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Sai’s 2015 Fic Masterlist

So, even though this was most definitely not my first year writing fics, it’s certainly the one I’ve posted most. Seems there is a trend to do a masterlist of what you’ve done over the year, so I’m gonna jump on the bandwagon!

All the fics are Homestuck-related, and unless otherwise stated, assume the pairing is GamTav

(Some dates may be off because of re-posting, accidentally deleting and all that, but I believe these are the right ones. Also, my favorite ones are bolded.)


Lip Service (A.k.a The Ruka Fic, absolute crack, written in Spanish. Please don’t read this one)


Elongating My Lift Home (A.k.a.: The Cornerstone Fic, my favorite one so far. Lots of Angst ahead, be warned.)

Now You See Me (A.k.a: The one where they’re magicians and Tavros is a mind-reader, while simultaneously oblivious as hell. Fluff)


Karkat Can Name At Least 50 Different Movies (That Would’ve Shown Us We Could Only End Up Like This) (A.k.a: The Wedding Fic, the one where it’s Vriska’s wedding and Tavros doesn’t want her to know he’s single so he asks Gamzee if they can pretend to be together. Multichapter.)


Cards Against Humanity On Saturdays (A.k.a: The one in which Tavros is not as innocent as people believe, and Gamzee has more than one boner. NSFW-isshh)


You Shook Me All Night Long (A.k.a The one where Gamzee wakes up to find Tav dancing in his underwear, slightly NSFW-ish)

50 Days Of PBJ (Which ended up being, like, two)


The Karaoke Fic (A.k.a: The one where they’re mushy as fuck, and can’t carry a tune to save their life)

It’s Kind Of A Funny (Snapchat) Story (A.k.a: The one where they don’t know how to use Snapchat and things get kind of heated… while everyone is seeing)

Payback (A.k.a: The dirtiest fucking thing I’ve ever written, very NSFW)

Should’ve Joined Debate Club (a.k.a: The one where they are in the school Drama club and they play Peter Pan. Cliché ensues)


In the End, We’re All Stories… But Some of Us Are No Longer Told (A.k.a: The one where they’re Gods of a religion long since forgotten, and they’ve really lost their edge. So, before the end finally comes, Karkat gets on a wild goose chase to reunite them again, make a final stand, while Gamzee just wants to see his long-lost soulmate one last time. Multichapter, In-process. This is probably gonna be huge)

Lost In Translation (A.k.a: The one where Tav’s latino and Gamzee just took 3 years of High School Spanish)

I Need You Here (GamTav. Long distance. I cried)

Untitled DaveKat Soulmate AU (A.k.a: Exactly what it says on the tin)

Makeover (A.k.a: The one where Tav lets Gamzee paint his face, starring: an awkward boner)

Your Song (EriKar) (Angst ahead)

Wrong (NSFW. Angsty, rebound sex)

Mr. Brightside (My second fave so far! Angst. Lots of angst)


La Vie En Rose (EriKar) (Song-inspired fic. Angst with a happy ending)

Dangling Conversations (DaveKat. Song-inspired too. Pure angst)

Breathe (GamKar angst)

The Sharpest Lives (A.k.a: The one where Tav is recently single, very horny, and waiting for Gamzee to finally take the fucking hint. NSFW)

It Doesn’t Hurt To Try (A.k.a: The one where Gamzee is Tavros first kiss)

Monster (The one where the Apocalypse happened, Tavros and his gang are the only survivors, until they receive a call… horror story)

My Life Would Suck Without You (A.k.a: Gratuitous EriKar angst)

Adrenalize Me (A.k.a: The one where Tavros gets turned on by fighting, and one day Gamzee knocks on his door straight out of his wet dream. NSFW)

Amnesia (A.k.a: The one in which Tavros regrets. Angst)


I’ll Make It Up To You Somehow (Request. An emotional Roller-coaster. Slightly NSFW)

So no one told you life was gonna be this way… (A.k.a: The one where Gamzee’s a street performer and sees Tav on his way to work everyday. Pure, unadulterated fluff)

Catcher in the Pie (A.k.a: Catcher in the Rye inspired angst)


Windows (A.k.a: The one where Tavros gets frisky after a Skyping… and forgets he didn’t end the call. NSFW)

Exhaustion (A.k.a The one where it’s not what it looks like)

Family (The meet-the-family scenario. Gosh this was so much fun to write)

This Is How We Broke Up (DaveKat angst, tried to do a thing with descriptions and it turned out very nice)

New Year’s Resolution (A.k.a: The one where they get trapped in the elevator in New Year’s… and might or might not turn out for the best)

So, I think that’s all, and it certainly was nice to review this year, I didn’t really think I’d written so much! 

