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As Vote On GOP Health Care Bill Nears, Find Out Where Members Of Congress Stand
NPR and dozens of member stations are searching for public statements on Twitter and Facebook, on lawmakers' websites and in interviews with public media or other news organizations.


Like I know it’s late and this is happening tomorrow, but like WHEN YOU WAKE UP TOMORROW CLICK ON THAT LITTLE FUN LINK ABOVE. It’s going to tell you how each of your Senator’s and Representatives feel about the FULL OF COMPLETE AND UTTER SHIT “Health Care” Bill that is being voted on TOMORROW (MARCH 23rd) in the House. 

You are going to look and if your Representative has not commented or is in favor you are going to PICK UP YOUR PHONE and call their office and say the following:

“Hello, my name is ____ and I am a constituent from _____ and I would like to know how the Representative plans on voting today for the health care bill.” 

Their aid that picked up the phone is going to either say:

“They are opposed.” To which you reply: “THANK THE FUCKING LORD” (jk lolz plz don’t say this - try “Well then, I just wanted to thank them for representing their constituents with their vote as I too oppose this bill.”)

Or they will say:

“They in support of the bill.” (*At this point it’s best not to loose your cool even though you will want to) Instead you are going to say: “While I appreciate the work they are doing in DC on behalf of all of us from ______, I do want to emphasize that I DO NOT support the passing of this bill. [insert personal story here about how you work in the medical field, study in the medical field, or are somehow positively affected by Obamacare]. I would really appreciate it if you could pass this message on to the Representative. Thank you for taking the time to answer phones today.” 


Guys, ugh, I just….we CAN NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. PLEASE. OMG. 

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Hello! I recently started watching Haikyuu and I love it/Kagehina. Would you be able to recommend some tumblr blogs that are some must-follows for this fandom? How about some blogs that do meta posts? Anyways, thank you so much and I love your blog!!!!

Hi anon! Welcome aboard and thanks so much for the love :) 

Ahaha you may have asked one of the worst people possible about blogs to follow, because I get overwhelmed by Tumblr really easily and follow almost nobody. I do know a couple blogs that post a lot of Kagehina, so I’ll list those, and if people want to chime in in the replies, that would be awesome :’)

@reallycorking @someone-stole-my-shoes @ainudraws @kagehinalover2day

@ellessey-writes (so many ships) @kagehina(despite the name, they post everything lol) @crollalanzaa (mainly DaiSuga nvm, everything!) @shousan @kisukke (Tenka does the manga translations!)

@someone-save-shinya-hiragi has a lot of good analysis/meta! @blackandorange has a lot of fun “Top 5″ HQ posts

hello, lovelies! the two month anniversary of my blog is quickly approaching and I recently hit 1k followers! thank you all so much ♥ in order to celebrate I’m starting … (*drumroll please*) …my first ever favorites page! 

✨  I knowwwwww so exiting *sparklesparklesparkle* ✨

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Can’t wait to find some awesome hidden gems out there! And thank you again for 1k and counting ♥

JYP Entertainment announces GOT7 Jackson’s return from break | 170323

On March 23, JYP Entertainment made an official announcement regarding Jackson’s schedule. The announcement is as follows:

“Hello, this is JYPE.

Jackson will be taking a break until Friday the March 24th and return to his regular schedule on Saturday the March 25th.

We sincerely appreciate all the fans who’ve waited and given support. We will continue to consider our artist’s health first and foremost for future schedules.

Thank you.”

Jackson has been taking a break due to poor health conditions ever since GOT7’s comeback with “Never Ever”. This Saturday will be the first stage with all 7 members of the group.

Welcome back, Jackson!


Hello, lovely people! A few days ago I reached 1.2K followers, thank you all so much <3 and to celebrate I decided to start my own fandom family!

How to enter:

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  • Send me an ask with your name, 3 things about you for example: Slytherin, Libra, Infj and your top 3 characters
  • You can check who’s already taken here
JYP Entertainment announces GOT7 Jackson's return from break

On March 23, JYP Entertainment made an official announcement regarding Jackson’s schedule. The announcement is as follows:

“Hello, this is JYPE.

Jackson will be taking a break until Friday the March 24th and return to his regular schedule on Saturday the March 25th.

We sincerely appreciate all the fans who’ve waited and given support. We will continue to consider our artist’s health first and foremost for future schedules.

Thank you.”

Jackson has been taking a break due to poor health conditions ever since GOT7’s comeback with “Never Ever”. This Saturday will be the first stage with all 7 members of the group.

Welcome back, Jackson!

before I used to get a lil annoyed bc majority of the replies / comments on my posts were from libfems who followed me bc they agreed w all of my posts until it came to transactivism so they were all enraged but now its usually rad leaning feminists nd there’s actually so many new youngins joining the fam and waking up its great!!!! If you’re in the radical leaning boat hello!!! Thanks for being here and assuring us that we are growing and spreading awareness, you’re definitely not alone!!!


well hello! paige @harryfeatgaga tagged me to do the accent challenge so here i am! thanks again for tagging me love!

i think everyone´s done this so i tag anyone else who wants to do it :)

- Your name and username.

- Where you’re from.

- Pronounce the following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminium, GIF, Tumblr, Crackerjack, Doorknob, Envelope, GPOY.

- What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?

- What is a bubbly carbonated drink called?

- What do you call gym shoes?

- What do you call your grandparents?

- What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?

- What is the thing you change the TV channel with?

- Choose a book and read a passage from it.

- Do you think you have an accent?

- Do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life?

