but her actress name is

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YOU MET MULANS ACTRESS??? (apologies I can't see her name since I'm asking you this I know it was Mingwe something, i believe.) DEAR LORD YOU ARE LUCKY TEACH ME UR WAYS

Ming Na!! Yes!!! She was an unbelievably classy and sweet woman, and she can kick my ass anytime she’d like haha. Met her backstage when we were both guests for The View!


Can we talk about how good Zelda sounds in french tho ?

(Sorry, I just needed to share since it’s the first time I’m actually proud of a french voice acting)

so i’m rewatching teen wolf and i’m on season 5

and i was on the bathroom scene between hayden and liam (the one where hayden’s like “get me outta this and i’ll forget about sixth grade”) and it then pans to scott right and hes looking at them like “wtf didn’t you guys hate each other like what the equivalent of two episodes ago if this were a tv show ago.” “how the fuck do you like each other already” “jesus christ on a bicycle this doesn’t make sense” before walking off

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PLEASE stop posting the white devil emma Watson. PLEASE. I will pay u. I will give u my first born child. Watson has made men a priority in feminism and rewards men for doing the bare minimum. Which is insulting to every gender. She's got some REAL messed up stuff going on.

Look, I’m all for calling out White Feminism at every turn, and I have, but SJblur nitpicking on every white feminist they see and when you start calling them the White Devil coz you don’t fully agree with or misunderstand them, you already lost the argument. She didn’t kill nobody, nor advocated violence on anyone, so take it down several notches. 

first of, she’s a UN Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women. Her main job is to use her popularity to give speeches actual experts and professionals on gender equality wrote for her, because if these experts give the same speech, no one will pay attention; but if she does, people will. Same thing that other celebrities do who are tapped to be UN Ambassadors: Angelina Jolie on refugees, George Clooney on South Sudan, Leonardo di Caprio on Climate Change, etc. 

No celebrity chosen as UN Goodwill Ambassador are chosen for their expertise in the field, they are chosen because when they speak people pay attention. Those truly invested in the cause will sit on meetings or go on the field when they’re not making a movie, but their role as spokeperson remains. Their words are not their words, most of the time they are basically the executive summaries of UN reports. 

Emma Watson’s UN speech was criticized as feminism 101, and it was, but to expect she gives a graduate seminar on feminism with her limited speaking time is imo ludicrous. She’s paid very well but that’s still above her pay grade. The main purpose of her speech was to get attention from the public, generate political will from lawmakers, and fundraise a shit ton of money for the cause. 

And via the HeForShe Campaign, she was able to do that very successfully. She got powerful men from President Barack Obama to the President of Seira Leonne to not just make a commitment to gender equality but have their governments actually invest in gender equality programs in their own countries and/or give more foreign aid to women’s empowerment programs.

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supercorp famous au

ok so below i have attached all the ideas you guys have sent me for the supercorp famous au

- kara is famous, maybe a singer or an actress, and lena isn’t

- they meet through social media or at a small convention for some old sci-fi show(firefly maybe) that isn’t big, but lena and kara are both huge fans of, and kara posts a picture with the lena, but doesn’t tag her and the internet goes crazy trying to figure out who lena is

- kara joins in on the search because she was so flustered by the pretty girl she
forgot to get a name or number and she wants to take her to her red carpet event

- lena doesn’t like kara because she starts seeing all kara’s posts and thinking she’s really full of herself but she’s really like the sweetest person ever and she does volunteering work and it’s just winn posting pictures of her doing it

someone please write this, i would but i’m super busy in the next few weeks and you’d have to wait a while to read it. if someone does write it though, pleasse tag me or send me a message or something. just tell me because i’m eager to read it and i know others are as well so i’ll promote it for you

edit; so i’m gonna include an idea of my own, maybe supergirl can be like kara’s most iconic role if she is an actress or (someone else’s idea) supergirl is her stage name if she’s a singer

edit; someone sent me this so i thought i’d include it; Lena should say her name is Lee and make it harder for Kara to figure out who she is and be wearing glasses or sunglasses in any photos of her with Kara

Appreciation Post for Cristina Mendoza Rosales

Nothing irritates me more than to see people fancast white actresses as Cristina or spell her name incorrectly, completely disregarding her Mexican culture & heritage.

