but her face in that second to last gif

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I am so amused of this small moment. I love grumpy, irritable Diana. Also, while Hippolyta made sure Diana grew up level headed and grounded, this was the first moment I got that Diana was a princess. 

She’s not entitled but there were certain privileges afforded the daughter of Hippolyta. And you know everyone on the island who liked kids doted on Diana! 

(Those who are less fond of kids might have voluntarily been anywhere but where the hyperactive wee little Diana was. It’s not they disliked the little princess, it’s just: Diana was a child, and Amazons were created fully formed from the sea– what in Athena’s name were they going to do with a tiny person???).

Also, can you imagine Diana’s teenage years? We saw a glimpse of teen!Diana but I bet she had her grumpy, sulky, angry at the world days (months?). 

Plus, plus! Etta’s face and her: ‘Can’t say I blame it.’ 

This moment lasted less than 10 seconds and yet it’s my favorite. 

Just look how grumpy she is! How irritable! She’s not used to wearing collars!  

Imagine spending Sebastian’s birthday with him.

A/N: I don’t know where you are, but in Australia it’s Sebastian Stan’s birthday so here’s a little Seb based fic. I know I don’t write many of these ‘cause well, I’m in-love with Chris. But for those who prefer Seb, this one’s for you. ❤️ 

Today was one of those beautiful days in New York Sebastian always talked about when he was asked about his city. The weather was stupendous, it was almost as though the universe had parceled it out to him as a birthday present. 8:00AM had him waiting outside your apartment building, observing each passerby with great sonder. The thought had was all these people passing him had lives as vivid and complex as his, perhaps they had a birthday to celebrate with their best friend too. He couldn’t tell; no two lives were the same. You were meant to pick Sebastian up at his, but he couldn’t wait. The two of you had plans to spend the day together before his birthday party tonight with the rest of your mutual friends. His boys already had him with a pre-celebration at The Surf Lodge, so now it was your turn. If Sebastian was being honest with himself, he’d rather the whole twenty-four hours with just the girl he loved.

You’d been friends with Sebastian since college. The two of you were so close that if he weren’t out of the state filming, you made sure to see each other at least once a day. It didn’t even have to be an official plan, you could come home and see him waiting on your couch. You had one of those relationships where it wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone if the two of you got together, but it also wouldn’t if you simply remained friends. There was no fear of risking your friendship preventing you from being together, you were just content with what you had going. It wasn’t like you hadn’t discussed it before, or shared a drunken kiss or two. It was hard to define the kind of love you carried for each other. It was a mix of many; the lines were always blurred. The two of you could be radically happy as a couple, yet if you saw him with another girl- you’d just be happy for him. It was the same if he saw you with another guy because unadulterated happiness was what you wanted for the other, it didn’t matter how it was achieved.

But Sebastian was starting to question the methods, wondering if he was being bereft of a great life with you. He was turning thirty-five, he was getting to an age his mother was starting to worry about. Out of everything he’d accomplished in his thirty-five years, marriage and kids were yet to be conquered. She wanted that for him like every mother wanted it for her child, and she wanted it more whenever he saw him with you. She may have respected your decisions as adults not to pursue a relationship with increasingly high success rates, but she didn’t understand it. If she were either of you and she knew the person standing before her was easily the one she could spend the rest of her life with, she’d sweep that opportunity off its feet the second it became available. She forced that idea on Sebastian at dinner last night, promising him that “one day, she’s going to be with another guy and you’re not going to be okay with it.”

“Sebastian Stan,” he heard you call his name and he turned; the smile was on his face even before he saw yours. “What are you doing here?” You chuckled. “I’m meant to go pick you up, it’s your birthday.” He shrugged, pulling you in for a hug. “Happy birthday, old man.” Your arms wrapped around his torso tightly. Time stood still for the both of you and a comfortable silence ensued. You both smiled because nothing compared to the feeling of being held by each other. You, too, were starting to question if being just friends was enough for you anymore.

“You realize you’re only a year younger than me, right?”

“Mm hm,” you nodded, pulling away. “And don’t you forget it,” you held out his present for him and he took it, releasing a soft laugh when you said, “old man.” He held the small box in his hand, turning it left and right as he admired the wrapping. “You can open it now if you want,” you informed him when you saw his empty wrist. “It’s nothing fancy,” you bit back your smile when you said that.

“You always say that when you get me something fancy,” he chuckled, gently tearing into the paper. You suppressed your urge to laugh when he said that, he simply knew you too well. “Holy shit,” he cussed when he saw the packaging. “Are you out of your mind?” He scrunched the wrapping paper and tucked the ball under his arm, opening the Audemars Piguet box to reveal a beautiful watch: a Jules Audemars Tourbillion silver dial watch. “Why did you spend so much money on me?”

“It wasn’t that much,” you shrugged nonchalantly as you walked off in the direction of the café the two of you were planning to have breakfast at. Sebastian followed after you, closing the box. He wasn’t an idiot, that was a very expensive watch. So much so he felt the need to cover it with the wrapping paper so no one could see what it was. He wasn’t afraid you’d broken your bank, it was hard for a successful owner of a big publishing company to do that. He just found the gift unnecessary considering he was happy with your presence as a gift. “If you’re going to whine about the gift all day, I’m turning around and going home.”

“Trust me I’m very aware of what you’d do if I whine about my gift.” You’d left him on his birthday before, but he’d bugged you too much. You came back with cake, but he stopped whining after that incident. He hurried after you, joining your side. “Can I just say one thing?” He asked.

“Depends,” you glanced at him, slipping your hand into his. “Is that one thing ‘thank you, I love my new watch’?” You raised a brow then smiled when he laughed. “If that is so, no need.” You told him and he sighed, squeezing your hand. “Are you going to just carry it in the box, or are you going to put the watch on?”

“Can I put it in your bag first so we don’t get robbed in broad daylight?”

“God, you’re so dramatic,” you laughed, taking your hand out of his to hold open your bag for him to put his gift in. “No wonder you became an actor, I can’t imagine you doing anything else.” He rolled his eyes, flashing his teeth when he smiled. “Can you promise me you’ll wear it?”

“Of course I’ll wear it, darling,” he gently pinched your chin. “It’s a beautiful watch and I am very grateful you got it for me.” You smiled, letting him take your hand as the two of you continued down the street. “So can we sidetrack my birthday for a second and talk about yours, ‘cause for the first time in sixteen years I actually don’t know what’s happening. Are you having a party, are you-” You laughed at his confusion, and he chuckled, “what are you doing?”

“Nothing,” you shrugged.

“You love birthdays and you’re telling me you’ve got nothing planned?” He asked and you nodded. “No,” he shook his head, discounting anything you’ve told him. “I don’t believe you. You always do something for your birthday, big or small- I have never seen you do nothing for it, so let me know so I can accommodate whatever it is you have planned.”

“I have nothing planned, Seb,” you assured him. “I’m not lying. It’s on a Friday so I’m going to work. I have no plans, other than you. I am definitely going to go see you because- well, it’ll just be sad if I don’t see anyone I love on my birthday.” He eyed you suspiciously and you laughed. “I’m not lying!”

“Okay, even if you don’t have a party planned- I am not letting you spend your birthday working, you are going to take the day off because you can as the CEO.” You shrugged, neither agreeing nor disagreeing with his statement. “We’re going to spend the day like tourists, visiting all the hotspots in New York like we did when we were younger. Okay?”

“Okay,” you nodded.

The comfortable silence returned as you and Sebastian continued to walk, then he suddenly stopped and moved in front of you. You looked at him with furrowed brows then felt your facials softened when he said, “how would you feel if I told you I loved you?”

“Depends if this is a confession,” you answered. “I feel like you’re quoting Ed Sheeran and I um- I don’t really know how to process that.” He chuckled, shaking his head in utter disbelief that he’d waited this long to decide you were the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. “This feels like a weird conversation to have on the side of the street.”

“I know, but I had dinner with my mom yesterday and she told me that one day I’m going to see you with another guy and I won’t be okay with it.” He told you. “I went home and I couldn’t sleep because of that, the idea of you with someone else. And it’s insane because- all I want is for you to be happy, be it with me or without me. Then I realized I was in-love with you and suddenly all that time I spent just being your friend became absurd to me.” He stopped rambling when he realized you hadn’t said anything. “Am I ruining this by telling you that?”

“No, of course not,” you shook your head. “Seb-” you chuckled, feeling your smile reach your eyes. Your mind was cloyed, it felt like felicity hearing him admit that. It didn’t occur to you how much you wanted him to admit that until that very moment. “I’m in-love with you too.” His smile tenfold. “I can’t believe it took us sixteen years to get here, but- I am. I can’t imagine my life without you in it, and I can’t imagine having to spend the rest of it seeing you with someone else. So yeah,” you felt your eyes water, “I’m in-love with you too.”

“Let it be known,” he began as he pulled you into him, a hand on your waist and the other gently caressing your face. “That my thirty-fifth birthday is officially,” he dipped his head and lowered his voice into a soft whisper, “the best,” he inched closer to your lips, “birthday,” he smiled, “ever.” You chuckled then met his lips a passionate kiss.

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Request:  Hey can you do a Isaac imagine where your bestfriends before the bite and after he starts acting like an ass to you so you call him out on it and tell him that the person in front of you isn’t your bestfriend. You can decide how it ends thanks loves 💚🖤

gif cred: @sincerelystiles


Her head spun, cool wind whipping against her cheekbones as she sprinted through the green underbrush, her eyes reflecting the stars in the sky, lungs filling with the scent of fresh pines. She continued to run, to press on until her legs ached and her chest heaved with the need for oxygen, stopping to sink onto a patch of dirt that had a vantage point over the forest, giving her a birds eye view of the trees which were cloaked in inky darkness. The girl outstretched her legs, fingers sinking in the soil, and eyes fluttering closed while she took in the sweet release of peace and quiet, soon to be broken by an aggravated werewolf.

“(Y/N),” came a voice from behind her.

She flinched, blinking through her long lashes to get a look at the person who stood shrouded in moonlight.

“Isaac? What are you doing here?” she asked with intrigue.

He sunk down beside her, his eyes forward, “I could ask you the same.” A starry glow settled over his defined facial structure, blue eyes glowing vibrantly under the diamond dotted sky.

“Oh?” she responded in confusion. “I’ve just been feeling really weighed down recently, what with,” she paused a moment, “you know, everything that’s been going on.”

“You mean you becoming a werewolf,” Isaac grumbled.

“Yes, that. I guess I just needed to get out, escape it all for a little while,” she sighed, not picking up on the bitterness in Isaac’s voice.

“Yeah, well you can’t escape it. This sticks with you, and it’ll stay that way for the rest of you’re life, so don’t think you can just run through the forest and lose that part of you with the wind,” he said flatly.

She stared at the stone faced boy who sat beside her, and he continued on ignoring her gaze and running his fingers through his honey hair with agitation.

“I…um, okay?” she managed at last.

“That’s it? Okay?” Isaac snapped, turning to her and staring daggers into her bewildered expression.

“I don’t know what you want me to say,” she admitted. “I was just taking a breather to clear my mind, alright?”

“Yeah well maybe you should realize that coming out here at night will do nothing to change the fact that you’re life is over, and it has been from the second you were bit,” Isaac fired back, his jaw pulsating.

Her brows arched, lips parting in surprise, “excuse me?!”

Isaac tilted his face in towards hers, his voice soft and dangerous, “you heard me.”

She stood at once, kicking up dirt and spinning on her heel, her head tilted to the canvas in the sky as she took in shaky breaths and tried with all her might to calm her heartbeat.

“Feel that?” he whispered from behind her. “Heart racing, anger flaring, and that urge that’s begging you to turn right now? Just some of the perks of being a monster.”

“Stop it,” she commanded, her fists balling, nails pinching at her flesh as they extended outwards.

“Go on, let yourself do it. Or don’t. It’s not like you have the self restraint anyways,” he dared.

“SHUT UP!” she bellowed, turning and throwing a fist out towards the werewolf, who instantly caught her blow in his palm.

“Nice try,” he smirked with amusement, “rookie effort.”

She let a soft growl, a rumble gathering in her chest, fangs sinking into her tongue as they peeked out.

“Good, you’re angry,” he sighed with false pity. “It’s too easy with you.”

“Stop it,” she commanded through a ragged breath.

“Or what? You’ll fail at me again?” he breathed.

She looked at the boy in front of her, the one with the strong exterior but soft spot in his heart. She wanted to see him, his cute little smile and bouncy little curls, but she only saw a stranger under the moonlight.

“Just admit it, you’re too pathetic to ever survive our lifestyle,” he snapped.

“Stop,” she said again, her nostrils flaring as she pushed down the pain in her chest.

“Make me,” he dared.

Her eyes flared a bright copper color, claws extending, teeth protruding, and a growl emerging from her lips. She threw out a fist, but Isaac easily ducked, his head bent to the ground, and when it lifted again, his normally bright blue eyes mimicked her own. He lunged forward and aimed a fist at her, but she twisted his wrist back before he could make contact, causing him to wince out in pain. He fought back harder this time, his knee coming to her stomach and making her stumble back, the wind being forced out of her. She snarled and raked her claws against his flesh, but only enough to scrape at his skin.

“Come on,” he panted, “I know you could hurt me right now, and yet you haven’t.”

She went to slash at him again, but when he simply stood there as if to let her, withdrew her claws and pulled away.

“Why won’t you do it?” has asked, his golden eyes narrowing.

She only shook her head in response.

“DO IT,” he screamed, sending a punch at her jaw.

But she didn’t withdraw, she just stood there as his fist made contact with her face, hoping he wouldn’t do it, and crying out with anguish when he did. Her jaw was broken, and even though she could feel it healing at once, it still hurt like hell. The girl whimpered and hobbled away from Isaac, clutching at her face and sinking to the ground as a fresh waved of tears begged for escape behind her closed eyes, her fangs and teeth receding at once. She did not welcome the sobs that came, aware it only made her look even weaker, but she also didn’t accept the hand that came to her shoulder.

“You won, okay? Now leave me alone,” she said through a broken sob, her knees tucked to her chest.

“(Y/N)…” Isaac started unsurely.

“LEAVE!” she screeched, causing him to step back in alarm. “If you want me out of your life so badly, just do it already. I would’ve cared if it was Isaac Lahey, my best friend,” she whimpered, “but you’re not him. Not since I turned, at least.”

“I just-” Isaac began again.

“Don’t,” she begged softly.

Isaac gulped down the lump in his throat, giving a shake of his head, blonde curls spilling over his forehead.

“I don’t know what happened to you, Isaac, but this isn’t you. I don’t know why you hate me because you know I-I never wanted this. I d-didn’t want to be a werewolf, but now I have to be, because I got lucky enough to have a second chance at living, and I thought you of all people would want that for me. But I guess I was wrong, and you’d rather have me dead.” She lifted her head, steely eyes staring forward.

“I don’t want that,” he whispered, almost inaudibly.

“Then what happened!?” she stood, spinning to face the somber looking boy. “What happened to our little moments, our talks, our hugs, our laughs? Did they all die with me?” she panted softly.

