to be in shock, he reasoned with himself. Peter let out a surprised yelp as Bucky tugged his blanketed form against his broad chest.

“You are significantly older,” Bucky growled. “You should know better than to bring a kid with something to prove to a fight like this!”

Peter huffed underneath his mask. “I’m not a kid,” he muttered. He tried again to wriggle out of Bucky’s grasp, but he had no luck.

“He can handle himself!” Tony shot back. “I told him to stay out of serious danger, and I’ve got his back!”

Bucky scoffed. “Serious danger? Trust me, I spent my entire teenage years keeping Stevie over there out of “serious danger”. When they’ve got fight in ‘em, there’s no holding them back.”

Steve couldn’t believe his best friend. “Now hang on,” he argued. “I handled myself just fine when we were kids. And this kid isn’t helpless, you know.”

“Like hell you did!” Bucky exclaimed. “You got in tons of fights, and each time, I had to pick your sorry ass off the ground!”

Peter looked between Steve and Bucky as they continued to bicker and argue. He had no desire to make the strong, metal armed guy any angrier than he already was. Plus, the blanket did feel kind of nice against his sore muscles.

Tony tried to interject, but the super soldiers left no room for interruption. “When did this become a damn parent-teacher conference?” he groaned to himself. Before he could try once again to stop the fighting, another voice spoke up.

“That is ENOUGH!” Everyone’s heads turned to face T’Challa. His Black Panther suit glistened under the intense gaze of the sun. Even though no one could see his actual face, they could feel the anger seething off of him.

Bucky sighed and stared at T’Challa. “I didn’t kill your father,” he declared.

T’Chall turned his head slightly, clearly not believing him. “Then why did you run?” he asked, his thick accent muffled by his mask.

Bucky blinked once, then twice, then three times. “Why did I…why did I run?” he asked, a sharp laugh escaping his throat. “Why did I run?” he repeated, his volume increasing almost to the point of hysterics. “Hmm, let’s see…”

Bucky pushed Peter down so he was sitting on the tarmac. The young Spiderman’s eyes drooped as exhaustion finally overtook his body. Bucky stalked over to T’Challa, officially done with everyone’s nonsense.

“I ran because a bunch of SWAT people tried to kill me in my own pathetic apartment! I ran because a guy in a glorified cat suit chased me off a damn roof and cost me my backpack! No normal person sticks around waiting to get attacked!” He chuckled again as he looked towards the sky. “And they want to know why I ran.”

Tony pinched his nose and stepped towards Bucky. “You have no proof, and we have footage of you at the United Nations.”

“Zemo was proof,” Steve interjected. “And he’s getting away to Siberia to wake up more super soldiers.” He pointed towards the quinjet in the hanger across the airport. “We need to go stop him.”

“And why should we believe you?” T’Challa asked.

“Do you really have anything to lose?” Steve countered.

T’Challa considered Steve’s words and nodded. “Let us go track down this Zemo character. But if you are lying,” he said, staring directly at Bucky, “I will kill you.”

“Fine!” Bucky exclaimed. “But I’m not lying.”

A decision made, everyone clambered over to the quinjet to head for Siberia. Steve guided it out of the airport, and it soon disappeared in the sky.

Peter, meanwhile, jolted awake at the sound of the roaring aircraft. He shrugged the blanket off his shoulders as he stood up. A completely deserted airport greeted him from him slumber.

“Um, guys? Where’d you go?”

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Worked Up

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Imagine: going to see the fireworks with the team and undergoing an anxiety attack, Spencer calming you down.

Pairing: Platonic!Spencer x reader p(romantic I guess if you squint)

Warnings: Anxiety attack on your fictional part, fluff.

((Happy 4th of July to all my friends, American or not. I wrote this because tonight was a shit-show. I went to go see fireworks on the beach and some idiots didn’t light it properly and it went sideways and hit a bunch of people. Everyone was alright but it was traumatizing. People screamed, kids were crying and most people ran in my direction. There were also fireworks heading into the sea and firework wrapping everywhere. I know there is going to be so much trash on the beach. A beach where sea turtles come to lay their eggs. I hated it. Anyways, here you go!))


The sand felt warm and delightful between your toes as you ran across the beach to meet up with your friends. The sun was leaving orange, pink, purple and yellow hues as it set, sky slowly darkening.

The team was currently sitting on a few large beach blankets and towels, chatting and laughing. Henry, Kai, and Jack were all playing with some sparklers under the supervision of Joy, JJ, William and Hotch, Rossi and Hayden walking down by the waves, feet getting wet.