Please stop sleeping on the Latina Queen who speaks 7 languages, can read 3 demon languages, already completed her Shadowhunter training, and has saved Emma’s life approximately one hundred times throughout the Dark Artifices so far & is overall a badass & a complete sweetheart.

method acting

you once knew a girl, stitched together parts of people she had once been rather than a person herself. she was an actress and her name changed as easily as the shows she took part in,  but she took a part of the shows with her and never realized how much.

she isnt here anymore.

you once knew her as molly, cheerful and childish, sensitive and still innocent. she had bruises on her knees from the dance numbers but never once complained, and her hair was always perfectly done up in pigtails and everyone thought she was very charming and sweet. she didnt know of the fae or anything strange on campus but she was friends with the crows and everyone else because no one could resist her pure good-hearted friendship and she was truly one of the most beloved people on campus.

she changed her name once that show was over.

she was simply fox for a while,  cunning and graceful and this was when she started to realize that there were fae. she wore her costume and even her character out of the theatre, and she never once thought she was attached to the name because it was only a character, and the name made her stand out and wasnt that fun and good. there were people around her and there were people who werent people around her and she started to attract the attention of the second type more than the first. on opening night one of her costume items was a necklace made of teeth and no one looked long enough to question it but they all knew that she had made her first trade, with those crystal beads we all had as kids and no one thought twice about it not even the fae in the audience because jimothy had always been a strange one, and plenty of students had his teeth. and by closing night she had more costume pieces that no one could source, and sometimes her outline was a bit blurry onstage and she did look more like a fox than a girl but everyone put it up to the theater twisting the lines of suspension of disbelief because all of the actors playing animals did look a little strange and the theater was just like that, but fox herself was the strangest of all the actors onstage and everyone believed how she was acting wholeheartedly even if it did last outside of the theater and even after the show had ended but theater kids are just like that so no one payed it too much mind.

there was a break in shows and she wasnt cast and she went by another name that you now think may have been her true name,  but it has lost its meaning to the people she had once been by then. she was agitated and always auditioning for shows youd never known the university was producing but apparently they were,  and when she never got cast she would wander around with a listless look and the feeling that something was missing from her but what was it. without a show to put on she attracted no attention and there was nothing to see and she helped out backstage sometimes and shed see things but they payed her little mind as what was a stagehand compared to a lead actress. she was practicing constantly and her roommate complained of her being stolen by the fae and while it was investigated it turned out that no, she was just like this now and havent you realized by now that theater kids are just like this.

eventually, she was cast in something and she was the stage manager no not as in the position but that was her character and consequently her name. this was when she started making deals and even doing things for others who were too scared to do so. she seemed to know too much and no one knew how but she was safer than most people had been on campus at least that was what she though because how could anyone get attached to being called the stage manager and that protected her more than the iron ring she held or even the salt she carried around in her back pocket. and the actual director called for her to have glasses so she bought some silver framed glasses and for the first time she could see the fae but not so well it was more of a out-of-the-corner of her eyes thing, and though it was useful it wasnt enough until she stole away into a chemistry lab one night, no one knows how she got it, and when she came back she had telltale burns on her hands from silver nitrate, and she could truly see the world around her and for the first time she was scared.

and once finally she was maria and she was very proud of herself and overjoyed but terrified she was very paranoid at this point but it was really only a matter of time because it always is for actors they just dont realize it until too late and she had begun carrying iron and salt and even cream to appease the gentry and items of value for a trade but none of that can truly guard against a true name and hers was common knowledge and she realized that too late on opening night when she felt a certain spark any time anyone said maria which was far too often and she realized her mistake and it was too late and there was nothing she could do and she made it until the last show night because not even the gentry will disrupt a show but on the closing night after curtain call when she had done her final bows as maria and she walked offstage and people asked where she was headed and it was to the dressing room to take her makeup off (and people hesitantly believed her it was a tuesday and nothing does go terribly wrong on tuesdays) but later she was spotted wandering into the forest still in full makeup and costume with a dream-like expression on her face and softly singing and the hills truly were alive with the sound of music

and maria was never seen again but sometimes in the forest youll hear a faint melody and youll know it and youll wonder if shes still out there, or if she ever made it to where she was going through those hills

and youll realize the lesson that many have learned the hard way, that method acting is truly dangerous here