- End audio post by saying any THREE words you want

Saying hi

Yoooo! Okay sorry, hi! I just wanted to say hello because I dont actually know anyone on tumbler, I just obsessively follow your and a bunch of other witches posts and you have just inspired my practice and given me a lot of reassurance that I’m not alone so yea thanks and stuff and things. :) my names Kenzie. Hi. . 🙂

el-cadejos  asked:

Hello! This is going to sound weird but by any chance do you know if the creature in the Ferelden heraldry is a dog? Or... what? (really sorry to bother, but I currently do not follow other people in this fandom ^^Uu)

hello! im actually not very good at paying attention to lore suprisingly lol, so im so so sorry im not actually sure!!

i THINK it’s a dog? it should be a dog. but it also looks like a lion…. so here is where i call on the Experts!

fandom, what is this animal? pls and thank u. (just leave a reply below for mi friend here.)

❣ Announcement❣

Hello my fellow followers! I would like to make a little announcement;

I’ve been accepted as a mod at https://www.tumblr.com/mega-editor/killingharmonyimagine

That blog has to be my favorite source of finding DRV3 Imagines. If you like my edits, perhaps you may like my writings as well. I will be known as Mod Maki. Please feel free to show your love and support for that blog if you haven’t already!

Also, I have a another little thing to say; thank you for the flood of requests! I never expected that quick of a flood, you guys must really like my edits! Nonetheless, I appreciate the constant flow of support, activity, and love from you guys.

ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* Carry on with the rest of your day/night, you beautiful angels.

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I am very curious at how Luffy and co will overcome Katakuri given his observation haki and now we have a new highest bounty person.

Hello @cavejacklumbermanbison! ♡

When I heard that Katakuri honed his observation haki to the point that he could see a little into the future, my first thought was, it’s a good thing Luffy is unpredictable then. ^^  No matter how well Bege’s plan is, Luffy isn’t the type to follow things anyways.  He’s more of a man of action and he really doesn’t seem to think things through.  Even if Katakuri is able to see a moment into the future, it still is never set in stone until it happens, right?

It’ll be a difficult fight, but I’m pretty sure this is one time when Luffy’s inability to follow a plan will pay off.  And if Katakuri fights Sanji, it may come down to whose haki is stronger (like Zoro vs. Pica in Dressrosa).  I’m very curious to see how it will play out as well. ^^

Thank you!   

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Hello there, I was lurking on your psychonauts sideblog (which I adore) and I request some headcanons! What are you Sasha and Milla friendship ones?

THANK YOU FOR LIKING MY DUMB LITTLE SIDEBLOG!!!! But yes, I do have a few little headcanons you may enjoy, nonny, you beautiful darling you. I’m gonna put them under a “read more” for my other followers’ convenience.

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crzygirlgamer  asked:

Hello! I'm new to your au and I just followed and I also love your art sorry getting back to the question. Do you by chance ship any characters in your au and if so which ones?

Thanks you~ OuO

As for shipping, romance isn’t something that the characters of this world typically consider, nor do I myself when I write and draw this story. The idea that the next day could be your last and that your starving kinda puts finding relationships on the sidelines while trying to survive in a harsh climate. Where as it is not impossible to consider these emotions, at the present time I don’t see any love budding for any of the unfortunate souls of the underground.

Even the connection between Sans and Toriel was merely a platonic friendship that was only protected by a door Sans couldn’t get through due to Toriel’s magic (gone once she had passed). If Toriel had been unprotected, Sans likely wouldn’t have been able to make friends, and would have chosen to kill her. However, they were able to talk because of that protection she had, and a friendship did in fact blossom, something that he tries to avoid in the underground given the dark nature of the environment. Yesterday’s friends could always be tomorrow’s enemies after all~

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hi Grabriel! i've following you for a while and i am a fellow writer and i am really amazed at how you can be inspired by anything (based on the poems i have read on here on tumblr). this is not really a question, but i just wanted to tell you. :)

Hello anron,

Thank you! Sometimes I like to challenge myself to write poems about the oddest most obscure little details, just to see if I can. There’s so many inspiring things in the world, if you look for them. :)

Special Project for 100 Followers!

HELLO! I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAVE 100 FOLLOWERS ON HERE! I’M VERY THANKFUL FOR EACH ONE OF YOU! So I want to do something neat, I have a plan to do a small project that may take a little time, but it will be worth it. 


 As long we interacted at some point even if we just started let me know. I maybe picky with a few, but please like this is your interested!

Originally posted by elitchu

Capping at 10 likes, so even if I have more then that, you maybe lucky, depending on the ships I choose.

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Ah hi |v;)/) I just want to say it's a huge honor that you've started following me. Like it means a lot and i'm sorry if this is weird at all but i just wanted to say thank you, and that you're amazing, and I hope you have a wonderful day ;; w ;; )/)'

!! Hello!
Oh my!! I’m more honored that you like my art!!
Oh my gosh,, I never noticed,, you liking my art until now,,
Thank you so much!!
But oh my gosh?? You’re one of my major art inspirations!!!
like!!! I would study your art oh my g osh,,
You’re amazing!! And I still love your art to this day!!!
I t hought i was,,,

Thank you so much!!!
And I hope you have a wonderful day as well!!
It’s not weird at all, don’t worry!


Hello, everyone!
Here is v1.6.0 patch link for Android.

The followings have been added/improved.
- Christmas DLC Added *Check out the Special menu at the app!*

      *Eve+Christmas Day Included
      *8 Endings
      *Christmas BGMs included
- Customer Service System changed
- Email Crash Optimization

*The BGM composer of Mystic Messenger, Flaming Heart, has contributed the character orgol songs. You can check them out with this Chrismas DLC. Thank you!
*There are about 20 sentences with no voices. We’ll fix them with the following updates so please do not report this as bugs. We apologize for the inconvenience.

For iOS users, please wait a few more days until Apple approves the new MM. We appreciate your patience.
For the bug reports, please go to the help button placed in the game.
Thank you!