but her new hair is so nice!

tina letting credence stay in her and queenie’s apartment ………. queenie making him new clothes and cooking his favourite meals………. credence constantly insisting they don’t have to be so nice to him and the sisters just smilin at him and letting him know it’s alright…………….. one day credence breaks a vase and tina comes to see what happened ….. credence cowers in the corner and can’t stop apologizing ……. tina just sits down beside him and puts her arm around his shoulders n pulls him close ……… she starts smoothin his hair back and just says “we aren’t ever gonna hurt you here credence” ……… im fine ……… ev….erything is fin e ……..

so… i drew some emwyn that was kind of inspired by @bronwyning ‘s secret santa gift for me? it was such a nice and sweet story and i guess the idea of it kinda leaked into my drawing haha. happy new year everyone! i was going to wait until midnight to post (it’s only 8:15 pm here as i type this) but i couldn’t resist, i was too excited about this lol.


OMG! OMG! OMG! @xmiramira was nice enough to send me her new skin tones… and let me just say… I’M IN LOVE!!!!These skin tones are so warm and vibrant!~ Like, Mira came through and blessed my colored sims with that good melanin!~ thank you girl!!!!

External image

(I have so many more pictures I was trying to upload but tumblr keeps hitting me with that “upload error” *rolls eyes*)

skin- @xmiramira (giving me life rn)

Hair- @blvck-life-simz (which I am so f*cking in love with atm)

eyelashes- @kijiko-sims

Top- @sims4-marigold (giving me a Cosby/Huxtables vibe)

necklace- @salem-c

kkang-junkyu  asked:

Okay, but imagine this; Kokona is actually a transgender boy, and the real reason why her father is in debt is because he was a supportive dad and wanted to let his son get surgery and hormone replacement, so he could be happy. Kokona still wears a girl's uniform and has 'girls hair' because the loan was a scheme and they lost all their money. At first he is afraid to come out, but when his squad finds out they just love & support him, and Musume buys him new clothes and pays for a nice haircut.

oooh i love this!!!!!!



[Re]Introducing the Elven Queen, Elithien! Just a bunch of doodles of new designs and variations of dresses, crowns and hairstyles for the queen. I also tweaked her hair colour to be slightly more platinum and silvery. Also AT LAST I have finally given her a name. I’ve spent ages and ages on it, searching far and wide for all sorts of Sindarin names and coming up with my own. Elithien comes from the derivative of ‘Elia’ - meaning to bless and ‘calithil’ - meaning moonlight. It was originally Elithileth but it didn’t roll on the tongue nicely so feminineelf helped me rename it to Elithien to smoothen it out. Personally I love the name (because I worked so damn hard on it gdi) but I understand if it’s not your cup of tea. I just felt I should give my own Queen a name. Also thanks to everyone who suggested me names for her! I really appreciate the effort <333 Although you can always let me know about your opinion on the name I gave her?

Simlaughlove’s new hair #Teaser

You guys ain’t read for the “Double threat braids” by @simlaughlove !! It’s gorgeous and it will slay us all, I swear. Be sure to download it when it’s out!

I just wanna thank you Jo, so, so much for all the dedication you’ve put into a project that I requested from you and for always being so nice, so dedicated and friendly, always giving her time to talk to me and work on this project.

I’m so happy about how it turned out and I can’t wait for it to be officially out. My heart goes to you Joanna cuz I’m entirely grateful. It’s not just “pixel hair”, “cc”, or “a game”..it’s about attitude and how you treat others and the fact that you being so popular still care about everyone and treat them as equals, speaks volumes about the awesome human being you are. ♡  ❤  ❤  ♡


Justifying the blog name 👌 👌 👌

New magenta hair color is so nice. I checked it out, played with [various race] designs a bit and then.. Kept thinking about this one.. Less than a day later I came back, pathetic, defeated, I gave in to the temptation. I’m a hopeless altoholic. Also I’m thiiis close to buying the ancestral outfit for her because DAMN. That’s some whimsy looking asura.

This child’s name is Delsa (Delsa Smol N Deadly ingame lmao) and I’m planning to make her a tanky necro. Fight her.

Cute Meihem Concept

Maybe one day during a skirmish, Mei’s hair ornament gets busted up beyond repair and she’s legit pretty sad about it (maybe it was a gift from her family before she left for her doomed expedition?) and Junkrat decides to make her a new one from scraps of metal and colorful broken glass and loose nuts and bolts to cheer her up.