Take Back Your Fandom Experience

There is a lot of disappointment about the questionable choices Starz has made related to show PR and how they engage (or don’t engage, or manipulate, or disrespect) Outlander fans.  Some of us roll our eyes over the lame attempts to entice us with S3 “teasers” that are merely still photos from previously-released content.  We guffaw at the ham-fisted captions that aren’t even accurate to the story line.  We side-eye yet another push of the non-existent “love triangle."  Our blood pressure goes up when a "journalist” wastes our time by asking the same stupid questions – or by saying cringe-worthy things instead of asking questions – during interviews.  And nearly all of us have become jaded by the promotion of cast-adjacent people who have absolutely nothing to do with the show yet who creep onto the sidelines full of innuendo to distract and anger us. 

But I am here to tell you that you shouldn’t let this ruin your experience.  We do not need to accept what we are being given.

We. Do. Not. Need. Starz.

We only need each other.

Think back to what brought you here in the first place.  It was the story, right?  Perhaps, like me, you were excited to find a community of people who love the books as much as you do.  Maybe you were also thrilled to see the story brought to life by a stellar cast.  You tried to predict how the plot would be adapted for television and engaged in healthy debates about what would make it to the screen and what would not.  You participated in dream casting discussions for characters coming up in future plotlines.  You posted swoon-worthy scenes from the books and sighed over the truly excellent fan fiction and art that was shared here.  You bonded with other fans, finding common points of view.

Eventually many of us were drawn in by PR and got spun up about the back story.  You probably rolled your eyes at Starz’s lack of promotion of their lead actress, even misspelling her name when they did finally acknowledge an award nomination.  You became frustrated by the inconsistent messages that were being sent.  You might even have been taunted by non-fans and bedeviled by the adjacent players.  You likely know someone who was bullied.

Sadly, all of this now overshadows the reason we came together and the community we’ve found.  I have been privileged to meet many of you in person and I always came away amazed at how intelligent, perceptive, and kind you all are.  We likely would not have met except for this forum, but we realize that we have things in common besides Outlander.  We celebrate life events together, provide encouragement to one another, and have each other’s back.  That’s pretty cool.

It pains me that we have already lost several members who could not get past the side show.  But I truly believe that we can go back.  Let’s not let Starz ruin our community.  We don’t need them in order to talk about the story.  We can discuss how *we* would end the series and what we want to see in Book 9.  Let’s revisit favorite passages and characters.  Debate whether the author should continue writing all the damn side quest novellas or just focus on the main story.  (I think you can guess my vote…)  Keep letting your creativity flow through fan fiction, artwork, gifs, and videos.  Continue talking about the stellar production values on the show and how amazingly the actors inhabit their roles.  Squee over seeing favorite scenes brought to life.  Dream about travels in Scotland.  (But don’t touch any standing stones, just in case.)

We have the power to choose how we engage with each other and we don’t have to let what is presented to us dictate our experience.  This doesn’t mean that we have to love everything without critique or excuse rude behavior – and we can still snark – but we don’t have to let the bad overshadow the good.  How powerful would it be to ignore the ineptitude and the side show antics and instead focus on the books, the show, and each other… like we used to?

Let’s take back our fandom.

AU: mc, a girl from the 21st century, is transported back in time where she meets the rfa in an ancient korea-esque world

Continue exploring this AU in this masterlist!

MC - the yellow hibiscus of milae. a girl claiming to come from ‘milae’ (future), which the RFA mistakenly assume to be a foreign country. its unknown how she arrived at the kingdom of han, but is taken under the wing of the RFA. she can communicate with the others well despite the difference in… well, the times, but she is considered illiterate because she cannot write or read hanja.

Jumin - the first prince of the han kingdom. his father has many concubines, though his father is never interested in them for long. this makes it difficult for the other ministers/advisers to convince jumin to take a wife (or a concubine) because he disagrees with his father on this matter. many ministers have tried to set up ‘auditions’ for local women to enter the palace and become a concubine-to-be, but prince jumin always mysteriously manages to cancel these events every time. he has a beloved horse named elizabeth the third that V tamed and gave as a gift.