Isaac’s eyes softened with sadness, “I don’t know.”

“So that’s it then? I lost my best friend with no explanation as to why?”

He shook his head, blinking through his lashes, his jaw pulsating lightly.

“Fine,” she turned to leave with a bitter chuckle.

“Wait,” he begged, voice breaking.

She stopped in her tracks, listening.

“I know you never wanted to be a werewolf, but…neither did I. When I found out what happened to you, I just- I broke inside. Not because of anything you’d done, but because of my own selfishness. I never wanted this for you because you don’t deserve it, you deserved the world, and you were so close to having it in your hands. You had a whole life ahead of you, one you worked so hard for, one you should’ve had, but instead you got this, you got-” he paused, tears leaking from his eyes, his lower lip quivering, “you got me.”

She turned slowly, looking at the broken boy who stood before her.

“I mean when I turned I had nothing but a life of no purpose, and a father who made me fear for my existence, I was already gone,” he trembled. “But not you. You were good, and you had friends, family, good grades, and a good life. I knew that becoming a werewolf meant all of that would change for you, and nothing would ever be the same again. I guess I just thought the best way for you to go on was without a person like me in your life, a person with nothing to offer you but more pain, and the easiest way for me to do that is if you hated me, which you do now.”

He took in a shaky breath, “I’m so sorry.”

She stared at him, tears streaming down her cheeks, not giving another moment of hesitation before she launched herself into Isaac’s chest, her arms flying around his neck and face burrowing into his collarbone. He froze for a second with surprise before he relaxed around her, arms around her waist and squeezing her tightly into him. 

“You were always good enough for me, Isaac Lahey,” she breathed into him.

He placed his chin atop her head, silent tears pooling in his eyes as he brought his hand to her hair and ran his slender fingers through her locks, his throat closing up.

“And you were right. With everything that’s been going on, I’m- I’m scared,” she mumbled into him. “And that’s why I need my best friend now more than ever. Because despite everything, you’ve always remained the one constant in my life, and you’re…” she trailed off.

“What?” he murmured, releasing her as his hands came to cup either side of her face so he could get a good look at her.

“You’re my anchor,” she whispered.

He used his thumb to brush the tears away from her eyes, his touch comforting to her cold flesh.

“I will never leave you. Ever.”

Her own hand came to lace through Isaac’s fingers, “promise?”

“I promise you,” he said. “And I will do everything I can to help you, to make sure you get that life you so dearly deserve.”

She bent forward, touching her forehead gently to his, unsure of what to say anymore. Isaac’s bright blue eyes bore into her own, causing her heart to flutter, and the ground to spin beneath her. 

“Trying to let go of you only taught me my greatest fear,” he said softly, after a long silence.

“And what’s that?” she asked.

“Losing you.”


(requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 3 116
warning : smut
summary : Reader is afraid of Thunderstorms and Kai sees that a big storm is coming and rushes to her place worried because of a blackout.
*not my gif

The day had been so sunny - with blue skies , not a cloud in the sky until late afternoon when out of nowhere blew strong wind pulling dark thunderstorm clouds with it. Before Y/N had realised it , the sky had been covered with dark clouds and thunders rumbled in the sky so loudly the ground under her feet shook. A few years ago none of this would’ve bothered her , but then the accident happened.
Y/N had gone camping with a couple of her high school friends when a storm rolled in. They hid in a cave near by , waiting for the storm to pass. One of her friends - Maddie - had forgotten her phone in the car and even though everyone tried to stop her from going out in the storm , seeing how lightnings literally touched the wet ground , her friend had gone out running into the storm. Maddie had made it almost back to the cave when a lightning hit right in front of her , and because of the rain and wet ground , her friend had gotten electrocuted. Maddie had survived barely but Y/N could never forget the shock of seeing her best friend’s body shudder and crumble onto the ground. Every time a storm rolled in the memory came back threatening to suffocate her.
Luckily for Y/N , she had made it home before the storm hit. Down side was shortly after she had gotten home , the power had gone out due the strong wind. Y/N used her phone’s flashlight for a few minutes before the battery had died out. The thunders felt as if they were happening right above her house and like a little child she hid under the covers. Not that her blanket could protect her , but somehow she felt a bit safer with it covering her completely. It reminded her of the time when she was little and thought there were monsters under her bed.
Rain started hitting her windows. Whatever was happening outside was probably terrifying and she didn’t dare look. Y/N curled into a ball , hugging her knees and tried to shut out all sounds coming from outside.
All of the sudden there was a loud sound from downstairs and Y/N jumped up sitting in the bed.
“It’s probably just a window broken by the storm.” she muttered to herself. The wind was strong enough to break a tree branch and shove it through the glass. Y/N laid back on her bed , a deep sigh tumbling off her lips and pulled the blanket overhead again.
A few moments later someone got on her bed next to her. Her heart was racing from a new kind of fear , wondering who would dare come out in that storm. Then it hit her , it hadn’t been the wind or a tree branch … someone had broken in.
“Are you going to hide under the covers the entire time ? Cuz that would be so boring.” said a familiar voice.
Y/N pulled off the blanket from her head , making her hair a mess. She blew a strand of hair from her face and turned towards Kai who was laying next to her , his hands behind his back and he had a grin on his face. All around them every single candle was lit , creating a warm light around her room.
“There she is ! For a moment I thought I had gotten into the wrong house. That would’ve been awkward.” said Kai amused. “Who would want to find a complete stranger in their bed?”
Kai turned to his side , his gaze focused on her. Y/N was starring at the ceiling.
“I feel ignored. The ceiling is nowhere as pleasant to look at as me.” he pouted.
Y/N turned towards him with a small smile on her face.
“Hi.” he said grinning , tapping her nose with his finger.
“What are you doing here ?” she asked curious. “It’s the worst storm in history…”
“Well , I was walking by … ” he said casually and Y/N glared at him.
“You were ‘walking by’ in that storm ?”
Kai sighed. “Alright fine. I got worried my girl would get all scared cuz of the storm and the dark so I decided to stop by and annoy the hell out of you. Plus I missed you.” he said giving her his famous sideways smirk. “By the way , I think I broke a vase downstairs.”
So that’s what the sound had been.
“I didn’t like that vase anyways…” she muttered , a moment later a bright lightning lit up the sky followed by yet another loud thunder. Her bed shook for a second and instinctively she pulled the covers over her head again.
In a flash Kai sneaked under the covers with her.
“What are we doing here ?” he whispered in her ear making her jump a little.
“Damn it Kai! Stop scaring me like that!”
Kai laughed under his breath , pushing the blanket off them. He pulled her closer to him , wrapping his arms around her. Y/N didn’t protest. Instead she snuggled closer to him as another thunder rumbled overhead. She always felt safe when he was around.
“I hate storms ” she muttered more to herself than to Kai. He stroked her hair , gently kissing her forehead making a strange kind of warmth spread through her body.
“Don’t worry sweetheart. I’ll be here to protect you.” he said softly.
“Thank you … for coming.”
“For you - always.” he smiled. “You know , thunderstorms are beautiful in their own special way. Every lightning is completely different than the last. I missed that in the Prison World. It was always annoyingly sunny there… ”
Y/N knew what he meant but the memory of the accident was stronger. A few years ago on a night like this , she’d be sitting by the window at the attic with her phone in her hands trying to capture a lightning over Mystic Falls. It was all different now , even more so with Kai being in her bed.
“I know … it’s just … Every time a thunderstorm rolls in , I am back at the edge of that clearing … ” she swallowed hard , feeling tears start to fill behind her eyelids.
Kai pulled her closer to him. Damon had told him the story a few months back , right after he had met her. There had been a storm that same day. Kai wanted to create another memory for her to associate moments like this with. Maybe that would help her get over her fear. He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear , looking at her. Kai wondered if he would’ve done the same thing for someone else and somehow felt the answer to that question would be ‘no’. He cared about Y/N and that almost never cared about anyone. Y/N looked up at him , their eyes meeting for a moment and it felt as if something sparked between them. Or maybe it was the thunder and lightning. Unlike all previous times that had happened Y/N didn’t jump up nor flinch.
“You have beautiful eyes.” he said softly , his palm slightly brushing against her cheek. Both of them leaning in towards each other and a moment later their lips touched into a gentle kiss. Y/N closed her eyes , feeling Kai pulling her closer to him. He pulled away , gently stroking her cheek. “Absolutely beautiful…” he whispered.

* * *

Kai and Y/N cuddled for a while , none of them saying a word. Y/N kept thinking about that kiss and how it felt as if something inside her awoke. Kai was very hot as hell , dangerous too but he had come to her house in the worst storm and black out because he worried she’d be scared. None of her friends had ever done that for her. It was like he cared about her , except Y/N couldn’t explain to herself why he would. They were friends , kind of , but not that close. She didn’t even have a clue how he knew thunderstorms scared her. But with him around she didn’t feel that scared anymore.
“Kai ?”
“Yes sweetheart ?”
“Why … why did yo- … um … ” Y/N laughed nervously , trying to find the right words to say. She was curious to find out why he’d kiss her , if he had just gotten caught in the moment or if it was something more … and wondered how to ask him to kiss her again. It had been nearly half hour and she could still feel his soft lips on hers. All she could think about was kissing Kai again. “W-would you ki-”
Kai didn’t let her finish. He pulled her into another kiss , slowly rolling on top of her deepening the kiss. Y/N’s hands snaked around his neck digging her fingers into his hair before sliding down his back , pulling his body closer to hers.
After their first kiss , Kai had wanted to kiss her again. He never knew it was possible to want to kiss and touch someone so much. The more they kissed the more he craved and by the way Y/N was pulling him towards her , she felt the same way. Their second kiss seemed to last forever and Kai pulled away ,afraid he might suffocate her or something. When he looked at her , her eyes were glowing and there was a smile on her face. Her fingertips traced all over his face - his forehead , his nose , under his eyes. When she touched his lips he closed his eyes for a moment enjoying the feeling.
“Does being a heretic include reading people’s minds ?” she asked quietly.
Kai laughed a little at her question. That would be something. He was dying to find out what was going on inside her head in that moment. Kai gazed into her eyes , pretending to think for a moment. He didn’t need to read her mind to know what she wanted - it was all in the way her eyes darted between his lips and his eyes. Y/N wanted the same thing he did.
“I don’t know. Lets try and see.” he said pressing his lips against hers again. His lips holding her captive in a passionate kiss. Kai took her hands , intertwining their fingers together and held them over her head , lightly grinding against her. Y/N moaned into the kiss and Kai could hear her heart racing. Too soon he pulled away.
Y/N lifted her head off her pillow , trying to kiss him again.
“Did I guess right ?” he grinned already knowing the answer. Y/N didn’t say anything. All she did was gaze into his eyes , biting her lower lip. It was the last straw for him. He wanted her then and there. Kai leaned in kissing her jawline , then her neck , a low moan escaping her parted lips. “I want you.” he whispered , his lips almost touching hers as he spoke.
A thunder shook the ground. Y/N freed her hands pulling him into a passionate kiss , rolling on top of him. All on her mind was Kai. Just Kai and nothing else. She leaned in kissing him while his hands slided down her back on to her waist then on her hips , pulling her back and forth against him creating their own rhythm. Kai tugged on her shirt , pulling it over her head in a second. Y/N ran her fingers through her hair before leaning in to kiss him again. Her hips grinding against his crotch , her hands cupped his face before slowly sliding towards his chest.
“I want you too.” she said out of breath , her nose lightly brushing against his.
Kai smiled at her and something different flashed in his eyes. He rolled on top of her , his eyes drifting to her night stand. He reached his hand opening the drawer pulling out just what he needed. Y/N sure liked her ribbons. He smiled to himself. Maybe he could read her mind after all.
Y/N’s eyes gleamed with excitement , catching onto his idea a moment before Kai gently tied her wrists together , tight enough so she wouldn’t be able to get her hands free then he pinned them over her head.
“Don’t move your hands princess.”
They smiled at each other. Kai slided down onto the bed a little , his finger trailing all the way from her jaw line to her neck. When he got to her bra , he winked at her swishing his finger in the air , unclasping it with magic before somehow it flew off her and onto the floor. Kai’s fingertips drew circles around her breasts , brushing lightly against her nipples. He leaned in taking her breast into his mouth while his other hand massaged the other , moaning as he did so. Y/N felt herself getting wet , soft moans tumbling from her parted lips.
“Kai ..”
“Shhhh don’t talk.”
Kai’s finger trailed down her stomach , leaving soft kisses on his way lighting wild fires all over her body. His fingers played with the waistband of her PJ bottoms and slowly he pulled them off her along with her panties , his fingertips brushing against her skin the entire time. His eyes met hers for a second , as he parted her legs leaving soft kisses on her inner thighs , making his way up to her heat. The closer he got , the more her breathing became uneven. Kai’s fingers teased her folds , lightly rubbing her clit in figure eights pulling out soft moans from her lips. He smiled seeing how wet she had gotten , even more so with every passing second and he couldn’t wait to taste her. Kai darted out his tongue lapping up some of her arousal dripping down onto her bed. He pressed the flat of his tongue onto her swollen clit , licking a stripe up right through the middle before enveloping it in his mouth sucking and pulling on it while his hands held onto her thighs. His eyes never leaving hers. Y/N looked even more beautiful from this angle , the candle light dancing across her face. He felt her fingers lightly brushing his hair and pulled away.
“No , no , no sweetheart.” he said , pushing her hands over her head again. “I told you. Don’t move.”
“But I want to touch you.” she pouted.
Kai gave her a devilish smirk , sending butterflies in her stomach. Y/N knew that look - he had something on his mind. His fingertips played with her folds for a few moments before he suddenly pushed his middle and index fingers inside her.
Y/N let out a small scream as he did so. His fingers curled around her walls slowly , exploring every inch before pulling out to the fingertips and slowly entering her again , repeating over and over. She fought the urge to reach her hands towards him again knowing he’d push them away again. Kai was driving her insanee , every time he curled his fingers inside her , she felt herself being swallowed by the fire he had created. Her head was spinning as the burning feeling build up between her legs. Kai picked up the pace , burying his face between her legs blowing on her clit for a moment , watching her arch her back off the bed. His tongue drew circles around her clit without ever touching it before his lips enveloped it again , sucking on it while his eyes were looking up at her. Y/N’s eyelids were drooping , her mouth hung open, her moans getting louder every time he curled his fingers around her walls. Kai was devouring her with a new kind of hunger. Y/N pushed her hips towards him , wanting him closer and closer to her warmth.
“You taste fucking amazing.” he moaned nibbling on her clit. Kai’s fingers pumped inside and out faster and faster turning her into moaning whimpering mess. She couldn’t control herself anymore and her hands reached for him , pushing his mouth closer to her heat.
Kai hummed in response feeling her fingers pulling at his hair , holding onto him for dear life.
“Kai I’m c-close” she moaned out , her walls clenching around his fingers as he picked up the pace , devouring her while his fingers assaulted her turning her moans into small screams. She was so close to the edge , feeling all the pressure building up and her release approaching fast. Her back arched a little more off the bed, her legs starting to shake.
“Fuck Kai ”
Y/N curled her toes , tipping over the edge feeling her orgasm wash over her , screaming his name. He never stopped devouring her and pumping his fingers inside her until she was finished.
Kai crawled over her , drowning her in a kiss , letting her taste herself on his lips.
“My sweet innocent Y/N…” he said in a low seductive voice. “I never knew how much I’ll love watching you fall apart under my touch.”
He untied her wrists , his fingers brushing against her skin as he did so. Y/N’s hands reached between their bodies palming him through his jeans , happy she was able to touch him. A low growl came deep from Kai’s throat but he swatted her hands away. This was about her , not about him.
“Please ?” she begged , her eyes piercing into his. “Please ?”
Kai’s fingers brushed against her cheek gently and her smiled at her.
“Not this time, sweetheart.”
Y/N’s heart skipped a beat. Was he implying this is not a one time thing ? Kai tumbled off the bed , picking up her shirt putting it back on her. He laid on the bed next to her , wrapping his arms around her keeping her close to him.
“When ?” she asked looking up at him , biting her lower lip as her hand rubbed him through his jeans again. Y/N was making it harder for him to say 'no’ to her.
“How about Friday after a dinner and a movie ?” he asked suddenly making her sit in her bed , her eyes wide. Kai could hear her heartbeat change. Her eyes were sparkling differently.
“Are you asking me on a date ?” she wondered.
“I .. I guess I am.” said Kai not taking his eyes off Y/N, his hand taking hers.
“I would love to.”
Y/N smiled , her hands snaking around his neck as she leaned in towards him until their lips were almost touching. Kai’s eyes darting between her eyes and her lips , breathing heavily with every passing moment. Suddenly it hit her - the silence. The storm had passed and she hadn’t even realised it. Kai’s hands slowly wrapped around her , grabbing her by the waist and pulling her on top of him. Maybe he couldn’t say 'no’ to her after all.