And whether it turns out surprisingly nice or something of typical Junkrat style, Mei is so touched by the gesture (not that she’ll let him know that) she really does begin wear it up in her hair

anonymous asked:

Question. How did Togami and Fukawa end up together? I mean, not ship hate, but I can't stop seeing Togami as brushing her off until she leaves and falls in love with someone else. ...I do actually ship them though..

No no nonononono. That’s completely understandable as to why you would ask that. I’m saying “no” since that’s not why they fell in love tho

Fast forward a couple years. Byakuya still works at Future Foundation while Touko began to write documents for the Tragedy. She would stay up very late and Byakuya would notice the bags under her eyes often at work

So a new coffee shop opens in town and Byakuya goes there regularly since it’s time to change style once in a while. Then he sees Touko. In her wrinkly sweater and messy, tangled hair framing her face. She looked so nice while holding her drink and it causes him to start more conversations with her

And Byakuya started to check up on her more since apparently “she wasn’t taking care of herself as much as she should”. When he went to see her in the library for some book recommendations, she looked… at peace. Happy. It made him realize how much he wanted to see her genuinely smile like that.

No one in the Togami family falls in love. Byakuya was shocked at his own emotions but they never wavered, but instead grew stronger. Touko grew out of her “Byakuya-sama” phase and began to see him as an equal. And he didn’t look down on her either. They were on the same level. They treated each other with respect and recognition for their talents

So they dated, got married, had a LOT of kids, and lived happily ever after (yay)

Patsy’s hair

okay so patsy’s hair always looks spot on and as delia pointed out she uses a lot of laquer so it wouldn’t just fall down

screenshot of early in the episode

later in the episode


now moving on, she comes back from having been in delia’s room


delia must’ve really wanted patsy’s hair to fall down to her shoulders

and they were certainly NOT playing a new card game


I was on a mission this morning. I wanted to get one of the new DC Super Hero Girls that I had been seeing around. I woke up pretty early, and figured I’d try my luck at a Target. It was a nice Sunday morning, traffic was minimal, so why not? The one I visited today had Bumblebee, Poison Ivy, and Harley. After taking a few moments to decide who I wanted (and not buy all three), I decided on Bumblebee.

These new dolls are pretty impressive. I like how sturdy they are, and I was surprised to see that their body molds have a little muscle tone to them. I really like Bumblebee’s hair. It seems to be really nice quality, and not frizzy like some MH and EAH can have. Bumble’s torso is jointed, giving her some flexibility up there. Her hip joints seem to be pretty similar to MH/EAH, meaning she can’t really do splits. Oh well. She can stand easier than any of my MH and EAH dolls, so I’ll take that.

I really want to find Batgirl next. Her bat-ear hoodie is too adorable for me to skip.

STRAIGHTPEOPLERECEIPTS, sitting down for a job interview. she is wearing a cherry red three piece suit and six inch heels with two rats sitting on top her uncombed hair: Hello Mister Manager. It Is So Nice To Finally Meet you. Thanks For Considering Me For This Very Important Position You Are Hiring For.

JOHN JOHNSON, displaced new yorker and manager of this store, who has known STRAIGHTPEOPLERECEIPT’s family for ages and already knows of her bullshit: let’s just cut straight to the chase, toots. i’m doing your father one last favour by talking to you, ya got that? i know what you do. i see you downtown with your little… friends.

STRAIGHTPEOPLERECEIPTS, reaching up to tenderly stroke one of the rats, as another rat pops her head out of a sleeve: Oh, You Must Mean Ла́зарь, Марлен And Саша.

JOHN JOHNSON, disgusted, absolutely sick of her but unfortunately heavily indebted to her late father: is.. are… are those the rats names? is that one in your god damn shirt? jesus christ. just FUCKING christ, kid. your pops was a good man, i don’t understand how he gave life to something like you. where’d you crawl out of this mornin? a sewer?


JOHN, now with a lump at the back of his throat, the desperation of his situation suddenly catching up to him– his recent divorce, his estrangement from his son, the death of his best friend and now this horrific confrontation with that great man’s awful child. he thought he could look this in the face, but all he can’t do this, he won’t deal with this, not even for bobby: get out. just…. get out.

STRAIGHTPEOPLERECEIPTS, now understanding, and feeling a great hatred for this man despite what she knows of his emotional situation: You Know… Mister Johnson, sir. i write a great many funny things on a blog you may know of. have you ever, perhaps, heard of straightpeoplereceipts?

