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fairytale moodboards: alice in wonderland

‘“how do you know i’m mad?’ said alice.

“you must be,” said the cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.””

A Year In Pixels

As most of you know, I post bullet journal related articles and inspirations on my Pinterest board [here]. I found this really neat idea from [this post]. Here’s my take on it.

Basically, you chart out the whole year, one pixel per day, and color it by the mood you felt represented that day. The original post had a different quote on it, but I used a quote that made me happy. 

My pixels start in August because that’s the month it is currently. You don’t have to make it start in January or anything like that. 


It is time, my friends! We’ve got some themes ready for Fantasy Pretzel Week!

If you’re not sure what this is about, go here or read on anyway :D

So, leading up to the week OUAT comes back, I thought that we could have some fun and create some cool things.


  • Any kind of creation goes. Gifs, Graphics, Manips Aesthetic Boards, Mood Boards and ofc Fics.
  • All work created for Pretzel Week should be tagged #pretzelweek so that we can find it and share it! 
  • All work created for Pretzel Week should be a spin on a Modern AU or any popular trope in a Fantasy/Sci-Fi setting. 
  • The themes are just guidelines! Feel free to do your own thing!
  • HAVE FUN! :D

I got a few suggestions and put them on a wheel and this is what we have.

Day 1, Feb 20: Soulmates Trope in a Monster Hunters AU

Any soulmate markers like being able to see colours, tattoos, marks etc. but set in a world where Killian and Emma are Monster Hunters or employ them or just happen to meet them on the street carrying the head of a Griffin as a trophy, covered in blood and asking for a lift back to town because their horse kinda ran away when they saw the beast. :D

Day 2, Feb 21: Bed Sharing Trope in a Magical University AU 

Think Hogwarts but for college. Think huge libraries that never end, accidental spells that go wrong, maybe someone accidentally curses Emma and Killian to have their hands stuck to one another for a whole week, maybe it is a class assignment to break a spell that has one person bound to another, unable to leave their space. The possibilities go on! 

Day 3, Feb 22:  Coworkers in the Enchanted Forest AU

She is a knight and he is one too but relationships are forbidden between the ranks. He is a pirate and she is one too but he cannot stand that she is more clever and she cannot stand that she likes his smile. She owns a tavern and he is her bartender and she finds that she has begun to feel the tiniest bit jealous when people flirt with him. 

Day 4, Feb 23: Fake Dating Trope in a Shapeshifters AU

Werewolves or Swans that only change every full moon, take your pick! Perhaps one needs help pretending they are fully human or perhaps they are both werewolves who need people to get people off their backs or perhaps they are a whole different kind of shape shifter altogether!

Day 5, Feb 24: Forced Partners Trope in Sci-Fi AU

Think Firefly but rivals being forced to work with each other on a smuggling job! Think space explorers being sent out together on a long mission to find a lost planet but they don’t get along

Day 6, Feb 25: Coffee Shop/Bakery Trope in the Enchanted Forest

Because magical people need sweets too. Because maybe Princess Emma has a sweet tooth. Maybe Killian Jones finds a job at a bakery/coffee shop right after Liam joins the Navy. Maybe Pirate Killian is trying to steal something and the coffee shop is a cover. Maybe, Maybe, Maybe.

Day 7, Feb 26: Any Modern Trope in a Elves/Fae/Nymph AU

And there we go!! I think we have some great contenders here for some creative stories! I hope this gives you ideas and if you can’t think of any, hmu and we can figure something out!

I hope you guys do the thing and we get to see some cool stuff! <3

As usual, reblog to spread the word etc.

Cosplay Mood Board: Mirai Kuriyama (Kyoukai no Kanata)

“I’m not alive because I can’t die. Because… because you’re here, I have a reason to live.”

Saw those cosplay mood boards going around and thought I’d make a few. My Mirai Kuriyama cosplay, from Kyoukai no Kanata. ;w; I still love this anime & this costume~


so. i need commissions? for something vaguely important!!!!! (nothing like groceries or rent, though guys, it isn’t a necessity! I just really need it for like a personal reason lol!)

so. I make art, and I will write anything you want!

here is some of my writing that could help you get an idea of my stuff.

I could write you something with your OC’s or an imagine. I could do imagines with whoever you want. No smut.

art front, I have a couple of things to offer. you could have a personalized mood board, like either one of the ones below.

each of anything you want is $10! 


I make products as well, which you can see here.

I could also do any drawing of an idea you want, of ships! I will draw Larry, muke, cashton, whatever and anything you want of it! (No smut though!)

please please consider commissioning me! :’))))

Inuyasha Fandom Valentine’s Day!