Jaehee - prince jumin’s personal ‘eunuch’ who helps him handle political affairs. while the other palace servants are blissfully unaware that someone so ‘intelligent and- wow, he can do judo, so manly!’ is a woman in disguise, only jumin and the RFA are aware of her gender. 

ZEN - a top actor from the capital city’s theatre house. whenever he performs, the building is more packed than usual. he is considered the house’s greatest asset, and he flaunts his charms because he knows he’s handsome. a romanticist and a flirt, but is also an actor void of scandalous rumors. because of his popularity, he has been asked to perform on public holiday celebrations, festivals and for events within the palace itself. even though he doesn’t live in the palace, he has close relations with everyone in the RFA.

Seven - the infamous general seven, who would prefer to strategise in the confines of the palace rather than be in the action, but will be there on the field if he is needed and when help is needed most. he is the fastest horserider and has an unhealthy obsession with jumin’s horse. although he ‘sides’ with prince jumin, he is part of a mysterious group of aristocrats. Seven is aware of the ‘Milae’, but doesn’t point this out and goes along with the assumption that it is a foreign country.

Yoosung - a young man who entered the palace and is studying for the royal examination to become a scholar, though his dream is to become a doctor, inspired by the kind heart of his adoptive cousin, rika. despite his lower rank in the palace, he is treated well by the other members of the RFA, breaking societal hierarchy boundaries. jumin in particular shows interest in taking him as another eunuch.

V - a high ranking aristocrat scholar who is the childhood friend of prince jumin. they say he could have been a general if he wasn’t so soft-hearted. 

Rika - the founder of the RFA, a beautiful maiden of the han kingdom who wielded immense knowledge and a big heart. she mysteriously disappeared after the second party she held to help breach the societal gap between the commoners and the aristocrats. she is also the founder of Mint Eye, a nomadic group who have created their base in the empty but harsh grasslands of the han kingdom. they have isolated themselves from society, whom they have labeled as a danger to their group. she is aware of the ‘Milae’.

Unknown - an assassin agent of Mint Eye, though he rarely spends time in the nomadic group, and lurks in the shadows of the han kingdom capital. he jeopardises seven and jumin’s attempts to solve anything - forging alliances with other countries, solving conflicts between the citizens and the palace members - all by taking out the messengers (bird or human) out. he is aware of the ‘milae’, and brought MC to the world in the first place through unknown means.

  • Ray - another young scholar studying for the royal examination. while he occasionally disappears at times, he is known as a quiet and shy individual who keeps to himself. not part of the RFA but befriended MC out of curiosity.

Vanderwood - a fellow member of the mysterious aristocratic group alongside seven. since seven doesn’t appreciate his own room being cleaned by the maids and the eunuchs, so nobody tends to visit the man, leaving vanderwood’s daily visits a mystery to the other palace members. he carries a whip with him at all times, and threatens to beat seven with it if he’s too slow on working for the group instead of the RFA (or reading dumb books he found in the old libraries) 

ECHO - the stage name of the theatre house’s top actress. her goal is to be regarded even higher than ZEN. if she cannot be his exclusive acting partner, then she’ll find other means to topple him and take over the stage.

Glam - one of Emperor Han’s concubines. she wormed her way into the palace by establishing a good political connection between the han kingdom’s officials and her own aristocratic family.

Sarah - a woman vying to be jumin’s concubine or first wife.


NOTE: For some reason, Tumblr didn’t let me upload this post with the GIFs of the actors ????
Also, a disclaimer: not everyone has all three age groups.


⟹ James Potter [ imagine glasses when needed ]

Levi Miller - Years 1-3 ( age 11 - 14 )

Robert Sheehan - Years 4-7 ( age 15 - 18 )

Ben Whishaw - 20s ( age 19 - 29 )

Okay, I’m very happy with this. I siriusly believe that these dudes look enough alike to possibly be the same person at different stages in their life.