JOHN, glancing up, fear, betrayal and disgust all apparent on his face: you’re bluffin’. there’s no fuckin’ way it’s you. no, you’re… bobby’s kid is not… holy hell. you’re a real piece’a work. 

STRAIGHTPEOPLERECEIPTS, inspecting a perfectly manicured nail: i suspect that it would not bode well for you if you were to… upset me.

JOHN, defeated: fine! fine, alright! fuck. fuck. you have the job, okay? shit. fuck. i’ll give you a call after i get the schedule figured out, just get the fuck outta here. leave me the hell alone.

STRAIGHTPEOPLERECEIPTS, smiling kindly: Thank You Sir Mister Manager I Will Not Disappoint You


Is This A Joke?

Requested Imagine: Dean is a teenager and he hits on the heavier girl in school and she thinks it’s a joke, please? Thanks!

  • Teen!Dean x teen reader
  • 640
  • Warnings: Self body shaming.

You sit down at the table you sat at every day for the past two years, just wishing you could be anywhere but here. It wasn’t so bad, not until you came back to school after the Summer. The skin you were in, it made you feel gross. You’ve always been a few pounds heavier than all the other girls in the school, but it never caused too much of a problem in your mind. Now, everyone grew up and got prettier.

With a sigh, you start eating your apple, not wanting to touch the sandwich you had. You catch yourself glancing over at one of the popular girls, how her hair was so shiny and nice. Obviously she had the cutest guy in your grade wrapped around her like a brand new jacket from the mall.

“Look at chu.” A boy came up to you, the new kid. He was perfect in every way, except that he wasn’t always in class. “Why aren’t you with your friends?” He asks, taking a seat across from you. He props his shoes on a chair and leans back, crossing his arms over his chest.

Taken aback, you set the apple down and watch him, wondering if it was perhaps a trick the older kids were playing. “We don’t have lunch together anymore. What are you doing here?”

He chuckles and glances at you. For the first time, you realize his eyes are bright green, a type of green you could hardly describe. “Tryin’ to learn, doll. Isn’t that what we’re all doing here?”

“No?” You answer with a bit of annoyance in your voice. “Most of you don’t care about learning.”

He smiles. “You’re right, I don’t. I’m just here because my baby bro thinks it’s best for me. Anyway, I’m Dean. Dean Winchester.”

You bite your lip and play with the end of your dress. Suddenly you felt like it was too tight on you, showing off too much. It felt all wrong. “Y/N Y/L/N.”

Dean’s lips pull into a smirk as he leans up some. He’s playing very nice. “Well, well.” He stands up and for a second, you think he’s about to leave, but he comes around the table and takes the chair beside yours. He smirks at you, studying your body. “This is the part where I ask you out, isn’t it?”

It’s not that you haven’t been asked out before, but it certainly wasn’t by any guy that looked half as good as Dean Winchester, and especially not this year, when all the other girls had gotten skinnier and started wearing makeup better. “Did Thomas put you up to this?”

Dean looks at you, his eyebrows furrowed together and his mouth open slightly as he shakes his head. “I don’t know who that is.”

“Someone put you up to this.” You accuse.

“Not really, sweetheart.” Dean glances down then back up at you, his eyes looking a little lost. “Honestly? You’re gorgeous. It kind of surprised me to see you sitting over here, alone. I figured you had a boyfriend. Not that that matters, because either way I’m asking you out.” He confidently sits back in his chair.

You blink, very lost yourself. “You’re asking me out…”

“I am.” Dean smirks. “And I’m looking forward to doing this.” He leans over and places his hands on your cheeks, pulling you into a soft kiss. It’s sweet, meaningful.

When he pulls away, you’re both smiling at each other. You had just kissed the mysterious, new kid, and you didn’t have to do anything.

“After school, meet me on the front steps.” He winks and begins walking away. You can’t help but feel better about yourself. If someone like Dean Winchester can come up to you and ask you out, surely you had to be, to come extent, cute.

I picked a doula!! And a backup. We loved the backup but she’s SO new, it sorta defeated the purpose for us (she wouldn’t know the hospital or staff well).

The woman we picked (met her last time & signed with today) has actually given birth at the hospital I’m going to and assisted at births there too. She knows my doctor.

The first time I met her I thought she was kinda basic (Hunters, blond hair in a nice blowout, oversized knit sweater and ripped jeans). Which is a stupid reason not to pick her but she’s going to see me poop, so. I didn’t want to feel judged.