“Hey guys!” The rest of the team cheered your name in a friendly manner, Tara and Garcia shuffling over to give you room. “I brought refreshments!” You shrugged your cooler off of your shoulder, beers clinking as it hit the ground.

“I was waiting for this!’ Morgan grabbed one, taking a bottle opener and popping off the cap. "Alright Y/n, that’s all we needed you for, you can go now.” He teased, eyes widening when you lunged for him playfully.

“Happy Independence Day!” Penelope cheered, giving you a hug. “What’s in the other bag?” She gasped, pulling out pinwheels, headbands with red, white, and blue stars, and fake temporary tattoos.

“I brought plenty for the kids but for us too!” You cheered triumphantly. “How else should we celebrate America by getting drunk and crazy. Not that it’s different from any other day for me, am I right?” You winked.

You turned to look at Spencer, teasingly rolling your eyes at his usual attire. “I brought something for you too Spence. I think you are really gonna love it.” He looked a little shocked and you had to suppress a giggle. “Ta-da!” You pulled out a pair of shorts with the American flag on it. Morgan broke out in a chuckle, taking the shorts and inspecting them.

“It’s perfect, right? Do you want to try it on?” You gestured to the bathhouses on the beach a little ways away.

“No thank you, I’m fine. I uh…appreciate it though.” He smiled weakly. You relented, running your hands through his hair and ruffling it up. “Your loss.” You warned, opening up your own beer.

“So, we’re heading to Aaron’s house afterwards for some late night grilling and s'mores. I would offer my place but I’m sure the landlady would complain….. again. Anyways, are you in?” Penelope asked, already getting dolled up with the headbands and using a peice of ice from your cooler to cover her arms in tattoos.

You nodded and easily fell into conversation with everyone, Sky soon becoming dark. Soon everyone regrouped to sit together anxious for the fireworks to start.


“There we go!” JJ squealed to her son, moving him in her lap. Your heart immediately started pounding, and you told yourself it was just the initial shock, but as the fireworks kept going you felt like you were frozen to the ground.

Each pop made you think of a gunshot and you felt like you couldn’t breathe. Each firework sounded like a gunshot and you couldn’t help but think of all the people who had died this previous year, people who died because you shot, never mind the fact that they were murdererous, kidnappers, rapists, you still took their lives.

You were shaking, sweat palpitating on your forehead. You felt like someone was choking you. Each cheer of excitement sounded like a shrieking scream. The screams kept getting louder and louder and you didn’t know what to do.

“Y/n!” Spencer came over to you, whispering. “Y/n it’s okay. Breathe deeply.” Spencer recognized that you were having a panic attack, eyes laced with concern. “In and out like this, see?” He demonstrated and you tried your best to follow his example. “Do you want to move? We don’t have to stay here.” He reminded you.

With wide eyes you nodded as best as you could, and he helped you off the ground, holding you bridal style and leading you out into the parking lot the beach where the noises where a bit muffled.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of Y/n. This feeling is only temporary alright? Just breathe….breathe please…” He stayed with you the entirety of your panic attack until you calmed down enough, leading you to your car. “Do you want me to tell the team you’re not up for the barbeque?”

“Well, I don’t want to spend the holiday alone. All my stuff is back there anyway.” You sighed, running your hand through your hair. Spencer held his hand up, a weak smile on his face.

“I’ll spend the holiday with you. And, don’t-don’t worry, I’ll grab your stuff. Are you absolutely, positively sure that you’re alright if I leave? Just for a moment?” You paused, nodding, a smile slowly forming on your face, Spencer was so sweet.

You heard a few more pops, softer now that you were in the car. You hoped the kids were all safe and no one knew that you had freaked out. You were sure that they had most likely gone through something like this before but you didn’t want to make it a big deal.

You made out Spencer’s frame as he approached your car, and when he stepped in front of the headlights you couldn’t help but laugh. He had thrown the shorts you had gotten for him on over his pants, wearing one of your headbands. He plopped into the passenger seat, jumping back when he caught your stare.

“I didn’t have time to put on the tattoos.” He simply explained, his eyes grinning for him as he tried to keep a straight face. You started pulling out of the parking lot, cheeks burning from smirking so much.

It was so great to have a friend like him.

The White Owl (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Prompt: In which the reader turns into an owl and Newt is absolutely oblivious.  Also includes a sassy!Frank.

Word Count: 3111

A/N: I wrote this entirely to spite my sister who is taking forever on writing her Newt x reader.

I first met him when the Goldstein sisters invited him over.  Now, I was his assistant.  He took me in when he started writing his book and became so busy with it that he needed help with his creatures.

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