MASTERLIST March / April 2017

“I am here joined with the amazing and handsome Eddie Redmayne and the equally amazing and beautiful [Y/N] [L/N].” The interviewer started, “So, I’ve got to say that I am obsessed with this film, [movie name]. I have literally seen it for the third time tonight.” She gushed, “You two were absolutely phenomenal!”

Eddie, always being completely and utterly touched by people who complimented his work by any means, clutched his chest. “Oh, wow, thank you so much.” 

You felt quite moved that someone would voluntarily watch a movie three times in just two weeks of it being released. Smiling, you blushed slightly. “Yes, thank you. That’s insane.”

It took no time for the interviewer to start asking questions, being completely equal and making sure both of you were able to give your answers. After taking part in a little game, she turned towards Eddie to ask her final questions.

“Eddie, could you tell us how it was to work with [Y/N]? This is the first time you’ve done a movie with her, correct? I still think after seeing it three times that the on-screen chemistry is brilliant.”

An embarrassed smile was placed on his face but quickly wiped away as he pondered for a moment. He glanced at you, smiling and took a deep breath. “Uh, well, yes, this is the first film I’ve done with [Y/N] and to be quite honest, I hope it isn’t the last. I mean she’s just, her acting is completely unparalleled. She’s incredibly professional but knows not to be too stiff, if you know what I mean. We’ll be right before a take and we’ll be goofing off, dancing, being absolutely silly and then the director will call action and in that split second of the marker closing shut to mark the scene, she’s back into her character. It’s mind blowing to watch her work, it’s incredible especially for her age. 

I’ve got twelve years on her and man, she absolutely blows me out of the water among a lot of other actors. I could not tell you how many times I would sit there and think of how wild it is to watch her work. She’s absolutely incredible. I mean there are very, very few of her peers that can do the things that she can. It’s rare to find such talent and professionalism in someone so young. It’s either they’re completely by the book or they’re quite possibly the most immature beings in the industry. You don’t see that in young actors anymore. So when you do find it, it’s this beautiful rare gem. I thoroughly enjoyed working with [Y/N], she made the process fun, cracking jokes, making fun but when it came down to crunching to get it all shot and done with, she was right there ready. I’ve had quite a few colleagues work on other projects with her and have said nothing but great things and I know why. 

It’s easy to work with someone who can bounce from being serious to fun because it makes the entire process easier. As for our on-screen chemistry, it worked so well because we’ve made an equally great off-screen chemistry. I’ve made a good friend out of her. It was an absolute pleasure working with [Y/N]. I’m lucky to have been apart of her growth, years from now, she’ll probably out-award me by a landslide. I can’t wait to see what she brings to the film industry. She’s so adaptable, it’s incredible.” 


(requested by   @toriar1019 )

word count : 3 884
summary :  Kai fights the siren’s mind control because of his feelings for Reader.
* gif by phantom-evil

A week. That’s how long Y/N and her friends tried everything to open the Vault at the Armoury to get back Kai and Damon. None of them was prepared to find the Vault completely empty , none of them could figure out how they got out. Y/N had thought the anguish she had felt during that time was too much but what came next broke her completely. Three months went by before there was even a hint about what Damon and Kai might be up to. Things only got worse from there.
Being separated had always been hard , but this time it was different. Kai wasn’t on some trip for a few days somewhere. There wasn’t a way to find them with a locator spell or anything. It took Y/N and her friends month to track them down and eventually find them at an abandoned slaughter house after a victim was found.
Stefan and Y/N had gone there and had tried to get them back the same second they found them , but things hadn’t gone according to plan. Seeing Kai had been enough to put the pieces of her heart together again and shatter it completely right after specially after hearing Kai say ‘I don’t love you and I never have. Go before I rip your throat out.’ Those words echoed in her mind and they cut deeper than any knife ever could , even though she knew he hadn’t meant a syllable. Kai’s eyes had betrayed him , the way he had held onto her hand for a few seconds before pushing her away - he had done it on purpose to get her to leave. Y/N never gave up hope and seeing him only made her more determined to get him back , no matter what she had to do or who she’d have to go through to make it happen.

Kai couldnt believe what his life had been turned into the past few months. He had spent years trying to be better and learn to control his blood thirst after he turned , had a girl who loved him enough to risk her own life more than once just to save him and just when he was about to get everything he ever wanted he got himself into this mess. All of this had ruined helping people for him. Worst part of it all was that no matter how much he fought , there was no way out. Kai was stuck with Sybil and his least favourite person on this planet who had tried more than once to kill him. It had been months since Kai had been with Y/N and he had wanted to go back for her so many times but knew if Sybil found out about her , his girl would end up dead or worse. He couldnt let that happen.
    “What is he doing?” asked the siren.
Damon glanced at him. Kai was sitting not too far away from them with some paper in his hands , reading or more like pretending to read so he doesn’t have to think about the things he had done in order to keep Sybil distracted and keep his girl safe. Y/N – he suppressed a smile , just her name was enough to make him happy but he couldn’t let it show. He closed his eyes and he could see her smile , even hear her voice sometimes.
    “Catching up on current events.” said Kai indifferently. “The mysterious disappearances are drawing too much attention. Think you can cut back on red meat a bit ?”
Sybil rolled her eyes. “I spent a better part of a thousand years trapped in a Vault. So no , and who are you to tell me what to do ?”
Kai sighed. He was getting tired of being an evil minion , finding her ‘evil people’ to eat , not to mention how fighting the siren’s mind control was getting harder each day. However he was doing better than Damon , who was flying on full cruise control. His least favourite Salvatore didn’t even remember who Elena was now , thats how much Sybil had messed with his head. Kai would rather die than have his memories of Y/N twisted or replaced with new versions.
    “No one , apparently.” he said with a smirk. “I’m going out to grab a snack. Blood bags just dont do it for me as you well know.”
    “Fine , but dont go too far.” said the siren. “There is a housewife living in the house next door , bet she is delicious.”
    “Thanks for the offer, but I prefer my blood a little younger.” said Kai walking past them. “I’m going to look for a cheerleader at the high school or some confused teen at a bar. Oh or a sorority girl. Who knows what I’d find.”
After all those months they were finally close by Mystic Falls. About two weeks ago when he had briefly seen Y/N for the last time , it had been so hard fighting the urge to pull her into his arms , suffocate her with kisses and never let go of her again. The look in her eyes , how they had lit up when she saw him - it was all seared into his mind. In that moment he had felt happy again but then came the look of hurt when he had said all those horrible things to push her away for her own safety. Y/N was stubborn as hell , more determined than ever - it had been his only option to get her to go. Kai had never been more afraid of his feelings for the brave human girl than in this moment. Even after the merge with Luke , he hadnt been that shaken of everything he was feeling. Just the thought of her getting hurt in any way was enough to send him in a really dark place. There was no life for him without her and he was sure if she died , he’d die with her.
Sybil kept digging in his mind and he knew at some point she’d uncover Y/N’s existence. There was only one thing left he could do to protect her , as painful as it might be for the both of them. After all this mess was over he’d go and find her , move away with her, start a new. Kai walked into town , knowing her daily routine hoping nothing had changed and she’d still be going to work at the Grill. He stood a few hundred metres away waiting for her and just like always at the exact same time every Tuesday - there she was. More beautiful than ever with a look of determination on her face. A gust of wind blew out of nowhere (or more like Kai manipulated the weather) and she turned towards him. The look on her face changed between shock , surprise , caution , surprise and love – sticking to the last one. Her eyes widened and she ran towards him not even paying attention to traffic or cars or anything or anyone else in general.
    “Kai!” said Y/N running directly into his arms. “H-how are you here ? Why are you here?”
Kai pulled her towards him , tighter than ever and smiled at her. He could see in her eyes she knows something was wrong with him. Did he really look as broken on the outside as he felt on the inside? he wondered. His hands cupped her face and he kissed her gently for a few seconds. The young heretic couldn’t believe after everything he had said , Y/N had ran towards him like that instead of going the other way , how she hadn’t yelled at him or slapped him or anything.
    “I’m sorry Y/N … I should’ve never gone to that Vault.” said Kai softly, his voice filled with sadness and regret. “I am sorry for what I said to you a few days ago too. We had ears on us –”
    “I knew you didn’t mean it.” she smiled widely at him , not willing to let go off him or move more than half an inch away. “Whats going on Kai ?”
Y/N gazed into his eyes - he looked different - broken , crushed. The way he had pulled her towards him , as if letting go of her would mean his death both scared her and made her happy. Whatever was happening it was probably worse than she had thought.
    “I … I literally cannot say.” he sighed. Y/N looked at him with a puzzled expression.”No , I mean it – whenever I try to say out loud whats going on it comes out all giberish.”
    “Doesn’t matter , as long as you are here. Come on , lets go home —”
    “I cant.” said Kai. “I want to , more than anything but I — cant. You need to leave town. Now.“ he said with a serious look. “Go home , pack up your things and leave. It’s not safe for you here.”
    “Leave ?! No. Not without you.” protested Y/N.
    “I – the siren keeps digging inside my memories , trying to find what I am holding on to.” said Kai , cupping her face. “There is no way to stop her. Her neck gets snapped and she comes back to life 5 seconds later. If something happens to you -”
    “- I’ll die if something happens to you.” she said pressing her lips onto his. Kai pulled her towards him , kissing her as if its the last time he’d ever kiss her.
    “For once in your life, do as I say.” he demanded. “Don’t make me compell you to forget all about me.”
Y/N took a step away from him. Kai wouldn’t compell her , he wouldn’t go that far. Never. Though this desperate look in his eyes made her feel nervous. She understood he wanted to protect her , like always but he wouldn’t cross that line.
    “You wouldn’t…”
    “We both know I’ll do whatever it takes to protect you. Even if it means losing you.”
Tears had started gathering in her eyelids just thinking how just when she finally got him back , he wants her to go away.  No way. There was another way to get him to go with her , because there is no version of her life without him — and that way was walking towards them in that moment.
    “Okay – I’ll leave.” she sighed in defeat.
Kai looked at her with a mix of surprise and heartbreak in his eyes clearly not expecting her to give in that easily and dreading losing her again.
    “But you are coming with me.” she finished , seeing Stefan behind Kai , holding a vervain syringe. A few moments later Kai dropped unconscious. “Thanks for that Stef.”
    “Yeah. Don’t mention it.” replied the Salvatore, holding Kai’s body. “I suggest you two get out of town. Alaric is working on finding out what that instrument is and how it helps us kill the siren. As soon as we figure it out , our lives would go back to normal or as normal as they were before all this.”
    “What is normal anyways?” she wondered.
With Stefan’s help she got Kai onto the backseat of her car. Y/N put the keys in the ignition and drove off as fast as she could not giving a damn about the speeding limits or red lights or anything. Her eyes kept darting between the road and the review mirror , looking at Kai on the back seat. Everything was fine until they passed old Miller Road and he started to wake up screaming in pain , holding his head in his hands.
    “Y/N… stop the car.” he groaned rolling around the backseat.
    “No. We — we are leaving. There has to be a way to get you away from her and out of her control.”
    “I - I can’t l-leave.” he groaned and reached his hand stopping the car with magic.
Y/N hit the gas pedal again , tried the ignition but none of it worked - the car had stopped in the middle of the road. A groan of frustration left her lips. What had the siren did to him ? Kai got out of the car and started walking back into town. Quickly she unbuckled her seat belt and ran after him , catching up in a few metres. Seeing him in pain broke her heart , even more noticing the tears in his eyes. He kept rubbing his forehead , groaning in pain. Y/N placed her hands on his shoulders making him look at her.
    “Kai , whats happening ? Tell me.”
    “I am too far away from her. She is p-pulling me back.” said Kai taking another step towards town. “Get in the car and go before she finds you -”
    “You are stronger than this Kai. You can fight it –”
    “I’ve been fighting it for months now … ”
    “Don’t stop. I will help you. We’ll find a way to break the link , I promise.”
Kai laughed under his breath. “You can’t help me Y/N. I know you love me and want to help but - ”
    “Well , well , well…” said a young woman with short brown hair and brown eyes , standing a few steps away from them. “I was wondering how you keep resisting my control. Pity this girl didn’t listen when you told her to leave. Damon , if you may –”
Damon grabbed Y/N before Kai had had time time to react , holding her in a tight grip ready to snap her neck at a moments notice. Kai tried to get to her but the siren hummed some tune and he stopped in his tracks , visibly struggling to get to his girl.
    “Now , Kai.” said the siren taking a step towards the young heretic who was trying hard to fight her influence and move. “If you don’t want anything awful to befall your girlfriend –”
    “Fiance.” he corrected quietly.
    “– then you are going to do exactly as I say. Both you and Damon are quite resourceful when it comes to picking victims but I think you’ll be a lot more committed when there is nothing holding you back. So , I am giving you a choice.”
Y/N watched Kai stare at the ground , refusing to meet the siren’s eyes. His hands were shaking and she knew that look very well. Under any other circumstance at this point , whoever had gotten in his way would have had their throat ripped out or their head would’ve rolled on the ground. It was a look Y/N hadn’t seen in almost 4 years and made her blood freeze. Her fiance was angry , hurt and scared and whenever one of those emotions took over things always ended badly. Y/N didn’t care what would happen to her , but she worried about what the siren wants Kai to do.
    “What kind of a choice?” he asked.
    “Shut off your humanity and come with me or watch your fiance die.” said the siren , pausing for a moment. “You know what – maybe I will make it more interesting and make you kill her. Imagine this - having to live with the guilt of killing the one person who you love more than anything.”
    “Don’t — don’t do this to him.” pleaded Y/N , stepping on Damon’s foot with force in an attempt to get free. The vampire growled in her ear. “Let me go Damon or I swear … I’ll get to that coffin and burn Elena’s body myself.”
    “Elena ? Who’s – who’s Elena?” asked Damon.
Y/N gulped. If the siren could erase Elena’s existence from Damon’s mind then what could she have done to Kai ?
Sybil laughed. “I see why you love her. Maybe if she was a supernatural I would’ve taken her with us. ” she paused for a moment. “I still can , find a way to taint her soul and kill her , making sure she’ll end up in Hell.” she thought out loud with an amused look. “So , what’s it going to be - are you coming with me or does your pretty girl gets to die ?”
    “No.” said Kai.
    “It’s really not a choice , honey. Turn it off.
    “No.“ repeated Kai.
    “We’ll have to do this the hard way then.” sighed Sybil and grabbed his head , closing her eyes. Kai could feel her digging in his mind , trying to find something else against him. He tried hard not to think about any of the moments he and Y/N had shared so the siren can’t modify them like she did to Damon’s memories of Elena but seeing his girl struggle to get free from the vampire’s grasp pulled one of the memories to the surface of his mind.