Woah, there, friend, you might want to slow down…Y̪̭̥̯̬͎ͅO̸͎U̖ ̨̫̟̯̥̫D̮͘O͎̗͔̝͓N̶'̰̘͕̘̣͓T̰͇ ̱̻̰͍͖͇͎H͙A̫V̘̞̣̤̜͍E̶͉͚̪͎͖͚ ̞̪̯̦͖A̷͇̭̝̳͎L̯̜ͅL͇͠ ̵͇͎̰͕̖̱̙T̪͖̖H͇̳͓͠ͅE̴̪͈̝̯ ̞T̫̰̲̟̲͢I͍̱̜̙M̝͕̬͔̬̱E͖̹̩̱̙͘ ̪Í̩̱̭̥͈̰͙N̢̟͇̝̗̘̣ ̸T̼͉̺̺͉̬H̠͢E͕̳̲̼ ̙̙̲̻͙̕W̻ÓR̸͔̫̳̥L̖̩̪̮̪D̫͘,̥͕̟̮̩̀ ̤̩̥̟̣͍Y͇͎O̼̘̪͚̻͠U͕͚̮̪ ̳Ķ̝̮͙̙͚Ņ̦͙͓̺̭͈͓Ơ̪̖͓̺̩͇W̳̕.̤

I was going to say something witty here about jumping on bandwagons and awesome designs and stuff, but then my mind went on a tangent of “these two are actually kind of like right brain (creativity) versus left brain (logic) AND THAT IS ACTUALLY KIND OF COOL” and I forgot about it.

anonymous asked:

are you gonna post your opinion on that post that your friend found on twitter

yes okay omfg i totally forgot okay i’ll post it now

original / aka what we’re talking about / 

thanks for all your opinions by the way, i read through them all and yeah i was really proud of you guys for not blowing it out of proportion like some normally do, i just wanted you to comment on the post and not make a big thing about it, and you did that and i was v happy so thank you!

ok opinion time.

the way i look at it, is this. if i posted a photo with my guy-friend on tumblr, no one would /really/ care. but since girls are posting photos with luke, calum, michael or/and ashton, people instantly care and have to know what’s going on/how they know each other/are they hooking up/ stupid stuff. i don’t think 5sos have ever said that they would go for a natural no make up girl, let’s be real here, 90% of teenage girls wear make up. they aren’t going to like you because you’re not wearing make up, same with  they’re not going to like you if you’re wearing make up. they go for all girls, believe me. if you have boobs, you’re half way there. 5sos have always said, be yourself, and don’t ever let anyone change you. they’re not going to pull a Nash Grier and say ontop of that, ‘but don’t be a cake-face snobby bitch blah blah whatever' 

'the fucked up fanfics’ part was stupid. i personally don’t read fanfics / one shots or whatever you want to call them because they do give you a false impression of what the people are really like. you should have your own imagination and make up your own mind on what you think they’re like. just because a fanfic says that ashton is the sweetest person on the earth and he’s going to run infront of a bus to save your life, doesn’t mean he actually would. it’s just someone’s impression of them, which everyone is entitled to, but they give you false hope and sometimes it is a let down when you meet someone that is talked up about how amazing they are, to realise they’re not everything that oneshot once said. 

Some fans do act like herds of sheep tbh. once something happens, everyone jumps to it and tries to find out so much information, kinda like a bandwagon. like if 5sos said they liked a band, fans would obviously follow  through with it, and try and look into the band as well, just so they have 'some what’ of a connection with 5sos because you both like the same band and 5sos helped introduce you to such an amazing band and probably a new music genre which is perfectly fine and amazing and i think it’s wonderful how music brings people together, but it can be see as bandwagon or 'herd of sheep’, it’s whatever way you want to look at it.

some fans have this false hope that 5sos are going to see them in the distance at an airport and think omfg i want to get to know that girl, which brings me back to the fanfics thing, it gives you a false hope that you’re going to be THAT girl that the boys fall inlove with. which 9999.99999% of the time wont be true. and it’s a harsh reality and im not trying to crush anyone’s dreams of dating a band member but the chances slight to nill and the sooner people come to realise that, the better tbh. you’re not wasting your time drooling over these boys with your false hope, like who knows, maybe you could be that lucky girl but it’s really not that big of a chance these days. 