Let’s join together to celebrate our love of Inuyasha and our love for each other in honor of Valentine’s Day 2017! I am hosting this small event in hopes of making Valentine’s Day a little more fun for this amazing fandom!

Valentine’s Day Original Pieces, Romantic Fics, Sappy V-Day cards, Love Notes & Secret Admirer Messages…There are so many ways you can participate, big or small!!!

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Mood Board: Hades and Persephone

Where we go when he closes my eyes
and under what country:
some blue darkness, further then hell;
a landscape of absence and root and stone.
There are no bodies here,
we dream shapeless dreams-
a constant, cloudless storm.

Mother, I’ll never wake up from him,
I have already traveled too far.
My mouth is the color of his mouth
and his arms are no longer his arms;
they’re mute as smoke, as first white dress,
and the spear of his name, once ferocious,
dissolves on my tongue
like sugar, like birdsong,
I whisper it:


-Cecilia Woloch

Song: Cosmic Love


“I have always felt in extremes, it’s like there’s this electricity in my bloodstream. I just want to scream.” - a jason todd moodboard (s) for @hsinlvegas bc her presents are going to be hella late so i’m giving her this. ily!


What’s Jaspis Week?

Jaspis Week is an entire week of pure lovable Jaspis!


January 5th!

Here’s the events:

Day 1.) Human AU

Day 2.) Gemling / Family

Day 3.) On a Date

Day 4.) At Night
*Could be NSFW or they could be just sleeping or out on a late-night date. Make your own idea!

Day 5.) Sunset

Day 6.) Beach Day

Day 7.) Whatever You Want!

NSFW: it is acceptable! I’ll reblog it if you have it under a read more or something along those lines. If not, that’s okay! It will not be reblogged, though.


What can you do? Is it only Art?
*Anything! Fanfic, drawings, doodles, short stories, playlists, mood boards/stimboards, anything else!

Who’s running this?
* @evanlazuli

What if my art/story/whatever isn’t good?
*Oh, cmon! I’m sure it’s great! Anything will featured!

Who can join?


Any other questions/comments, ask me/tell me!

Good luck and have fun!!

Mood board for And, action! Written by @bluethisisforyou . This fanfic was one of the best klance fanfics I have ever read and it was well done. If you have not read it here’s a link:

i made @sliceofphan a moodboard and she loved it so here you go too i guess lol

How to Deal with Demons-A Guide

As a witch who is bonded with a psychic, along my journey I have found out quite a lot about demons. Heres some information:

NEVER say a demons name out loud. it directly summons them to you, and it gives them power.

Demon oppression and possession are two completely different things, though they likely happen within the same sequence. Oppression is where they impact your mental and physical health. This happens at any given time, and will result in a completely different mood, headaches, sickness etc. Possession is where they have full control of your body, or someone else’s body. That person may “act right” and act like themselves, however that is the demon playing you as a fool. They stalk you before they possess you, learning every single tiny behavior and can mimic you perfectly. I learned that when a demon possessed my mom for two weeks. That was not particularly pleasant. Demons get a kick out of you knowing that they are there, the whole demonic behavior thing that you can see (speaking in tounges, violence, extreme hatred, etc.) is the times that they WANT you to know that you are there,

Don’t talk to the demon directly. Even if you fell it standing right behind you, don’t acknowledge it unless you are going to take defensive action.

Defensive Action-these are things that I use regularly in my practice. These can be adapted for most anyone who is struggling with demonic influence.

Holy water is life. Don’t make it yourself, unless you are a ordained Catholic priest. Get a lot, and put it everywhere. Whenever you feel them trying to invade or opress you, throw that shit all over you, drink it even! Here are some creative things that I have done:

     Holy water humidifiers

     Holy water squirt guns

     Holy water water balloons

     Holy water + purified salt shots for those who may be possessed (don’t do this too much kids, kidney failure does not sound fun

     Bake that shit into everything you eat. Smoothies, soups, stir fries, make rice and oatmeal, cookies, seriously whatever the hell you eat, put that shit in.

    Anoint candles with holy water and salt and burn them in your home.

    Draw protective sigils with holy water on your walls

Salt- pretty much life too. Demons hate this shit.  Here’s how you can use it

    Bake that shit into food.

    I have different banishing and burning powders that i have made that i store in jars with protective sigils on them.

               Burn in Hell powder- salt, black pepper, holy water (just a smidgen, and finally…. Cayenne pepper! You grind that shit up with your mortar and pestle, then you add a couple drops of holy water and have intent to burn the fuck out of demons. As you grind that, here is a quick chant to help keep your intent strong, “burns like fire, hurts like hell, demonic presence feel the power of my spell.