Today she looked much more down to earth and we talked a bunch and really clicked. She said my idea of using the other woman as a backup would be great. I’m her only client for July AND August, yay! Backup would be if I’m insanely early, because she’s going on vacation, or had some other emergency. That’s why I really wanted this practice; otherwise I’ve heard stories of paying a doula only to have them basically not show up (or show up 10 minutes before you give birth etc). This place promises to send your second choice if first choice has some other crisis and can’t get there in time.

Plus they bring aromatherapy, Bluetooth speakers, LED candles, etc. Stuff that I would want to bring anyway, but honestly having someone else responsible for that is worth at least 100 bucks to me. Also they do photography so Adam can focus on me and our son and not try to take pictures too! Which is also worth quite a bit.

So even if she ends up not really doing too much (in the event I end up with a C section or something) I think it’s still worth it. But supposedly she’ll massage my back with lavender oil and coach me through breathing and tell Adam how to hold my leg back or whatever. She also knows Hypnobirthing which sounds like a crock of shit but two women have told me to my face that it helped them - pretty close friends, and neither are hippies (one is in finance and other has a phd from Harvard in microbiology).

So I’ll try it. Why not? Can’t hurt.

my hairdresser is Very Straight but she gets so excited when i want to go shorter because she loves trying out new stuff so getting a haircut is always a nice gay time of her complimenting my hair and being impressed with my (gay) style choices

I just got done watching Tangled Before Ever After, and I thought it was great! I really enjoyed everything about it. (Minor spoilers ahead)

Getting to see more of Rapunzel’s parents and how they interact with her was really fun. Eugene and Rapunzel are still super adorable. I really like the new character Cassandra too, and Lady Cain (idk if that’s how it’s spelled?) seems like she could be an interesting antagonist, so I hope we’ll see more of her at some point.

I liked what they had as the cause of Rapunzel’s golden hair returning too. There’s still a bit of mystery surrounding why it happened, but it seems like it makes sense, so that’s nice. It’s not just some random “oh btw her long hair is back somehow ok just go with it.” It seems like it’ll fit in with the previously established stuff from the movie, so I’m happy with it.

[some major-ish spoilers following this point]

Also I love that we got to see Eugene propose, but they still kept with the movie confirming that they didn’t get married until at least a few years and he had to propose several times before she said yes. I like that we got to actually see her say no, and we got to see the reasons why she wasn’t ready yet and he was, and that this was used to further develop their relationship and bring them even closer. 

I have a lot of Eugene/Rapunzel feels after that :3

[/end spoiler part]

I guess I’m also going to have to start getting used to calling him Eugene instead of Flynn now too. Flynn just felt like the most natural name to use for me even though I know it’s not his real name, but I guess I’ll try to switch over to Eugene now since it seems he’s accepted that one going forward. So I’ll get used to using it eventually.

So yeah, I think that’s all I want to say right now. Might do another post (or add onto this?) with more spoilery thoughts later, but idk.

Either way, I really enjoyed this intro to the new Tangled series, and I can’t wait to see more!

High School Days


“Mags…oi, wake up already.”

“Mmnfive more minutes, Math.”

“We’re already late - get up!”


Maggie groggily pulled her face from the pillows, staring blearily at her twin brother tapping his foot by the edge of her bed, giving him a rather sulky look, “It’s not my fault practice ran so late last night.” she muttered irritably, stifling a yawn as she started to stretch.

“…and it’s not mine that you volunteered us to show the new transfer students around.” Mathias shot back, reaching forward to give his sister’s hair a light tug, “Come on - I’ve got coffee brewing…forgive me?

“…okay, that’s just not fair - I can’t stay mad when you’re nice.” she replied teasingly as she performed a walkover out of bed, “Meet you down stairs.”

The New Girl in Town

Serene had always been a big party girl but she hadn’t expected to start partying so soon after moving. But she got lucky and made friends with one of the girls in her class. Serene couldn’t remember her name but she was pretty sure it was Jessica or something like that. The party was nice so far and she was having a decent time. She wore her favorite red converse and a black strapless mini dress . She also wore her beat up black leather jacket which perfectly matched her long black hair.
Serene briefly stepped out for a smoke and sat quietly on the railing on the large deck and just watched the world go by as she took drags off her cigarette. She was deep in thought when she heard someone walk up behind her.