⟹ Sirius Black

Finn Wolfhard - Years 1-3 ( age 11 - 14 )

Ezra Miller - Years 4-7 ( age 15 - 18 )

Ben Barnes - 20s ( age 19 - 29 )

Eoin Macken - 30s+ ( age 30 - 50? )

Ha ha I added an extra in there just for Sirius. Every time Gwaine comes on screen in Merlin, my mind yells “SIRIUS SIRIUS SIRIUS” (now I know how Remus feels ;)) I might do the same with Lily because I’m having thoughts about someone who could potentially be an Old Lily™.

⟹ Remus Lupin [ plus scars, poor baby ]

Charlie Rowe - Years 1-3 ( age 11 - 14 )

Matt Hitt - Years 4-7 ( age 15 - 18 ) + 20s ( age 19 - 29 )

I sat for ages and I disagree with my previous fancast and don’t think Tom Holland could look like an older Charlie Rowe and a younger Matt Hitt. I think this works, though… Don’t come for me.

⟹ Lily Evans

Ellie Darcey-Alden - Years 1-3 ( age 11 - 14 )

Mathilda Mai - Years 4-7 ( age 15 - 18 )

Karen Gillan - 20s ( age 19 - 29 ) + 30s+ ( age 30 - 50? )

Honestly Karen Gillan is so perfect as Lily and I think she could pull off being Lily Evans’s face for over thirty years.

Also, Mathilda Mai isn’t an actress but if you search her name in Google her Instagram will be one of the results and I just thought she looked like a teenage Lily tbh.

⟹ Marlene McKinnon

Sabrina Carpenter - Years 4-7 ( age 15 - 18 )

Freya Mavor - 20s ( age 19 - 29 )

Marlene has been someone I’ve been mulling over (in terms of fancasts) for months. Not until yesterday did I realise that Sabrina Carpenter could pull off being a young Freya Mavor.

⟹ Dorcas Meadowes

Lily Collins - Years 4-7 ( age 15 - 18 )

Jenna Coleman - 20s ( age 19 - 29 )

I love Dorlene so much and I was headset on Jenna Coleman playing her in her 20s and trying to find someone who looked good as [Jenna as] Dorcas’s Marlene was very tricky but I think I’m good now.

⟹ Alice Lightwood

Zooey Deschanel - Years 4-7 ( age 15 - 18 )

Carey Mulligan - 20s ( age 19 - 29 )

According to the Harry Potter Wiki, Lightwood was Alice Longbottom’s maiden name.

⟹ Frank Longbottom

Joseph Gordon Levitt - Years 4-7 ( age 15 - 18 )

Jim Sturgess - 20s ( age 19 - 29 )

⟹ Peter Pettigrew

Jamie Bell - Years 4-7 ( age 15 - 18 )

Jeremy Allen White - 20s ( age 19 - 29 )

⟹ Severus Snape

Louis Garrell - Years 4-7 ( age 15 - 18 )

I hate hate hate Snape but I couldn’t NOT include him.

I have a saved version of this and I’m going to try and do it with the GIFs. For now, I hope you agree with this!

Supercorp au where kara goes to help barry and oliver but in her down time she borrows felicitys computer to research some of the differences between her earth and their earth. She misses lena so she decides to do a search for her doppelganger but theres no record of a lena luthor ever existing. Kara realizes that the luthors never adopted lena on this earth so she has no idea what her name might be. After googling various combinations of ‘lena’ 'genius’ and 'amazing jawline’ with little success kara gives up.

A few days later when all the fighting has concluded kara is hanging out with team flash at barrys place and preparing to go home. The tv is on in the background and something catches her eye. A beautiful pale woman dressed in medieval clothing. She asks cisco about her and he starts telling her about the character, kara interrupts him and asks who the actress is. He says her name is katie mcgrath.

This is something I’ve had saved on my computer since like June but I still have a lot of thoughts about the Poindexter family.

I forget where it was I read this, and whether it was actually canon or not, but effectively it said that the entire Samwell Hockey Team came from a place of privilege because hockey is an expensive sport.

Consider: Dex is a multiple. More specifically, a triplet. Three kids going to college at once? And that money related stress, piled on since birth? Save your money, Poindexter, because even though you aren’t that bad off you aren’t the only one that needs tuition and equipment.

I know Ngozi tweeted about Dex only having an older brother but let me have this.

Let’s talk more about the Poindexter triplets.

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