but her face says it all

He saw it in her eyes.
Behind the laugh,
The smile, the
“Everything’s okay”
They say the eyes are the window to the soul,
And on her perfectly made up and faked face,
The eyes gave her away.
He could see her brokenness, the long nights spent crying until she fell asleep.
How sad and tired she actually was.
He knew everyone was fooled by her act, pretending to be happy all the time.
And he knew he couldn’t fix her, but he could try
—  A.P

When somebody asks me how life is going, I always have the same answers: It’s okay, it’s fine.

What I really want to say is that my mother’s growing old and I’m scared. The wrinkles that form her face when she frowns have gotten deeper and her finger nails that she used to keep colored a dark shade of red are bare.

My little sister is learning to become a number at school. She received her first report card with all straight 90’s, but the girl who sits behind her had all straight 95’s. She clearly didn’t try hard enough, she believes.

My brother just entered high school, but he’s already stressed about what he’s going to do after college.

My father’s footsteps sound heavier on the wooden stairs of our house when he comes home from work now and his body looks tired.

My friends go to bed feeling empty and twist and turn in their sheets before they fall asleep from complete exhaustion and wake up restless.

I operate like a robot and have absolutely no control over time. It seems to be slipping from my fingers like the wind and I can’t trail behind it.

That is the way it is for most people.
We live in a constant cycle that repeats every day and the color of our lives becomes duller as we grow.

One day we’ll wake up being seventy and think, “Where did my life go?”

It went a little like this:

When you were born, you were born with curiosity burning in your veins. The sound of it was heard loud and clear when you giggled as a toddler and it slowly became inaudible when you became a teenager. In fact, the fire nearly burned out completely when you reached adulthood.

But it’s not out yet.
It doesn’t blow out until your heart stops working.
As long as your lungs expand and deflate, stardust production continues in your blood.

You can’t change the past.
You can’t correct the errors you made or pretend they’ve never occurred.

You can never find true happiness if you are always looking for it.

Live now.
Live in this very minute.
Damn it, don’t think about what happens next. What happened before.
If somebody broke your heart, tell them.
Kiss the hell out of the one that makes you happy.
Call up that relative you swore you hated but haven’t heard from in a while and ask them how they are.
Take out that shirt from your closet that you bought because it was pretty and wear it, even if you think it doesn’t look great on you.
Drink more water in the day even if you don’t feel thirsty.
Put down your phone and step outside for a few minutes and just breathe.
Stare at the moon, the stars, the clouds as they drift onwards.
Watch the sunrise and the sunset by yourself and listen to soft music when you do it.
Take long showers and touch yourself gently.
Stop believing that a low grade defines your intelligence and learn to appreciate your hard work when you’ve put it in.
Make sure to give yourself a break when you need it.
Hug your friends for a minute longer and remind them that you love them.
Change your vocabulary from “I can’t” to “I can”.
Be open to pain and letting go of it.
Scream at the top of your lungs when the world is sitting on your shoulders.
Set fire to the dreams you couldn’t achieve and with the ashes form a new path.

Make your life one that is worth being proud of.
That you can feel satisfied with once you are taking your last breaths.

You have always been making choices on your own—It is up to you to make the best ones.


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ooo i have a bellarke smut prompt// they finally are together at becca's house and have to figure out what to do in that large, luxurious bed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

407 coda with science island sex, obv


Monty’s the one who makes him talk to Clarke. Or, rather, Clarke through Monty. He finds Bellamy in his office and says, “Clarke wants to talk to you.”

“I’m busy.”

“She said if you wouldn’t come, I should get the guard to escort you.”

He makes a face. “What did you tell her?”

“I just asked her how you were doing. I thought you’d be talking to her. I’m worried, Bellamy. We’re all worried.”

“And now Clarke’s worried,” he says, scowling. “I’m fine.”

“So go talk to her.”

It sounds so easy. It sounds so nice. He’s exhausted, and he feels like he’s made of nothing but jagged angles. He can’t move without hurting someone.

“You know Miller’s dad will arrest you if I ask him,” Monty says, and Bellamy almost smiles.

“She’s still on the radio?”

“She’s waiting for you.”

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remember that time lena was like "a ~friend?" and the look on her face and and her tone that straight up told us right off she thought friend meant fuckbuddy? 'cause that happened. and now the word friend is being thrown around and juggled between lena's eyebrows like she still suspects that it means that. idk what's better, that she canonically assumed that of course kara was getting her pussy ate regularly or that friendship means orgasms obviously

HELP I KNOW also can I just say having Lena say ‘a friend?’ all jokingly and dare i say jealously… and then the whole friends thing becomes a motif… like supercorp is endgame tbqh

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Sleeping meme with Becca x Mc?