i think people forget that 5sos are teenage boys. they go for whatever girl that catches their eye. just because they’re in the spotlight and have a little more recognition doesn’t mean they’re set their 'standards higher’ and only go for famous girls now. you don’t have to compete with these 'famous & perfect looking girls’ because we’re all the same. some might have a flatter stomach or whiter teeth or straighter her but at the end of the day, we’re all human. we’re all the same. 

all people are seeing right now is 5sos hanging out with 'youtube’ girls or 'famous girls’ when in reality. those girls were nothing 3 years ago. they were teenage girls who had dreams of being on youtube, making videos to make people happy. they were nobodies. and now they’re 'youtube famous’ i dont think people realise that they work so damn hard to be where they are today. and since they hung out with your idols they’re being called sluts and whores and slut shaming them and wow they are literally people just like you and me, just a few more people know about them. and it’s the same with 5sos, they’re teenage boys.  and you see, people are always looking to blame someone, if it were the other way round and you were hanging out with them, and being called a whore just for inviting them to a party because they were in town and they’re your friends, it’d hurt you. wouldn’t it? then why are you doing it to other people. it would be different if it was you, you’d be happy as, but since it’s someone else. yeah nah.

you are good enough for 5sos. but it’s the false belief of fan fictions that drive people to think that they’re going to be 'the lucky one’ that gets noticed and then when it finally gets to the reality, they realise they’re just another fan and it breaks their heart and crushes their dreams. girls need to realise that you’re here to support the band, not date or fuck the boys. and if that’s all you’re here for.. to get noticed by them and hopefully get their number, then please..  leave. we’re here for the music, not to invade their personal lives and try and get with our idols. 

ok i think i rest my case xx

                 I meant to do this 100 followers ago but…

I hit another 100 yesterday and wanted to celebrate so here we go!! Thank you all for being here for the good, the bad, and the shitposts. In order to appreciate you I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and try out those character/user posters I’ve seen floating around. So! If you’d like one here’s what you have to do:

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Feel free to message me if you have any questions!! I’ll probably only be taking these through this week and the weekend. 

                                                <3 <3 <3

pensola  asked:

About Channel Awesome: I don't mind Blockbuster Buster, but I'm kind of "ugh" when he is also going to review JA. Like, I get it, the movie did badly and everyone hates it. I know it is hypocritical of me, since otherwise I rarely mind them reviewing the same things and being angry about a movie. But this time it feels a little exhausting, I guess. Especially because I feel like NC likes to act like he is above the regular crowd, when he often very much IS part of it.

Channel Awesome has, for the most part, jumped fully onto the Jupiter Ascending hate bandwagon - it’s primarily done because they know reviews of the film, which comes from the creators of The Matrix and was at the centre of an epic hate storm, will get them a decent number of hits. Blockbuster Buster’s review had occasional moments of insight and humour, but was for the most part tired and overly reliant on jokes that are so old as to practically be fossilised (”shut up Meg”, in particular). Perhaps most annoying and misguided were the attempts to differentiate his review from the Nostalgia Critic’s.

First of all, he said that the entire film was pointless because the Abrasax siblings should have just allowed Jupiter to live and die naturally, keeping the Earth in their possession. What this ignores, of course, is that the siblings are pitted against each other - it is in Kalique’s and Titus’s interests to have Jupiter inherit and take Earth from their brother, so it is thus in Balem’s interests to have her killed before they can get to her. That BB doesn’t get this indicates a failure to comprehend the basic premise of the film, which is a fault of the viewer rather than the film itself.

What really made me angry, though, was his response to Jupiter’s fighting back against Balem and beating him down. He mocks the whole concept of Jupiter having any physical strength or power (”she’s just a regular skinny girl!”), and dismisses the scene of her triumph over Balem as unearned and ridiculous. This ignores several things:

1. Balem is hardly physically strong himself, and while he’s physically fit and healthy he is slight, effete and clearly not trained in combat. His power comes from his hereditary position and business acumen rather than any physical clout.

2. Jupiter exploited a pre-existing weakness in Balem (the gunshot wound in his leg), using it to make him falter and quickly taking advantage of the situation. 

3. Jupiter was fighting desperately despite being injured and exhausted - she had to fight to live, so she threw everything into surviving. It was literally a question of fight or die.

I have no problem with individuals expressing their dislike of a film they have watched and formed an opinion on (though I will absolutely draw attention to flawed arguments and unfair points, as I do here), but I do have a problem with the culture being generated by reviews like these. The worst thing of all is that I’m coming across more and more people who will write a long comment explaining how the film is terrible and what it could have done better … only for them to eventually reveal that they have never seen it and are basing their critique entirely on other people’s comments. It’s frustrating and a worrying expression of how sheep-like we are becoming.