but henry was the one who jumped

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: regina mills didn't jump hoops for henry's forgiveness for fucking years for h00k to be forgiven by him in one second and henry to be used to further this disgusting sweaty white male and his relationship with emma who deserves so much better than that crusty dickhead who constantly lies to her and doesn't compare in the slightest to her and regina fucking mills who together not only share a son but believe and trust in one another and have the best relationship development of any pairing in the history of TV

Henry Cheng: This is probably the first time you’ve had off since you been kid treasure hunter–true or false? True. Why don’t you use that time and go after one of your passions, like model trains or, like, toy Gandalfs or something?

Gansey: I don’t know why you jumped straight to model trains, I mean… it’s accurate…

Henry Cheng: I’m gonna tell you something that I once heard from a very, very smart woman named Kim.

Gansey: The lady who waxes you?

Henry Cheng: She said, “If you don’t love what you do, then why do it?” Then she ripped the hair from my b-hole.


Ladies of the MCU + TV Tropes: Jumped at the Call

For some heroes, when they receive the Call to Adventure, they refuse the call. When they finally accept the call, they continue to complain that “I Just Want to Be Normal”.

Heroes who Jumped at the Call wonder what’s wrong with those people. And vice versa.

These heroes are excited when adventure comes calling. They never, ever,ever say “I Just Want to Be Normal”. They already have a costume, already picked out a codename, and they have been practicing how to deliver a Pre-Asskicking One-Liner. They’re already swallowing the red pill before you can even offer them the blue. About the worst thing you could do to them is to bring them down to normal. Or tell them someone else Missed the Call. They don’t even care that more experienced people are reluctant; Least Is First.

A film geek's watching: Belle (2013)

So ok,Oscar fever is still here-there are some films that deserved a nod for 2014 and surprinsgly it is one of those anticipated films of that year after reading it from BFI.

Belle (2013)-Amma Asante

Dido Elizabeth Belle: I have been blessed with freedom twice over, as a negro and as a woman.

Before I jump to this review,my sis and I are talking my thoughts of it (She came in last minute after I finished it) interested in the painting

This is my talking point as I show screen caps of what I watched on how the blacks are painted. It leads me to one of my soft spot films-Amazing Grace (2007)

A few years ago,in discovery of my teen years-about William Wiberforce (played by Ioan Gruffudd,who is Henry Morgan in Forever)-the father of abolishment of slavery,and with William Pitt (Benedict Cumberbatch-now oscar nominee for The Imitation Game). What is interesting that it was told in a white man’s perspective,driven by religion (with mingling of John Netwon who wrote the beloved Amazing Grace). The only woman who is significant-Barbara Spooner (Romola Garai-Bel Rowly of the Hour) plays a small role in the film and pretty much the only stake is a White man’s world to save the society for a cause of godly conscience (No offence-I loved this film but that is not my case)

However let me talk about the subject Belle,a lady of great intelligence played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Whovians would recognise her as Martha’s sister in The Lazarus Experiment). I am extremely moved by her sheer determination,she is not painted broadly but as a layer persona like the painting. The part where she found about the horrors,is absolutely heartbreaking and should have been placed as one of the oscar nominees this year. That anguish,the playfulness and of course her sheer will is placed with closeups of the face-never feitshed. 

The supporting actors like Tom Wilkison as Lord Mansfield (Hey a Grand Budapest cast member!) as the uncle,is moving and Sam Stein,as the idealist lawyer is proved wonderful with Gugu’s chemistry.

The cinematography-mannnnn it was incredible-it reminded me of Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon and if you observed-lots of rack focus on her to show her silence and of course the use of shadows til the second half.

That is not my point,what strikes me is not the romance,but for her as an individual. The paintings which Dido saw all her entire life- portrayed Africans as helpless figures-looking to the whites as the oncoming messiahs (Hell she is freaking anxious when she heard about the paintings)

It is no longer the colonial gaze,she has to fight-it was her gender where women are not allowed to express their opinions of themselves. This is where it was untouched in my opinion in period films-A man can say whatever he wants but not her. That what makes it incredible,and hoping to see. Dido has her own wits,to appreciate culture in light of Handel and Purcell but also a mind to stand what is right. The script does justice to such an enigmatic figure-who gives about the slavery-it was a journey we go as an audience.

She is not like her namesake-Dido,left behind to cry over the lover at sea (there is a paraell of her real father leaving her). She withstand the flames of prejudice of society and her peers to be a better person. It may be saddening to hear that there are no living testaments of her legacy (I hear that she has an unmarked grave and all is lost til the 70’s) but this film shows the triumph of a woman in her times,where is repressive and if not unforgivable. To me,as a young asian woman-that is incredible.

“listen,you literally drip off ectoplasm every time you phase through walls and IM the one who has to clean it up so can you just use doors maybe??”

Henry dunked his mop into the bucket of water again when Dipper popped into view.

“Hey Henryyy-” Dipper’s voice died out. “Uh, did I do something?”

Henry looked at Dipper blankly. 

Then he looked at the dark blood red stain on the floor, from where Dipper had phased into the basement. 

Then he looked up at a similar stain in the ceiling from when Dipper went to check on the babies.

Then he looked at yet another stain just over the couch from where Dipper had jumped, screamed like a tiny rabbit, and phased out of the room after there had been a jump scare in the movie they had been watching.

Then he-

“Um. I can, clean that up for you. For a drop of blood.”

Henry leaned on his mop and looked at Dipper over the top of his glasses.

“Ugh, fuck, okay for…for…” The demon choked it out, but barely. “-free.”

Random OUAT Thought: Season 6

Somebody (I wanna say @thatravenclawbitch or maybe one of your threads?) talked about the missed opportunities of OUAT not exploring the idea of our fairytale characters visiting the world outside of Storybrooke instead we have jumped from one magical realm to the next and lost that S1/early S2 feeling of fairytale characters confronting the modern world. 

Which made me wonder (and now with the latest casting news it seems more possible) if S6 they might go to the LWM, like actually leave Storybrooke on an adventure. Why might they do this? Well we know that there are quite a few fairytale characters who have been scattered in our world. What if Henry as Author discovers these people are in dire circumstances. Like being punished in a mental hospital or being used for their magic. And they decide to go and get all of these scattered characters and do their best to return them to the land they want to be in or just to live in Storybrooke where they would be safe. It would be new and remove magic from the equation and IDK I just like the idea.

Elimination Chamber Review

Lucha Dragons didn’t win

Titus O’Neil throwing people about 

PTP didn’t win

Divas Championship Match

The piece of shit wrestling fan chanting “you can’t wrestle” to Naomi

Naomi’s reverse hurricanrana and almost kills Paige

Nikki Bella retained

Naomi was the one who got pinned

Cena vs Owens

Owens jumping and turning perfectly on the top rope to do a moonsault

Owens won

Cena moving quicker than shoppers on Black Friday

Bo Dallas vs Neville

Bo Dallas trying to reason with Neville in the the middle of the match

Commentators talking absolute shit in this match

Neville wins

Mark Henry is Rusev’s replacement

Ryback telling Barrett “I’ll eat your ass alive”

Dolph didn’t win

Ambrose vs Rollins

Getting to see Dean brawl

J&J interfere

The ref goes down

Ambrose wins

The original ref is trying to say Ambrose won through DQ

It’s made official that Ambrose won through DQ and Seth is still Champion

Dean refusing to give up the belt so the authority jump him

Reigns makes the save

Sounded like Dean called Roman baby