Pit Stop Promises

Becca x MC: Sleeping/Shipping Meme | Rating: Pretty mature, so… yeah. 😉 Enjoy.

Who is a night owl:

There’s something intoxicating about 3 a.m. with Becca. This is the time when she is at her most bare (literally, metaphorically) and you love every. single. minute. of it. It’s worth the two shots of espresso you take in the afternoon. When midnight hits, your very own Cinderella sheds all pretensions of being Hartfeld’s It Girl. All through the wee hours, you talk about nothing and everything, building up, always building up, to a climax of conversations that lead your lips to hers and her hands digging through your hair.

Who is a morning person: 

You’ve discovered Becca’s weakness - the sun. Numerous vampire cracks have been made but she refuses to let the sun touch her face. Wrinkles, she says. Sun spots, she groans. You’re so vain, you tease, as you caress her porcelain face. She frowns and turns away, but not before throwing a pillow at your face. You tease her again that if the sun won’t give her frown lines, her consistent scowling would. She doesn’t hear you. She’s already fast asleep.

Are they cuddlers: 

You do not cuddle. Not yet anyway. “This is a pit stop,” Becca tells you as she undresses before you. That was Friday night. She said the same thing on Saturday night when you had taken her in her walk-in closet. She said the same thing on Sunday morning when she had pulled you into her tub. Even on Monday night when you had stayed overnight (“to work on a dance routine,” she had told Madison), this is what she said. It’s a pattern in the nights that followed. There is no cuddling, but a lot of groping, touching, feeling, yearning.

Who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon:

You don’t cuddle through the night. But after a wild round of sex, Becca has no qualms of collapsing in your arms and pressing herself against you. You both stay quiet, catching your breaths, giggling at some insanely sexy or funny thing either one of you did. When the moment becomes too intimate, Becca pulls away.

What is their favourite sleeping position:

You don’t tell Becca but you love it when she rests her head on your chest, her blonde locks spilling over her face and bare shoulders. You look down and see her sleeping, smiling, content. It makes your heart race.

You do not know it because she will never tell you, but this is Becca’s favorite sleeping position too.

Who steals all the blankets:

You haven’t stayed over long enough to discover this, but you have a hunch that Becca is the blanket stealer between you two. You’re looking forward to finding out.

What they wear to bed:

What don’t you and Becca wear to bed? You’ve finally seen that sexy Catwoman suit she teased you about your first night together. It was everything you imagined… and more. You have been paying special attention to what you wear when meeting Becca. You’ve noticed she gets turned on more when you’re in black lingerie. As for Becca, she’s come to you in white negligee, flimsy blue-gray lace the color of her eyes… She likes dressing up for you. You like undressing her even more, but only if she’d let you. 

Who likes seeing the other wearing their t-shirt:

This has not happened and will not happen. Your clothes aren’t designer enough for her anyway, and she’s a size smaller than you are. And you have yet to see Becca wear a T-shirt. The last time you were in her closet, no T-shirts were spotted (but you were both too busy with your mouth and fingers to do a closet check anyway).

Who falls asleep mid-conversation:

Conversations in the wee hours become more intense with the presence of wine, and you’ve noticed Becca falls asleep after she’s had two glasses of Cabernet. The last time she fell asleep mid-conversation, she was talking about how incredible she felt when you were around, how insanely sexy you made her feel. You wanted her to keep talking but she had fallen asleep with her head on your lap. She denied saying anything like this when you brought it up the next morning, reminding you of your “pit stop” arrangement.  But the blush in her cheeks betrayed her tone, and you smiled a secret smile. 

Who wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares:

The few times you had stayed over, you had woken up to Becca sobbing. It was always about her parents and she asked for comfort from you in the way that best made her forget about her worries – pressing her full lips against yours, sliding off your shirt and panties, nibbling on your earlobe, your neck, flicking her tongue, licking, lower, lower, lower… When nightmares come, she dominates you, the night, and everything that follows. You can do nothing but submit.

Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep:

Thankfully this has not happened. The last thing you’d want is to bruise each other unintentionally.