     "Interesting.“ muttered the siren , slipping into one of his memories. "I have to say - that must be one of your best works. Taking your entire family down with you. It’s one of the reasons Cade wanted you. Now why is this memory so important to you—”
Kai stood by the entrance , watching himself walking through the wedding disaster struggling because of the werewolf bite. Bonnie showed up a few moments later but he wasn’t paying attention to that , the other him was dealing with that. He was watching out one of the windows , knowing any moment now he’d see Y/N heading towards the barn. Her dress was covered with blood and her hair was messier than ever. Bonnie flew across the room towards one of the walls and Damon showed up shortly after. Kai sat at the podium , playing with a rose in his hands while talking with the vampire. A few moments later Damon left and Kai saw himself looking around with confusion in his eyes. Then he heard it - the sound of one of Alaric’s compressed air weapons. He turned in the direction of the sound seeing Y/N and then Damon laying on the ground with a piece of wood plunged in his back.
    “What ? No 'thank you'for saving your life ?” she said blowing a strand of hair out of her face. Y/N reached for his hand , instead Kai pulled her into his arms for a few seconds. “Lets go before he wakes up.”
    “One moment … ” said Kai  , biting his wrist and rushing to Bonnie’s side. “Don’t you ever forget this Bon Bon.You didn’t really think I’d let you die did you ?”
Y/N grabbed his hand and both of them run out of the barn. Somehow she was running faster than him and he had a hard time catching up with her. A few moments later he stopped abruptly making her stop too.
     "Why would you save me ?“
    "Because — you are
not this monster. You are good and – I can’t let the person I love die. ”
    “What ?” he asked with a hint of surprise in his voice.
    “I love you Kai. You are my future and you can push me away all you want but even if you don’t let yourself see it or feel in general — ” she said softy , placing her palm on his cheek. “ — I know that you see the same. It’s in your eyes — ”
Kai pulled her into his embrace , holding her tighter than ever unable to believe that after all the things he had done , including a few hours ago there was someone still believing in him , carrying about him and loving him.
    “I love you too Y/N.” he said smiling resting his forehead on hers.

     "Ohhh , I see.“ said Sybil , twisting his memory and replacing Y/N’s face with hers.
Kai looked at her with a small smile on his face , tucking in a lock of hair behind her ear.  Sybil smiled at him innocently and leaned in to kiss him.
    "Nice try. You are
not her and I am not as weak as Damon.” said Kai , snapping her neck in a few moments later. 

Sybil opened her eyes , clenching her jaw. The siren hadn’t expected the young heretic to be that strong. Damon had resisted her but she had been stronger , this was new.
    “Well , that was unexpected. Shall we try this again ?”
    “You can try all you want Sybil.” said Kai with a smirk. “I’m not Damon and I am not the monster you want me to be. I’m not this person anymore.”
    “Ahh that’s right.” said the siren smiling wickedly. “Because you love this fragile human girl and your feelings for her are stronger than your blood lust. Shame , she would’ve looked beautiful in a wedding gown. Damon — how would you feel about a snack?”
Damon grinned , purple black veins flashing under his eyes and his fangs sank in Y/N’s neck. The girl screamed , dug her nails in Damon’s hands kicked and tried everything to get free but it was useless. Kai took a step towards them but Sybil hummed another tune forcing him to watch as the life drained from the girl he loved. The only person who ever gave him a real chance even before the merge was dying and he couldn’t even move his finger.
    “Let her go.” said Kai. “I’ll — I’ll do what you ask just let her go.”
    “Kai , don’t. You are stron-ger than you think. Fight – it.” said Y/N struggling to speak.
Kai looked into her eyes , her lips forming four words 'I believe in you’.  He struggled , feeling Sybil trying to sneak into his mind again and get him to let go , but it didn’t matter - all he could hear and see was Y/N. His eyes closed for a moment and he found the strength to flick his wrist snapping Damon’s neck , raising his other hand pulling out Sybil’s heart out of her chest with magic. The moment the siren dropped on the ground his mind cleared and he ran towards his girl , biting his wrist bringing it to her lips.
    “Don’t you dare die Y/N.” said Kai smiling nervously. “Not now …. not ever.”
Y/N wrapped her fingers around his wrist feeling his warm blood trickle down her throat. A sigh left Kai’s lips and he caressed her face , placing a soft kiss on her forehead. Her eyes opened and she pulled herself up unitl he wrapped his strong arms around her.
    “You did it.” she smiled widely at him.
    “Only because of you. ” he said softly. “Though that wont last for long unless your buddies figure out a way to hold her down. Until then –”
    “– get in the car with me and we drive as far and fast away as we can.” she finished with a hopeful expression on her face.
Kai smiled widely at her. “Pick a destination , sweetheart.”



Happy Lowman x Reader
(GIF isn’t mine)
“Fuck me? Fuck you!” Happy spat, stomping out of the house and slamming the door.
Another fight about him not opening up to her, not showing her his feelings and not telling her what he’s doing with the club.

It was always the same, she asked him questions he refused to answer, he came onto her and she let him, they fucked, she asked him more questions, he got up to leave so he didn’t have to answer them, she called him a pussy, he got pissed off and called her a bitch, and then they would yell expletives at each other until he was out of earshot. He would leave and would spend a few days at the clubhouse, filling his nights by downing enough liquor to float himself to Mexico and then burying himself balls deep in a croweater.
This cycle ended when one of them gave in and finally texted, asking if he could come over.

His phone buzzed on the night stand the next morning and he jolted awake, a skinny blonde was resting against his shirtless chest and he shook her awake, “Hey…” he grumbled, an attempt at a whisper.
She woke up, smiling at him and he gave her a half a smirk before pulling his arm back to himself, leaning down and kissing her as she settled back on a pillow on the opposite side of the bed.

He stood up, walking to the restroom to piss while opening the message from her.
‘Hap, come back. I’m sorry.’ her first message read, he looked through the others, more of the same, until he opened the picture message she sent this morning and he almost pissed on the floor.
She had sent him a pic of her playing with herself, one finger sunk deep within her core, her juices glistening on her soft and warm skin.
He growled, hitting the call button and lifting the phone to his ear.

“You up?” he spoke as she quietly answered the phone.

“I’m on my way.” he spoke again before hanging up and stripping his boxers off, stepping in the shower to wash last night’s lay off his skin before dressing and quietly ducking out of the room.

He pulled up to her house and parked, trampling the grass as he cut across the yard, not bothering to use the pathway up to the door.
He rang the bell and waited a second or two before he began furiously knocking and then banging on the door. She opened the door, an annoyed expression on her face, practically glaring at him, as she placed her hands on her hips, “Who the hell do you think you are Happy Lo–” she began but he cut her off by pushing her inside the house, slamming the door shut before he grabbed her shirt and ripped it off over her head to reveal her bare breasts. He smashed his lips against hers but pulled away quickly.

“You were teasing me,” he rasped as he yanked her pajama bottoms down and she stepped out of them fully exposing herself to him.

“There are consequences for that.”

He pressed his lips into hers again unbuttoning his own jeans and letting them fall as he shrugged out of his shirt and kutte all at once.

He kicked his boots and jeans off and she hooked her fingers in the waistband of his boxers, smiling and biting her lip as she stared into his dark, devilish eyes. She pulled them down, freeing his dick as it sprung forth. He grunted as she grasped his shaft with both hands and he threw his head back, clenching his jaw.

She leaned forward to kiss and suck on his collarbone as she jacked him off, but after just a few moments he pulled away from her, turning her around quickly and pulling her back against his chest. He bent down, palming his thick cock and guiding it into her entrance from behind, thrusting roughly upward, forcing a gasp to radiate from her chest and throat. He pounded her from behind, one arm wrapped around her body just under her breasts as the other held her hip, pulling her flush against him. Stroking into her like he would lose her if he fucked slowly, her screams and moans filled the house and he used his long deep thrusts to push her to orgasm.
Her breasts were bouncing up and down while his dick pounded in and out, hitting the deepest parts of her and making her knees weak.
He leaned forward, biting her ear and holding it between his teeth, his panting breaths brushing against her face as he began to shake, squeezing her body tightly as he came with one last violent and intense thrust. He stuck and held still while he emptied himself into her - Fuck the consequences - she was the best he ever had.

Title: All Over You

Character: Isaac “Ike” Evans

TV: Magic City

Warnings: 100% smut!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

For @jmackie1983 😘

The sea of half naked females that roamed the biggest suite at The Miramar Playa was downright distracting.

Ike knew that there was going to be modeling, but he didn’t realize that it would be this bad. Stevie’s eyes kept roaming all over the women and it took all Ike had not to smack him upside the head.

Lenny Bordeaux was the photographer and he had specific standards for the women and place that he wanted.

Ike couldn’t really complain because the man had paid a week’s worth for the room… in cash.

“Isaac, is that you?”

The soft feminine voice made Ike’s body go rigid.

“Oh my god, it is you!” the woman came into view and he felt his whole body heat up.

Jennifer Azura was a woman that could bring him down to his knees with just one look.

Her smile was infectious, her plump nude lips shiny from her recently applied makeup.

“Jen,” Ike smiled, holding out his arms.

She threw herself into his embrace, giving him a good squeeze.

“How are you?” she asked, pulling back.

“Living the life,” Ike chuckled, holding onto her arms.

“I see this! I knew you’d get this place up and running!”

Ike touched a curl that rested on her bare shoulder, “I see life’s been good to you,”

She shrugged, smiling, “I can’t complain. Other than these awful corsets, I’m on cloud nine,”

The photographer shouted that he wanted an empty set, sending everyone out. Ike was about to leave when Jennifer reached out, “Stay?”

“You really want to piss him off?”

Lenny was cursing a gopher with his thick Cajun accent.

“Fuck ‘em,” Jennifer leaned in, giggling.

She took Ike’s arm and threw it over her shoulder, wrapping her other around his waist, “Come on big man. Watch me in action,”

Ike kissed Jennifer’s cheek and stayed behind the camera.

“Cher, we done been t’rough dis. I want sexy, I want you to love the camera,”

Jennifer nodded.

While she situated herself, Ike took her in. Her hair before she became a model was a lovely shade of brown.

Her hair now was considered drastic for this time and age, but it fit her so well. While her roots were her natural brown, it faded into a grayish blue, with the ends a midnight blue hue. Her makeup was natural, showing her true, beautiful self.

When she stripped herself of the robe, Ike damn near came in his pants.

She wore a tight, black corset, black bra, panties and thigh high boots. The tattoos that her clothes normally covered up, were on display.

Ike was thankfully in the shadows, so no one saw him adjust his aching erection.

He watched as her face became stern, but sexy at the same time. Jennifer looked as if she was ready to dish out spankings and Ike was more than willing to take a few from her.

Lenny stood and walked around Jennifer, clicking his tongue, “You missin’ somethin’ Cher,”

Biting her lip, she looked over at Ike, then whispered to Lenny.

“Ohhhh girl! There you go!”

Jennifer went to Ike, grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the set.

“Just play along… It’ll be fun,”

“Okay,” Ike smiled, licking his bottom lip.

When Lenny rose the camera, Ike threw his hand up, shielding his face.

“It’s okay, Isaac!” Jennifer said, “You won’t be in the picture. I promise,”

Reluctantly, Ike put his hand down, “What do you need me for?”

Jennifer winked, gripping the straps of her bra and looked at the camera.

She watched Ike’s expression as pulled her bra off and bared her breasts.

Ike swallowed, the lump in his throat growing.

Leaning back with her hands on the arm of the couch, Jennifer arched her back, making her breasts pop.

Another flash of the camera and more praise from Lenny.

“Just a couple more, Cher!”

Walking up to Ike, she ran her manicured hand down Ike’s chest, “Have a smoke, Darlin’?”

With shaky hands, Ike pulled out the small box of Golden Kings and placed the cigarette between Jennifer’s lips.

He flicked the lighter, lighting it as she inhaled.

Going to the couch, she sat on the arm with her legs crossed as she held the cigarette to her lips.

Lenny clicked many more photographs as she finished the smoke.

“Oooooo Honey! I t’ink I need a smoke after dis! You know what? Take a break, okay Cher?”

Lenny put the camera down and left the suite.

Jennifer stood and approached Ike, clearing her throat, “You okay?”

Even though his pants were tight and he was horny as hell while watching this beautiful woman pose seductively; he spoke with calmness and finesse.

“Yes Ma'am,”

Jennifer touched each button of Ike’s shirt, until she tapped the button to his trousers, “Would you like some help with this?”

Ike ran his eyes down Jennifer’s body, noticing that her nipples began to tighten.

He admitted to himself that it had been a while and knowing Jennifer well, was enough for him.

“You sure we have time?” he asked, looking to the door.

She smiled, going to the door and locking it. Turning, she leaned against the door, biting her lip.

“Mr. Evans… it seems I’ve been a bad, bad girl,”

So this was the game she wanted to play? No problem.

He snapped his fingers, “Get over here,”

Jennifer obeyed immediately.

“Just how bad have you been?” Ike asked, taking the tip of his finger and circling her nipple.

Jennifer took a deep breath, “Very, very bad,”

“Is that so? Just what should your punishment be?”

She became some what twitchy, “A spanking,”

“Seems fair,” Ike said, grazing his hand over her breasts as he went to the bed.

He sat down, and snapped his fingers again.