               Spirit Be Gone- salt, and pretty much every single protective herb that you have. First, grind that shit with your mortar and pestle, then draw protective sigils on bay leaves and burn them. Put the ash in, and grind it even more. “Negative energy, feel my bane, i banish you now, your power is in vain”. I use it for casting itty bitty circles whenever bed energy is around, and if you are a psychic, this really helps dispel negative spirits that love to talk/mess with you. It stops the headaches and such.

  Salt cont.

  do protective spells with that shit.

  Use salt baths and make your own bodyscrubs to rid you of negative energy.

 Salt the windows, doors, and floors of your home.

Make bracelets using a 9 knot chant, and annoint them with holy water, salt, and one drop of your blood. pass it through willow, sage, and pine smoke. It usually works to keep demonic entities out of your head, however if they are plaguing you physically, then untie a knot, starting with the last knot you did, and your energy will dispel and weaken them.

Protective stones work really well. keep them near and around you.

Defensive Strategies (please be aware that this will either work, or you wont be strong enough to complete the spell. If you can’t this demon or multiple demon will come AFTER YOU. Know for real how strong the demon is, get a psychic to figure this out. Hierarchy will not be too pleased with you if you try to put them in a jar. Make sure you are a very experienced mage/witch, or have one with you. The first night that I bound a demon, my ritual was interrupted, and that bastard took a leap out of my jar and almost choked me to death in front of my parents. Be EXTREMELY careful, and do this in the presence of another. If you need to do this, please send me a ask, and I will try to help you as much as I can. This spell works to capture a demon who is possessing a human.

You will Need:


a jar/vessel that you have enchanted to protect and bind a spirit

both of the salt mixes


ashes (a lot). Add ashes from sigils of banishing if possible

enough candles to make a large circle for you to work in

enough candles for you to seal the vessel

hair from the victim

banishing herbs

stones of protection

stones for power of you


holy water

lavender, rosemary, basil, bay

1. Cast a really strong circle. use rocks and candles placed at equidistant intervals to make it strong. line that circle with salt, burning powder, and banishing powder.

2. Call upon guides, angels, friendly spirits, familiars, etc. Ask them to observe and lend you strength and support.

3. Start by anointing the candle with holy water, salt, and banishing herbs. Intensify your own intent to purify and banish.

4. Light the candle in your circle (all of the other ones should be lit by now, with the formation of your circle) and prepare the hair.

5, Call upon the demon in mention “Demon, thou who hast been plaguing ___, i call you and summon you to this circle. Once you know that it is there, burn the hair and chant, “Christo, this is Gods land” over and over. Pour intent and strength into the words. this is dissolving the bond between the victim and the demon, isolating the demon.

6. Throw the hair into the jar (still chanting) and pour in ashes, protective herbs, marigolds. and pour the rest of the holy water in there. Cap the jar and shake that bitch. Keep chanting.

7. Seal the jar, with wax, ribbons, etc. when the wax is cooling, throw more powder, salt, and herbs on the jar. once, it is sealed, do not touch the jar. Thank the spirits that you have summoned, and say something to the jar like, “In the name of the holy Christ, I therefore bind and banish you satanic spirit, may you never plague the living again.”

8. DO NOT KEEP THE JAR I REPEAT DO NOT KEEP THE JAR. Bury that mother fucker far away from civilization, just get a psychic or clairvoyant to check if you did it right. Do not open the jar for goodness sake, that bastard will be pissed. just get the jar the hell away from you.

I hoped this helped you guys! Feel free to pm or ask me if you have any questions or need help!


do u even have any more blue pictures in your gallery aqsa???

………..ofc i do ;-) as you can tell, rainy blue grays and jisoo are my aesthetic 💎💙

tagged by my soft shiba @imperialidiot (tysm!!!) I finally came around to do the mood board req! I’ll be catching up to a lot more of stuff now that I’m back (sorry for the hiatus again ;;;;;) so voila! here’s step 1 of many ^^

even tho you guys have probably already been tagged/are too tired for it (sry bbs ;^;) I’ll be tagging: @cinnamingyu @vitaminniedk @tookorean @vernkn @cafewoozi @vernonlaugh @hansol-and-roses @suega @minghaeo @wonholdmypurse and @zabibo !!

yoi requests OPEN!

Since I have an almost completely free weekend, I decide to open the requests ❤

Here is a list of what you can request:
🌷mood boards.
🌷wallpapers. (for smartphone and other)
🌷gifs set.

If you would like something not yoi related, please talk to me, I’ll work only on thing that I know and like ❤

Thank you and please reblog for spreading the word ❤