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in case ur not following me on instagram (i don’t blame u) here’s some pictures of me actually having 20x more fun at the holiday party than i expected !!


I’ve been on a Mass Effect kick lately, so I doodled some aliens! Seven Suns aliens! (Seven Suns is still in the backburner, but still!)

I doodled these guys without looking at the old designs, because there have been some things I haven’t been satisfied with with several of 7S’s alien species, so here’s some possible revamps.

Dantarians have more armor plates on their limbs and I got rid of the clunky and awkward plating on their chest area. Krlun are now more cat-like, with toebeans, poofy tailtips and better-shaped head. Serefs are already perfect.

Sh’cktis just probably had some cosmetic changes on their proportions. I made the noctre’s face a bit more lemur-like. Raokzers had a big overhaul, they look more organic now than made of rocks, and I made them a bit more armadillo-like, giving them fluffy stomachs and all. (Their mammary glands are also now located on their abdomen instead of chest, because their chestplate-portruding-boobs were SUPER WEIRD.)

Kouwan lost their horns and gained kitty ears because I couldn’t really justify them having horns. Netharrlan look pretty much the same. Ikteon got a bit of a facelift and webbed hands and feet, making them a lot more fish-like!

Chiatians got a bit of a face lift with the way their tusks look, and I decided to get rid of the sexual dimorphism on their faces. Both sexes now have tusks, male tusks are a bit bigger. Andosa are basically the same but they lost their horns and manes.

Perolar gained some feathers! Dregtari became more mammal-like and lost their tiny extra hands.

Since this project is still in the backburner, I’m not quite sure what else I will change before the project actualy kicks off, but looking at all these species, I’m thinking I’ll probably get rid of some of them. There’s no reason for the project to have humans + 13 alien species, it’s not going to be such a massive story, I hope. Hmmm. Time will tell.


【羽・WINGS・Park Jimin】




I finally made some cacti stuff and it was fun : D


I think I overdid this

Oh my god what I have done


i saw this post at like 2am and i had to rush to my computer to draw this hell…..horrible jean passione