With a quick, but gentle yank, Ike had her over his knees.

Sliding his hand into her panties, he pulled them down to her knees.

Raising his hand, he brought it down onto her ass, using half of his strength.

Jennifer moaned, rubbing her legs together.

Ike brought his hand down again, harder this time. The slap was loud, the imprint of his hand welling up on both cheeks.

“Ahh!” Jennifer shouted, gasping for breath.

“Harder,” she asked.

Ike did as she asked, this one the hardest he’d ever be able to dish out.

“Fuck! Ike…”

“Shhhhh,” he soothed.

Holding the middle of her back, he ran his fingers over her folds, easily dipping them into her.

Her gentle cries turned into writhing moans as he slowly pumped his fingers in and out of her.

“Another, please?” she begged.

“Last one, Jennifer,” Ike said, breaking character for a split second.

With his the hand that was wet with her juices, he brought it down one last time.

“Oh my god,” she moaned.

“Get up,” Ike ordered.

He helped her sit up, letting the blood rush back down from her face.

Ike stood, unbuckling his pants and releasing his hard erection.

Jennifer dropped to her knees, taking the hot, velvety skin in her hand. Wasting no time, she licked up his length and sucked gently on the head, making precum seep from the slit.

As she pulled her head back, she pumped him, spreading the slick liquid over him.

Going lower, she licked Ike’s heavy sac, then back up his length.

They paused, hearing voices outside the door.

Ike pulled Jennifer up, and bent her onto the bed, not able to wait any longer.

He held onto both of her shoulders and gave her one hard, powerful thrust, burying himself to the hilt in her tight heat.

She moaned loudly, her face in the comforter. Turning her head, she looked over her shoulder and whispered, “Don’t hold back,”

Ike’s thrusts were damn near painful, but so pleasurable. He used, long, hard thrusts, making Jennifer’s whole body move over the bed.

Raising her leg, she opened herself up more to him.

Letting his hands slide down her body, he held her waist and sped up his thrusts, so much so that his heavy sac slapped against her exposed clit, pushing her over the edge.

Jennifer shoved her face into the comforter, screaming as she came.

Ike rode her until she came down from her high. He was so close, and yet, at the same time, he still wanted to bring her to another orgasm.

“Ike,” she panted, reaching behind her as she grabbed him when he pulled back.

Jennifer turned, dropping to her knees again and taking him deep into her mouth.

He groaned, grabbing handfuls of her gorgeous hair.

As she bobbed her head up and down, she hollowed out her cheeks and sucked on the head as if it were a lollipop.

Pulling back, she pumped him as she circled her tongue around the seeping helmet. Sticking out her tongue, she wiggled him against her, watching as his breathing became faster.

When his moans became louder, she took him back into her mouth, swallowing him as she fondled his sac.

He bent at the waist, coming hard down her throat.

Jennifer gasped, still pumping him through his orgasm as she pulled him from her mouth.

Catching the come on her fingers, she coated his length, then swallowed him one last time, making his whole body twitch.

“Holy… fuck,” he panted.

Laughter came from the other side of the door. Ike helped Jennifer stand, taking a handkerchief from his suit pocket and wiping her mouth.

“Don’t go anywhere, please?” she asked him.

He nodded, watching as she quickly ran to the bathroom. While she cleaned herself up, he took that time to get himself in order.

When she came back out from the bathroom, she looked as if nothing had happened. The only giveaway was her rosy cheeks.

Being a gentleman, Ike grabbed her robe and helped her put it on. As she turned, he smiled at her and tied the sash on her robe.

“Tonight, get dolled up. I’m taking you out,”

Her eyes widened as she grinned, “Really?”

“Really,” he chuckled.

“Cher! Op’n the door!” Lenny hollered, knocking loudly.

She blushed, going over to unlock the door. Lenny may have sounded mad, but all he did was wink at her when he came inside.

Isaac took this as his cue to leave. He stopped, holding Jennifer’s elbow, “I’ll see you later, Honey,”

Jennifer pressed her body close to his and kissed him slowly.

Her mouth tasted minty as Ike dipped his tongue into her mouth, “Tonight Jennifer,”

He felt her body shiver as he stepped away, her delicate sigh ghosting over his cheek.


Life Ain’t Simple - Part 6

Dean Winchester x Reader

2142 Words

Dean is incredibly happy to be out on the open road with his baby under him. He hollers out the window, all of them rolled down and the radio blasting. You sit between him and Sam, taking a look around at the nature surrounding you.

“Fuck, it’s amazing!” Dean smirks, his eyes straight on the road, dodging some roadkill. “Listen to that purr!”

Sam raises an eyebrow and shoots you a look. “That’s your boyfriend.” He tries not to laugh, but he enjoys the Impala, too. “Should we pull over? Give you two some alone time?” He teases.

Dean chuckles and slaps his large hand on your thigh, giving it a rough squeeze. “Naw, I got my baby, and my baby, and my baby brother. What more could a man ask for?” He speeds down the road, his foot gently pressing the gas harder and harder until you’re sure he may enter a new year.

“You’ve been giving her a lot more attention than me these last few days.” You stick your tongue out, looking over at Dean.

He reaches over your shoulder and pulls your body against him, the heat seeping off of him. “Showed you a lot of attention at the same time, amiright?” He smirks, causing Sam to turn his head and fake a cough, wishing he were anywhere but here.

Giggling, you sit up and kiss Sam’s cheek. “I think Sam is feeling left out, doll. He needs some lovin’ too.” You coo and playfully twist a strand of hair around your finger.

“Hey! Mine!” Dean barks, yanking you back at his side with a blushing Sam trying to press himself against the door. Dean growls deep in his chest and lets his fingers slip through yours, driving with his left hand on the wheel. “Mine.”

“Calm down.” You giggle, looking up at the man. “I’m just having a bit of fun.”

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Don’t Let Me Go

(requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 4 856
warning : angst (you may want to grab a chocolate bar before reading this)
summary : Kai and Reader break up and Reader tried to go on with her life even tho she is hurting. Months later she goes out on a date with someone who she thinks is the ideal guy , but things do not work out quite as she had hoped …
*gif by lightwoodxalec

Y/N ran upstairs to their bedroom hearing Kai’s angry footsteps following her.
“What are you doing?” Kai asked , grabbing her wrists forcing her to look at him.
They had had their worst fight yet. At first everything got started because Kai was jealous of a random guy at the bar who had had the nerve to talk to Y/N and now somehow the fight had turned into how she wants him to be something he is not. It was completely ridiculous because that was not the case. Ever since Kai turned into a vampire all his emotions were heightened and he was on edge constantly. It wasn’t just this time … whenever someone looked at her in a way Kai didn’t like , things got ugly. He had broken a guy’s nose , nearly broken another’s jaw…
“I am moving out. What do you think I’m doing?” she yelled , pulling away from him. “You said you don’t want me here , remember ?”
Y/N tossed a few pairs of jeans  and a couple of shirts in her bag not even bothering to fold them , looking around the room picking up a pair of high heels from under the bed , going back into the walk in closet taking out the last of her clothes.
Kai rested against the wall , watching her throw things in her bag. He didn’t want her to leave , he loved her and regretted the fight already. When they had first started dating she had promised him that she will love him forever , that he will never be alone again… Now she was packing… and his pride was standing in the way of him admitting his mistake.
“Fine , leave. What do I care… ” he said. “You probably have been waiting for me to screw up , haven’t you , so you can leave me ? What a fool I’ve been to care and love you and to think that you cared and loved me too. You are just like everyone else. All you see when you look at me is a murderous sociopath who killed his own family , maimed your friends and put your best friend into a sleeping curse ! I can’t believe I waisted a second being in love with you !”
Y/N stared at him , her heart breaking to pieces at his words. She couldn’t believe what he was saying , it was as if he was a completely different person… There was no trace of the Kai she had fallen in love with. They had been so in sync ever since they had met , and now …
“It goes both ways.” she said angrily , closing the zipper on her bag , taking it in her hand heading for the bedroom door. She walked past him , stopping a step behind him , fighting back the tears. The last thing she wanted to do was leave , she loved him and cared about him more than she could ever put into words… but it was starting to get clear to her their relationship was doomed. “I don’t ever want to see or hear from you again. ” she said going through the door , running down the stairs and out the door slamming it with a loud bang.
Y/N walked to her car blinking back tears , tossed her bag in the back seat and got in. She wanted to leave as soon as possible before the tears started , but it was too late … she broke into sobs , tears streaming down her face , her hands balled into fists hitting the steering wheel.
It was as if her entire world had come crashing down , the pain in her chest growing with every passing second remembering Kai’s face , his last words to her echoing in her mind breaking her heart all over again until there was nothing left.

Y/N woke up suddenly , shooting up straight in her bed , sweat covering her forehead and tears streaming down her face. It had been the 3rd time the past few days she had had that dream …the moment she and Kai broke up. Whatever people said about pain getting easier with time , it was a lie. She had tried for months to move on and was still trying , but it was harder than ever. Back when they had been together she hadn’t realised how many things actually remind her of him … until their relationship had ended. All the little things - someone would walk by wearing the same cologne as him or would order the same drink as him. Literally everything reminded her of Kai…
She wiped the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand , her gaze falling on a shadow in the hallway. There was someone inside the house , she got up fast trying to catch whoever it was but the person was long gone by the time she got up.
“Great. Now I am hallucinating.” she muttered , walking downstairs to the kitchen for a glass of water. Y/N looked around trying to figure out if someone had actually been inside the house or not , but everything was just as she had left it before going to bed. In the end she didn’t want to go back upstairs and just crashed on the couch for the rest of the night.


Kai couldn’t stay away from Y/N , no matter how much he tried. He still loved her… and knew he’d never stop loving her. The only thing that kept him semi sane was that he got to see her … He’d sneak into her house at night , watch her sleep. Sometimes he’d take a peek into her head to see what she was dreaming about. Usually it was school stuff , but that night when he had peeked into her subconscience it had broken  his heart all over again. Tears were streaming down her face and he gently wiped a few of them away. Y/N was dreaming about their break up ,tossing and turning in her sleep. He wanted to wake her up , wrap his arms around her and comfort her like he’d usually do when she had bad dreams … but it wasn’t possible. She started to wake up and he ran out of the house before she had had the chance to see him and kick him out.  What he had seen and felt while peeking inside her dream that night had brought back the memory of that night for him too…

It took him less than an hour to realise what a huge mistake he had made letting her leave. He used his vampire hearing , listening to her sobs in her car , wishing things hadn’t gone the way they had. Y/N had said she didn’t want anything to do with him … and it had all been his fault.
“AARHHHH .!!!!” he screamed , grabbing the lamp from the night stand tossing it across the room at the wall  smashing it to bits, turning around and picking up the next thing he could find which turned out to be a picture of them together. Kai looked at it for a few moments , touching her face on the photo.
“I’m so sorry…” he whispered , crumbling on the ground still holding the picture in his hand as tears started streaming down his cheeks. He wiped them away as quickly as they were falling , giving up a few minutes later. Kai hated the tears , they always made him feel like some sort of an alien creature. He had felt pain before , but none of it compared to what he felt in that moment  when she had left their home , slamming the door shut behind her - like the air was being pulled out of his lungs , his heart being torn away from his chest.

*  *  *

The next day Y/N woke up from her phone ringing - ZACK said the called ID. She couldn’t help but smile for a moment. Zack was a british guy she had met a few weeks ago at Whitmore. He was sweet , kind and as far as she gotten to know him , he was absolutely perfect. When she was with him the pain vanished for a few hours and she had started liking him so when he had asked her out on a date a week ago she had said yes. Zack had taken her out for a dinner and a movie and tonight was their second date.
“Hey.” she picked up the phone. “What’s up ?”
“Morning gorgeous.” he said in his perfect accent. “Just checking in to see if we are still on for tonight ? I can’t wait to see you.”
Y/N giggled. “Yes , we are and … I can’t wait to see you too.” she said smiling. “What do you have planned ?”
“It’s a surprise.” Zack said , Y/N heard voices around Zack calling for him. He was at work. “Hey , I gotta go love .. see you tonight.”
Y/N hang up the phone starring at her screen saver for a moment - a picture of her and Zack making funny faces behind the teacher’s back.
Maybe this is it. she thought. My chance to be happy again…
She walked upstairs , opening her closet looking for the perfect outfit for the evening , rummaging through her dresses pulling one after another.
“And as usual .. I have nothing to wear.” she laughed nervously after trying a few outfits. Somehow none of them seemed to work to her liking. Y/N sighed and walked back to the closet , looking through her things and that’s when she saw it…. one of Kai’s t-shirts. She froze on the spot , unsure what to do at first.
When they had broken up , she had packed all Kai’s things in a box and left them in his house along with the key to their house … his house. Somehow his shirt had stayed in her closet this whole time. Carefully she picked it up , holding it in her hands as if it’s the biggest treasure , a small smile spread across her face. Y/N brought it up  to her face , feeling the soft material and taking in the scent.
It still smells like him. she thought.
She sat on the bed , holding Kai’s shirt close to her chest , closing her eyes.
Y/N remembered when he had left it here … it was one of the first times he had stayed the night. In the morning she hadn’t been able to find where her clothes had fallen the night before , she hadn’t even been sure they were still in one piece …and then her gaze had stopped on his shirt , she had put it on walking downstairs where Kai had already started making breakfast. He always made breakfast. Y/N remembered clearly the look on his face when he saw her in his shirt , how he had pulled her close softly whispering in her ear how sexy she looked in it before leaning in to kiss her and tossing her over his shoulders…
A few tears rolled down her cheeks at the memory. She wiped them away quickly , holding onto the shirt tighly as if it might disappear. They had been so happy together , every moment felt like magic. How did it all fall apart in the end?  
Y/N took off the dress she had been wearing tossing it onto the floor and put on Kai’s shirt , looking at her reflection in the mirror , wrapping her hands around her drowning in the memory of that day. Whatever happened in the future , whoever she got to spend her life with … she knew one thing for sure - she’ll never stop loving him.
“I miss you …” she whispered.