Who can’t keep their hands to themselves:

It surprises you each time. When Becca texts you, the text you know is that secret invitation to her bedroom, you shake your head in disbelief. Pit stop, right? When you’re at the steps of the sorority home, the door always opens before you ring the bell. Becca is there, her arms folded, saying that you’re late, even if you aren’t. You follow her up the stairs, into her room, and as soon as the doors are locked, the night’s activities begins. Dance practice? Psychology homework? Biology? That’s what your suite mates and her sorority sisters know.

“It’s a pit stop.” That’s what she always says when she places her hand on your thigh and lets her fingers trail gingerly up under your skirt. You always answer with a smirk, asking her if it’s a pit stop for real this time as you slide your hands under the front of her shirt. “I promise,” is what she says, what she always says as she nibbles on your bottom lip and licks it. You believe her. You always do.

Voltron Hogwarts AU

“Partner up!”

    Allura sighed.

Partner up. It was a terrible phrase. She glanced around the classroom, biting her lip; her gaze met a mix of averted eyes and blatant glares. 

Through the scraping of chairs and shuffling of feet, she distinctly heard Mitch Fitzgerald say from behind her, “You think she’ll get us all expelled if no one works with her?” Her cheeks flushed with hot embarrassment at the chorus of snickers. She didn’t turn around to face his smirk. 

This is the worst part, she steeled herself, you just have to wait until everyone is paired up- there’s an even number of students today, someone’ll have to suck it up

She kept her eyes on her parchment, not wanting to meet the uncomfortable pity in the Professor’s eyes. No one knew what to do with the Headmaster’s unpopular daughter. Some well-intentioned professors tried to help, calling for someone in the class to step forward and work with her; but as it happened, singling out the teacher’s pet only fed fodder to the flames. Go figure.

It seemed like everyone was moving extra slow that day, trying to draw out her torturous wait. It was moments like that when Allura strongly entertained the idea of transferring to Beauxbatons; sure, she’d have to pick up French and learn those creepy synchronized dances, but there at least people wouldn’t be afraid of talking to her. Who knew, maybe Beauxbatons was full of busy-body know-it-all’s and she’d be the most popular girl in school! 

But none of that really mattered, and for now she was thoroughly stuck at Hogwarts, where nobody saw her for anything but the Headmaster’s daughter and a walking detention hazard.

  A tap on the shoulder pulled her from her reverie. 

     “-Do you have a partner?”

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stanley mcgucket 15

Angie set her friend down on a nearby building.  She’d been patrolling the downtown area of the city that day when she’d seen him being threatened by a gang, and quickly swooped in to rescue him. She generally chose to keep her secret identity to protect him, but sometimes she wondered if she should bother, considering his own enemies made it necessary to rescue him all the time anyway.  

“We really need to stop meeting like this Mr. Pines” Grinning as he looked up at her. She had chosen to float just above him, rather than landing next to him. She would never admit it, but she rather like being taller than him. 

“What can I say Airstream? I like to live dangerously.” Stan flashed a cheesy grin and rested a hand on her raised knee, angling his face to look up at her lips. “Course, I’d be willing to look for a new line of work if I had another way to meet up with you, like maybe a dance?”

 She placed a hand on his shoulder and leaned in close to his face, close enough to feel the breath from his lips on her nose. Than she grinned and pushed off of him, flying about ten feet up in the air away from the buildings rooftop. “Maybe next time Stanley!” 

She turned around and fell away, grinning as she heard Stanley call out “That wasn’t a no!” 

15: Undercover/spy/superhero (They don’t know each other’s true identity.) 

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For anyone wondering who the lady is that the psychotic* bullshit account is targeting, it's Jennifer Allen, Sam's publicist. She's been tagged on IG so she may be on IG if anyone wants to warn her. (*No, I'm not sorry for calling them that because no matter what anyone says, these women are mentally ill. Cruelty. Lack of boundaries and empathy. Lack of self-awareness. Narcissism. Inability to face or accept reality. ALL hallmarks of mental disorders and all traits ES have shown).

While I’m not qualified to diagnose if someone is psychotic, I do agree that something is not quite right with the person or persons behind the bs account. What that “not quite right” is is anyone’s guess, and the possibilities are endless. It doesn’t matter why this person or persons harass everyone associated with Sam in some capacity. It’s simply wrong, and it needs to stop before the harassment goes too far and people are adversely affected by it.

PSA: Let others be happy, even if you’re not. Hurting someone else will not make you happy, it’s just more hurt for you. That’s no way to live a productive and positive life.

