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Scientist x assistant aus??

  • “Okay so if you look here, you can see that the uh….the uhm….the…sorry but could you remove your hand from my back? It’s uh, distracting me from my work. Thanks.” AU
  • Character A works as an assistant at a lab and they’re responsible for making sure that the lab is clean and prepped for each new experiment. While cleaning up the remains of a previous experiment, Character A accidentally spills a beaker of unknown liquid onto their skin/clothes and immediately jumps underneath the safety shower to wash it off. At the same time, Character B walks in to find a very embarrassed Character A and a lab that’s floor is covered in water.
  • “Listen, I find the whole tired eyes and perpetual burnt coffee smell kind of hot. Working around scientists is like the best thing ever for me.” AU
  • Character A is a scientist that devotes enormous amounts of time and energy into their work, but they can’t seem to find the answer that they’re looking for. One night, while pouring over their notes for the hundredth time, Character B comes into Character A’s office with a bag of takeout food (from Character A’s favorite restaurant) and offers it to Character A, saying that Character A deserves it because they work so hard. 
  • After landing an internship at a prestigious lab, Character A is determined to make a great impression on their superiors. So when lead scientist Character B asks if Character A would like to shadow Character B’s newest project, Character A jumps at the chance to really impress Character B.
  • “I know you’re a really touchy-feely person, but you just spilled a highly corrosive acid on both of us and now we’re both going to have to try to share this small safety shower.” AU
  • Character A has never had a real interest in science, but they apply for an assistant position at a lab because the pay is good. On their first day of work, Character A gets paired with one of the younger scientists, Character B, and all of a sudden Character A is very interested in science these days.

Anonymous said: Does Sayuri have her own Cursed Gear? All I’ve seen her use are fuda and that weird paper sword thing.

According to my fanbook, the sword is indeed her cursed gear called Kukuri, the two kanji for the name being Chrysanthemum and the other one for justice/logic/truth. It is a possession type of the Dakini series. “A spell sword. Even though it is low in durability, it can be used any number of times as long as there are spells.” (The kanji used is along the lines of “renewable resource”)

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((I just wanted to say THANK YOU for making Hinata the jealous one instead of Komaeda in the relationship bc everyone typically uses Komaeda as the jealous one (and even go as far as stalker-ish) so I'm really happy that you switched it around. I love this blog ❤️))

Originally posted by wrestling-giffer

Haha it’s nothing really ! I’m against the way Komaeda is portrayed a lot of a the time (and by that I mean the way a lot of people call him trash or a stalker) sure I know most of the time the people who say that are joking but I didn’t want to do the same thing here ^^

And I really think that Hinata would be the most jealous beteween the two of them, like both of them are jealous but Hinata a bit more. But don’t worry, it’s not an ugly jealousy, they are in a healthy relationship :)

-mod lili)

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if you have read it, harry potter and the deathly hallows

1) this is so considerately phrased

2) i found the epilogue somewhat unsatisfying?

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Can we talk about how aaron and robert are puppys. Seriously the way Roberts face fell when Aaron didn’t embrace him or how Aaron was so excited to see Robert he couldn’t stop smiling.

OH MY GOD ANON THEY’RE SO CUTE they’re literally so smiley and adorable

Jfc it’s probably the first time they’ve really smiled in days, sitting opposite each other in that room. Just being near one another, talking to each other and cracking jokes, the way they always do is as much coming home as anything else.

Happy timezones friends! It has come to my attention that some members of a studyblr zine think I have unjustly copied their work and I think it’s time to address this! I have yet to read a full issue of their work, I have yet to speak to any of their founders or editors in chief about this issue. That being said, I will try my best to use neutral words about them concerning their identities and their personalities bc I haven’t gotten the chance to get to know them and I have no reason to call them rude or threatening. I will also try my best to only involve myself in this matter, not my staff, they don’t deserve to get caught up in this. The members of the zine’s main points are this: I am using a theme which they used to use on their website, I am using essentially the same tag line, my application page is incredibly similar in format and content, and I never spoke to the zine about it or applied once.

To the members, you’re right. It is fishy that I’m using the same theme that you all used to have and the application page being similar is definitely questionable. However, I only started viewing the academic zine recently, I never saw their use of the theme Project College uses. I’ve noticed they have a hit tracker on their website; if they search the history of their hit tracker they will see that my ip address most likely won’t show up having visited their website while they had the previous theme (unless someone else in my neighborhood read their zine). The same goes for the application page (until recently when I checked their app page to see what the similarities are). I created the application page free of input from others, I thought of the application process myself after working at a non-profit for a year and seeing how they handled applications.

Currently, Project College has no tagline, we have a description on our site that gives you a general jist of what to expect from us. I’m waiting to talk to my staff about developing a tagline. Our blog descriptions are similar, though. I’m here to promise that I won’t steal the zine’s tagline, after all, that would be plagiarism. 

The members of the zine are correct in stating that I never spoke to the representatives of the zine about creating Project College. I also never applied. I wanted to create my own niche in the studyblr community as a college student, so I did. I entirely meant for Project College to be a positive addition to the studyblr community. Don’t get me wrong, I had heard of their zine before announcing Project College. I read snippets of their issues before creating Project College to see if their content was going to be the same as what I hoped to publish. Why? Because I didn’t want to be copying their ideas. I’ve worked on two of my school’s newspapers for three years. I was also an editor for my school’s yearbook. I know the hard work that goes into publishing and I would never want to plagiarize work.

I would like to think about it like this: if I had been a member of their zine and decided to create a tangent zine specifically for college I would hope that I would have gotten support from them. So I wish for support now, if I won’t get that, then I hope they don’t try to sabotage my work or deface my public identity.

The studyblr community is not a place to threaten people or tell them to hurt themselves. The studyblr community is a safe space to embrace differences and find similarities. The studyblr community is a place for civil discourse and creative problem-solving. I am hoping to talk to the zine reps to resolve this issue.