The first few weeks after the break up Y/N spent mostly crying. There was no way to stop the pain or the tears. She went to sleep at night haunted by nightmares reliving their breakup, except when she woke up in the morning the nightmares never ended. Each day was worse than the previous. Her life had turned into an endless ocean of pain and she was drowning in it. She didn’t want to eat , to sleep or to go on in general.. Life without Kai didn’t exist for her.
A few times she had found herself wandering the streets in the middle of the night , her heart pulling her towards Kai until she ended up in front of his house. She’d get there around 3-4am , sit on the porch for a while glancing at the windows which were always dark , as if no one was inside. For all she knew Kai had left town and gone back to Portland and it was breaking her on the inside knowing she had lost him. One time she fell asleep on the porch and woken up back in her house unsure how she had gotten there.
About a month and a half later after the break up, Y/N decided it is time she pulled herself together and start moving on.. so she went out with her friends , ending up making out with some guy who had been an absolute stranger to her. Instead of moving on , she felt worse than before … like she had cheated on Kai , which was ridiculous considering they had broken up.
Later on her friends had set her up on a date with one of Tyler’s old high school friends from the football team who had rolled back into town. Things had been going well up until the point Kai had walked into the Grill. It had been the first time she had seen him since their break up and he looked wrecked. Kai looked paler than usual with dark spots under his eyes , his hair was messy , his shirt untucked and he even had grown some facial hair. The moment his eyes had fallen on Y/N and her date he visibly crumbled on the inside. He sat at the far end of the Grill not looking at them , Y/N glancing a few times in his direction trying to catch his eye … All her feelings had come rushing back and her only wish was to run into his arms. She hadn’t even realised her date had been talking for a few minutes but she hadn’t heard a word , all her thoughts consumed by Kai.
“Hey , are you OK?” the guy said , reaching across the table to touch her hand.
“Yeah … yeah , I’m … I’ll be right back.” she said getting up , heading towards the restrooms. Y/N looked at her reflection in the mirror , the hole in her chest opening again causing her pain so strong she nearly fell on the ground. It took her more than 10 minutes to recover enough to walk back outside only to find her date gone. She looked around for a few moments , searching for him but there was no trace of him so she grabbed her bag and jacket , heading outside and that’s when she heard the screams. Y/N ran to the small alley behind the Grill , finding Kai punching and kicking the guy she had been on a date with , before pulling him up and feeding on him until the guy stopped fighting.  Kai turned towards her , his eyes filled with anger and pain , before disappearing.

Y/N had no idea how much time had passed until the doorbell returned her back to reality. She pulled over her head Kai’s shirt and quickly got dressed in her PJ’s , carefully tucking in under her pillow before rushing downstairs to open the door.
“Zack ! Hi ! W-what are you doing here ?” she asked surprised , noticing the flowers in his hand. “Oh God … ” she muttered.
Zack laughed nervously. “You are not ready yet ? I can go wait in the car if you need some extra time…” he said looking at her wearing her PJ’s , licking his lower lip.
Y/N smiled awkwardly. Somehow she had completely forgotten about Zack’s existance , not to mention their date.
“Yeah sorry. Um … something came up. Come on in , you can wait inside…” she said , as Zack gave her the flowers. “Thank you , those are beautiful.”
“Not as beautiful as you.” he said leaning in to kiss her , wrapping his hands around her waist and pulling her close. Suddenly his kiss felt wrong to her , his lips on hers felt wrong. Y/N pulled away giving him a small smile.
“I better find them a vase.” she said tiptoeing into the kitchen , Zach following her closely behind. She looked through the kitchen cabinets for a vase and in a few minutes she found one and filled it with water , placing the flowers in leaving them on the table. “How did you know I like white roses ?”
Zack took a few steps towards her , backing her against the kitchen counter.
“I know a lot of things.” he said , his lips smashing against hers as his hands found their way down her waist , squeezing her ass pulling her closer to him. Y/N had wrapped her hands around his neck tugging on his hair. He didn’t seem to want to pull away or let go off her. Her phone rang and she tried to wiggle her way out but Zack grabbed her wrists holding them tight together behind her back. She looked up and his expression scared the hell out of her. His eyes were black and he had this crazy look on his face - the same look a predator has looking at his pray. Zach’s other hand pushed down her PJ’ bottoms along with her underwear.
“What are you doing?” she asked trying to get herself free. In all the time she had known him , he had never done anything like it. “Sto-”
He smashed his lips against hers again , shutting her up. Y/N managed to kick him between the legs with her knee , giving her a few seconds to pull away from him.
“What is wrong with you?!” she asked raising her voice. “Whatever has crawled up your pants - watch it. THIS is not going to happen. Not tonight and definitely NOT like this.”
Zach took a step towards her. “Why not , Y/N? I want this , you want this … I see the way you look at me , you want it…” he said , his voice completely different than the sweet sound she was used to.
“I-I think you should go.” she said stepping aside , pointing towards the door. “Go before I call the cops or worse - one of my friends.”
Zach laughed and took another step towards her. “Your friends? What are they going to do to me ? Report me to the dean ?”
“Trust me , you do not want to find out.” she said , her voice trembling , taking a step back from him trying to get to her phone.
He pushed her onto the couch pinning her wrists over her head , kissing her neck while his other hand pushed down inside her underwear.
“Stop ! I don’t want to do this … Zack , get off me!” she cried out trying to push him off , tears started streaming down her face. “Get off me , please…”
It didn’t matter what she said , he kept going .. pulling down her PJ’s and undoing the buttons on his jeans.
Y/N felt so helpless in that moment , unable to do anything but wait for it to be over. Every attempt to fight him off failed , all her words went poof in the air… She had thought Zack was this nice guy and it had turned out that he was anything but.
“Stop please ..” she begged him again in between sobs , trying to pull herself away from him.
There was a loud bang coming from the front door and suddenly Zack started choking , his body lifting up in the air a few steps off the ground , his legs kicking at nothing while his hands tried to free the invisible grip on his neck.
Y/N looked around , her eyes falling on Kai who looked ready to tear Zack apart, his eyes burning with anger.
“I believe she said she wants you to stop. You should’ve listened.” Kai said , fury in his voice. “How should I end you ? Should I break your neck or rip out your heart?” he paused for a moment thinking. “Maybe first I will break every bone in your body as a punishment for laying a finger on her.”
Y/N stood frozen for a moment before pulling back up her PJ’s and running into Kai’s arms.
Kai pulled her close , tearing his eyes away from Zack , who’s face was already purple / blueish , looking at her with tears in his eyes. The girl he loved , who had nearly been raped by someone she had trusted. Kai didn’t even dare thinking what would’ve happened to her if he hadn’t decided to come to her house that evening and try to talk to her. His heart broke all over again looking at Y/N. She looked so scared and shaken to the core.

A few days after their break up , Kai came home finding a box with all things he had left in Y/N’s house - t-shirts , pictures …and the key he had given her so she could walk in at any time , even if he wasn’t home. He sat on the floor unable to bring himself to look through the things in the box. He had expected to find a ‘surprise’ like this one at some point but not this soon. Part of him had hoped they’d be able to repair their relationship , that this wasn’t the end …
Kai sat alone in the darkness , unable to fall asleep or even close his eyes because every time he did , Y/N’s face showed up behind his eyelids … The moment he had told her he regretted every second spent loving her ,the cracks in her heart visible through her eyes… He couldn’t believe how stupid he had been in that moment , talking without thinking not realising the consequences of his actions.
His days were mostly spent trying not to go looking for her ,except he failed miserably at it. A few times he had used a cloaking spell , sneaking up into her house or following her around town. It hurt him seeing her like this - she looked like a ghost , walking down the street or sitting on the couch curled up into a ball crying. She’d look in his direction or walk past him , he’d reach out to touch her before stopping himself.
A few times he had seen her come to his house in the middle of the night , just sitting on the porch… Kai would sit by the window in the dark , looking at her trying to work up the nerve to open the door and talk to her. To apologise for all the pain he had caused. One time she fell asleep and he carried her home. He didn’t think Y/N would be happy if when she wakes up finds herself in their old bedroom with him leaning over her.
None of those moments compared to the ones when he saw her with other guys. He liked seeing her smile , but hated that it was someone else making her smile and not him. His jealousy always won in the end.
Y/N had been the light in his life … and now he was living in literal and metaphorical darkness. He barely fed , not unless it was on one of the guys trying to take her away from him forever.

Kai flicked his wrist , breaking one of Zack’s legs , then the other not once but twice. He loosened the grip enough for Zack  to take a breath before breaking one of his ribs. Y/N reached for his hand , lowering it down.
“No … don’t.” she said , her voice trembling. “He will get what’s coming …Let him go.”
Kai looked at her as if she were insane. “That guy just tried to … ” he swallowed hard, unable to even say the word. “.. he deserves to suffer and bleed out for what he did.”
“No , he will stain the carpet.” she said , a small smile on her face. “It will be hell to clean up afterwards.”
Kai laughed , a genuine laugh for the first time in months. Y/N brushed away a tear rolling down his cheek , her fingers tracing every inch of his face as if seeing him for the first time. Kai let Zack down on the ground watching him squirming in pain. Y/N walked over to him , kneeling down.
“You wanted to know what’s so scary about my friends…? Compared to my boyfriend ,” she motioned to Kai ,“ my friends are harmless fluffy kittens.”
Kai’s eyes lit up when she said ‘my boyfriend’ and he smiled for a moment. He loved hearing her say those words.
“What are we going to do with you now , Zack? … ” she muttered more to herself than to anyone else.
“What kind of a freak is that guy ?” Zack spit out , pointing at Kai. “I’ll report you to -”
“To who ?” Kai interrupted. “The cops ? I think they’d be more interested in what you tried to do to her. Be grateful she stopped me or you would’ve been 2 meters under ground right now…” he knelt down next to Y/N , grabbing Zack’s shoulders. “Listen to me very carefully you little piece of … … You were in a car accident on your way to Y/N’s house to tell her you are not interested in her. You will forget all about me and what I did to you .. and you will move so far away from here , you’ll fall off the edge of the map. Got it?”

*   *   *

“I’m going to burn that couch.” Y/N muttered after they had dealt with Zack and he was sent on his 'marry way’ in an ambulance with compelled doctors. “Are you going to help me or what?” she said glancing at Kai who laughed at her comment.
“It’s not the couch’s fault this happened …. It’s mine.” he said taking a step towards her. “I … I never should’ve let you leave that night. If my pride hadn’t gotten the worst out of me , none of this would’ve happened.” His gaze fell on the ground.
Y/N took his hand in hers. “You can’t blame yourself for this… it was my fault too.” she said , Kai lifting his gaze to meet hers.
“No! No , it wasn’t. It was all me.” he raised his voice. “I said so many things I didn’t mean that night , pushed you away and didn’t follow you after. I should have followed you , I … I should’ve done everything I could to get you back and I didn’t… and then when I saw you with all those guys , it felt like I was losing you all over again… and then you met this idiot. I saw you happy with him and I knew I had lost you forever.”
Y/N looked into his eyes , seeing her pain reflected in them. Now that she saw him up close , there were dark circles under his eyes , his skin was grayish. She ran her fingers through his hair , watching him close his eyes for a moment enjoying her touch. Her hand resting on his cheek , Kai’s hand reaching for it to hold it. He opened his eyes , blinking back tears. It broke her heart seeing him like this. Kai never liked tears , not in her eyes and definitely not in his eyes.
“I am so so sorry for everything , Y/N. I’m sorry for causing you all this pain , putting you through hell … I …”
“Stop talking.” she said suddenly.
“No , you need to know. … and then you’ll never see or hear from me again , just like you wanted. Y/N , I -”
Y/N shut him up with a kiss , wrapping her hands around his neck , running her fingers through his hair tugging on it , pulling him closer.. Kai looked surprised for a second and then pulled her closer to him too , his lips hungrily wanting more. In that moment all the pain from the past few months disappeared as if it had never happened. It felt like two pieces of the same heart had finally connected and everything in the world seemed right again. Their lips perfect match for each other , their bodies perfectly fitting together.
“I never stopped loving you… ” he said softly , pulling away from the kiss with a wide smile on his face. “I love you … I .. I always will.”
Y/N smiled widely back at him pressing her lips to his again before speaking.
“I never stopped loving you either , Malachai.” she said. He didn’t even wince hearing his full name like he usually did… She pressed her lips against his again. “I love you! Always and forever.” she said smiling.
He let out a small laugh. “I missed hearing you say my name.” he said cupping her face , his thumbs gently rubbing her cheeks and resting his forehead on hers. “I missed seeing the spark in your eyes , your lips .. everything. I missed you.”
Kai kissed her deeply , wrapping his arms around her tighter than ever.
“I am never letting you go again.”
“I wouldn’t let you even if you wanted me to.” she said smiling.


MASTERLIST March / April 2017


This is the first Tony x Reader as requested by bitch-queen-of-hell. It was great fun to do - I loved writing both Tony’s sassy and sensitive side. Plus, there is a little bit of Thor x Reader thrown in there so you’re welcome. ;) Enjoy this one.

Prompt: Hello, can I request a tony stark x reader thats just full of fluff? There isnt enough love for him in the fanfic of this fandom. Maybe something like tony sleeping around and the reader gets angry, and tony realizes how she feels? Thanks love

“Bedtime Stories” (Part 1)

Warnings: Swearing

You rubbed your eyes with the palms of your hands as the warm light of morning streamed through the bedroom window. Shifting in your bed covers, you suddenly felt a hand underneath the sheet and cried out. In kicking your legs out to attack the assailant, you ended up falling over the edge of the bed and tumbling to the floor.

“Jesus Christ!” You snarled, grasping for the bed cover and pulling it over yourself despite being dressed in the perfectly acceptable ensemble of a vest and flannel shorts.
“I prefer Tony.” Your friend chuckled, leaning over the bed to peer down at you leisurely. Smirking, you stood up and wrapped the blanket around your body a couple of times. Tony reached out and curled his fingers around the sheet, pulling you towards him.
“Come on…” He purred. “Surely, we’re closer than this.”

“What do you want Tony?”
“Well, frankly, I want you to lose the sheet.” He hummed softly and you swatted his hand away.
“That’s not what I meant and you know it.” You laughed. Sighing, he jumped out of the bed and stood up.
“Well, initially I came in to see if you wanted to grab breakfast but you were sleeping so peacefully and I didn’t want to wake you.” He muttered, adjusting his hair slightly in your mirror.
“So obviously the next step was to crawl into the bed next to me.” You muttered, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and pulling him towards the bedroom door.
“Well…yeah.” He chuckled, making no effort to stop you from dragging him across your room. You pulled the door open and flung Tony outside with surprising force. After recovering, he turned back to face you, leant against the doorframe, and folded his arms.
“So, coffee?” He smiled.
“Love some.” You said with a warm grin before closing the door curtly in his face. Despite how much of a complete prat Tony was, you couldn’t help but love him.

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This imagine was requested :) thank you so much for requesting xxxx.

This imagine turned out really long so I will have more parts to this (2/3?) and this will obviously be part 1. (wordcount : 1109)

!Warnings! : signs of depression (?) , bullying. (please know that I’m not really experienced with topics like these , but I do take them very serious. I hope I’m not offending/hurting anyone!

Summary : the reader (a Gryffindor) is dating Draco. Reader has had a very bad past and the only ones that know about it are Draco and the Weasleys. Pansy has been getting under the readers skin lately but the reader doesn’t want to show it.


“Good morning Y/N..” I smiled at Hermione as I took a seat next to her and across from Harry and Ron.

“Good morning- Ron what the hell are you doing?” I asked with disgust as I watched Ron shove his breakfast into his mouth. He furrowed his eyebrows and grabbed another slice of toast.

“wbdhsbhhj” Ron spoke , or at least tried to. His eyes looked at something behind me. I felt a tap at my shoulder and turned around to see Pansy standing there.

