but her hair....

oryokun  asked:

i noticed a little detail on the vy duo, vy1 has a mole on her left cheekbone and vy2 has a mole on his right cheeckbone. das kewl


i have a weird thing for lil moles i think they’re super cute and add a lil character and i wanted them both to kinda match bc colour-palette wise they dont match at all (aside from vy1 being light colours and vy2 being dark colours) im glad u noticed hehe


So I decided to play test the school as a sort of ‘induction day’ or something and the teen class was absolute chaos, if it wasn’t the Onley boys causing trouble it was Tess getting a bit big for her boots and saying things that upset others.

A beekeeper witch for a contest on Instagram. She specialises in creating lavender honey, known for its healing properties and exceptionally sweet taste. Catch her tending her garden, riding her bike around town, or taking fresh honey to the local bakery once a week, where a cute baker may or may not be sweet on her. She gets pretty good discounts on the sweet rolls, including the blueberry and lemon cake that is her favourite. Her hands have become immune to bee stings over time through the use handcream she makes.