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Hi! I'm new to Kingsman fandom. What are some "classic" fics that everyone should read when they join? I want to catch up before Kingsman 2 comes out!

Hey, anon! Welcome to the fandom, which is honestly the best one I’ve been in <3 We have a lot of talented people who are friendly, outgoing, and ready to chat, so I hope you’re ready! 

I can’t speak for everyone else, but I can tell you a few of my first Kingsman fics:

There’s also the fact that there are many different genres out there, including fics that make you really hungry, fics that take you into the faraway past, fics that make you laugh, fics that involve dogs, fics that put a new spin on the Knights of the Round Table legends, fics that crossover into Colin Firth’s work, fics with artists, and even fics that are based off Neil Gaiman’s work! A03 is really good for finding the fic that you want!

And honestly, you can’t go wrong with @missbeckywrites, @futuredescending, @potentiality-26, @galahard, @fideliant, DivineProjectZero, @notbrogues, and @mongoose-bite! For smut (with plot, I swear), go to @calllay, Calico, and @concernedlily!

I’m mostly a Harry/Eggsy shipper, but if you’re looking for other pairings, @elletromil might be able to help! 

Have a good time binge-reading! And once again, welcome to Kingsman! We hope you enjoy the ride :)

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watching a movie together?

“You think they’d move the clock away from the wall a few feet.” The brother who thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt has just charged up the stairs and slammed his bedroom door, and one of the aunts has run over to stop the clock from ringing in response. “That’s a fixable problem.”

“You’re missing the point,” says Root, twirling some chow mein around her chopsticks. She’s sitting cross-legged, picnic style on a blanket on the floor. “It’s a comedic device.”

“Fine. So when do we get to the murder?”

“Soon. Kinda. It’s offscreen. Just… enjoy this for what it is.”

It’s Halloween, and Root downloaded Arsenic and Old Lace because this was her ritual when the other kids went trick-or-treating. She’d copied the local rental store’s VHS and watched it over and over, including every year on Halloween night. Not an exciting prospect for an evening in–until she offered to order Chinese, her treat. That sealed the deal. 

“I always thought she was cute,” says Root, watching Cary Grant and his lady love kissing in the graveyard in that old-black-and-white-movie way–mashed mouths, no tongue. Root looks a little sad, watching them–no one should look sad while eating chow mein and watching sub-par movie kisses, but that’s Root for you.

“Did you know how gay you were then?” It comes out facetious, but it’s a real question, more or less. Root picks that up, the way she usually does.

“Not really. The few romantic impulses of my adolescence were… a sort of Schrödinger’s attraction. I wanted to be, at the same time, the woman herself, and the person who could love her.” She laughs. “Compulsory heterosexuality, taken to its logical, absurd extreme.”

The movie cranks its way forward and, true to Root’s promises, picks up the pace. Turns out the old maiden aunts serially poison old guy drifter types, a dozen or so, and have been burying them in the basement. Nice twist. 

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” drawls Root, noticing the pickup in interest.

When the extra food’s pushed aside and getting cold, the next time the action slows down–the evil brother is taking way too long to intimidate his creepy assistant–the best way to pass the time between exciting episodes is clearly a high school style makeout session. Root is more than game to roll over on the blanket, completely ignore the action on her laptop, and turn her attention to being pinned to the floor and kissed mercilessly. 

“This is the best way this movie’s ever gone for me,” she whispers, breathless and thrilled. “Or any movie, actually.”

“Oh, really? No high school flame made the moves on you in the backseat at a drive-in?”

“Don’t be silly,” she says, and submits to more long, lazy kisses.

Eventually things pick up again, and Root watches, contentedly, from her supine position, her wrists pinned behind her head.

“Want me to let you up?”

“Nah. You feel good. And I kind of like watching it upside down.”

Another long, sticky, delicious kiss, then, just for the hell of it. Root clearly doesn’t care anymore about finishing the movie.

“But you’ll love me for my mind, too?” she quips, between kisses. It’s not a declaration, just a quote from that silly graveyard kissing scene in the movie–a memorable one, and easy enough to finish.

“One thing at a time.”

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I'm so profoundly in love with you. Period. If that's still up btw came for the strong recommendation from a friend annoyed I devoured everything she passed along and the promising wordcount/tags, stayed for the epic length, the dynamics and dark fairytales and folklore. And the obscure ships. (gotta love Alex y Elliot).

dskjfsa *hands you some chocolate cake*

Haha, so happy to meet another reader who really loves the epic length of things! I know it puts a lot of people off, or a lot of people go ‘I would never normally read something this long…’ and then I think there’s people like you and I like ‘wait is it the length of like three Bibles? COUNT ME IN.’

(Obscure ships ftw, like Alex/Elliott that is so much fun to write. Dear god, why does it have to be another freaking rarepair though?)

(Also dark fairytales and folklore for the win. The next ‘epic world that has heaps of long stories’ will be all about demonology and angel mythology, especially the really arcane, esoteric type stuff, and I’m just dskaljfas *rolls around*)

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Hi. I wanted to thank you for this blog, I've been folowwing you for years now. Your blog always soothes me, and now that I'm living a really hard time in my life, where I barely see any hope for me and my future, you and your work bring me a little in my soul. Thanks

i cannot begin to describe how touched i am that you sent this in, let alone that you feel this way, dear nonie. the fact that this blog is able to do that for you fills me with joy. thank you for these kinds words i will cherish them forever. 

please remember that there will always be that light at the end of the tunnel. even if everything seems hopeless now, things will brighten up & you will be okay & there are people cheering you on every step of the way. you’re a very strong person & i’m honoured that you think so strongly of this silly blog for this doggo muse. thank you ever so much

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as a white girl dating a woc, same advice, just ask your partner what they need and listen to their experiences and believe them tbh. also yes yes yes I second the sanvers latin night fic!!! my gf and I related to it so much, with alex getting over her cultural cluelessness and maggie accepting herself as both Latina and queer

cool thanks fam