Alice 🐇

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What do you think about this boycott thing? Are you going to take part in it? I was thinking it wasn't a bad idea because that hug /was/ a huge slap to our faces but now so many people are saying that we shouldn't do it on a Regina-centric episode and that we're not real ERs if we do it. I'm conflicted tbh? I love Lana and would always support her but the way the show runners are treating their LGBT audience is more important than a fictional character imo? (1)

And the point of the boycott is not to affect the ratings because everyone is aware it doesn’t work like that, but to give the media a hint that the show is fucking up, since that’s what the fandom is for – to create media buzz. This whole saying we’re not real ERs and calling us ‘angry shippers’ sounds a lot like guilt-tripping to me? I mean, if we were to follow that logic, we could never really raise our voices anyway, since the show is Regina heavy and Lana is a big part of it, (2)

so we would be accused of wanting to destroy her career anyway. But it just makes me so angry because it’s basically silencing us. If we want to fight, we will have to start somewhere, right? I’m sorry for the rant but I feel like your inbox is the only safe space to do that atm. What are your thoughts about this? (3)             

To be completely candid, I’ll start by saying that unfortunately we have no way of taking part in this boycott, simply because we have been watching in ways that don’t count for a while now–and because we’re not Twitter active. But if we were, we would definitely go silent. Because that would deliver the message, given that it’s ‘loud’ enough. But while I absolutely appreciate your concerns, I must add that this is not about Lana Parrilla, the actress who has been (well, mostly anyway–a few painful blunders that some people chose to conveniently forget, aside) supportive. Because at the end of the day, she’s been doing what she did to build her fanbase, and she did it quite well–so a SINGLE episode of silence can’t hurt her. Not at this point, when the show is tethering dangerously on the precipice of… a very deep abyss. And not when that single hour of boycott can’t hurt the show either, but what it CAN do–is communicate the message, you know?

So anyone calling you a bad ‘ER’ (which by the by, we haven’t been considering ourselves as ERs here for quite a while, because that term has been appropriated by multishippers and other dimwits who “ship Regina with happiness”, the same people who seem to be biggest ‘authorities’ on all things Regina Mills these days, anyway?) is totally guilt-tripping you. All based on their own creepy projections–towards actress? So, no. When the main premise becomes about promotion of bad media then the task of deconstruction and, more importantly, renewal (through creating more diverse and critical media) falls to the rest of us. So, whoever is trying to silence you? Tell them to fuck right off. You have every right to your own opinion, and to express it however you feel like to.


Because ultimately, representation is inherently political. It is not just about personal taste, or projected desire. Many straight people are actually happy with the idea of a fairytale happy ending for two women and their son because the story is a good one, but many realize that it’s not currently (currently) ‘happening’ (subtextually it might be, we won’t write that off completely) because of the politics of heteronormativity. And depoliticizing the inherently politicized nature of media is a big, big mistake. Depoliticization can happen either when ‘fans’ become overly fixated on one thing (or person) or when outcome is mistaken for process. And then if the ONLY way for you to express your politicized view, your stance, or hell-retaliate for the slap in the face that that hug IS at this point–is that… then boycott away. Because no one, NO ONE has the right to guilt-trip or silence you. Okay?

antis be like “omg you think rey is a skywalker? that would be sooo boring! we already have a new skywalker! rey shouldn’t be a skywalker bc it takes away her agency and it is anti-feminism for her to have a dad! we have already seen skywalker vs skywalker before…!!!”

as if like, these next episodes aren’t delivered as the next chapter in the SKYWALKER saga. LF keeps saying it, but i GUESS…

 it wouldn’t be interesting at all to see rey uncover who her mother is/was. it’d be soooo boring for her to have familial tension with kylo. it wouldn’t be intriguing to know how rey reacts to her family/being a skywalker and the mishap of her being left on jakku. wow it’d be sooo stupid to develop rey and kylo as the solely known grandchildren of anakin/vader.

i can’t believe how lame it would be to see luke skywalker face some brand new character development as the sight of his daughter being lost. since you know… this is how he looked at rey on ahch-to.

yeah. rey skywalker sucks and it’s the most unbelievable theory to engulf. LOL LUKE HAVING A KID AND TRAINING HIS OWN DAUGHTER… HAHA, HOW SUPER UNINTERESTING, SILLY ME.

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Can you imagine the first time Naegi and Kirigiri shared an umbrella? He runs up to see her soaking wet (claiming she's fine) and he's all "But you'll catch a cold, Kirigiri-san!" She accepts his offer and they're right up against each other almost shoulder-to-shoulder with his bright red face turned away after considering the closeness he initiated. She notices and decides to fluster him worse by saying there's not much space underneath such a tiny umbrella so they better get even closer.