Ever since Draco and I started dating she has been more…mean. It first started with calling me names for no reason and then it turned into shoving me around or embarrassing me. But the last weeks she has been holding back and I finally felt happy for a moment , thinking bullying me became boring for her.

“Can I help you..?” I asked as I glanced at Hermione. She looked just as confused as I was. Pansy just stood there with her arms crossed and a smirk on her face.

“Ehm.. Draco told me to give this to you..” she said as she took something out of her pocket , “I don’t know what it says , but he really didn’t want to tell you in person..” she handed a note to me and walked away as quickly as possible to the Slytherin table without saying anything else. My eyes followed her as she sat down in her usual spot next to Draco.. But Draco wasn’t there.

“Well.. what does it say?” Hermione asked snapping me out of my thoughts.

I felt sick in my stomach , what could possibly be so bad that Draco doesn’t want to ‘tell me in person’. What if he was going to break up with me? What if he betrayed me? Did I do something wrong or am I not good enough for him?

“Hey”, Hermione shook my shoulder gently, “Stop assuming the worst scenarios. It may not be that bad” she said as she gave me a smile. I focused my eyes on the note and saw my name written on it. I opened it with slight hesitation and held my breath for a second. Hermione looked over my shoulder to read it with me.


Dear Y/N ,

I know we haven’t seen each other much last week , but I like to make it up. Shall we meet up after class? We can go to the lake or something , I really miss spending time with you!

Love ,


“See , it wasn’t bad after all..” Hermione nudged my shoulder with a playful grin on her face.

“Yeah , I shouldn’t worry so much..” I said , but the sick feeling in my stomach still lingered.

“From who was it?” Harry asked as he took a sip of his pumpkin juice.

“Draco” I mumbled as I looked over at Ron to see if he heard or not. Because just like Pansy , Ron wasn’t a fan of the fact that Draco and I were dating..

“That stupid git again? I still can’t believe you two are dating..” Ron said , and now it was his turn to look disgusted.

“Well.. he’s not that bad..” Hermione said , but it sounded more like she was trying to convince herself rather than Ron. I gave her a small glare as she quickly carried on eating.

“He is bad Hermione. No , he is even worse than bad!” he slammed his fist on the table.

“Shut up Ron!” Hermione replied.

“I have to go now..” I said as I quickly stood up.

“Wait Y/N!” Hermione shouted from across the hall. Everyone turned their eyes on her as a blush made its way across her cheeks, “You haven’t eaten anything yet!”

“I’m not hungry..” I said as continued walking. I knew the students in the hall were staring at me , but I couldn’t see them as clear. The upcoming tears were blocking my view.

After a couple minutes of walking I sat down on a random staircase in an empty hallway. I hugged my knees to my chest and let the tears stream for a moment.

I didn’t even know why I was crying or for how long.. The tears just wouldn’t stop flooding. The fact that my friends don’t like Draco makes me really upset.. But deep down I knew this wasn’t the reason I was crying.

I would never admit this to someone but the real reason I was so sad was because of Pansy. I never really told anyone , but the way she acted towards me really hurt me , even though I never showed that it did.

“Look who we have here.. what are you doing , waiting for your dad so you can cry on his shoulder?” Pansy said as she and 2 of her friends came up to me out of nowhere. Just my luck. I quickly wiped my tears with my sleeves and stood up.

“Oh wait , I remember.. Your dear daddy abandoned you!” she said while laughing , the other 2 girls forced a laugh as they stood on each side of her.

I clenched my fists and closed my eyes for a second.

“What are you going to do , throw a punch at my face?” she doubled over in laughter , while the other two girls took an awkward glance at each other.

“No , but I will..” I heard the familiar voice of my boyfriend as he walked towards us.

“Draco!” Pansy looked shocked for a second but quickly recovered. She walked towards him and put her hands on his shoulder. He quickly shook her hand of and walked towards me.

“Get away Pansy..” Draco said as he turned his back towards her. I still stood there as I tried to remain calm. Draco looked at me with a worried expression.

“But Dra-“

“I said get away!” Draco shouted. Pansy gave me another glare and walked off with the two girls behind her.

He waited until they were out of sight to walk towards me. He took me in his arms and held me close while he put his arms around me and his chin on my head.

“Are you okay?” he asked after a while as he rubbed my back soothingly and gave me a kiss on my head.

“I’m fine”

“Are you sure. I’d re-“

“Draco I’m fine” I said again as got out of his grip. He looked at me with confusion as he watched me back away from him slowly.

“I have to go , otherwise I’ll be late for class..”

{Red Lips and Wild Eyes - Andy Biersack imagine}

[A/n: the request for this was kind of vague. I hope this is okay. This is the first non-5sos request I’ve had in a while, but I do actually write about other things if you ask. :) ]

The first time he saw her was in the fall, when the air was just beginning to chill and her lipstick matched the brilliant red leaves that trembled on the edges of tree branches, barely hanging on. It wasn’t the clichéd love at first sight, or even attraction, really. His first thought of her was that she was intriguing. She looked interesting, like the kind of person who would leave you feeling enlightened after talking to them. Something in the way she carried herself spoke of a life of experience and challenge, but not untouched by a healthy amount of joy. She was windswept hair and wild eyes and late-night conversations waiting to be had , and he knew that he had to speak to her, if only to prove to himself that she wasn’t the complex enigma that he had somehow imagined in the few seconds that he’d been staring at her.

He was sure he must have looked odd, the tall, pale man with a lip ring and a leather jacket cautiously approaching the pretty girl with bright eyes and lips painted scarlet. She had smiled at him, and that was the first time he thought she was beautiful. It was just a passing thought then, a fact plain and simple. The sky was blue, the earth revolved around the sun, and she was gorgeous.

“Hey,” he hoped he didn’t sound awkward, shoving his hands in his pockets. “Are you waiting for someone?”

“My friend.” She answered, a bit withdrawn, sweeping a curious gaze over his face. “She’s always late, but I’m used to waiting at this point.”

He nodded, slowly exhaling into the cool air. “What do you do while you wait?”

“Think, mostly.” She shrugged, the most casual thing in the world, a playful smile lighting up her mouth. “I have a lot to think about. Sometimes I people watch.”

He found his own lips mimicking her smile. “See any interesting ones today?”

She lightly dragged her teeth across her bottom lip, which he would later learn was something she did whenever she was thinking carefully. “There was this one guy who sparked my interest. Sort of the tall, dark and handsome type. I saw him over there,” she pointed vaguely behind them, “smoking. He seemed to be thinking, too.”

“Where did he go?” Andy asked, genuinely curious as to what had caught her interest about this one man in particular.

She turned that smile on him again, the one that made it really obvious how beautiful she was. “He came over and started talking to me.”

That had made him laugh, the awkward tension diffused. They talked for a long time, until her friend finally did show up. Before they left, she gave him her phone number, leaving an open invitation for her to call her and arrange another meeting.

He wasn’t the type to spend hours hanging around a coffeehouse, but he would if it meant another conversation with her. This time she was the one who was late, rushing in ten minutes after they arranged to meet, apologies pouring from her lips. She was wearing a dress, and it looked good. She looked good. She gracefully sat down in the seat across from him, politely asking how his day was. And that might just have been the moment that he got his first glimpse of what all of this would grow into.

They stayed in the cafe for hours, talking about life and philosophy and favorite foods and music and everything in between. They were the last ones to leave at the end of the day, and she hugged him as they said goodbye. She was the kind of person who gives the best hugs, like she genuinely didn’t want to let go. He didn’t know if what they had just done could really be called a date, but he knew that, whatever it was, he wanted more.

Winter came early and stayed long. She was shivering in the passenger seat of his car and slushy rain pelted the windows and they were running late anyway, so he asked if she wanted to cancel their plans and reschedule for a warmer night. She nodded gratefully, wrapping one of her ice cold hands around his own, and he didn’t complain because holding her hand felt nice.

They made it back to her apartment just before the roads were closed due to icy conditions. She immediately offered to let him spend the night on her couch – it was the least she could do, she said. He reluctantly agreed; he still wasn’t sure where the line between friends and lovers was or which side of it they were on. He didn’t want to push anything on her or make her uncomfortable. But she insisted, and he wasn’t about to argue with her.

He followed her into her kitchen and watched her prepare two cups of hot chocolate, all while humming under her breath. She handed one of the mugs to him with a warning to be careful, before leading him back to the living room, where they sat on opposite sides of the couch, not quite close enough to touch.

She had an impressive collection of movies, and they were entertained for several hours by old favorites. Every so often, one of them would reach for the remote and pause the movie to make a comment, which would lead to several minutes of discussion before someone remembered the forgotten scene frozen on the screen. It was close to midnight when he noticed her eyelids beginning to droop, her mouth stretching into a yawn every few seconds.

“Are you tired?” He nudged her with his foot, watching her blink away the drowsiness from her eyes.

“No.” She stretched, stifling a yawn. “I want to finish this movie before I go to bed.”

“Here.” He opened his arms, inviting her to curl up into them and relax. She hesitated for a moment. Physical affection was rare for them, and never more than a friendly hug or occasionally holding hands. Still, she moved into his reach, letting him wrap his arms around her as she leaned into him.

He woke up the next morning sprawled on the couch with a sore neck, but it was okay because she had fallen asleep there too, and she was still asleep with her head on his chest and one arm wrapped around his torso. He kissed her forehead and went back to sleep, not quite ready to give the moment up.

Spring was a time for new beginnings, and maybe that was why there was such thick unresolved tension in the air whenever they got within a few feet of each other. He couldn’t be around her without catching himself reaching for her hand or staring at her lips. And she would drift almost imperceptibly closer to his side and smile when she thought he wasn’t looking, and he could have sworn there was something there but he wasn’t quite sure enough to make a move. And so he didn’t.

But now the sun was shining again and the air was warm and light and she had traded out the red lipstick for a soft pink that matched all the young flowers just beginning to bloom and made her face look younger and somehow softer. She was no longer a strangely exotic mystery – she was like coming home after a long day. He knew her like the back of his hand, but he didn’t know the one thing he was desperate to discover. He didn’t know who she loved.

He had finally convinced her to come to one of his band’s rehearsals, looking both out of place and strangely at home in the midst of all the speakers and amps. She watched him intently, flashing a smile every time he looked her way. He was showing off a little, eager to please her and earn more of her gentle smiles and soft giggles. Maybe he was in too deep, but she was the one thing he wouldn’t mind drowning in.

He was singing and performing and doing what he did best, and she sat on an old speaker with her legs crossed and a huge grin on her face as she watched his face light up with passion for his music. Moments like these were when he thought that maybe there was a spark of something between them, but it never lasted long enough to hold on to.

When he finished his rehearsal she ran up to him, throwing her arms around his waist and burying her head in his chest and mumbling about how talented he was, and he held her as tight as he secretly longed to and rested his chin on her head and smiled softly to himself. Their embrace lasted for just a few seconds longer than was necessary, before she pulled away with a rueful, almost apologetic smile. He wanted to whine, to beg her to stay, to simply grab onto her and wrap her up in his arms and never let go. But instead he simply took hold of her wrist and explained that he really should be getting her home now.

Traffic jams weren’t common in this area, but when they did happen cars were at an absolute standstill, sometimes for hours at a time. She was slumped in the passenger seat of his car, a small frown on her face.

“You know what?” She unbuckled her seatbelt, reclining the seat so that she was practically laying down. “We’re going to be stuck here for a while, so I’m going to get comfortable.”

He laughed, reaching over to fold his hand with hers, which had developed into a habit of his lately. “There must have been a pretty awful accident up ahead. We might be here for a while.”

“Yeah, I–” She was cut off by a buzzing sound from her pocket, indicating a new text message. She took out her phone, smiling down at the screen.

He frowned slightly at the loss of her hand in his. “Who is it?”

“This guy I’m talking to.” She shrugged, like it was the most casual thing in the world. “Nick. We went for coffee yesterday, and he was just following up.”

Andy stared straight ahead, hands tightening on the wheel. “I didn’t know you were seeing anyone.”

“I mean, we aren’t like an item or anything. It was just coffee. He’s cute, and really nice, but I just don’t think we have much in common. I don’t really see it going anywhere.”

“Are you looking for a relationship right now?” He glanced over at her, chewing on the inside of his lip. “You could have told me about it.”

She shrugged. “It’s not a big deal. Just a couple of dates with a couple of guys. None of them… felt right, you know? I don’t know, maybe it’s me. I’m probably too complicated for–”

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence.” He glared at her, putting the car in park so he could give her his full attention. “You are too good for all of those guys. None of them deserve someone like you.”

“Of course you’d say that.” She groaned, turning on her side to face him with a regretful smile. “Best friends always say stuff like that. It’s against the code for you to tell me that I’m a hot mess that no one–”

He interrupted her for the second time that night, leaning in and cupping her face in his hands. “No. It’s not because I’m your best friend.” His lips ghosted over hers, just enough contact to spark. “It’s because I don’t deserve you either.”

She kissed him. She leaned in and pressed her lips almost desperately to his and it was like the entire world had faded away, leaving only the two of them. There was fire in his bones and sparks flying from her lips but it was a pleasant kind of heat. It was the first hit of heroin, seeping into his bloodstream and forming a dependency on her beautiful mouth and firefly kisses. He thought that she might be in his lap now but he was too absorbed in her lips to be sure, thought that perhaps his hands were fervently gripping her waste but all he knew for sure was that he was kissing her and it felt better than he ever could have imagined. It wasn’t until his lungs burned for air that he finally pulled away, staring into her starstruck eyes.

Her voice was breathless and soft. “Can we do that again?”

He barely had time to nod his head before his lips were once again on hers.

She was warm like the summer sunlight filtering in through the windows. He pulled her closer under the blankets, opening his eyes just enough to look at her. She was curled into his side, her mussed hair framing her face like a halo. Her breathing was soft and even, her chest gently rising and falling. He draped an arm over her shoulders, kissing the exposed skin of her neck. She squirmed, groaning softly in her sleep.

He smirked, tucking her into his side and kissing her shoulder. She tried to shake him off, mumbling about wanting just a few more minutes. He grinned triumphantly, continuing to kiss up her neck.

“Andy.” She griped, pushing his chest. “I’m sleeping.”

“No you’re not.” He kissed her forehead, rubbing her back. “Wake up.”

“Go away. I hate you.” She rolled over so that her back was to him, pulling the blankets around herself.

“That’s not what you said last night.” He hinted suggestively, wrapping his arms around her from behind.

She giggled despite herself, rolling over to face him. She poked his face, kissing his cheek. “I love you.”

He froze, staring into her eyes. Neither of them had ever said it before, although they both knew what was written in the soft touches and quiet moments. But hearing the words out loud confirmed his hopes.

“I love you too.” He held her close, tucking his head into her neck.

She sighed, closing her eyes to go back to sleep, and he smiled, content to hold her for a little longer.

[A/N (again): I based this off of a prompt I saw on here that was like “write a love story divided into four parts for the four seasons.” It’s also worth noting that I haven’t been listening to or keeping up with Black Veil Brides for over a year now. This is based off of what I remember from when I was a bit obsessed with them in 2012-2013 and a couple of google searches. I think I did pretty well, but if Andy Biersack is the love of your life and I just horribly offended you then I am truly sorry.]


Look at his face before she takes his hand. I gotta say I think Scout was the one mercenary most affected by the possibility of dying before he got one single chance to spend some real time with Miss Pauling. He looked absolutely devastated when Medic gave them the three-day prognosis. I’m not going to get into how much he cares for Miss P at this point though because that’s a whole other thing.

Point is, his face totally reads “Shit man, this is the last time I’m gonna see her probably before I keel in 14 seconds, this is it man”, he can’t take his eyes off her. He almost looks pained. Until she takes his hand then he’s pretty damn  floored, even then he can’t stop looking at her until the bread monster swooces in. 

gif belongs to creepydear

Jackson walked to the patient room 441, where April was still asleep after the surgery.
“Hey, are you ready to meet your mom?” he asked the baby in his arms. He sat down next to April’s bed, putting his lab coat on chair.
“Your mom will be okay, don’t worry baby girl.” he said smiling at her.
“It’s a girl?” weak voice asked.
“April..hi..um..yes…we have a daughter” Jackson answered. He pass her to April, still supporting baby’s back. He knew that April is to weak to hold her at her own for now.
“We have a daughter.” she smiled at Jackson hugging newborn as tight as she was able to.
“Strong and beautiful..” he wanted to add “as her mom” but it could be to much for them at the moment.
“So you don’t remember anything, huh?” he asked, after what she went through, it would be for better to forget.
“Um…I passed out before she was born, I think.” she looked down at sleeping baby.
“Maybe that’s better… She still doesn’t have a name.” he changed the subject quickly.
“I don’t know, honestly…I want her second name to be after Ben, maybe Benny since it’s a girl. He saved our lives after all…” she reminded.
“Yeah, I told him, I will page him when you wake up… What about first name?” he moved his thumb around baby’s cheek.
“How about Phoebe? Does she look like Phoebe for you?” she asked.
“Yes, she looks like Phoebe a lot” he smiled at memory of their baby names talk from her first pregnancy.
“So welcome to the world, Phoebe Benny Kepner -Avery” he said giving baby a soft kiss in forehead.
“Actually… Phoebe Benny Avery.” she said looking at Jackson’s face
“What? You don’t want to…” he was interrupted by April.
“I want her to have the same last name as Samuel.” the tears started to fall down her cheeks.
“We won’t forget him, we’ll tell her about her brother.” he said comforting April. She gave him a weak smile in respond.
“Can you stay with me tonight?” she asked, moving back on bed making place for him.
“Of course.” he said lying face to face with April, with the littlest of Avery’s between them.
Maybe there’s still hope for them. Maybe Phoebe is their second chance.

                                       - Part I
Kai Parker x Reader

word count :2 685
summary : Reader finds herself in the Prison World with Kai and things are kind of … friendly-ish.
*not my gif

Y/N opened her eyes , feeling sore all over. She was on the floor of a bar. How had she gotten there ? She focused her thoughts trying to remember the last thing that had happened … she had gone to bed and fallen asleep and then…she was woke up there.
She looked around and noticed she wasn’t alone. There was someone else…
“About time you woke up. It’s been hours since you got ‘dropped’ off here. ” a male voice said. Y/N turned in the direction of the voice and nearly fell over. It was Kai. “You look familiar.” he said. “Have I seen you before ?”
Y/N shook her head - there was no reason to tell him who she was yet. First things first - she had to figure out how she had ended up there and since apparently Kai had seen her arrival , he had to explain things… She walked towards Kai and freed him , noticing too late his eyes were black with hunger. He got up and stretched.
“Ahh.. Thank you , you beautiful stranger.” he said smirking. “Unfortunately , I’ve been starving for … probably 3 weeks now ? Not sure , time feels different here… and you are the closest thing I have to food.”
Kai grabbed her shoulders , Y/N tried to get herself free but even as a starving vampire he was too strong for her , and sank his fangs into her neck , his left hand moving to her waist , holding her in place. Y/N screamed and tried to push him off with no luck. She felt her knees go weak and soon enough her body dropped on the ground , darkness consuming her.

* * *

“Get up. Come on.” a male voice said and Y/N felt someone’s hands pulling her up , holding her so tight a bruise would surely show up later. “I barely drained an artery , sweetheart.”
Y/N fought to open her eyes and when she did , Kai was starring at her with a curious expression.
“Its so funny. At first I thought I’d just kill you but then I remembered - I can enjoy draining you out more than once.” he said letting out a small laugh. “Care to explain how or why you got sent here ?” he got suddenly serious.
Y/N sat on the ground , placing her hand on the wound on her neck finding out it was healed , she raised her eyebrows in question.
“Healed it with magic. No need for you to bleed out … yet.”
“Alright.” she said. “You tell me. I was the one uncocious… and honestly I have no idea how I got here. Probably pissed off the wrong witch. It happens.”
Kai chuckled. “Yes , it does.” he said. “While you were out just now , I figured out why you look familiar. You are friends with Clarice.”
“Who ?”
“The blonde one who became ‘mother’ of my sister’s babies. Didn’t see that one coming.” he chuckled. “My father was willing to save unborn children but never payed attention to the ones he had. I wonder what he would’ve done if he knew they’d be like me. An abomination.”
Kai looked at his feet for a moment , a look of hurt passing across his face for a moment before dissappearing quickly. “I guess you pissed of Bonnie , didn’t you? I wonder what a goodie-two-shoes like you could’ve done for her to send you here. Must’ve been something terrifying …” he said suddenly amused.
Y/N pressed her lips together and rolled her eyes.
“Something might’ve come up…” she said not willing to tell him just yet. Trying to steal the Ascendant for Kai’s new Prison World hadn’t gone according to plan.
All her friends knew Y/N had a weak spot for Kai , even tho they had hardly interracted. She wasn’t afraid of him , neither wanted him to change. All she wanted was to be friends with him , because maybe he might’ve understood how she felt. In her desperation to get Kai back , she had crossed her friends who apparently had decided to grant her wish by sending her here.
She got up and started walking away. Last thing that was needed in that moment was Kai pressuring her to tell him about it.
“Where do you think you’re going? We are not done talking.” Kai said , a note of anger in his voice. Y/N just ignored him and kept walking towards the exit , opening the door that slammed shut infront of her face a split second later nearly breaking her nose. She sighed and turned around to face him , finding him way closer than expected - only a step away from her.
“I’m hungry, this is a bar … I need food unless you want me to starve to death causing you to lose your ‘human bloodbag’. “she said putting air quotes as she said it.
Kai smiled , a genuine smile. “Alright then. Lets go , I’m cooking you dinner or … breakfast or whatever , can’t tell what time it is from here.” he gripped her hand tightly causing her to flinch in pain.
“Arhh … you do know we are literally the only two people here right?” she said annoyed trying to remove his hand from hers.
“I do , but I don’t want you running off or dissappearing somewhere. Not planing on spending eternity alone this time.”
“Lets make you a deal - you let go the tight grip on my hand before I lose circlulation and just hold my hand instead. A lot less painful and I might even end up liking you in the end…” she said looking directly into his blue eyes. He considered it for a few moments and let go , holding her hand instead. Y/N reached to rub the place he had held her before , her skin burning at the touch.
“Don’t get any ideas.” he said glancing at their hands held together.
“Not planing to…” she muttered under her breath.

Holding her hand felt awkward to Kai. Its not like he hadn’t held a girl’s hand before , but for some reason it made him nervous. They walked (or more like he dragged her) down the street to the nearest store. It was still midday , probably around lunch time.
Y/N held the shopping basket while Kai put stuff in it - eggs , milk , bananas , a couple of other fruits , veggies, toast…
Maybe stealing the Ascendant wasn’t the best idea I’ve had …she thought to herself while trying to carry the heavy basket with one hand. Y/N could feel her blood sugar dropping and tried to reach for a chocolate bar but nearly knocked over the entire box.
“Arrhhh …” she groaned. “We should’ve gotten a cart. Could you let go of my hand for like 5 seconds ? The basket’s getting heavier and I want chocolate…”
“If you try to run , I will hurt you.” he warned before letting go. “And don’t eat that chocolate stuff now , you will ruin your appettite.”
“Who are you ? My mother ? I will be just fine eating dessert first.” she said reaching for a chocolate bar with hazelnuts inside , ripping the package open and taking a bite. “MMM that tastes amazing ! Want some ? Actually don’t answer that. I am not going to share even if you said yes.”
Kai just shook his head trying to suppress a laugh. “You haven’t even told me your name yet… or anything really. It’s frustrating.” he said and Y/N just glanced at him continuing to munch on the chocolate bar ignoring him completely. Kai waited for a few minutes but she kept on acting like he wasn’t even there. He waved his hand and the chocolate bar flew out of her hand and onto the ground a few meters away from her.
“Hey ! I wasn’t finished ..” she protested but the next moment started choking as if someone’s hand was on her neck. Kai was using his magic against her.
“Oops.” he said mockingly. “Don’t think I wouldn’t kill you.” he said. “I don’t want to , but I will. Now , I’ll let you go and you will tell me what exactly it is you are doing there or else. Got it?”
Y/N nodded and he let her go , her hands reaching for her neck rubbing it. It was incredible how fast Kai changed his moods. Thanks Bonnie. she cursed.
“The Ascendant , the one Bonnie used to send you here ? I tried to steal it from her and clearly she was more pissed about it than I thought… other ways she wouldn’t have send me to this Hell hole.” she said reaching for her chocolate bar. “Did you have to do that ?” Kai flicked his wrist and the chocolate bar got a few steps away from Y/N. She scoffed and turned around finding Kai grinning. He was enjoying this.
“Why would you try to steal the Ascendant ? You don’t even know me..” he asked. To him it didn’t make any sense why she’d go against her friends because of him.
Y/N was staring to get beyond annoyed at Kai. Clearly they weren’t going to get along so she decided to pick one half of the world and stay away from him for as long as possible.
“I have my reasons which are none of your business , so …” she said pushing her way past him towards the exit when suddenly she fell over , her legs feeling as if they had been tied together. “What the - ?”
“I told you - you not going anywhere until you tell me everything.” he said calmly as if explaining something to a little child. “Start from the beginning this time.”
Y/N groaned and pulled herself up enough to be able to sit.
“I’m Y/N and I am a witch … or at least I was. A few years ago I lost my powers … and by that I mean a warlock stole them from me. Life is no fun without magic , as you may know already.” she said looking at her hands. “It all happened before you showed up and when you did … I don’t know… My friends warned me about you , told me to stay away but I still found a way to learn about you. They didn’t understand how it felt to lose it all , to lose a part of yourself and never be able to get it back. Thought you might understand and we can be friends.. but clearly I was majorly mistaken. So here I am , ‘the useless one’ .. banished to spend all eternity with a murderous sociopath just because I wanted him to be my friend.” she said , closing her eyes so Kai wouldn’t see the tears threatning to fall down her cheeks.
A few minutes passed and she felt Kai’s hands on hers. She opened her eyes and saw he had knelt next to her.
“Your life sucks.” he said. “I’m sorry about the chocolate bar…and about you losing your magic.” he paused for a long moment , looking at her , before speaking again. “Can’t believe you wanted to be my friend … No one ever wanted to be friends with me knowing everything I’ve done.” he said suddenly amused. “Come on. I promised you lunch or dinner or whatever… I am keeping this promise.”
Kai pulled her up , leaving her to walk on her own now. He knew she wouldn’t run and now he was curious about her , the girl who had risked her freedom to try and get him out.


The next morning when Y/N opened her eyes , she found herself in Kai’s bed. It was surprisingly comfortable except for the fact she had no idea how she had ended up there. A moment later she noticed Kai laying next to her , starring at her with an amused expression on his face.
“You drool when you sleep.” he said. “It’s disgusting. I’ll have to find new pillows now … ”
“W-what are you doing he-”
“You mean what am I doing in my bed? Nothing. Just waiting for you to wake up. I’m hungry and waking you up by sinking my fangs into your neck wouldn’t have been nice , so I waited.” he said and Y/N noticed the purple - black veins flicker under his eyes. She handed him one of her wrist but he pushed it away rolling on top of her.
“As I said.. I prefer feeding from your neck.” he said winking , pinning her wrists above her head.
“Well , I don’t. It hurts a lot more and you’ll make a mess…” she said trying to wriggle her hands free but Kai didn’t care what she had to say and just sank his fangs into her neck making her cry out in pain.

The night before Kai had suddenly gotten so nice to her , it felt as if they were friends who had just reunited after a long time apart… except they weren’t and never would be.
“Kai … Kai stop! Please…” she begged but Kai kept feeding on her , not willing to stop. She felt her limps go numb , all her energy being drained and she stopped fighting back. Y/N felt as if she was falling into a deep bottomless black hole and then she was swallowed whole by the darkness.
Kai stopped only when he was sure her heart had stopped beating. There had been something on his mind the past few hours and he wanted to know if he was right. While waiting to find out , Kai went to the kitchen to make her breakfast. He didn’t feel like spending the rest of his existance alone and she seemed fun to be around even tho somehow Y/N had managed to drive him crazy. About 30 minutes later Y/N’s heart started beating again , stronger than ever. Kai rushed to his bedroom and magically snapped her neck before she had regained conciousness.

Y/N gasped taking in a deep breath and shoot up straight sitting on the bed , blood covering her pillow and her neck. Her hand reached for the place Kai had bitten her , trying to stop the bleeding but she discovered her wound had been healed. Clearly he had healed her.
“Oh , you are awake!” Kai said surprised walking into the room with a food tray - orange juice , pancakes and syrup plus a tiny vase with a flower.
“What happened ?” she asked confused.
“I fed on you until you died … then you came back and I snapped your neck killing you again.” he said casually. “And since you are back again , I guess the prison world rules apply to you too , which means your friends might come back for you at some point other ways why would they make sure you can’t die ?” he said amused. “Anyways , I made you breakfast. You must be hungry. Dying and coming back to life is exhausting , trust me I know. I’ve tried to kill myself more times than you can imagine .. Tried every way in the book.” he said.
It took her a few minutes to process what he was saying and when she did her eyes widened.
“You WHAT?!” she screamed getting up from the bed and taking a few steps alway from him ,nearly hitting the wall. “You killed me just to test a theory ?!” she stared at him in disbelief.
“Ohh is someone having a bad day?” he said mockingly vamp speeding towards hers , smacking her against the wall his hand on her neck. “I bet you wish you had your magic right about now … Sadly you don’t.” he leaned in closer. “Which means there is nothing you can do to stop me.”
Y/N hated that he was right. All she wanted the past few years was a way to get her powers back, but there wasn’t one. There was no blockage in her mind or anything else supressing her magic. Kai had confirmed it for her yesterday when right after he fed her dinner , tried to siphon her. In that moment it became clear to her - there was no chance for them becoming friends. What had she been thinking ?
“Oh Y/N… We are going to have so much fun together.” he said smirking.


MASTERLIST March / April 2017