That is super adorable omg this needs to be a comic or something

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Give me Perc'ahlia in your Modern AU Headcanon.

Who said “I love you” first:

Vex, and if we’re doing au it’s still probably a time when Percy couldn’t hear her/ she thought he couldn’t hear her. 

It takes a while before they say it to each other… but then I still think Vex does it first.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background:

Vex has Percy but only because Percy happened to be in the frame with Trinket when she took that picture.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror:

Vex as well, usually just a heart and a bear smiley face (which is a normal smiley with little ears)

Who buys the other cheesy gifts:

Neither. They’re too classy for that.

Who initiated the first kiss:

Going with canon here and saying, after all the Vex-initiated cheek-kisses, Percy was the one to give her the first explicitly romantic kiss.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning:

Vex, who is always up first. 

Who starts tickle fights:

Percy, who is not ticklish at all. Vex finds this very unfair.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower


Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch:

Percy. And it’s like good lunch too. Gourmet shit. Complete with her favorite coffee order and, like, a single fucking rose because Percival de Rolo is Extra as shit. 

Who was nervous and shy on the first date:

BOTH OF THEM. But more noticeably, Vex.

Who kills/takes out the spiders:

Vex keeps Percy from killing them and takes them out. But really, Trinket eats most of them so it’s kind of a non-issue.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk:

PERCY. Oh Lord, Percy will not shut up about how much he loves Vex when he’s drunk. Percy will turn to complete strangers and be like “Do you see this beautiful creature right here? Isn’t she divine? She LOVES me, man. I can’t fucking believe it.” 

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15

The walkers near the sea

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Maggie helping plant stuff at Hilltop/ Eric & Aaron/ Daryl & Jesus/ Cindy & Tara

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Holly’s story line/ Sasha & walker David/ Maggie & Gregory/ Gregory looking for the place Simon wrote down for him/ Eugene giving Sasha the poison/ Dwight in the cells  

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“I’m here to protect the pregnant lady not the pregnant lady protect me.”- Gregory/ Tara & Rachel 

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Oceanside & Tara/ Tara what’s her face & Cindy/ Cindy tells the others why Tara & Co are there/ Eugene & Sasha/ Carl & Enid talking about remembering who Carl killed & who he didn’t kill/ Rick saying “get on your knees” becasue we all know that could mean death  

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Sasha headbutting David/ Negan stabbing David/ Some of Oceanside wanting to fight/ Cindy knocking out her grandmother/ Daryl wanting to kick Dwight’s ass 

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people say the animorphs covers are *creepy* but the actual in book transformations are all like ‘then her face cracked in two, her organs melted, her bones all snapped and reformed backwards, and her fingers and toes fused together. she couldnt cry because her tear ducts didnt fucking exist anymore. everyone looked at the ground so they wouldnt throw up looking at this’

So I went to Walmart and.....

I was pushing the cart and suddenly this little girl stood in the middle of the aisle with her hands stretched out and her face saying, “You shall not pass.” So I literally stand there for 5 seconds while her parents are just stood there watching and I go around her to the next aisle and when I looked back she had that face of defeat and all I could think of is imagine your otp.


When they’re discussing plans for rebuilding 221B, Mrs Hudson asks them if they’ll be needing two rooms. ‘Of course we’ll be needing two rooms’, says John. He glances at Sherlock’s downcast face before continuing, ‘Rosie’s going to need her own room, after all’ and Sherlock whips his head up just in time to see John smirk and wink at him.


this is such an underrated clexa moment like we all notice and talk about protective lexa which is true, but no one’s really talked about why it’s important. Clarke’s face in the second gif says everything. She is scared. She’s 18 and she spent her whole life in a box and suddenly she’s in a foreign place and people are dying and they are at war and she’s right on the front lines and she’s freakin scared. and then there’s lexa, who she has feelings for and who she knows has feelings for her, fighting right next to her, strong and brave, and making sure she’s safe and protected. and you can see even through clarke’s fear that lexa’s support helps her. it helps her find strength and security and makes her feel like she’s not alone anymore. they can do this together.

and that’s what makes lexa’s betrayal later hurt so damn much. clarke truly believed that she and lexa were in it together, that they would fight and win together. “not everyone, not you. you should come with me to the capitol. for those we’ve lost, and those we soon shall find. no, you stay with clarke.”

she truly believed it was her and lexa against the world, until it wasn’t.